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Monthly Archives: September 2018

“The microcosm is an exact image of the Macrocosm; the Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity.” – Aleister Crowley

“When the transcendent and immanent function of the spiritual orgasms superimpose, the ‘Great Work’ reaches completion. This does not stop the ontological movement.  It starts a new beginning along the cosmic spiral ascent.” – Dr. Steven Katz


“This ocean of the primordial energy of the universe is the source of the single eruptions into single living lives; therefore, rightly, men from time immemorial have called it their ‘GOD’ or ‘FATHER IN HEAVEN’ or ‘CREATOR” or one of many other names.  The knowledge of this universal Life force and its background of endless heavens full of all his notions of heavenly virtue and basic emotional cleanliness and angel-like patience and endless love and endurance and fortitude and diligence and thriftiness and all the other virtues which were set up by all religions alike as eternal ideals for mankind ever since man lost contact with the inner glow due to the desecration of bodily love.  It has remained to this day the essence of all cosmic longing in mankind.  It is even active, as murderous fury, in the pestilent killer of Life. – Dr. Wilhelm Reich from “The Murder of Christ,” page 147 (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967). 

“On March 20, 1956, 10 p.m., a thought of a very remote possibility entered my mind, which, I fear, will never leave me again: Am I a Spaceman?  Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women? Are my children offspring of the first interplanetary race?  Has the melting-pot of interplanetary society already been created on our planet, as the melting-pot of all earth nations was established in the U.S.A. 190 years ago?  Or does this thought relate to things to come in the future? I request my right and privilege to have such thoughts and to ask such questions without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of society.” – Dr. Wilhelm Reich, from “Contact With Space,” page 1 (Haverhill House Publishing LLC, Haverhill, MA, 2018). [Dr. Myron Sharaf, biographer of Wilhelm Reich, stated in reference to the foregoing quote, in a videotaped interview in the 1990s with Jim Martin, that: “This was Reich saying ‘I want to think what I want to think, and fuck you!'”]

“In the tale of Jesus’ birth, there are certain supernatural overtones that have divided scholars for hundreds of years.  But the idea of ancient aliens being present and taking part in the birth of Christ can be found in the biblical account.” – Xaviant Haze, from “Ancient Aliens in the Bible,” page 177 (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).

 “Many of the mysteries of life and destiny reveal themselves once we see that the Source of the Life Energy created the spiritually unarmored Astral Ether race, but this act of creation was aborted by an evil source of demonic or deadly psychic energy, pushing the Astral race into the earth domain of atomic matter, and forcing a degeneration to the reduced ontology of the Human Race with spiritual armoring. To redeem the Astral race, the Source of the Life Energy sent Christ, an emissary from the highest dimensional ether civilization, to redeem the human race and liberate it from the grip of the Evil One.  Those with the capacity to transform during life will return to the ether civilization after death of the biological body. Masses cannot be liberated, only individuals.  There are too many spiritual laws contrary to a mass liberation.  Christ will return in a metaphysical craft, or UFO, in the future for a final reckoning with the Evil. Knowledge of why there was a degeneration of the Astral race will eventually be absorbed by the Godhead of the Life Energy.  This will facilitate the further expansion of the Life Energy into the Universes. There are an unknown number of centers of both good and evil spiritual energy sources in the Universes.  The deadly orgone or destructive cosmic energy is spread by UFOs piloted by an evil Oranur Race. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951); “Contact With Space” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  The soul drops of the Godhead of Life Energy will reincarnate until purified with new knowledge and ready to rejoin the Godhead.  Thereafter the pulsation starts anew to spread the joy, and good news. We are eternal.” – Dr. Steven Katz

Dedicated to Ira David Katz

In the interest of clarity and precision, in the writings on this blog where you read “God” or “Godhead,” substitute “The Source of the Life Energy.” Similarly, where “demonic energy” or “deadly orgone energy” is referenced, think “Source of the Death Energy.”  The Source of the Life Energy is not omnipotent or omniscient.  That is why there was a flaw in our creation.    

