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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christ came from the most highly developed extraterrestrial civilization arising out of the Cosmic Life Energy. This energy was called “orgone energy” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  It is the bridge between the physical and the metaphysical.  See “The Oranur Experiment’ by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1952).  This is a type IV civilization according to the Kardashev scale. The scale originated with Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. The type IV civilization is able to control or use the entire energy and information of the whole visible universe. It is very hard to detect such a civilization, as it would be functionally identical to the natural and spiritual dialectical laws of creation. As revealed by future life travelers (See the work of hypnotherapist Dr.Bruce Goldberg, author of “Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed”), citizens of this ultimate civilization would be “Light” beings with virtually no mass. The philosopher Hegel called this “Absolute Consciousness.” (See his works “The Phenomenology of Mind,” and “The Science of Logic.” Absolute Mind is not a closed or static ontology. It is always a new beginning, since the Life Energy never stops moving.). The manner of Christ’s birth and resurrection are cogent evidence of this use of creation energy. See: “Kardashev scale” (Wikipedia, accessed September 16 2007); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (NY, Noonday Press, 1967) (Reich himself originated from a type III civilization with the energy and information on the galactic magnitude. This was acknowledged by Dr. Reich in his last published work “Contact With Space.” In “Contact….” Reich revealed his identification with the alien emissary Klaatu from the 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Klaatu is depicted as coming from a type III civilization. Klaatu’s impressive spiritual development is shown as parallel to his technological mastery.). See also, “Ancient Alien Ancestors,” page 106, by Will Hart (Vermont, Bear & Co., 2017).

It is a basic functional spiritual law that all living creation has paired antithetical opposites. With the Master Teacher and Healer, Christ, salvation is offered, but also elicited is the evil tempter and destroyer, the Anti-Christ. The anti-Christ is the concentrated deadly cosmic energy cloud that was sent to interfere, from a parallel negative dimension, with Life’s creation of the healthy and joyful humanity in a new expansion of the Godhead of Life. Now Christ is sent down to salvage souls from the damaged creation of humanity and earth. He arrives to find the anti-Christ ready to nullify his efforts to free souls from the hellish death zones. Other Davidic souls follow to wage the struggle for salvation against the agents of the Anti-Christ from highly developed anti-life (deadly orgone energy) civilizations.  The Kardashev scale applies to the extraterrestrial deadly orgone energy civilizations with the highest and most destructive containing the Anti-Christ. They are the antithetical paired opposites of the life affirmative Kardashev scaled civilizations.  See: “The Thing from another world ” (Howard Hawks RKO Film Production, starring James Arness, 1951) (This is an excellent portrayal of an alien from a highly developed DOR {Deadly Orgone Energy} civilization. Cf. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” {20th Century Fox. 1951, starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal} for the visit of an alien emissary from a highly developed, life affirmative, ORGONE {OR} civilization.).

As to the migrating orgone-spiritual energy body, any unfinished orgone therapeutic work from the earth trap will be completed by the energy therapists in the Orgone Ether Civilization.  Thereafter, according to their aptitudes, the new cosmic citizen will help spread the living life energy throughout the Universes.

The crucifixion of Christ has nothing to do with atonement for “sins.”  It is a demonstration through the resurrection of Christ’s spiritual energy body of the victory of orgone energy over the degenerate biological body.  The power of the Orgone is absolute.  The clean spirit will triumph.

The Cosmic Christ still communicates on a continuous basis with his currently chosen incarnated disciples.  Each one is given a gospel and testament that is unique to their situation.  Each one has a mission that is existential and can be carried out only by that disciple without any interpreters or institutional mediators.  In effect, the endless well of wisdom provides for continual New Testaments. See “Apocalyptic Spirituality,” translation and introduction by Bernard McGinn, “Joachim of Fiore,” pages 97-112 (N.Y., Paulist Press, 1979).

While there are thought to be general laws governing the specifics of reincarnation, as recorded in Eastern religion and philosophy, the reality might be quite different with quantum physical factors governing as we drill down into the specific placement of the migrating spiritual energy body.  The Western occult tradition generally tracked the East via Madam Blavatsky.  The ultimate choice might be random in many ways.  The important point to remember is that we are responsible to free ourselves from the cycle and corresponding transferences no matter where we end up.