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_Wilhelm_Reich CHAPTER 1   Professor Victor Silver’s last letter to me was cryptic and unlike any other in our long correspondence.  He mentioned the old occult philosopher Dion Fortune.  The writing was elliptical and strangely soaring.  I can only compare it to Nietzsche’s final letters to his friend Peter Gast before the philosopher disappeared into a long twilight of silent madness.   It was poetry and it was bracing snow filled mountain air. Then I received a telephone call from Victor’s house in South Barre, Vermont.  His wife Kathy told me he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and had only weeks to live.  He was staying in a veteran’s hospital in Vermont near his home.  I will never forget my last phone conversation with Victor in December 1999.

I was in my office at Paranormal Press.  The Press had been started in 1958 by Sam Roth for the purpose of publishing books dealing with philosophy, UFOs and the occult.  As a senior editor I had a small enclosed office with a window looking out on Madison Avenue near Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue.  A psychedelic poster of the galaxies covered the door, and a picture advertising the 1951 science fiction film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” covered the far wall behind my work table.  My desk was a modernistic glass one with a computer on it, and a side table for books and manuscripts.  On my work table, a typescript from Dr. Silver, entitled “The Oranur Paradigm,” was visible on top of many other manuscript submissions.

Dr. Silver spoke through the haze of heavy pain medication.  He talked about people he was seeing and it sounded as if they were not of this earth, having passed on years ago and now appearing as metaphysical entities or intelligences.  Within 48 hours he would be dead. Dr. Robert Silver had been my philosophy teacher at Alpha University on Long Island during the final four years of the tumultuous decade of the 1960s.  Later on, when I went into publishing after getting my doctor of metaphysics degree from an obscure religious graduate school in Switzerland, it was both natural and providential that our paths should cross again. Victor was an orgonomic philosopher.  He was one of the few people to teach the spiritual implications of the work of the controversial natural scientist, and philosopher, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. 

Orgonomy was a science developed by Reich that went to the foundations of human existence in a form of cosmic energy he called “Orgone.”  It was a mass free energy expressed in the creation of galaxies and the function of the orgasm. Reich created medical orgone therapy to free the human body of bio-psychological and muscular rigidities that he called “armor.”  The armor held back deep emotion and was imposed by society in order to mold and control people to fit the cultural requirements of class civilization (whatever particular ideology was used to rationalize it).  This energy Reich found also had therapeutic effects when collected in accumulators and applied to the body.  He experimented in applying the energy to cancerous mice and then humans.  The cancer experiments brought down the scrutiny of the Federal Food and Drug Administration on Reich’s activities. During the sexually repressive and conformist 1950s, anyone like Reich, a former communist and sex researcher, was viewed with suspicion if not outright hysteria.  The final straw dropped when Reich experimented with the use of orgone energy to see if it could neutralize atomic radiation and provide some kind of immunity to humans in the case of nuclear attack.  This experiment, which Reich called “Oranur” (Orgone Against Nuclear Radiation), broke down the wall between physics and metaphysics.  The experiment released a form of deadly orgone energy that had been driven wild by exposure to the radiation.  It opened up dimensions heretofore only explored by mystics and occult philosophers.  It also lead Reich to develop weather control devices that he called “cloudbusters” that could drain the deadly energy created by the experiment  from the sky around his rustic compound in Rangeley, Maine. Reich also observed UFOs over his laboratory and living quarters and later made contact with alien intelligences through the use of the cloudbuster devices. His work and drive for knowledge lead him to cross the rigid lines separating academic and scientific disciplines to explore the implications of this energy, and the natural spiritual laws it expressed. All of this unbounded and energetic activity by Dr. Reich resulted in bringing the armored social forces of society down on his head from every quarter of society and the state.  It fell from the drug interests, psychoanalytic careerists, Stalinists, liberals, cancer researchers, ambitious and unscrupulous federal prosecutors, and religious moralists. They had one thing in common, however many differences all these separate destructive forces had among themselves, they hated life. With gathering force, these dark energies built up and fell, in the words of science fiction author Philip K. Dick, as a “black iron prison” around Reich.  At last Reich was taken into custody as a result of a prosecution by the FDA for his cancer research on humans with the use of the Orgone Accumulator and put into Lewisburg federal penitentiary. 

