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Theology is the seamless web of all the arts and sciences.  It is the common functioning principle, and unified knowledge, discovered to exist by Hermes and other sages of the most ancient civilizations, both East and West. It brought the oldest law codes, such as the 10 Commandments and the Codes of Sumeria,  into existence and thus made settled civilizations possible.  What follows below is the higher metaphysics that makes physics and natural law possible.  It is energy before atomic matter.  Energy after matter is entropic and can be radioactive.  Energy before matter is neg-entropic and expansive.   It is dialectical and of a spiral nature.  Cosmic superimposition, from subatomic particles to galaxies, fuels spiral dialectical development, both objectively and subjectively (as Hegel demonstrated).  The old Hermetic axiom, “as above, so below” is still operative.

Humans were created by the “Godhead” of Life Energy to dwell with Him/Her in the metaphysical ether dimensions for eternity. These higher dimensions are real and based on the higher density and vibrations of cosmic energy.  The Life Energy Source, a nodal high vibration / density conduit into our universe, is entirely natural, but so limited by our low vibration “armored” consciousness on earth that humanity has considered the Source ” supernatural.”  We were given free will and developmental consciousness in order to help the Life Energy expand throughout the multiverse. Cosmologists tell us that this expansion is picking up speed. Humans, by their free will and intelligence, were made vulnerable to radioactive demonic influences.  See “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr, Wilhelm Reich (Maine, Orgone Institute, 1951).   Thus, some were contaminated, and deviated from spiritual law. At that moment, the Source of Life ejected them from the life affirmative ether civilizations.  Death was born. God sent Yeshua (Jesus) to heal and salvage those souls that could be reached and brought back to the circle of the God of the Life. Energy.   Yeshua, by His resurrection from death, negated the negation, and offered His disciples and followers eternal life. The redeemed spiritual energy souls could then use their gifts, as God intended, to help life dance in the company of loved ones and continue to develop in conformance with spiritual law for eternity. All is living mass-free cosmic energy and consciousness.

The “Big Bang” creation singularity posted living energy codes along the ever-expanding margins of the Universe.  These codes, similar to cellular DNA but on a cosmic level, projected holographs of our spiritual energy souls into the ether civilizations.   In point of fact, we are eternal drops of the ocean of cosmic energy and consciousness.   Ordinary atomic matter constitutes 4.9% of the Universe.  68.3% is made up of “Dark Energy”, and the remaining 26.8%   is “Dark Matter.”  The reality visible to us is only 4.9% of the cosmos.  We are living on the very tip of a deep iceberg.  See Laszlo, Ervin, & Peake, Anthony, The Immortal Mind (Vermont, Inner Traditions, 2014).

To put this philosophically, we are cells in the “Absolute Mind” of God that is ever-expanding energetic consciousness in a spiral to infinity.  As Hegel knew, an all-inclusive dialectical logic guides this development both spiritually and materially.  We are part of the self-comprehension of Life Energy.

Objections: There are many reasons that people reject God and the higher life affirmative spiritual powers. The rejection can be distilled into two main premises: (1) the actions of God do not conform to human logic and general understanding in many specific events (as the Source of the Life Energy stated in scripture: “my ways are not your ways.”), and (2) the Godhead of Life is supposed to be omnipotent, and yet He/Her lets cruelty and heartbreaking destruction exist down through the ages.

Answer: (1) the higher logic and knowledge of God’s actions are, apart from existential revelation and mystical experience to a few fortunate theologians and others concerning specific events or issues, so far beyond human comprehension as to be incomprehensible, and (2) although the God of Life is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent within this universe over his creation, the Source of the Life Energy is not omnipotent in all Universes. There are other Spiritual Sources, both good and evil, of energy and intelligence in the infinite multiverse.  It was from one of these other universes that the Enemy of Life infiltrated our own universe, giving rise to an ongoing spiritual war between good and evil, life against anti-life. and the religions of life against the religions of death.  The ancient Gnostic Christians, and the medieval Master Jewish Kabbalist, Rabbi Luria, knew all this.   See: Jonas, Hans, The Gnostic Religion (Boston, Beacon Press, 1963); Scholem, Gershom, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism (N.Y, Schocken Books, 1995).

It is of key importance to keep in mind that metaphysics is a science as real as physics. We are dealing with higher realities.  That is all.  In fact, physics is rooted in metaphysics.  The psychic technology is being developed that will make travel to the higher spiritual dimensions possible (including the after-life dimensions), at will, for humans pursuing spiritual exploration and development.  This technology fuses physics and metaphysics.  An example of a functional spiritual transport is shown in the science fiction movie “Contact” (Warner Bros, 1997).  Many so-called “UFOs” belong to this type of psychic technology.  See the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (20th Century Fox, 1951).  The natural scientist and psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, made the breakthrough discovery of the relationship between physics and metaphysics in his “Oranur Experiment ” (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).  Dr. Reich pictured below in his lab at Orgonon, Maine.


Some prototypes of psychic devices, using a functional fusion of physics and metaphysics, are dowsing rods; electronic voices of spiritual energy souls in the afterlife dimension captured on audio or video tape; orgone energy accumulators for healing purposes; radionic healing devices; medical deadly orgone energy busters to drain stagnant bioenergy from the tissues of the body; psychic healing; cloud busters to manipulate the weather; and UFOs.

NDE’s (near death experiences) indicate that as the spiritual body leaves the biological husk it can ascend up closer and closer to the Source of the Life Energy, or Godhead, and gain greater ontological validity. The persons who have experienced this describe the afterlife as being “more real’ than life on earth. This is consistent with ether physics which discovered that the ascent results in higher and higher vibrations and greater and greater fluidity until the Source is reached.

Einstein-Rosen Rainbow-Bridge-Antahkarana-worm-hole

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