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[An electronic copy of this work is available from the author for review and educational purposes.]

IMGThe World of Reich — An Introduction

ory Essay

[Note: This work was written many years ago and does not in every respect represent the current views of the author.  It is being published here for historical purposes only.  The author has since moved entirely into the domain of philosophy and theology. He puts no confidence in politics of any kind.  As Dr. Reich stated: “Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives.  They should also govern it.”  

[ Review: “I have read your book with high enthusiasm. It’s as if you and Reich entered into each other leaving you a sense of urgency about the orgonotic revolution. The principle of hope is a difficult one, and Bloch and Chardin come at it from different directions, although messianic Judaism is behind the curtain in both cases. Reich, however, had more courage than Chardin to face into the demons emergent from evolution and any Reichian eschatology has to be paid for by society-wide dissolving of characteriological armoring. No guarantees allowed! The sexuality of the divine is endlessly fascinating and if Hinduism does it better than everybody else, it doesn’t follow that there is less armoring within a Hindu family. While their deities have divine intercourse, one senses a little embarrassment when they are reminded of this—I’ve been to India three times now.

The quoted letters are moving and show a deeply searching mind. Together with your previous text they tell a compelling tale. Well done.”

Robert S. Corrington

Professor of Philosophical Theology – Graduate Division of Religion

Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940]

The world of Wilhelm Reich was a world struggling to emerge from the chaos and mass murder of the last 100 years. It is a world that ultimately claimed his life in a prison cell in 1957. This book chronicles an attempt to comprehend that world without the constraints of any orthodoxies or dogmas. It is an uncensored look in the face of crucified life.

The probability that the human race will not survive the coming centuries, or perhaps even the 21st century, is high. The demons of nuclear and biological war are spreading and waiting their chance to be unleashed by the power mad emotional plague humans who rule the earth’s destiny. Perhaps the Russian mystic P.D. Ouspensky was right, and there are too many spiritual laws against humanity liberating itself from this plague. However, if there is a way out, Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s life and work remains a beacon of hope. [Cf. “The Book of Revelation,” 13:11 – 13:18, the New Testament.]

This work is a journey, and a spiritual vision quest. It consists of this introduction to the world of Reich, and a series of letters written over three years (1996-1999) between myself and the late Dr. Victor Silver (a fictitious name to preserve the privacy of my correspondent, a philosopher with a PhD from Columbia University). In order to bring out the underlying themes of the correspondence, the letters have been edited and annotated. Dr. Silver, philosopher and mystic, had written a series of articles published in the Journal of Orgonomy. He also taught Reich in his capacity as a philosophy teacher whenever he could. I was his student as a philosophy major at Adelphi University in the 1960’s, and later his friend, correspondent, and fellow philosopher during the late 1990’s. The topics covered are Orgonomy, politics, and mysticism.

In the face of the chronic murder of Christ all over the planet by the anti-life humans in charge of the various power pathological societies, masked by rationalizing ideologies, this work defiantly represent the continuing search for knowledge, spirit and life. It also brings forth an exploration of the work of Wilhelm Reich’s last years in a way not attempted before by any of his orthodox followers, certainly not among some (but not all) of the medical doctors who have made his revolutionary discoveries into a narrow and authoritarian medical specialty.

There is no more time. This creates an opening to blast the continuum of repression and exploitation into the eternal Messianic sparks of liberation. To remain in the continuum that we are now in will mean the extinction of life. The Capitalist states are murdering, physically and spiritually, with impunity all over our planet. Pathogenic religious warfare is spreading like wildfire. Like a cancer, this plague of inhumanity and life killing deadly energy has spread globally. With the defeat of the deformed worker’s states in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, the only existing chemotherapy holding these cancer tumors in check has disappeared. The surgery that Trotsky recommended, world-wide revolution, no longer has revolutionary upsurges to carry it out, and, even if it did, it has no weapons against the deadly spiritual energy.

The spiritual paradigm for dealing with this plague has new weapons in future science, both cosmic and terrestrial. It needs an enrichment of subjective spiritual liberation to succeed in an ever-evolving spiral. The bio-energetic approach provides the subjective/objective fusion necessary to create revolutionary spiritual action throughout the globe.

The rational core of the enlightenment given in-depth existential dimension by functional mysticism can provide us with a much needed modern revolutionary Gnosticism. This functional mysticism is dependent on the deepest revolutionary spiritual functions geared toward the liberation of the sparks of the Godhead’s oceanic energy [functional mysticism was well represented in the primitive communalism of early Christianity before it was co-opted by the Roman State]. This energy, which Reich called Orgone, was trapped in dense matter by an evil spiritual power worshipped as the God of repression and vengeance. Wilhelm Reich, in truth a healthy Jewish mystic, by gathering and uniting these sparks of the true God in the human organism and the atmosphere, demonstrated revolutionary functional mysticism. He is simply the most recent philosopher to travel this path. Jesus Christ and Sabbatai Sevi traveled it before him. Others will come in metaphysical UFOs to continue to spark the permanent revolution. [See: Hoffinan, Edward, “The Way of Splendor – Jewish Mysticism and Modern Psychology,” pgs. 43, 66, 85, 221 (Boston, Shambhala, 1981); Mann, W. Edward and Hoffman, Edward, “The Man Who Dreamed of Tomorrow – A Conceptual Biography of Wilhelm Reich,” Chapter 7, “Spiritual Reawakening,” pgs. 181-204 (Los Angeles, J.P. Tarcher, 1980); Reich, Peter, “A Book of Dreams” (N.Y., Hamer & Row,1973); Reich, Wilhelm, “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957); Reich, Wilhelm, “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1980); Scholem, Gershom, “Sabbatai Sevi, The Mystical Messiah” (Princton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1973); Reich, Ilse 011endorff, “Wilhelm Reich,” pgs. 131-160 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press, 1969); Sharaf, Myron, “Fury On Earth,” pgs. 410-483 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press/Marek, 1983); Martin, Jim, “Wilhelm Reich And The Cold War,” pgs. 377-417 (Fort Bragg, California, Flatland Books, 2000). See also: Encyclopedia of the World’s Religions, edited by R.C. Zaehner, “Dialectical Materialism,” by R.C. Zaehner, pgs. 393-407 (N.Y., Barnes & Noble Books, 1997); Zaehner, R.C., “Mysticism – Sacred and Profane” (N.Y., Oxford University Press, 1961).].

The Omega Point of Christogenesis, as Teilhard de Chardin put it, can be reached as one of the highest forms of civilization following the dissolution of power pathological societies. As in Kabbalistic philosophy, we are aiming at a return to the source of light and life that created us.

The natural process that created the origin of our Universe in the Big Bang contained a fundamental flaw. As the infinite orgone energy ocean of the prior Universe contracted into a quantum point, a new domain was created for the orgasmic explosion of the cosmic energies into creation [there were infinite prior Universes and will be infinite future

Universes if one can use the concept of “time” to describe an infinite and eternal process of becoming] The dialectic of Being and Nothingness was structured into this Big Bang. This living energy eventually became “armored” and congealed into what the Cabbalists called “shells” [dense matter] and cast “down” into the material dimensions. [For the Kabbalistic explanation of this see: Ashlag, Rabbi Yehuda L., “The Kabbalah – A Study of the Ten Luminous Emanations from Rabbi Isaac Luria (The Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, 1984). See also, for the analogous process of contraction and creation from mass free orgone energy, Reich, Wilhelm, “Experimental Demonstration of the Physical Orgone Energy,” pgs. 133-146, in International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone-Research, Vol. 4, Numbers 2 and 3 (November 1946).]

An alien natural-spiritual power, out of hatred of life, functioned to interfere with the cosmic creation of life energy. The source of our Universe is one of an infinite number of other spiritual sources in eternity, and the God of Life Energy was challenged by one of these other sources in the form of an evil natural power. The Eternal Godhead beyond this series of lower spiritual powers, both life-furthering and deadly, dances in wave/particle vibrations with absolute serenity.

Reich called this evil alien power “the enemy of humanity.” Dr. Reich knew it well from the deadly orgone energy in the atmosphere of the earth, and in human armoring. He scientifically discovered its objective existence during the “Oranur Experiment” [to be described below]. Ultimately, Reich thought this deadly spiritual energy had a cosmic source, as did other heretical Gnostics [See: Jonas, Hans, “The Gnostic Religion” (Boston, Beacon Press, 1963)]. Reich wanted the creation of “Harbors for Life,” “Churches for Life,” and “Sanctuaries for Life.” He recognized that humanity had to be protected from this deadly force. Reich, Ilse 011endorff, “Wilhelm Reich,” pg. 156 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press, 1969).].

