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Russia and the United States of America are natural allies as Christian Nations. We were both allied during WW II, lead by FDR and Stalin, and beat the Axis powers, including the supposedly invincible Nazis. President Trump, if the last election had not be stolen from him by the Red Fascist democrat party, would have moved in that direction again. Both Trump and Putin are spiritually healthy nationalists, and opposed to the neo-fascist New World Order of global state capitalism, and its transhumanist agenda of the destruction of life-affirmative cultural values. President Trump would have addressed Russia’s legitimate security concerns about military encirclement by NATO, and there would not now be the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine.

The central reality that needs to be understood about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is that Russia is not fighting the Ukraine primarily. Russia is at war with the globalists. Ukraine has become a pawn of the globalist effort to destroy the spiritual and material strength of Russia a major obstacle to their world totalitarian control. As a strong sovereign nation, once a major center of Christianity in the world, Russia does not want to fall under the domination and control of global state corporate capitalism and its transhumanist agenda. Russia, under the leadership of President Putin, has struck a blow against the neo-fascist global corporate state and their pawns like the EU / NATO / U.N. President Putin, in the face of the recent arms build-up in the Ukraine by NATO, and the ethnic cleansing of Russian people in the Eastern Ukraine, is a genuine leader who wants to protect his nation, people, and Christian values. Like Stalin at Stalingrad, when Russia was under attack by Hitler and his Nazi forces during WW II, Putin is saying “you go no further!” Russia has been encircled in Eastern Europe by NATO and U.S. forces and arms. The transhumanist global corporate state cartels, via their Red Fascist stooges like counterfeit President Joe Biden and his handlers, want to weaken all sovereign nations that oppose their predatory plans to bring in a totalitarian global corporate state. Russia poses a major threat to these plans as a strong Caucasian Christian Nation.

This struggle against Judeo-Christian values, and sovereign nations, will, in all likelihood, last well into the end of the 21st century, provided that the human race is not obliterated by WW IV before then (counting the cold war as WW III). The invasion by illegal immigrants via our own southern border is another front of this war by the criminal global corporatists. Suddenly, the neo-fascists in control of the American government are concerned about sovereign borders, but in this case of the Ukraine where it can be a pretext for war against Russia. The full picture of the threat to global human civilization, purchased at the price of blood and treasure down through the centuries, is coming into crystal clear focus!! Know the enemies of life and fight them with any and all means available, including in defense against the domestic attack of the death shots by Big Pharma on U.S. citizens. Fight!! Fight!!

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