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Monthly Archives: September 2017

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  • There are two fundamental and related energies in the cosmos: the “Energy of Life” and the “Energy of Death.”  Life Energy is neg-entropic, and increases consciousness and love as it builds up our Universe.  The Death Energy disintegrates, reducing to hateful nothingness both consciousness and structure.
  • “Let us say simply that the Force is something a Jedi must deal with.  While it has never been properly explained, scientists have theorized it is an energy field generated by living things.  Early man suspected its existence, yet remained in ignorance of its potential for millennia…..Only certain individuals could recognize the Force for what it was.  They were mercilessly labeled: charlatans, fakers, mystics – and worse.  Even fewer could make use of it.  As it was usually beyond their primitive controls, it frequently was too powerful for them.  They were misunderstood by their fellows – and worse….The Force surrounds each and every one of us.  Some men believe it directs our actions, and not the other way around.  Knowledge of the Force and how to manipulate it was what gave the Jedi his special power.” From “Star Wars Trilogy  – Star Wars” (1st novel) by George Lucas (N.Y., Del Rey, 2015).
  • The Theology of the Life Energy was first brought to humanity by Christ, also known as the Jewish Messiah.  He was an alien hybrid from a higher life-affirmative orgone energy civilization sent as an embryonic seed to gestate in a human host.  His mission was to bring the potential for existential spiritual evolution to those individuals, and their descendants, able to internalize His message and work their way up to it.  Masses can never attain collective salvation.  As Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky stated: “There are too many spiritual laws against it.”  History heavily supports that assertion.  Christ’s pristine teachings were resurrected in modern times by natural scientist and psychiatrist Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).  See also generally: “Ancient Aliens – Season 9” (, 2016); “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken (N.Y., Berkley Books, 1999); “The Gods Never Left Us” by Erich Von Daniken (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
  •  All writings on  this site by Dr. Steven Katz concern, directly or indirectly, the mass-free cosmic energy that Wilhelm Reich called “orgone.”  This energy fills all space in the Universe, and is either eternal and self-generating, or the product of the ” Big Bang.” Dr. Reich thought it was the primary substance of the Universe, and was uncreated.  With orgone energy, there are no sharp boundaries between physics and metaphysics, or  subjective and objective research methods.  Life Energy Theology is a developing theological science of metaphysics, and as such is always a work-in- progress as new information emerges through natural scientific experiment or “thought experiment” for those questions that cannot be examined in a laboratory. Like any science, it is subject to continuous construct revision if the evidence warrants it.  The Theology of the Life Energy encompasses the field of theology, the paranormal, and occult science.
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  • Perturbations in the cosmic energy ocean could have caused highly concentrated and evolved areas of orgone energy.  These areas would be the source of enhanced intelligence and creativity capable of creation through the imposition of orgone energy particles out of the waves of the ocean.  This accounts for the wave / particle duality discovered by quantum physicists.
  • This writing, and all others on this Blog, are based on the thought experiment construct that the Universe is an Absolute Mind / Body consisting of an infinite and eternal ocean of Life Energy (what Dr. Wilhelm Reich called “orgone energy’).  This energy is living and intelligent.
  • There is a tendency to speak in temporal and spatial terms when describing process in metaphysics and ontology.  However, time and space have no proven independent existence outside our own consciousness.  It is an artifact of our thinking.  A better way of viewing it is that we are visualizing degrees of consciousness and self-realization.
  • Dr. Katz does not philosophize for compensation or recognition.  He expresses philosophy the way a plant flowers or a river runs. It is in his nature to do so.
  •  Dr.  Katz is the first Life Energy  Theologian in the history of the science of Orgonomy.  This theology is based on the natural scientific discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, M.D., as supplemented by the like-minded thinkers of the great world religions and philosophies going back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  Dr. Katz takes full responsibility for the observations and conclusions cited in this essay.  He is not asserting that Dr. Reich would have agreed with all his speculations.
  • Lois Wyvell, one of Dr. Reich’s American assistants, once said: “…An orgonomic religion will for a long time belong to only a few individuals who invent it for themselves….In any event, whether the invention of an individual for himself alone or the work of some great orgonomist that has universal appeal, an orgonomic religion must preserve the profound insights of the great religious leaders of the past, as they are the core of whatever civilization exists.” See “Orgone and You,” in Offshoots of Orgonomy, page 4 (No. 2, Spring 1981).
  • This stream of fire and ice is dedicated to philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who in a moment of lucidity once said: “I am not a man, I am dynamite!”
  • Like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin, and Ernst Bloch,  Dr. Katz is a private scholar. He is not a “walkie-talkie” from the academy.
  • A theologian of the Life Energy is like a Shaolin Buddhist Warrior.  They were the ancient equivalents of the Jedi Knights in the movie “Star Wars.”  Theologians of the Life Energy, who meet the rigorous educational and training requirements (including at least 100 hours of life energy therapy), are known as Master Jedi Knights.  Our mission is to protect truth and life vigorously, but with compassion and the minimum of necessary force combined with the maximum of martial skill.  Above all, we strive by our work to spread love and knowledge.  The old television program “Kung Fu” with David Carradine portrayed this difficult task perfectly.  See “Kung Fu” starring David Carradine, Season 2, Episode 1, “The Well,” broadcast on 9/27/73 (DVD, Warner’s Entertainment, vol. 2, 2005).  It requires going with the flow as the great Taoist Masters taught.  Functionally, it means harmony with the moving nature of reality.  Shaolin_Temple_Finger_Punching_Tree
  • The Theologian of Life Energy teaches by dialogue, and the power of example.  There is no preaching.  There are no churches.  There are “bulls-eye” existential statements and actions  growing organically out of the specific situation.  Think of Jesus with his small band of 12 wandering the countryside and cities.
  • The Source of Life Energy, discovered as Orgone Energy by Wilhelm Reich, is unknown.  It is the “unknown God” of the ancient Hebrews who warned against worshiping graven images.  He / She is not an objective commodity like a car.  He is “nothing.”  No Thing.   Being or Nothingness.  Both. Humanity has, in its various earth religions, called it “God.”  Dr. Reich, in prison at the end of his life in 1957, stated after attending Protestant church services, that: “I was deeply moved; I felt a new, universal faith in Life and Love, comprising all monotheistic beliefs, races, etc., is becoming a dire necessity to counter-weight and -act the ‘Enemy of Man.'”  See “Wilhelm Reich – A Personal Biography” by Ilse Ollendorff Reich, page 155 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press, 1969).  The Life Energy is the basis for the “Forces of Light and Life.”  The popular “Star Wars” original movie referred to it as “The Force.”  “The Force be with you!!”
  • To understand, with deep insight and feeling, the Theology of the Life Energy, it is helpful for most individuals to undergo medical orgone therapy, or core/ bio-energetic  practice.
  • Life Energy Scientific Theology is reliant on the crystal clarity and emotional cleanliness of the investigating theologian. This in turn relies on the theologian’s capacity to experience deeply satisfying orgasms with a loved partner. Otherwise, in the absence of this gratification,  hate will build and physical pathology may also result. That is why, like all other branches of the science of orgonomy, the theologian must seek to complete medical orgone therapy, or core / bioenergetics.  See “II.  The Orgasm Theory,” pages 27-55 in “Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings,” by Dr. Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1960).
  • What these therapies help the seeker do is to bring the primordial function of the orgasm, in both the microcosm and the macrocosm, together in a unified mind/body vehicle.  With this enablement, the human spiritual energy body can travel on the astral planes, heal, time travel, and navigate the after-life planes (according to paranormal researchers).
  • A Life Energy Theologian cannot function with cosmic contact unless she or he has orgastic potency.
