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Monthly Archives: June 2019

The libertarian anarchist / anarcho-capitalist political, social and economic philosophy is highly individualistic. Economic and existential liberty for the individual are the most fundamental freedoms. Whatever group controls them, will control all else. Freedom in all spheres of human functioning is the guiding primary principle. The central functional principle is that a healthy society runs on the basis of mutual consent, mutual aid, and healthy competition. There is no necessity for a coercive State since such centralized police structures are used to repress and exploit the majority of the population for the benefit of economic, social, and political elite classes. Administrative structures to regulate banking, commerce, and self-defense are staffed by a rotating roster of citizens. People self-regulate and provide mutual protection and assistance. The economy is based on the exchange of labor energy between people. Cooperative / Competitive labor functions free of the corporate form (Corporations as a legal form are abolished).  People are personally responsible for their work.  Social form follows economic function. There are no permanent taxes and no political representatives. Each person votes on common issues and public policy via technology. People vote to contribute economic support directly to needed projects. Each person represents himself or herself.   For theoretical background, see the movie The Fountainhead starring Gary Cooper (screen play by philosopher Ayn Rand). Also read the work of Ayn Rand, particularly the novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. See also, the work of Wilhelm Reich on “work democracy.”  Libertarian political philosophy transcends the left / right dichotomy of ruling castes. The libertarian anarchist / anarcho-capitalist political philosophy is against communism, socialism, crony capitalism, monopoly capitalism, and corporate state capitalism (both domestic and global). It is strongly in favor of unfettered and spontaneous individual functioning based on natural law. In the United States today, we have a form of fascist corporate state / global state capitalism.

From time to time, I will post commentary on movies, both new and old, that have deep implications for metaphysics and mysticism.  I will pick movies that relate to the themes covered in my writings on this blog.AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)

  • Darren Aronofsky is one of the leading current filmmakers and directors of movies dealing with mystical and metaphysical themes. He started in the late 1990s with “Pi,” an exploration of the Cabala, number theory, and the computer capacity to deal with very large and sophisticated computations.  Max, a math genius, is investigating the stock market to find numerical patterns in the values of stocks.  He writes a book on it that brings him to the attention of a group of cabalists.  The cabalists enlist Max to help them find the true name of God coded in the Torah.  He does find it, but is driven mad by the intensity of the feeling elicited by his contact with the true name.  This was followed by “Requiem for A Dream” exploring the “American Dream” and consumerism as the background to drug addition and human degradation.  Here, drugs represent a temporary relief from alienation and a search for the “high” formerly given by God.  All the drug takers are destroyed by this attempt to find an easy way out of the human dilemma.  This was followed by “Noah.” “Noah” is a retelling of the flood story from the subjective choices and feelings of Noah and his family. Here, an existentialist theme is explored with Noah given the choice by God as to the survival of the human race post flood. Aronofsky’s most recent film is the 2017 “Mother.” This movie explores the tendency of humans to destroy their messiahs.  In a Kafkaesque setting in a rural cabin, a poet and his young wife are living a life devoted to his efforts to write.  He does not overcome his writer’s block until strange visitors start arriving and staying as guests. He write a wonderful book that sells out on the first day of publication. Then, hordes of well wishers and fans descend on the house destroying everything in an attempt to devour the creative energies of the poet. All of these films point to the quest for salvation through full contact God. In all cases the quest falls short.
  • The recent (2019) film “The Two Popes,” staring Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, directed by Fernando Meirelles, was the finest movie I have seen in many, many years.  The true story, about the retirement of a conservative Pope, and his replacement by a liberal one, was deeply soul moving.  It shows the dialectical unification of opposites in a higher and truly healing concentration of spiritual consciousness.  This is a look at the functioning of Absolute Mind.