Exiled from the true God of life and light, we still have shards of divinity within us. The ancient Cabbalists thought that by a gathering of these sparks, both in the microcosmic and the macrocosmic, we could ascend back to the Godhead from our entrapment in material matter. As Jacques Lacarriere stated in his “The Gnostics,” “Let us sum up: we are exploited on a cosmic scale, we are the proletariat of the demiurge-executioner, slaves exiled into a world that is viscerally subjected to violence; we are the dregs and sediment of a lost heaven, strangers on our own planet.” [Lacarriere, Jacques, “The Gnostics,” pg. 29 (San Francisco, City Lights Books, 1977)].

Wilhelm Reich made his initial breakthrough out of this cosmic entrapment when he discovered the function of the orgasm. He learned that full and free loving sexual intercourse lead to a complete body orgasm, resulting in the merging of the spiritual self with the partner, and that it resulted in a high degree of continuing bio-psychological health. It also produces critical truth seeking people able to challenge repressive and exploitative forces such as Capitalism or a new caste of communist party functionaries. Given that the function of the orgasm is the primary creative function in the cosmos, healthy humanity is also able to make contact with the energetic domain through cosmic contact. Cosmic superimpositions in the creation of the galaxies minor the microcosmic

intercourse. [Reich, Wilhelm, translated by Therese Pol, Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1973).].

Repression of the orgasm reflex (the significance of which Reich first discovered in the 1920’s), and full fluid bodily movement, by the exploitative state apparatuses through the family, schools, and the police forces, produce passive uncritical masses. [Reich, Wilhelm, “The Function of the Orgasm” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961)]. This is the explanation for the failure of masses to permanently secure their freedoms won on the bloody battle fields of the Paris commune, the Russian revolution, and the Chinese revolution. Many people are unable to comprehend and challenge their exploitation and suppression by new castes of communist party functionaries or resurgent Capitalists. They remain trapped in the material domain with only narcotics or repressive organized distorted pathogenic religion or various political ideologies to dull the pain.

Much more destructive than this mass passivity, and the dialectical complement to it, is the orgasmic impotence of highly active emotional plague individuals such as Hitler. Hitler was only able to come to orgasm by sadistic or masochistic means as prostitutes, or would be lovers, subjected him to dominating and degrading treatment. The excess undischarged bio-spiritual energy in his body resulted in demonic or deadly orgone energies that fueled his rise to power and his subsequent use by criminal capitalists to launch World War II. In pictures of Hitler giving his hypnotizing speeches to the German masses, one can see this energy displaced from his stagnating pelvic basin into the head and eyes. Pictures of Hitler interacting with children also show the wooden movement of his body. [See: Reich, Wilhelm, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism,” trans. by Theodore P. Wolf (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1946); Reich, Wilhelm, “The Function of the Orgasm” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961); Ravenscroft, Trevor, “The Spear of Destiny,” pgs. 154-176 (York Beach, Maine, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1997); Shirer, William L., “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” (N.Y., Simon & Schuster, 1990)].

The healthy individual is spontaneously an existential revolutionary. He or she is not the supporter of Capitalism as implied by the socio-political theorizing of Elsworth Baker and Paul Matthews. [Wilhelm Reich had much more in common with great libertarian anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Peter Kropotkin than he did with Ronald Reagan.] A spiritually-bioenergetically healthy person would also not support totalitarian state communism or a philosophy such as Maoism that is authoritarian and completely anti-sexual. Reich also thought Stalin embodied the emotional plague. State totalitarian corporate capitalism [Benito Mussolini: “Corporatism and the State equal fascism.”], and state totalitarian communism, both represent current variants of “Babylon the Great Mother of All Prostitutes and Obscenities” foretold in the Book of Revelation [Revelation 17:5].

Reich specifically likened himself to Martin Luther when he opposed the Capitalist judicial frame-up that he had endured for shipping Orgone Energy Accumulators (to biologically recharge the organism with revolutionary energy) across state lines. He stated to Martin Bell in a bar in Washington D.C., before his imprisonment, that like Martin Luther, he could not do “otherwise” (as reported to the writer in a personal conversation with former Orgone Institute Press worker Mr. Bell in the 1990’s). He had to nail his thesis of scientific independence to the door of the courthouse in denying the Capitalist judicial authorities the competence to judge his work. Leon Trotsky faced the same struggle with the elite caste in the Soviet Union.

Meister Eckhart, the great mystic, and Giordano Bruno, the philosopher and cosmologist, were crucified by heresy trials. Dr. Reich specifically mentioned Bruno favorably in his “The Murder of Christ.” It was clear that he thought that Bruno was a precursor of his scientific and philosophic discoveries. Reich suffered the same fate at the hands of the U.S. government as did Eckhart and Bruno by the anti-life religious inquisitions of their day. [See: Yates, Frances, “Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition” (Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1991); and Hamer’s Encyclopedia of Mystical &

Paranormal Experience,”Eckhart, Johannes (c. 1260-1327)” (Edison, N.J., Castle Books, 1991); Greenfield, Jerome, “Wilhelm Reich vs. the U.S.A.” (N.Y., W.W. Norton & Company, 1974).].

In Norway, in the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich discovered the energy behind the orgasm which he called Orgone. Experiments lead him to find that it filled all of the cosmos and penetrated everything. It is the mass free energy behind all matter, both organic and inorganic. It is the regulation of this energy in the living organism that is responsible for health. The building up of this energy, because of bio-psychological defenses that Reich called armor, is held in chronic tension and can result in irrational behavior and various biopathies such as cancer, heart disease, and social pathologies such as predatory capitalism or stifling state socialism.

In his discovery of an intelligent cosmic spiritual energy at the root of all that exists in the Universe, Dr. Reich discovered the substance of the Universe, hereto called “God” by the various religions. If his science of this cosmic energy, which he called orgone, delineates the laws and functioning of the universe, then it is a science of “God.” Since theology is the science of God, Reich can be rightly called a scientific materialist theologian.

Reich, in his later work, attained a dialectical fusion of functional metaphysics and physics. He became a metaphysical materialist. On the verge of escaping from the trap, he was removed from the scene by the public and private powers he threatened by his very being.

With the Oranur experiment, initiated in 1950-51, designed to find a way to use the life energy against atomic weapons, Reich broke through the boundary between physics and metaphysics. As stated by Dr. Victor Silver, Orgonomic Theologian: “In 1950, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with Atomic energy which confirmed the objective existence of Good and Evil, God and the Devil, and their organic identification with all human health and sickness.” [Letter of Dr. Silver to Dr. Katz of May 6, 1998]. By putting nuclear energy inside a device designed to also concentrate cosmic creative mass free energy, Reich blew a hole through the barrier between physics and metaphysics. The creative spiritual energy, suppressed by the disintegrating anti-life radiation, was no longer able to flow from the metaphysical inter-dimensional domain to the physical domain, and thus “went wild” into a destructive form of energy Reich called Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR). This also created in humans a form of DOR sickness, which, if overcome by Orgone energy in the organism, created vibrant emotional and physical health. It could also lead to a spiritual conversion process as described by William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience.”

With this process, Reich recovered old spiritual truths buried by scientific mechanical materialism and dogmatic religion alike. “Oranur First Report (1947-1951)” led directly to his writing “The Murder of Christ,” and then into the domain of UFOs as chronicled in his work “Contact with Space, Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956.” The emerging cosmic Oranur paradigm for this breakthrough can already be seen in his “Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition,” published in 1949 and 1951 respectively.

In “The Oranur Experiment,” Dr. Reich observed that all who worked on the project thought that they had entered: “some awful, deadly dangerous experience which we could not quite fully grasp, which had thrown us into some great depth, a heretofore well-hidden domain of cosmic functioning.” [See “The Oranur Experiment,” p. 326-328 (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).] Reich felt that the experiment had broken down the barriers between the physical and the metaphysical. It had scientifically validated the Hindu concept of prana and other spiritual energies. It also unleashed the realm of “deadly spiritual energy” or DOR heretofore understood by the old western theologians as the “Devil.” [See Osesteneich, Traugott, “Possession and Exorcism” (N.Y., Causeway Books, 1974).].