  • What the human race has called “God:” is functionally identical to the infinite and eternal ocean of living psychic energy.  We are drops of this ocean cycling up into rain and returning back down into the depths.  In the language of quantum physics, the ocean are waves and the drops are particles.  See “Seeking the Primordial,” pages 41-42, by Laird Scranton (self-published, 2017).
  • We have this psychic energy, or as Dr. Reich designated it, orgone life energy, coursing throughout our biological organisms.  Orgone energy is eternal, and thus this life energy is eternal. When the biological container wears out through sickness or death, the spiritual orgone body leaves it, and settles within the cosmic energy matrix of the universe, with its quantum particles of memories and distinct personality.  There is only life after life,   through all reincarnations  until merger with the higher dimensional Absolute Cosmic Orgone Energy Source, or to use the old theological concept, “Godhead.”  The ancient theologian Plotinus called it “The One.”  We are in fact part of it.  It is immanent and transcendent.  There is only Life Energy, within and without.  When an ancient Jewish sage was dying, his disciples cried out: “Master, don’t leave us!”  “Don’t be silly,” he said, “Where could I go?”
  • It is on the matrix of this psychic energy ocean that the spiritual energy body of human beings travels between reincarnations, and makes contact with spiritual energy guides, loved ones, and psychic energy healers.  In the soundless and still depths of eternity sit the Masters of the Life Energy meditating in the Celestial Academy.
  • Using Dr. Reich’s version of Occam’s Razor (all other things being equal, the simplest answer is usually correct), which he called the “Common Functioning Principle” or CFP, the Universe as a whole may be shaped and function as does the one-celled amoeba.  “Orgonomic (Energetic) Functionalism ….The guiding principle is that of the identity of variations in their common functioning principle (CFP).”  See “Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings,” Glossary, page 11 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1960).
  • All that exists is the Absolute Mind of the Source.  All else is illusion.  Our everyday life on the earth plane is like a play on a stage with a low order of ontological existence.
  • Between cycles of reincarnation, we undergo energy cleansing to dissolve karmic armor from the life just past, and with our team of energy therapists and spiritual guides, we chart the life to come. Our future life is designed to continue the process of removing the layers of armor from our spiritual energy soul, and creating opportunities for mind/body expansion.  It is all charted out and approximately 85% predetermined.  The existential creative freedom functions in the 15 percent range.   It is with this freedom that existential leaps into the prime mover of the Life Energy  Source can be made, and inventions of great value to humanity brought back.  This range of free will can also result in the spiritual energy soul choosing anti-life destructive values and sin.  The spiritual higher power of the Life Energy will not stop this.  It will be used as a teaching moment, and the basis for atonement.  Most, but not all,  of the events of our lives are, metaphysically speaking, powerfully conditioned and generally predetermined to a certain degree by forces beyond our control.  Our freedom is in how we act within the range of degrees where we have latitude.  As the philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz stated: “the Monad has no windows.”
  • Henry Miller, the great novelist and philosopher of life, once said at the end of his days: “Why be afraid of death? It could be the start of a great adventure. Don’t you know?” Yes.  It is part of our  ascension to the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy.  This metaphysical spiral passes through many reincarnations, and guided by the individual soul’s spiritual guides and energy workers, it is an exhilarating ride!
  • From the viewpoint of the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy, some of the spiritually significant events of our lives are predetermined by ourselves, in consultation with our spiritual guides, before each incarnation, including our life span or as the old Jewish mystics called it “life portions.”  See “Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition” by David Bakan (N.Y., Mineola, Dover Publications, 2004).
  • It has been widely held by paranormal historical researchers and cutting-edge theologians that what ancient and medieval people called “Gods” appearing in the celestial and atmospheric environment of the earth were in reality extraterrestrial aliens visiting earth on various missions.  See “Biblical UFO Revelations – Did Extraterrestrial Powers Cause Ancient Miracles?” by Rev. Barry Downing (N.J., Global Communications, 2017).  Telepathic communications were sent to humans and these appear as communications from “God” in the Bible.  Of course, the theological languages of the day were used to translate these communications. Abduction and experimentation on humans, four or five thousand years ago, by scientists from a life positive higher ether civilization genetically advanced the intelligence of suitable hominids creating homo sapiens.  This was done to assist the extraterrestrial civilizations of life against the extraterrestrial civilizations of death.  Unfortunately the deadly energy extraterrestrials were busy creating their own agents on earth to spread their pestilence.  This struggle is real and deadly, continuing today in the fight of the Western civilizations against Islamic-fascism. What started on the far margins of the cutting-edge paranormal historical and scientific community with Erich Von Daniken’s “Chariot of the Gods,” and W. Raymond Drake’s “Gods and Spacemen,” has gone mainstream with the television series on the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” and  Nick Redfern’s “Immortality of the Gods – Legends, Mysteries, and the Alien Connection to Eternal Life.”  This hypothesis of extraterrestrials as “gods” is now establishing itself among mainstream theologians. See “Aliens, God, And The Bible – A Theological Speculative Study Of The Bible’s Alien Mysteries” by Rev. Dr.  Joel Curtis Graves.  Reverend Graves is an Anglican Priest in good standing with his church.  Even the venerable Vatican accepts the reality of extraterrestrials and understands the profound theological implications.
  • Dr. Reich strongly thought, and this insight has deep historical support, that humanity is driven by orgastic impotence to murder its messiahs.
  • Lois Wyvell, personal assistant to Dr. Reich, and later Dr. Baker, quoted Reich as saying: “Only when God and natural law are identical can science and religion be reconciled.”  THIS IS THE KEY!!
  • Every human individual has the potential to reach  Christ Consciousness.  It can be a long educational process involving decades of study, experience, joy, and death.  However, it can also be a sudden overwhelming breakthrough of cosmic energy into consciousness producing profound character change.  William James called this the sudden conversion experience.  It is very rare.
  • The embodied human consciousness consists of quantum particles.  The existence of human consciousness between incarnations involve waves held together by very slight mass in an orgone or life energy  gestalt.  Quantum gravity maintains the past-life memories in the sub-quantum mass.
  • Those who have gained the insights and metaphysical tools to help the Source of the Life Energy to spread the basic functions of love, work, and knowledge throughout the multiverse, and in contention with the deadly anti-life forces, will remain in the circle of protection of the  Source of the Life Energy, and join the other evolved spiritual energy souls in that task.  The innocent victims of the murderers will be kept in the circle of protection and not subjected to further danger.  They will finish  their education on the higher planes.
  •  It is very dangerous to experiment with  metaphysical technologies without knowing the insidious dangers involved.  This is why Dr. Reich was trapped and killed.  See his “Oranur Experiment.”
  • Israel was gathered as a nation of a life-affirmative priests to work towards the restoration of neg-entropy, creation, as against entropy, death and disorder.  This is why  the Christ emerged from it, and before him Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and so many others.  We have been chosen to defeat the hellish forces of death and restore Eden.  We have been chosen to disperse all over the globe to make a planet of life-affirmative priests.  Orgonomy in the microcosm has shown it it is possible to restore Adam Kadmon unified and without armor.  Christ resurrected  from the dead.  The Warrior Archetype of the Messiah is within us all.  This is why the  Death Energies (Deadly Orgone Energy) tried to exterminate us in Nazi Germany, and is still trying to exterminate us.  He cannot.  Our spiritual energy bodies are immortal.  Dr. Reich’s last book manuscript, confiscated and destroyed by prison authorities after his death, was entitled “Creation or Destruction.”
  • There is nothing supernatural, spooky, mystical, ghostly, or providential about the Theology of the Life Energy (although such terms may sometimes be used).  It is based on cutting-edge physics, cosmology, energy medicine, exobiology, parapsychology, natural science, and  philosophy.   The primary quality we seek to develop is clarity in thinking, seeing, and feeling.  Dr. Reich was correct, as he was about so much, that muddy mysticism only obscures true metaphysical research.  This is scientific and philosophical research following the most rigorous standards.