The first religious philosophy to come out of the discovery of a universal cosmic energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich has become known as “The Extraterrestrial Christ Archetype of the Universal Life Force.” This religion is based on the explicit merger of science and spirituality. His seed came to earth in an extraterrestrial / metaphysical craft from a higher dimensional Ether Civilization to offer the good news of salvation to those open enough to receive it.
He will be back to gather the remaining spiritual energy bodies of those who have functionalized His teachings. See: “The New Testament;” “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich; “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich; and “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich. Also by Dr. Reich: “Cosmic Superimposition;” “Ether, God, and Devil;” and “Function of the Orgasm.”  See also,
“The Beginning of All Things – Science and Religion” by Hans Kung; “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem; “Jesus On Trial” by David Limbaugh; “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” motion picture by 20th Century Fox (1951); “The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself” by Simon Brown and Casper McCloud; ”  “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler; “Wilhelm Reich – Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy” by Dr. Steven Katz.; “Tractate: The Metaphysics of the Life Energy – The Aim of Religion and the Method of Scientific Illumination” by Dr. Steven Katz; “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick” by PKD.

The ontological “mission” of the Godhead of Universal Life Force is to spread joy and wisdom through its drops of consciousness, also known as the Spiritual Energy Mind / Body Monad, until it returns to itself as the “One” merging with the “One” in the mirror of “Eternity.”  The Religion of the Universal Life Force, based ultimately on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich’s Cosmic Energy, provides the scientific and theological framework for the individual human to join in this expansion through existential spiritual adventure and exploration.  The Enemy of the Life Energy, the Devil of Deadly Orgone Energy, must be constantly fought throughout the process.  The writings on this blog chronicle this struggle and the souls who have fought heroically against the Death Instinct.  New discoveries, insights, and mystical experiences, are constantly added.

The human ether spiritual energy body did not evolve on earth.  When it became trapped in the earth’s sphere, it devolved.  The pure spiritual functions, such as love, work, and knowledge, lost fluidity and pulsation, becoming armored and without feeling.  In the course of trying to repair the damaged human bio-psychological organism, Wilhelm Reich reconstituted the original pristine spiritual functions in a few people,  revealing a healthier and “higher” organism than prevailed on earth. He called it the “genital character.”  It was the key to understanding where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.  Christ was the archetype of such a spiritually highly evolved person.

The following experimental and hypothetical conclusions about the Godhead of Life Energy seem to have the support of the preponderance of the evidence:

(a)  The Absolute Cosmic Mind/Body of the Life Energy Generator is neither omniscient nor omnipresent.  It is governed by spiritual and supernatural laws rooted in quantum physics and cosmology;

(b)  It is one Higher Spiritual Power among others in all the dimensions and universes. Some of the other Higher Spiritual Powers are enemies of life and seek to infiltrate and destroy the Life Energy;

(c)  The human spiritual energy body survives the death of the body and rejoins one of the levels of the Godhead, and is reunited with love ones as a drop of the ocean rejoins the ocean. Its purpose is to enrich the Source of the Life Force with new knowledge. Reincarnation is real and serves many purposes. At some point the necessity for reincarnation ends.

(d)  It is possible to travel between the physical and metaphysical dimensions.  For this, the researcher or mystic needs to be trained in meditation and astral projection.  From the internal spiritual energy bodies, the voyager constructs a metaphysical vehicle out of consciousness and quantum particles.  It is useful to use a depiction of a “Time Machine” or UFO as a guide to building up the interdimensional craft.  Then, an intentional projection of consciousness moves the energy guided by imagination and a desire to connect with a particular person or situation located on the metaphysical continuum .  For the dissolution of the boundaries between physics and metaphysics see “The Oranur Experiment,” page 351-431, in Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1961).

(e)  Make no mistake.  Evil is not just the lack of Good, or some hallucination of a “New Age” psychedelic theologian.  It is a positively existing cosmic force designed to be the eternal enemy of love, work, and knowledge.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in one of his later  observations during the 1954 trip to Arizona, sensed Evil had an unknown cosmic origin.  He called IT “deadly orgone energy.”  Reich, like Christ before him, sensed it in other humans and in the desert landscape.  One thing seems certain, he felt it had him in its sights.  Unfortunately, his keen powers of feeling and perception were correct.  A few years later, he died in federal prison. Don’t worry, as Ernest Hemingway remarked, unless you are very good and very brave, there will be no hurry to get to you.  Those people with a hint of eternity around them, like Christ and Reich, are taken out of circulation first.  The science fiction and horror writer H.P. Lovecraft also had a sharp sense for this nameless and amorphous negative force.  See “The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales” by H.P. Lovecraft (N.Y., Barnes and Noble, 2016).