Chapter 2

On November 2, 1957, Dr. Wilhelm Reich stood in the prison yard at Lewisburg federal penitentiary and he carefully scanned the sky and general atmosphere.  The usual glaring sun and oppressive air were not much in evidence since his daughter Dr. Elsa Karr had used cloud busters to drain the sky of deadly orgone energy.  Instead, a cool and gentle breeze washed the clear blue atmosphere. 

During the evening of November 1, Reich had received telepathic communication from extraterrestrial intelligences that they were coming for him the next day.  He then secured the manuscript of his last writing entitled “Creation.”  In the cell he had occupied, the pages of the book were put on his small table along with his last will and testament.

Before the FDA prosecution, when he was still free to pursue his natural scientific research, this extraterrestrial force of cosmic energy and subatomic particles had channeled the knowledge of the future into his open unarmored mind.  Late at night, Reich would sit in his study and feel the energy emerge from the earth and move up into his mind.  He would put the knowledge into human concepts and picture the advanced metaphysical technology necessary to harness it.  Each session of this guided meditation provided him with a brain boost that left his intelligence, near 250 IQ to start with, to well over 300.  It also left him strangely invigorated and his heart felt free of the oppression that the FDA investigation had left on it. 

Dr. Reich was in the prison, but not of the prison.  In his mind, the prison walls were an artificial boundary between the inmates and the larger prison of the earth.  The ancient Gnostics had taught as much and the extraterrestrial intelligentsia confirmed this.  Armored society created an invisible prison around all compelled to live in it. He stood apart from the big noise and remained lost in thought and observation. 

Reich had few friends in prison, but did socialize with Sam Roth.  Roth was a publisher of banned and controversial books, and he knew of the FDA book burning that destroyed tons of Dr. Reich’s publications.  Using his imprint, Bridge Head Books, Sam had published the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce and Henry Miller, among others.  In 1928, the NY Society for the Suppression of Vice had burned tons of his own books, and for a while a manuscript from Nietzsche was lost in the carnage.  He was in prison for violating laws against the publication of pornography, but would be later vindicated and released from prison by the United States Supreme Court. Given the fact that both Roth and Reich had been born in Galicia, now part of the Ukraine, it was natural that they would establish a friendship based on common life and work interests.  I should make it clear that Reich’s concept of sexuality had nothing to do with real pornography, and Roth tried to publish creative erotic art. 

As Reich stood in the prison yard that last day of his life on earth, he gazed into the blue sky while shielding his eyes from the intense mid-day sun as the billowing and drifting clouds sporadically revealed it.  Suddenly, from behind an amoeba like grey cloud, a fleet of cigar shaped silver gleaming UFOs materialized flying in a triangular formation.  He could see window portals on the sides of these craft. Reich turned to his friend Sam Roth and said simply “they are coming for me.”  The following morning, November 3rd, 1957, during the early morning prison roll call, there was no response from his cell. Dr.  Wilhelm Reich, pioneering psychoanalyst, natural scientist, philosopher, and orgonomist, was discovered fully dressed lying on his cot.  The autopsy report stated he had died of coronary thrombosis.  He was 60 years old.  

