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1 Corinthians 2:5
King James Version (KJV)

“That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”      

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Chapter I

This work is dedicated to my brother, film philosopher Ira David Katz, fighter against U.S. fascism, cut down by an American Nazi in Kew Gardens, Queens, in 1978.  He is, by virtue of his life and death, a true Son of Jesus!  Like his Father, his life is a vehicle of liberation for all of us who knew and loved him.  We will meet again.  The nature of his death places him on a metaphysical plane with the Archangels as a fighter against the enemies of the Life Energy God.  He is now with St. Michael as a “Warrior Shaman” in the legions of spiritual helpers of the “Life Energy Defense Forces” [LDF].  Ira David is on the right in the picture below.  See the work of Wilhelm Reich, Timothy Leary, and Carlos Castaneda (among many others).  Christ had the power to call down these cosmic spiritual forces if he had decided to do so.  He will shortly do so as described in the New Testament “Book of Revelation.”  Current events all point in that direction. 


Further Notes on the search for a method of spiritual investigation:  

The “Big Bang” of the cosmologists and physicists was the Orgasm of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life ejaculating into the womb of space / time to create our Universe.   Einstein-Rosen Rainbow-Bridge-Antahkarana-worm-hole

The findings listed in this work are based on experience, logic, common functioning principles, and the old occult axiom “as above, so below.”   Multi-disciplinary knowledge from all fields of human knowledge and history have been used as a great well to draw on.  Philosophy, natural science, theology, history, logic, mysticism, and the occult sciences are drawn on and applied to the phenomena under examination.  Negative theology and dialectical logic are also used to understand the mysterious and paradoxical nature of human fate, including what may seem like a tragedy to us is in fact part of a plan being followed by Higher Spiritual Powers to save further suffering and advance spiritual joy, growth and enlightenment.  The spiritual laws of reincarnation see that cosmic justice is done and there are no victims.  The ancient arts of the Jewish and Hermetic Cabalists are channeled to us by the Spiritual Guides and Teachers who are always ready to send information and guidance through mystical experience, prayer, and telepathy.   Still, when all is said and done, we are like the cave dwellers in Plato’s allegory of the cases.   We see the reflections or shadows cast on the wall of the cave, and thus perceive metaphysical reality but dimly.  There are times when, like in the cases of Socrates, Christ Cabalist Jesus, Magus Moses, Giordano Bruno, Rabbi Isaac Luria, Dion Fortune, Wilhelm Reich and many others, that an individual spiritual explorer breaks through the earth prison and escapes the cave to see the Sun God of Life and Love. Christ was unique in this, in that he was sent as an expression of the God of Life and directly part of God.  Such people are frequently killed by howling mobs of concerned citizens.  The demonic powers will always try to destroy the truth seeker and lover of life. As Dr. Reich discovered in the “Oranur Experiment,”  there is an eternal battle between the energy of life (orgone / cosmic spiritual energy), and the energy of death (nuclear radiation and deadly orgone energy), in the human and the cosmos.  Dr. Freud called these eternal forces Eros and the Death Instinct.  We must be aware of the historical fact that institutions kill the truth that they were originally built to preserve.  The creator stands alone, and the follower wants to water down and adjust the painful, joyful, and liberating truth to make it acceptable to the enchained ones.  It thus gets reincorporated into the prevailing immobility and spiritual armor. This has happened in every field of human endeavor, including religion, politics, science, philosophy, mysticism, theology, and on and on in the veil of tears called human existence.

Dialectical armored logic will turn each phenomena into its opposite over time, and under the mask of the same ideology, so that the change is hidden. That is why it is always better to watch what these forces do, not what they say. Ideology hides truth.

Philosophy is not a static body of knowledge added to by accretion through tenured philosophers of the academy interpreting texts and teaching history. No. Philosophy, including spiritual philosophy, mysticism, and occult science, is an activity of existential philosophizing. Authentic philosophy reaches into the depths of human yearning, tragedy, and perplexity. It is, in the words of Karl Jaspers, Existenzphilosophie. In his own words: “Out of every position one may have adopted, i.e. out of every finitude, we are expelled; we are set whirling.” Quoting Nietzsche: “[Authentic philosophy]…loosens us from the fetters of determinate thinking, not by abandoning such thinking but by pushing it to its limits…The plunge from the rigidities which were deceptive after all turns into the ability to stay in suspense; what seemed abyss becomes the space of freedom: the seeming Nothing turns into that from which true Being speaks to us.” Cited in “Existentialism From Dostoevsky To Sartre” by Walter Kaufmann (N.Y, Penguin Books, 1989). (This is why I call my radio program “Philosopher Vortex.” It is on blogtalkradio. ).





