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This message from a Jewish Messianic Pastor, sums up the work of Wilhelm Reich beautifully [although the teacher is, I think, unaware of the connection], reinforcing Reich’s link with the mission of Christ. In the deepest depths of the cosmos, it is the reason that Reich’s life and work gave rise to the “Religion of Life” rooted in “The Theology of the Life Energy.” This is the work that I took over from philosopher Dr. Robert Pasotti after his death, as I promised him I would. It will always be a work in progress, here and in the higher dimensional Celestial Academy.

“In Israel, you’ll notice that graves are outside the city. The dead were placed outside the camp in the wilderness and outside the cities in the promised land. In Mark 5, you read about the demoniac; the man who was possessed. He hung out by the graves, the dead and the unclean. But when God delivered him, he moved away from the graves to the living. Before you knew the Lord, you hung out with the dead, lived in dead places, handled dead things, talked and thought about dead things. But once you’re saved, you have to leave the dead things and get into life. One of the signs of being saved is that you can distinguish between the living and the dead. When you get saved, you leave dead things. So if you’re saved, stop handling dead things. Gossip, old sin, old indulgences, old lust, envy, addiction, idolatry, selfishness are all dead. You’re not dead. You’re a child of God and alive. So put away that dead habit, whatever it is. Because God has called you out of the tomb and into the land of the living, into life.”
“From Message #609 – Moses is Dead
Scripture: 1 John 2:15-17
TODAY’S MISSION – Put away any dead habit today and declare that you are alive in Messiah.”
Hope of the World Ministries

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