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From an alternative news source reported on August 13, 2020: “Antifa terrorists, funded by hundreds of U.S. corporations, have just received a huge cache of new illegal weapons that they’re staging in order to launch an armed revolution against America.

“These are full-auto military weapons, and many are being smuggled into the USA by China, funded by U.S. corporations that claim to support ‘social justice’ groups. They’re actually funding armed insurrection groups that can’t wait to be given the order to mass execute White people, Christians, Trump supporters, cops, veterans, gun owners and patriots.”

“There is no Religion higher than Truth.” – H. P. Blavatsky

“But the universe doesn’t respect the boundaries between different disciplines.  The differences between biology and astronomy and chemistry and so on, these are man-made artifacts of thinking.  I think the whole system is doomed unless one decides that all these barriers are cleared.”  Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe

“I see the soul as intelligent light energy. This energy appears to function as vibrational waves similar to electromagnetic force but without the limitations of charged particles of matter. . . . To fully understand soul energy, we would need to know all the aspects of its creation, and, indeed, the consciousness of its source.” Dr. Michael Newton, from “Destiny of Souls.”

Central to “The Religion of the Life Energy” is the Cosmic / Ayan Christ. We recognize him as an emissary and highly evolved spiritual teacher from an advanced ether / cosmic energy civilization with a sacred dimensional plane bordering the domain of His Father, the God of Life.   He is spiritually unarmored, and filled to the brim with free-flowing cosmic (orgone) healing energy. In the upper metaphysical civilizations, particularly the one Christ came from that bordered the Source of the Life Energy, the sexual function of the living energy organisms is pure and free. Thus, Jesus regularly experienced full and satisfying orgasms in a full and varied sexual life with many women. He also had natural paranormal faculties such as the power to control weather, heal by the laying on of hands, and the ability to see the future.  All of these characterstics were recognized by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his books. See: “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967), and “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957). See also, Reich’s comments on the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Christ’s alien extraterrestrial origin has been supported by work done by Erich Von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and many others. Evidence can be found in the Bible itself. The movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” is very important on the probable circumstances of Christ’s return. The relevant circumstances of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s interaction with the film are set out in the magazine article “Wilhelm Reich and the Day the Earth Stood Still – A Tall Tale of Spacegun ’54” by Joan d’Arc in “Paranoia – The Conspiracy Reader ” (online 2017). See also, “The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself” by Simon Brown and Caspar McCloud (Life Application Ministries, 2013).

Christ’s biological father came from the most highly developed extraterrestrial civilization arising out of the Cosmic Life Energy.  He arrived on earth via a metaphysical UFO type interstellar space ship from a type IV civilization according to the Kardashev scale. The scale originated with Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964, and classifies development by a civilization’s ability to utilize cosmic energy and consciousness. The type IV civilization is able to control or use the entire energy and information of the whole visible universe. It is very hard to detect such a civilization, as it would be functionally identical to the natural and spiritual dialectical laws of creation.  Christ’s mother was human, and the object of extraterrestrial insemination. Human civilization is considered spiritually and technological still within the first stage of civilizations. The Type 1 stage is working on using and storing all of the energy available on its planet. Christ himself was thus the hybrid product of parents from these greatly disparate civilizations viewed through the lens of spiritual development. Occult philosophers and scientists have characterized the resulting product of the dialectical interplay of Type 1 spirituality and Type IV consciousness as the Aryan Race (this category is used spiritually and not politically). Christ has been called by the Hindu philosophers an “Avatar.” An Avatar is the incarnation of God’s spiritual energy and consciousness in a human body.

Christ’s mission was to spark the spiritual development of the 5th Root Race as a messianic leader of humanity. Dr. Wilhelm Reich identified Christ’s loving nature, with a great warrior capacity, as an expression of the “genital character.” For Dr. Reich, human character structure is classified by the capacity for the cosmic orgone energy to flow freely within the body and be expressed by fully satisfying orgasm. Reich considered this level of personal spiritual development the highest attainable by a human individual in our current civilization. See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967); “Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1973); “The Oranur Experiment, First Report (1947-1951)” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951) ( the deepest functions in nature transcend the split between physics and metaphysics); “The Secret Doctrine” by H. P. Blavatsky, Abridged and Annotated by Michael Gomes (N.Y., Penguin, 2009).

Future travelers, as pointed out by hypnotherapist Bruce Goldberg in his groundbreaking work “Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed,’ pages  123-129,  have designated citizens of such an ultimate civilization (Type IV) “Light” people. They are enriched life energy souls with photons and quantum creation particles.  The “Light People” were sent down to incarnate in the most advanced hominids of pre-historic times on earth to transform them into the first fully human beings in order to drive them upward into spiritual evolution.  Such energy was also involved in the birth and resurrection of Christ, and left an imprint on his burial shroud (see “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler, Google “Konia House”).  The philosopher Hegel called this “Absolute Consciousness.” (See his works “The Phenomenology of Mind,” and “The Science of Logic.” Absolute Mind is not a closed or static ontology.  It is always a new beginning since the Life Energy never stops moving.).  The manner of Christ’s birth and resurrection are cogent evidence of this use of creation energy.    See: “Kardashev scale” (Wikipedia, accessed September 16 2007); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (NY, Noonday Press, 1967) (Reich himself originated from a type III civilization with the energy and information on the galactic magnitude.  This was acknowledged by Dr. Reich in his last published work “Contact With Space.”  In “Contact….” Reich revealed his identification with the alien emissary Klaatu from the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Klaatu is depicted as coming from a type III civilization.  Klaatu’s impressive spiritual development is shown as parallel to his technological mastery.).  See also, “Ancient Alien Ancestors,” page 106, by Will Hart (Vermont, Bear & Co., 2017). 

It is a basic functional spiritual law that all living creation has paired antithetical opposites. With the Master Teacher and Healer, Christ, salvation is offered, but also elicited is the evil tempter and destroyer, the Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Christ arrives via a metaphysical UFO from the Death Dimensions. The anti-Christ is the concentrated deadly cosmic energy cloud that was sent to interfere, from a parallel negative dimension or universe, with Life’s creation of the healthy and joyful humanity in a new expansion of the Godhead of Life. Now Christ is sent down on a search and rescue mission to salvage souls from the damaged creation of humanity and earth. He arrives to find the anti-Christ ready to nullify his efforts to free souls from the hellish death zones.  Other Davidic souls follow to wage the struggle for salvation against the agents of the Anti-Christ from highly developed anti-life (deadly orgone energy) civilizations. 

The Kardashev scale applies to the extraterrestrial deadly orgone energy civilizations with the highest and most destructive containing the Anti-Christ.  Adolf Hitler is an example of one of these Anti-Messiahs. He was densely spiritually armored, muscularly hypertonic, and could not experience love through satisfying orgasm. He hatched hate out of dead genitals. Nazi civilization, as an anti-type, is the antithetical paired opposite of the life-affirmative Kardashev upper-scaled civilizations. Everything positive is turned into a mirror imaged negative. For example, the concept of “Aryan,” originally meant a high degree of life-affirmative spiritual development, becomes with Hitler a concept of biological and racial superiority. The desert death religion of fundamentalist Islam is another deadly civilization along similar lines as the Nazi type. See: “The Occult Roots of Nazism” by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (N.Y., NYU Press, 1992); “Black Sun” by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (N.Y., NYU Press, 2002).

See: The Messianic Idea In Judaism by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995); The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967); Contact With Space by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957); The Day the Earth Stood Still (Sci-Fi Movie, 1951); Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken (N.Y., Berkley, 2018); The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable (Cal., The Book Tree, 2008); Biblical UFO Revelations by Rev. Barry Downing (N.J., Global Communications, 2017); Alien – Examining Jesus Christ In A UFO Universe by Jeff Bennington (Newgate Press, 2014); Ancient Aliens In The Bible by Xaviant Haze (Wayne, N.J., New Page Books, 2018); Cherubim Chariots – Exploring The Extra-dimensional Hypothesis by Josh Peck (2015); The End Of Days by Zecharia Sitchin (N.Y, Harper Collins, 2008). 

