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Introductory quotations from Dr. Wilhelm Reich: 

“The quest for knowledge expresses desperate attempts, at times, on the part of the orgone energy within the living organism to comprehend itself, to become conscious of itself. And in understanding its own ways and means of being, it learns to understand the cosmic orgone energy ocean that surrounds the surging and searching emotions.

“…Since the ‘self’ is only a bit of organized cosmic orgone energy, this full self-awareness is, seen from a deeper perspective, a step in the functional development of the cosmic orgone energy itself….

“Thus, in an ultimate sense, in self-awareness and in the striving for the perfection of knowledge and full integration of one’s bio-functions, the cosmic orgone energy becomes aware of itself. In this becoming aware of itself, knowing about itself, growing into consciousness of itself, what is called ‘human destiny” is taken out of the realm of mysticism and metaphysics. It becomes a reality of cosmic dimensions, which merges understandably with all great philosophies and religions of and about man.”

See “Ether, God And Devil / Cosmic Superimposition,” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, pages 279-280 (N.Y, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973). Cf., “The Synchronicity Key, ” by David Wilcock, pages 163-197 (N.Y., Dutton, 2016).

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A new world-wide group has formed around these writings on the “Religion of the Life Energy,” and it is composed of individual spiritual explorers on a “vision quest” for metaphysical truth. It is not an institutional organized church. There is no body of dogma or professed list of specified beliefs, and practices. In general, the individual searcher is looking to spread pleasure (free pulsation and orgasm) and the expansion of mind throughout the multiverse. Conflict exists with those demonic life-negative forces that seek to block the free-flow of the life energy within the individual human, its expression in unfettered orgasm. and life energy flow out into the multiverse of cosmic universes. We exist in an eternal ocean of life energy. Although our form may change, we are not “born” nor do we “die.” Onto-logically, the closer we get to the Center Source of Life Energy, the more pleasure and reach of mind we feel, and the more real we become. We, by reincarnation, evolve into part of the epistemological seamless web of eternity. Ultimately we merge into the blue glowing Godhead, enriching it. This is the theology of health and vigorous spiritual combat.  No longer will we be disarmed before the Enemy of life. We are “Warriors for Life.”

The entire infinite and eternal Universe is pulsing with living and intelligent energy. This is the common functioning principle of ontology, epistemology, and metaphysics. It is what humanity calls God, Orgone energy is the semen of creation energy. Quantum gravity in this cosmic energy creates DNA.

As we shed spiritual armor (sin), we free ourselves from quantum particulate matter, and become pure psychic energy.  This is how the process of reincarnation ends and the Life Energy expands.We ascend faster than the speed of light and transition from orgone energy to primal creation energy.  Primal Creation Energy (PCE) is the energy behind the “Big Bang,” or if this hypothesis should prove mistaken, continual creation energy.  It is not yet known how PCE becomes orgone energy, but functional logic would indicate some form of superimposition takes place between the wave / particle pulsation toward contraction.

Reincarnation, explained beautifully by Plato, and a solid part of Eastern philosophy, is also integral to the “Religion of the Life Energy.” Spiritual armor can only be burned off by experiencing the suffering the soul inflicted in past lives. In its place, love and empathy develops, and the lighter soul can ascend to the Godhead with loved ones. This process has been proven by Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Michael Newton, and other serious and well-trained scientists. To put it in modern terms, there is a quantum-physical energy body that leaves the biological body upon the death of the latter. This energy matrix carries the person’s memories and identity. See one of the best verified and documented cases, “Soul Survivor – The Reincarnation of A World War II Fighter Pilot” by Bruce and Andrea Leininger (N.Y., Grand Central Publishing, 2009).

We will rotate on the wheel of karma through many reincarnations, picked with the consultation of our spiritual therapists and teachers,  until we burn off the destructive and limiting spiritual armor by a process of “self” and “other” acceptance and forgiveness. Sometime we will be on the top of the wheel,with pleasure, and at times painfully at the bottom. Linked forever with our loved ones as we play different roles in each existence, empathy will become as natural as breathing. Finally, we will gain freedom and dwell together eternally as part of the infinite living Universe. Every help is given by Master Teachers and Spiritual Therapists, but the final step comes from our narrow margin of free-will. Ninety percent of our functioning is controlled and predetermined by social, biological,cosmic-energetic,astrological, and karmic conditioning. Use the 10 percent of free-will wisely. It is your key to liberation, and spiritual maturity. The same factors apply to history for the collective. History is largely preordained to repeat by deep cosmological gestalts. 

Thus, we ascend and merge into the primal energy cloud of Absolute Mind.  I think this is as far as functional science and philosophy can take us while we are “encased” in these organic “shells” on earth (to use a concept of the old Cabalists and Hermetic Sciences).  The process of ascension was known in ancient Egypt and perhaps even before. See Levenda, Peter, Stairway to Heaven – Chinese, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation (N.Y., continuum, 2008).

Each cycle of creation and destruction. entropy and neg-entropy, as ancient Hinduism intuited, culminates in pure Christ-Energy.  Adam Kadmon (primordial man) is reconstituted anew with each cosmic pulsation.  Then, the Goddess of Destruction, Kali, introduces layers of spiritual armor into the metaphysical body, restarting the quest for knowledge and liberation.  Creation turns into destruction, destruction turns into creation.  The dance of life becomes the dance of death.  The dialectic of Being and Nothingness shatters the still wind of eternity.  

When the spiritual seeker and eternity become one, Hegel’s “Absolute Mind” and Huxley’s “Mind-at-Large” are attained. This is the “Mystical Body of Christ.”  It is the “Source of the Life Energy,” and the final goal of humanity.  At the same time, it is a new beginning of the spiritual dialectic as the Godhead of Energy spirals within infinity.  Mystical Body of Christ (Absolute Mind / Life Energy) == Spiritual Planes == Ether Civilizations == Physical


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