  • We do not know, at this time, how many Sources of natural spiritual energy, both life positive and life negative, exist out in the infinite and eternal multiverses.  We do not generally know where they come from and what is their intent.  We do know that there is a negative derivative one, called by Reich deadly orgone energy, that is the enemy of humanity and seeks by all means to destroy life, decency, and knowledge. This is the one that killed Dr. Reich, and destroyed the teachings of many spiritual masters into evil dicta.  Those of us who prove worthy, must block the efforts of these demonic forces.
  • At some point 5 or 6 thousand years ago  a  life-affirmative ether race from the stars intervened on earth and genetically modified the most advanced hominids into alpha homo sapiens in line with their mission to spread the life energy throughout the universe.   In my opinion, I may be of this line, as was  Abraham, David, Christ. and Wilhelm Reich.  The enemies of life were not passive during this phase.  Their line produced Hitler.
  • Seeded among the many hundreds of pages of my philosophical and theological writings one can find the good old occult adage: ‘As above, so below.”  This is the “Occam’s razor” of metaphysics.  Applied to metaphysics, it means a seamless transition from spiritual law to natural law to human law.  The more functionally identical and simple (not simplistic) these domains are, the more accurate the understanding is likely to be.
  • The  line between healthy and rational natural scientific metaphysics and pathogenic religiosity is not apparent to the general public.  This makes our investigations very difficult in gaining acceptance.  Another problem is the element of outright pathogenic mysticism.  This can be dangerous to a gullible public. In spite of it all, truth will win out in the end if we persist.
  • Nietzsche as theologian: there has been no spiritual development for the masses of people since the day Christ was crucified.  There never will be.  Only an aristocracy of the few life-affirmative in spirit will existentially overcome the dictatorship of the  Death Energy over the earth.
  • When, Nietzsche asserted, man transcends man to set out the archetype of the Adam, or “Superman,” the barrier between physics and metaphysics will dissolve.  The promise of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s “Oranur Experiment” will become a reality.  Super-healthy spirituality will replace bio-psychological pathology.
  • The modern enlightenment philosophers never forgave Martin Heidegger one point, he rejected the chatter of the smoke screen modern ideologies and returned to the well of Being that feeds the roots of the soul.  This can never be fooled.  Like the roots of the age old trees surrounding his Black Forest hut and retreat,  these roots reach deeply into the metaphysical.  They are weighted with eternal spiritual truth.
  • Spirituality was originally expressed through sexuality, as well as orgiastic invocation of animistic Gods.  It was when private property in agriculture and commodities came in, with the settled existence of agriculture and militaristic defense of the class structure and the society, that sexual repression grew for purposes of inheritance and advantageous marriages.
  • The supernatural is the natural that has not yet been comprehended, or been comprehensible, given the stage of human consciousness.  When and if it does so, it will become super-science.
  • From human superimposition in sexual intercourse, to galactic energy stream superimposition in the creation of galaxies,  Life Energy is creation.  The  Death Energy blocks sexual expression and produces contraction / abortion  and destruction.    These are the fundamental cosmic laws of the Religion of the Life Energy.  It is Eros vs. the Death Instinct.  See “Civilization and Its Discontents” by Sigmund Freud.
  • As one ascends the dimensional planes of higher vibration and intelligence, the psychic armor drops away.  The Cosmic Life Energy  Source reabsorbs the spiritual energy souls of those who have worked their way up to almost pure energy and quantum particles of intelligence and feeling.  Now, however,   Absolute Mind  has been enriched and strengthened for more expansion of the functions of love, work, and knowledge in contention with the hellish death energy.  What will prevail: Creation or Destruction?  Was it just coincidence that Wilhelm Reich’s last manuscript, destroyed in his cell by prison authorities, was entitled “Creation or Destruction?” See “Stairway to Heaven” by Peter Levenda (N.Y., continuum, 2008).
  •  The cosmic energy waves are eternal as they course through our bodies {orgone energy}.  When the biological vehicle wears out, the waves and quantum particles from our bodies rejoin the ocean.  These spiritual energy souls  retain past life skills and memories.  All is living consciousness, intelligence, and memories of past lives.  There is and cannot be “death” in a cosmic system that is wholly alive. “Death” is what we have come to call the momentary transition and transformation from the atomic domain to the wave domain.  That is why we can communicate from the embodied state to those who have passed into the ocean via mediums and electronic voice phenomena, among other methods, organic and mechanical.  See generally, “IMMORTAL MIND – Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain,” by Ervin Laszlo with  Anthony Peake (Vermont, Inner Traditions, 2014).  See also, “The Exegesis Of Philip K. Dick,” by Philip K. Dick, edited by Pamela Jackson and Jonathan Lethen (N.Y., Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011).
  • There is one test, and one test only, to be admitted to the ranks of the “Guild of Orgonomic Theologians,” once the necessary character restructuring, historical and scientific knowledge, and experience has been gained.  Can you distinguish between pathogenic mysticism and healthy functional spirituality?
  • Christ’s resurrection from crudcifixion negated all sickness and granted eternal life for all who believed in him and, most importantly, followed in his way life.  This is why the miracle of healing is available post-resurrection to his followers who are suffering mentally or physically.  He dispenses cosmic medicine based on spiritual energy.  The energy that resurrected Christ, and left a radiation imprint on his death shroud, may have been an unknown form of quantum creation energy.
  • Dr. Brandenburg has put forth a profound hypothesis consistent with the science of Orgonomic Theology.   In his book “Cosmic Jesus,”  he speculates that originally our Universe had five dimensions.  The 5th dimension kept neg-entropy, or expansion, in control of the cosmic movement.  Deadly physic energies developed and split off from the orgone energy collapsing this 5th dimension giving entropy, or contraction and decay, the upper hand.  The Death Energies gained enough strength to put the Life Energies into temporary subordination to the death energies.  This is consistent with the findings of Dr. Reich’s results in the “Oranur Experiment.”  See  “Cosmic Jesus” by J.E. Brandenburg PhD (Illinois, Adventures Unlimbang” theory of cosmic creation. ited Press, 2014).
  • The infinite and eternal ocean of cosmic life energy, termed “orgone energy” by Wilhelm Reich, does not appear correlated with the “Big Bang” hypothesis of cosmic creation of our Universe.  Instead, the life energy ocean seems much more to resemble the “One” of the ancient philosopher Plotinus.  The “One” creates and recreates all   that exists  or can exist without itself ever having been created.  This natural force has always, and will always, exist.  It transcends all division and time.  Historians of philosophy classify it as a form of Neo-Platonism. The ideal archetypes of all possible existences, organic and inorganic, sleep in its depths until the “One” decides to bring them up.  The “One” transcends time and space until it creates.  Then the creation, but not the creator, is in a space / time continuum.  The “One” has no boundaries or age.  It is probably beyond dimensions.
  • Orgonomic Theology does not accept the “enlightenment” strategy of putting spirituality and science in air tight compartments isolated from each other.  This was a tactic to kill off the relevancy of theology.  No.  Instead, going forward, the Guild of Orgonomic Theologians is pursuing a paradigm of increasing creative fusion between the two disciplines.  As an example of what will be theoretically and hopefully functionally possible by the 23rd century, see the scene toward the end of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still [1951] ” where Gort, the artificial intelligence robotic, placed the dead body of the alien emissary Klaatu in an orgone radiation type device that brings the body to life again by returning Klaatu’s spiritual energy body into the lifeless organic biological body.  Resurrection, at least for a time, will be available to all.  AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)  This means a great expansion of near-death experiences and an explosion of realization that the higher ether civilizations do exist!  Science expands faith!!
