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“In any event, whether the invention of an individual for himself alone or the work of some great orgonomist that has universal appeal, an orgonomic religion must preserve the profound insights of the religious leaders of the past, as they are the core of whatever civilization exists.” Louis Wyvell in Offshoots of Orgonomy, “Orgone and You,” pages 3-19 (No. 2, Spring 1981).

The Core Canon of “Life Energy Illuminism:”

  1. The Day the Earth Stood Still [Motion Picture / DVD] (1951, 20th Century Fox).
  2. The Murder of Christ by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).
  3. Contact With Space by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Haverhill, MA, Haverhill House Publishing, 2018).
  4. Ancient Aliens in the Bible by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
  5. The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac (MA, Red Wheel / Weiser, 2021).
  6. Ether, God, and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., F,S,&G, 1973).


Orgonomic religious practice is expressed both in nature ritual, and cosmic reverence.  Nature ritual and practice are completely free and creative.  Religious practice becomes art as new forms of erotic dance ejaculate the cosmic orgone energy into the fertile and lubricating pulsating void.  The participants express the female and male polarities, and in so doing the transcendent God becomes functionally identical with the immanent God.  “As above, so below.  As below, so above.” 

At the highest dimension of vibrating cosmic orgone energy in the Ether Civilization, the sphere that Christ’s father came from that is on the boundary with the Source of Life Energy, sexuality is expressed in existential living.  Consciousness flows from charge to discharge, foreplay to orgasm.  In our earth bound civilization as it is today, human individuals can only experience this degree of spiritually healthy functioning if  they have undergone a process of mind/body de-armoring to remove deadly psychic energy (deadly orgone energy a/k/a DOR) with a medical orgone therapist, core energetic practitioner, Jungian psychoanalyst, spiritual teacher, or other therapist trained in cosmic / spiritual energy functions. This spiritual health was seen by Drs. Wilhelm Reich and Elsworth Baker in the genital (genesis) character (abortion is the deadly opposite of genesis).

The distortion of healthy  sexuality came to be when the entropic, anti-genital evil spiritual force of the “X” dimension split sexuality by making humans ashamed of it and compelling them to repress it.  See “Cosmic Superimposition,” “The Function of the Orgasm,” and “The Murder of Christ,” all by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. 

Life Energy Illuminism, a form of orgonomic religion, is cutting-edge modern pantheism, or pan-psychic universal consciousness functionally identical to cosmic energy .  Life Energy Illuminism can also be characterized as cosmotheism. 

Life Energy, expansive and constructive, is in eternal battle with entropic Death Energy, also known as deadly orgone energy (DOR).  Traditional Judeo-Christian theology conceptualized it as God vs. the Devil. It runs as a red thread through all of existence as a fundamental ontological contradiction.  As science fiction writer P.K. Dick expressed it in Valis: “One Mind there is; but under it two principles contend.”

In philosophy and theology, as in natural science, the primary tool of the investigator / experimenter is his own body/mind organism, and the experiences it digests. Abstract intellectual spinning only results in insolvable conundrums.

As a matter of Biblical hermeneutics, or textual interpretation, all communications from the Godhead of Life Energy, and and His Spiritual Higher Powers, are deconstructed from their historical / cultural distortions into universal natural scientific and philosophical concepts.

“The quest for knowledge expresses desperate attempts, at times, on the part of the orgone energy within the living organism to comprehend itself, to become conscious of itself.  And in understanding its own ways of being, it learns to understand the cosmic orgone energy ocean that surrounds the surging and searching emotions.”  “Ether, God and Devil – Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich, page 279 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1973).

Life Energy Illumination is not a new philosophy of religion. It represents the rediscovery of an ancient body of knowledge first systematically explicated by the Greek philosopher Empedocles (d. 444 B.C.), as expanded by the discoveries of modern science and philosophy. He explained there are two basic forces in the universe: love and strife. These are functionally identical to what Hegel called the dialectic, Freud Eros and Thanatos, and Wilhelm Reich Deadly Orgone Energy. Love binds together, and strife tears apart. See “Empedocles” an article written by Charles H. Kahn in Vol. 2 of The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Paul Edwards, pgs. 496-499 (N.Y., Macmillan Publishing, 1967). See also, “Re-emergence of Freud’s ‘Death Instinct’ as ‘DOR’ Energy” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. in Orgonomic Medicine, pgs. 2-11, Vol. II, NO.1, Editor Elsworth F. Baker (April, 1956).


I.    Christ came to earth as the seed of an extraterrestrial father from a spiritually highly developed Galactic Civilization classified according to the Kardashev scale as a Type III civilization. Such a civilization can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy. [See “Kardashev scale” in Wikipedia. The scale was proposed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964.].  “Scientific Illuminism,” the theology based on Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of cosmic orgone energy, classifies it as an Etheric Civilization.  It bordered the Source of Life Energy.  The Source of Life Energy itself may be considered  Type IV on the Kardashev scale. It is beyond current human comprehension and can be described as a Godhead rather than a “civilization.” The Godhead of Life Energy can utilize the energy of the entire host Universe.  [The Godhead of the Death Energy controls another of the infinite universes. All universes  are controlled by the “Ultimate Source.” This is designated as the apex of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah as the “Ain Soph.”  Each of the infinite number of Universes in the multiverse hosts a source of spiritual energy that can be life affirmative or deadly demonic, or perhaps another spiritual force in unknown forms beyond human comprehension.  Contention among the universes may have happened when the pre-established harmony between them was disrupted by a cosmic catastrophe.] Hundreds if not thousands of alien  races, both life- affirmative and the enemies of life, have visited earth since the dawn of recorded history.  See: “Alien Species Active in Earth’s Evolution” (Exopolitics Website); “Alien – Examining Jesus Christ In A UFO Universe” by Jeff Bennington (Nexgate Press, 2014); “The Book of Alien Races” by Gil Carlson (Blue Planet Press, 2017); “Alien Scriptures – Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible” by Rev. Michael J. S. Carter (2013); “Biblical UFO Revelations” by Rev. Barry Downing (N.J, Global Communications, 2017); “Ancient Aliens in the Bible” by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018); “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken (N.Y., Berkley, 2018).  See also, “The Complete Conspiracy Reader,” compiled by the editors of Paranoia Magazine,  “Like a Virgin: Virgin Mary Sightings, Prophecy, and UFOs,” pages 83-93 (N.Y., MJF Books, 1998); “The Holy Kabbalah” by A.E. Waite (N.Y., Dover Publications, 2003).

II.   This seed was implanted into a human mother.

III.  Christ’s father came in a metaphysical craft from a higher etheric civilization located near to the Source of the Life Energy.  For a modern science fiction depiction of Christ’s arrival and mission, see the 1951 film: “The Day the Earth Stood Still’ with Klaatu as the alien emissary.

IV.   Christ’s mother was Jewish.

V.    Christ’s father was an emissary from this highly spiritually developed civilization.  He was sent to earth to leave his son as a spiritual teacher to the earth organisms.  Throughout his life, Christ was instructed telepathically by the most advanced teachers of the etheric civilization.  His human nature was thought to facilitate the transmission of these teachings.  His mission is to gather the salvageable souls from grip of the Demonic Death Energy [Deadly Orgone Energy – “DOR”], and return them to the Godhead of Life where their unitive merger with the ultimate ground of Being enriches the Absolute Mind/Body.  See the Introduction to “The Song Of God: Bhagavad-Gita” by Aldous Huxley, pages 11-22 (N.Y., Penguin Books, 1972).

VI.   Christ, known as Jesus in the Jewish society of that time, was eventually recognized as a highly gifted Rabbi and Cabalist.  Christ (operating under the earthly identity of Jesus) was spiritually unarmored and could experience unblocked orgasm. This capacity represented the functional identity of the transcendent and immanent primal spiritual principle of Creation seen in the formation of galaxies and babies. Such individuals are exceedingly rare and can influence entire planets. Christ’s mission was to help others attain genitality, and thus be able to assist in the Life  Energy Godhead’s self-realization in the Cosmos.  He traveled as an itinerant teacher among the Jewish provinces of the existing Roman empire.  The general area of the Middle East where Christ was born and carried out his mission has been identified by researchers such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken as a hot spot of the ancient world for extraterrestrial astronauts and UFO visitations.

VII.  Christ’s presence stirred up the hope and longings of the Jewish masses enslaved by the Romans, and excited the jealousy of the existing Jewish clergy.

VIII. Frustrated by their inability to translate Christ’s teachings into an existential reality for themselves and others, his armored followers betrayed him to the Romans as a would be political revolutionary against Roman rule and law.

