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Originally the human race was an ether race of spiritually pure beings living with the God of Life on the metaphysical planes. Humanity represented an expansion of the God of Life Energy. Then, through the enticement of lower demonic spiritual powers, humans violated spiritual law, and brought heavily armored atomic spiritual material into the light and pure spiritual bodies or souls of humanity. This caused humanity to fall out of the ether spheres down into the earth plane to become slaves to demonic forces such as the Devil Mammon. Yeshua, like Moses before him, was sent by the God of Life to free the ether souls from the prison of the atomic matter on earth.

Dr. Reich, in his Oranur Experiment (see bibliography), released life energy from decaying radioactive atomic matter into an enclosure of rich spiritual life energy.  The spiritual life energy went wild with rage like a prisoner suddenly released from a torture cell.  This is life on earth in armor.

This now toxic life energy turned into deadly psychic energy (called by Reich “DOR” or deadly orgone energy), and infested the humans  working on the experiment or in the general geographic vicinity.  It brought out in the weak areas of the human organism both biophysical and emotional pathology.  It was demonic in its destructive operation, and resembled the demonic possession that exorcists deal with.

Infestation of individuals by demonic psychic energy, what Wilhelm Reich called deadly orgone energy (DOR), and the exorcists know as demons, is much more common than even religious people realize. In its most concentrated form in the human, Dr. Reich called it the “Emotional Plague.” It produces systematic anti-life and destructive functioning on the social scene. DOR, or demonic energy, can also infest physical locations such as the atmosphere, houses, and land. It takes the employment of active spiritual combat, such as medical orgone therapy or exorcism, and psychic technology, to clean DOR out of the stricken person or area. Yeshua (Jesus) drove it out of many sick people. Dr. Reich invented devices to clean it out of the atmosphere (the “cloud-buster”), and the human individual (“medical DOR-buster”). DOR is produced in copious amounts when concentrated life energy (orgone energy), for example inside an orgone accumulator, is exposed to radioactive substances. This is what took place

Unexpressed negative emotions, either out of fear of punishment or the prevailing norms of a society, become sequestered in hypertensive muscles and tissues. These emotions fester and turn into life negative bio-energy, or negative psychic energy.This is what Wilhelm Reich called deadly orgone energy (DOR) and it builds up in the person giving rise to cancer, heart attacks, neurosis, and other biopathies. Demonic entities have found that they are attracted by the DOR and feed off it, The negative emotions must be expressed, and the psychological problems character-analytically discussed, before the DOR can be cleared out. Then, the exorcist can drive out the demons theologically. If the infestation of DOR is not attended to, the demons will continue to draw strength from it, and be difficult to flush out or will return. Competent exorcists must be good natural psychotherapists, and excellent in DOR removal , to be Deliverance Pastors. See “The Evangelicals Guide To Spiritual Warfare” by Dr, Charles H. Craft (Minn., Chosen, 2015).

Yeshua’s (Jesus) mission on earth, and on the metaphysical planes, is to restore us to that sparkling and vibrant person, with a fully spiritual function of the orgasm, we would have become if the demonic anti-life forces had not damaged and distorted us. This prevents us from carrying out our spiritual vocation on earth and in the ether planes in assistance to The Godhead of Life. While on earth, in a biological body, Yeshua accomplished this by the laying on of hands, and through therapeutic talks and actions to his disciples and the masses. Once He left this first incarnation, He accomplished this through distance healing in conjunction with earthly disciples working on the possessed soul.

The restoration of Adam and Eve as the fully realized internalized Archetypes of each precious individual soul, must sometimes be completed by a series of reincarnations, and further soul therapy on the metaphysical planes.  Why souls have varying life spans on earth, or assigned “life portions” as the ancient Jewish mystics described it, is governed by incompletely understood spiritual laws. But our God is a loving and compassionate God.  Some complete their repair on the metaphysical planes to dance in joy with Yeshua and their loved ones.  All who can be salvaged will be salvaged. Some will need to be sent back to earth to better incarnations for a while. We must spread these consolations to our suffering comrades.  Most will live in joy with their loved ones, and Yeshua, in the Ether / Spiritual Civilization of Life. The teachings of Yeshua require this, once we embrace Him as our Messiah, and become in truth His children. LOVE binds us forever.


These functional principles can be applied to the clash between Religions of Life vs. Demonic Religions that is now plaguing Western Civilization. The knowledge and spiritual technology is available: medical DOR-busters and cloud-busters.


DOR infests dry and parched desert regions.  This is crucial on the contemporary socio-political world scene, because desert areas tend to produce DOR people, and DOR civilizations. DOR civilizations tend to produce religions of death (ISIS). Religions of death tend to metastasize like cancer, and destroy healthy religions and civilizations. See “Saharasia” by James DeMeo (Oregon, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, 1998); “Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings,” pages 451-446, by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1960).

Dr. Robert Pasotti, in his unpublished manuscript “The Oranur  Paradigm,” stated: “In 1950, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with atomic energy [The Oranur Experiment] which confirmed the objective existence of Good and Evil, God and the Devil, and their organic identification with all human health and sickness.”

The resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus) was accomplished by waves of Cosmic Creation Energy that left an imprint on his burial shroud similar to a photographic negative (known as the “Shroud of Turin”). This was the energy behind the creation of the Universe in the “Big Bang”. It has been called by quantum scientists a “singularity event.” The energy brings the subatomic information particles of Yeshua’s orgone energy spiritual body back to life and reanimates his biological container. Spiritual healing energy used by psychic healers and medical orgonomists perform this same function at a much lower charge and density. After meeting his followers, and eating with them,Yeshua ascended back to the highest metaphysical circles around the God of Life. No known natural laws can explain it. or replicate the image making event with any currently known technology. Quantum physicists have verified the resurrection singularity and the image left behind. See “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler, (Koinonia House 2016)(citing quantum physicist Dame Piczek and the documentary ” The Fabric of Time – Grizzly Adams Productions).Wilhelm Reich rediscovered this fusion of physics and metaphysics in his “Oranur Experiment” in 1952.

Yeshua, as he promised, will be back.  We now live in a machine civilization of weapons, lust, and death.  Compared to the current world civilizations, Babylon was Disney Land. All souls who can be salvaged will be taken in Rapture by Yeshua to the Ether Civilization of Life.  Then, as depicted in the NT Book of Revelation, Yeshua will exorcise the Prince of Hell and sorrow in a cosmic struggle that will annihilate this tormentor, and his ground level demons, for ever.

This blog presents writings built on the foundation of Dr. Pasotti’s insight into this experiment.  Dr. Reich, in the aftermath of the experiment, thought none of his students and co-workers understood it.  Sixty-five years after the experiment, this still remains the case. Listen to the audio tape “Alone,” put out by the Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine.


See: “Spiritual Warfare” by Charles H. Kraft (Minn., Chosen Books, 2015); “Defeating Dark Angels” Charles H. Kraft (Minn., Chosen Books, 2016);  “Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings,” pages 433-508, by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1960); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich( (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1971); “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1952).

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