  • Christ reversed the control of spiritual entropy through his Resurrection.  This cosmic act established eternal life for his authentic followers, and the expansion of love, work, and knowledge, was reestablished for those who could do the necessary spiritual work, and receive the grace of God by prayer, study, meditation, healthy mystical conversion, and mercy.
  • In our limitless Universe, there are innumerable advanced civilizations.  Some   are life-affirmative.  Our Spiritual Teacher Christ came from one of those.  He taught one fundamental doctrine: follow  life-affirmative  spiritual laws of functioning.  These are indivisible.  We cannot pick and choose according to convenience.  Spiritual law provides the eternal basis for all human law.  If one spiritual law is violated, the entire architecture comes down leaving the dust of the deadly and demonic.  moses (2)
  • Christ’s mission was one of liberation of the people from the demonic energies of the Devil being wielded and directed to his agents among the secular powers.  This repression ultimately caused spiritual armor and sin among the people. That is why He said to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become as little children.  Freed of spiritual armor, the self-regulating spiritual body is incapable of sin.  The Gnostic groups made the mistake of equating all matter with this sinful armor.  No.  Living matter freed from the iron chains of the  Demonic shines with creation energy, and love.
  • Receiving Salvation from Christ, Master of the Living Life Energy, does not require intermediaries like priests and churches.  It only requires an open heart and the direction of heart energy by conscious intention to the Spiritual Body of Jesus.  We hold the keys to our own liberation in our own hands.  Nobody can give it to us.
  • I now see with crystal clarity that my life’s endgame mission is to develop and establish the Theology of the Life Energy and to train the first generation of Orgonomic Theologians, in whatever way presents itself.  In any case, my writings should be of assistance in that regard.  This is my great privilege given to me by the Higher Spiritual Powers for persisting over 50 years of hard effort in studying and experiencing the Life Energy, while fighting the anti-life forces in whatever way I could.  Only time will tell if I still have a further role to play before leaving the Earth.  I was born  in 1948.  That was the year Israel was reborn, and it was the year that Halley’s comet was in aphelion (farthest distance) from the Earth.  These are two significant facts connected with my birth in 1948 that may point to a further role.  The destructive force of the comet was kept far away from me.  The full force of the life giving Israel  could radiate my spiritual energy body without countervailing influence.  Lspn_comet_halley (1)
  • Our Spiritual Master and Teacher Christ told us that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become “as little children.’  A taste of this floods into our souls when we realize that the energy and consciousness humanity has called “God” has a vast and incomprehensible reach so that what may look like an unmitigated disaster to our limited view could actually be the best metaphysical result for all.  “All is well, and all will be well,” said a medieval mystic.    This takes a faith greater than that required to move a mountain.  The old popular saying that “God works in mysterious ways”  is more profound than any of us can realize.
  • One of the greatest problems with New Age Theology is a tendency to see evil as the lack of the good, instead of a cohesive independent force of its own.  The question of Hitler always comes up, and no explanation is ever provided that seems to account for his absolute evil simply as a lack of good.   Then, one day I heard an answer from a New Age teacher that was consistent with Life Energy Theology.  She said that  the normal spiritual therapy to clean the soul cannot be given such people.  They are infested with demonic energies to such an extent that they essentially have a deadly energy metabolism.  The armor is so thick that no fresh life energy can penetrate it.  Instead, their energy bodies must be taken apart at the quantum level and rearranged.  In effect, they are obliterated and the old energy recycled and rebuilt. It is a soul death sentence.
  • The “first death” occurs when the biological body dies, and the spiritual energy body leaves to join the spiritual dimensions from then on, or until the next incarnation.  The “second death” happens when the spiritual energy body is so freighted with demonic energy that it cannot pass through the porous boundary of the life-positive dimensions.  Deadly orgone energy (DOR)  can no longer turn back to life-affirmative orgone energy (OR).
  • As I before mentioned, I speculate that Christ, a highly evolved spiritual energy soul, landed on our planet as a spiritual emissary from a highly developed ether-orgone civilization to teach and guide the primitive human race.  In His civilization, the norm is the loving genital character.  Since they live with  very little spiritual armor in the wide expanse of the cosmic orgone energy ocean, orgone-ether organisms are highly evolved spiritually.  If you read “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich, you will know what the implications are of that.  As to organisms living directly in the orgone energy ocean, see “The Cosmic Pulse of Life” by Trevor James Constable. Constable photographed many in the atmosphere with infrared  film in a pristine desert environment.  Christ comes from an orgone civilization on the border to the Godhead of Life.  All residents are inherently functioning Messiahs in relation to lower order civilizations.  See “Ancient Aliens in the Bible,” by Xaviant Haze, Chapters 10 [Birth of an Alien Jesus], and 13 [Alien Worlds, Alien Theologies] (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
  • Plotinus knew millennia ago, the cosmos is a natural living organism.  it is One without a Two.  Creation is functional and continuous.  That is all.  The so-called “Big Bang” of one time creation is a Kantian artifact of the human consciousness.
  • Bio-psychological armor  is only partially a creation of society.  That is why it appears under all ideological systems of rationalization.  Psychic armor is also an inherent product of how bio-physics functions  in the human body.  As mass increases and rate of life energy movement slows, armor increases.  As pure life energy comes to dominate, and energy movement increases, it disappears.  That is the difference between human sexual intercourse and galactic superimposition.  Energy bound or chained is armored energy.  Therapy can loosen the chains, but not remove them completely.  That is why people must return to therapy periodically to get “loosened” up.  Therapy can temporarily restore a freer flow of life energy.  The Gnostic philosophers were right in seeing spiritual or life  energy imprisoned in the organic matter of humanity (reference to the connection of the Life Energy to Gnostic philosophy was first made by the late Dr. Robert Pasotti).  The higher cosmic civilizations have less and less organic mass until, on the border of the prime moving life energy  Source, the living Beings are almost pure Light.  Christ was sent down to us from this highest civilization to teach and liberate.  Once liberated by the “death” of the biological body, the existential spiritual energy body of a person ascends to the circle of Christ, if it is morally clean.  Thereafter, it enters the cosmic life energy source itself, freed from the necessity  to reincarnate.
  • The Bible is an inadvertent code consisting of, besides history, messages of extraterrestrial civilizations translated into the language and theological constructs of the receivers of the day.  The visitation of such civilizations to the earth, since the dawn of recorded history, has been documented by thousands of books and studies.
  • It is amazing how many cosmologists have forgotten the Kantian critique of the categories of human understanding.  The mystics have a better insight on the Universe.
  • We each have our own unique fate, and destiny for each incarnation.  It may be out of  our control, or indeed, human control.  This is determined by our spiritual higher powers.  As the great philosopher Liebnitz once said: “The Monad has no windows.”  This means we probably cannot change the ultimate fate of another human, no matter how much knowledge we possess.  It all depends on presently unknown factors.  God is ultimately in control.  Not us.
  • A political leader can mobilize the life instincts and energy for the preservation of love, work, and knowledge by the projection of voice and emotion. A good example is Winston Churchill in his “darkest hour’ speech before parliament prior to Hitler’s attack on the United Kingdom. Contra wise, a leader like Hitler can mobilize the death instinct and deadly psychic energy by the same method directing the masses to destroy life.
  • Nagasakibomb (4)
  • Life Energy Theology differs from the various types of “New Age Theology” in that it treats Evil as an active force seeking to infest and destroy life.  Evil is the enemy of humanity.  For the new agers, Evil tends to be simply a lack of knowledge of the good.