IX.   He was crucified and entombed. Christ’s etheric spiritual body survived the death of his human biological body, and was resurrected by a metaphysical craft or UFO and taken back to the etheric dimension of his ancestors.  This resurrection was the negation of the crucifixion, and the spiritual transcendence it demonstrated became a life energy archetype for the human race.  Metaphysically, for each human soul, every incarnation is a crucifixion, and every death becomes a resurrection.  Christ inscribed a holographic archetype of the triumph of Life Energy over Death Energy in the Absolute Mind of the Source of the Life Energy.  It was also the metaphysical rebirth of Jesus Christ, and a new beginning for the purified life energy of the “Garden of Eden” in the human race. Jacob Boehme called this “etheric body” the “crystalline body” with spiritual flesh and blood. Wilhelm Reich would call it the “orgone body” freed of the degenerate armor.  See: “Genius of the Transcendent – Mystical Writings of Jakob Boehme,” page 31, by Jacob Boehme (Boulder, Shambhala, 2010).  See also: “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection” by Chuck Missler (Koinonia House Web Site, 2016); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).

X.    Christ’s teachings and his salvation are still available telepathically to all humans able to make unarmored spiritual contact with him. Such unarmored contact requires that the person’s spiritual energy body be clean of deadly or demonic psychic energy.  For the soul to be clean, a person must be capable of full, loving orgasm with a highly esteemed partner.  After the death of the biological body, the spiritual or etheric body of a human having made such contact will ascend to the higher etheric civilization for further instruction and spiritual evolution.  Some will be sent back for further incarnation on earth or elsewhere. A few will gain admission to the Celestial Academy and ready themselves to join the Source of the Life Energy in the struggle with the entropic Death Forces, and in furtherance of the cosmic expansion of life. Ultimately, all will become part of the Absolute Mind. Our destiny is to become realized in union with the Godhead of Life Energy.  This may take a thousand reincarnations, but God is in no hurry. Using the Hegelian categories of Universal, Individual and Particular, the reincarnating monad has the Individual Quantum Spiritual Energy Body as the migrating energy body with its experiences and knowledge that rejoins the Core Universal Spiritual Energy Body dwelling in the Godhead of Absolute Mind as a moment in its expansion. The Particular represents the specific incarnation in the series of incarnations. Souls maintain themselves as Universal in the Etheric Civilization as the Individual migrates. Souls can gain access to the Universal Soul / Monad of their loved ones when in the etheric dimension by accessing it in the Akashic Records Library at the same time as the Individual Spiritual Energy Body of the loved ones migrates in a particular incarnation. See “Opening The Akashic Records” by Maureen J. St. German(Vermont, Bear & Company, 2019), and “Physics of the Soul” by Amit Goswami (Charlottesville,Va., Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 2013). See also, “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton (Mn., Llewellyn Publications, 2008).

XI.    It is precisely the difficult and tragic incarnations of a soul that accrue to it the greatest wisdom and spiritual growth.  As philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: “What does not kill me makes me stronger!” Such souls or spiritual energy bodies returning to the etheric civilization are in the best condition to eventually evolve into the domain of Absolute Mind.  Spiritual struggle strengthens and expands consciousness. It also enables the loved ones of the evolving soul to benefit and draw closer to their loved one. They will be together with the loved ones in the Godhead of Life for eternity.

XII.   The Godhead of the Life Energy, or Absolute Mind as the philosopher Hegel called it, is not a static or closed ontology.  Firstly, nothing in the cosmos is ever static.  Secondly, it pulsates as all living existents do.  The expansion of consciousness therefore has no limit in space or time.  This is an unending adventure.

XIII.   “Mysticism in the full and proper sense, therefore, is not merely indifferent to any and all varieties of negative theology; it represents negative theology’s antitype.” See “The Heterodox Hegel” by Cyril O’Regan, page 44 (N.Y., State University of New York Press,1994).


XIV.    Being could not be born until the ontological plenitude of the Godhead of the Life Energy made room for Nothingness in its core.  The ancient Jewish mystics said God withdrew from himself creating a space for Him to project Being.  With Being and Nothingness came Space and Time.  With Space and Time came dialectical development.  With dialectical development, the metaphysical circle was born.  Eternity came into Being.  With dialectical development, and out of the metaphysical circle, the “Big Bang” of energy and matter took place.  This matter and energy continually expanded bringing forth the dialectical counterpoint of contraction.  With the metaphysical contraction, came the Anti-life Demonic Energies.

XV.   In the core of the metaphysical circle the syntax of all knowledge germinated.

XVI. The spiritual therapy devised by Wilhelm Reich aims to strip away the layers of destructive energy and reach the pristine Core of the Soul.  This Core is the metaphysical vehicle that survives death and carries the memories and learning of all past lives. This “Core Spiritual Energy Center” is our cosmic rocket ship to transcendence of all of the earth traps and material entanglements.

XVII. Spiritual liberation is not possible in the masses of people.  It is only possible in the individual.  As the Russian mystic P.D. Ouspensky put it: “there are too many spiritual laws against it.” Existential and spiritual liberation from the material trap is a hard, lonely struggle. Few are equipped to travel that lonely mountain path, despite the reward of the luminous summit.

XVIII. There have been, and will always be, many fine spiritual teachers and therapists.  But who will liberate the liberators?  At some point, the student must free himself from the Master.  A student who does not eventually go his own way has repaid his teacher poorly.  Too many remain students, and protectors of dogma.  Adherence to orthodoxy is the death of truth.  The goal is always new Spiritual Masters with expanded consciousness.  Only in this way will be the luminous summit be reached.  Eagles will only talk to eagles.

XIX.   The individual human spiritual energy body, or monad as Leibnitz described it, is part of the self-realization of Absolute Mind of the Life Energy.  Dialectical logic is a divine logic uniting the subjective and objective dimensions of Absolute Mind in an ongoing and eternal Trinitarian process of consciousness.  This can be understood as Being, Essence, and Dialectical Progression.  Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology.  It is always a new beginning.  It is a great privilege and adventure to be part of the realization of the Life Energy Consciousness as it overcomes the Death Energy.  This is what Christ demonstrated in His resurrection.

XX.     The Theology of Life Energy is not apophatic (negative) in nature.  There is confidence in the power of functional reason to know God.  Instead, by virtue of the fact that the individual soul strives to help the Godhead to realize itself as Absolute Mind, it is kataphatic (positive) in nature.  God cannot be “unknown” if we are helping Her to realize the plenitude of ontological phenomena in the cosmos.

XXI.     The Theology of Life Energy is not a form of “New Age” spirituality.  This is because it recognizes the positively existing nature of Evil.  Evil is not just the absence of good.  Evil, in the form of deadly cosmic / spiritual energy (known to Wilhelm Reich as deadly orgone energy), is the enemy of the Life Energy and seeks to destroy it.  It is the enemy of humanity, life, love, and knowledge.

XXII.    The traditional theological doctrine of “kenosis” well describes the process of spiritual therapy wherein the soul empties itself of human spiritual armor so that the divine energy can fill it.  It is the flow of cosmic orgone energy into the soul, attaining a functional identity between the transcendent and immanent Godhead of Absolute Mind / Body.  It works dialectically through cosmic superimposition from the Father to the Son to the Holy Spirit.

XXIII.   The supreme goal of life energy theology is the existential construction of an etheric bridge from the earth dimension to the crystal city beyond life.  Death then becomes a seamless transition forming a continuous reality without boundaries between physics and metaphysics. The hour of death finds the cleansed soul already at home on wings of light.

XXIV.    The “Passion of Christ” symbolically represents the breakdown of the spiritual armoring.  It is this that gives people the sense of relief from “sin.”

XXV.      There may be no “source” of the cosmic life energy as we think of it.  Cosmic life energy, or “orgone energy” as Dr. Wilhelm Reich named it, may simply be infinite and eternal. If there is a “source,” then that source would need a source, and so on. This is called infinite regress in philosophy.  No source for this spiritual energy means that there was no “Big Bang” creation of the Universe. However, there may be other universes, infinite in number, in other dimensions.  The true origin of evil remains a currently insolvable problem.  Did it come from other universes and interfere with the life energy in this universe?  Is it just a natural product of the primary cosmic energy that produces matter and secondary energy in this Universe? In that case, the Eastern or Hindu concept of the two hands of God would be accurate.  Kali the destroyer would be a product of Brahma.

XXVI.     Animating in vital ways the biological body of the human organism is the spiritual energy body.  The spiritual energy body is in the quantum dimension and functions as particles and waves. This is why human consciousness and its expectations has a direct effect on the outcome of quantum experiments.  After the death of the biological body, the spiritual energy body, carrying past life memories, knowledge, and connections, ascends into the etheric dimensions.  The spiritual energy body may reincarnate by entering a fertilized human ovum (Once the incarnation takes place, at the time of conception, the fetus is under the protection of spiritual and natural law. Abortion from this time on is murder, regardless of the positive law of the State.).  The spiritual laws governing this process are not fully known.  It seems to be part of a purification process of the spiritual energy body leading to merger with the Godhead.