The Sun is the central distributor of life energy in our solar system. Stars throughout the cosmos perform this function for the planets that revolve around them. Similarly, at the center of each galaxy there is a core that distributes and directs the galactic stream of cosmic orgone energy to the various star systems revolving around it. Primitive humanity identified the Sun as a living God (which it is). It is one among trillions around our universe. Polytheism fits the natural cosmic order much better than monotheism. At the center of each Galaxy is a higher living deity guiding the stars of the galaxy. At the center of our universe is the Godhead of Life Energy providing an anchor and guidance to the galaxies rotating around it. However, our universe is but one among an infinite multiverse. See The Aryan Christ – The Secret Life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll (N.Y., Random House, 1997).

The Religion of the Life Energy is a form of gnostic spirituality. The highest civilization, the one that Christ’s father came from, is the most spiritually unarmored, intelligent, and closest to the Godhead of Life Energy. As the Godhead of Life Energy reaches out and expands, it reaches the limits of its universe, and the living organisms and civilizations created by the Godhead farthest from the Source of the Life Energy are subject to subjugation, distortion, and imprisonment by demonic life negative energies coming from other Sources of Evil Godheads from other universes / negative dimensions. These evil spiritual energies act like nuclear energy in antagonizing the life energy and turning it deadly. Dr. Wilhelm Reich called this energy Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR=Deadly Orgone Energy) as opposed to Orgone Energy (OR=Cosmic Life Affirmative Energy). This is why Christ’s sperm was sent to earth to germinate in a human woman, and then to work on freeing the human races of demonic subjugation and restoring them to a form useful to assist the Life Energy in its cosmic expansion. It was this mission that lead to Christ’s crucifixion by DOR infested humans under control of a demonic spiritual intelligence. See The Murder of Christ by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967). [Dr. Robert Pasotti deserves credit for first seeing that the Theology of the Life Energy is a form of Gnosticism.] Dr. Sigmund Freud named these two opposed spiritual forces Eros (life) and Thantos (death). See his last great work “Civilization and its Discontents.” For the generation of DOR by the clash between orgone energy and atomic energy see Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings – An Introduction To Orgonomy, “The Oranur Experiment,” pages 351-431 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1060). See also, “Re-emergence of Freud’s ‘Death Instinct’ as ‘DOR’ Energy,'” pages 2- 11, in Orgonomic Medicine (N.Y., April, 1956).

The Core Canon of “The Cosmic Christ:”

  1. The Day the Earth Stood Still [Motion Picture / DVD] (1951, 20th Century Fox).
  2. The Murder of Christ by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).
  3. Contact With Space by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Haverhill, MA, Haverhill House Publishing, 2018).
  4. Ancient Aliens in the Bible by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
  5. The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac (MA, Red Wheel / Weiser, 2021).


How long will the citizens of these great United States passively acquiesce in the unconstitutional seizure of their businesses, the denial of the right to free association and assembly, the denial of the right to work and move around, to express themselves freely and exercise their religions, and confinement in house arrest? All of these usurpations were done in the name of an unprecedented general medical martial law, and in derogation of the natural law recognized in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the core provisions of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All of these precious God given rights were paid for by the blood of patriots in revolution, civil war, two world wars and one “cold war” that could have extinguished the human race. How do the present generations compare to their courageous ancestors in the assertion and protection of these rights essential for life and civilization? They have prostrated themselves before the “executive orders” of little dictators in various states like the authoritarian and fascist Governor of New York, Cuomo II, and his sidekick Mayor Bill DiBlasio. When will the citizens of the United States stop acting like cowardly zombies and vigorously assert their rights? Time is running out. If the little dictators in various states, and the Nazi doctors in the medical bureaucracies in Washington D.C. and their Red Chinese puppet masters in the WHO and the U.N., get away with this power grab, the next time they will start sending people to detention (concentration) camps for mandatory vaccination and medical treatment and the “protection” of the general public. How long will this tyranny and psy-op warfare be permitted to continue? As Bob Dylan once wrote: “The answer my friends is blowing in the wind!”


“Moses and Christ, Masters of the Life Energy, please grant us your protection, strength and wisdom, as we seek to bring your transforming spiritual messages to the human race.  Wash away our transgressions in the purity of your cosmic energy.  Send salvation to our teachers and loved ones on the physical and metaphysical planes.  Amen”

Moses brought external social and political liberation to earth.  He was the first Cabalist in Jewish history, trained in Egypt by their own occult scientists. Jesus Christ brought internal spiritual liberation and freedom.  Christ was a natural spiritual energy organism sent as an Emissary from the highly spiritually developed Ether Civilization that borders the Source of the Life Energy.  His mission was to help humanity free itself from the prison of demonic energies limiting and ultimately destroying life.

This blog, “Harbors for Life,” presents a new form of Messianic Jewish Theology based on the discovery of the Cosmic Life Energy by the natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  Dr. Steven Katz, carrying on Dr. Reich’s work in the fields of philosophy, theology, and law, spent 50 years developing this theology.  An important experiment that Dr. Reich performed in the early 1950’s to use this Life Energy to neutralize the Death Energy of Atomic Radiation, called “The Oranur Experiment,”  yielded important insights into the origin of Evil, and the relationship between the physical and metaphysical ontological domains.  The important implications for the future of the human race of this philosophy of natural religion is presented on this blog.



During the decade of the 1960s, an overheated and overinflated notion of limitless human potential was part of the counter-cultural zeitgeist.  Some of this starry-eyed leap of faith carried over into New Age philosophy, theology, psychology, and therapeutic practice.  The central problem with this, in addition to the unrealistic expectations of human functioning, was the denial of the ontological reality of evil.  The dangerous illusion was promoted that the “Universe” is a fundamentally benign and inherently erotic ground of being.  As natural and human history will attest, and many of the old world religions recognized, nothing could be more distant from the truth!!  While striving to expand life energy in our microcosmic and macrocosmic functioning, we must be forever vigilant to detect, and protect ourselves from, demonic and dangerously alien life-negative energies.  It is the failure to see absolute evil that has allowed the leftists,  and post-modern “liberals,” to open Western Civilization to communist gangs and the death religion of Islamo-fascism.  See: The Oranur Experiment, Contact With Space, Ether, God and Devil – Cosmic Superimposition, and The Murder of Christ,  all by Wilhelm Reich.  See also, Civilization and its Discontents by Sigmund Freud.  Compare: A Return to Eros by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, and Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse.

Another feature of New Age Spirituality that is almost always present in the general syndrome is that the New Age leaders  seek to develop a mass movement behind the “Guru” or “Masters” involved.  History will attest that this always ends in disaster for the spiritually unprepared masses.  Masses of people cannot be magically liberated by Gurus.  There are too many spiritual and natural laws against it.  Furthermore, spiritual development takes an individual years of effort and experience.  It is never “democratic.”  It is, as the philosopher Nietzsche pointed out, aristocratic in nature and restricted to those equipped intellectually and energetically to make the journey to the luminous summits.  Down through history, this reality and truth has resulted in the scattered and unincorporated brotherhood and sisterhood of mystics and metaphysicians.  These small groups of spiritual teachers only admitted as students those who met stringent character requirements and intellectual capacities.  See Sabbatai  Sevi by Gershom Scholem (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1976).  See also, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).

Nagasakibomb (4)


St._Francis_Borgia_Helping_a_Dying_Impenitent_by_Goya (2)

[In the spirit of George Orwell (“1984”), Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World”), and Philip K. Dick (“The Man In The High Castle”), this novella is a work of political science fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.]

“Let us consult the Penal Law of Haiti.  Article 49 states: ‘The use of drugs or other means to intentionally, and without medical necessity, put a person into a lethargic coma, shall be considered attempted murder.  If a person is knowingly buried in this condition, it shall be considered murder no matter what result follows.'”- Dr. Brunner, Missionary, in White Zombie, 1932 movie, featuring Bela Lugosi as the Zombie Master


Chapter 1

I am Dr. Leo Faust, professor of philosophy,  supernatural investigator, and writer, and I come to you with urgent information.  With the possible genocide and global extinction of white people looming in the historical future, starting with white men, I thought it imperative that I transmit the following information. There is still time to prevent this tragedy, preserving our Republic and ultimately Western Civilization, if we act now to protect ourselves.  