  • There are two fundamental and related energies in the cosmos: the “Energy of Life” and the “Energy of Death.”  “Life Energy” is neg-entropic and increases consciousness and love as it builds up our Universe.  In the words of Teilhard de Chardin (author of “The Phenomenon of Man”), it fuels a process of “Christogenesis.”  Freud called it “Eros.” Wilhelm Reich called it “Orgone.”  The Death Energy is entropic and disintegrates,  reducing to nothingness: human consciousness; structure; and evolution.  It leaves a desert of hate and bleakness.  Freud called it “the Death Instinct,” and “Thanatos.”  Reich called it “Deadly Orgone Energy. (DOR).”
  • In dealing with Evil, it is most important to be able to sense the Death Energy behind the masks of fake smiles, image media manipulation, and the narcotics of ideology.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY!  See: “Hitler’s Monsters – A Supernatural History of the Third Reich” by Eric Kurlander (New Haven, Yale University Press, 2017); “Helter Skelter – The True Story of The Manson Murders” by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry (N.Y., W.W. Norton, 1994); “The Murder of Christ” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967);  “The Spear of Destiny – The Occult Power Behind The Spear Which Pierced The Side of Christ” by Trevor Ravenscroft (Maine, Samuel Weiser, 1997); “Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy – The Brilliant Psychiatrist and his Revolutionary Theory of Life Energy” by Ola Raknes, Chapters 4 [DOR] and 8 [Religion] (Princeton, N.J., ACO Press 2004).
  • Demonic forces are all around us and they will, one way or another, try to kill all of us who are disciples of the extraterrestrial Christ.  The fate of Dr. Wilhelm Reich alone is enough to validate this point.  There were many down through history.  We are the spearhead of the forces that will rescue a remnant of humanity for transport to the life affirmative ether civilization of Christ that borders the quantum cloud of the Godhead of the Life Energy.
  • There is a decidedly different atmosphere between Christ’s teaching in the gospels and his statements to John  in “Revelation” at the end of the NT.  The first is directed to the possibility of mass salvation for the prisoners of the earth.  His return via John announces what sounds like a “search and rescue” mission.  Jesus at that point knew how intractable the evil was in the heart of man. Only a relative few “aristocrats of the spirit” will be returning with him to the God of Life, along with the innocents.  As a corollary to this,  the Russian mystic P.D. Ouspensky once said “The masses cannot be granted salvation; only worthy individuals and children can be freed. There are too many spiritual laws against it.”  History has proven this time and again.
  • Webster’s Dictionary defines “intractable” as “…not easily lead or persuaded.”
  • In 1950-51, psychiatrist and natural scientist Wilhelm Reich performed an experiment thereafter known as “The Oranur Experiment.” The subtitle expressed the core idea: “Orgone Energy (OR) Versus Nuclear Energy (NR)–ORANUR (December, 1950-May, 1951).  In this experiment, he proved the natural scientific basis for good and evil, God and the Devil, and the energies of life vs. the energies of what Christ called the “second death” or “soul death.”  The experimental novelist William Burroughs, in his work “The Western Lands,” describes “soul death” as the result of the use of nuclear weapons.  See “The Western Lands” by William S. Burroughs (N.Y., Penguin Books, 1987).
  • In the early 1950’s, with the Korean War starting up, Dr. Reich decided to conduct an experiment to see if orgone energy, which was mass-free negatively en-tropic cosmic energy with life curative and expansive properties, could neutralize atomic fall out which destroyed life and health. To that end, he put a small amount of radium in an orgone energy accumulating enclosure to see if bathing the nuclear radiation in orgone would take away its destructive radiation effects.  Other than this specific test, Dr. Reich had no preconceptions as to what else may or may not happen as a result of bringing these two antithetical substances together.   As Dr. Reich stated in his written post- experiment report:  “It is a common experience in natural-scientific work that one starts some research project with a certain problem in mind to be solved, and the actual operation forces its way in an entirely different, unexpected direction.”  “Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings,” page 351 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1961).
  •  The result of the experiment turned out quite differently from what was expected.  It was anticipated that the radiation counts coming from the radium inside the orgone accumulator would drop as  the orgone neutralized the decay.   On the contrary, the counts went UP!  However, removing the radium to  outside the test site only revealed that the count had not changed from its original reading.  The cosmic mass-free orgone energy itself was responsible for going “wild” when it came into contact with the radium.  The  Energy  of Life became enraged when confronted with the Energy of Death!  This radioactive energy of decay and death is a byproduct of the Evil coming from another Universe that caused the primal flaw in creation.  The multiverse contains other Higher Spiritual powers that are the enemy of the Life Energy.  While the Life Energy functions as a monotheism in this universe, it does not have that position in relation to the infinite other Universes.
  • All participants suffered flare ups of pre-existing medical conditions as the orgone energy inside their biological bodies became intense and chaotic.  Not only that, destructive character armor came out and was intensified.  A person with a tendency to spy, became more so.  The very emotional natural moral makeup of people was being driven back into pathology!
  • Dr. Reich thought that since the destructive force (Deadly Orgone Energy [DOR])was a form of orgone energy turned twisted by coming into contact with radioactivity, this supported a monotheistic position, having discovered that orgone is the primary universal creative substance of our Universe.  In fact, while in prison shortly before his death, Reich professed a new universal faith in monotheistic religion.  In those days, the idea of multiple universes and dimensions was unknown to even the most advanced physicists.  Today, we can construct the hypothesis that the antithetical clash between energy before matter (orgone), and energy after matter (radium), may have opened a type of wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge to a demonic dimension allowing such entities to flow into our reality, and infest both the atmosphere and humans.  This chain reaction has now become known as global DOR infestation among some orgonomic researchers.  It could be the primary force behind the increasingly violent global weather we have been seeing. travel-back-in-time This clash between good and evil running through all of nature, both living and nonliving, my spiritual mentor, Dr. Robert Pasotti, called the “Oranur Paradigm.”  The Bible is filled with this evil red thread running through man and nature.  Nations violating life-affirmative spiritual law pollute the atmosphere with their DOR which brings on violent natural disasters to the people by geologic and climate catastrophe and war.  This is the retribution of orgone energy (God) against the apostate people.  The United States is at a crucial cross-roads in this regard.  For the Biblical perspective, see “The Paradigm – The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” by Jonathan Cahn (Fla., FrontLine, 2017).  See also, “Alone” (audiotape of Reich speaking of the true depth of the “Oranur Experiment.” This may be obtainable from the Wilhelm Reich museum in Rangeley, Maine).
  • A political leader can mobilize the life instincts and energy for the preservation of love, work, and knowledge by the projection of voice and emotion. A good example is Winston Churchill in his “darkest hour’ speech before parliament prior to Hitler’s attack on the United Kingdom. Contra wise, a leader like Hitler can mobilize the death instinct and deadly psychic energy by the same method directing the masses to destroy life.
  • There is no doubt that Nazism is a demonic religion.  The German Nazi elite knew that they did not have the material resources to beat the allies during world war two without deadly supernatural help.  See: “Hitler’s Monsters – A Supernatural History of the Third Reich” by Eric Kurlander (New Haven, Yale University Press, 2017); “The Occult History of the Third Reich” (DVD, eagle media, 1987/2004).
  • The mission of the extraterrestrial deadly orgone energy civilization (“DOR”) was to send the seeds of the Anti-Christ to earth to establish demonic societies.  This was originally established when sons of God mated with the daughters of man to produce the Nephilim (seeds of the Anti-Christ through the fallen Angels). — Genesis 6:4.  The “thousand year” Reich under the Anti-Christ Hitler (descendent of the Nephilim “Odin” and “The Hammer of Thor”) was one of these DOR civilizations in recent history.  See “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy” by Gary Wayne (Trust Books, 2014).  See also, “The Myth of the Twentieth Century – An Evaluation of the Spiritual-Intellectual Confrontations of Our Age” by Alfred Rosenberg (Ostara Publications, 1930).  Among all other pioneering psychoanalysts, Dr. C.J. Jung recognized that the Nazi mass phenomenon was a product of the breakthrough of these primitive collective archetypes piercing the thin veneer of enlightenment civilization.  The bio-psychological trigger was the swastika, pictured below, symbolizing orgasm.