(f)  As those readers who venture into the rest of the writings on this blog will find out, when Dr. Reich breached the barrier between physics and metaphysics during his “Oranur Experiment,” he uncovered some old occult truths that confirmed his therapeutic orgasm paradigm of the restitution of the spiritually unarmored human, and the degeneration of the human race.   As occult philosopher H.P. Blavatsky discovered in the 19th century through her research into Eastern philosophy and history, the original human race was the Astral Race and they were spiritually unarmored and etheric in nature.   As the Astral Race became drawn into the material prison of earth, they became armored and unfeeling, concerned only with the material plane.  See “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky, Abridged & Annotated by Michael Gomes (N.Y., Penguin Group, 2009).   In an effort to reclaim his explorers, the Source of the Life Energy contacted the Jewish tribes of the Mideast and the Jews became tasked with the reconstitution of the spiritually pure race of Astral Beings.  Christ came later on when this project began to fail in order to rejuvenate it as what Madam Blavatsky designated as the “Fifth Root Race.”  The Jewish people are to this day the Aryan Race still tasked with the salvation of humanity.  Two thousand years after Christ, Wilhelm Reich was incarnated to keep the project alive.  See his last work “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  In the 21st and 22nd Century, the final clash between the Judeo-Christian Aryan races and the Death races of Islamic fascism, enabled by post-modern secular liberalism, will decide the issue, at least in this part of the space / time continuum.  Note: “When Mme. Blavatsky used the term Aryan, it had not taken on the racial and political overtones that it has today.  Aryan was her designation for the ancient Indians, the inhabitants of Aryavarta, the land of the Arya, the noble.  She may have been influenced in this idea by her association in India with Swami Dayanand Saraswati whose Hindu reform movement, the  Arya Samaj, was started the same year as the Theosophical Society, 1875.  The term was later subsumed to denote present humanity, regardless of race, creed, caste, sex, or color.”  “The Secret Doctrine,” supra, page 111.

(g)  All of the above insights are filtered by human consciousness and thus may not be exactly as expressed.

Metaphysical knowledge has its limitations.  There is a point where the structure and reach of human consciousness will not pass.  However, feeling and instinct reaches deeper and further.  Here, we can feel the truths, but are unable to conceptualize them.  Only art can provide an avenue of communication.

That being said, the methodology of research into the metaphysics of the Life Energy is a form of chaos metaphysics.  Intentional direction of consciousness to move the Life Energy in exploring the unknown dimensions and fields of a multi-layered cosmic field has become the latest tool. This method is also in the cutting edge of repairing the distorted spiritual bodies that function within the diseased human biological body originally called “armoring” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

“….chaos [metaphysics] claims to emphasize the attainment of specific results over the symbolic, ritualistic, theological or otherwise ornamental aspects of other occult traditions.”  “Chaos magic,” WIKIPEDIA


In the human domain, Being and Nothingness are in ceaseless conflict.  In the Cosmic Mind, one grows out of the other.  The fertile Void is not a negation of Being.  It is the Mother of the Being.  It is part of the spiritual armoring that we perceive these domains, physics and metaphysics, separated.


Once touched by the archetype of the Etheric Christ, and through diligent work, we develop the capacity for continual spiritual expansion.  We are then fit for the cosmic work of the Etheric Higher Dimensions, and have the capacity to transfer salvation.


It requires a daily struggle to stay as near to genital spiritual health as possible in this demonic world.  Keep in mind, Christ can send his emissaries to transport us to His Etheric Civilization at any time.  Only the Source of the Life Force knows when and how. Be ready by continual spiritual expansion to greet your “deceased” loved ones and spiritual guides!


When all reincarnations are exhausted, and the maximum cosmic knowledge and energy charge have been realized within the spiritual Monad, the soul passes over the “abyss” and is absorbed into the Source of the Life Force.  This process happens beyond the space / time continuum and far transcends the Ether Civilizations.  At this point, no embodied human soul can possibly have a conception of the natural and supernatural functions that take place.  At that “moment,” the soul has the option of crossing back out of the Source and becoming a Christ or highly developed spiritual guide to fish in the cosmic energy ocean for lost souls to save among the Universes and civilizations.  The illusion of separateness leaves and we can feel that we are all part of a  single cosmic mind-cell.  The deadly demonic enemies of life are confronted and driven out of physical and metaphysical reality.