Chapter 3

Dr. Silver’s book on Reich’s Oranur Experiment was of the kind favored by publisher Sam Roth.  Roth published cutting edge science, and of course knew Reich when both were in prison in 1957.  Dr. Reich, at the start of the Korean War, was concerned about a nuclear attack on the U.S. from the Soviet Union.  He theorized that orgone, the mass free cosmic energy of life and love, could perhaps overcome the highly toxic and destructive atomic radiation released into the atmosphere by atomic bombs. To test this hypothesis, he placed radium into an orgone accumulator of high strength.  Instead of neutralizing the energy, the orgone was driven into a rage and became highly destructive in humans, the atmosphere, and on vegetation. Later on, after Reich created a device (the cloud buster) to cleanse the atmosphere of this deadly plague, he discovered that UFOs were drawn to the area by this invention which had changed the orgone continuum of the atmosphere.  The energy of death had, at least temporarily, overcome the energy of life and turned it deadly.  Reich called this deadly orgone energy or “DOR.” This deadly orgone energy, when excited in the human body, brought out latent weaknesses such as biopathies and old injuries.  In the bio-emotional domain, it excited the destructive social character trends such as gossip, spying, lies, and outright emotional plague social interactions that were highly life negative. The inside environment of the laboratory where this experiment was conducted started to glow with a purple haze.  High counts on radiation detectors were measured in a 300 mile radius with Dr. Reich’s compound at the center.  This was reported at the time by the NY Times.  The clash between the two inimical forces that Sigmund Freud had called Eros and Thanatos was for the first time given a natural scientific basis. Eventually, if the organism could overcome the oranur reaction, a vibrant health developed that did indeed neutralize the radiation effect.  The radium itself became neutralized and could be used to increase the power of the cloudbuster.  Reich later used it to turn the cloudbuster into a device that disabled hostile UFOs.  He called it for that use a “Space Gun.” In the report written to communicate the results of the experiment Reich had stated: “The boundaries between physics and metaphysics were dissolved.”  It was this central discovery that my old teacher, Victor Silver, explored in his manuscript. Lacking any real background in mysticism and the occult, Reich’s students neglected this observation of his that a portal had been discovered between our physical reality and the metaphysical domains.  Robert, however, was a philosopher with a doctorate from Columbia University who knew full well the profound implications of it.  Reich himself was very aware of this lack of understanding among his students.  In a tape recording he made shortly after the experiment, Dr. Reich started: “There is nobody around.  There is not a single soul, either here in Orgonon, or down in New York, who would fully and really from the bottom of his existence understand what I am doing, and be with me in what I am doing.”

The atmosphere in the lab where the radium was placed in an orgone accumulator was observed by Reich’s chief assistant, Dr. Elsworth Baker, to be glowing with a purple radiation.  Nobody there, with the exception of Reich, knew what this was.  In fact, this purple mist was the portal opening to the metaphysical dimension.  Through this opening poured out demonic energies that infested humans, plants, and the atmosphere.  That is the reason Dr. Reich called it Deadly Orgone Energy or DOR.  The linguistic similarity between “DOR,” “Devil,” “Demonic,” “Denial” [of life], and “Death” is no accident. This deadly psychic energy would ultimately paralyze Reich in many ways. It rendered him unable to effectively defend himself against the FDA prosecution that sent him to his death in prison.

In subsequent years, the discovery of deadly orgone energy (DOR) would be confirmed by the phenomenon of the so-called Mothman.  This paranormal bio-spiritual entity was seen in West Virginia near abandoned chemical plants as chronicled by John Keel in his book “The Mothman Prophecies,” and observed before the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Russia.  The man / bird with a human body and wide wings is a demonic creature let loose by the oranur reaction.   The Mothman always seems to appear before tragic disasters.  A paranormal investigator consulted by writer John Keel, during his investigation in West Virginia, described the Mothman as a natural occurrence in the cosmic energy flow surrounding the earth.  This investigator, a physicist by training, opined that it has existed since prehistoric times as depicted in cave paintings.   Victor, in his manuscript on the Oranur Experiment, explored many of these natural scientific ramifications.  That is why, after his death, I was more than curious to hear from his widow that he had left a box of manuscripts for me in the basement of his Vermont home.  Little did I know at that time I would be sent on a journey of discovery literally out of this world.  


