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Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the deepest and most fundamental natural law of our Universe. This is the four beat orgasm function: {1) tension; {2} charge; {3) discharge; (4} relaxation. Upon this primal ontology, all else depends. It regulates the energy economy of the cosmos, and the health of human beings.

Reich did apply this law of energetic superimposition to the creation of galaxies.  However, to my knowledge, he did not apply it to the creation of the Universe.  Most cosmologists at present think that the “Big Bang” theory of creation is most consistent with the observable and verifiable phenomena of cosmic energy expansion and material consolidation following an explosion from an extremely dense “God” particle.

Using a “thought experiment” to apply what Dr. Reich called the orgonomic common functioning principle (CFP) to cosmic creation, we find that the infinite and eternal ocean of cosmic orgone energy may have created a perturbation wave that concentrated into a dense point of cosmic energy tension.  A charge built up, and then reached a climax of discharge.  During the following relaxation phase, the Universe started forming.  This process continues today.  Space and time were brought into existence with creation.  The “God” particle at the root of creation was a highly charged energy that is conscious, directive, and of deep feeling.  This is the cosmic mind / body that the philosopher Hegel called Absolute Mind.

Applying the CFP of pulsation (expansion and contraction). to creation, we can expect the cosmic expansion to slow, and then contract back into the core of the single dense particle.  This cycle continues for eternity.  As particles of the Absolute Mind Energy, we participate by enriching the particle with fresh consciousness and energy when we leave the biological body at death. We are part of the growth and evolution of Absolute Mind.  As Hegel expressed it, Absolute Mind is not a closed and static ontology.  Each new cycle of expansion is a new beginning holding the ever increasing tension of higher and more dialectically complex contradictions in a spiral wave advancing eternally.

Historically, precursors of these speculations can be seen in the Hindu theory of cosmic cycles, and in the Jewish mysticism of Rabbi Isaac Luria’s theory of cosmic creation.  There are many other examples in the history of philosophy and religion.  Dr. Reich readily admitted that his science of orgonomy had many antecedents.  Reich, however, started to discover the natural scientific basis of these insights and observations.



[to be continued}

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