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We are facing a world historical period of the radical transformation of every dimension of human existence that far transcends political parties, ideologies, and individual leaders. For the rest of the 21st Century, it will threaten to change the biological, social, technological, economic, and spiritual realities that have defined human existence. Those who believe in the sanctity of human life as natural and spiritual law have defined it through God’s instructions, must form a movement to protect life from the transhumanists, technocrats, and global state capitalists who will kill 90 percent of the global population via bioweapons, chemicals, and deadly electromagnetic energies. They are being assisted by puppets like Biden, etc. in the formerly sovereign nations, and the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO, IMF etc. among international institutions. Our descendants, those who survive the most terrible and demonic anti-life onslaught ever unleashed, will be submissive slave labor controlled by AI robots, if not eventually outright replaced. We need universal leaders who understand this and can courageously lead working class citizens in a fight to the death against these mass killers. We need movements and leaders, not political parties controlled by wealthy donors who answer to the global state capitalists. In RFK and Donald Trump, I think we have such leaders. But this is a movement that must continue no matter what happens in 2024.

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