Our core energy and information are eternal.  They cannot be destroyed, but are transformed.  Living conscious energy in the individualized human soul therefore also functions this way.  The primary quality of the Universe is living consciousness. That is all.  Consciousness is more primary than matter.


The Life Force Energy contends with many anti-life alien energies and demonic forces as it attempts to expand throughout the Universes.  These appear on earth in humans and nature as the enemies of humanity.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in 1952, as a result of his “Oranur Experiment,” uncovered the stench of death on earth for all that is creative, healthy, and decent. By exposing concentrated life energy to radiation he unleased deadly orgone energy which is the result of demonic radiation mixing with the life energy.  it turns the life energy into a variant that he called deadly orgone energy.  This deadly force probably interfered with the creation of earth and human nature distorting them into potential entropic swamps.  Something clearly went wrong as the Life Force expanded during the creation of the earth.  Ontologically, we bend “wrong.”  See the report of the “Oranur Experiment.”


Those of us who are Theologians of the Life Energy have one primary duty: identify the enemies of life and stop them from preventing the expansion of the joy and freedom of the life energy!  Each time we reincarnate, we will have more knowledge gained from the Celestial Academy as to how to do that. It starts by protecting the baby in the womb, and continues on the metaphysical planes as we assist the Source of the Life Energy in expanding throughout the Universes. As Nietzsche once said: “Joy wants deep eternity!”


Infinity=Cosmic Consciousness = “Fohat” [binding unity of all cosmic energies] = orgone energy = matter=secondary energies=Infinity.  See “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky (N.Y., Penguin, 2009) [Abridged and Annotated].


In his work “Cosmic Superimposition,” Dr. Wilhelm Reich pointed out how two orgone energy streams in space superimposed and created the core of a new galaxy.  No armoring was involved.  It was pure energy and awareness.  In the earth prison, between humans, spiritual armor is involved and the experience can be laden with negative emotions.  This validates the old Kabbalistic insight that as the energy congeals and descends it moves further from God.  The mystical journey is one that requires we ascend back to our source.  As William James observed, this can be done by a gradual educational process, or a sudden revelation.  Psychedelic experimentation indicates that the most effective way is a combination of both methods.  This spiritual disintegration was generally intuited by Blavatsky in her work “The Secret Doctrine.”  She traced the degeneration to an evolutionary process as the “root races” of humanity developed down through history.


The spiritual energy within the living biological body is seen, on the subatomic quantum level, as a collection of particles.  After death, the released spiritual energy is seen and experienced as waves.  Life continues on in a different form.  There is no “death” in the other dimension.  The Life Energy is eternal.


The earth is at present awash in demonic energies and intelligences.  To some extent, they control all political states. This is not new.  Only the extent of the infestation is much greater by virtue of population and advanced technology than it was years ago.  The New Testament relates that the devil told Jesus in the desert that he had control of all the secular powers, and could give Jesus great political power if He would pledge allegiance to the demonic.  Of course, Jesus refused.  It is now known that Hitler had an extensive interest in the occult dark powers, including the lance that pierced the side of Jesus on the cross.  He took that Roman lance with him back home after he invaded Austria.  Hitler’s fate fully reflected that he was dealing with the most powerful dark power, and it collected his soul at the end of his destructive reign.  Today, the extent of spiritual pathology in the world is greater than ever before.  Money and power rule as they always have, amplified by the new media technologies and globalization.  World-wide enslavement of humanity by state capitalist and state socialist globalists is a real and present danger.  The return of the extraterrestrial Christ in a fleet of UFOs could of course stop this.  There are no guarantees.  We must be prepared to fight this alone. In that connection, Wilhelm Reich has left us the tools for cleansing the earth, and immobilizing the deadly energies.