Dr. Silver, in his manuscript on the Oranur Experiment, traced the basic connections in the experiment between the natural scientific results and the old theological conceptions of good/evil vs. health/sickness.  He wrote: “In 1950, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with atomic energy [‘The Oranur Experiment’] which confirmed the objective existence of Good and Evil, God and Devil, and their organic identification with all human health and sickness.”  Dr. Reich had also done much of that in his prescient work “the Murder of Christ.” In that work, Reich wrote: “The Oranur Experiment, beginning 1947, has unexpectedly provided some basic solutions to emotional and social problems of man, solutions which have been entirely inaccessible heretofore.  An extensive publication of the emotional implications of the Oranur Experiment is in preparation.  THE MURDER OF CHRIST may well serve as an introduction of biographical background material to Oranur [italics added].” As Reich noted in his taped observations recorded by the WR Museum on an audiotape entitled ‘Alone,” none of his co-workers or students really, from their depths, understood the profound implications of this experiment. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the above introductory remarks of Reich have been all but ignored down through the years. Dr. Silver wanted to expand his draft manuscript to go into the metaphysical implications of the Christ/Oranur connection for the first time.   This would involve UFOs, the occult, theology, philosophy, medicine, cosmic physics, and much still to be fleshed out.  It is for this reason that, in his cover letter to the submitted draft of his book “The Oranur Paradigm,” he invited me to his retirement home in Vermont to discuss material written by Dr. Reich that he had been given that was unknown to the larger community of his medical followers and thought lost.  He wanted a private and unrecorded discussion of these issues with me.  Unfortunately, Victor’s brain cancer and his rapid passing made this discussion impossible. Now, with Silver’s death, I hoped that this material would be in the boxes of writing he had left for me. 

It is with this expectation that I drove up from New York City, in August 2000, to examine these manuscripts and talk with his widow Kathy.  Dr. Silver’s home was a sprawling farm house with his study located in the rear porch area.  Kathy let me in through his study door, and warmly greeted me.  The first item I noticed on his large walnut desk was an old battered Royal typewriter. He never did make the transition to the computer era.  The book shelves around his desk were stuffed with rare works on theology, philosophy, and orgonomy.  A large photograph of Dr. Elsworth Baker, his orgonomist, dominated the far wall, and across from it a painting of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in blue and brown hues, greeted those entering with a broad smile.  A cloudbuster space gun could be seen in the background of the painting with cigar shaped UFOs above it.

After a cup of tea, Kathy took me downstairs to the basement where several boxes, wrapped in heavy water resistant plastic, stood.  Antique rusted farm implements could be seen behind them. “Victor left these for you.  Take what you want.  He also left this letter.  He asked that you read it before you selected the material you wanted.” I took a sealed envelope from Kathy and sat down on an old wicker chair to read it.  Overhead, a naked bulb swung on a wire extension illuminating the immediate area.

“Dear Tom Stein:

“If you are reading this letter, it means that I have finally escaped from this veil of tears.

“In these boxes, you will find material given to me by Reich’s last girlfriend, Sonia Star.  You may remember from my lectures on Dr. Reich’s work that they met when she attended his last conference at Rangeley, Maine, in 1955, on the Medical Dorbuster. 

“These materials are very rare.  Dr. Baker had kept in touch with Sonia after Reich died.  At one time, she had been his patient.  I was also, as you know, once a patient of Baker myself.  He introduced me to her.  Our involvement never became romantic, but she trusted me as a scholar, and when she retired gave me this manuscript, and a motion picture film. This film is of a dialogue Reich had with Leon Trotsky around 1936 in Oslo, Norway.  This was kept under lock and key in a safe hermetically sealed by Reich that he maintained on his land near Rangeley, Maine.  Because of the situation with Trotsky, and the fact that both were hunted by Stalin, (in different ways of course, Trotsky got the ax in 1940 in Mexico, and Reich by prosecutorial and judicial murder instigated by American Stalinists in 1957), both men wanted to delay its showing until after any impending war.   It is a fact that both died at 60 years of age (another synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, as Carl Jung would put it).   Have this film transferred for preservation and archiving. 