  • flag_of_the_german_reich_1935-1945-svg-2
  • Notice how the swastika above symbolizes sexual intercourse and the orgasm.  This is bound to elicit rage and hatred from the impotent masses which could then be redirected onto the scapegoat Jewish people and other enemies foreign and domestic.  Nazi philosopher-in-chief Alfred Rosenberg stated: “And the sacred hour of the Germans will appear when the symbol of awakening – the flag with the swastika sign of resurgent life – has become the sole prevailing creed of the Reich.” page 385, “The Myth of the Twentieth Century,” supra.
  •   BRUNOGiordano-Brun (2)
  • There is a ONE sustaining ALL outside of itself and outside the infinite series.   It is a ONE without a TWO.  It is a ONE without a ONE.  The philosopher Plotinus knew it as the ground of all possible ontology and metaphysics.  We know it as the infinite and eternal ocean of cosmic orgone energy.  It is the functional mystical shape of the Godhead.  Here we have the answer to the eternal question: WHY IS THERE SOMETHING RATHER THAN NOTHING?  In its depth, earthly silence is noise.
  • “The cosmic orgone ocean, which has been surveyed in some detail in this book [“Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich, page 278  (N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1973)], pursues its eternal course whether we are aware of it or not, whether we understand the cancer scourge or not, whether the human race exists or not.  It does not seem to matter.  One understands well the mood of the retired and praying monk who lives only to return to God. Knowing about the cosmic orgone ocean, one has a better understanding of and feeling for the essentially ascetic nature of all major religious systems.  Nothing matters…”
  • The Science of Orgonomy had many predecessors, some more congruent, some less.  The following could be a closely accurate description of the Science of Orgonomy as it developed under Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s hands: “In the system of Plotinus [Plotinus pictured below], then, the Orphic -Platonic-Pythagorean strain of ‘otherworldliness,’ intellectual ascent, salvation through assimilation to and knowledge of God, reach their most complete and systematic expression.  Philosophy now includes, not only logic, cosmology, psychology, metaphysics and ethics, but also the theory of religion and mysticism: in fact, since the highest type of knowledge is the mystical knowledge of God [Dr. Katz: “cosmic contact”] and since Plotinus, who most probably based his theory of mysticism on his own experience as well as on past speculation, evidently regards mystical experience as the supreme attainment of the true philosopher, we may say that in Plotinian Neo-Platonism philosophy tends tp pass into religion – at least it points beyond itself: speculation does not set itself up as the ultimate goal to be achieved.”  See “CHAPTER XLV – PLOTINIAN NEO-PLATONISM,” page 472, in “A HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, Volume I,” by Frederick Copleston, S.J. (Garden City, New York, Image Books – Doubleday, 1985).   Plotinus
  • What we feel as “a leap of faith” into the arms of Christ subjectively, cosmic science will register objectively as a drop of orgone energy (in the form of the human spiritual energy body) rejoining the ocean of spiritual energy.  This is what the merger of physics and metaphysics will look like.
  • The ocean of cosmic orgone energy functions with the philosophical constants of Will (Schopenhauer, Nietzsche), and Idea (Plato, Hegel).  Will is the in-itself energy that keeps all of creation pouring out new existents and destroying the old.  The Idea supplies the archetypes of all that can be made to exist.  These two functions interlace in the Absolute Cosmic Mind in an eternal dance of entrophy (contraction) and negative entropy (expansion).
  • Christ came as an emissary from a higher ether civilization that was unarmored and extremely life-affirmative.  He came in a metaphysical UFO that was identified as the “Star of Bethlehem” by the Magi (Defined to be wise men, priests, and astrologers. See “Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.”)  When he returns, as indicated in the NT Book “The Revelation,” this UFO craft will be visible again, but this time with an accompanying fleet.  Christ was implanted into a human egg (Mary) so that he would be human enough to communicate with emotional and spiritual depth to the human race.  His task was to plant the seeds of a higher human type so that, when the time came, those who attained this could be rescued from the hellish earth zone, and transported back with him to “His Father’s House.”  The “New Jerusalem” is this higher ether civilization (“The Revelation” of the NT).  See “The Antichrist” by Frederic Nietzsche in the compilation “A Nietzsche Compendium” (N.Y., Barnes & Noble, 2008) [where institutionalized Christianity is the anti-type that defines the authentic Christ type], and “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967) [even the original disciples were, to one degree or another, anti-types].
  • The idea of orgone energy being neg-entropic was cited by science fiction writer and theologian Philip K. Dick.  See “The Exegesis of Philip K Dick,” page 67 (N.Y., Houghton Mifflin, 2011).
  • Confirmation of the quantum spiritual energy bodies is presented by psychic and distance healing.  This transfers the healing power of the orgone (life energy) ocean to the quantum physical domain. How this happens has, to my mind (Dr. Katz), only been generally described by the late Russian psychic healer Nikolai Levashov.  Dr. Richard Blasband has used Nikolai’s healing methodology, and confirms the reality of it. See Dr. Blasband’s papers published on his web site “The Center for Functional Research.”  Dr. Blasband, a board certified medical orgonomist, was trained personally by Levashov.
  • The spiritual energy body is also confirmed by verified cases of reincarnation.  There are several, if not many more, cases that appear beyond a reasonable doubt (the highest legal standard of proof in a court of law).  See for example, “Return to Life – Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives” by Jim B. Tucker , M.D. (N.Y, St. Martin’s Press, 2013) (Dr. Tucker’s metaphysics, presented in chapters 8 [“Mind Over Matter”], and 9 [“Working On A Dream”], closely approximates Dr. Katz’s “Life Energy Theology.”).
  • The  so-called “after-death” dimension is a quantum step from the material domain.  We are a razor thin margin from it while embodied in the biological container.  This is the eternal “Now.”  Time is an illusion.  Existents change through entropic (systemic decay), or negatively entropic (development and expansion), change.  See the novel “Ubik” by theologian P.K. Dick.  Changing substance gives the ontological sense of the passage of time.
  • This writer is now (November 2017) of the opinion, after long meditation on his research and experience, that the Source of the Life Energy is monotheistic in nature and behind the “Big Bang” of creation.  It confirms the position of Dr. Reich that he had developed in his last year of life while incarcerated in federal prison.  As the ancient Jewish mystics thought, it is our mission through existential evolution to work our way back to the Godhead of life by ascension on the metaphysical tree of life illustrated by the Cabalists.  Once we rejoin the Godhead of Life Energy, we are in a position to assist Her / Him in the Celestial Academy.  There we are solving cosmic problems of the expansion of the Life Energy in the face of the Dark Force.  Further, we rejoin our worthy loved ones in joyful existence under the Star of Life radiated by our Savior.  Those who are not yet ready to tolerate the joy and spiritual expansion are sent back to reincarnate and continue spiritual work on the earth plane.
  • Given that they are mentioned in the Bible, UFOs seem to be metaphysical craft transporting higher dimensional spiritual entities (such as Angels) to their missions on earth.  See “Biblical UFO Revelations” by Rev. Barry Downing (N.J., Global Communications, 2017).
  • With every newborn baby, Christ returns.
  • The crucifixion of Christ is the archetypal spine of the human journey from birth to death.  Each life in the earth prison recapitulates Christ’s ordeal.   As Aleister Crowley once said: “Every incarnation is a crucifixion.”  To endure this and still stand with integrity by love, truth, work, and knowledge, is the existential resurrection to life eternal.  The individual can prevail and ascend along the same spine as he fell from the Godhead.  The spine is the Tree of Life.
  • Life Energy is omnipresent, but not omnipotent.  It directs the human drop of Life Energy as the ocean propels a wave, but it is also directed by it in dialectical fashion as this human drop hits obstacles in the water such as rocks and creates its own whirlpools.
  • The earth plane is a living hell.  The only salvation available is to the individual working her / his way out of the torture to the higher metaphysical extradimensional planes by a process of gnostic life force knowledge and purification.  The Higher Spiritual Powers can render great help, but the individual must not only “talk the talk,” but “walk the walk.”