The Paranormal Science Research Institute is located on several acres of wooded land 25 miles north of Rangeley, Maine. The entire complex is contained in converted and connected old mobile homes. A simple hand painted sign stands at the entrance to the interior roadway indicating “Paranormal Research” with the symbol for infinity.

The Institute (a/k/a PSRI) was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation by the biophysicist and cosmologist Dr. Hunter Thomas in Maine in 1978. Dr. Thomas had been a student of the famous inventor and natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich’s research compound is located nearby (now existing as a museum).

The mission of the Institute was set out as the exploration of anomalous fields in science such as after-death communications from spirit people, and radio telescope reception from extraterrestrial civilizations. This mission has remained constant since 1978. Only the technology used has changed as more advanced equipment and methodologies became available.

In July of 2047, I received an assignment as a free-lance journalist to interview Dr. Thomas at his Maine compound. The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Paranormal Nine Journal, had fielded a call from the Institute that an important extraterrestrial or extradimensional communication had been received by them from an intelligence concerning future events on earth.

Dr. Thomas requested that I be sent to interview him concerning this communication before the U.S. 2048 presidential election. He knew and trusted me, since I had done independent study with him in the fields of mysticism and occult science. He disclosed nothing about the substance of the information he had to impart, only that it was important that it be carefully disclosed incrementally to the general public before the upcoming presidential election.

It was with a great sense of anticipation that I turned off the main road into his tree lined compound on Saturday, July 27th, 2047. I parked in front of the largest mobile home containing Hunter’s study and research laboratory. With worn blue paint, and rusting window covers, it looked like a relic from some long forgotten 1950s trailer park.

I was greeted by Grace Joplin, his trusted aide, and ushered into the book-lined study. There, from behind his large oak desk, Hunter moved forward in one fluid motion and firmly shook my hand. With his ruddy complexion, white lab coat, and long silver hair combed straight up framing bright clear eyes, he looked like some Hollywood casting director’s idea of a visionary mad inventor.

“Dr. Faust, I am so happy the editor of the Journal was able to send you to interview me. I needed someone I could trust, and who had the necessary training and background to appreciate what the Institute has been given. Please follow me to the lab.”

We walked down a short blue carpeted connecting corridor to another mobile home. The connecting bridge itself was decorated with photos of different galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope. At the end of the corridor, a massive gleaming steel door stood guarded by a former Navy Seal with a military grade weapon in his hands.  

Hunter took me inside and closed the door behind him. On the walls of the lab were chalk boards filled with mathematical equations, schematics of electronic equipment, and time lines. In the center of the room stood an apparatus consisting of a large screen atop a computer hard drive, and above the screen were several odd shaped antennas.  A cable could be seen exiting the computer and connecting to a large telescope outside of the trailer on the grounds of the Institute. 

“Dr. Faust, this is the Spirit Communication Accumulator Model 5. It was designed, as you know from your studies with me, to capture communications from higher space/time planes. It can capture electronic transmissions from what we would consider the future. Spiritcom can also capture the voices and faces of spirit people from the after-death dimension. We always keep the device on and ready at all times for the reception of any spiritual energy radiation sent out by extraterrestrial or extradimensional entities.”

“Last month, we received the following communication from entities who said they were transmitting from the year 2148 A.D. They identified themselves as living in what is in our time called New York City, and as being members of the Patriotic Infowars Militia. They sent their voices and images scrambled during transmission to be untraceable to point of origin. The Infowars Militia is an underground national group seeking to prevent the genocide of the white race.  The militia thinks that can best be done by taking the legal, economic, and political system of the United States of America from the control of post-modern liberals, black supremacist nationalists, Islamic fascists, and red fascists in the Democratic Party and their global allies. Overriding the amendment process to the United States Constitution, presidential elections using the electoral college were abolished, and replaced by direct voting of the population in 2100 AD by an act of a Democrat Congress signed by a Democrat President.

Dr. Thomas placed his hand over a metallic plate affixed to the front of the device. This replayed the most remarkable metaphysical transmission ever captured by the Spiritcom Model 5.  A tall and aged figure wearing a white tunic with “Don’t tread on me” written on its chest appeared holographically and gave the following statement.

“Greetings fellow citizens. My name is Dr. Mobius, and I represent a group of patriots living in New York City in the year 2148 A.D. It is with some sense of urgency that we send you this information to be shared with other citizens in the United States prior to the 2048 A.D. presidential election. We are members of a revolutionary underground political group called Infowars Militia.”

“The start of the 22nd century was a time of great upheaval in the United States. In 2100 A.D., the Congress, controlled by majorities of Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, passed the Political Education and Reparations Act. This bill was signed into law by Democratic President Mobutu Obama (a direct descendent of the first African-American President Barak Obama).”

“The Act provided that all adult white males, upon attaining the age of 18, were to be drafted into Political Education Camps for Ideological Correctness.  In these camps, they would be subjected to intensive classes on the historical victimization of the nonwhite races, and after completion of subsequent racial diversity seminars, were to be put into free labor battalions for 10 years of ‘donated’ work to provide reparations for the suffering of all prior generations of blacks, and other approved nonwhite races or protected religious groups.  Failure to submit to this law was punishable by life in prison, or where involving conspiracy, death.”

“In addition to cognitive reconditioning, white men in these camps were to be subjected to high doses of the drugs LSD, and Adrenochrome. They were also given high doses of electromagnetic radiation.  These drugs, and the accompanying radiation, put the subjects in a hallucinogenic and psychotic state of mind. While under these drugs and radiation, they would be subjected to intensive hypnotic emotional character restructuring to internalize all of the political information received in the camps as absolute truth to be obeyed at all times.  Having been rendered passive and defenseless by these procedures, the young white men were also to be sterilized to prevent the propagation of future generations of the white race (both Christians and Jews).  The inmates of these reeducation camps were de facto turned into zombies.”

“Exemptions from the forced labor mandated by the Act were enacted for whites wealthy enough to provide lump sum payments to the federal government for distribution to the formerly oppressed races. The payments were $ 500,000 per potential inductee. This guaranteed that only the very wealthiest white families could buy their adult male children out of this 22nd century form of slavery. Although not spelled out explicitly in the Act, it was known that those white families with political influence at the highest levels of the Democratic Party were also able to buy exemptions at a reduced rate through ‘recognized contributions’ to the Party.”

“When the Act was first passed, some patriots in the United States organized themselves into underground militias for the defense of the Republic, the United States Constitution, and the white race. These militias took the designation of ‘Infowars American Patriotic Militias.’ The name was chosen in honor of the libertarian philosopher Alex Jones who lived in the 21st century and provided much of the information and analysis upon which the militias were based. Starting in 2018, his social media communications were banned from the internet.  Eventually he was ‘disappeared’ and never found.” 

“We of the year 2148 A.D. are giving you this information to be used as you see fit. Our hope is that it will be used to prevent the democrat post-modern liberals, Islamic fascists, black supremacist nationalists, and Stalinist red fascists, from gaining control of the American state and subsequently passing laws such as we described.”

“We of the future are prevented by cosmic spiritual law from directly returning to your time to alter the events we have described. We can transmit information to the past to people who we think can use the knowledge to prevent the developments that we have depicted.”

“God Bless You, and God Speed!!”

Dr. Hunter Thomas gave me a recording of this metaphysical transmission to be used when I write my article for the Paranormal Journal. Hunter accompanied me out to my old black Mercury automobile.

“Dr. Faust, please send me a rough draft of your article so I can add any further scientific and philosophic information that I deem necessary. You will of course protect my identity and the name and location of the Paranormal Science Research Institute. I want to be notified if the editor and owners of your publication are prevented from publishing this information by the government or corporate private groups. In particular, watch out for intelligence operatives, both domestic and foreign, connected with the ‘New World Order’ or its predatory global capitalist pay masters.”