“Reich had considerable respect for Trotsky that remained until his death.  He told his medical trainees in 1955 that: “Trotsky was an honest man.  But he had no defenses against an emotional plague character like Stalin.”  Emotional plague, as you know, EP for short, described a wildly destructive and power mad person.  Of course, Reich came to the conclusion, as explained in his book “The Mass Psychology of Fascism,” that biopsychic armoring in the mass of the repressed population in the mechanized class civilizations made a form of Stalinism inevitable if liberation were to be sought by violent political revolution.   However, his discovery of work democratic functioning, as evidenced spontaneously in developed co-workers, has an eerily similar resemblance to the early worker-run soviets in Russia before they were taken over by Communist Party bureaucrats.  Trotsky continued to maintain until his death that the armoring could be thrown off by “permanent revolutions” that kept control with the soviet style worker committees if a new caste of communist functionaries took over again.  Reich discovered that armoring could only be prevented in new generations, or carefully and systematically removed from individuals by medical orgone therapy.

“A surprise that I discovered in this manuscript was that Sam Roth was not the only friend that Reich had in prison.  He mentions information given to him by a fellow inmate who was a Trotskyist on UFOs and time travel.  This guy had been in a faction of the Fourth International called “Posadist” that came into existence in Cuba and Argentina in the 1950s.  Juan Posada had speculated that some UFOs may come from the future and could perhaps be enlisted in helping the process of global de-armoring both spiritually and materially through the use of psychotropic technology.  This very much appealed to Dr. Reich as it resembled the plot of his favorite science fiction film, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still.’  It was also consistent with his concept of a common functioning principle (CFP) that undergirds all of reality and meta-reality.  The class structure and pollution of the various Stalinist and capitalist societies is the CFP of the rings of armor in the human body blocking the flow of energy and creating deadly psychic energy or (DOR – Deadly Orgone Energy). 

“As to the manuscript, it was given to Sonia by Reich when he was in prison in 1957.  This is the famous lost manuscript entitled “Creation.”  When he started feeling ill in the last few weeks of October, he managed to have his daughter, Dr. Karr, pass it on to Sonia.

“This last manuscript, in my opinion, is the most unusual that Reich ever wrote.   It is, however, a logical outgrowth of his last published book “Contact With Space.”  Entitled “Creation,” this work details the use of the neutralized radium sample from the Oranur Experiment in a specially constructed metaphysical craft designed to reach the higher dimensions of the cosmos and able to time travel.  You will recall that Reich used the sample with a cloudbuster to become a “space gun” that drained energy from the UFOs in Arizona and made them “fade out” or return to a higher vibrational dimension. 

“This gave him the idea to use this radium, which had been neutralized by prolonged orgone exposure, in a craft that could reach other dimensions.  Experimentation demonstrated to Reich that such a metaphysical craft, powered by an orgone energy drive enhanced by the new substance, which he called or-radon, could travel in the space-time continuum.  In other words, by reaching other dimensions, it could also travel in time. 

“You will find plans with the manuscript to construct this craft.  The small experimental craft that Reich made was never found.  If you decide to have this experiment done, and a higher dimensional ship constructed, please be careful.  You will need a highly trained and gifted orgone engineer to do the work.

“Well. Tom, I am getting tired.

“Farewell until we meet again in the Celestial Academy.


“May the orgone ocean enfold us.”

Thus did this letter end.

Chapter 5

 The telepathic transmissions to Dr. Reich’s mind/body started a week before he left the earth in a form known to the earth people as “death,” but known to mystics and occult scientists as “the transition.”  As was his custom when at home in his study at Orgonon, in Maine, Reich relaxed in his cell at the end of the day and opened his mind/body completely.  From his feet, energy flowed up into his heart and brain where he conceptualized the cosmic information. 

As he drifted into a hypnotic and meditative state, Reich observed a red cellular mass behind his closed eyelids.  It seemed to radiate blue particles and this cell transmitted the information that he would be picked up on the early morning of November 



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