[I will provide a note on the composition of my work “The Metaphysics of the Life Energy.”  This work was written according to the logic of mysticism.  Insights from the Higher Spiritual Powers were telepathically channeled to me in digestible segments according to my readiness to receive them and my desire for them.  Therefore, it is not organized as the usual expository writing.  Instead, it reads more like a book from Nietzsche.  The Cabalists also taught this way trusting in a form of spiritual free association.]    

“This is called the basic question of metaphysics: Why is there any being at all and not rather Nothing?” – Martin Heidegger

Human consciousness is the only awareness on the earth plane that can gaze into the wellsprings of Being (in Heidegger’s sense, see his work “Being and Time”), and explore Being’s authentic ontological roots in metaphysics and the higher dimensions.

We are drops of the infinite and eternal ocean of spiritual energy.  Through the drops, the ocean realizes itself.   Hegel called it the phenomenological ascent to Absolute Mind.  Reich said it was the Orgone Energy learning to know its own ways of being through its quantum particles swimming in life energy.  There are many oceans in the Godhead separated by islands of desert and islands of lush life.

This tract is not dogma.  No institutions should ever be erected around it.  There are no definitive interpretations and never will be.  Quantum reality will reveal different facets to different people at different times.  Even the writer cannot predict this.  This is ontotheology, cutting edge occult science, and spiritual research.    Enengram 

The method of writing used in this work is free-association and spiritual energy / information “channeling” from the higher metaphysical planes.  The great philosophers and mystics form a sturdy foundation to it.  So mote it be!!    2010-bald-eagle-with-fish   


The Core Canon of “Life Energy Illuminism:”