My visit with Dr. Thomas had taken several hours. I felt certain that we would be communicating about this matter further.  I headed south from Rangeley, Maine, to my loft apartment in the Bowery neighborhood of New York City. The use and impact of this information from the future remains unknown.  Only self-defense preparation by patriotic militias can prevent the future eradication of white people in the United States, and the rest of the world.  We had been warned.  

Chapter 2

Upon my return to New York City, I resumed my activities as Philosophy Professor on the faculty of the New School for Social Research. My free-lance writing assignments were sporadic, and I usually forgot about them once I turned them in to the editor. However, the interview with Dr. Thomas, and the record of the extradimensional message from the Infowars militia of 2148, stayed with me, day and night. I rendered no judgment on what I had seen and heard up at the Paranormal Research Institute in Rangeley, Maine. I knew the bedrock honesty of Dr. Thomas, and that was enough for me. All the more disturbing were the implications of the message he had received from the next century. A new form of neo-fascism had spread throughout the world. White Judeo-Christian people were heading for extinction at the hands of a global alliance between communists, monopoly capitalists, and Islamo fascists.

It was with anxious anticipation that, upon returning home from my graduate seminar on Heidegger and metaphysics, I opened a large box that had been delivered from the Paranormal Science Research Institute. The loft that I rented on Bond Street had a large open area that I used for a work space, with sleeping quarters on a second level elevated platform. I put the package in the center of my work space, and discovered that it contained a holographic projection screen, an interplanetary electronic radio / television receiver, and a very compact powerful computer hard drive. With it, there were instructions for making the device operational, and a personal handwritten note from Dr. Thompson.

“Dr. Faust, I am sending you a spirit energy receiver that was constructed from plans sent to me from the Infowars American Patriotic Militias in the future time of 2148. It was assembled by my technical team that includes time and space engineers, as well as astrophysicists. The Infowars militias sent a message with the apparatus simply saying that, when activated, the device is automatically calibrated to bring in the holographic image of Captain Klatune Lovecraft. Lovecraft would then instruct as to what needed to be done on the ground to restore the American Republic going forward from our time.” The hope was that timely action on our part in the year 2048, and going forward, would stop the genocide of the white race occurring in 2148.

For assistance in assembling and connecting the device, I called my graduate assistant, Tom Knight. We worked for five hours pursuant to the instructions that were in the box. It was placed on a table, with the screen flanked by two metaphysical reception antennas.

When we activated it, a holographic image was immediately projected out from the screen. A figure crystalized of a greying man dressed in a silver tunic with a blue symbol of a spinning wave affixed to the chest. He stepped forward as if in the room with us.

“My name is Captain Lovecraft. I am a commander in the Infor Wars militia. I was sent by my superiors to brief you on what needs to be done to avert the situation that your descendants find themselves placed in the coming century from your own. As we explained in our first communication, cosmic natural law prevents us from going back in time ourselves to alter events. However, through the manipulation of space / time, we can send communications back in time carried by subatomic quantum particles. This transmission is being sent according to those principles.”

“The seeds of the genocide of the white races were planted in the 1960s. It was then that extreme leftist political forces joined in alliance with Arab terrorists and Islamic fascists to start the overthrow of Western civilization. By the year 2020 A.D., the invasion of Western civilization by migrants from the Third World brought in millions of illegal immigrants from South America, Africa, and the Middle East. This Trojan horse invasion put drug dealers, terrorists, and communists in the heart of the centers of power in the American and European geopolitical worlds. This was known as the ‘great replacement’ of the white people and Western values with masses of people used as pawns by the global state capitalists and communists. Gradually, demographically and by political policy, the subversion of the democratic countries took place under cover of night so to speak. Whites were outvoted and put in second class citizenship by these fascist forces. White men in particular could not gain access to jobs or higher education given the reverse discrimination of affirmative action. Jewish people were persecuted under the rationalization of actions against Zionism.”

“Eventually, white militias were formed in the rural areas for protection of those Caucasians who could relocate from the urban areas. These militias were composed of an alliance between the American Infowars militias, and the New Jewish Defense League forces. This took place in the middle of the 21st century.”

“A turning point happened in the Presidential election of 2048. This will be occurring in your immediate future, and the repercussions of this election started a series of events that resulted in white working-class people ending up in concentration camps with a politically correct dictatorship of leftists, Islamo-fascists, global state capitalists, and black militants seizing the American state apparatus. This became the true axis of demonic evil. The new American dictatorship was greatly assisted by the Chinese communists.”

At this point Lovecraft’s projected image suddenly faded and the transmission ended. Red lights on the spiritcom device started to go on. Apparently, the communication had ended prematurely.

All attempts to revive the apparatus proved futile. I immediately went to my phone and sent a text message to Dr. Thomas with a voice mail follow up briefing him on what has occurred, and asking for assistance. No answer to either communication was received.

Next, I called my contact in Rangeley, Maine, Arthur Silvert, and asked him to drive out to the Paranormal Science Research Institute and tell Dr. Thomas in person to contact me in New York. Upon reaching the compound, Arthur found it deserted and the trailers padlocked. He left hand written notes on the property.

Several weeks past with no response to our efforts to reconnect with the Institute and Dr. Thomas. I suspected that they were in the hands of the U.S. security apparatuses.

During the 2047 Thanksgiving break from my academic duties, while preparing my upcoming graduate seminar in the philosophy of history, I heard the buzzer to the loft ring several times. I asked via intercom who was asking entry, and received the reply “FBI.”

I waited at the door to the loft as the agents climbed the two long stairways to my apartment. The building was constructed in 1922 to house a cigar factory, and it essentially remain unchanged except for necessary repairs and the addition of wiring for electronics. The stairways and halls were as a result not brightly lit.

The FBI agents suddenly appeared with guns drawn in front of the entrance to my loft.

“FBI! Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”

One agent searched me for weapons while another looked around the loft and soon returned.

“The space looks clean.”

“Please state your name.”

“I am Dr. Leo Faust.”

“Dr. Faust, I am agent Roy Harris. This is my partner, Agent Frank Douglas. Can we ask you a few questions?”

Agent Harris was a big imposing man with a florid complexion. He appeared to be over 6 feet and probably weighed more than 250 pounds. His partner was a thin man with steel framed eyeglasses who looked more like an accountant than a law enforcement agent.

We went inside and sat around my work table.

“Dr. Faust, do you know a research scientist by the name of Dr. Hunter Thomas?”

“Yes. I do.”

“In what capacity do you know him?”

“He is a former teacher of mine and current colleague.”

“When is the last time you talked with him?

“That was several months ago up at his laboratory near Rangeley, Maine. I went up there to interview him for a magazine.”

“Have you heard from him since that time?”

“Yes. Several weeks ago, he sent me an experimental apparatus.”

“Since that contact, have you talked to him or seen him?”


“Have you tried to contact him?”

“Yes. But my contacts in Maine tell me his compound is deserted.”

“Dr. Faust, are you aware that Dr. Thomas has been involved in a special research project for President Jefferson?”

“No. But I know he has been involved in trans-temporal higher dimensional communication with people from our future earth.”

“Yes. That is true. Several weeks ago, he disappeared. The project he is involved in is classified ‘above top secret.’ Please contact us immediately if you hear from him or about him.”

“Yes. Certainly.”

With that, the two FBI agents left as suddenly as they appeared.  


Chapter 3

Several weeks passed with no communication from Dr. Hunter Thomas or anyone connected with the Paranormal Science Research Institute. At that point, with the Christmas break from the Graduate School affording me more time, I started making phone calls to my contacts in the Rangeley, Maine region about Dr. Thomas and the Institute. Nobody had seen him or anyone else from the Institute for that matter. At that point, I hired a private investigator to look more deeply into Hunter’s mysterious disappearance.

On Christmas eve, the private investigator called me from the field.

“Dr. Faust?”


“This is P.I. Eisenstein. Merry Christmas to you, sir.”

“And you as well, sir. What have you discovered, if anything, about the whereabouts of Hunter?”

