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[*I express the designations “Jesus” and “Archangel Michael,” among others, to use the common anthropomorphic descriptions to designate these highly life-affirmative spiritual / psychic (orgone) energy powers.  We cannot know the Higher Spiritual Powers as they are “in-themselves,” but only through our categories of cognition and perception.  These categories are limited by the cultural, linguistic, and organismic perceptual distortions  in operation for each religion, and further filtered through their religious philosophers / theologians.  Kant demonstrated the existence of these categories long ago in his writings on metaphysics.]

***In doing creative metaphysics and theology, standard earth-bound scientific methods of experimentation are obviously not sufficient.  The magnitudes and transcendent factors involved are beyond the ability of humans to manipulate in controlled experiments.  The natural laws governing the quantum and cosmological domains are much different from the Newtonian laws governing our ordinary materialistic daily reality.  However, the old occult postulate of “as above, so below” permits us to perform “thought experiments” derived from intuition and glimpses of metaphysical events while supplying unknown terms by a rigorous process of logic and imagination.}

 Note of clarification on my writing, and teaching. Although not an orgonomist, as an independent philosopher and theologian, I have been profoundly impacted, both existentially and theoretically, by the work of Wilhelm Reich. I use the language of natural science, orgonomic science, philosophy, and theology where I think it appropriate. With the rough trail map given to me by my mentor Robert Pasotti, I have crossed the bridge between physics and metaphysics and started to ascend the steep path into the new cosmic knowledge opened up by the Oranur Experiment. At this point, it is necessary to use some of the traditional language of these disciplines. Always keep in mind that I am a “functional mystic,” [a term coined by my spiritual mentor, Dr, Robert Pasotti, to distinguish healthy from pathogenic mysticism] and I find it necessary at times to anthropomorphize different states of expansion and contraction of the cosmic energy. We have the energy of star creation within us. As this work progresses, we will develop new phenomenological categories with which to better understand the “in-itself” of the metaphysical domain that we call God. The language will change accordingly. Knowledge develops. One criteria that Dr. Reich used to test the validity of new discoveries was to see if they developed into further discoveries. This is the method he called “orgonomic functionalism.” In any discipline, orthodoxy means the death of truth.

Upon conversion, the heart core is spiritually cleansed by the spiritual energy of Yeshua. Study of his words and actions are essential in the NT. In fact, the entire Bible, with competent commentary by theologians, is important. Remain open to direct signs and mystical experiences. You are as worthy to receive Revelation as any disciple. This can come at any time and in any place.  Look at the example of Paul.  The highest basis of epistemological penetration is the fullest contact and communication between the soul monad and the Godhead.  As disciples of Christ, we are always channels for potential new cosmic knowledge. This is how the monad develops through reincarnations, and ascension to higher metaphysical planes, until merger with the GODHEAD IN THE BODY OF CHRIST. THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND SANCTIFIED BLOOD OF YESHUA, BINDS US BEYOND ETERNITY.

The Religion of the Life Energy is rooted in the individual’s feeling of cosmic contact. Feeling, movement, and sexuality are more important than dry theology. This is a field science, not an abstract equation.  The Religion of the Life Energy, derived from the work and discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, has an affinity with forms of protestant Christianity, like Pentecostalism and Evangelism, that put great value on emotional expression and physical movement.  It is absolutely unique in fusing spirituality with cosmology and quantum physics in a functional religion.

The teachings of Yeshua are not to impart a philosophy. No, this is not philosophy. This is bread for the soul. These teachings are designed to produce total existential transformation of the disciple, and salvation of the heart of all who have ears to hear.

Bible Hermeneutics are the first functional principles that we must be clear about in order to understand what God is telling us through his inspired scribes here on earth. How are we to be able to interpret and apply His Logos? Is there one, and only one, interpretation? Is any interpretation as good as any other?

Each must decide with the help of the Sacred Spirit. Some material is very clear and direct, such as the “Ten Commandments.” A literal interpretation is the only one that makes any sense. Others, such as the “Book of Revelation,” read like a mystical revelation, and direct communication, from God received by opening the metaphysical doors of perception through the ingestion of a psychedelic Eucharist.