  1. The Day the Earth Stood Still [Motion Picture / DVD] (1951, 20th Century Fox). 
  2. The Murder of Christ by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).
  3. Contact With Space by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Haverhill, MA, Haverhill House Publishing, 2018).
  4. Ancient Aliens in the Bible by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
  5. The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac (MA, Red Wheel / Weiser, 2021).
  1.  The Universes are infinite and eternal, with higher and lower dimensions, almost beyond human comprehension. There are Higher Spiritual Powers functioning in these Universes. The Higher Spiritual Power of Life is one of these natural spiritual powers composed of sub-atomic particles and cosmic energy. This natural spiritual energy, called by Wilhelm Reich “orgone,” is healing. A distinction must be made between natural dialectical metaphysical spirituality, based on cosmic energy functions, and pathogenic religions that are used by ruling classes to make people submissive and that narcotize them. Natural spirituality is liberating, and pathogenic religion is enslaving. The Religion of the Life Energy is liberating.
  2. These Universes function outside linear time according to ontological realizations of currently unknown magnitude.
  3. The Higher Spiritual Power of Life in our Universe loves human life and is omnipotent. God can provide guidance and sanctuary for those who seek, both now and after the transition called “death.” An astral up-link through ontotheology and prayer are available to humans to make contact with the Life Guides and Spiritual Therapists in the higher ether civilizations.
  4. Christ was sent as an incarnated Logos of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life. In his life, teachings and death, are hidden some of the keys to liberation from spiitual entrapment, and the attainment of Eternal Life within the cosmic circle of the Source of the Life Energy. [See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (FG&S, 1980)].
  5. Freedom from reincarnation in gross matter is the ultimate door to further evolution of the Spiritual Life Body of Light. The Body of Light is an actually existing natural phenomenon consisting of a cloud of intelligent sub-atomic energy particles with light mass in a cosmic orgone energy sack. It can pass through matter. It can be verified by heat detectors, energy detectors, and, under the right conditions, visual observation.
  6. The Higher Spiritual Power of Life has anti-life demonic enemies to contend with, and it is engaged with fighting these deadly psychic energies.
  7. Most of the Universe is metaphysical. We usually see only the tip of the iceberg. Natural scientists have discovered that 23% of the universe is composed of Dark Matter, and 72% is of Dark Energy. Only 4.6% is atomic matter.
  8. Human lives, like rain drops in the ocean, are particles of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life. Through a process of purification and liberation, the human monad can participate in the Life Godhead’s realization through Universal Mind and expansion in contention with other adverse or indifferent natural higher spiritual powers.
  9. This self-realization is a process of the functional identity of the immanent and transcendent Higher Spiritual Power of Life. It is the unchained dialectic of consciousness and nature in the dance of the Life Energy.
  10. This functional identity gives rise to existential revolutionary spiritual functioning. It is Absolute Mind functioning within the material domain. What this functioning looks like in action is well expressed in free-flowing unarmored movement, feeling, and thought.
  11. There is a subatomic quantum physical and spiritual life energy body with light mass. This will reincarnate until the individual gains spiritual freedom from the armored trap of the material earth dimension. When people die by accident or crime (including war which is a spiritual crime), they may reincarnate immediately. Those who die by natural causes, including old age and disease, will reincarnate or not according to their spiritual evolution. Each person has, if they are allowed to live out their natural life-spans, a specific allotted number of years (called by the Cabalists “life portions”). Every person has a spiritual mission in life that is unique and precious, apart from any station or status in life.
  12. The Life Energy Body, after “death” or transition, will be drawn into the orbit of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life. The more purified and unarmored this light body emerges from the material atomic domain, the closer the person will gravitate to the source of life. In these higher dimensions, there are spiritual way stations, Guides, energy cleansing light baths, a Library of Akashic Records (which contains all that has and all that will occur as referred to in the Jewish mystical writings known as the” Zohar”), and a Cosmic Academy (described by the Ancient Cabalists as the “Celestial Academy”).
  13. Akasha is an eternal, etheric substance containing the record of the vibrations of every action, thought, emotion, light, and sound. [See “Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley (Castle Books, 1991)].
  14. “Know that all the upper and lower universes are cast in the image of God. All that is past and yet to come has not and will not alter. All is perfect.” [Zohar]
  15. Jacob Boehme, the great mystic, stated that one hour of instruction in the Cosmic Academy can transmit as much knowledge and wisdom as thirty years spent on earth in the pursuit of learning.
  16. In 1947-1951, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted “The Oranur Experiment” that proved the existence of a metaphysical dimension running through all of nature, including human consciousness.
  17. The Oranur Experiment involved putting a radioactive substance in devices that also captured and accumulated the creative spiritual energies of life in order to see if the radiation could be neutralized by the Life Energy. These spiritual energies were called “orgone” by Dr. Reich, since he discovered them in living organisms.
  18. The result of this interaction between creation and destruction brought out evil in nature at large and within human beings. If this evil could be overcome, new spiritual health resulted.
  19.  Dr. Reich rediscovered age-old gnostic, life-affirmative occult, and mystical truths through this experiment.