In the Oranur process, Reich put radium inside an Orgone accumulator in order to see if it would neutralize the radiation. He was worried at that time about an attack on the United States triggered by Red Fascist North Korea. Reich wanted to see if Orgone could neutralize the effects of an atomic attack. The result of this experiment produced a form of Orgone energy that was deadly, that Reich called DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy). This clash between the Orgone energy of creation and the atomic energy of destruction may have punched holes in the space/time continuum, creating a portal between the material and metaphysical domains.

In the 1956 movie, “Forbidden Plant,” a picture Reich as a science fiction movie enthusiast must certainly have viewed, the alien race of Krells evolved to a transition point between embodied intelligent energy and the mass free thought creation of matter. They forgot that in making this leap in cognition and cosmic existence, they would unleash any deadly orgone energy that they still harbored in the depths of their being. As a result, the Krell civilization was destroyed in one day. This underscores the vital necessity of the spiritual cleansing of humanity. [Forbidden Planet, MGM, 1956. Available in DVD. Directed by Fred Wilcox with Walter Pigeon as Dr. Morbius. Dr. Morbius, originally a philologist, took a “mind/body boost” from a Krell learning machine and deciphered some of their secrets. In the process, he released his own internalized DOR layer.]

In the introduction to the “Murder of Christ,” Reich stated that with the occurrence of the Oranur Experiment, the study of Christ was being published as biographical material. He talked about the “emotional implications” of the experiment. Reich went on to assert that Oranur provided basic spiritual solutions to the social problems of humanity. [See Reich, Wilhelm, “The Murder of Christ,” “Introduction” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1980)].

This statement, made before the OROP desert expedition (where Reich went to Arizona to increase rain and came into contact with UFOs) and the ensuing UFO discoveries, is emotional dynamite. Thus, it is astounding that the implications of this idea have gone unnoticed for more than 50 years by Reich’s students.

Reich’s paradigm for the liberated human was Jesus as the embodiment of Christ-Cosmic energy. Although Reich indicated that his book “The Murder of Christ” was an emotionally immature study, he had in it already touched the cosmic spiritual dimension with a Gnostic Jesus who brought the concentrated light of the Godhead into the entrapped realm of the lower spiritual powers that is the earth plane. This Christ clearly functioned outside of the armored concepts of leadership and organization until his followers brought him down to destruction. However, the answers Reich’s “The Murder of Christ” provided to entrapped humanities’ perennial problems were isolated and individual rather than social and dynamic.

Moving beyond the individual Christ solution, Oranur uncovered the technology for a massive spiritual transformation on a global level more recently described by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt in their work “Multitudes.” Marx originally described this humanist spiritual transformation in the mid-nineteenth century in his “Economic and Philosophic” manuscripts. Negri and Hardt, however, lacked the functional tools to make this a reality. Reich created these tools.

Reich’s UFO discoveries in Maine and Arizona provided the probable materialist metaphysical (metaphysics defined as First Principles and the Supernatural domain that co-exists / sustains the material cosmos, and is behind the “Big Bang” of creation.) vehicle to apply the Oranur technology on a global scale as the basis for mass spiritual transformation and to produce eventual Christogenesis as delineated in another context by philosopher Teilhard de Chardin in his work. [Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, “The Heart of Matter” (N.Y., Hamer & Row, 1978), and Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, “The Phenomenon of Man” (N.Y., Hamer & Row, 1965)]. It also provided the technology for disabling hostile DOR spreading (demonic in mystical terms) UFOs. It is for this reason that Reich published “Contact With Space” as “Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956.” [Reich, Wilhelm, “Contact With Space – Oranur Second Report, 1951-1956” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957)].

Juan Posadas, the brilliant Argentinean Trotskyite, and leader in the Fourth International, speculated in an article published in 1968 in “Red Flag” newspaper that UFOs from advanced civilizations could intervene on earth and help in the world-wide permanent revolutionary spiritual process that could lead to infinitely more advanced societies beyond those presently existing. [See Posadas, Juan, “Flying Saucers,” The Process of Matter and Energy, Science, the Class and Revolutionary Struggle, and the Socialist Future of Humanity,” in Red Flag Newspaper (June 25th, 1969). This article is exceedingly hard to find. This fact is no accident. The doctrinaire left has been trying to bury the cosmic knowledge and its use for liberation on earth. The same fate of suppression was earlier visited on Wilhelm Reich. Juan’s article was sent to me by a dedicated librarian from labor archives in the U.S.].

These post-political higher civilizations could represent the global social concentration of intellectual/emotional natural spiritual energy that Christ radiated. It is the dialectical synthesis of secondary material and primary metaphysical energy that flows into our universe from inter-dimensional portals. [Wolf, Fred Alan, “Parallel Universes” (N.Y., Touchstone, 1990)].

The functional identity between the work of Reich, Teilhard de Chardin and Posadas is striking. Posadas, Reich and Chardin recognized a form of mass free psychic energy (Reich designated it “orgone,” Teilhard called it “radial energy,” and Posadas “Rays”). They all believed that a mass free form of cosmic energy could liberate humanity. They both entertained the reality of inter-dimensional travel. [Posadas believed that UFOs may have been coming from future times. This is only possible inter-dimensionally. Reich, at the end, expected to be picked up by an inter-dimensional craft.] Most importantly, with world-wide energetic cleansing by the Oranur reaction through UFO-Orgone drenched presences, as well as the use of other psychotronic spiritual energy devices, they knew that the masses would emerge in days, if not hours, to transcend both Capitalism and Stalinism wherever they existed. At one blow, the “hash of Capitalism and Stalinism would be settled.” Masses would emerge cleansed of spiritual armor and capable of work democracy in the workplaces and through mutual aid organizations in a coalition of action-oriented revolutionaries. [Dr. Katz: I now believe collective liberation impossible on any feasible time-line, but Dr. Reich did think it a potential development. However, he thought it would take 3000 to 5000 years. This is time we obviously do not now have. Humanity will destroy itself by biological or nuclear weapons long before then.]

Posadas called upon beings from other planets to intervene and collaborate with life on earth to overcome misery and suffering. He wanted extraterrestrials to use their resources to help achieve the objective of a planet where the harmonization of human relations would be a reality. This was no deus ex machina, but required the active participation of the masses on earth. The ultimate objectives are the harmonization of human relations together with nature and the cosmos. This was Trotsky’s permanent revolution in the cosmic dimension. [See Salusbury, Matt, “Trots in Space,” pg. 40, in ForteanTimes (December 2003)].

Advanced inter-dimensional or star system craft could also apply Oranur technology to cleanse the earth and produce deep emotional transformation in the masses. By drawing off DOR (deadly orgone energy) and massively flooding the earth with orgone energy, the deadly energy of earth’s entrapment could be broken and vibrant health brought out. Since orgone interferes with electronic energy, devices could be used to immobilize the criminal military and police forces of the Capitalists or the religious Islamic fascists. Weather manipulation would also help in this regard.

No longer will the masses passively tolerate exploitation. The barrier between physics and metaphysics would be broken and in its ultimate development humanity could travel to the land of the “dead” as well as other dimensions. As the old Cabbalists predicted, the light within us could ultimately ascend back to the Godhead and dissolve into the infinite ocean of spiritual energy. Reich stated: “Whoever knows this ocean, knows God.” The snake will ascend up the pole of entrapment and back to unarniored Adam Kadmon. [See: Scholem, Gershom, “Sabbatai Sevi – The Mystical Messiah” (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1989); and Scholem, Gershom, “On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead – Basic Concepts in the Kabbalah” (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995)].

Just the appearance of the UFOs glowing softly and beautifully blue in the sky throughout the globe will produce a mass spiritual impact that would most likely be interpreted by local religious affiliations. In a few individuals, a spiritual conversion experience as described by William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience” will occur. [James, William, “The Varieties of Religious Experience” (N.Y., Collier Books, 1961)]. They may become part of the spiritual vanguard if this peak experience is naturalized by Orgonomy, Core Energetics, or some other spiritual discipline such as Zen.

