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The libertarian anarchist / anarcho-capitalist political, social and economic philosophy is highly individualistic. Economic and existential liberty for the individual are the most fundamental freedoms. Whatever group controls them, will control all else. Freedom in all spheres of human functioning is the guiding primary principle. The central functional principle is that a healthy society runs on the basis of mutual consent, mutual aid, and healthy competition. There is no necessity for a coercive State since such centralized police structures are used to repress and exploit the majority of the population for the benefit of economic, social, and political elite classes. Administrative structures to regulate banking, commerce, and self-defense are staffed by a rotating roster of citizens. People self-regulate and provide mutual protection and assistance. The economy is based on the exchange of labor energy between people. Cooperative / Competitive labor functions free of the corporate form (Corporations as a legal form are abolished).  People are personally responsible for their work.  Social form follows economic function. There are no permanent taxes and no political representatives. Each person votes on common issues and public policy via technology. People vote to contribute economic support directly to needed projects. Each person represents himself or herself.   For theoretical background, see the movie The Fountainhead starring Gary Cooper (screen play by philosopher Ayn Rand). Also read the work of Ayn Rand, particularly the novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. See also, the work of Wilhelm Reich on “work democracy.”  Libertarian political philosophy transcends the left / right dichotomy of ruling castes. The libertarian anarchist / anarcho-capitalist political philosophy is against communism, socialism, crony capitalism, monopoly capitalism, and corporate state capitalism (both domestic and global). It is strongly in favor of unfettered and spontaneous individual functioning based on natural law. In the United States today, we have a form of fascist corporate state / global state capitalism.

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