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Political salvation is an illusion.  The Devil runs all governments on earth. To the extent that life on earth can be spiritually healthy, it is governed by the existential functions of love, work, and knowledge.  All “systems” are insane asylums run by the inmates.   

Division of power, and a divided ruling class or caste, is the best humanity has attained.  It is likely, given the spiritual degeneration of humanity, to be the best that will ever be attained to hold the Devil back to any extent. We were born in a “fallen” state. The earth is a prison.  Only the metaphysical planes, and the extraterrestrial Messiah, can provide deliverance and eternal happiness in the Kingdom of the Godhead of Life. There is no salvation on earth. The Devil controls all governments and politicians on earth, although some are better or more tolerable than others. This is why the Devil promised Yeshua (Jesus) all the Kingdoms on Earth, if He would only worship him. Yeshua’s reply: “Satan, get thee behind me!” Our Kingdom is not of this earth!! The utmost we can do is to each, individually, work on our own inner spiritual regeneration, and preparation to enter the Kingdom of God on the metaphysical planes. I can say, after almost seventy years on this poor crust of earth, we can never completely succeed. We are saved by the Grace of God.  We are saved by Grace and Faith, not “works.”


As to our current situation here in the U.S., the society is disintegrating in a way that suggests an end-time situation.  This condition is made more pernicious by mass mind control exercised by the corporate / military / industrial complex to mask the dire catastrophe that is taking hold.

The globalists are trying to take over the U.S. nation state though international institutions such as the U.N. They know Donald Trump, if elected President, will not permit this. The “Nation State” is a natural bio-spiritual and self-organizing social formation given to the people of the world by God (however the various people conceptualize Him/Her). It is self-governed by geography, food supply, climate, common language, history, and population. This is why, when you read “Genesis” in the Bible, you will see that God destroyed the “Tower of Babel” because it was opposed to His spiritual law (which is the root of natural law). He knew that in constructing this early archetype of globalism, His creation was trying to overpower Him. Therefore, he dispersed the peoples of the earth out into distinct nations. I never thought that God would choose a man like Donald Trump to be his tool. But, what were the odds that Yeshua (Jesus) would choose Saul on the road to Damascus to become his chief organizer as Paul by mystical conversion in direct contradiction to his former role as a prosecutor of Christians. As my mother used to say frequently: “God works in mysterious ways.” I know this is an age-old saying, but there is much folk wisdom in such organic mystical conceptualizations. Trump is a genuine revolutionary nationalist leader in the tradition of George Washington, who warned in his “Farewell Address” of “foreign entanglements.” President Eisenhower, in his last address to the nation, warned about the global ambitions of the “military-industrial complex.”  That is why all the globalist forces in both the Democratic and Republican parties have been trying to defeat Trump.  The masses of people are fed up with being exploited. If Trump does not get elected President, whether by means fair or foul, he still would have opened up a new pathway for a future U.S. nationalist populist leader backed by the mass support of the jobless and disenfranchised (“disenfranchised” not because of being deprived of the vote, but because their votes has been rendered meaningless by the wealthy globalist oligarchy).   george-washington-crossing-delaware


A “Newsweek” Special Edition entitled “Hitler – The Evolution of Evil”” is now on the newsstand until April 2017. Check out the section on neo-fascism in Europe and America. If anything, the editors and writers significantly understate the threat. Eternal vigilance is the first requirement for the fight against this new threat to the Jewish people. The new fascism is using social media and a smooth polished approach to make itself acceptable to the middle class. It is using a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” strategy in many cases, but it is still the same old deadly social pathology. It is also now allied with Islamic fascism. The two terror groups were so allied during WW 2. In more modern times, the German “New Left” Bader-Meinhof terror gang in the 60’s and 70’s was allied with Palestinian terrorists from whom it received training in terror methods. German Chancellor Merkel is now facilitating the invasion of Western Europe by Islamo-fascists.  Red and Black fascism have a long history together. Think of Hitler and Stalin. Only the masking ideology changes to suit the times.   adolf_hitler-2

The time has come that the “Jewish Panthers” need to be organized for self-defense. We will have only ourselves to rely on. In memory of Jewish Panther Commander Ira David Katz. Ira David presente!   IMG_0001_NEW



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