  20. The New Knowledge that Reich discovered can be called “Scientific Illuminism.”
  21. As above, so below. As Dr. Reich discovered, the galaxies are created by a form of cosmic superimposition of cosmic energy flows in a celestial orgasm. Life below, for full health and creation, also needs satisfying orgasm. As the Cabalists teach, the human body is a microcosm of the Universe.
  22. Creation of all universes was attained by the cosmic orgasm known to cosmologists as the “Big Bang.” In other words, the Godhead ejaculated cosmic energy particles bringing with it space/time. This brought forth matter.
  23. There is no mass salvation on earth. As the Russian mystic, P.D. Ouspensky, once said: “There are too many spiritual laws against it.”
  24. The human condition can be greatly improved by earthly effort in the struggle against all anti-life forces, no matter how such forces are masked by various “isms” or ideologies, but no form of politics or mechanistic science can radically and permanently change the evil mixed in the human heart and mind. However, individuals, with the help of the Higher Spiritual Power of the Life Energy, can attain spiritual liberation though Christ.  Christ is God in human form.
  25. Point 24 above is in no way to be used as an excuse for resignation and withdrawal. Anti-life and anti-spiritual forces are to be existentially fought. This is a spiritual battle against the demonic.
  26. This is a serious fight with deadly spiritual forces. Mammon, the great and evil Archon, is set through the various political systems to destroy all life and decency on earth. There can be no compromise with what Dr. Reich called the “Emotional Plague.”
  27. The philosopher Hegel observed that the young, perceiving so much evil and injustice, want immediate radical change. However, as Hegel himself matured, he recognized that both forms of higher and lower spiritual power influence history. This was the meaning of his statements late in life that “the real is the rational.”
  28. Science, philosophy, and the arts of their functional spiritual application, constitute what is known as “The Great Work.”
  29. This work requires the deciphering of the Code of the Eternal Cosmic Energy, and the creation of metaphysical tools and engines to use this intelligent energy for the preservation, enhancement and growth of the spiritual life-monad. The process is infinite and eternal.
  30. Mystical revelation and meta-scientific work are the modes of realization.
  31. This self-spiritual realization is the self-comprehension of the Cosmic Life Energy through the human monad. How this is conceptually comprehended is a matter of the cultural and historical background of the cognitive system used. It is the matter of the use of consciousness.
  32. The cleaner the consciousness, and free from the distorting cultural, historical, and mass psychological variables, the closer we get to the metaphysical reality. The tools of perception and thought must be as clean as humanly possible. A clean microscope and telescope are essential for their operation. The tools of metaphysical perception and thought must also be clean for accurate observation and experience. In spiritual science and philosophy, what is known is conditioned by the state of being of the person.
  33. The existential process of the self-realization of the transcendent and immanent Life Energy determines the struggle for liberation from the trap of gross material atomic matter. Only a handful of individuals, for example the Buddha (and a few others), have ever reached this full degree of human spiritual liberation. Jesus Christ is unique in that he was sent from God as a part of God in human form.  He was already fully actualized God Energy.  The functional identity of these domains means liberation into the circle of the revolutionary Christians, Cabalists and Hermetic philosophers. It can also lead to admission into the Academy of Celestial and Metaphysical Science. These Christians, Cabalists and Hermetic Philosophers live within the cosmic domain of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life.  Instruction and guidance from them is available by astral uplink through meditation and prayer.  Only Jesus Christ can grant salvation and eternal life.
  34. From time to time, these Higher Spiritual Powers of the Life Energy make contact with a young soul on earth, and, due to the temperament and potential of these individuals, they throw their cloak of protection around them, educate and guide them. They are readied, when the time comes, for admission to the Academy of Celestial and Metaphysical Science.
  35. This knowledge was in the past not meant for dissemination by any form of indoctrination or commercial pressure. Since ancient times, Cabalists, Mystics and Hermetic philosophers usually shared it with students who were by character and temperament equipped to use it responsibly in the service of humanity after a long period of education (both formally and through independent study). Every human individual, however, can now obtain this knowledge by self-education, therapy, and experience. The books and spiritual therapists are available. It is a revolutionary functional-existential wisdom. It can spontaneously be spread through humanity by spiritual struggle.
  36. Examples of those unfit to delve into these matters are the scientists who unlocked atomic energy for use in bombs and nuclear reactors. Atomic energy is the enemy of the life energy and cannot be made safe by any means. It is a demonic force unleashed by unfeeling and machine-like scientists.
  37. The interaction of life energy and atomic energy and / or chemical pollution produces a form of deadly energy (called by Dr. Reich “Deadly Orgone Energy.”). The destructive power of DOR greatly increases the destructive power of atomic energy and potentially can destroy all life on earth without being delivered as a specific weapon. It disseminates by atmospheric circulation in the course of the weather cycles. It is already responsible for global warming and the violent weather patterns of recent years.
  38. The struggle against this deadly psychic energy in the atmosphere is functionally identical to the struggle against the ruling classes that use it to dominate humanity. It is present in what Dr. Sigmund Freud called the “death instinct.” The Bible recognized this demonic energy as being “of the air.”