XXVII.  The evil psychic energy results from the breakdown of matter into radiation as it comes into contact with the concentrated cosmic life energy or orgone energy.  This turns orgone energy into deadly orgone energy (DOR). Since orgone energy is intelligent, creative and conscious, so is the deadly orgone energy.  This process is either a natural result of cosmic energy and matter in the domain of entropy, or it is the result of an interference of a malevolent force from within this universe or infiltrating from another universe. The boundary between physics and metaphysics dissolves. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).

XXVIII.  Deadly cosmic orgone energy can infest living organisms such as humans, and also geographic regions.  Even machines can be controlled by it.  It is cunning and supernaturally intelligent. If unchecked, it will eventually reduce the earth to a sandy rock-like desert. See the movie “Bad Day at Black Rock” staring Spencer Tracy.  There we can see the effects of the demonic infestation within humans and the desert environment.  Desert souls create a desert environment.

XXIX.     Karma, the Eastern spiritual belief asserting that life negative thoughts and actions will boomerang back on the thinker and doer, from the view of life energy theology, represents the spiritual armoring of the soul. Such distortions must be cleansed by the soul if it is to ascend higher to the circle of the Source of the Life Energy.  See: “The Synchronicity Key,” “The Source Field Investigations,” and “The Ascension Mysteries,” all by David Wilcox.  See also, “The Rider Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion,” page 175 (London, Rider, 1999).

XXX.      The goal of the long process of metaphysical reincarnation is the creation of what the Tibetan Buddhists call the “rainbow body.”  This is the unarmored and purified spiritual energy body.  The soul ontologically has ascended to the Godhead of Life Energy.  It can freely cross the boundary between physics and metaphysics, life and death.  The “afterlife” dimension is simply a higher dimension of life. See “The Synchronicity Key” by David Wilcock, pages 413-414 (N.Y., Penguin, 2016).

XXXI.    Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky, thought that overthrowing the class structures of capitalism would free the spiritual energy of every worker to become a creative philosopher.  They had no idea of the depth of the evil and spiritual pathology in the heart of the human being.  Such creativity and freedom is only possible for the few who can ascend to the etheric civilizations on the border with the Life Energy Godhead.

XXXII.   Healthy natural life energy spirituality is most compatible with libertarian social, economic, and political philosophy.  This is rooted in a libertarian lifestyle: free functioning and free thinking.  See the movie “The Fountainhead” with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal (DVD,, 2006).  This excellent film is based on the novel of the same name by Ayn Rand (N.Y., Penguin, 1993).

XXXIII.   The ancient Gnostics (1-4 A.D.) had it right.  The creation of Adam and Eve (humanity) by the Godhead of the Spiritual Life Energy was interfered with by the lower Godhead of Evil, source of deadly psychic energy, that they called the “Demiurge.”  The flow of the pure life affirmative cosmic energy was trapped in the prison of matter resulting in spiritual armoring and entropic decay.  Dr. Robert Pasotti, orgonomic philosopher, was to my knowledge the first to point out the similarity between Gnosticism and Life Energy Theology.

XXXVI.  The human spiritual energy body moves through space/time in an upward dialectical spiral motion.  As is appropriate for an energetic monad with its own internal incarnational and karmic destiny, the spiritual energy body passes through the same nodes of functioning on a higher and more developed level as it ascends.  It both negates the earlier incarnation, and preserves the life-affirmative core of it for integration and development in a higher dimension.  It is relatively rare, but at times higher and lower points will connect within a closed time tunnel.  It is at those times that the future will leak into the past, and the past react upon the future.  Both past and future theoretically can be changed by a kind of morphic resonance between them along the particular line of space/time.  Projection of the astral body in a metaphysical space/time machine will allow the process to be directed.

XXXVII.    The supreme healthy archetype of human spiritual development is expressed by the “Organic Philosopher.”  He is the creative synthesis and expression of all human fields of knowledge in the continual functional expansion of consciousness and all-sided application.  This eternally expanding dialectical synthesis of knowledge can be called “Scientific Illuminism.”

XXXVIII.    Pioneering philosophers reach a moment in time when they pass over into a trackless wilderness.  Some are lost at this stage (Nietzsche and Wilhelm Reich are tragic examples).  There are no longer any authorities to guide us, and no maps exist for where we are headed.  We only have our own feelings, perceptions and thoughts to rely on.  The atmosphere is that of an icy storm swept mountain shrouded in deep silence.

XXXIX.         There are millions of advanced civilizations in our own galaxy, with billions if not trillions more in the other known galaxies.  These civilizations break down into those that are life-affirmative, suffused with orgone or life energy, and those that are death civilizations, infested with deadly orgone or demonic energy.  This is a continuum of degrees with the pure archetypes at each end, and the human race in the approximate middle.  Many have visited the earth as recorded from ancient times until the present. Aliens from such extraterrestrial sources walk the earth today. They are in conflict over the control of the human race.  See “Book of Alien Races – Translated from the Secret Russian KGB Book” by Gil Carlson (Blue Planet Press,, 2017).  See also: “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957); “Flying Saucers Are Hostile” by Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour (N.Y., Award Books, 1967); “Alien Meetings” by Brad Steiger (N.Y., Ace Books, 1978).

XLI.       The “New Jerusalem” is, in the language of “Life Energy Illuminism,” the “Etheric City of the Life Energy Civilization” existing on the boundary of the Godhead of Life.  It is our last destination before reintegration into the Godhead when we have reached a sufficiently purified process of Being.

XLII.      I would speculate, using the conceptual tool of the common functioning principle (CFP) created by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, that the Godhead of Life Energy is a highly concentrated cosmic cloud of Life Energy shaped in an amoeba-like gestalt.  The smallest living being and the most powerful both function according to common energy laws.  The pseudopodia that the amoeba extends when it reaches out, is identical in function to the individual spiritual energy body of the human when he reincarnates.  Both seek to expand the reach of the Life Energy in the infinite multiverse.

XLIII.    The true scientific forerunner of Dr. Wilhelm Reich is not Dr. Sigmund Freud.  Instead, it is the 18th -century healer Franz Anton Mesmer.  Dr. Mesmer discovered a primal magnetic fluid [orgone energy] that he thought was a primary life healing force in all of nature.  See “The Wizard From Vienna – Franz Anton Mesmer” by Vincent Buranelli (N.Y., Coward & McCann, 1975).  This life fluid Mesmer applied using water and connecting pipes very similar to Reich’s Medical DOR [deadly orgone energy] Buster.

XLIV.       The Godhead of the Life Energy is not an abstract concept with no grounding in concrete reality.  In fact, it is ontologically the most concrete substance of our Universe.  Using the tools of natural science, it can be detected as a cosmic cloud of energy (in the gestalt of a “singularity” with an “event horizon”) composed of the smallest quantum particles (so-called “God Particles”) held together in a mesh of mass free cosmic energy. It is the highest concentration of energy and consciousness existing as life energy.  This cloud is an Absolute Mind or nucleus of a spiritual force contending with other spiritual forces in the multiverse.  From the Absolute Mind of Life Energy come the various archetypes in the form of universal particulars.  It is a living cell putting out pseudopodia of human lives to probe the multiverse and spread life and love. Existing on the highest vibratory level, in the center of its Universe in the infinite expanse of multiverses, the core of this cell is surrounded by increasingly dense domains into the heaviest of all with the lowest general vibration in planetary forms. The retraction of the pseudopodia brings back new energy and information assisting in the evolution of the Godhead of Absolute Life.  The Life Energy is ultimately expansive without the process of entropy which is brought in from another universe to act as an anti-life force in this one.  This is why conventional cosmologists describe the Universe as constantly expanding through “dark” energy.  The great philosopher G.W.F. Hegel asserted that human consciousness comes to express and conceptualize Absolute Life Energy in art, religion, and philosophy. See “G.W.F. Hegel On Art, Religion, Philosophy” edited with an Introduction by J. Glenn Gray (N.Y., Harper, 1970).  Absolute Mind is the evolving creative dialectical synthesis of art, religion, and philosophy.  The mature spiritual consciousness of the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy Godhead is functional in its expansion into the multiverse.  Other sources of spiritual energy in the multiverse manifest as deadly psychic energy and fight the  Godhead of Life.  Jesus is the archetype of the mature spiritual energy of the Godhead of Life.  In this, he is a son of the Godhead of Life Energy or a universalized particular of it.