I find it is helpful to keep in mind one major heuristic guiding line: our minds, as the philosopher Hegel found, are not commensurable with the Absolute Mind of God. However, there is on some level a functional identity, since He created us in His Image.

Keep it simple. The so-called “enlightenment” has killed the mysteries of spiritual life. The masses were turned into robot zombie workers for the elites. Forget the demonic brain energies. Accept the salvation offered by Yeshua, and then devote the remaining earth time to love, work, and knowledge. There is no salvation on earth. The human race will annihilate itself within 20 years or less.

If we survive, “The Religion of the Life Energy” will become the spirituality and new knowledge of the future for humanity. Dr. Reich, as always, in discovering the inherent link between physics and metaphysics, penetrated into the core of existence. By discovering the fundamental law of creation in the function of the orgasm, the bliss of continual creation opened the door to galactic superimposition, and the creation of the Universe. We are part of this eternal dance of life. Yes, the Oranur Experiment validated that Evil emerges with the attempt to destroy life-affirmative creation by the “fallen” and transformed radioactive cosmic energy into a destructive force (“DOR” or Deadly Orgone Energy). The ancient body of knowledge known as “Angelology” is the central metaphysical discipline for the different states of conscious cosmic energy. In the new universal cosmic knowledge of the future, it will be called spiritual engineering. There are clouds of OR and DOR in eternal combat. That is why Yeshua was sent to give us salvation and protection. But we must accept it.   It seems significant that Danielle Trussoni, in her novel “Angelology,” describes the hybrid fallen angel-humans, the Nephilim, as giving off a deadly form of life energy (DOR). radiation. On the other hand, pure Angels radiate a life enhancing energy that revitalizes, heals, and sharpens perception (all effects of the therapeutic application of Dr. Reich’s medical orgone therapy, or as a result of using the orgone energy accumulator).  The picture below is “The Fall of the Rebel Angels” by Bosch based on Genesis 6:1-4.Hieronymus_Bosch_-_The_Fall_of_the_Rebel_Angels_(obverse)_-_WGA2572 (2)

In connection with the methodology of approach, the collection of history, theology, and revelation, in the Bible, is not a dead historical record to be subjected to doctrinal dispute and archaeological verification. No. This is not an artifact from ancient societies. The Bible is a living plasma of spiritual energy and information that is a strand of DNA from the Absolute Mind of God projected into the material dimension of the earth. It displays spiritual reality on earth as it was, is, and will be. Everything that happened, is still happening, and will happen. The Bible is multidimensional, and beyond time.  New teachings from Yeshua are still coming through to us as his disciples, if we are attuned to him. If we are not attuned to him, we are not his disciples.  We don’t have to wait for his return.  He never left us.  christ_with_beard-3

The psychic energy transition from earth to the higher metaphysical planes, a process known to materialists as “death,” involves the separation of the spiritual energy body, consisting of quantum subatomic particles, from the no longer functioning natural biological vehicle known as the natural body. The spiritual energy body consists of energy and past life information. Resurrection is of the spiritual energy body. Reincarnation involves the attachment of the spiritual body to the fetus at conception. The DNA of the fetus are containers for the spiritual energy and information, along with the brain and neuronal network that develops. The spiritual body guides the development of the fetus to birth and beyond. The human person already exists at conception. That is all.

The Source of the Life Energy is a concentrated center of high vibration cosmic energy and intelligence. The Source’s creations contain these qualities in less intense and illuminated forms as they become more remote in the space/time/dimension. This is an ontological and epistemological question of degree. The Source is real and is a functional fusion of the physical with the metaphysical. The Source has been called God, Orgone Energy, Chi, Odin Force, Light, Prana, Supreme Being, and many other designations depending on whether the category of understanding is natural scientific or theological. Our existential spiritual task is to work on ascending to the Source, while attaining transcendence from the physical, limited, and conditioned material domain.When we reintegrate with the Source, we enrich it.