Some of the UFOs described by Reich in “Contact With Space” come not from this universe, but from another parallel universe in the metaphysical dimension. Why else when Reich pointed his cloud buster (a device originally designed to dissolve clouds and cause rain) at them would they “fade out”? It is well known from occult research that metaphysical entities use the energy of our dimension to manifest and when they “leave” they fade out. Most likely they are traveling across something like the Einstein-Rosen bridge or inter-dimensional portal that exists in the quantum foam that is the grid underlying our reality. Thus, it is possible that the cosmic orgone energy ocean contains infinite dimensions in its depth. [See Tzadok, Rabbi Ariel Bar, “UFO’s & Aliens – The Secret Teachings of the Rabbis and Cabbalists,” in Panu Derekh – Prepare The Way (Issue No. 10, Oct./Nov. – Dec. ’95/Jan. ’96) (The Rabbi cites both Jung and Reich).].

Cosmologists and physicists state that the Universe is composed of only 4.6% atoms. Dark matter constitutes 72%, and dark energy 23%. The presence of these invisible yet tangible domains is inferred by strong gravitational light lensing, and by the observation of a galactic array know as the Bullet Cluster. This phenomenon shows the separation of baryonic matter [atomic] and dark matter. It is also thought that the dark domain may be composed of superstrings that embody as many as 26 dimensions. Superstrings are extremely small bands of energy vibrating at tremendous rates. [See: “Oxford Dictionary of Physics,” edited by Alan Isaacs, “missing mass,” pg. 303; superstring theory, pg. 481 (N.Y., Oxford University Press, 2003); and “The Road to Reality,” Roger Penrose, pg. 773 (N.Y., Knopf, 2006).]

I would venture to speculate that the invisible metaphysical dimensions, including the “after-death” dimensions, are within the dark energy and dark matter. Most humans, suffering eye-block as a result of genital suppression, cannot sense these dimensions. The great mystics and mediums could and did perceive this spiritual reality.

The spiritual energy, frozen and bound in matter, vibrates at a much lower frequency than the spiritual energies that interpenetrate it. The higher vibration of the free orgone particles exist in higher spiritual dimensions. In discovering the dance of the orgone particles, Reich rediscovered the old occult truth, mentioned long ago by the Cabbalists, that the infinite does indeed have higher realms of existence. [See: Scholem, Gershom, “Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism,” pgs. 40-79 on Merkabah Mysticism and Jewish Gnosticism (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995)].

Whether from this material universe, or from another dimension, it is clear from Reich’s book “Contact With Space,” that he viewed UFO intervention as a possible way forward to a more highly evolved spiritual-natural planetary society for the earth. His reference in the work to the film “When The Earth Stood Still” points to extraterrestrial intervention to immobilize the human destructiveness and allow the masses to emerge as self-regulators of life in a classless society. Leon Trotsky also had been secretly briefed by an OGPU agent during his exile on the existence of extraterrestrial craft. [See, for a description of this meeting between Trotsky and Soviet UFO researchers, Stonehill, Paul and Phillip Mantle, “The KGB, Tibet, and UFOs,” Book of Thoth Web Site (From Fate Magazine September 2002)]. Juan Posadas would later make this explicit in his theory of an advanced scientific dialectical communist civilization visiting the earth to help in the permanent revolutionary process. Lenin, described by Reich in “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” as the greatest mass psychologist in history, stated in a meeting with the novelist H.G. Wells that contact with extraterrestrials would bring us limitless technical potential and the end of violence as a weapon of progress. [Ostrander, Sheila and Schroeder, Lynn, Psychic Discoveries, pg. 397 (N.Y., Marlowe & Company, 1997)].

This extraterrestrial intervention could produce a mass natural bio-energetic liberation which would lead rapidly to a revolutionary/evolutionary change in the social, political and economic organs of human self government. Permanent subjective and objective spiritual revolution would become a reality. The subjective factor of human armor would be solved, and the tragedy of deadly counter-revolution eventually would be overcome. UFOs have been known to produce profound life-positive spiritual changes in those who come into contact with them. [Dermett, Preston, “UFO Healings – True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials” (Mill Spring, N.C., Wild Flower Press, 1996) (This indicates a high orgone radiation flowing from the craft)]. This could be produced on a mass basis through the advanced spiritual technology of Oranur by an extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional race or races.

Reich sought contact with this kind of extraterrestrial intelligence. He attained this contact while in prison in 1957, and told a prison comrade, Harvey Matusow, the day before he died that the “UFOs are coming to take me away.” Matusow stated: “He talked about UFOs in a liberation sense. The question that he could leave his body was real simple.” [See Matusow, Harvey, “The Death Of Wilhelm Reich,” Flatlands # 12 (P.O. Box 2420, Fort Bragg, Ca 95437, 1995)]. This contact in prison most likely happened by telepathic means in a mind to mind connection as intimated in Trevor James Constable’s book “Cosmic Pulse of Life.” [Constable, Trevor James, “The Cosmic Pulse Of Life” (Santa Ana, CA, Merlin Press, 1976)]. So it was in fact that he entered the metaphysical dimension. Peter Reich, in his book on his father, later describes that he apparently made contact with Dr. Reich while Reich was traveling in this dimension, although Peter thought it was a “day dream.” [Reich, Peter, “A Book of Dreams” pgs 83-86 (N.Y., Hamer & Row, 1973). At the American College of Orgonomy’s 100 Anniversary of Reich’s birth, held in Princeton New Jersey in 1997, Peter Reich likened his experience with his father to the relationship between young Luke Skywalker and the old Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. Significantly, Obi-Wan told Luke to “let the energy flow through you… .be guided by it.. .let go. Obi-Wan clearly went into the metaphysical dimension after being struck down by Darth (DOR) Vader in a way that energized Luke to fight the dark DOR side].

It is interesting that the hyper-intellectualized “left” thought Dr. Reich’s study of UFOs, “Contact With Space,” was evidence of mental illness on his part. The religious right, however, has a deep contact with the UFO spiritual dimension. [See the work of Seventh Day Adventists theologian Victor Houteff in his “Shepard’s Rod” treatise; and Brother Don Adair in his “Crossing the Red Sea by Flying Saucers.” – MT Carmel Website].

We now know that Dr. Reich had a meeting with President Eisenhower in the summer of 1955. Jerome Greenfield, author of “Wilhelm Reich vs. The U.S.A.,” [see page 182] interviewed a woman who was a guide to Eisenhower on a fishing and hunting trip to Maine. She stated to Greenfield that she witnessed a meeting between Reich and Eisenhower during the President’s trip to the Rangeley area between June 22nd and 27th of 1955. Eisenhower had a fondness for inventors and “self-made” men [as related to this writer by the tour guide in Eisenhower’s farm house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the late 1980s], and we know that Reich had been writing to the U.S. government about his UFO discoveries and the Oranur Experiment. Most importantly, prior to meeting with Reich, Eisenhower in 1954 and 1955 was briefed on UFOs and met with the representatives of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations [See Salla, Michael, “Eisenhower briefed about extraterrestrials claims former New Hampshire State Representative,” Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner (May 12th).] This provides the support for Reich’s statements that he at that time was due to meet with a “high official” of the U.S. government. In preparation for this visit, Dr. Reich bought expensive furniture for his home. It was during this meeting that Eisenhower may have briefed Reich about UFOs and held him to top secrecy. All during Reich’s trial he mentioned that he had a protector in high places and that he was entrusted with secret information about national security. All of the threads of evidence support Reich’s involvement with the UFO reality. He was definitely not “insane.” Finally, Orgonomist Dr. Elsworth Baker, in a taped interview in the early 1980s, stated that he was inclined to believe that Reich did indeed meet with Eisenhower.

Reich’s metaphysical cosmic contact, as fringe as it may seem to some of his current day scientific supporters, steeped in medical materialism as they are, is supported by a statement made by Reich in “Contact With Space.” In that work, on the very first page, he speculated (on March 20, 1956 at 10:00 p.m.) that he could be an extraterrestrial being, and an offspring of an alien race. He thought his children could be part of a new inter-planetary race. He asserted his right to make such speculations without fear of being jailed by any administrative agency of the Capitalist State or Stalinist State apparatus.