XLVI.   The Cosmic Source of the Life Energy is not a static, complete, closed ontology.  It is open and ever evolving as against other Sources of spiritual energy in the multiverse.  Thus, it is not omnipotent nor is it omniscient.  It very much needs spiritually evolved human spiritual energy bodies to assist it in exploring the infinite multiverse, and spreading the functions of love, work, and knowledge.

XLVII.   The Theology of the Life Energy solves the most difficult and intractable theological problems that have confronted humanity for millennia.  The existence of evil and death are now accounted for by both life-affirmative and life destructive infinite sources of psychic/spiritual/cosmic energy contending in an infinite multiverse.  This theology is grounded in the latest cosmology and quantum physics.  It can and will be revised in light of new discoveries.

XLVIII.   The functional principle upon which the universes are dispersed within the multiverse, how this relates to the so-called “big bang” singularity that caused the universes to bubble into infinity, and the way the life energy continuum operates, is at present unknown.  Only Dr. Reich, had he lived long enough, might have made progress with these mysteries.  Now we must await a new genius, schooled in orgone physics and classical physics (quantum mechanics as well), to emerge.

XLX.        The dialectic is not just a method of thought and logic.  It is ontologically inherent to all that exists, both energy and matter, physics and metaphysics.  See “Philosophy and Revolution,” pages 3-120, by Raya Dunayevskaya (N.Y., Lexington Books, 2003).

L.              As Dr. Albert Einstein pointed out, energy cannot be either created or destroyed.  It only changes form.  As applied to human psychic energy, and combined with the laws of the quantum domain, this means that when its embodiment in biological matter ends by death of the body, human psychic energy goes on in a different gestalt carrying the memories of past lives, and accumulated knowledge in wave / particle form. What humans call “death” is a change in ontological form.  It does not mean annihilation.  See “The Supernatural Guide to The Other Side” (N.Y., Adams Media, 2017).

LI.             By directing our consciousness with intention and imagination, we can intervene in the quantum field and constellate an angelic energy archetype.  This way we can call on our Guardian Angel, as well as protective Angels such as Michael.  See “Angel Intelligence” by Yehuda Berg (N.Y., The Kabbala Centre, 2007).  More importantly, it is through the quantum field that we can contact Christ and His Higher Spiritual Powers.

LII.            In the deepest dimensions, and consistent with the quantity and quality of the evidence, we can reasonably venture the “thought experiment” that there are many sources of spiritual energy and consciousness in the multiverse.  The multiverse itself floats in the quantum foam of the infinite and eternal cosmic energy ocean.  We humans, on this planet, derive from a highly concentrated source of Life Energy.  Other sources in the multiverse are in contention with the Life Energy for expansion throughout these universes.  This contention distorted the Life Energy creative process on earth, giving rise to deadly psychic energies and entropic processes that thwarted and blocked the unimpeded flow of pleasurable creation / consciousness expansion.

LIII.          Cutting-edge quantum physics, metaphysics, and orgone biophysics, have established that consciousness is the primary substance in the Universe, and that matter and energy (produced by matter) are secondary manifestations.  This primary substance has been called cosmic energy, orgone energy, chi, and many other designations historically.  Generally speaking, this universal collective consciousness has been often referred to as the world of the “spiritual,” as contrasted to the world of the “physical.”  The common understanding is that we emerge from the spiritual world by birth, and return to it by death.  In fact, we never leave the spiritual world.  We simply project our primary consciousness through birth into the material dimension, and withdraw it by death. Existential primary consciousness has theologically been designated the “soul,” and universal collective consciousness called “God.”  The ocean of primary cosmic consciousness is infinite and eternal.  The “soul” is a configured drop of this infinite and eternal ocean.  Therefore it is also infinite and eternal, but it emerges from the cosmic ocean and then returns to it. Nothing dies but a temporary gestalt of consciousness within the matrix of space / time.  The cosmic consciousness is the foundation of the multiverse, and the originator of the various sources of both positive and negative nodes of spiritual consciousness.  The multiverses float on the quantum foam of the collective consciousness.  The primary consciousness exists beyond space and time.  This collective primary consciousness is expansive and negatively entropic.  The secondary domains of matter and energy are entropic.  In other words, the worlds of the spiritual are constantly expanding, and the worlds of the physical temporarily expand, and then ultimately disintegrate by entropic processes.  All of this here set forth explains the existence of “life after death,” and “reincarnation.”

LIV.            Within the earth’s yearly planetary rotation around the Sun, there are specific months in which, for incarnated and  disincarnated spiritual energy bodies or souls, the boundaries between physics and metaphysics become very permeable.  The boundaries between the two domains can dissolve facilitating both deaths and births.  In this writer’s own family, the months of December, January and February are such months.  To take an historical figure, the month of November may have been such a portal for the Kennedy family.  President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.  Some of his ancestors may also died in this month in prior centuries.  This is an original observation of the writer.

LV.             The time of death is preordained by the Higher Spiritual Powers down to the second.  This cannot be changed.  The circumstances, however, may be changed by human intervention.  The ancient Jewish mystics called this the doctrine of “life portions.”

LVI.            Prior to the reincarnation of the human energy body or soul, all major spiritual events are programmed into it by the faculty of the Celestial Academy in consultation with the soul’s energy therapist.  In some cases, guidance is sought from the Christ Consciousness Energy Field.  The events are pre-planned to aid in the liberation of the spiritual energy body from its entrapment in the biological body, and the necessity to reincarnate again after the biological body “dies.”  Although the specific timing and details of the events may vary slightly through human intervention, their manifestation cannot be changed.  The designations used here for this spiritual energy process are those formulated by Judeo-Christian theology, and Western occult philosophy.  Other religions, theologies, and occult sciences, may use different designations.  The equation, however, remains the same.

LVII.         Freeing the spiritual / orgone energy from biological armor ultimately requires a process of reincarnation.  When the spiritual energy body has free and unimpeded flow of the cosmic energy, the soul merges with the Godhead of Life Energy / Source of the Life Energy / Absolute Mind.  A process of human medical orgone energy, in the course of a single lifetime, is not sufficient. That is why, even after apparently successful therapy, the armor has a tendency to return.  The armored social process also plays a role in bringing on the return of the armoring, much as a rotten apple will spoil fresh apples in a basket.  The final de-armoring process takes place in the Etheric Civilization on the border of the Source of the Life Energy.  The entire process can be described as a form of “Christogenesis” (this term was coined by scientist-theologian Teilhard de Chardin) in the macro cosmic domain. The old cabalists called it the reconstruction of “Adam Kadmon.”

LVIII.       Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was born Jewish and died Jewish.  Paul created the “Christian Church,” not Yeshua.  He was already at an early age recognized as a highly gifted Rabbi, mystic, and Kabbalist.  With an extraterrestrial father from a highly developed alien civilization, Yeshua was the most spiritually realized Kabbalist in the history of Judaism.  He was born a hybrid God / human. Before Yeshua, starting with Abraham and then Moses, this alien etheric life affirmative civilization chose the Jewish people to seed with spiritual masters who could provide the human monad with the keys to liberation from the material trap of the earth. This was comprehended by the ancient Gnostics.  As also recognized in essence by the Russian mystic Blavatsky, the Jewish people are, by virtue of contact with the higher life etheric civilization, the “Aryan race” described by the occult philosophers.  This is a group soul designation and has nothing to do with biological race and blood.

LIX.        The spiritual philosophy of the Life Energy most closely resembles Hindu religious philosophy.  Both provide for a Universe that pulsates in expansion and contraction, and the ocean of spiritual life energy in both facilitates reincarnation of the spiritual energy body and karmic destiny. As Dr. Reich pointed out many times, the discovery of the life energy was made in the past in the philosophy of religion, and Eastern medicine such as acupuncture and chi manipulation.  Dr. Reich’s contribution was to put it on a functional natural scientific basis.

LX.         We who have purified our spiritual life energy through many incarnations are sent as scouts and vanguard warriors for the Source of Life Energy as it explores the Universes, and fights the deadly life-negative and demonic energies.  Some, such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich, emerge as Avatars of the Source of Life Energy incarnating according to the Christ Archetype.  The Christ Archetype exhibits the existential functioning of what the life energy psychotherapists call the “genital character.” This character is life-affirming with a minimum amount of spiritual armor, and the capacity for full orgasms with a loved partner. See the description of the “genital character” by Dr. Elsworth Baker in his book “Man In The Trap” (N.J., Princeton, ACO Press).

