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The Democrat Party (and similar political parties in other countries regardless of label) has metamorphized into the Nationalist Socialist Party of the U.S.  It has all the indicia of a Nazi Party: a stratified society run by the preferred affirmative action races and genders produced by a state / corporate alliance; infanticide, abortion, and genetic manipulation; a totalitarian political ideology known as “political correctness;” anti-Semitism disguised as social justice; total state control of the population’s economic functioning and ability to work through technocratic social media; an aggressive imperialistic foreign policy with military intervention abroad; political / economic weaponization of the legal system; and a new underclass of white men expected to be submissive and defenseless slaves to the new communist elite with their minds shackled to political correctness.

There is still time to protect the life affirmative values of Western Civilization by supporting strong leaders like President Trump and President Putin.  Their political philosophies of old fashioned nationalism are well known. With an alliance between the United States and Russia, as happened during World War II, the new global Red Fascism can be defeated internally and externally. It was the Russian victory at Stalingrad over the Nazis that gave Hitler a knock-out blow, followed by the invasion at Normandy by Allied troops.

The white race is facing genocide by the end of this century.  It has already started in South Africa, and in other countries.  Let us support each other and protect life.  I will never apologize for being a strong white man!!  Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom.   Victory or Death!!


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Current Events:


In South Africa, it has been reported by reliable sources that white farmers are having their land confiscated without compensation by a law recently passed by their communist government. What is even more worrying, white farmers are also being killed. This is a genocide of white people that will soon spread to the Western countries. This will start with the demand for reparations from white people, 98 percent of whom had ancestors with nothing to do with slavery. The genocide will be masked by political correctness and identity politics. A new ruling class of communists and state capitalists with the right skin color and gender identity will control everybody else. This is already being instituted by government and corporations by shutting white men out of jobs and educational opportunities.
UPDATE FROM THE NEW YORK POST, “SUSPECT: SLAVERY JUSTIFIED RAPE,” June 19, 2019, page 19, reported by Larry Celona and Stephanie Pagones: “A black parolee charged with brutally raping a white woman on a Bronx rooftop said she ‘deserved’ the attack because of ‘slavery,’ a criminal complaint alleges. [Mr. X]…allegedly punched the 20 year old victim, raped her and then continued beating her until she passed out on June 1. ‘She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,’ he told a witness who saw the woman afterward, the complaint claims. ‘This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us.’ [Mr. X], 23, was arrested Friday in Virginia and arraigned in a Bronx court the following day for charges including rape, attempted murder and a hate crime.”

UPDATE FROM THE NEW YORK POST, “LI prof’s hate rant, June 30, 2019, page 18, reported by Jon Levine: …an [African-America] associate professor of literature at the taxpayer-funded public college [SUNY] on Long Island, penned an article titled ‘Seeing poor white people makes me happy.’  ‘White people begging us for food feels like justice…It feels like a Black Nationalist wet dream.’  The [black] prof. …recounted seeing a ‘white homeless boy’ panhandling in a black neighborhood.  “Should I kick him in the face?  Hard?’ writes the prof., who identifies as Puerto Rican and part of the black nationalist movement….’Here is a descendant of murderers who killed our ancestors now begging us to save their life,’ he wrote.”


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