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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Libertarian anarchist / anarcho-capitalist democracy “is a political philosophy that upholds the principle of individual liberty, rejects compulsory government, and supports the elimination of government in favor of ruling oneself and no other.” (Wikipedia, 2017) This philosophy represents the fusion of the rational cores of both Left and Right. Consult the work of Ayn Rand (“The Fountainhead”) and Raya Dunayevskaya (“Philosophy and Revolution”). This is the only political philosophy consistent with bio-psychological health. A perfect graphic depiction of the ethics of libertarian work democracy is provided in the motion picture “Fountainhead” starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal (Warner Home Video). See also, Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of “work democracy” set out in his work “The Mass Psychology of Fascism.” Work democracy, as defined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, is based on the naturally and spontaneously formed relations of mutual economic interrelation free of state interference. Work democracy needs people who have orgasmic potency, and can function in a self-regulatory way rooted in healthy sex economy. Otherwise, neurotic outbreaks, or even emotional plague reactions, will destroy mutual aid, healthy competition, and cooperation. Authority is non-coercive and based strictly on functional competency, and knowledge. Work groups are based on the free association of autonomous individuals. No more wage slavery. See generally, the work of: Ayn Rand; Peter Kropotkin; Emma Goldman; Henry Miller; Wilhelm Reich; Ernst Bloch; Herbert Marcuse; Alexander Berkman; Murray Rothbard; Alan Watts; Bakunin; Karl Hess; and many others.
Every political theory, implicitly or explicitly, is built upon a concept of ethics. How are humans to function, and what scale of values are to guide them? Libertarianism is firmly grounded in the objective / subjective  ethics of bio-psychological health. The subjective must always be verified by objective criteria. Biophysics fuses with metaphysics.  All social conditions that protect and promote this life-affirmative health are good, and all conditions that diminish or destroy it are bad. Destructive conditions are to be eliminated, and life affirmative values are to be promoted, by all means possible given the ever-evolving state of scientific and philosophic knowledge. This ever-evolving reach of knowledge now includes the higher dimensional life-affirmative and Ether Illuminated civilizations. This is where our quantum spiritual energy bodies go after our biological vehicles wear out. Cutting-edge quantum physics / cosmic photon research has now verified this. This breakthrough frees humanity from the fear of what Freud called “the death instinct.” Wilhelm Reich called this demonic energy “deadly orgone energy.”  See “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  By fighting the death energy, the expansion of the life energy is greatly facilitated. The responsibility for the protection and promotion of the life energy, and elimination of the nuclear death energy, rests with the existential individual, and not the State. A chronically sick society cannot be changed by any system of voting. Only direct action will do it. The functions of love, work, and knowledge, need to replace politics.



The historical origins of chronic human bio-psychological armoring has been an enigma for many years.  Research seems to suggest that it developed in tandem with the emergence of an agricultural civilization from the hunter-gatherer phase of existence. This allowed a food surplus and the development of a class civilization for the primary benefit of those controlling this surplus. A sedentary existence became established among the population, and work energy was frozen (also freezing sexual energy since it draws from the same wellspring of bio-energy),  and exploited by elites.

An alternative explanation is that an advanced extraterrestrial race, in order to enslave the humans, imposed bio-psychological armor and impotence on early humans by waging a war of psychic terrorism.

Some combination of the previous two possibilities could also have happened. The extraterrestrials, if the Bible is  credited as history, were probably highly intelligent reptilians.  They subjugated fluidly moving hunters who were beaten down into mechanized workers, living and dying in abject suffering and despair.  The slaves were put to work on building the pyramids and mining for gold and precious minerals for removal back to the extraterrestrial civilization.  This was the origin of all subsequent class civilizations such  as wage slavery under contemporary predatory capitalists and Red fascist communists.

Out of the enslavement grew distorted religions designed to narcotize the masses making them blindly passive and victims.  Law, originally an expression of God-given natural and spiritual norms, was turned into the positive law of the Red and Black fascist totalitarian states. For example, the Nuremberg laws, drafted by Nazi lawyers, provided for the extermination of six million Jews.

The struggle continues while we await the force of extraterrestrial life- affirmative beings lead by the return of Christ in a fleet of silver space ships ready to drain the swamp of deadly psychic energy, discovered by Wilhelm Reich as deadly orgone energy, in the human organism and the atmosphere. Make no mistake about it.  The struggle is real and deadly. Death to the fascist insect who feeds on the life of the of the people!!!  Life will prevail.  See The Mass Psychology Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich (NY, Noonday Press, 1967); “in Search of Ancient Gods” by Erich Von Daniken ( NY, Corgi Books, 1975); “The 12th planet” by Zecharia Sitchin (NY, Harper, 1976); “Ancient Aliens Ancestors” by Will Hart (Vermont, Baer & Co., 2017); “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press,1951).


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It is quite striking how humanity has continued to remain sitting on the spot in the years since Dr.Wilhelm Reich conducted the Oranur Experiment in 1951. Reich performed the experiment to see if orgone energy could neutralize atomic fall-out radiation as mass protection should atomic weapons be used in the Korean war. Now, as I write this, we are faced with a second Korean war with nuclear weapons certain to be used should war break out. The consequence of the fact that Reich’s co-workers and students failed to continue to develop the Oranur experiment is that the mass protection that might have been available using orgone energy does not exist. Almost everybody ran away from Orgonon in reaction to the experiment, and this running away has continued down to subsequent generations of orgonomists. Listen to the audiotape “Alone” wherein Reich describes the reactions of his co-workers. See “The Oranur Experiment – First Report (1947-1951)” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). This can be ordered from the Wilhelm Reich Museum (found on the web).  See also: “The Murder of Christ – The Emotional Plague of Mankind ” by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971) (Dr. Reich: “The Oranur Experiment, beginning 1947, has unexpectedly provided some  basic solutions to emotional and social problems of man, solutions which have been entirely inaccessible heretofore. An extensive publication of the emotional implications of the Oranur Experiment is in preparation. THE MURDER OF CHRIST may well serve as an introduction of biographical background material to Oranur.); “Contact With Space – ORANUR – SECOND REPORT, 1951-1956 – OROP DESERT Ea – 1954 – 1955 (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  The Oranur Experiment should be developed on an expedited basis by a team of well-trained orgonomists.  All should have completed medical orgone therapy to the extent they are free of chronic bio-psychological armoring. This is necessary so that all can sense deadly orgone energy fields.