LXI.        “The quest for knowledge expresses desperate attempts, at times, on the part of the orgone energy [life energy] within the living organism to comprehend itself, to become conscious of itself.  And in understanding its own ways and means of being, it learns to understand the cosmic orgone energy ocean that surrounds the surging and searching emotions….Since the ‘self’ is only a bit of organized cosmic orgone energy, this full self-awareness is, seen from a deeper perspective, a step in the functional development of the cosmic orgone energy itself.  Life energy has been defined as cosmic orgone energy,  streaming within a membranous system.  From this basic functioning all other and ‘higher’ functions of the living system, including the intellect and the faculty of reasoning emerge.  Basically, the function of reasoning is not opposed or contradictory to the streaming of bio-energetic current.  There is ample evidence in the biographies of great explorers, philosophers, and religious pioneers that their original reasoning grew out of experiencing their own life functions as cosmic events.  And justly so….Thus, in an ultimate sense, in self-awareness and in the striving for the perfection of knowledge and full integration of one’s own biofunctions, the cosmic orgone energy becomes aware of itself.  In this becoming aware of itself, knowing about itself, growing into consciousness of itself, what is called ‘human destiny’ is taken out of the realm of mysticism and metaphysics.  It becomes a reality of comic dimensions, which merges understandably with all great philosophies and religions of and about man.”  See “Ether, God, and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition,” pages 279-280, by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1973).

LXII.          Eight-five percent of our life is preordained and predetermined, in broad outlines, prior to the incarnation of our spiritual energy body.  We bring spiritual tasks and instructions from the etheric planes with us when we insert into the fertilized egg.  In addition to these navigational programs, our functioning is shaped by our biological structures and social conditioning.  Approximately 15 % of freedom remains for us to existentially chart a creative course within the necessity.  Therefore, we are both determined and free at the same time.  Artists, inventors, philosophers, political leaders, and other explorers may succeed in stretching this 15 % of freedom an additional amount.  They are responsible for the great leaps in our civilizations.

LXIII.          Wittgenstein had it right.  Where words end, God starts.  The unknown dwarfs the known. We see only a small sliver of the Universe (approximately 6 percent). The rest is mostly what the astrophysicists call dark energy and dark matter.  Dark to us. Brimming with light to the Creator or Source of the Life Energy.

LXIV.           Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was not sent by an extraterrestrial etheric race to provide immediate messianic salvation to the human race.  He radiated the Life Energy and gracefully free functioning.  This triggered the internalized messianic archetype in his followers and those he came into contact with.  Yeshua wanted people to save themselves, once they received his healing energy and teachings.  As he told his disciples, others could do what he did in healing and other activities if they had enough faith. “Faith” meaning letting go to the cosmic energy.

LXV.            Christ consciousness is available to all who work for the necessary self-transformation.

LXVII.           We are projections of the Source of Life Energy [SLE].  SLE needs us to explore the universes, macrocosmically and microcosmically, in order to enrich its Core in developing the Absolute Mind.  When we return from the incarnation on earth of our spiritual bodies, we carry the freight of new information and energy in the spiritual vehicle.  These tributary streams flow into the cosmic ocean.  Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology.  It is a point in the eternal upward spiral of Christogenesis (See the work of philosopher-theologian Teilhard de Chardin).

LXVIII.          There comes a time when analysis must end.  We cannot know everything.  As the great novelist-philosopher Henry Miller once said: “You can analyze, analyze and analyze.  But you never get to ‘IT.’  Don’t you know? And it was meant to be that way!”  Silent contemplation then begins.  In that silence, beyond words, mysteries are revealed.  Revealed, but not communicated by words.  Only in great art and music can it be sensed. You can see in he eyes of the praying monk.                                                           

Other references:  See: “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., The Noonday Press, 1980); “Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., FS&G, 1973); “The Oranur Experiment – First Report” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951); “Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995); “Three Books on Mysticism: 1. Practical Mysticism; 2. Mysticism: A Study in Nature & Development of Spiritual Consciousness; 3. The Essentials of Mysticism” by Evelyn Underhill (The Best Books Publishing, 2017).  See also, “The Psychedelic Gospels” by Jerry and Julie Brown (Vermont, Park Street Press, 2016); “The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties” by Tobias Churton (Vermont, Inner Traditions, 2018); “Ancient Aliens in the Bible” by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018); “The Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley (N.Y., Harper, 2009);  “The Secret Teachers of the Western World” by Gary Lachman (N.Y., Penguin, 2015); “9 1/2 Mystics – The Kabbala Today” by Herbert Weiner (N.Y., Collier, 1991); “The Rider Encyclopedia Of Eastern Philosophy And Religion” (London, Rider, 1999);  “Philosophies of India” by Heinrich Zimmer (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1989).

See below the “Research Bibliography” at the end of this Blog.

PART 2:  Dialectics, and Absolute Mind 

Part 2-I.  The human race, since its inception out of the Source of Life Energy, has been plagued by life-destructive and deadly psychic energy.  Judeo-Christian theology has always considered this destructive force to have come from, and split off of, the Source of Life Energy.  This is what the Bible describes as the rebellion of the Devil against the spiritual law of God.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich, as the result of the oranur experiment, also considered the deadly energy to have roots in the distortion of the life energy.  This basic approach flows from a conception of the guiding intelligence of the cosmos to be monotheistic.  On the other hand, with the discovery that there may be many universes, polytheism seems more plausible.  Drilling down even more deeply, Evil can be said to have a source independent from the Source of the Life Energy.

PART 2-2.  This deadly energy can infest a human and drive him to destroy life and love.  The high degree of intelligence possessed by the Life Energy is also possessed by the Deadly Life Energy.  Once possessed, the human soul shows a cunning and psychic influence it never possessed in its so-called normal state. How else to explain the new found emotional influence, charisma, and intelligence of a nonentity like a Charles Manson or Hitler?  The metaphysical roots of this destructive energy can be seen in the fact that the destruction of humanity by race and religious war still rages on earth. 

PART 2-3.   For every postive function, there is a negative function.  Absolute Mind is the culmination of the spiritual energy body in the microcosm, and its merger with the macrocosm of the Source of Life Energy. The plus and minus of dialectical processes spiral to infinity.  A slight balance of matter over anti-matter make it possible.  Each node of micro / macro cosmic merger is a new beginning of the Absoluute Mind in the highest tension as it shoots up and around to the higher dimensional portal of the spirial movment.  This is an open ontology to infinity in contention with other spiritual sources, ultimately beyond good and evil.  As Henry Miller, the great novelist, once said: “Why be afraid of death?  It could be the start of a great adventure.  Don’t you know?” From death comes new life, and from new life comes death.  Every expansion is followed by a contraction.  The baby is pushed out into the world.  World upon worlds.  Pulsation is the basic dialectical natrural law of the universes. We are all part of One Source. My loved ones are linked, and we always rejoin at a higher level of development, until we are never separated again. God looks in the mirror and sees God.  Absolute contends with Absolute.  The dance of the dialectic never ends. 

PART 2-4.    Those souls who arrive from earth to the higher dimensional etheric civilization with damaged and armored spiritual energy bodies will be sent to spiritual energy therapists for healing. This energy healing is far in advance of anything now on earth.  However, medical orgone therapy, first invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s-1950s, is closest to it. See also the work of  Dr. Michael Newton.  Energy healing devices are also used to drain off the deadly psychic energies accumulated by the soul while incarnated on earth.  These spiritual cleansing devices are similar to ones invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich such as the Medical DOR (deadly orgone energy) Buster. 

PART 2-5.  To be effective in helping the Source of Life Energy / Absolute Mind expand its consciousness and spiritual energy into the Universe, souls need to be spirtually unarmored. Armored souls will misapply the cosmic energy, and will lack the tools to deepen cosmic knowledge. As above, so below. It is the same on earth with the use of orgone energy.

PART 2-6.  The human spiritual life energy body is an extension of the Source of the Life Energy.  It is part of the expansion and evolution of Absolute Mind/Body.  Uniting both subjective and objective experience in what the great German philosopher Liebnitz called the individualized human monad, the monad is the soul vehicle that reincarnates and accumulates knowledge.  It is the One Absolute Consciousness as subject and object.  The monad develops by dialectical logic in a many-sided process that incorporates the surpassed negated levels of consciousness as it ascends to higher forms of development in a spiral movement.  It both surpasses and preserves that which it negates in a new gestalt. Spiritual Life Energy is eternal, and negatively entropic. We are that energy in evolution.  See “Hegel’s Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit” by G.W.F. Hegel, Translated and Running Commentary by Yirmiyahu Yovel (N.J., Princeton University Press, 2005).  For those who have a good understanding of Hegel, Yovel’s introduction is invaluable.

