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Monthly Archives: December 2022

As the war between Russia and the United States escalates on the battlefields of Ukraine, we all should be asking questions and demanding immediate answers. We are on the verge of a catastrophic civilization ending nuclear war. Is that what we want? I say NO!! No sane person would, and the people of the United States say NO! Biden and other officials and their families will be underground in fortified bunkers with other insane people from the totalitarian security state. They will join the neo-fascist global state capitalists and Neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab to “build back better” after millions die. We regular citizens on the surface will perish!! I ASK MY FELLOW CITIZENS, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? IF YOU DON’T WANT IT, WHAT WILL YOU DO TO STOP IT? HOW ABOUT ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATIONS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY INCLUDING WASHINGTON, D.C. DO YOU INTEND TO LET THEM MURDER YOU, YOUR FAMILIES, AND ALL OF CIVILIZATION FOREVER? THIS IS THE MURDER OF CHRIST WRIT LARGE!!!!!!

 I remember the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 very clearly. I was in high school at the time, and avidly following politics and world events. At that time, by the Grace of God, we had a leader, President Kennedy, who was in command with excellent advisors, including his brother, Attorney-General Robert Kennedy. President Kennedy was able, by back-channel diplomacy, to close a deal with Soviet leader Khrushchev by giving him a face-saving arrangement allowing Khrushchev to withdraw the missiles from Cuba, while NATO removed missiles from Turkey. Today, in stark contrast, we have a President who is dangerously incompetent, and those calling the shots, and giving him instructions, are reckless sociopaths. All reading this comment should call their Congressional representatives and advocate for a peace treaty and immediate cease fire. Massive street demonstrations need to be held. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE!! EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, SUPPORT ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. SHARING THE POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF HIS FATHER AND UNCLE, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY, MR. KENNEDY WILL END THIS DESTRUCTIVE AND VERY DANGEROUS WAR!

We are now living through one of those periods in history that remake the world. There is a life and death spiritual struggle between the human race and global corporate state fascism. Mussolini once defined “fascism” as “the merger of corporatism and the state.” Now, it is the merger of international monopoly capitalism and the global state under the mask of the UN and the World Economic Forum! This is indeed fascism as Leviathan. The only socio-economic structures existing to protect people from this enemy of humanity is the nation state and old-fashioned life-affirmative American values. This should be kept in mind when reading the following analysis of the current war between the Ukraine and Russia. The conflict is actually a war between the U.S. / “New World Order” against Russia using Ukraine as a pawn.

Russia and the United States of America are natural allies as Christian Nations. Even when Russia was temporarily ruled by communists during WW II, both were allied and beat the Axis powers, including the supposedly invincible Nazis. Robert Kennedy Jr., if elected President in 2024, will see that a friendly or at least normal working relationship with Russia is restored. Both Kennedy and Putin are spiritually healthy nationalists and opposed to the Neo-Fascist New World Order of global state monopoly capitalism, and its trans-humanist agenda of the destruction of life-affirmative cultural values. President Kennedy will address Russia’s legitimate security concerns about military encirclement by NATO, and the world will be pulled back from a nuclear holocaust!