This intuitive speculation by Reich has been validated by the present day research work of the late Dr. John E. Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and founding director of the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) before his probable murder by the CIA (the agency has known about the extraterrestrial craft for 60 years and uses advanced brain washing technology on the American masses). Mack found through his research subjects that there is indeed an inter-breeding experiment going on between abducted humans and alien partners. These aliens also have a spiritually transforming effect on humans, and some of them are inter-dimensional. [Mack, John E., “Passport to the Cosmos” (N.Y., Crown Publishers, 1999)].

It should also be recalled here that the birth of Jesus took place after sightings of UFOs, described by witnesses as “stars,” much as Reich at first misinterpreted some UFOs in his Arizona expedition as “stars.” The “virgin” status of his mother, never impregnated by an earth man, also points to an extraterrestrial father. Jesus makes many references to his “father in heaven.” The link here with Reich’s “Murder of Christ” is clear. [Reich, Wilhelm, “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1980); and see also, Bishop, Jim, “The Day Christ Was Born;” “The Day Christ Died” (N.Y., Barnes and Noble Books, 1978)].

The glowing blue energy radiated by Christ is in all of us. Once liberated, it would shake off repression and exploitation immediately. In its unarniored spiritual social expression, this energy is a fusion of the rational core of both Anarchism and Marxism in a modern day revolutionary Gnosticism. All of humanity could evolve into work democratic, mutual compassionate aid to solve the plagues of war and poverty. This primal social energy, in its social dimension, was called by Alfred Adler “Gemeinschaftsgefuhl.” [Alfred Adler was a brilliant and independent therapist, researcher, and philosopher. In his early days, he was also a Marxist, and maintained a close friendship with Leon Trotsky when the latter was an exile in Vienna. He gave a paper before Freud’s group showing that Marxism can release the aggression drive in the service of higher civilization. Adler’s wife, Raissa, remained a Trotskyite until her death. Alice and Otto Ruhle carried on the Marxist-Adlerian banner. Otto helped found the German Communist party. Otto was on the independent Dewey commission that vindicated Trotsky from Stalin’s trumped up show trial charges. Alice wrote “The Road to We,” and with Otto “The Proletarian Child.” The contemporary Adlerian movement has completely suppressed this history, which was the finest hour of the movement. A notable exception was the late Dr. Leo Rattner of New York. He was trained in Vienna by Adler’s earliest students. See: Hoffman, Edward,” The Drive for Self – Alfred Adler and the Founding of Individual Psychology” (N.Y., Addison-Wesley, 1994), and Rattner, Josef, “Alfred Adler” (N.Y., Frederick Unger Publishing Co. 1983)].

Antonio Negri and Walter Benjamin would also make the connection between the stopping of profane time in the timeless revolutionary moment of the multitudes against imperialist Empire. [See: Negri, Antonio, “Multitude” (NY, Penguin Press, 2004); Negri, Antonio, “Time for Revolution” (NY, Continuum, 2003); Benjamin, Walter, “On Hashish” (Cambridge, Mass., 2006); Benjamin, Walter, “Illuminations” (N.Y., Schocken Books, 2007); and Benjamin, Walter, “Reflections” (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1978).]. Trotsky and Reich met in Norway in the late 1930’s to see if a fusion of this work could be achieved. [This meeting was verified by a researcher from Cambridge University who has visited both the Trotsky and Reich archives at Harvard University. He made a presentation at the April 2008 Conference of the Institute for the Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich. His name can be obtained from them.] Eventually, despite the assassination of both by Russian-American double intelligence agents, this was accomplished later on by Juan Posadas, Raya Dunyevskaya, Teilhard de Chardin, Antonio Negri and others. [See: Salazar, Leandro A., “Murder In Mexico — The Assassination of Trotsky” (London, Secher & Warburg, 1950). See the implicit references therein to the FBI involvement with the assassination plot. Sheldon Harte, a guard who opened the door to the first assassination team sent in to kill Trotsky, was the son of a wealthy businessman. He was an FBI mole/ double agent recruited by the NKVD in New York. The actual successful assassin, Ramon Mercader a/k/a Jacques Mornard, was recruited by General Loenid Eitingon of the Soviet secret police (NKVD). Dr. Max Eitingon, a Stalinst, psychoanalyst, and relative of the General, was behind the scenes in the judicial murder and frame-up of Wilhelm Reich. Both Trotsky and Reich were threats, not only to Stalin, but to American Capitalism. Trotsky was a threat as an organizer of American workers for insurrection during the depression, and Reich was a mortal danger to the American drug companies and psychiatric establishment, particularly the Freudian psychoanalysts. A glimpse into the favorite tactics of both Red and Black fascists reveals that the first Trotsky assassination team dressed as policemen during the attempt on Trotsky’s life. An anti-Castro Cuban / CIA hit team, during their successful assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, also place assassins in phony police uniforms behind the wall of the “grassy knoll” where they fired the fatal head shot into the President. See Groden, Robert J., and Livingston, Harrison, “High Treason” (N.Y., Berkley Books, 1990). It is interesting that both Reich and Trotsky had grown up on farms and had very similar temperaments. They both were highly creative and needed to be left in solitude for long periods of time. Significantly orgonomically, they both had explosive tempers. This is a sign of very mobile bio-spiritual energy. See also, on Reich, Vankin, Jonathan, & Whalen, John, The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, “The Cloud Buster,” p. 128-139. Dr. Eva Reich speculated that Reich was poisoned in prison. Even if this cannot be proved at this late date, just putting a man like Reich into prison with a heart condition at age 60 was a known likely death sentence. See also, Martin, Jim, “Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War” (Fort Bragg, California, 2000)].

Raya Dunayevskaya, in her work, found the functional identity between the immanent and transcendent revolutionary energy. [Dunayevskaya, Raya, “Philosophy and Revolution” (Lanham, Maryland, Lexington Books, 2003), and Dunayevskaya, Raya, “The Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism” (Chicago, News and Letters, 1989)]. The masses must liberate themselves with a growth in natural revolutionary spiritual consciousness and without elite vanguard parties. In a new and higher synthesis of Marx and Hegel, she found that work democracy is possible only with the self-spiritual activity of the workers. She hated totalitarian communism and Stalin as much as Reich did.

It has been a pattern in the history of ideas that religious conceptions come to be replaced by scientific understanding. Thus, David Bakan, author of “Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition,” stated: “By separating the supernatural elements in mysticism from its other content, Freud succeeded in making a major contribution to science. We believe this pattern, from mysticism to science, is one of the more important historical characteristics in the development of general science.” [Bakan, David, “Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition” (Boston, Beacon Press, 1975). The same assertion could certainly be made of Freud’s student, Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich, in his summary of “The Oranur Experiment – First Report (1947-1951) (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951),” stated. ” if millions of people have developed and lived in metaphysical beliefs for millennia, had believed in a ‘Prana’ and such, there must be something in it. And this truth seemed urgently to want to reveal itself to us…” [pg. 326].

So it is with the “after-death” interdimension, and the implications of an eternal/infinite spiritual energy such as Orgone. Dr. Raudive, a parapsychologist, has captured the energy and consciousness of people in the after-death spiritual domain on recording tape known as the electronic voice phenomenon. [Raudive, Konstantin, “Breakthrough – An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead,” (N.Y., Taplinger Publishing Company, 1971). See also: Fuller, John G., “The Ghost of 29 Megacycles” (N.Y., New American Library, 1981], and Holzer, Hans, “Life Beyond” (Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1994).] These metaphysical intelligences have confirmed the anti-matter nature of the Einstein-Rosen bridge as the connection between the material and spiritual dimensions. This also validates the nature of DOR as an anti-life creation of the clash between the creative mass free spiritual orgone and the disintegrating matter of atomic energy. This is why Oranur opened a portal to the spiritual dimension. This experiment opened a new paradigm, the “Oranur Paradigm,” to guide the human spiritual monad to eternal life and infinite exploration. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge is thought to be a portal of anti-matter leading to another Universe (metaphysical). This parallel Universe was described by the scientist William Tiller as the negative space-time dimension. [See White, John, and Krippner, Stanley, “Future Science,” pgs. 257-279 (N.Y., Doubleday, 1977)].

C.J. Jung, the great Swiss mystical psychiatrist, had a near-death experience that convinced him of the reality of the metaphysical dimension. In fact, he thought that UFOs might be vehicles traveling from the metaphysical to the physical via thought projection of those in the after-death existence. [Jung, C.G., “Memories, Dreams, Reflections,” Chapters X-XI, pgs. 289-326 (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1965)].