Several thousand years ago, the Religion of the Life Energy was introduced on Earth by the Extraterrestrial Christ. Seventy years ago, Wilhelm Reich, having been sent by the Spiritual Higher Powers to revitalize Christ’s Universal Science of Life, gave humanity the psychotronic tools and spiritual therapy to transform itself. We are now facing a crucial crossroad as the Demonic Religion closes in on Western Civilization to destroy life and natural or spiritual law.  In the next few years, there will be a final battle between the Life Energy Religion and the Death Energy Religion (enabled by the secular post-modern “liberals.”). We will need courage and resolve to face this challenge. We are the Knights of Light!  Seize  the time!  We will not get another chance!


As each soul exhausts its embodied earth life, and ascends to the Ether Civilization, it goes through a form of spiritual energy therapy Wilhelm Reich on earth called “medical orgone therapy.”  The traumas inflicted on earth are dissolved in the spiritual energy body of the person and new insight is gained into the impact of the anti-life demonic forces.  A form of sacred and clean spiritual energy accumulator, depicted in the resurrection of Klatuu in the 1951 film of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” drives out the deadly orgone (spiritual) energy (DOR) from the spiritual bodies of the returned human soul.  Ultimately, the Source of the Spiritual Life Energy absorbs this knowledge in a kind of debriefing and uses it to more effectively expand against anti-life sources of demonic energy in other space / time sectors of the Universes.  This is a dialectical, evolutionary process of spiral growth for the Life Energy Godhead or “Great Spirit,” and for the reincarnating human soul.  Ultimately, the reincarnating soul will rejoin the “Great Spirit” when its incarnational process is complete for a particular cosmic cycle. “As above, so below.”

AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)

The degree of intelligence behind the deadly psychic energy destroying our lives is every bit as high as the intelligence of the Life Energy.  Add to that, a cunning genius able to arrange millions of variables to bring about the worst possible result for humanity.  This is where New Age Theology misses the mark.  The Evil is a positively existing force in the cosmos that humanity will never defeat alone and unaided by the life-affirmative higher spiritual powers, either individually or collectively.  Humanity, with its enlightenment and sciences, is still in the position of a novice chess player facing a Grand Master of Cosmic Chess.  Need evidence, just look at our history over the centuries despite the efforts of our most intelligent and competent humans.  The old medieval theologians knew this very well.  They went into battle against the Evil knowing the dangers and praying each second to Christ.


Christ came to earth from the cosmic race called “Astral” by H.P. Blavatsky.  This civilization is very highly developed spiritually, and each individual is a functional unity of cosmic life energy and subatomic quantum “God” particles.  This accounts for the singular energetic imprints of His bodily outline found on the “Shroud of Turin” (Christ’s burial shroud).  The biological material supplied to Him so he could incarnate on earth when His seed was implanted in His mother simply burned away.  Only the spiritual energy bodies ascended.  Christ was without the spiritual “armor” or pathology of the average human because of His unique hybrid nature.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).  His resurrection probably represented a holographic projection from the higher dimensions.  See “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection” by Chuck Missler (Koinonia House Internet page, 2016).  See also, “Ancient Aliens in the Bible,” pages 167-176, by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).

In the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version), the alien emissary Klaatu (Christ) was shot by the U.S army and killed. He was taken by Gort, a large robot, back to the UFO. In the UFO / Space Ship, Gort placed Klatuu inside a clear tube enclosure, and exposed Klaatu to a strange glowing energy that brought him back to life. This “resurrection,” however, was only for a time (duration unknown). The energy revitalized Klatuu’s spiritual energy bodies and revived them for a limited period of time.  This depiction, although presented as fiction, may be close to what did happen to Christ to leave his tomb. The revivifying energy was a primordial version of creation energy composed of “God” quantum particles and orgone energy. The biological matter that contains the spiritual energy in the human body is reformed and reintegrated into its functional health.


The Source of the Life Energy is apparently not omnipotent or omniscient.  It is infinite and eternal, varying in concentration and intensity.  At core, it is Absolute Mind / Body.  Reaching out to the margins of space / time, it varies in concentration and is constantly changing. The Life Energy develops by an upward spiral movement, both cyclic and linear.  In its core ontology, theologian Teilhard de Chardin called this process “Christogenesis.”   It is omnipresent in our reality.  One would assume there may be other independent spiritual sources, of equal or greater strength, that instigate or produce the demonic or deadly psychic energies.  These destructive forces are not the result of human “free will” as the conventional theologians assert. Human free will is actually very limited by both nature and social conditioning.

