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My Jewish brothers and sisters, on college campuses and on the urban streets: we are facing a global genocide of all Jews. No Jewish adult should leave home without a lawful instrumentality of self-defense. If your circumstances require, get licensed and carry a powerful handgun like a Glock. Also, there are many nonlethal weapons designed to repel attackers giving time to get away. In New York State, as a result of a federal court decision [Matthew Avitable, Plaintiff vs. Lt. Col. George Beach, in his official capacity as Superintendent of the New York State Police, Defendant, (U.S. District Cout, Northern District of New York. 1:16-CV-1447, David N. Hurd, U.S. District Court, March 22, 2019)] you can obtain a powerful taser gun without the necessity of a license. If you live in another state, check the state and local laws (and / or consult a local lawyer). You can obtain tasers and stun guns etc. by mail from “ThugBusters” by calling or contacting them at 585-857-9229 and

Study the life and work of the great Rabbi Meir Kahane. He warned us decades ago that we would eventually face the current situation. He was the founder of the Jewish Defense League. Every college campus and urban neighborhood needs a Jewish Defense Committee!!

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