“I am afraid the news is not encouraging. Nobody here has seen him or the staff of the Institute. My own people back at my office in Portland have failed to turn up any real leads from police departments across the country. None of Dr. Thomas’s friends and family in Boston has received any communication from him. To top it off, the FBI is now claiming that they do not know who he is, and they say that no FBI agents were sent to interview you in New York.”

“That is mind blowing! I wonder who those two fellows were who visited me several weeks ago. What did you find when you visited the grounds of the Institute?”

“The compound has been completely dismantled and moved off site. Presently, there is nothing but empty fields out there.”

“The situation seems to be going from bad to terrible.”

“Dr. Faust, do you want me to continue looking for him?”

“No. I appreciate the efforts you have made.”

At that point in time, I was more convinced than ever that my old teacher and mentor, Hunter Thomas, was in the hands of Deep State intelligence operatives from an off the grid operation run by an independent contractor such as Blackwater. Who “disappeared” him and why?

This was a very sophisticated intelligence operation. Dr. Thomas was working on a top-secret project for the President, and it seemed fair to conclude it had to do with the communications received from the patriotic militias of 2148. The 2048 presidential elections were only 11 months away, and this election was a cross road leading in two directions. If President Jefferson won reelection, the predatory global state capitalists, with their allies in the EU and China, would be held at bay while the sovereignty of the American nation would be strengthened and the domestic means of production brought back to the homeland. If Jefferson lost, or was God forbid assassinated, the pool of cheap labor, and the gap between the rich and poor would grow to dangerous levels. American sovereignty would be lost to unelected U.N. officials.

On New Year’s Day, 2048, I was deeply asleep from exhaustion. At approximately 10:00 am, I was awoken by a loud banging on the front door downstairs. I dashed down the long dark stairway and opened the front door. There stood before me a small wooden box with my name. Rushing back into my loft, I placed the item on one of my long work tables and opened it. It contained schematics for the modification my spiritcom device. With the construction plans there was a note from Dr. Thomas dated January 1, 2048.

“Dear Dr. Faust. I must apologize for not contacting you sooner. I had to wait until I was in a secure location. Globalist forces have decided to destroy my work for the President. I had to dismantle my compound and relocate offshore. I am currently guarded by a squad of U.S. Marines.”

“U.N. scientists have discovered a way of jamming the transmissions of the spiritcom. They do not want any information to be sent back from the future containing descriptions of the dystopia awaiting us once they have established world government. The concentration and centralization of power, and the enslaved zombie-like condition of the population of most of the earth, are too threatening to their plans for the world domination to get out to the world of today.”

“I have included the names of technicians trained in space-time engineering to be contacted to make the modifications to your spiritcom. The device will be functional again. But U.N. scientists are probably now trying to figure out how to jam the protective modifications. Therefore, it is imperative to have the modifications done as soon as possible.”

“Once the modifications are made, turn on the machine and you will be receiving a preset transmission from the year 2148. This communication will contain a statement from an Infowars militia information officer and army commander concerning the theoretical basis for the development of planetary society to the final state of totalitarian global state capitalism. Have this statement disseminated as widely as possible just prior to the 2048 presidential elections. Good Luck and God Speed, Hunter.”

After taking instructions from a space-time engineer via phone, I made the requested modifications.  The spiritcom was rebooted with the new anti-jamming protections.  A holographic image was projected from the screen, and an old man, balding with a white beard, appeared. As with the last Infowars militia officer, he had a spinning wave in blue on his jump suit.

“Good evening, Dr. Faust, and Mr. Knight. My name is Lev Bronstein. In a prior life, or previous incarnation of my spiritual body, I was known in the 20th century as Leon Trotsky. You will find that history has a record of me as a Marxist revolutionary, philosopher, and first commander of the Red Army. I am now, in 2148, an information officer, and field commander, serving with the Infowars militia in the year 2148. I will be briefing you on our theoretical understanding of the situation in the global political economy at this time. We hope that it will guide your efforts to combat the global tyranny that the future holds for you if this emotional plague is not stopped as it develops and takes root in your own day. We can do longer do this, but instead must fight a protective war to preserve as much of the white race as we can.”

“The social, political, and economic analysis of capitalism made by Karl Marx in the middle of the 19th century proved out, as a diagnosis of the ills of the system, to have been largely correct. It is in applying a remedy that Marx failed, because he did not know how deep the spiritual pathology of humanity is. That the pathology would be worsened and reproduced in successor communist systems is something he could not know. Capitalism is an economic system that must continually expand or it dies. Due to technological innovation, and competition, there is a constant tendency for the rate of profit to fall over time. To counteract this, corporations spread out all over the globe seeking cheaper labor and raw materials. This phenomenon was known as imperialism. Lenin wrote a study of this entitled ‘Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.’ Over time, a few large international corporations came to dominate in most major lines of work. The United Nations, formed as a league of independent sovereign states, was transformed into a world government with an unelected multinational elite, controlled by global corporations, deciding the destiny of the formerly free nations of the earth.”

“During this development, and in reaction to it, Antisemitism and racism gained new life. These social cancers were used by the nonwhite majority of the earth to help exploit the new white minority. An unprecedented form of ‘thought control’ came to be enforced. White people, particularly white men, were blamed for all the evils of society and deprived of jobs and educational opportunities. Language was revised to enforce this idea. Identity politics, not substantive policy, came to dominate social policy. White men were put into political reeducation camps to be brainwashed with these ideas, and to work to pay for reparations to prior generations of nonwhites. White men were sterilized to provide for the eventual extinction of the white race.”

“I hope this analysis helps you and your comrades. I will take my leave. Good luck!”

With that, Commander Bronstein’s transmission ended. We had our work cut out for us in the coming days, months, and years. The spiritual fate of humanity is in the balance.

 Chapter 4

The presidential political campaign of 2020 kicked into high gear and continued red hot into the summer months.   The impeachment effort by the red fascist democrats to remove President Trump, on behalf of the American predatory global capitalists, was defeated in the Senate.  Just prior to the national nominating conventions of the major political parties, a secret effort was mounted in the executive branch to declare President Trump mentally incompetent pursuant to the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

While the unceasing efforts to overthrow the Trump administration continued with this tactic to declare him mentally unbalanced and dangerous, I was awoken one hot summer night by the unmistakable noise of the spiritcom device being activated by reception of a transmission.  

I bolted down the stairs from the sleeping loft into my work room.  As soon as the spiritcom sensed my biological energy field, the screen lit up and a holographic image of a robust middle aged man appeared projected out from the machine.  The transmitted figure wore the silver uniform of a patriotic warrior militia member.  and his hat revealed the clusters of a commander rank.


“Dr. Faust, my name is Moses Lincoln III.   I am the Supreme Field Commander of the Patriotic Militias.  I am transmitting from the year 2148.  I was sent by our political leadership to instruct you on military strategy to recapture the American Republic from the hands of the democrat red fascists, and their paymasters, the global state capitalists.”

“By the year 2030, the state apparatus of the United States was firmly under the control of the global state capitalists.  They maintained control over the mass of population through the online media and financial system.  The mass psychology and culture were in their hands.  The legal system had been totally weaponized.”

“I am giving you the strategy we presently use against these global state capitalist repressive forces with the hope that early implementation by you may make our task easier in our own time.  The fate of Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian people depends on you.”

“All trained and able-bodied militia need to relocate to the rural areas in each major state of the United States.  There, with legally obtained arms, and newly designed psychotronic weapons, they are to build base camps.  These camps will protect the rural communities that will be built by patriots and their families.  The camps will operate as boarding schools from pre-school through college as their legal operational existence.  The schools will teach the history of the white race, the values of Western civilization, the Bible, and the great classics of literature.  The communities  will engage in self-sustaining agriculture, crafts, publishing, and manufacturing.  Trade outside the rural militia protected communities will also be engaged in for ready cash. All work organizations will be based on individual responsibility, and no corporate or limited liability legal fictions will be set up.  The entire operation will be in preparation for declaring independence from the centralized global criminal capitalist state in Washington, D.C.   A new Articles of Confederation will be formed out of  the patriotic rural communities in each state where they have proved self-sustaining and well protected.  Only defensive operations will be initially maintained against the criminal capitalist state.  All “laws” passed by this fake criminal globalist United States of America will be declared by the Patriotic Confederation of States to be null and void ab initio (from the date of passage).  The U.S. Constitution will be modified to reflect its original intent, and adopted by the Confederation consistent with full autonomy for the individual states. The patriotic communities will adopt local laws against crime and to regulate commerce and interchange between themselves and the outside world.”