At any rate, there is a primal struggle between Good and Evil, God and the Devil, orgone energy vs. deadly orgone energy, and Eros vs. Thanatos.  Possibly, the limitations of the Source of the Life Energy itself produced imperfections in the creation process that left life vulnerable to entropy and negation.  It is also possible that the ether civilization that sent Christ to earth also originally created human beings by genetic manipulation of a prior humanoid.

The simple explanation of Christ’s appearance on earth several thousand years ago may indeed be the best.  He came from an extraterrestrial civilization as an emissary to earth to prevent the destructive forces of human civilization from getting loose in the cosmos and from the human race destroying itself.  Christ’s civilization was very advanced spiritually, and the norm there was what Wilhelm Reich called the genital character.  This means love, work and knowledge governed, and not pathogenic politics. Reich cited the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as a current day rendering of the story.  The New Testament puts it in the words and concept of the time it was written. In fact, visiting the earth were not “Gods” but highly developed, both spiritually and materially, alien living organisms.

The Christ story was retold in modern language and environment by the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version].  The movie was, even if fiction, a very illuminating insight into what Christ’s resurrection might have been in light of quantum physics and orgone energy.  Modern energy medicine, and orgonomic medicine, both inform us of the life energy functions that keep us alive while incarnated in a biological vehicle.  The human body has spiritual energy bodies that sustain the biological organs, and integrate them into unifying functions.  Klatuu (Christ), the alien emissary, was shot and killed by the U.S. army.  He was taken back to his UFO / space ship by Gort (AI robot).  Gort placed Klatuu’s body into a glass (or glass-like substance) tube that was connected to an orgone accumulator type life energy generator. He irradiated Klatuu’s body with what I will call a form of creation energy probably made up of quantum “God” particles and orgone energy.  This energy revived the spiritual energy bodies that undergird the biological organs.  The biological organs were reformed and revitalized.  Klatuu emerged alive from the life energy device.  Klatuu told his girlfriend that the “resurrection” would only last a limited period of time.  When she asked him how long he would live, Klatuu replied only the “Great Spirit” has the power to create life again as it comes out of the womb so to speak.  Klatuu stated that his period of life now was unknown. This reinforces the idea that the historical Christ was in fact from an advanced alien civilization.  The screen writers apparently were well aware of the Klatuu / Christ analogy.  See the supplementary material on the DVD of the 1951 version of the film that provides an interview with one of the screen writers (50th anniversary edition).

All of this history and science can be expressed by the diagram:

Source of Life Energy (Godhead) = Higher Life Energy Spiritual Civilizations = increasingly lower vibrational civilizations = earth civilization = resurrection and reincarnation of the spiritual organism = Higher Life Energy Civilizations = Life Energy Godhead


Dr. Michael Newton hypnotically regressed thousands of patients to their between life existences. Independently, almost all say that they selected their next incarnation on earth in consultation with Higher Spiritual Guides.  These guides are under the general jurisdiction of the Celestial Academy, and the Godhead of Life Energy.  The process of reincarnation is designed to burn away spiritual armor and help the energy soul break the cycle of karma and reincarnation. The ultimate goal is a return to the Godhead of Life Energy. This enriches and strengthens the Core Life Energy Godhead.  Thus, we here incarnated on earth are in no position to know why a person takes the path through life that they do.  What to us looks like tragedy, was already predetermined prior to birth. The Jewish mystics and Kabbalists called this predetermination a “life portion.” It is designed to aid the soul in liberation from the earth prison. We are eternal, and live again and again.  Those other quantum energy souls entangled with our own as loved ones and relatives are always taking this trip with us. We see them again and again at different stages of development in the higher dimensions.


The most difficult question facing theologians over the millennia has been the origin of evil.  The block to clear understanding has been to consider the Godhead as an absolutely closed fortress. How can evil directly or indirectly arise from an ontologically good absolute? Many rationalizations have been put forward, including the “free will” of the created in relation to the creator.  To the mind of this writer, a few metaphysicians and mystics (including the ancient cabalists) provided the answer: the Godhead is not omniscient or omnipotent, and in the creation flaws appeared.  The Source of the Life Energy is not a closed and static ontology.  If it were a static Absolute, there would have been no need for creation to start with.  Instead, it is eternally moving and developing, using us as its probes to collect knowledge and experience.  This is the origin of the ontological cracks in the creation allowing life-negative or entropic forces to infiltrate all that has been created. This demonic force is able to turn Eros, or the life force, which is neg-entropic, into a destructive entropic force that is the enemy of life.   Dr. Sigmund Freud called it the “death instinct.”  Dr. Wilhelm Reich called it deadly orgone energy. See Freud’s work “Civilization and Its Discontents,” and Reich’s “Oranur Experiment.”


