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It is quite striking how humanity has continued to remain sitting on the spot in the years since Dr.Wilhelm Reich conducted the Oranur Experiment in 1951. Reich performed the experiment to see if orgone energy could neutralize atomic fall-out radiation as mass protection should atomic weapons be used in the Korean war. Now, as I write this, we are faced with a second Korean war with nuclear weapons certain to be used should war break out. The consequence of the fact that Reich’s co-workers and students failed to continue to develop the Oranur experiment is that the mass protection that might have been available using orgone energy does not exist. Almost everybody ran away from Orgonon in reaction to the experiment, and this running away has continued down to subsequent generations of orgonomists. Listen to the audiotape “Alone” wherein Reich describes the reactions of his co-workers. See “The Oranur Experiment – First Report (1947-1951)” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). This can be ordered from the Wilhelm Reich Museum (found on the web).  See also: “The Murder of Christ – The Emotional Plague of Mankind ” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971) (Dr. Reich: “The Oranur Experiment, beginning 1947, has unexpectedly provided some  basic solutions to emotional and social problems of man, solutions which have been entirely inaccessible heretofore. An extensive publication of the emotional implications of the Oranur Experiment is in preparation. THE MURDER OF CHRIST may well serve as an introduction of biographical background material to Oranur.); “Contact With Space – ORANUR – SECOND REPORT, 1951-1956 – OROP DESERT Ea – 1954 – 1955 (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  The Oranur Experiment should be developed on an expedited basis by a team of well-trained orgonomists.  All should have completed medical orgone therapy to the extent they are free of chronic bio-psychological armoring. This is necessary so that all can sense deadly orgone energy fields.

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