The central reality that needs to be understood about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is that Russia is not fighting the Ukraine primarily. Russia is at war with the globalists. Ukraine has become a pawn of the globalist effort to destroy the spiritual and material strength of Russia as a major obstacle to their world totalitarian control. As a strong sovereign nation, once a major center of Christianity in the world, Russia does not want to fall under the domination and control of global state corporate capitalism and its transhumanist agenda. Russia is struggling against the neo-fascist global corporate state, and their pawns like the U.S. under the Biden administration, EU / NATO / U.N. President Putin, in the face of the recent arms build-up in the Ukraine and the encirclement of Russia on its western borders by NATO, with the ethnic cleansing of Russian people in the Eastern Ukraine by real Neo-Nazis (with roots in the forces in the Ukraine who supported Hitler during WW II) , is a leader who wants to protect his nation, people, and Christian values. Never forget, that Russia has historically been invaded from the West, most recently by the German Nazis in WW II (and Napoleon before that). Like Stalin at Stalingrad, when Russia was under attack by Hitler and his Nazi forces during WW II, Putin is saying “you go no further!” Russia has been encircled in Eastern Europe by NATO and U.S. forces and arms. The trans-humanist global monopoly corporate state cartels, via their pawns like counterfeit President Joe Biden and his handlers, want to weaken all sovereign nations that oppose their predatory plans to bring in a totalitarian global corporate state, and pathogenic trans-humanist social values, including the genetic modification of humans to create an elite bio-cyber human, and a mass of bio-cyber dumbed down slaves. The recent release of the COVID bio-weapon was the first step towards this racial remake. The “vaccine” to it is a method of genetic modification and population control. Russia poses a major threat to these plans as a strong Christian Nation with traditional social values.

Give peace a chance! Efforts on the part of the U.S. and NATO should be to deescalate the current conflict in the Ukraine, not escalate!! Innocent people on all sides of this conflict are being hurt and killed. It needs to be ended immediately, and all sides need to negotiate peace by a recognition of the legitimate rights and needs of all parties. If Robert Kennedy Jr. was President of the United States, this conflict would never have started. He would have addressed the long-standing security concerns of Russia. It is still not too late to do so and prevent a wider and more dangerous conflict! It could have been stopped, if just a few weeks before Russia invaded the Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO would have agreed not to admit the Ukraine to NATO without Russian agreement.

This struggle against Christian values, and sovereign nations, will, in all likelihood, last well into the end of the 21st century, provided that the human race is not obliterated by WW IV before then (counting the cold war as WW III). The invasion by illegal immigrants via our own southern border is another front of this war by the criminal global corporatists and their UN pawns. Suddenly, the neo-fascists in control of the American government are concerned about sovereign borders in the case of the Ukraine where it can be a pretext for war against Russia. The full picture of the threat to global human civilization, purchased at the price of blood and treasure down through the centuries, is coming into crystal clear focus!! Know the enemies of life and fight them with any and all means available, including in defense against the domestic attack of the depopulation “vaccine” death shots by Big Pharma on U.S. citizens. Fight!! Fight!!

This is a concise guideline for future life energy theologians, philosophers, and clergy. Those practicing Life Energy Theology will need this kind of background to function effectively in meeting people’s metaphysical needs, leading them to spiritual health, and contributing to the theoretical and practical knowledge base of a natural religion rooted in cosmic or orgone energy.

The character requirements are most important. A person joining the clergy of the Universal Life Energy Religion will need to have the capacity to experience a healthy full body orgasm with the satisfaction of the discharge of all or nearly all excess bio-energy. Repression of the function of the orgasm by bio-psychological armoring gives rise to all of the destruction and murder of life now attributed to the Devil, the Demonic, and Satan. See The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, various editions). Repression of this primal function also causes blockage of the life-affirmative spiritual energy making expansion into the higher metaphysical dimensions difficult. Migrating spiritual energy bodies carrying deadly psychic energy will more likely be trapped in the hellish death zones. See Birthright by Timothy Alberino (MT., Alberino Publishing, 2020). Therefore, Life Energy Theologians / Clergy will be expected to have a love partner and their own children. Celibacy is discouraged, unless temporary due to physical illness or unavoidable circumstances. Even in circumstances where no loving partner is available, periodic masturbation, and “friends with benefits,” can provide a decent outlet for sexual energies. Celibacy produces deadly stagnant or immobilized life (orgone) energy within the body (DOR), and, sooner or later, destructive behavior and organic disease. See The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, various editions).