Dr. Michael Newton, spiritual hypnotherapist, has confirmed the existence of a “between lives” metaphysical dimension and reincarnation through deep hypnotic regression of patients. In fact, at one time a mechanical scientific skeptic, he first discovered the phenomenon during the spontaneous breakthrough of an ordinary patient during hypnosis. Newton has discovered basic energy functions in the metaphysical that very closely resemble Reich’s natural spiritual energy of the primordial orgone. In this dimension, there are more highly developed energy bodies to assist the human orgone energy sac in ascending back to the Godhead. The releasing of spiritual body armor is an integral part of the development of a more advanced energy soul. Newton cites the description by one of his clients of the “scrubbing of the body armor” just prior to a leap in spiritual development within the metaphysical domain. The writer has confirmed this discovery through his own first-hand experience of spiritual hypnotherapy. [See Newton, Michael, “Destiny of Souls,” pgs. 317-320 (Woodbury, Minnesota, Llewellyn Publications, 2008). In analyzing Newton’s work it is useful to do what Marx did with Hegel: extract the radical core from the pathogenic reactionary mystical shell. The energy functions Newton has culled from the between life memories of his clients give rise to revolutionary Gnostic implications to escape from the earth trap and ascend to the Godhead. However, Newton describes the old armored Eastern conceptions of “karma” in a way that rationalizes destructive social conditions. See also: Goldberg, Bruce, “Past Lives, Future Lives” (N.Y., Ballantine Books, 1988); Goldberg, Bruce, “Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis” (Franklin Lakes, N.J., New Page Books, 2005); Weiss, Brian L., “Many Lives, Many Masters” (N.Y., Fireside, 1988).]

It should be remembered that Reich described the spiritual energy of orgone as coming to know itself through the consciousness of nature via humanity. Thus, we are helping the Godhead comprehend itself and fight to maintain itself among the infinite spiritual Godheads of infinite Universes.

The motion picture “Contact” demonstrated travel through this portal to the after-death spiritual domain. Jodie Forster, portraying the scientist, made contact with her dead father when she reached the other dimension. This was the first contact. More would follow. During her interdimensional experience she had a functional deeply mystical experience that the politicians and mechanistic scientists would try to discredit.

Like the great theologian Thomas Aquinas, author of “Summa Theologiae,” the cosmologist in “Contact” had an experience that made all of her prior scientific and philosophic training seem like so much straw. Aquinas stop writing after having deeply mystical experiences shortly before he died.

As a result of the Oranur experiment, if the person could get over the DOR sickness, he attained a high degree of health (if the capacity was there in the organism). This could have important immunizing effects in the face of an Atomic attack, and could also produce a spiritual cleansing among the DOR clouded masses exposed to high dosage Orgone energy by UFOs.

Some of the UFOs that Reich observed in Arizona were not creating DOR as he thought, but were attempting to cleanse it. Those extraterrestrial craft attempting to spread DOR may have been sent by American Intelligence as part of their efforts to stupefy the masses of people. These were metaphysical vehicles, both positive and negative, projected from another dimension, as theorized by C.J. Jung in his major work on flying saucers. [See Jung, CG, “Flying Saucers — A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies” (Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1978). See also, Warren, Lally and Robbins, Peter, “Left at East Gate” (N.Y., Marlowe and Company, 1997) (it is obvious from the descriptions of the UFOs that they were interdimensional).]

During Oranur it was also discovered that when a person become infested with this deadly spiritual energy they functioned in a life inimical way. Any evasiveness, dishonesty and general destructiveness in a person’s character became magnified and radiated into the environment in a life negative way. Any disease entity in the depths of the organism surfaces. In its most extreme manifestation, this is very similar to demonic possession. Once the person is able to overcome this disease with orgone-spiritual energy, vibrant health is brought out. This phenomenon proves the immanent spiritual principle as a living reality deriving from the transcendent cosmic orgone. “God” [orgone energy], and the “Devil” [deadly orgone energy], have scientific proof for the first time.

Dr. Reich himself fell ill during and after the Oranur Experiment. He fought DOR sickness by painting. The dialectical relationship between creation and destruction was functionally demonstrated within the human organism.

This Oranur process in Reich continued until the end. It was thought that in prison he was working on a manuscript called “Creation.” It was not discovered among his effects at his death, and most probably was destroyed by prison authorities. [See: Sharaf, Myron “Fury On Earth – A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich,” pg. 473 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press/Marak 1983); Boadella, David, “Wilhelm Reich – The Evolution of His Work,” the chapter on the prison period (Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1973).].

Oranur broke down the armored barrier between physics and metaphysics. The deepest implication of this discovery by Reich was that, in addition to finding an antidote to radiation sickness, Oranur opened the door to other dimensions, both demonic, and life-positive spiritual. He also blew open the time continuum, making possible access to Messianic time. Messianic times, and the messianic messenger such as Reich, bring hope to humanity.

These discoveries created important parallels to the work of Rudolf Steiner, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Juan Posadas, Teilhard de Chardin, and Gershom Scholem. They also explored the interface between material and metaphysical liberation.

As Professor Robert S. Carrington stated to this writer: “The principle of hope is a difficult one and Bloch and Chardin come at it from different directions, although Messianic Judaism is behind the curtain in both cases.” There is indeed hope in orgone energy as the primary life-positive spiritual energy flowing from the metaphysical to the physical dimension.

In his last years, from 1947 to 1957, Reich became the functional equivalent of a liberation theologian. The late Dr. Victor Silver, philosopher of orgonomy, and functional mystic, was the first to point out the theological implications of Oranur. The material aspect of this dialectical fusion is apparent from Reich’s continuing use of social analysis in his work and life up to the end in the concept of work democracy; and in his realization that there was a conspiracy to put him in jail and destroy his work.

In prison at the end of his life, Reich attended Protestant services and declared that he had a religious conversion experience resulting in a new faith in the great monotheistic religions. Dr. Reich declared the need for “Harbors for Life” and “Churches for Life.” He composed prayers: ‘Resurrection = Life is Eternal, Indestructible,” “Prayer for Strength,” and “Prayer for Self-Realization.” Dr. Elsworth Baker told Dr. Silver that he thought Reich prayed to the cosmic spiritual energy in prison. He had, at the end, become a functional mystic of natural theology. Reich also developed a close relationship with the prison Chaplain [See Elsa 011endorffs biography of Reich. See also, “Fury On Earth” by Myron Share].

Reich’s wife, Ilse 011endorff, speculates that perhaps he was preparing a life-positive renewal of Christ’s message while facing his own crucifixion by the American Capitalist State (i.e., their police agents in conjunction with the FDA and the courts). Again, this hooks into the connections between the murder of Christ, UFOs, inter-dimensional after death travel, resurrection, and cosmic liberation.

In 1957, several weeks before entering prison, Reich told a close associate, Dr. Victor Sobey, that “I am still a Marxist!” Of course, Reich’s “Marxism” was completely rejected by the communists and socialists of the day (as most today reject it). He was retelling to “work democracy” as describing existing natural work responsibility and mutual aid completely antithetical to any form of state dominated control of social processes. Reich’s conception was much closer to that of the classical anarchist Peter Kropotkin. While being interviewed in prison, Reich stated that “the Rockefellers are against me,” and that the Rockefeller Foundation made him “a tool of its socio-economic interpersonal relations.” These statements showed that Reich clearly understood the nature of the State Capitalist conspiracy that put him into prison and ultimately killed him. These final developments put Reich in the company of the great theologians Ernst Bloch and Walter Benjamin. [The recollection by Dr. Sobey was recorded on tape by the “Institute for The Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich,” and can be obtained from them. They can are

located in New York City and will be found on the Web. On Reich’s statements about the Rockefellers, see Greenfield, Jerome, “Wilhelm Reich vs. The United States” pgs. 262264 (N.Y., W. W. Norton and Company, 1974).]

Bloch’s concept of “truth as religion” fits well with Reich’s use of the truth as a spiritual weapon. His book on Thomas Muntzer, theologian and leader of the peasant wars in Germany, parallels Reich’s revolutionary interpretation of the gospel in the Murder of Christ. Bloch’s book “Natural Law and Human Dignity” presents the upright and “look you in the eye” unarniored demeanor of the truthful organism.

