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There is now a general consensus among the prophetic end-times community, both pastoral and lay, that we are seeing all the signs of an approaching end this year until 2022 (approximate). I myself think we go though periods of vulnerability to salvation according to reasons known only to God (not including the general spiritual corruption we all see). As Yeshua (Jesus) said: only God knows the time! Of course, the specific signs may differ according to the theology of the group or church, but the time and general events are similar. All, or almost all (including Christians, Messianic Jews, and occult philosophers), cite: WW 3; Planet X, the emergence of both the Antichrist and the false prophet; increasingly violent weather / planetary events such as tsunami’s, earthquakes, and threats from asteroids; the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and then the planting of the already built Third Temple on the sacred site.

Using the 1951 version of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as the template, in order for the “Religion of Life” to prevail over the religions of death, revolutionary UFO spiritual intervention will be required. It is predicted by the “Book of Revelation” of the NT. In the modernized version presented by the motion picture, Klatuu is Yeshua, and Gort the robot is Archangel Michael. The second resurrection of Yeshua is shown on board the metaphysical craft inside a life energy regeneration capsule.This is close to how it will happen if you consider the UFO as part physics and part metaphysics. It is the common functioning principle of the human / divine composition of Yeshua, and others such as angels from the higher dimensional ether civilizations. klaatu_gal-2

The return of the Messiah, or his first advent if you are an Orthodox or conservative Jew, is always accompanied by cosmic events. The creation energy that was behind the “Big Bang” origin of our Universe is in the Messiah, and raised Him from death.  The God Spiritual Energy that now recreates the New Jerusalem, and reconstitutes a spiritually unarmored Adam, is a tremendously powerful force (think of the failed attempts of the large Hadron Particle Accelerator in Switzerland to create the “God Particle”)  that disrupts the temporarily stable order of the cosmos. This disruption can be seen on earth in historical events, earth changes, and among the other planets and stars. It even disrupts the cosmic flow of the creation energy (called orgone by Wilhelm Reich) in its course though the oceanic galaxies and star systems. The most important preparation for the Righteous is spiritual and not material. The ideal would be a preparation that dissolves the barrier between physics and metaphysics so that the transition to the higher metaphysical planes is smooth. But God does not expect the impossible for most of his fallen human creatures. A good repentance and cleaning of the core spiritual energy, in the individual soul, through prayer and belief, will be enough. It goes without saying that you should treat your fellow suffering human with decency!!   christ_with_beard-3

The “New Jerusalem,” projected to exist at the end of historical time in the NT “Book of Revelation,” culminates the fusion of physics and metaphysics. This was known by the Lurianic kabbalists as the “gathering of the sparks.” It was first verified scientifically by Wilhelm Reich in 1952 as a result of the “Oranur Experiment.”  See: “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” pages 244-286, by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).

My own belief is that when we accept Yeshua as the Messiah predicted in Isaiah 53 for the Jewish people, and then universally, into our hearts, and repent, the Holy Spirit will enter us. Then, we will taken in the Rapture up by Yeshua right before the Great Tribulation to come. Amen!   akashic-records

The Godhead of Life, in order to keep expanding the Life Energy into the multiverse, created humanity to assist in the process. Humans were given free will and consciousness so that they could act as scouts and pioneers in this endeavor. Robots would not have the will and intelligence to help God overcome the demonic enemies of life who lurk out in the cosmos as blocks to the creative free flow of this energy. In any war, there are casualties. That is why the God of Life Energy sent his Great Physician, Yeshua (Jesus), down into earth to rescue those souls who could be salvaged. Yeshua is coming back before the end of this century to destroy the demonic forces and to take the remaining salvaged souls back into the metaphysical planes. Watch the sky for His metaphysical craft and angelic army.  Returning souls remain within the protective circle of the God of Life Energy to continue their development with their loved ones. Yeshua having negated the negation of death, this is for eternity.


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