  • This writer has been of the opinion, since reading Wilhelm Reich’s report on his Arizona expedition, that some UFOs may be metaphysical or extradimensional craft.  See “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  I came to this conclusion when Dr. Reich reported that he aimed a cloudbuster at a UFO and it “faded out.”  It is well known among occult scientists that extradimensional entities utilize the energy of this dimension to manifest here.  That is why so-called “cold spots’ are recorded in houses with paranormal beings.  Reich withdrew energy from around the UFO using the cloudbuster before it “faded out.” I have found confirmation in “Cherubim Chariots – Exploring The Extradimensional Hypothesis” by Josh Peck (self-published, 2015).
  • Life Energy Theology has no difficulty with the acceptance of alien life from other planets or galaxies or even higher dimensional planes.  The Universal Energy Wilhelm Reich called Orgone is within all sentient life, and mutual understanding holds among different expressions of this cosmic energy despite the exo-biological  origin of the various sentient organisms. There is no dilemma over who has the right “God” or “correct” theology.  Different conceptual schemes are to be expected given the diverse structures of consciousness among the living.  We are all drops of an infinite and eternal ocean of living energy.  How we picture this to our selves is a secondary function.  See “Ancient Aliens In The Bible,” Chapter 13, “Alien Worlds, Alien Theologies,” pages 209-230, by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).  The real danger is in the shock of contact between the two life  forms that was demonstrated in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1952 version, DVD) that lead to the death of the alien emissary Klatuu.
  • Of all the religions of Death, fascism (Black or Red) so far is the ultimate.  Lead by an anti-Christ, such as Hitler or Stalin, an evil genius schooled in the dark occult arts or political plague, it nearly defeated the Life Energy.  Now, we are faced with its successor, Islamo-fascism.  In this regard, do not let the modern liberals pull the wool over your eyes.  Islamo-fascism cannot be appeased.  They view it as a sign of weakness, and it encourages them.
  • For existential problems, the Great Physician is on-call 24/7.  We simply need to drop the spiritual armor, and reach out.  He is ever ready to administer a shot of healthy mysticism to unlock the joy of eternal life with Him and our loved ones on the celestial planes.
  • Transition from the earth plane to the so-called after-life extradimensional world is not automatic or passive.  It is very important to work on contacting those relatives that you want to greet you when you cross over the metaphysical bridge as you glide through with your spiritual energy body.  Meditation, visualization, astral travel, and periodic contact with your spiritual guide is recommended.  There are no formulas, and you can experiment with whatever seems right.  However, there are dangers, and an experienced guide can be very helpful depending on your own level of existential spiritual evolution.  The ancient Tibetan sages knew this very well.  See “The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation,” editing by Dr. W.Y. Evans-Wentz, With psychological Commentary by Dr. C. G. Jung (N.Y., Oxford University Press, 1968).
  • Christ was a highly developed extraterrestrial organism sent to earth to plant the seeds of a message of existential spiritual liberation to those trapped in the hellish earth dimension.  It was meant for those who could by unceasing work find the “narrow gate” to His ultra dimensional spiritual orgone energy civilization.  You must work your way up to it and out of the spiritual swamp of earth.  For those who are able to do so, they will have the privilege of being a bridge for Christ’s salvation to reach several others on earth or in the after-death dimensions.
  • Theologians and clergy have had to deal with one major objection to a God of Life.  Why do tragedies happen to good and innocent souls?  Why does not God save them if he/she is omnipotent?  The standard answer for millennia has been that we have been given free will, and God rarely intervenes himself or through his Angelic agents.  It is an “educational process.”  That may be so.  It also may be that the God of Life Energy is not omnipotent outside his metaphysical circle.  As we get further away, such as the earth plane, it is attenuated.  The real answer is that through Christ there is Salvation. for all who seek it
  • While there are thought to be general laws governing the specifics of reincarnation, as recorded in Eastern religion and philosophy, the reality might be quite different with quantum physical factors governing as we drill down into the specific placement of the migrating spiritual energy body.  The Western occult tradition generally tracked the East via Madam Blavatsky.  The ultimate choice might be random in many ways.  The important point to remember is that we are responsible to free ourselves from the cycle and corresponding transferences no matter where we end up.
  • We have all been captured in a tragic and evil world on earth.  It is fallen beyond all repair that the so-called “enlightenment” can offer.  Only by seeking the salivation of Christ can we be saved.
  • The Bible mentions two people who reached the metaphysical planes before death of the biological bodies: Enoch and Elijah.  Both were transported by metaphysical UFO craft.  They were “translated” into their spiritual bodies by the dissolution of their material organisms.  The spiritual soul or energy body was liberated.  See “Cherubim Chariots – Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis” by Josh Peck (2015).
  • The UFO / extraterrestrial craft carrying Christ’s seed to earth was first noticed by the UFO hunters of that time, the Magi.  These were “Eastern wise men, priests, and astrologers expert in interpreting dreams and other magic arts.”  “Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary,” page 1044 (Tenn., Holman Reference, 2015).
  • To this day, the extraterrestrial Christ sails on the infinite ocean of cosmic energy, in His metaphysical space craft, seeking souls for salvation and transport to the home of the life-affirmative ether civilization on the highest metaphysical plane adjoining the Godhead of Life.
  • Christ is our heart and soul if we shed our spiritual armor and establish core to core telepathic contact with him.  Telepathy has been defined as “the mind-to-mind communication of thoughts,  ideas, feelings, sensations, and mental images.”  “Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, page 607 (Edison, N.J., Castle Books, 1991).  This is what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus.  Moses received the Ten Commandments this way.  Christ received his preaching mission in the same manner.  The God channel of energy and information never stops flowing from that time on, and we become spiritual teachers to our fellow sufferers on earth. The agony of our ignorance and indecision stops, and we know what we must do in life from moment to moment.  Our own Christ Archetype is triggered, and we are part of the messianic love force.  Christ will return, but we are no longer waiting for him in hope or despair.  Until that time, we have our own messianic work to accomplish!!
  • The Cosmic Life Energy seeks to expand and contract while increasing consciousness as it superimposes and builds quantum structure.  When this life-affirmative cosmic energy is blocked in these functions by anti-life energies it seeks to overcome the blockage and rescue any life energy trapped by the enemies of life.  This represents Messianic intervention by the most advanced forces of life and love to neutralize the Death Energies.
  • Life Energy Theology borders on mysticism, but does not cross that line.
  • According to Dr. Reich’s last wife, in her biography of him entitled “Wilhelm Reich – A Personal Biography,” he composed several prayers when in prison in 1957.  He sent three of these prayers back home entitled “Resurrection = Life is Eternal, Indestructible;” “Prayer for Strength;” and “Prayer for Self-Realization.” page 156.
  • It was in prison that Dr. Reich made his final existential breakthrough into the metaphysical domain first disclosed during the oranur experiment.
  • Dr. Elsworth Baker, a close associate of Dr. Reich, thought that Reich prayed to orgone energy while in prison in 1957.
  • Reich also suggested the “Cadet Prayer:””O God, our Father, Thou Searcher of human hearts, help us to draw near to Thee in sincerity and truth. May our religion be filled with gladness and may our worship of Thee be natural.”Strengthen and increase our admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking, and suffer not our hatred of hypocrisy and pretence ever to diminish. Encourage us in our endeavor to live above the common level of life. Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won. Endow us with courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy, that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when truth and right are in jeopardy. Guard us against flippancy and irreverence in the sacred things of life. Grant us new ties of friendship and new opportunities of service. Kindle our hearts in fellowship with those of a cheerful countenance, and soften our hearts with sympathy for those who sorrow and suffer. Help us to maintain the honor of the Corps untarnished and unsullied and to show forth in our lives the ideals of West Point in doing our duty to Thee and to our Country. All of which we ask in the name of the Great Friend and Master of all.