  39. Metaphysical transports, known to modern humans as UFOs, are visiting earth from inter-dimensional levels of the Universe. The effort to make contact with these spiritual intelligences can be an important part of the effort to escape from the material trap. However, some are demonic in nature and bent on human destruction. These higher intelligences, good or bad, were known in the Bible as “angels.”
  40. Mystics, life-affirmative occult scientists and spiritual revolutionaries must continue to seek contact with extraterrestrial pro-life entities for learning and spiritual mind expansion.  Jesus Christ will come again, as he promised and as shown in the Bible’s book of “Revelation.”This time he will descend with an army of Angels to destroy the demonic forces.
  41. There have been many revolutionaries, Cabalists and Hermetic philosophers sent by the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life. Christ and Moses were of this group because of their high degree of spiritual purification. There have been many prophets and teachers, and the people of the world have given many names to the Life God. All are precious and sacred.  However, only Jesus Christ can grant salvation and eternal life.  Jesus Christ arrived as part of God and was already fully realized.
  42. Know that the metaphysical noumena can only be known through the phenomena of our material sense perceptions as shaped by our imagination and general cognition. It cannot be known in-it-self. In this sense, Kant’s philosophical separation of the two domains is valid. The unknown can only be apprehended by the known. This does not lessen the reality of the metaphysical domain, but does account for the way that different religions and spiritual teachers have explained it. This is why there is such diversity. However, the in-itself remains a common denominator.
  43. “Death” is the ultimate anti-utopia in the human mind (see the work of philosopher Ernst Bloch). However, death is but a transition and cycle in the circulation of the cosmic energy as embodied in the subatomic body of light and life. As Christ put it in the “Last Temptation of Christ,” death is not a door that closes, it is a door that opens. The hidden meaning of the death and resurrection of Christ demonstrates this.  Only Jesus Christ can grant salvation since he is part of God in human form.
  44. The Religion of Life is sex-positive and believes that the healthy satisfaction of this natural need puts one closer in touch with the spiritual domain. The sex-negative and life negative religions produce spiritual sickness, and in the extreme, what Wilhelm Reich called the emotional plague. This demonic plague drives its sufferers to wildly destructive actions against the free flowing spiritual life energy. It alienates the person from the source of life and light. An example of this are the Islamic fundamentalist religions (fascist) that have taken root in the deserts of the Middle East. The deserts are infested with deadly psychic energy that Dr. Reich called “Deadly Orgone Energy” (DOR). DOR drys out the human organism and hardens it. The patriarchal sex-negative character structures produced in this desert environment are destructive of the sexual energy. The Twin Towers in New York city were brought down by such people. They could not tolerate the twin phallic symbols and had to destroy these symbols of life creation.
  45. The Life Energy in humans and the cosmos is mass free and takes the form of particles that can penetrate all matter. They respect no boundaries and are anarchist in function (as opposed to the frozen spiritual armor imposed on the masses by ruling demonic elites). However, they also build up intelligent light energy that forms all that exists according to natural spiritual law. Our collective task, as the ancient Cabalists taught, is to help Jesus Christ in the gathering of the human light “sparks” that have been armored into material reality. We return to the source of Life and Light through this process of what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called “Christogenesis.” Demonic Energy from the higher powers of the enemies of life seek to block this. Libertarian philosophy, grounded in metaphysics, is thus the best existential choice for humans striving for collective liberation from the trap on earth, and from reincarnation back into the trap after death. See “The Murder of Christ” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich; and “The Heart of the Matter” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
  46. “In this light, and only in this, striving for perfecting knowledge has cosmic meaning. In penetrating to the greatest depth and the fullest extent of emotional integration of the self, we not only experience and feel, we also learn to understand, if only dimly, the meaning and functioning of the cosmic orgone ocean, of which we are a tiny part…Since the ‘self’ is only a bit of organized cosmic orgone energy, this full self-awareness is, seen from a deeper perspective, a step in the functional development of the cosmic energy itself.” From “Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. In other words, we are participating in the realization of the Universal Mind of the Higher Spiritual Power of LifeThe Higher Spiritual Power of Life is available to every human individual in the depths of their soul, mediated by Guides and Cosmic Teachers.
  47. The old Eastern concept of reincarnation as a reward for good, and punishment of evil, is a distortion of the natural reality of psychic energy circulation. Transgression of spiritual law is immediately recorded in the energy body and hinders purification. That is all. It makes reincarnation into the earth trap much more likely depending on the transgression. The natural spiritual laws governing all of this are still largely unknown on earth. Conditions producing victims must be fought and justice prevail on earth to whatever extent that is possible in the material trap. That is where anarchism comes in to play a vital part on earth in the struggle to escape from the armored material trap.
  48. The old Cabalistic concept of the gathering of the sparks of living spiritual energy from their entrapment in organic matter, and reconstitution into the cosmic Adam Kadmon, parallels Teilhard de Chardin’s planetary Christogenesis. Reich found it in galactic superimposition. The basic reality is the transcendence of the barrier between physics and metaphysics and the end of “death” as we know it. Unlike the sporadic interchange now occurring, travel between this dimension and the afterlife higher dimensions will be fluid and use metaphysical craft now known as UFOs (via hyper-physics).