The Absolute Mind / Body of Living Energy constituting our Universe is an infinite and eternal plenitude ontologically.  That is why some old kabbalists, like the great Isaac Luria (1534-1572),  held the view that this Godhead withdrew into itself to open dimensions of space / time for creation. A creation ray (unknown singularity) of quantum composition was projected by the Godhead into this metaphysical space / time dimension and caused the “Big Bang.”   This withdrawal may have provided the vulnerability for the enemies of the Life Energy to infiltrate from another adjourning Universe using an Einstein / Rosen metaphysical tunnel.  Currently, physicists and cosmologists theorize that there may be infinite Universes existing as chains of bubbles adhering to each other.  The cabalist Isaac Luria first set out this paradigm of cosmic creation. Reb Luria, however, thought the evil was a residue of the Life Godhead in-itself instead of an independent force coming from another Universe.  See Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, “Isaac Luria and His School,” pages 244-286, by Gershom Scholem, (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995), and “Kabbalistic Cosmology and its Parallels in the ‘Big Bang’ of Modern Physics” by Adam McLean (The Alchemy Web Site, 2018).

Isaac Luria stated that as the pure white light of spiritual energy infused the archetypes (souls) of the material vessels that would carry it, except for the highest ones on the Tree of Life, these vessels could not contain the energy and they shattered into shards with particles of the spiritual energy mixed in with them. The material waste disrupted the unity of the body/mind and brought evil into existence. It is the work of cabalists and righteous souls to gather these sparks of light and reconstitute them.  This is called “Tikkune” or repair. The process is one similar to that devised by Dr. Wilhelm Reich for removing bio-psychological blocks and hypertension in order to restore the flow of the life energy throughout the body.  True to the ancient hermetic / occult axion of “as above, so below, and as below, so above,” the newly repaired unity of the soul would help bring the male and female parts of the Godhead together in ecstatic orgasm. Reconstitution below facilitates repair above.


New Age theology was the most life-affirming cultural production to come out of the 1960s counterculture. However, as my spiritual mentor (Dr. Robert Pasotti) used to point out, it had a fatal defect in not recognizing the tremendous force and cunning intelligence of Evil and the demonic energy that disperses it all over the world. We are surrounded by it, and eternal vigilance is the price of protecting our souls. The old catholic theologians knew this very well. The Catholic church for this reason always had the best exorcists. With the “enlightenment,” the ability to smell the utter disgusting stench of the Devil was lost to the clergy and people at large. There is no guarantee that the Source of the Life Energy will be able to defeat this eternal adversary without our active help.


Humanity, unaided by the life-affirmative spiritual higher powers, can never permanently defeat the demonic enemies of life. At most, there is a temporary containment of this deadly psychic energy. It cannot be destroyed, only transformed.  The deadly energy, called the death instinct by Sigmund Freud and deadly orgone energy by Wilhelm Reich,  is cunning and highly intelligent.  It always returns under a new mask at a different time. Thus, fascism is now conquering Europe with the massive influx of Islamo-fascist migrants.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is succeeding where Hitler failed.  The greater German Reich of Hitler’s dreams has been materializing in the form of the European Union. To top it off, anti-Semitism is rapidly increasing world wide. The devil is a chess grandmaster fighting the novice human forces.  Even Christ could only hold him to a draw in the desert.


Connecting the chains of infinite Universes are oceans of quantum foam. The quantum foam is pure consciousness beyond space/time. See “Time Travelers From Our Future,” Chapter 3, “The Multidimensional Universe,” pages 45-74, by Bruce Goldberg (CA., Bruce Goldberg Publishing, 2007).


