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I would like to add, to the comprehensive analysis described about past lives directly below this article by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, the concept of a “Spiritual Core,” and a newly discovered form of human psychic healing that I have named “Spiritual Core Release Transformation” (Copyright 2017).  This work has its roots in the investigations of Wilhelm Reich, MD. This Core emerges from the ocean of cosmic energy as a  highly individualized human Monad created by the Source of the Life Energy.  The “Monad” was a term coined by the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, J.D., to describe the inner unalterable essence of each human individual. Each of us, as created by the Source from the cosmic energy ocean,starts with a Spiritual Core.  The Core  has its own inner self-regulating dynamism that cannot be fundamentally altered by other humans (only the Source or Godhead of Life can do this). The Monad is highly individualized. No two human beings are exactly alike. Dr. Leibniz, to test his hypothesis on individuation, once spent several days collecting leaves deep inside a lush forest. He could find no two exactly alike!
This Monad sends out holographic energy archetypes to incarnate into an individual biological fetus on Earth so that the Life Energy may expand throughout the universe.  At death, the archetype reintegrates with the Spiritual Core with new knowledge and consciousness gained in the earth school in contention with demonic forces that seek to block the Life Energy expansion.   This knowledge can help defeat the demonic forces in the future. Unfortunately, the human soul also, as a result of combat with these demonic forces, emerges with a thick wall of psychic protective armor.  The psychic armor is dissolved by the cosmic therapists from the head-end down, and from the feet upward. Each layer of armor from a specific segment runs perpendicular to the axis of the Soul until the karma is burned out of that area.  The freshly reconstituted soul is reabsorbed  into the Absolute Mind of the Godhead of Life Energy. We are thereafter at home with our quantum physical loved ones though soul entanglement.

This spiritual core release work can be done on earth to incarnated souls by trained practitioners.  Since I have created this method of human spiritual transformation by fusing known disciplines with knowledge learned auto-didactically, there is as yet nobody to teach it, or to use it, but myself.  The work is at present in an experimental stage. Among currently known predecessors are Professor Giordano Bruno. Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. R.D. Laing, and Dr. John C. Pierrakos.


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