Leon Trotsky, in his work “The Stalin School of Falsification,” also puts truth in the central position of revolutionary transformation. Telling the truth to the workers was an essential part in their self-liberation. As Reich pointed out, however, the weapon of truth could not save Trotsky from the heavily armored Joseph Stalin.

Reich’s later political philosophy evolved more and more into anarchism fused with functional mystical spirituality. This creative synthesis can be called a form of scientific liberation theology. Functional mysticism, a term coined by the late Dr. Silver, is healthy spiritual contact between the self and cosmos. It is useable in daily life to maintain and enhance consciousness and love. Functional mysticism is cosmic consciousness. It can be contrasted with pathogenic mysticism which has been used to narcotize the masses, and keep them passively vulnerable to exploitation by power pathological elites. Functional mysticism is both materialistic and spiritual, equipping a person to spontaneously and vigorously fight this exploitation no matter under what ideological mask it presents itself.

Liberation Theology is a political and social philosophy that places the focus on the working person’s capacity for self-regulation, mutual aid, and coordination. As such, it is rooted in the actually existing work functions distorted by both Capitalism and elite bureaucratic totalitarian State Communism It is against vanguard parties and control from above.

The work of Raya Dunayevskaya (Leon Trotsky’s secretary in Mexico), particularly her books “Marxism and Freedom,” and “Philosophy and Revolution,” and Peter Kropotkin, the great natural scientist and anarchist, illustrate this revolutionary dialectical philosophy.

Unarmored functional spirituality also gives a person access to other dimensions, including the “after death” or “before birth” domain which is reachable through quantum physics by the electronic voice phenomena or naturally sensitive humans functioning as mediums. Some UFO vehicles are the metaphysical manifestations of travelers form this higher dimension. William Burroughs, the great Beat writer, in his book “Western Lands,” poetically presents this possibility of inter-dimensional travel and the emotional plague forces that seek to prevent access. In other work, he shows that the “Nova Police” (material vested interests) are interested in control of mass consciousness in all State systems to the end of making people passive and vulnerable to exploitation. This plague is internalized by the masses and is present in both the material and spiritual domains which interpenetrate the earth plane.

Oranur demonstrated the inimical interaction of the Orgone energy of life and the atomic energy of death and destruction. With nuclear war, humanity unleashed for the first time a force capable of destroying the spiritual life body or subtle soul energy, or energetic “fluid,” and preventing it from gaining ultimate liberation from reincarnation. Reincarnation is dependent on this subtle energy or “soul fluid” that inserts vital intelligent energy into the fertilized egg and can be detected in all later differentiated cell nuclei as radiation in the developed organism [See “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain Lifted” pgs. 388-390]. Reich himself, in “Ether, God and Devil,” had pointed out the creation, dissolution and re-concentration of the life energy. As William Burroughs stated, the nuclear blast and radiation destroyed the electromagnetic spiritual body as well as the physical body. It is the ultimate in life negation. Electromagnetic energy flows in from the metaphysical dimension.

As Walter Benjamin said, the Utopian breeze blows upon the back of the Angel of history. Before the Angel, in front of him, lies the shattered debris of atomic destruction, war, pestilence, and the material and spiritual prison constructed by the ideologies of sick humanity. The barrier between past and future is in fact the armor between the physical and the metaphysical.

Reich penetrated this armor with the Oranur Experiment. Henceforth, the messianic “Now” will exist as the portal that will allow free travel between the domain of “life” and “death.” The classless society of the after death dimension will exist on the earth as a blow-back from beyond. [See Goldberg, Bruce, “Past Lives, Future Lives” (N.Y., Ballantine Books, 1982).].

In short, in the Oranur Experiment, Dr. Wilhelm Reich provided the natural scientific and philosophic proof for God’s existence. This proof is against the supporting backdrop of 150 years of paranormal scientific research, and over 2000 years of occult philosophy. Drs. Israel Regardie (at one time a member of the occult organization “The Golden Dawn”), John Pienakos (creator of Core Energetics), and Richard Blasband (of the Center for Functional Research and student of Russian healer Nicolai Levashov), have all carried along this general line of research [See generally, Blasband, Richard, “Talk Given In Honor of Wilhelm Reich’s Birth At the Annual Conference of the Center For Functional Research” (San Rafael, Ca, Dominican College, November 15, 1997)( CFR , 2175 Mar East, Tiburon CA 94920). See also, Yougrau, Palle, “A World Without Time – The Forgotten Legacy of Godel and Einstein” (N.Y., Basic Books, 2005).].

John Keel, in his book “The Mothman Prophesies,” describes an area where this inter-dimensional portal made its appearance. [Keel, John A., “The Mothman Prophecies” (N.Y., TOR, 2001)]. It was an abandoned chemical plant which also had bunkers on the property built during World War II. The bunkers, with organic material on the outside and inorganic on the inside, functioned as Orgone Accumulators. The Orgone turned deadly as it was simultaneously exposed to the chemical pollution and debris from old

weapons manufacture. This tore a hole in space time, allowing the “Mothman” creature to enter the material domain.

It should be kept in mind that Dr. Elsworth Baker, who was present during the Oranur Experiment, described the building housing the orgone and the radiation as “glowing.” This highlights the unusual nature of the metaphysical portal.

In full contact with the “Now,” liberation is eternal. It is real. The endless bad finitude of the trap dissolves in the light of the eternal darkness made whole. The trap, with its deserts, becomes the blue rocket with its shattering and pulsating convulsions. The infinite and eternal ocean of spiritual Orgone Energy, with its limitless dimensions, opens to humanity both in life and after death. The armored physical husk of a body drops away and the spiritual energy body is released as a butterfly is liberated from its cocoon. [See Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth, “On Life After Death” (Berkeley, California, 1991).].

As the great theologian Ernst Bloch stated:

“…the life of the soul vibrates beyond the body; there is something like a germ plasma of the soul, and the loss of the body does not affect trans-physiological immortality. To vibrate beyond the destruction of the world, however, the soul’s life must be ‘finished’ in the deepest sense; a lucky cast must have latched its ropes to the poles of the landing beyond if its germ plasma is not to be swept down the chasm of eternal death, missing the goals that matter most in the organization of life on earth: our pinnacle, eternal life; the unlocked, established inwardness; the immortality that is trans-cosmological as well; the sole reality of the kingdom of souls; the pleroma of the Holy Spirit; the foundation in integrum out of the labyrinth of the world.” [Bloch, Ernst, “Man On His Own,” pg. 69 (N.Y., Herder and Herder, 1971). Leon Trotsky reached this trans-cosmological energy process after death as reported by his wife Natalia. He came to her after death. Trotsky was dressed in a clean white tunic and appeared vibrant. He said: “It is finished.” These same words were used by Christ on the cross at the end. See Pateneaude, Bertrand M., Trotsky — “Downfall of A Revolutionary,” p. 292 (N.Y., Hamer/Collins, 2009).]

We are here talking about the functional identity of the cosmic energy within and without the human being. This is materialism in its most powerful form. It stands to reason that the “fallen” or distorted form of this energy, called “demonic” by exorcists, would seek out the pure embodiments of the glowing spiritual body and seek to destroy them. This demonic energy, called Deadly Orgone Energy or DOR by Dr. Reich, is a desert-like armor in the human monad (to use a term from the philosopher Leibnitz).

Thus, Reich was murdered in prison as a result of Mildred Brady’s yellow journalism drawing on him the FDA, the FBI, the pharmaceutical industry, the psychoanalytic establishment, and the Justice Department. Trotsky was killed by an American-Russian intelligence effort using a double agent named Jacson [See: Salazar, Leandro A., “Murder in Mexico — The Assassination of Trotsky” (where Colonel Salazar reveals FBI involvement with one of Trotsky’s assassins) (London, Secher & Warburg, 1950).]. Look into the faces of both assassins. You will see identical desert lined complexions with cacti-like layers of congealed deadly stagnated biological energy (called DOR by Reich). Deadly Orgone does indeed have a functional identity.

Reich, in the Murder of Christ, presented the crucified God as a personification of life. However, unconsciously, he actually presented a functional Cabbalist of liberation. Reich’s Christ is a liberation theologian, the functional Gnostic fighting for truth and liberation.