  49. That is why the day before he died, Dr. Reich told a fellow inmate in Lewisburg prison that the UFOs were “coming for me!” An advanced extraterrestrial civilization, having already solved the problem of the “barrier” or “curtain” between physics and metaphysics, came to pick him up. They channeled to him many of the insights he gained in cosmic knowledge during his lifetime. It is only possible for humans to cross this barrier at present through astral travel.
  50. The struggle for freedom from class society by humanity recorded by history represents the efforts of the particles of cosmic energy to liberate from imprisonment in matter. See Hegel’s “Philosophy of History” (1837). Absolute Mind is the ultimate aim of this dialectic. Absolute Mind is not static, rigid or frozen, but a function of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life.
  51. “The Angels are considered servants of God, meaning power outlets of the Godhead.” From “The Kabbala” by Dr. Erich Bischoff (Weiser 1998).
  52. “The art of progress is to keep intact the Eternal, yet to adopt an advance-guard, perhaps in some cases almost revolutionary, position in respect of such accidents as are subject to the empire of Time.” “The Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley (Weiser 2006).
  53. Recent research on the “death” process has revealed that a blue illumination occurs in laboratory worms as the process spreads through their bodies. Blue is the color of cosmic spiritual energy. This is a direct confirmation of the spiritual energy body as it emerges from organic matter to rejoin the ocean of cosmic energy.
  54. The quantum physical subatomic energy body, with its particles of information and energy, incarnates and reincarnates in organic matter by attaching itself to the cellular DNA molecules. The DNA provides instructions for the material body in its temperament and growth. The spiritual energy body provides the vitality and information to guide and move this growth. Information is captured during life and carries over from lifetime to lifetime. Much of the preexisting information and energy gets immobilized by what Dr. Reich called spiritual “armor.” This armor is imposed by life-negative societies under various rationalizing ideologies. It can be recovered through therapy and spiritual openness. The natural and healthy spiritual character moves and fights the emotional plague through anarchist action against the armor imposing institutions and class stratified society.
  55. If the metapsychology of the spiritual Monad deepens to the point of existential and collective Christ-consciousness, it can transform into metempsychosis (transmigration of the cosmic energy body).
  56. The layers of spiritual armor in the human individual are reflected in the class stratified nature of societies governed by ruling elites. This dialectic goes both ways.
  57. Jesus was sent as an inter-dimensional revolutionary from a higher civilization within the circle of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life. Given his historical fate in the struggle to free humanity from spiritual armor, he will not be sent in the same manner when he returns. He will be sent much as described in the “Book of Revelation” in a spiritual conflict with the enemies of life, love and knowledge. The ground is now being prepared in the visits of inter-dimensional craft known to us as “UFOs.”
  58. The creative and necessary functional fusion of mysticism and libertarianism can be seen in the lives and theologies of Girodano Bruno, Wilhelm Reich, and David Koresh. This is validated by how the Archons ruling this earth went after them and destroyed them. They know the real liberators, like Christ, and target them. The impotent politicians are no threat and can be left to deceive the masses.
  59. The “Babylon” mentioned in the “Book of Revelation” are all global political power systems. Read this book of the Bible, which is prophetic, with that concept in mind.
  60. Natural spiritual energy functions are real and were called “Life Energy” manifestations and later “Orgone” by Wilhelm Reich. They were known as “Prana” by Eastern philosophers and religions. Humanity has been aware of them since the dawn of consciousness on earth. We are particles of this vast cosmic energy ocean, but, as before stated, can only comprehend this “in-itself” or noumena by the forms of our own consciousness as “phenomena” (Kant). This accounts for various archetypal images and concepts that we have created through our limited minds to contact this natural Higher Spiritual Power of Life. The images and concepts do put us in touch with this cosmic reality as we represent it to ourselves.
  61. Paul in “The Book of Acts” of the Bible describes God as kind. This is why the Higher Spiritual Power of Life could not be omnipotent and all-knowing. If it was, such a “God” would have to be considered cruel in light of what it permits to take place on earth. No, it is one higher spiritual power among many, and the Higher Spiritual Power of Life needs our help to actualize itself. We participate in the realization of the Absolute Mind/Body. A distinction here needs to be made between higher spiritual powers and the Godhead. The Godhead is the creator of the infinite Universes and is beyond all space/time. The Godhead is beyond the higher spiritual powers and is responsible for both good and evil. The Higher Spiritual Power of Life is not responsible for evil. Evil has taken place because Evil Higher Spiritual Powers interfered with the Life Energies creation of the Earth.
  62.  Jesus was a revolutionary Jewish Gnostic and Cabalist. His knowledge and cosmic contact evidenced a very high degree of Christ energy. It is clear from his functioning that his existential teachings were libertarian. He was a messenger of the Higher Spiritual Powers of the Life Energy to the entrapped ones on earth.
