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Originally discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich during the course of his work in social hygiene and political sociology, he defined the “Emotional Plague (EP)” as “the neurotic character in destructive action on the social scene.” In the contemporary world, destructive functioning on the social scene has passed considerably beyond the neurotic to the sociopathic, if not outright psychotic.  It is necessary to fight this pathogenic social plague, and increasingly establish the social functions of love, work, and knowledge, in the place of the political pestilence.

In Reich’s time, the Nazis were the most insidious destructive social plague threatening the relatively life-affirmative culture of Western Civilization.   At the moment, it is Islamo-fascism.

There are two components to this syndrome: (1) emotional; (2) plague.  What does emotional mean in this context?  Here it means the expression of the life energy, or what Freud called “libido,” in an explosive and irrational manner.  This explosive charge of life energy turned destructive (called by Dr. Wilhelm Reich deadly orgone [life] energy or DOR)  is the result of the repression of sexuality, movement, and the healthy expression of emotion from birth onward to the robot-like adult.  There are environmental factors, such as life in the desert for Islamo-fascism, that contributes to the resulting desert type character structure.   The result of pent-up sexuality and movement is an individual who seeks to discharge the now destructive energy however he can.  If such a person lives in a relatively decent society, the hatred comes out in crime and the hidden abuse of woman and children.

In a society disintegrating due to war, unprotected borders allowing individuals carrying emotional plague into the country, economic depression, and corruption, many subcultures or political groups form seeking to discharge their hatred on some scapegoat, i.e.: capitalists, Jews, communists, labor unions, and so on and so forth. These groups are magnets for the emotional plague character because it permits him or her to discharge the life destructive feelings under the cover of a rationalized political or religious ideology.

The way to fight emotional plague behavior is to rip off the rationalized mask ideology, and elicit the hidden ugliness and irrationality at the rotten core of it, so the uninformed general public can see it for what it is, and does not give the emotional plague individual social, economic, religious, or political power.


Western Civilization is, due to a number of factors, disintegrating, along with the nations that constitute it.  Ill-advised wars, mainly initiated so that greedy defense contractors can stuff their pockets, have sapped vital resources.  Social welfare programs,  originally a well-intentioned effort to get workers back on their feet, have degenerated to a plan of disabling dependency.  Civilized cultural values, such as a decent respect for the opinions of others, and a healthy respect for law and order, have given way to physical and ideological mob violence. So-called “political correctness” is nothing but narcissism, and the intolerance of healthy aggression and sexuality.

Time is running out for those of us who represent love, work, and knowledge. How shall we proceed?  Fight the plague existentially everywhere!  In the words of the great Winston Churchill in the face of the Nazi plague attack on Great Britain: “We shall defend this island of ours in the streets…in the fields…in the air…on the water…and in the factories…”  “WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER!”




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