There is no “God particle” as such.  However, there is an infinite and eternal ocean of mass free cosmic / psychic energy that Wilhelm Reich called orgone energy. From this intelligent and living energy, matter and secondary energy are built up.  It is the functional equivalent of what humanity has called “God.” This ocean of living energy was neither created nor destroyed. Limited human consciousness cannot comprehend this psychic ocean. We can only use the culturally and biologically conditioned concepts that are available to us in order to explore it, and communicate about it.  This totalizing energy gestalt of expanding, contracting, and surging psychic particles / waves, is what the philosopher Hegel called “Absolute Mind.” Absolute Mind is the self-realizing primal energy gestalt at the root of “ALL.”  It projects us and uses us for its own self-realization.  It is without beginning or end.  We can feel it in orgasm, and as tingling currents of energy flowing in our bodies.  Freud called it the “oceanic feeling” at the root of all religions.


The spiritual growth of the self is constituted through an upward spiral of the dialectical expansion of consciousness by the negation of the negation existentially in history and life functioning.  This expansion of consciousness is contained in the etheric body. It grows continually throughout cycles of reincarnation until merger with the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy.


On the highest cosmic planes, the distinction between physics and metaphysics no longer exists.  The most spiritually advanced extraterrestrials completely exist in their etheric bodies.  Thus, the distinction between life and “death” has been overcome.   Likewise, the distinction between UFOs and Etheric Atmospheric Organisms does not exist.  See “The Cosmic Pulse of Life” by Trevor James Constable.


The science of the future will be a functional fusion of physics and metaphysics.  The level of civilization necessary to develop and use such a meta-science would probably have to be Type IV on the Kardashev scale.  It would be a universal civilization capable of harnessing the energy of the whole universe.


Both scripture and world history testify that the nation is the socio-political structure most aligned with natural and spiritual law.  Larger political formations gives rise to centralized power and tyranny.  Smaller gestalts cause fragmentation and weaken mutual aid.  Nations provide the rainbow wheel of the Geist.  Hence, the struggle today between the globalists (predatory international capitalists), and the popular nationalists.

“As above, so below.”  The Sources of Spiritual Energy in the Universes and Multi-dimensions, including the Source of the Life Energy, are the functional equivalents of the nations on earth.  As on earth, their powers and extent differ.  This is as far as functional theology can now take us.


The living organisms described by scripture as “angels” were extraterrestrial entities from one of the etheric civilizations bordering the Source of the Life Energy.  This was recognized implicitly by St. Thomas Aquinas in his work “On The Angels” where he asserts: “…It would seem that an angel is not entirely incorporeal.  For what is incorporeal only as regards ourselves, and not in relation to God, is not absolutely incorporeal.  But Damascene says (De Fide Orth, ii) that ‘an angel is said to be incorporeal and immaterial as regards us, but compared to God it is corporeal and material.  Therefore he is not simply incorporeal.'”  See “On The Angels” page 9,  by St. Thomas Aquinas (Fathers of the English Dominican Province, 2015).



The Source or Godhead of the Life Energy is in the eternal process of self-actualization as against the anti-life demonic forces.  The process is an expansive dialectical spiral.  Struggle strengthens, and we are an integral part of this journey from exile to redemption.  As expansion of the cosmic energy proceeds, there is an intensification and deepening particularization of the consciousness of the life monads.  Our quantum connections with kindred monads remain throughout.  With Absolute Mind, a new beginning is made.  See the work of Leibnitz and Hegel.



Christ teaches by leading us into experiences and expanding our minds as we reflect on our actions and thoughts. He is the Master Spiritual Teacher. Every communication from Him to us has an existential impact!

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“O God, our Father, Thou Searcher of human hearts, help us to draw near to Thee in sincerity and truth. May our religion be filled with gladness and may our worship of Thee be natural.
“Strengthen and increase our admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking, and suffer not our hatred of hypocrisy and pretense ever to diminish. Encourage us in our endeavor to live above the common level of life. Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won. Endow us with courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy, that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when truth and right are in jeopardy. Guard us against flippancy and irreverence in the sacred things of life. Grant us new ties of friendship and new opportunities of service. Kindle our hearts in fellowship with those of a cheerful countenance, and soften our hearts with sympathy for those who sorrow and suffer. Help us to maintain the honor of the Corps untarnished and unsullied and to show forth in our lives the ideals of West Point in doing our duty to Thee and to our Country. All of which we ask in the name of the Great Friend and Master of all.