  63. This work is based on cosmic energy, quantum physics, and orgone energy. It is rooted in Gnosticism, or mysticism. See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Dr. Gershom Scholem. The Higher Spiritual Powers of Life have shown me a sign. Once again, they are bringing me along, teaching by events and people. This is a process that continues through eternity, reincarnation by reincarnation as we approach the Godhead. Learning is not always pleasant in the metaphysical domain. Pain can yield more knowledge at times during this process, preparing the ground for the feast of the ecstatic among the stars. Liberation occurs, if at all, when we are completely free from the earth entrapment in these material “shells” and the quantum spiritual energy body travels in fluid fashion among the Akashic records and Halls of Cosmic Knowledge. My guides have once again, as they have since I was four years old, thrown a cordon of protection around my soul and lead me into the Light. To me, this is a sign that they will soon bring me home.
  64. Prayer for Life and Deliverance: “Higher Spiritual Power of Life, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change in the material trap, Courage to change what can be changed and seek your way of true liberation, And the wisdom to know the difference between you and the Deadly Powers.” From the Theology of the 12 Steps as interpreted by Dr. Robert Pasotti.
  65. “The Prayer of a Mystic: “O cause the flow of Thy graciousness to descend upon Me, and show me the way which is for me to follow. Enlighten, my God, my eyes, that they may see and Understand your wonders and signs; that I may know how to save my soul from the heaviness of this oppression Which Thou layest upon me “May the flow of blessing from above be drawn forth to Descend upon me, that I may be able to do the will of my Father Who is in Heaven, that I may be able to properly Assume the yoke of His kingdom, and fulfill all that He Asks of me. “Grace me, my God of Life, with the understanding and knowledge To find the meaning of the wonders and signs which I see, to comprehend the intent of all those things from Out of which you speak.” Mr. Setzer, Cabalist, NYC 1920s-1960s.
  66. The Apocalypse is to come. The evil power of the pathological ruling classes of all ideologies can only be transformed by a massive UFO / extraterrestrial spiritual intervention.
  67. The purpose of life-affirmative jurisprudence is to protect the core bio-spiritual functions of love, work and knowledge, and to allow them to operate freely and vigorously in the human individual and society. No State currently, or historically, has permitted this to happen, since they have all been created to protect the ruling elites and exploit the masses of people. This holds true to a greater or lesser extent whether the elite is capitalist, socialist, communist or theocratic. The masses energies are frozen and mechanized from birth to bear the slavery, outright, wage slavery or Party service. There have been isolated instances of non-state societies, like the Pacific Islanders, and hunting and gathering matriarchal tribes historically, that have permitted and relied on this healthy functioning. Colonization ended all of that. or historically the growth of patriarchy. All revolutions ultimately failed in some way, since the class armoring is internalized at an early age and reproduced under the new ideology. Individuals, here and there, have attained a degree of existential spiritual liberation, but not en mass. The only hope of mass liberation is in the intervention by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization with the psychotronic technology to dissolve class imposed armor on a mass basis. We know they exist (see Peter Robbins work), but we do not know if they have the will or interest to help us.
  68. The incarnation of spiritual energy into atomic matter distorts it, and, in all cases, corrupts it or leaves it open to corruption. The human heart pulses with good and evil impulses and brings into the world energy and information from the cosmic domain already formed in prior lives, or cleansed in prior existence, or reflected back from future existence (time is an illusion). What I am trying to put into words is that human beings, whatever the source, are corrupt and will distort and corrupt whatever society or ideology is created here on earth to try to remedy the spiritual pathology by political means. Spiritual sickness requires a spiritual cure. That is why, no matter what the masking ideology, capitalism, socialism, or what have you, the same problems, despite technological advance, plague human life from generation to generation. That does not mean we have to be resigned to it. We still can fight it, but existentially and spiritually. The individual can escape from the material trap, but not the mass. There are too many spiritual laws against it. There is no salvation on earth. As Winston Churchill once said: “I promise you blood, sweat and tears” (and that is on the good days). Let us not get the idea we are God or Gods as the enlightenment once promised in its manic phase. We are here on earth for a very short time. Then we are gone. Help is available from higher spiritual forces to the questing individual, but don’t ever get the idea you can save society. Be responsible for yourself and save yourself. Seek help where you can, but know we are all heading for the abyss unless each of us, alone, faces eternity.
  69. “I am very lonely, fighting a hard fight against myself, against aging or losing the zest of life too soon. I do not believe in America, nor do I believe in contemporary mankind. It is totally corrupt. I can no longer enter into this life and have but one task to do as well as I am able — namely, to dispel as much as possible of the darkness which overlays life’s basic principles. In this respect I can still accomplish a great deal, but to do this I must shun today’s conventions and views.” – Dr. Wilhelm Reich
  70. The Old Left had Whittaker Chambers, and the New Left had David Horowitz. Both experienced the anti-life pathology hidden under the ideologies of “socialism” and “communism.” Both turned backed in fear and despair to support capitalism. There is another choice. I have taken it. I call it “Mysticism” and it is rooted in natural spirituality. Fight existentially wherever exploitation appears no matter what the ideological mask. Be free and take responsibility for yourself. Stop the evasion of truth.