Thank you for your response.  I take note that you have been thinking of a  “kind” or friendly way to express your views in reply to my libertarian political philosophy. You need not have worried about it.  My ego is not so fragile.
I have fought economic and social oppression all my life, including the “white male” kind that I myself, growing up, experienced at the hands of some males, both white, and I might add, other colors or races. I also have experienced such oppression at the hands of females of all colors. The problem is not gender or skin color, but is the character structure and spiritual pathology of the human being (as Dr. Wilhelm Reich so cogently pointed out and supported with years of research).  This spiritual pathology resulted in the murder of Christ, and almost all who sought to free the human race from demonic entrapment. See The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967); and Man In The Trap by Elsworth Baker (N.Y., Macmillan, 1967).
I have had this discussion with other people in friendships or prospective relationships.  I find that there is an ideological armor in those that reject people for holding different views on these hot button topics, even in relationships holding no relevancy to such philosophies and centering on other common interests. I had one date where my prospective partner was very enthusiastic about me, until she learned I supported President Trump.  Then, despite the fact that how I cast my vote did not in any manner, shape or form, change my personal qualities, the relationship was off.  I did not try to argue.  I know that such irrational views will not be changed, no matter how much contrary evidence is presented, or how irrelevant they may be to the situation.
Interestingly, my current socio-political philosophy does not seem to matter to two old friends from the 1960s who you may remember, Tom T. and Irwin R.  That is because I am not in favor of human oppression of the male / white or any other kind.  At core, my philosophy is the same as it was in the 1960s.  I am a libertarian.  That is why I was against the draft and the Vietnam war, and in favor of  human freedom for all genders and races.  That is what attracted me to the counterculture, psychedelics, free thinking, and free lifestyles.  I am against totalitarian states, whether controlled by Red Fascists, Black Fascists, theocrats, or monopoly capitalists.  
Today, the new ruling class is a Red Fascist State, stratified by race and gender,  controlled by a corporate / media power elite, and calling itself “modern liberal.” Such oppressive social forces seek to destroy the values of Western Judeo-Christian Civilization, and white men.  White men are not superior in human terms to any other men or women, but we should not be excluded from jobs, and ultimately enslaved, on the basis of skin color or gender nor should any other humans no matter what skin color or gender. As Dr. King put it, we should all be judged on the content of our characters.
All the best, from your old comrade X.
EMOTIONAL PLAGUE ALERT IN THE UNITED STATES!!  Looming in the U.S. is something taking place in South Africa and starting to take place in Europe: the genocide of white people. Reparations started it off in South Africa. Now we have the mass killing of white farmers and the seizing of their land under laws passed by the communist South African government. Starting innocently with affirmative action plans in the 1970s, the slippery slope to genocide of the white race has accelerated to political correctness, outright quotas, and now the discussions in Congress for reparations, despite the fact that the people who would be liable for such under any rational jurisprudence have been dead for at least 100 years or more. Also, 98 percent of the ancestors of current white people have no connection whatsoever with slavery in the U.S. or elsewhere. In fact, black people may have ancestors who took part and profited from the slave trade from Africa, and many blacks are here directly from Africa long after slavery existed here or their countries of origin. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have a major responsibility for the current return of the slave trade in Libya. No slavery existed in Libya while Col. Gadafi was in power (however bad some of his other policies may have been). Clinton and Obama had him murdered in violation of all norms of international law and without trial. Support of the Second Amendment is absolutely rational in the face of the coming and increasing attacks on white people. It was reported by the N.Y. Post last week, and other newspapers, that a black parolee allegedly told a witness that he raped and beat a white woman on the roof of a Bronx apartment since she was responsible for all of the past crimes of whites historically against blacks in the U.S. That is based on the reparation idea to be owed by current white people. By 2042, white people will be in the minority in this country. The geocide against white people, and the destruction of Western Civilization, will be completed by the dawn of the 22nd century, if not sooner. This will be carried out by radical blacks, Islamic fundamentalists, and aided and abetted by the Red Fascist Democrat Party. In the face of all this, self-defense by white people, including Jewish people, will be an absolute necessity and impossible if the Second Amendment is repealed or extremely restricted by laws and regulations.
See: The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan (N.Y., St. Martins, 2002); The White Nationalist Manifesto by Greg Johnson (San Francisco, Counter-Current Publishing, 2018); White Identity by Jared Taylor (New Century Books, 2011).