    The Cadet Prayer

  • This writer has created a morning prayer vigil.  Two staffs or ceremonial light sabers are used to trace a circle of  protection, and to cross over the head to make cosmic contact.  “Christ, Master of the Life Energy, please grant me your protection, strength and wisdom as I seek to complete my life on earth.  Send salvation to my loved ones on the physical and metaphysical planes.  Amen!”
  • PART FIVE – The Canon of Life Energy Theology
  • OT: Genesis; and Exodus.
  • NT: The Gospels; and Revelation.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (20th Century Fox, DVD, starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal, 1951 version).
  • Haze, Xaviant, Ancient Aliens In the Bible (N.J., Career Press, 2018).
  • High Noon (Republic Entertainment, DVD, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, 1952 version).
  • The Occult History of the Third Reich (Eagle Rock Entertainment, DVD, 2004).
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  • Reich, Wilhelm, The Murder of Christ (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).
  • Reich, Wilhelm, The Oranur Experiment (Rangely, Maine, the Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951) (“There is not a single soul, either here at Orgonon, or down in New York, who really, from the bottom of their existence, knows what I am doing and is with me in what I am doing.” – Dr. Reich).
  • Reich, Wilhelm, An Introduction to Orgonomy – Selected Writings (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1961).

Originally discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich during the course of his work in social hygiene and political sociology, he defined the “Emotional Plague (EP)” as “the neurotic character in destructive action on the social scene.” In the contemporary world, destructive functioning on the social scene has passed considerably beyond the neurotic to the sociopathic, if not outright psychotic.  It is necessary to fight this pathogenic social plague, and increasingly establish the social functions of love, work, and knowledge, in the place of the political pestilence.

In Reich’s time, the Nazis were the most insidious destructive social plague threatening the relatively life-affirmative culture of Western Civilization.   At the moment, it is Islamo-fascism.

There are two components to this syndrome: (1) emotional; (2) plague.  What does emotional mean in this context?  Here it means the expression of the life energy, or what Freud called “libido,” in an explosive and irrational manner.  This explosive charge of life energy turned destructive (called by Dr. Wilhelm Reich deadly orgone [life] energy or DOR)  is the result of the repression of sexuality, movement, and the healthy expression of emotion from birth onward to the robot-like adult.  There are environmental factors, such as life in the desert for Islamo-fascism, that contributes to the resulting desert type character structure.   The result of pent-up sexuality and movement is an individual who seeks to discharge the now destructive energy however he can.  If such a person lives in a relatively decent society, the hatred comes out in crime and the hidden abuse of woman and children.

In a society disintegrating due to war, unprotected borders allowing individuals carrying emotional plague into the country, economic depression, and corruption, many subcultures or political groups form seeking to discharge their hatred on some scapegoat, i.e.: capitalists, Jews, communists, labor unions, and so on and so forth. These groups are magnets for the emotional plague character because it permits him or her to discharge the life destructive feelings under the cover of a rationalized political or religious ideology.

The way to fight emotional plague behavior is to rip off the rationalized mask ideology, and elicit the hidden ugliness and irrationality at the rotten core of it, so the uninformed general public can see it for what it is, and does not give the emotional plague individual social, economic, religious, or political power.


Western Civilization is, due to a number of factors, disintegrating, along with the nations that constitute it.  Ill-advised wars, mainly initiated so that greedy defense contractors can stuff their pockets, have sapped vital resources.  Social welfare programs,  originally a well-intentioned effort to get workers back on their feet, have degenerated to a plan of disabling dependency.  Civilized cultural values, such as a decent respect for the opinions of others, and a healthy respect for law and order, have given way to physical and ideological mob violence. So-called “political correctness” is nothing but narcissism, and the intolerance of healthy aggression and sexuality.

Time is running out for those of us who represent love, work, and knowledge. How shall we proceed?  Fight the plague existentially everywhere!  In the words of the great Winston Churchill in the face of the Nazi plague attack on Great Britain: “We shall defend this island of ours in the streets…in the fields…in the air…on the water…and in the factories…”  “WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER!”




Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the deepest and most fundamental natural law of our Universe. This is the four beat orgasm function: {1) tension; {2} charge; {3) discharge; (4} relaxation. Upon this primal ontology, all else depends. It regulates the energy economy of the cosmos, and the health of human beings.

Reich did apply this law of energetic superimposition to the creation of galaxies.  However, to my knowledge, he did not apply it to the creation of the Universe.  Most cosmologists at present think that the “Big Bang” theory of creation is most consistent with the observable and verifiable phenomena of cosmic energy expansion and material consolidation following an explosion from an extremely dense “God” particle.

Using a “thought experiment” to apply what Dr. Reich called the orgonomic common functioning principle (CFP) to cosmic creation, we find that the infinite and eternal ocean of cosmic orgone energy may have created a perturbation wave that concentrated into a dense point of cosmic energy tension.  A charge built up, and then reached a climax of discharge.  During the following relaxation phase, the Universe started forming.  This process continues today.  Space and time were brought into existence with creation.  The “God” particle at the root of creation was a highly charged energy that is conscious, directive, and of deep feeling.  This is the cosmic mind / body that the philosopher Hegel called Absolute Mind.

Applying the CFP of pulsation (expansion and contraction). to creation, we can expect the cosmic expansion to slow, and then contract back into the core of the single dense particle.  This cycle continues for eternity.  As particles of the Absolute Mind Energy, we participate by enriching the particle with fresh consciousness and energy when we leave the biological body at death. We are part of the growth and evolution of Absolute Mind.  As Hegel expressed it, Absolute Mind is not a closed and static ontology.  Each new cycle of expansion is a new beginning holding the ever increasing tension of higher and more dialectically complex contradictions in a spiral wave advancing eternally.

Historically, precursors of these speculations can be seen in the Hindu theory of cosmic cycles, and in the Jewish mysticism of Rabbi Isaac Luria’s theory of cosmic creation.  There are many other examples in the history of philosophy and religion.  Dr. Reich readily admitted that his science of orgonomy had many antecedents.  Reich, however, started to discover the natural scientific basis of these insights and observations.



[to be continued}

I would like to add, to the comprehensive analysis described about past lives directly below this article by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, the concept of a “Spiritual Core,” and a newly discovered form of human psychic healing that I have named “Spiritual Core Release Transformation” (Copyright 2017).  This work has its roots in the investigations of Wilhelm Reich, MD. This Core emerges from the ocean of cosmic energy as a  highly individualized human Monad created by the Source of the Life Energy.  The “Monad” was a term coined by the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, J.D., to describe the inner unalterable essence of each human individual. Each of us, as created by the Source from the cosmic energy ocean,starts with a Spiritual Core.  The Core  has its own inner self-regulating dynamism that cannot be fundamentally altered by other humans (only the Source or Godhead of Life can do this). The Monad is highly individualized. No two human beings are exactly alike. Dr. Leibniz, to test his hypothesis on individuation, once spent several days collecting leaves deep inside a lush forest. He could find no two exactly alike!
This Monad sends out holographic energy archetypes to incarnate into an individual biological fetus on Earth so that the Life Energy may expand throughout the universe.  At death, the archetype reintegrates with the Spiritual Core with new knowledge and consciousness gained in the earth school in contention with demonic forces that seek to block the Life Energy expansion.   This knowledge can help defeat the demonic forces in the future. Unfortunately, the human soul also, as a result of combat with these demonic forces, emerges with a thick wall of psychic protective armor.  The psychic armor is dissolved by the cosmic therapists from the head-end down, and from the feet upward. Each layer of armor from a specific segment runs perpendicular to the axis of the Soul until the karma is burned out of that area.  The freshly reconstituted soul is reabsorbed  into the Absolute Mind of the Godhead of Life Energy. We are thereafter at home with our quantum physical loved ones though soul entanglement.

This spiritual core release work can be done on earth to incarnated souls by trained practitioners.  Since I have created this method of human spiritual transformation by fusing known disciplines with knowledge learned auto-didactically, there is as yet nobody to teach it, or to use it, but myself.  The work is at present in an experimental stage. Among currently known predecessors are Professor Giordano Bruno. Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. R.D. Laing, and Dr. John C. Pierrakos.