“We have contacted Dr. Hunter Thomas to form a team of paranormal scientists to develop psychic weapons to cleanse the atmosphere of harmful brainwashing chemicals and radiations being used to control the mass of population and turn them into compliant slaves and zombies as they are now in companies such as Amazon, Google, and by the mainstream media on behalf of the Democrat Party in order to control political consciousness.”

“Dr. Faust, your orders are to contact Dr. Thomas and start construction on the initial psychic devices such as the Wilhelm Reich atmospheric deadly energy cleanser, and the medical deadly biophysical energy removal device.  We are in contact with patriotic members of the U.S. military with instructions to start the  building and fortification of the patriotic rural communities.  We will be sending future transmissions as circumstances warrant.  God Bless the New American Patriotic Confederation and God Speed.”

With that, the holographic image of Commander Moses Lincoln faded.  I poured myself a stiff glass of Johnny Walker scotch.  I then packed my bags and prepared to travel to see Dr. Thomas.  I also sent a copy of the Commander’s statement to Alex Jones of the alternate media show “Infowars.”  I had been informed by  Lincoln that Jones will head the new counter-media to be developed to counter the globalist state capitalists’ lies with truth and spiritual values. 

Chapter 5

Leaving my loft apartment on Bond Street, Manhattan, I got into my old Mercury and set out to see Dr. Thomas.  My task was to work with him on the development of psychotronic weapons to free our citizens from the mass brainwashing and biopsychological immobilization imposed on them by the global state capitalists.  This sophisticated form of bio-psychological warfare  was being used to turn our citizens into compliant wage slaves and spiritual zombies.  My prior work with Thomas on Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, and the metaphysical research of Russian biophysicist Nikolai Levashov, put me in a good position to assist him.  In addition, we would draw on the work of Dr. Richard Blasband.  Dr. Blasband was a student of both Reich and Levashov. He did much to bring Levashov’s work to the attention of serious paranormal scientists.  

Dr. Thomas was in a secret underground location in Maryland.  This facility was built with 60 levels below ground and was constructed during the cold war  to house the most important scientists needed to restore life on earth after a nuclear or biological war.  He was sent there by President Trump upon assuming the mission to assist the developing patriotic militias through the development of psychic weapons.  I was instructed to proceed to a small private airport on Long Island.  Once there, I boarded a four seat propeller plane.  We took off for the underground base under a clear sky.  I was the only passenger.

During the flight, I reviewed in my mind the course of the research Dr. Hunter Thomas was developing.  Dr. Thomas had been trained in the theories of Nikolai Levashov by the orgonomist  Dr. Richard Blasband.  Nikolai Levashov, a Russian biophysicist, had found a natural scientific basis for the human spiritual energy body, or soul as it has been traditionally described by theologians and philosophers.  The physical basis was to be found in seven primary matters or forms of subatomic particles.  This also accounted for human reincarnation and the after “death” survival of consciousness.  With training, these primary matters could be used for time travel, as well as projection to higher dimensions.  This was the trans-temporal projection of consciousness.  Such time travel made it possible to bring back the plans for psychic weapons to neutralize the demonic entropic death energies of the criminal globalists.

Dr. Richard Blasband pioneered in synthesizing Levashov’s discoveries with the work of Wilhelm Reich.  Reich had discovered the source of the death energies in distorted cosmic energy, and developed a way of neutralizing such entropic death energies.

Upon arrival in rural northern Maryland, I was transported in an armored SUV to Dr. Thomas’s underground facility.  An elevator rushed me down to the 40th floor below ground level where Dr. Thomas had set up his research laboratory, library, and study area. His living quarters were also on the same level.     

Upon arrival at the appropriate level, I was greeted as the door opened by one of Hunter’s graduate assistants, Michael Silvert.  He immediately put a lab coat on me and affixed a radiation detector it.

“This is to warn us of sudden oranur effects (first discovered during the Oranur Experiment) around Dr. Thomas’s compound.”  Silvert spoke in confident tones.

“Dr. Thomas is waiting for you in the library.”

The library had an extensive collection of books on physics, philosophy, psychology, medicine, history, occult science, religion, natural science , and many other topics relevant to scientific work.  It ran the walls of a large circular room.  Dr. Hunter Thomas was waiting for me on a couch placed in the center of the room, with various plush arm chairs and tables  arranged in a semi-circle around the couch.  Some of the tables had ash trays on them.  Dr. Thomas smoked cigars. 

“Dr. Faust, please come into my chamber of thought experiments!” Dr. Thomas approached me with his with his typical vigor, sparkling eyes, and ruddy face.”Please sit down and I will explain the progress of my experimental work so far on the psychic weapon technology.”

Hunter Thomas settled in a plush leather armchair after offering me an adjoining one. Once ensconced, he lit a large Cuban cigar, and started to blow rings of smoke into the air.

 “You are no doubt aware from your study of metaphysics and paranormal science that the segment of reality we humans can sense and apprehend is within a narrow band of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum.  As to the wider reality of the cosmos, we can only see approximately 4 to 6 percent of it.  We see atomic matter, light, and energy, while 96 percent consists of the so-called dark energy and dark matter (with the large majority of that dark energy) part of the invisible domain.  It is as if we can see only the very tip of a massive iceberg.  Most of this super-sensible and invisible realm is teeming with life.  From low vibration organisms to the highest vibration ones residing near the Source of the Life Energy, there are times when they make incursions into our reality.  Both the highest and purest spiritual life energy consciousness, and the lower, destructive demonic energies clash for dominance in our reality and space / time dimension.  The great religions of the world conceptual this as the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil, Life vs. Death, God vs. the Devil.”

“This has a direct bearing on the political and spiritual struggle going on in our country today.  The death religion of Islamo-fascism, and the atheists of the socialist-communist Democrat party, funded and supported by the globalist state capitalists,  are destroying the spiritual life-affirmative health and economic vitality of our great nation.  They are smashing the sovereignty of the United States of America, leaving our citizens vulnerable to the exploitation and demonic energies of a New World Order of machine robot globalists. President Trump wants us to find a way of cleaning out the deadly psychic energies of these forces now infesting and immobilizing the mass of our population. I have called you here to work with me in developing a spiritual technology that will do this.  Fortunately, our old friend Dr. Wilhelm Reich has given us the tools to start building and testing such a metaphysical technology.”

“In 1951, the United States was at war with North Korea, and the prospect of a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea’s major supporter, the Soviet Union, was very real.  Dr. Reich thought it most urgent that a way be found to neutralize the anti-life death energies of nuclear fallout.  He had discovered the primary life giving cosmic energy he called “orgone,” and therefore reasoned that perhaps orgone energy could neutralize the deadly effects of atomic energy.  Reich used an orgone accumulator to provide a concentrated dose of the orgone energy.  Within the enclosure of the accumulator, he also placed a radioactive substance.  Both were then monitored in the lab at intervals to see what the interaction was doing.”

It did not take long for an intense reaction to develop The lab worker assigned to monitor the experiment, called “oranur” or orgone against nuclear radiation, went in to read the radiation detector near the accumulator.  The reading was off the charts.  Within 24 hours, a reaction had developed that produced a deadly form of the orgone energy that Reich called “DOR” or “deadly orgone energy.”  Instead of neutralizing the deadly nuclear energy, orgone energy itself became infested with it and went wild.  It immediately had a life negative effect on all living and nonliving nature, bringing out all latent biophysical pathology in humans, nearly killing the lab worker. DOR attacked trees and all vegetation producing a brown color and ultimately death.  It even effected minerals, turning them into powder.  The sky darkened as DOR clouds drifted over the area and produced a suffocating feeling in humans.”