PART 2-7.  Demonic energy, or what Dr. Wilhelm Reich called Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR), is a real, measurable and testable form of highly intelligent and destructive energy.  Its evil operation can be seen in both nature and the human race.  It was discovered in 1951 during the oranur experiment conducted by Dr. Reich in his compound at Rangeley, Maine.  With the threat of an atomic war with the Soviet Union looming over the Korean war, he was seeking a way to immunize people against radiation sickness.  A small amount of radium was exposed to concentrated orgone energy inside an orgone energy accumulator.  The result was unanticipated but eye-opening.  The clash between the primary creative cosmic orgone energy, and the secondary entropic atomic energy, produced Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR).  This was an enraged form of orgone energy that infested humans, and nature at large, bringing out spiritual and biopsychological pathology.  Reich found that in humans with the spiritual orgonotic energetic strength to overcome the the DOR sickness, a new and deeper form of health became manifest.  Since DOR attacked the most vulnerable points in the human body, it also provided an important new diagnostic tool to detect latent disease.  DOR brought it out.  In many ways, DOR sickness resembled demonic possession.  The orgone therapist acted as a kind of exorcist in purging the DOR from the human organism.  See “The Oranur Experiement” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951).  A complete copy of the report as originally published can be obtained from the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine. An excerpt is published in Reich’s “Collected Works” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961).

PART 2-8.  Attaining the functional identity of both the transcendent and immanent spiritual cosmic energy, within the human monad, is a product of spiritual de-armoring.  Such functional identity can produce sudden illumination or psychic transformation. See “The Function of the Orgasm” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1961); and “Varieties of Religious Experience” by William James (Modern Library and various publishers).  The “genital character” as defined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his book “Function of the Orgasm,” and his chief assistant, Dr. Elsworth Baker (see his book “Man In The Trap”), is the realization by an individual of the functional identity of both the transcendent and immanent spiritual Cosmic Orgone (God) Energy.  These rare people display Christ-like attitudes and functioning. It usually takes many incarnations to attain this ontological / metaphysical process of Being.  Once attained, spiritual development takes place exclusively on the upper metaphysical planes and incarnation on earth is no longer necessary.  This functional identity is a microcosmic reflection of Absolute Mind.   

PART 2-9.   There is an ancient form of deadly spiritual energy arising from a supremely cunning Source of Death Energy.  Call it what you will.  Humanity has always identified it as the “Devil.” It goes by many names, but it has only one ultimate aim, the degradation and death of humanity, and life in general.  It hides behind ideologies.  This Evil is the enemy of humanity.  The history of philosophy and science reveals that the Source of the Death Energy plays its deadly game of multidimensional chess on infinite boards. A small group of people challenged this Evil and fought it here on earth. Many have been knocked out by it going back to the start of recorded history.  Socrates, Jesus, Giordano Bruno, and a long list including the discoverer of the Life Energy, Wilhelm Reich, have advanced the struggle but were ultimately brought down.  The present writer, Dr. Steven Katz, is carrying the fight forward with many others scattered around the earth. This is the unincorporated cosmic corps of the functional brotherhood and sisterhood of mystics, prophets, and philosophers.

PART 2-10.  When the existential transcendent and immanent cosmic Life Energy superimpose in functional unity, the true name of  God is revealed in the numbers and syntax of Absolute Mind as the infinite dialectic of creation.  Full sudden influx of this spiritual energy is mind-blowing and can cause madness, as well as illumination.  See the movie “Pi – faith in chaos” by Darren Aronofsky (DVD, Artisan).  See also, “9 1/2 Mystics – The Kabbala Today” by Herbert Weiner, Chapter 2, A Mystic On East Broadway, pages 23-56 (N.Y., Collier Books, 1992); “Ether, God And Devil,” Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., F, S, &G, 1973).

PART 2-11.  Both the Source of the Life Energy and the Source of the Death Energy are secondary manifestations of the metaphysical ground of all Being in all Dimensions and Universes.  The ultimate source of Being was called by the ancient Kabbalists “AIN SOPH.” They placed it at the very top of the Tree of Life above all else.  The Jewish mystics thought it would forever remain beyond the comprehension of humans (no matter how learned). This ultimate metaphysical ground gave rise to both good and evil. In other words, it was “beyond good and evil.”  The philosopher Hegel called this ultimate ground of ontology “Absolute Mind.”  It was in continual creation and destruction by dialectical process.  

PART 2-12.   The Life Energy dialectically expands in the Universe in struggle with the Death Energy.  Ultimately, the Death Energy is turned back into Life Energy with a higher degree of consciousness and development.  This is an eternal interplay of the two arms of God. No light without darkness.


PART 2-14.   For a human soul to fully individuate and de-armor the spiritual energy body in the course of one incarnation on earth is near impossible.  It takes many incarnations to attain liberation from the necessity to return to the earth plane, and thus be able to ascend to the Etheric Civilization bordering the Source of the Life Energy.  This does not end a person’s spiritual evolution.  There are other higher dimensions to pass through.  These are currently beyond human comprehension and may remain so.  However, great music and art can provide a sense of these truths beyond words and concepts.  After complete spiritual de-armoring, and merger with the Source of Life Energy, the journey will continue.

PART 2-15.  Merger of the individual spiritual energy mind/body with the Source of Life Energy, or Absolute Consciousness, is beyond normal human conceptualization.  However, metaphysical philosophers through mystical experience have provided informed speculation.  See After Life by Ian Lawton, Chapter 29, “The Highest Planes,” pages 423-444 (Rational Spirituality Press, 2019).  Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology of attained stasis.  It is a moving, ever evolving consciousness spiraling into infinity. See the works of the German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel.

2-16.  The philosopher G.W.F. Hegel had a profound insight when 300 years ago he identified Absolute Mind as the carrier of a universally evolving cosmic consciousness.  By doing so, he intuited the essence of the Source of the Life Energy alone among Western philosophers.   


2-17.  Absolute Mind is functionally identical to the Source of the Life Energy.  It is an ever expanding intelligent cosmic energy.

2-18.  We are particles of Absolute Mind sent out to explore and gather information to be synthesized upon our return to the Godhead of Life Energy.  That is why we were given evolving intelligence and free will.  The Absolute Mind has to contend with other centers of psychic energy in the cosmos.  Some of these centers are sources of energy deadly to the life energy.  In traditional theology, these deadly sources have been known as demonic, satanic, and of the Devil.  Wilhelm Reich called it Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) as opposed to Orgone Energy (the Life Energy).  As arms of the Godhead of Life Energy, we must stay free of capture by the demonic forces, while fighting them and gathering intelligence about them.  We are soldiers in the Army of Christ.  The demonic forces capture many of our brothers and sisters, turning them into agents of the Devil.  These demonic criminal operatives exist on every level of society from bottom to top.  As far as we know, the struggle between good and evil is eternal.

2-19.  Originally, when humans were close to their instincts in the hunter-gatherer phase of evolution, religion and sexuality were functionally identical.  The primal spiritual principle was recognized as creation, and sexuality was the microcosmic expression of this.  Group worship involved sexual rites and polymorphous expression.

2-20.  Absolute Mind is a highly intelligent and spiritual Being existing as a Cosmic Cloud of Living Energy beyond our space / time dimension.  We are projected particles of this Being.  Our great philosophers, artists, scientists, and mystics are able to feel and conceptualize this metaphysical linkage.   “Original Mind” as described by Zen philosophers is the microcosmic reflection of cosmic Absolute Mind.

Lspn_comet_halley (1)

2-21. The Ether Civilization is described and symbolically represented in the Book of Genesis of the Old Testament as “The Garden of Eden.”  This domain exists in the highest extra-dimensional sphere bordering the Godhead of the Life Energy.  The fall of the human race from this existence into our current space / time dimension, engineered by demonic forces,  marked the primal alienation from the Source of the Life Energy.  At the same time, by dialectical process, it enables the Source of the Life Energy to further evolve and expand by the negation of the negation and the return of the human spiritual bodies to the Ether Civilization.

  2-22.  As long as we are subject to reincarnation, we will experience the fall from the Garden of Eden over and over again. We choose our incarnations existentially, with the help of our Higher Spiritual Powers, in order to gain knowledge and experience for the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy.  As the philosopher Leibniz stated: “The monad has no windows.”  However, God establishes a kind of relationship between souls according to their intrinsic existential natures.

2-23.  Functionally, the metaphysical statement that the “monad has no windows,” means that the living intelligent spiritual energy body in each person is predetermined by the Source of Life Energy as mediated by that individual’s Spiritual Higher Powers and Guides (Angels in traditional theological language).  These internal guidance systems are under karmic influence, and other people, no matter how well meaning, cannot usually change a person’s ultimate fate.  Certainly, spiritual help can be given along the way, but rarely can one person change the fundamental path of another (no matter how disastrous). This is not cause for resignation or letting people go to their own hell.  One can never know if perhaps this is a case where the human help was foreseen and welcomed. Of course, Guides and Spiritual Higher Powers can sometimes intervene and assist the human helper.  In other words, humanity and God do ask us to make the effort if we have the ability to do so.  We need to remember, however, that the ultimate fate of another soul is never in our hands.

