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Monthly Archives: July 2023

We are facing a world historical period of the radical transformation of every dimension of human existence that far transcends political parties, ideologies, and individual leaders. For the rest of the 21st Century, it will threaten to change the biological, social, technological, economic, and spiritual realities that have defined human existence. Those who believe in the sanctity of human life as natural and spiritual law have defined it through God’s instructions, must form a movement to protect life from the transhumanists, technocrats, and global state capitalists who will kill 90 percent of the global population via bioweapons, chemicals, and deadly electromagnetic energies. They are being assisted by puppets like Biden, etc. in the formerly sovereign nations, and the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO, IMF etc. among international institutions. Our descendants, those who survive the most terrible and demonic anti-life onslaught ever unleashed, will be submissive slave labor controlled by AI robots, if not eventually outright replaced. We need universal leaders who understand this and can courageously lead working class citizens in a fight to the death against these mass killers. We need movements and leaders, not political parties controlled by wealthy donors who answer to the global state capitalists. In RFK and Donald Trump, I think we have such leaders. But this is a movement that must continue no matter what happens in 2024.

With the placing of Joseph Biden as President of the United States, the Nation lost its de jure and de facto sovereignty and became a colony of Red China. A sober analysis of the 2020 Presidential Election reveals that President Trump was forced out of office by a criminal conspiracy consisting of Red China, the pseudo-liberal communists in the democrat party, major global state capitalist media, and the American global state capitalist class using the control they have purchased in nations like the U.S., and world political organizations like the UN, WHO, IMF, etc. Behind it all are the puppet manipulators in the global state capitalist class using Red China as a military force. They have greatly accelerated their silent war against America with the release of the bio-weapon known as the Wuhan corona-virus. The ultimate objective is the destruction of what remains of the rule of law and the constitutional American Republic, the Judeo-Christian value system, Western Civilization, and by the end of the 21st century, genocide of the white or Caucasian race.

Other than possibly Robert F. Kennedy Jr., there is no one at present to fill President Trump’s role in the “Make America Great Again” political, social, medical, and economic movement. This movement transcends any political party. Our task now is to strengthen and expand this movement to meet the challenges of the coming days and years. New leaders must be educated, and the political ideology of the “Make America Great Again” movement needs to be developed and fully articulated in a way that will express the understanding of the diverse conservative, populist, and nationalist forces in it. We aim to restore the American Constitutional Republic as a government of specifically granted express powers based on natural law, and Judeo-Christian values. The purpose of government is to protect the core functions of life: love, work and knowledge. The American Constitutional Republic stands for free-market capitalism, limited government, and respect for religion. Without complete economic freedom and self-responsiblity, an individual can have no real political rights. The U.S. Constitution was intended by its framers to protect state rights. The federal government was designed to possess strictly limited powers. We stand for traditional American values. The struggle of our movement against the criminal global state capitalists (including Red China, now a global state capitalist power as defined by Raya Dunyevskaya in her extensive writings) is one that will of neccessity continue until the end of the present century. Therefore, we must strengthen and spread this movement. While doing so, we must resist the criminal traitorous agents inside and outside of the Stalinist democrat party, and their puppet masters in Red China / UN, on every level: political, economic, social, medical, and ideological.

By coming into power by coup, the administration of Joe Biden does not constitute the lawful government of the United States of America. The 2nd American Revolution needs to be launched. Resistance can take place in every neighborhood in the United States. This criminal government has no legitimacy whatsoever having seized power by election fraud, and unrelenting psy-op media war. Resistence is lawful under our Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution. A Biden / Harris administration is illigitmate, and any laws signed by Red Chinese agent Joe Biden are void ab initio.

We are at war and under attack by Red China, and their global state / UN capitalist enablers via biowarfare, psychological warfare, cyber attack, and Red Army military infiltration. The time has come to organize and initiate the 2nd American Revolution. The answer to 1984 is 1776!! The first step is to withdraw consent from the criminal government now coming into power and refuse to obey its illegal and unconstitutional orders. Without our consent to fake elections, economic lockdown, house arrest, and forced inoculation, they are powerless. This goes for all the other UN, WHO, Chinese Communist directives. Joe Biden is under the control and direction of Red China and their intelligence operatives. The fake pandemic is being used to destroy our economy and demoralize our population. Do not obey. Do not recognize this criminal government. A state of war now exists between the American Constitutional Republic and Red China, the global state capitalists like Bill Gates and world-wide social media, the UN, and the traitorous democrat party.

An important next step in the New American Revolution is for states having sufficient internal political and economic support, such as Texas, to separate from the North American United States of Red China a/k/a the United States of America. These states can form their own union as the Patriotic American States or some such construct. For example, Texas would be a good central organizing hub for the joining of other states. This would of course be by a voluntary compact between the states, and those that desire can remain as they are now.

Patriots, God speed and protect us all in the coming struggle! Liberty or Death!!

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