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Those who have discovered the fundamental laws of creation were all driven to madness, imprisoned, or died shortly thereafter. When physics and metaphysics start merging, the door to the infinite and eternal opens. Few can tolerate the feeling of expansion without psychic inflation or bringing the attention of the demonic.  See the life histories of Giordano Bruno, Nietzsche, Wilhelm Reich, and many others, probably not widely known. Over-expansion draws the attention of the agents of the destructive entropic energies, both in the institutions of the emotional plague and without. This is, as natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered, energy “after matter.”  The primordial energy of creation, before matter, that Reich discovered, he called “orgone energy.”  It is neg-entropic and constitutes  68.3% of the measurable Universe (also known as “dark energy” by classical academic physicists).  See “The Murder of Christ;” and the “Oranur Experiment” both by Wilhelm Reich, and the movie “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky (ARTISAN DVD). The workshop of God is for God. All others proceed at your own risk.  As the endings of those old black and white 1950’s science fiction movies used to intone: “He interfered in fields best left to God.”

If it is your fate to join me, God speed!


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