2-24  In our Universe, the Source of the Life Energy is a higher dimensional cell nucleus containing the Absolute Mind. The Absolute Mind radiates the living intelligent and creative Orgone Energy or Life Energy into the lower dimensions.  This energy channels the intelligence of the Absolute Mind. Creation is continuous, and eternal.

2-25.  In order to ascend to the Ether Civilization, a soul needs to have attained at least the ontological state and process of a master philosopher of spiritual praxis.  To move on into the Source of the Life Energy itself, the spiritual energy soul would need to be a Philosopher of Absolute Mind.  On earth, we have seen at least two examples of this highest philosopher incarnated here: Plato, and Hegel.  I am sure in the history of world philosophy there are more.  As to spiritual philosophers, two outstanding examples of this highest type are Moses and Jesus.  These philosophers were sent to earth by the Higher Spiritual Powers on teaching missions.

2-26.  Philosophers of Absolute Mind see each moment as a pristine eternal NOW.

2-27.  Philosophers of Absolute Mind are spiritual revolutionaries in the simple acts of life functioning. By unifying the transcendent and imminent primal principles of creation in the core of their being, these souls bring the higher planes into the lower ones.  

2-28.  Absolute Mind is also Empty Mind.  It is dialectically both a plenitude and an abyss.  It is the Akashic record of all universal knowledge, and at the same time an empty matrix for all content to come as the Universe continues to expand.

2-29.  On the metaphysical prison planet of the earth, sexuality for most, for a large part of the time, is limited to a closed repetitive mechanical circuit.  On the etheric planes, it is an open wave to infinity.  Souls merge energy fields in the brain, heart, and genitals.  On earth, the energy tends be a mechanical discharge of tension from the biological body via only the genitals.  The spiritual energy merger and complete interchange / discharge does not happen due to the character armor. This is why Dr. Robert Pasotti called Wilhelm Reich’s therapy for sexual liberation a gnostic discipline.  For those humans who could experience healthy orgasm, it was a spiritual merger of self to self. On the highest metaphysical planes a merger of spiritual energy takes place between the two souls with affinity.  It is integrated into the functional life of the spiritual energy bodies and the merger grows out of and blends into the existence of the two souls.  Erotic feeling continues most of the time with a sudden ascendency and discharge in orgasm.  Life functioning itself is so pleasurable that it is orgastic on a continuous basis.  It is integrated into daily life without the shame and suppression of the transgressions of the “Garden of Eden.”

2-29a.  At some point in an individual’s spiritual evolution, it may become appropriate to transmute sexual-spiritual energy into a motor force for enlightenment by the practice of kundalini.  Kundalini has its origin in the Eastern Hindu religion.  This spiritual-sexual practice concentrates the sexual-spiritual energy at the base of the spine, and raises it by conscious intention up through the chakras or spiritual centers of the body until it reaches the highest chakras in the heart and brain.  At that point, these highest centers are lit up by a powerful spiritual energetic charge and enlightenment may be experienced.  The practice of raising the “serpent” power of kundalini should only be attempted by mature and well-balanced individuals.   Kundalini should never replace the natural sexual discharge of orgasm necessary for bio-psychological health.  See The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., The Noonday Press, 1961).   

2-30.  The demonic spiritual enemies of the Life Energy attack it as the life force expands in spiritual energy bodies into the Universe. A living pristine soul is caught in an iron suit of armor causing rigidity and immobility. Disintegration and death ensues. The eternal battle between Eros and Thanatos is waged unceasingly.

2-31.   There is a primary and secondary order of ontologies. The primary ontological Godhead is the ultimate ground of Being.  This produces expansion and contraction, entropy and negative entropy.  It is beyond good and evil.  These are the two hands of the Godhead.  The Hindu God / Goddess Shiva symbolizes this perfectly.  Primal creation and destruction is a dance of incomprehensible elegance.  The secondary order of Being introduces good and evil as we know them.  The fundamental ground of Being gives rise to duality: life energy vs. death energy; orgone energy vs. deadly orgone energy; Eros vs. Thanatos; and expansion vs. contraction. As the philosopher Martin Heidegger pointed out, the most profound is the ontological, and the secondary ontology is the ontic. Humanity, except for a few individuals here and there, resides in the superficial ontic.  Our spiritual leaders and great philosophers live in the cosmic ocean of the ontological Godhead. See Being and Time by Martin Heidegger (N.Y., Harper & Row, 1962). 

2-32.  Just as there is a cosmic source of the life energy, there is a corresponding cosmic source of the death energy.  There is the Godhead of the Life Energy vs. The Godhead of the Death Energy. The two orders of intelligent energy provide a mirror image of the life energy that is life-negative. The life affirmative ether civilization is mirrored by the demonic civilization of life negative deadly orgone energy (DOR).  Souls reincarnate in their own levels of Being, and Non-Being.  Just as Jesus, embodying a Christ consciousness, was the result of many incarnations progressively purifying him, Hitler, an anti-Christ, reincarnated in the demonic order many times becoming progressively more evil and armored with deadly and infectious spiritual plague.

2-33.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered in his Oranur Experiment, conducted in Rangley, Maine, in 1951-52, that in a clash between the expansive primordial life energy of creation (orgone energy), and the atomic radiation death energy of destruction (deadly orgone energy or DOR), the seemingly impassable barrier between physics and metaphysics could be breached.  In the spiritually most highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations this barrier is permanently transcended and the Beings of the Ether Civilizations can create matter by thought.  Some of the UFOs observed in our sky are Ether Ships that these Beings use to travel between dimensions and star systems.   The sperm that was to become Christ after gestation in a human mother traveled to earth in an Ether Ship from the highest Ether Civilization bordering the Godhead of Life.  His mission was to free trapped souls from the earth prison.  See “The Oranur Experiment” in Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings, pages 351-431 (N.Y., F,S & G, 1961); The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967);  The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable (San Diego, Cal., The Book Tree, 2008); The Ether Ship Mystery And its Solution by  Meade Layne (Cal., Borderland Sciences Research Associates, 1950).

2-34.  The Absolute Mind / Body Life Energy Godhead first created the etheric metaphysical plane.  The ancient Jewish Kabbalists described this process as the Godhead withdrawing inside itself so as to create a fertile pulsating gateway.  This metaphysical vagina was then impregnated by the ejaculated  concentrated spiritual life energy of the Godhead as it extended its metaphysical penis. The etheric dimension was made of subatomic particles and cosmic (orgone) energy.  Next, out of this substance, the first humans were constructed (Adam and Eve).  They were spiritual monads consisting of a sack of spiritual life energy filled with subatomic particles. The life energy had primary consciousness, and the quantum particles within had intelligences with the potential of continual evolution and expansion.  The creation process is described allegorically by the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis.  There the first humans were placed in the Garden of Eden (Etheric dimension).  After creation, Eden was invaded by a demonic psychic energy know as Satan.  This demonic intelligence convinced the humans(Adam and Eve) to eat the forbidden fruit which made them ashamed of their sexuality.  Upon discovering this, God  (Mind / Body Godhead of Life Energy) expelled them from Eden (the etheric dimension), and they fell into gross material embodiment on earth. This gross material embodiment made the humans subject to spiritual armoring and life destructive drives.  This armor was the artifact of the Devil (Deadly Cosmic / Orgone Energy).  From this point on, the earth became a battleground between God and the Devil, Good vs. Evil, Life Energy vs. Death Energy, Expansion vs. Contraction, and Orgone Energy vs. Deadly Orgone Energy.  This battle continues to this day, and will only end by the intervention of the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life.

2-35.  Innocents crucified on earth  by the human embodiments of deadly psychic energy, or the demonic powers of Satan, dialectically make a quantum leap when their souls go into the metaphysical dimensions. They instantaneously manifest the Christ Archetype within their core and ascend close to the Source of the Life Energy.  If they are called to reincarnate, they manifest at a very high level of spiritual development.  Such souls are often sent back to earth with special missions to perform on behalf of Life.  They can be similar to angels, but with free will and discretion.

2-36. All human energy souls who ascend to the metaphysical planes will have perfectly constructed workshops, studios, and celestial academies in which to carry on their work. Any new discoveries will be taken by the person into the next incarnation with him / her / other. For example, philosophers will have their research facilities, scientists their labs, artists their studios, and so on. Of course, the powers of creation on the metaphysical dimensions are greatly enhanced over what they were on the earth planes.