A course of treatment of medical orgone therapy, core energetic therapy, bioenergetics, or other offshoot of medical orgone therapy, with a trained therapist is a basic requirement of all who want to do this work. This will restore the capacity to experience deep orgasm, increase empathy for life, and tend to help a person be more effective in their work and personal life. In other words, it should increase orgastic potency. See: Character Analysis by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Translated by Dr. Theodore P. Wolf (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1949); The Function of the Orgasm, Sex-Economic Problems of Biological Energy, by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Translated from the German by Dr. Theodore P. Wolf (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961); Man in the Trap by Dr. Elsworth F. Baker ((Princeton, N.J., The American College of Orgonomy Press, 2000); A Way of Life: Core Energetics by Stuart Black (N.Y., iUniverse Inc., 2004); Joy by Dr. Alexander Lowen (N.Y., Penguin Books, 1995); Core Energetics by Dr. John C. Pierrakos (Mendocino, Cal., Core Evolution Publications, 2021); Harbors for Life – Collected Writings on the Metaphysics of the Life Energy by Dr. Steven Katz (N.Y., Harbors for Life Publications, 2022); Wilhelm Reich – Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy by Dr. Steven Katz (MagCloud Press, 2009); Reichian Growth Work – Melting the Blocks to Life and Love by Nick Totton & Em Edmondson, Illustrated by Kirsty O’Connor (U.K., Prism Press, 1988).

As to educational requirements, a person entering into this life energy work needs to be well-trained in philosophy, theology (including astrotheology), developmental psychology, sociology, political science, natural and social science, functional mysticism, paranormal science / parapsychology and UFO studies, energy medicine, law, general world history and the history of orgonomy. They must be able to perform basic experiments and atmospheric observations demonstrating the existence of orgone energy (life energy). The Life Energy Theologian / Clergy will need to be trained in spiritual energy release and healing. The goal of the Life Energy Theologian is to strip away layers of spiritual armor, and help the person reach his core spiritual energy (CSE). This will resurrect the inner Christ Archetype and reunite the transcendent and immanent spiritual energy in a functional unity that expresses itself in the function of the orgasm. Core spiritual energy powers the stars and galaxies.

People will need to have a personal guide or mentor in the Life Energy to supervise and certify their work. These educational requirements can be acquired both formally and informally. Ideally, academic degrees in relevant fields, combined with independent study and continuing education, would be sufficient. Any other background of education and experience can be evaluated by a qualified Life Energy Theologian. Functional ability is more important than formal credentials. Certification in Life Energy Theology will eventually be a function of a still to be created College of Life Energy Theology. Until such time as a college can be established, certification will be made by existing qualified Life Energy Theologians.

Practitioners of Life Energy Theology will be expected to support themselves independent of their activities as Life Energy Theologians / Clergy. There will be no “church” and no full-time practitioners. Institutions inevitably kill the truth of the knowledge they are trying to transmit. History demonstrates that institutions and permanent organizations can and do frequently turn into the exact opposite of what their founders intended. The tragic fate of established religions and political ideologies testifies to this fact. It is anticipated that small study / worship groups will temporarily form to explore the metaphysical realities of the Life Energy much as Jesus traveled with a group of 12 disciples.

The Revelatory Event (“Primal Event”) that is at the core of Life Energy Theology took place during an experiment Dr. Wilhelm Reich performed in 1951 to see if the Life Energy could neutralize nuclear fallout and treat radiation sickness. He engaged in the experiment in response to the outbreak of the Korean War. During the experiment an emergency situation developed when the borderline between biophysics and metaphysics temporarily dissolved. The natural scientific and philosophic basis of God emerged. Good and evil revealed itself. See The Oranur Experiment by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). Later, in a recorded statement, Dr. Reich expressed how utterly alone he felt in understanding the deep philosophical implications of the experiment. He thought that not a single co-worker or student knew what Oranur had revealed. The entire report and recorded statement (on an audiotape entitled “Alone”) can be currently be obtained from the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine. An excerpt of the “Oranur Experiment” is included in Reich’s Collected Work (see citation below). See also, posted on the Blog Harbors for Life: “Life Energy Illuminism – the Method of Science and the Aim of Religion” by Dr. Steven Katz

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