What had happened is that the interaction between the life and death energies ripped open a doorway in the space/ time dimension of earth, and allowed demonic entities to flow into the earth from the metaphysical dimensions.” 

“Dr. Faust, please follow me to my lab where I have constructed a model of the demonic infestation cleansing device.”

Hunter lead me out of the library and down a hall lined with some type of insulating material.  The lab itself contained  an air shaft leading to the surface of the earth above, and large work tables filled with cables and metal tubes.  In the center of the room stood a large apparatus with eight silver tubes directed upward toward the air-shaft, and cables leading from them into a central tank filled with a blue glowing circulating fluid. 

Dr. Thomas continued his narration: “This psychic machine draws demonic energies from the atmosphere and down into the tank where they are neutralized. It can also draw deadly psychic energies from living organisms.  Here, I have it drawing any life negative energies that may be hovering over this underground compound.  Originally invented by Wilhelm Reich, he called it the psychic deadly energy buster.  This will be used clean out the biologically immobilizing  energies used by the global state capitalists to keep their wage slaves passive and unable to do little more than follow orders in a robotic fashion.  The patriotic militias will use the device to free people from their zombie state so that they can join in the struggle to restore healthy societies.” 

To this I replied: “Hunter, no matter what the ultimate fate of President Trump and the current New National Patriotic Movement, these demonic energy busters will be formidable  psychic weapons against the Death Energies.” The rest of our conversation that day I cannot currently divulge.  It has been classified “above top secret” by President Trump.  The next day I was flown back to New York City to resume my usual activities.  In reality, this was now a cover for my new assignment as a paranormal investigator for Dr. Thomas.

Chapter 6

Upon my return to my living quarters on Bond Street in Manhattan, I resumed my activities teaching philosophy at the New School for Social Research. My teaching salary barely covered my basic living expenses.  My substantial income came from my work as a private paranormal investigator and exorcist.  There were only a few of us practicing this esoteric science in the United States, and a handful in the European Union.  Historically, the kind of occult science and philosophy that I practice has been symbolically represented in fiction by Dr. Van Helsing (the occult scientist called in to investigate the case of a victim of a vampire as depicted in the novel and movie “Dracula”), and Professor Mueller (the expert in the Egyptian  occult shown in the 1932 classic movie “The Mummy,” starring Boris Karloff).  More recently, the 1970’s movie “The Exorcist” is a good depiction of a psychiatrist-priest at work as an exorcist.  My pioneering effort in this science has been to apply the knowledge and remedies discovered to mass social and political phenomena.   

In addition to my work with Dr. Thomas for the President, I had a commission from radio and online political and spiritual commentator Alex Jones.  I was to trace the sources of the demonic energies infesting the political leftists, Democrat Party, and the death religion of Islamic Fascism.  I was then to use my patented spiritual cleansing devices, and mass exorcism ability, to neutralize these life destructive energies and stalemate Satanic forces until more spiritual help can arrive from the Ether Civilization in the form of a fleet of metaphysical UFOs, lead by the Co-Commanders-in-Chief, Moses (external liberation), and Christ (internal liberation).  I was to use the life-affirmative spiritual energies of a corps of secret agent exorcists stationed on every continent of the earth to assist in this monumental effort.  Jones told me that President Trump was aware of this operation, but could not be openly in support due to the conspiracy of traitors around him to remove him from office. They will use any grounds to remove him because of mental illness.  The other operation that I was helping Dr. Thomas with was a designated national security effort that, while secret, could have more open support by the President.  It was hoped that these combined operations would stalemate the demonic forces until ultra-dimensional help could arrive.

Two weeks after returning home, I received a message from Alex Jones that 12 Secret Service Exorcists from around the world would be coming to see me in Manhattan. I was to instruct them on the problem in hand, and set up a time table for our collective efforts.  Dr. Thomas would be brought in via teleconference to participate.

Ten days after hearing from Alex Jones, I had 12 Secret Service Exorcists sitting in my large work room in my loft on Bond Street in Manhattan.  Dr. Hunter Thomas appeared on a large computer screen in a video conference call from his bunker in Maryland.  His voice was greatly amplified and boomed from the speakers of the computer.

“Dr Faust, please give our guests an overview of the current problem, and the solutions we have at hand, including the historical background of Dr. Reich’s 1951 experiment, and his discovery of the natural scientific basis of extra-dimensional domains.” 

Leo Faust went to the center of the room to speak in front of an old fashioned blackboard.  Chairs were arranged in a semi-circle around him.

In the period of 1951 to 1952, Wilhelm Reich was very concerned about the Korean war and the possibility that the United States would be hit by Soviet nuclear missiles.  He thought it of paramount importance that a way be found neutralize nuclear fallout.  He theorized that his discovery, orgone energy, which is life affirmative, might be able to neutralize nuclear energy, which is a death energy.  To that end, he placed a radioactive substance inside an orgone accumulator and monitored the reaction. The energy of life did indeed clash with the energy of death.  In the process a metaphysical door to the extra-dimensional  domains opened, allowing demonic entities to flood his laboratory and compound.  These destructive psychic energies infested the natural environment and humans alike.  Several laboratory workers became sick and almost died.  The natural environment around his laboratory and compound became intolerable and for several years unlivable. The strange clash produced what Reich called deadly orgone energy (DOR).  This DOR was life energy that had become infected with the death  energy.  DOR brought out latent biophysical and bio-psychological pathology in all humans exposed to it. A few were able to overcome it and come out of this clash with new vigorous health. Others succumbed to its effects in one way or another.  This experiment lead to the conclusion that we were dealing with demonic entities of the ultra-dimensions  in the clash between free societies and totalitarian societies. Orgone energy was the creative substance of the Source of Life Energy or God.  Nuclear energy was the destructive substance of the Devil or Satan in traditional theological language.”

[An orgone accumulator is depicted below]


Tom Knight, a graduate student in philosophy at the New School for Social Research, brought in a demonic energy cleansing device created by Dr. Reich in the mid-1950’s to cleanse DOR from the atmosphere, as well as out of the infestation or demonic possession of humans. When used in the atmosphere, Reich called it a cloud-buster. For use on humans, Dr. Reich called it a medical DOR-buster.  Leo resumed his presentation.

“This device, consisting as you can see of metal cables grounded in orgone rich water, will withdraw DOR from the effected geographic natural area or person. Each of you will be instructed in its operation, and it will be sent back with you to your designated theaters of psychic war.”

[Dr. Wilhelm Reich depicted below in his laboratory in Rangeley, Maine.] 

“May the God of the Life Energy be with all of you. The future is in your hands.  Victory or death!”



Lspn_comet_halley (1)


Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher, lawyer, and theologian, announces the formation of a planetary network of individuals in anticipation of the return of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). As promised by the Jewish Rabbi and Cabalist Jesus, and reaffirmed by John of Revelation [last book of NT], a fleet of metaphysical craft, commanded by the Jewish Cabalist, is expected in the near future to land on earth.  The purpose of this visitation will be to harvest and protect the spiritual energy bodies of all on Earth who can be saved, and to destroy the deadly enemies of life.

Jesus and his spiritual forces are highly evolved natural organisms from a higher dimensional etheric civilization out among the stars. The Planetary Citizens Network is a spontaneously self-organized network of individuals working to make contact with the Christ Interplanetary Fleet, and to facilitate the return mission of Rabbi / Cabalist Jesus.  Participants must be prepared to work on the borderline between physics and metaphysics  (See “The Oranur Experiment,” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings, pages 351-431, FS&G, 1961).  The concept and function of a Planetary Citizens Network was first suggested in the 1950s by the natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  See: Contact With Space by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957; The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).   See also: The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor James Constable (San Diego, California, The Book Tree, 2008); The Day the Earth Stood Still (Motion Picture, 1951, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation); Contact (Motion Picture, 1997, Warner Bros.).

wilhelm-reich-740x400 (2)

Reports of spiritual contact will be posted to this blog site. News concerning the cosmic mission of the extraterrestrial living intelligence known as Christ, as well as natural scientific and philosophical theoretical perspective clarifying his mission, will also be posted here.