The “Murder of Christ” is a study of this Gnostic Jewish revolutionary, Jesus, who fought for the escape of humanity from the material trap. In this regard it is strikingly similar to Ernst Bloch’s essay “Aut Caesar Aut Chirstus.” Bloch also showed Jesus as striving to break down the barrier between the material and the metaphysical in an eschatological transformation. [Bloch, Ernst, “Atheism in Christianity,” Aut Caesar Aut Christus, pgs. 123-195 (N.Y., Herder and Herder, 1972).].

Thus, it is in the functional fusion of the transcendent and immanent spiritual principle, cosmic superimposition and male/female superimposition, that the Absolute of spiritual liberation is actively present. This unchains the dialectic of liberation against all life negative and power pathological systems entrapping humanity.

The letters that follow this introduction present a new interpretation of Reich’s work in his last years. Most importantly, they describe, via “thought experiment,” the spiritual implications of the Oranur Experiment that opened the metaphysical portal to Reich and his co-workers. Annotations to the letters are provided by me to clarify the discussion. In addition, I have provided a comprehensive research bibliography of the works that I consulted in writing this book. Dr. Silver, who died in late December 1999 of metastasizing brain cancer, had no part in this book other than the letters he sent to me. I am solely responsible for the interpretation of Reich’s work presented by this introduction, and in my annotations and responses to Victor’s letters. However, Victor did encourage me to use the letters as I wanted.

Having put forth this disclaimer, I should also say that this book represents my attempt to present the “Oranur Paradigm” that Dr. Silver was working on with my assistance until the time of his death. This paradigm symbolizes the fusion of science and religion that Reich had started to make at the end of his life by developing the concept of what Aleister Crowley called “Scientific Illuminism.”

Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch were philosophers of this “profane illumination.” Aleister Crowley and Dr. Israel Regardie also tried to bring this illumination into the material world by the means of Occult practice and experiment. They all endeavored to bring the transcendent spiritual principle down into the material domain in a dialectical functional fusion leading to absolute consciousness and existential liberation.

As Walter Benjamin recognized, “…the true creative overcoming of religious illumination certainly does not lie in narcotics. It resides in a profane illumination, a materialistic, anthropological inspiration, to which hashish, opium, or whatever else can give an introductory lesson. (But a dangerous one; and the religious lesson is stricter).” [Bemjamin, Walter, “On Hashish,” pgs. 132-133 (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 2006)].

The heavily armored doors of full bodily perception, blocking the flow of spiritual energy from the metaphysical dimension to the physical dimension, can be opened by the experimental use of psychedelic and good psychotropic drugs (which can dissolve spiritual armor). Sigmund Freud used cocaine to good effect. Theologians Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch used hashish to temporarily free themselves from the spiritual armor. Philosopher Aldous Huxley experimented with Mescaline. Dr. Stanislav Grof, Orgonomist Simeon Tropp and Timothy Leary pioneered in the use of LSD in psychotherapy. Tropp was a close associate of Reich, and used LSD in orgone therapy in the 1960’s [This phase of the work of Dr. Tropp was reported by Myron Sharaf in his “Fury on Earth.” See also, Grof, Stanislav, & Halifax, Joan, “The Human Encounter With Death” (N.Y., E.P. Dutton, 1977).].

In the words of Raya Dunayevskaya, from The Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism (p. 52), former secretary to Leon Trotsky in Mexico, citing Hegel: “The eternal Idea, in full fruition of its essence, eternally sets itself to work, engenders and enjoys itself as absolute mind.  We have entered the new society.” Functional mysticism is eternal motion and increasing feeling —comprehension through infinity and eternity. This living ocean of spiritual energy comprehends itself through us. We are energetic droplets of this larger dynamic and evolving reality. As we explore this cosmic energy in life, and in the metaphysical dimension, we are helping it comprehend itself. We are essential expressions of the Godhead. Unity expresses itself in diversity (a dialectical law). Life is the solution of the dualism between the transcendent and immanent God.

There is no completely transcendent anthropomorphic God who is concerned with the welfare of individual human beings or even humanity as a whole. There is an eternal and infinite ocean of cosmic spiritual energy, which Reich called Orgone, which is embodied in human beings, individually and collectively, and can provide internal/external guidance and wisdom. As the first liberation theologian in history, Moses, stated: “God is not a person. God is the light of eternal mind” [See: Einstein, Albert, Out of My Later Years, “Science and Religion,” pgs. 19-28 (N.Y., Wings Books, 1993); Avakian, Bob, “Away With All Gods!” (Chicago, Insight Press, 2008).].

Energy and consciousness have become the spiritual frontier of religious, medical and philosophical research. Dr. Ola Raknes was the first orgonomist to explore this frontier in his work on religion. [Dr. John Pienakos, a student of Reich, did further pioneering work in this field and created “Core Energetics.”] Raknes explained that the mystical conversion experience occurred as a person experienced the breakthrough of vegetative energies as a “new life.” It is unification with “God.” This new life, in its healthiest manifestation, was full contact with plasmatic pulsation within the spiritual bodies, and contact with cosmic energetic spiritual life in other dimensions through the atmospheric orgone in a burst of “light” and “love.” William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience” describes many of these experiences.

The Oranur Paradigm is the organizing template of this 21st century fusion of science and religion. It is the religion of the future that Leon Trotsky predicted (in his defense before the Dewy Commission) would arise in the face of the collapse of the Stalinist Communist States.

Experiments have shown that energy and consciousness does survive death. Just like the light from a no longer existing star continues to travel through eternity, our bio-photons survive death and continue to exist in the orgone cosmic ocean with energy and consciousness. [See Schwartz, Gary E., “The Afterlife Experiments – Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death” (N.Y., Atria Books, 2002).].

Reich, in “Ether, God and Devil,” recognized that the cosmic energy of the creator within the living had a common root and expression with the cosmic energy outside the living in the Universe. This natural energy is intelligent, spiritual and eternal. It inserts itself into the organic fetus at birth, guides it to term, and survives to reincarnate again. Going further than theologian Ernst Bloch, Reich demonstrated that this Oiphic wheel of death and rebirth occurs in an actually existing ocean of orgone energy.

As Reich asserts in “Ether, God, and Devil,” the cosmic energy does indeed reincarnate. This is according to quantum physical laws and not by the distorted notion of karma that reinforced the mass class armoring of Eastern societies. [See “Ether, God, and Devil,” p. 116 (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1949)].

We emerge from this ocean, and eventually return. At some point, the reincarnating spiritual energy soul evolves sufficiently to ascend to higher cosmic dimensions and does not come back to the earth material domain. All individuals are drops of this oceanic energy that comes to know itself and evolve through us. We are particles of the Godhead. Eternally, we will exist as living sub-atomic particles and photons in this ocean.

This “Theology of Orgonomy,” with its roots in functional mysticism and libertarian Gnosticism, postulates that the necessity to reincarnate depends upon an individual’s degree of consciousness and energy. Those individuals with dense spiritual armor will of necessity reincarnate according to quantum physical laws. Those free of this armor have a choice. A great deal depends on how much the person struggled for liberation from the demonic power pathological systems on earth, and whether he or she can still help free humanity by a process of Christogenesis or will make the choice to finally leave the earth domain for higher levels of being in the Orgone ocean. It takes great courage to consciously decide to reincarnate when liberation from the earth entrapment is available, since, as the great occult philosopher Aleister Crowley stated: “Every incarnation is a crucifixion.” Christ, Moses and the Buddha, were human beings who were able to attain a high degree spiritual liberation and decide to reincarnate. The freedom from incarnation is entirely a matter of the spiritual monad’s own effort and development to be free of spiritual minor and material entrapment, although energy-metaphysical guides are available.

The letters (as edited and revised by Dr. Katz) that follow describe the efforts of Dr. Victor Silver to rethink the Oranur inter-dimensional experiment and to develop an adequate comprehension of it. It also provides a delineation of the ideas of Dr. Silver that he had hoped to use in his unfinished book on Reich and mysticism. In the process of these two profound projects, great progress was made in the further delineation of the liberation theology made possible by Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the Orgone.

Dr. Silver warned many years ago that this interpretation of Reich, bringing forth a theology of orgonomy as functional mysticism, would be rejected by the greater orgonomic community He was right. However, this work and thought will continue. I will not let it be killed. I have no doubt that Dr. Reich, if he returned today, would be exploring the field of spiritual energy and consciousness.

[Note: This entire work, including many letters, is available from MagCloud Publishing]

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