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Monthly Archives: December 2019


“Moses and Christ, Masters of the Life Energy, please grant us your protection, strength and wisdom, as we seek to bring your transforming spiritual messages to the human race.  Wash away our transgressions in the purity of your cosmic energy.  Send salvation to our teachers and loved ones on the physical and metaphysical planes.  Amen”

Moses brought external social and political liberation to earth.  He was the first Cabalist in Jewish history, trained in Egypt by their own occult scientists. Jesus Christ brought internal spiritual liberation and freedom.  Christ was a natural spiritual energy organism sent as an Emissary from the highly spiritually developed Ether Civilization that borders the Source of the Life Energy.  His mission was to help humanity free itself from the prison of demonic energies limiting and ultimately destroying life.

This blog, “Harbors for Life,” presents a new form of Messianic Jewish Theology based on the discovery of the Cosmic Life Energy by the natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  Dr. Steven Katz, carrying on Dr. Reich’s work in the fields of philosophy, theology, and law, spent 50 years developing this theology.  An important experiment that Dr. Reich performed in the early 1950’s to use this Life Energy to neutralize the Death Energy of Atomic Radiation, called “The Oranur Experiment,”  yielded important insights into the origin of Evil, and the relationship between the physical and metaphysical ontological domains.  The important implications for the future of the human race of this philosophy of natural religion is presented on this blog.