PART 3: The Theology of Life Energy Illuminism – Psychotherapeutic Implications

The spiritual armor is biologically frozen life energy, and no form of therapy can ever completely remove it.  It is the result of the interference of the demonic powers in the process of creation, and produces reduced consciousness and debased sexuality.  Such armor is largely absent from the organisms in the Ether Civilization, where souls are largely pure life energy in a subatomic quantum spiritual body.  This is the last step of a soul’s evolution before merger with Absolute Mind.  Through the work of many incarnations, and the grace of God, a soul can fully liberate itself from this evil and join the Ether dimension.  As described brilliantly by Wilhelm Reich in his book “The Murder of Christ,” Jesus was sent from the Ether Civilization unarmored to deliver a message of love, and therefore was marked for destruction by the demonic powers. 


The author, after many decades of effort studying all subjects bearing on human spiritual experience, and living the pleasures and pains of earth life, had a culminating mystical experience. I was able to project my astral / spiritual energy body to the upper dimensions of the Ether Civilization. This is the highest spiritual domain short of actual merger with the Source of the Life Energy. It was from this spiritual dimension that the sperm seed of Christ was sent via metaphysical UFO for incarnation on earth in a human mother in order to bring teachings of inner liberation from the demonic trap to earth people.  Moses had been sent before Him to bring external liberation from political enslavement.  This is where I will be going after I wear out my biological vehicle, and where all can ascend if they work their way up to it.  I was able to see my love ones who had passed away in their now evolved spiritual states, autonomous monads with great wisdom and varied talents.  As the great German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) stated: “The monad has no windows.”  Each individual soul evolves according to its own intrinsic nature.  My life with them was one moment in a series of their inner directed incarnations.  The Ether Civilization itself consisted of crystalline structures that radiated invigorating orgone energy.  The city I was in proved strangely quiet despite activity, and the population density was low as unarmored souls moved in a flowing stream down the clear crystal sidewalks.  This mystical experience was tremendously liberating to mind and body, and the result of a combined process of gradual education and sudden revelation as those phenomena are described by William James in his book “The Varieties of Religious Experience.” It produced a sense of inner tranquility and “above it all” spiritual detachment. This process is an eternal upward spiral to infinity.  We are pure intelligent psychic energy that never dies because it was never born.


The earth dimension is a spiritual testing ground for the human individual.  The Life Energies [God] contend with the Death Energies [Devil] for human souls.  We are literally born into a war zone of intense spiritual combat.  If we fight courageously with our focus on love, work, and knowledge, after we drop the biological body, we will ascend back to the Source of the Life Energy with the knowledge to help Him expand more deeply into the Universes.  The God of Life needs us in His eternal war with the spiritual enemies of life that want to force Him to contract down into a Black Hole.  The earth is an opportunity for us to spiritually grow and learn. It is a metaphysical school where the sleeping may wake up.  Let us pray that our struggles in this veil of tears will bring us safely home to the peace and solitude of our metaphysical abodes.   Every time we return from trips into infinity to this celestial home we can enrich the Godhead of Life and become one with IT and with each other!! 


New Insights (2022)

A generally taboo topic in the religious and spiritual philosophies of Western religions is the use of sex to attain spiritual experience. Going back to the Gnostic movement in the ancient world, and even to before recorded history, use of the function of the orgasm to experience spiritual transcendence and contact with the Godhead of spiritual energy has been practiced. In the Western mystical and occult movement, this practice was called “Sex Magick” (a term coined by mystical philosopher Aleister Crowley). See: “Gnostic Mysteries of Sex” by Tobias Churton (Vermont, Inner Traditions, 2015). See also, “The Function of the Orgasm;” “The Murder of Christ;” and “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich (Noonday Press, F,G&S, various editions). Dr. Reich was originally a psychoanalyst and student of Sigmund Freud. He went on to create the science of orgonomy. Orgonomy fused biophysics and metaphysics in psychotherapy and natural research. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951). Dr. Reich discovered that repression of the healthy sexual instinct produced medical and spiritual pathology.

The function of the orgasm is the microcosmic expression of the core function of cosmic creation. See “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich. As such, it is the prime mover and central spiritual principle of healthy, natural spirituality. Sick or pathogenic sexuality is the repression and distortion of the orgasm and produces evil, destructive and deadly cosmic energy. This is recognized as demonic or destruction psychic energy within humans, in the atmosphere, and in the cosmos at large. Here is the Evil function a/k/a “the Devil.” See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich.


We all know the terrible injustice that pervades our earth prison on every level. Such awareness starts at an early age. When the returning spiritual energy souls ascend to the metaphysical planes, there are Spiritual Justice Counsellors ready to work with them to craft a redress of injuries while on the metaphysical planes and in choice of the next incarnation. Justice Counsellors are part of a therapeutic team with Energy Workers and others to make the soul whole.


Each spiritual energy soul returning to the Absolute Mind / Body of the Godhead of the Life Energy brings a charge of new knowledge and energy from the incarnation just completed. This charge further charges the Absolute and makes its expansion / pulsation that much more vigorous into the cosmic dimensions with future incarnations of the drops of the ocean of spiritual energy. Thus, the Absolute Mind / Body Source of the Life Energy follows the universal equation of life: tension = charge = peak excitation = discharge = relaxation. This is the orgasm reflex discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich almost 100 years ago. It is the common ontological functioning principle of all of creation. This is the reason there is no “final” closure to the universal ontological process. The spiritual dialectic is eternal and proceeds in a spiral passing through the same nodes of metaphysical development on a higher and deeper sphere.



The Democrat Party (and similar political parties in other countries regardless of label) has metamorphized into the Nationalist Socialist Party of the U.S.  It has all the indicia of a Nazi Party: a stratified society run by the preferred affirmative action races and genders produced by a state / corporate alliance; infanticide, abortion, and genetic manipulation; a totalitarian political ideology known as “political correctness;” anti-Semitism disguised as social justice; total state control of the population’s economic functioning and ability to work through technocratic social media; an aggressive imperialistic foreign policy with military intervention abroad; political / economic weaponization of the legal system; and a new underclass of white men expected to be submissive and defenseless slaves to the new communist elite with their minds shackled to political correctness.

There is still time to protect the life affirmative values of Western Civilization by supporting strong leaders like President Trump and President Putin.  Their political philosophies of old fashioned nationalism are well known. With an alliance between the United States and Russia, as happened during World War II, the new global Red Fascism can be defeated internally and externally. It was the Russian victory at Stalingrad over the Nazis that gave Hitler a knock-out blow, followed by the invasion at Normandy by Allied troops.

The white race is facing genocide by the end of this century.  It has already started in South Africa, and in other countries.  Let us support each other and protect life.  I will never apologize for being a strong white man!!  Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom.   Victory or Death!!


 See Alex Jones on


Current Events:


In South Africa, it has been reported by reliable sources that white farmers are having their land confiscated without compensation by a law recently passed by their communist government. What is even more worrying, white farmers are also being killed. This is a genocide of white people that will soon spread to the Western countries. This will start with the demand for reparations from white people, 98 percent of whom had ancestors with nothing to do with slavery. The genocide will be masked by political correctness and identity politics. A new ruling class of communists and state capitalists with the right skin color and gender identity will control everybody else. This is already being instituted by government and corporations by shutting white men out of jobs and educational opportunities.
UPDATE FROM THE NEW YORK POST, “SUSPECT: SLAVERY JUSTIFIED RAPE,” June 19, 2019, page 19, reported by Larry Celona and Stephanie Pagones: “A black parolee charged with brutally raping a white woman on a Bronx rooftop said she ‘deserved’ the attack because of ‘slavery,’ a criminal complaint alleges. [Mr. X]…allegedly punched the 20 year old victim, raped her and then continued beating her until she passed out on June 1. ‘She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,’ he told a witness who saw the woman afterward, the complaint claims. ‘This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us.’ [Mr. X], 23, was arrested Friday in Virginia and arraigned in a Bronx court the following day for charges including rape, attempted murder and a hate crime.”

UPDATE FROM THE NEW YORK POST, “LI prof’s hate rant, June 30, 2019, page 18, reported by Jon Levine: …an [African-America] associate professor of literature at the taxpayer-funded public college [SUNY] on Long Island, penned an article titled ‘Seeing poor white people makes me happy.’  ‘White people begging us for food feels like justice…It feels like a Black Nationalist wet dream.’  The [black] prof. …recounted seeing a ‘white homeless boy’ panhandling in a black neighborhood.  “Should I kick him in the face?  Hard?’ writes the prof., who identifies as Puerto Rican and part of the black nationalist movement….’Here is a descendant of murderers who killed our ancestors now begging us to save their life,’ he wrote.”