Dr. Katz wrote this initial post on July 29, 2019. 


This political and social philosophy is highly individualistic and libertarian, economically, politically, socially, sexually (between consenting adults), and spiritually. Economic liberty for the individual is the most fundamental. Whatever group controls that, will control all else. Freedom in all spheres of human functioning is the guiding primary principle. The central functional principle is that a healthy society runs on the basis of mutual consent, mutual aid, and healthy competition. There is no necessity for a coercive State since such centralized police structures are used to repress and exploit the majority of the population for the benefit of economic, social, and political elite classes. Administrative structures to regulate banking, commerce, and self-defense are staffed by a rotating roster of citizens. People self-regulate and provide mutual protection and assistance. The economy is based on the exchange of labor energy between people. Social form follows economic function. There are no permanent taxes and no political representatives. Each person votes on common issues and public policy via technology. People vote to contribute economic support directly to needed projects. Each person represents himself or herself. .  Politicians do not exist as such.  The functions of love, work, and knowledge, govern human functioning. People are responsible for solving their own problems, both individually and collectively.  For theoretical background, see the movie “Fountainhead” starring Gary Cooper (screen play by philosopher Ayn Rand). Also read the work of Ayn Rand, particularly the novels “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.” See also, the work of Wilhelm Reich on “work democracy.”  Libertarian political philosophy transcends the left / right dichotomy of ruling castes. The libertarian political philosophy is against communism, socialism, crony capitalism, monopoly capitalism, and corporate state capitalism (both domestic and global). It is strongly in favor of unfettered and spontaneous individual functioning. In the United States today, we have a form of fascist corporate state / global state capitalism.

From time to time, I will post commentary on movies, both new and old, that have deep implications for metaphysics and mysticism.  I will pick movies that relate to the themes covered in my writings on this blog.AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)

  • Darren Aronofsky is one of the leading current filmmakers and directors of movies dealing with mystical and metaphysical themes. He started in the late 1990s with “Pi,” an exploration of the Cabala, number theory, and the computer capacity to deal with very large and sophisticated computations.  Max, a math genius, is investigating the stock market to find numerical patterns in the values of stocks.  He writes a book on it that brings him to the attention of a group of cabalists.  The cabalists enlist Max to help them find the true name of God coded in the Torah.  He does find it, but is driven mad by the intensity of the feeling elicited by his contact with the true name.  This was followed by “Requiem for A Dream” exploring the “American Dream” and consumerism as the background to drug addition and human degradation.  Here, drugs represent a temporary relief from alienation and a search for the “high” formerly given by God.  All the drug takers are destroyed by this attempt to find an easy way out of the human dilemma.  This was followed by “Noah.” “Noah” is a retelling of the flood story from the subjective choices and feelings of Noah and his family. Here, an existentialist theme is explored with Noah given the choice by God as to the survival of the human race post flood. Aronofsky’s most recent film is the 2017 “Mother.” This movie explores the tendency of humans to destroy their messiahs.  In a Kafkaesque setting in a rural cabin, a poet and his young wife are living a life devoted to his efforts to write.  He does not overcome his writer’s block until strange visitors start arriving and staying as guests. He write a wonderful book that sells out on the first day of publication. Then, hordes of well wishers and fans descend on the house destroying everything in an attempt to devour the creative energies of the poet. All of these films point to the quest for salvation through full contact God. In all cases the quest falls short.
  • The recent (2019) film “The Two Popes,” staring Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, directed by Fernando Meirelles, was the finest movie I have seen in many, many years.  The true story, about the retirement of a conservative Pope, and his replacement by a liberal one, was deeply soul moving.  It shows the dialectical unification of opposites in a higher and truly healing concentration of spiritual consciousness.  This is a look at the functioning of Absolute Mind.


Thank you for your response.  I take note that you have been thinking of a  “kind” or friendly way to express your views in reply to my libertarian political philosophy. You need not have worried about it.  My ego is not so fragile.
I have fought economic and social oppression all my life, including the “white male” kind that I myself, growing up, experienced at the hands of some males, both white, and I might add, other colors or races. I also have experienced such oppression at the hands of females of all colors. The problem is not gender or skin color, but is the character structure and spiritual pathology of the human being (as Dr. Wilhelm Reich so cogently pointed out and supported with years of research).  This spiritual pathology resulted in the murder of Christ, and almost all who sought to free the human race from demonic entrapment. See The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967); and Man In The Trap by Elsworth Baker (N.Y., Macmillan, 1967).
I have had this discussion with other people in friendships or prospective relationships.  I find that there is an ideological armor in those that reject people for holding different views on these hot button topics, even in relationships holding no relevancy to such philosophies and centering on other common interests. I had one date where my prospective partner was very enthusiastic about me, until she learned I supported President Trump.  Then, despite the fact that how I cast my vote did not in any manner, shape or form, change my personal qualities, the relationship was off.  I did not try to argue.  I know that such irrational views will not be changed, no matter how much contrary evidence is presented, or how irrelevant they may be to the situation.
Interestingly, my current socio-political philosophy does not seem to matter to two old friends from the 1960s who you may remember, Tom T. and Irwin R.  That is because I am not in favor of human oppression of the male / white or any other kind.  At core, my philosophy is the same as it was in the 1960s.  I am a libertarian.  That is why I was against the draft and the Vietnam war, and in favor of  human freedom for all genders and races.  That is what attracted me to the counterculture, psychedelics, free thinking, and free lifestyles.  I am against totalitarian states, whether controlled by Red Fascists, Black Fascists, theocrats, or monopoly capitalists.  
Today, the new ruling class is a Red Fascist State, stratified by race and gender,  controlled by a corporate / media power elite, and calling itself “modern liberal.” Such oppressive social forces seek to destroy the values of Western Judeo-Christian Civilization, and white men.  White men are not superior in human terms to any other men or women, but we should not be excluded from jobs, and ultimately enslaved, on the basis of skin color or gender nor should any other humans no matter what skin color or gender. As Dr. King put it, we should all be judged on the content of our characters.
All the best, from your old comrade X.
EMOTIONAL PLAGUE ALERT IN THE UNITED STATES!!  Looming in the U.S. is something taking place in South Africa and starting to take place in Europe: the genocide of white people. Reparations started it off in South Africa. Now we have the mass killing of white farmers and the seizing of their land under laws passed by the communist South African government. Starting innocently with affirmative action plans in the 1970s, the slippery slope to genocide of the white race has accelerated to political correctness, outright quotas, and now the discussions in Congress for reparations, despite the fact that the people who would be liable for such under any rational jurisprudence have been dead for at least 100 years or more. Also, 98 percent of the ancestors of current white people have no connection whatsoever with slavery in the U.S. or elsewhere. In fact, black people may have ancestors who took part and profited from the slave trade from Africa, and many blacks are here directly from Africa long after slavery existed here or their countries of origin. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have a major responsibility for the current return of the slave trade in Libya. No slavery existed in Libya while Col. Gadafi was in power (however bad some of his other policies may have been). Clinton and Obama had him murdered in violation of all norms of international law and without trial. Support of the Second Amendment is absolutely rational in the face of the coming and increasing attacks on white people. It was reported by the N.Y. Post last week, and other newspapers, that a black parolee allegedly told a witness that he raped and beat a white woman on the roof of a Bronx apartment since she was responsible for all of the past crimes of whites historically against blacks in the U.S. That is based on the reparation idea to be owed by current white people. By 2042, white people will be in the minority in this country. The geocide against white people, and the destruction of Western Civilization, will be completed by the dawn of the 22nd century, if not sooner. This will be carried out by radical blacks, Islamic fundamentalists, and aided and abetted by the Red Fascist Democrat Party. In the face of all this, self-defense by white people, including Jewish people, will be an absolute necessity and impossible if the Second Amendment is repealed or extremely restricted by laws and regulations.
See: The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan (N.Y., St. Martins, 2002); The White Nationalist Manifesto by Greg Johnson (San Francisco, Counter-Current Publishing, 2018); White Identity by Jared Taylor (New Century Books, 2011).