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Before the “Big Bang” that created our Universe, there were 5 dimensions. Due to a cosmic struggle in the 5th dimension, which is timeless and eternal, between the Life Energy Godhead and the Death Energy Godhead, the 5th dimension collapsed and consciousness fell into the 4 dimensions we now experience as height, depth, width, and time. This was an entropic Universe that bought the process of death to all that exists from humans to galaxies. From the subatomic particles,including the primal God particle, life was built up and created, but in a shattered form. The Godhead of Life sent Yeshua (Jesus), the “Prince of Life,” down into the 4 dimensional entropic dimension to overcome death, and rescue life from the grips of the death energy. Jesus restored the negatively entropic life energy to its fullness by overcoming death. All who follow him and reject their sins (spiritual armor) will know life eternal! The remnant of the 5th dimension in our Universe can be seen in quantum physics. Quantum physics can be directed by our consciousness and travels faster than the speed of light. God is Life Cosmic Consciousness freed from the prison of entropic atomic matter. See “Cosmic Jesus” by J.E. Brandenburg (Ill., Adventures Unlimited Press, 2014) (Dr. Brandenburg is a physicist and metaphysician.). See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951) (Dr. Reich: “The boundaries between physics and metaphysics, science and religion, dissolved.”). After “death,” we can ascend via our spiritual energy, and quantum particles, contained by cosmic energy powered physical / metaphysical inter-dimensional UFOs (described very well in the Bible by Ezekiel), back to the Godhead of Life and our loved ones by quantum “entanglement.”. Yeshua (Jesus) himself was half physical and half metaphysical in a complete Messiah. This demonstrates what Dr. Reich called a “common functioning principle” (CFP). It is further confirmation of the type of craft necessary for higher dimensional travel, including time travel. The Jewish mystics, known as Kabbalists, had metaphysical technologies to help them make the ascent. See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” by Gershom Scholem, Second Lecture, “Merkabah Mysticism and Jewish Gnosticism,” pages 40-79 (N.Y, Schocken Books, 1995). For the struggle between the demonic death energies in living humans, and the Christ life energies, see “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967). This fight can be clearly seen today in the struggle between Religions of Life, and Religions of Death (Islamo-fascism, and Nazi / Red-fascism / post-modern liberalism with its reverse discrimination and political correctness). Dr. Reich stated (seen in the picture above in his laboratory): “The struggle is real and it is deadly.” [related by sculptress Jo Jenks from a letter Reich sent her….she did a magnificent bust of Reich). It all is reduced to the common functioning principle (CFR) of Eros vs. Thanatos; Orgone Energy vs. Deadly Orgone Energy; Entropic vs. Neg-entropic process; Life Blue Bionic Cells vs. Brown Cancer Cells; Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness, God vs. the Devil; and Religions of Pleasure and Expansion vs. Religions of Contraction and Pain.
Over the course of our lives, we contend with two very tangible forces: the Life Energy and the Death Energy. The struggle goes on within our own organisms, and in the society around us. Freud called it Eros vs. Thanatos; Reich designated it Orgone vs. Deadly Orgone; and Alfred Adler put it as Social Feeling vs. Power Pathology. The greater we can expand with life, love, and knowledge, the greater is the life energetic charge we take to the metaphysical planes, and the larger the legacy for the humans we leave behind.
The struggle between the joyful, pleasurable, and expansive life energy, and the contraction of evil demonic energy is eternal. The outcome is not preordained. That is why the Life Energy Godhead sent Yeshua to us. Many souls will be lost in this clash. Only a comparative few will be able to join Yeshua. The old Evil Gods are very powerful, and most humans are weak.
In order for the “Religion of Life” to prevail over the religions of death, revolutionary UFO spiritual intervention will be required. It is predicted by the “Book of Revelation” of the NT.     AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)

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