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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Proceeding inductively, the Life Energy (LE), as observed, seems to show that its creative core is higher dimensional, of absolute mind, high energy vibration, and densely packed in the quantum domain.  LE is the prime mover of our universe, but not the multiverse.  As Eastern philosophers and theologians assert, LE is existence, consciousness, and bliss.  It is both immanent, and transcendent.  On the surface, change is constant. At core, LE is an eternal ocean of cosmic energy.  Sigmund Freud called religious feeling “oceanic.”  Alfred Adler derived his concept of primal social energy from the LE (Gemeinschaftsgefuhl).  For C.J. Jung, it is the power behind the archetypes.  Wilhelm Reich called it orgone energy, and found the LE in the function of the orgasm.

For purposes of clarity, we need to be clear that there is unhealthy and healthy spirituality. Unhealthy spirituality is driven by pathogenic mysticism. Internal biological sensations and thoughts that are armored by defenses will be projected onto the environment and treated as actual existing entities. There is repressed sexuality that can only be discharged in perverted ways with various ideological overlays. In healthy and natural spirituality , the cosmic bio-energy in the body has full contact with the cosmic energy in the environment. There is a functional identity that allows creation to be celebrated in sexual intercourse and cosmic creation.

Life Energy theologians are natural scientists and philosophers. We are dealing with a tangible reality that can be measured objectively and felt subjectively. Life energy is subject to experimental protocols. Physics / metaphysics is cosmic energy, and quantum physics. The quantum spiritual energy body survives the death of the biological body as a concrete matter of natural science, not as a matter of wish fulfillment or psychological projection.  It seeks its earthly companions as a matter of action at a distance and quantum entanglement.  That is how we join our loved ones after “death.”

Metaphysical medicine is energy healing by the radiation of curative psychic energy in a precise and direct way from the psychic healer into the patient. See the work of Dr. Richard Blasband at the “Center for Functional Research.”  This psychic energy was called orgone energy by Dr. Reich.  It charges up the quantum spiritual bodies that under-gird the biological body.  It boosts the immune system, and kills cancer cells while also accelerating the healing of cuts and wounds.  Orgone accmulators and blankets can also perform these healing functions in a general way.  The metaphysical healer must be open and relative unarmored to be able to project the healing energy into the patient, and sense the stagnant pools of deadly physic energy residing in the patient, called deadly orgone energy by Dr. Reich (DOR).wilhelm-reich-740x400 (2)

Some physicists now theorize that quantum particle entanglement (what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”) diminishes with the increase in the number of particles involved. This is may be the cosmic energetic basis for the historical observation that salvation may be gained by the existential individual, but not the collective. The revolution will always be betrayed.

There are many anti-Christs arising in each generation.

Spiritual maturity is attained when the transcendent creation energy fuses with the immanent life energy in functional identity, without distortion or armored blockage.

For the developing science behind the “Religion of Life Energy,” see: “Wilhelm Reich — Selected Writings” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (NY, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1960); “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock (NY, Dutton, 2011).