Performing what the philosopher Edmund Husserl (who created the philosophy and methodology of phenomenology) called a “phenomenological reduction” of biblical history, which means putting in brackets the linguistic, cultural, and historical distortions, a basic narrative clearly remains. Over two thousand years ago, an advanced extraterrestrial metaphysical civilization artificially impregnated an earth woman with their seed. Yeshua (Jesus) was the product of this procedure. As he grew to maturity, his mission was gradually revealed to him by this extraterrestrial Source. He was sent by the Godhead of Life Energy as an emissary or messenger to plant the seeds of inner spiritual liberation among humans oppressed and exploited by various earth rulers. Unlike the outer military approach of Moses, Yeshua’s acts and teachings were designed to produce inner spiritual transformation and conversion. Yeshua’s disciples were tasked with spreading these teachings and healing energies. His presence was disruptive to the established order of the settled Jewish community, and the Roman Empire. As a result, the Romans captured Him and put him to death on the cross. Yeshua was resurrected by an advanced quantum technology (See ” A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler, Konia House web site), and after promising His disciples that he would return, he went back to the higher dimensional civilizations that are clustered around the Source or Godhead of Life Energy.


Going even further back, again using the tools of philosophy, science, and archaeology, a major leap in human consciousness occurred 4000 to 10,000 years ago. As demonstrated by researcher Zecharia Sitchin and others, an extraterrestrial race sent their scientists to earth to mine for substances that would help them preserve their home planet. Needing an indigenous work force for labor and scientific assistance, they took the most advanced hominid, our ancestors, and through genetic engineering. produced an enhanced humanity. This new race was given the enhanced intelligence that was responsible for the first developed human civilization in Sumeria around 3000 years ago. A revolution by humanity freed us from these alien invaders who returned to their home planet.



The Theology of the Life Energy shares points of functional identity with Eastern philosophy/theology, particularly Hinduism with its cycles of reincarnation, transmigration, multiple sources of spiritual energy, and cosmic pulsation.



As the great religious psychologist William James pointed out, there are generally three methods of spiritual conversions or awakenings: gradual education; sudden “Paul on the road to Damascus” crisis breakthroughs; and some combination of the prior two. Significantly, the sudden transformation experience is many times accompanied by a burst of intense “white light” phenomena. I believe that this is singularity energy, or energy before matter. This is the creation energy behind the “Big Bang.” Energy after matter, or energy released from atoms, is frozen energy and responsible for the build up of spiritual “armor” and human spiritual blindness. Spiritual liberation depends on reestablishing, by life experience and/or therapy, the free flow of creation energy in the body/mind system. This is how Yeshua (Jesus) healed and raised the dead. See: The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James (N.Y., Collier Books, 1961); The Oranur Experiment by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951); The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967); and “Life and Religion” by Ola Raknes, In The Wake Of Reich, Edited by David Boadella, pages 66-80 (Boston, Coventure LTD, 1979).


Dr. Elsworth Baker: “There are no healthy people.” Dr. Reich went deep, but not deep enough. Even after the bio-psychological and character armor is completely broken down, the tendency for the old dams to block the life energy in the spiritual bodies keeps returning. That is why the full cure is on the metaphysical planes.  As the philosopher Leibniz stated: “The Monad has no windows.”  The spiritual energy body has been traditionally called the “soul.” As a matter of natural science, it is composed of subatomic particles in a web of singularity energy. This gestalt forms and sustains the organic biological body.


AFTERWORD ON LOGIC AND LANGUAGE:  The writings on this blog do not follow expository Aristotelian logic.  Instead, I wrote them free-association style according to the play of Hegelian logic.  This is how many of the old Cabalists composed their writings, leaving it to God to make this higher logic knit together by his own hand.

Above all, know that we are not Gods.  Turn off the tireless drive for intellectual theological knowledge, and open your hearts and guts to the gentle guidance of the Godhead of the Life Energy, and his Son and Higher Spiritual Powers.  Then, when you least may expect it, the deepest mysteries will be revealed, beyond concepts and words, beyond time and space. 


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