  71. As a mystic, perhaps I have said too much. The tradition among the spiritual teachers and Cabalists is to keep their insights to a small group of students and disciples who can understand it. None of them were “freedom peddlers.” The ancient Cabalists would not accept students under 40 years of age or those who never married or who did not delve deep into Talmud before going on the the esoteric. Moses received two sets of jurisprudence on Sinai. One was meant for the fucking and farting masses, and one for a smaller group who by cleanliness and ability could digest the esoteric teachings of the Cosmic Halls. I do not compare myself to them. However, while I am still alive, I want to share what I have learned by my writings. I have no requirements other than an open heart and mind. People are completely free to accept or reject whatever they want. Soon, I will be meeting my Guides in the Celestial Academy. I want to be able to say “I fought the good fight for my own soul and for others who asked for help.” My Guides have preserved me for a purpose, when on several events in my life I could have died. This was for a reason. Without their protective energy fields and guidance, I never would have been able to achieve what I have (modest as it has been – but coming from the streets of Brooklyn it could have been very different.) My beloved late wife Rosylin was sent to me as an Angel of Salvation by Higher Spiritual Powers. I hope, Angel, since you passed into the higher dimension, that you feel good about what I have done. You were always far ahead of me spiritually. Pray for me and Ian. I hope I have earned my place beside you where you now study, work, and love.
  72. Entangled subatomic particles, when separated, show action at a “distance.” This means that the spiritual and energetic tie between them remains and what happens to one is in an instant reflected in the other no matter how far away (even the other side of the Universe). Yes, this is faster than the speed of light and has, according to scientists to do with the wave function of the subatomic particle. This is the reason that during the energy transmission ignorantly called “death” here on earth we will meet with loved ones. The Spiritual Energy Body leaves the inert biological mass and ascends into a higher dimension with prior information and shape intact. The Spiritual Body can be sometimes be seen by the human eye at the moment of death as a blue-grey cloud (if there is little or no ocular armor in the viewer), and is sometimes seen connected to a specific location due to earth trauma. Einstein did not like this “non-local action” and called it “spooky action at a distance.” It upset his speed of light model of the universe. Dr. Wilhelm Reich already observed this in the 1950’s by stating that local illumination of the atmosphere was a function of the orgone energy ocean, not the result of long-traveling light particles.
  73. As a libertarian, I believe in complete freedom of thought, spiritual search and social lifestyle. This is what I have learned and discovered for myself over a period of more than 65 years. I am not trying to convince anybody of anything. I have seen it all here on earth for myself and covering several generations now. I have had my mentors and studied every field of knowledge bearing on the great philosophical questions. Others, of course, may come to different conclusions. To me, the greatest illusion is that political ideologies have an answer. Nothing will ever reconcile me to this earth given what I have seen and what continues to go on from the beginning of recorded time. This does not mean resignation or passivity. It means vigorous resistance to the demonic energies and the Deadly Lower Spiritual Powers that direct them. The Devil presents in a dialectical manner. He turns everything into its opposite, while showing a smiling face. He has brought down every single ideology or teaching designed to help free humanity. However, my resistance is existential and spiritual, not political. “Never do it the political way!” (Dr. Reich). I look forward to joining my loved ones who have been liberated from the trap of the earth and my Guides in the Cosmic Academy. I hope never to reincarnate here again. That, however, is not in my hands. There is much we do not know. The enlightenment brought arrogance. Ninety-four percent of the Universe is hidden from human sight and being. This is what the old occult philosophers called the metaphysical dimension or higher dimensions (now validated by many cosmologists and physicists). May the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life protect and guide you as they have me. I respect those religious people who are following other ways. Belief and intention are very important in putting us in touch with the spiritual-in-itself. The external forms by which we do this are secondary and culturally conditioned. They are Kant’s phenomenal categories of spiritual sight. Work diligently for your own salvation. Do not try to save others unless, as individuals, they come to you and you can actually help. Many of those in the past who tried to help the masses have been crucified or destroyed: Christ; Bruno; Paul; Reich; and many, many others. That is why the great Cabalists, both Hermetic and Judaic, would only accept a few chosen students (who had the character, learning and ethics, to carry on the GREAT WORK). Some wrote very little (passing the teachings on by word of mouth to be written down by students like Rabbi Vital did for Rabbi Luria). Rabbi Moses Cordovero was permitted to channel the teachings now presented in the great spiritual work “The Zohar.” This was by permission and direction of the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life in the Cosmic Academy. For those who want an excellent modern presentation, I highly recommend the work of Israel Regardie. Chiropractor and Reichian therapist by profession, he has written many works such as “The Garden of Pomegranates;” “The Tree of Life;” and “The Golden Dawn System.” An excellent background study is in “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem, and “The “Varieties of Religious Experience” by William James. Various books. such as the “Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley and “The Psychedelic Experience” by Leary, Metzer and Alpert are illustrative of seeing through the ocular armor that blocks our perception of higher dimensions. Various studies are now being done of this in research institutions like John Hopkins Medical School with approval of the relevant legal authorities.
  74. There is a hierarchy of higher dimensions. The Pseudo-Dionysius called it the Celestial Hierarchy. We here, our spiritual bodies encased in dense atomic matter, see most dimly. As the vibrations rise and we reach the subatomic energy body, we are in the higher dimensions of the Guides, Cabalistic Masters and the Akashic Academy. Above that, we are in many angelic realms. Beyond that we have the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life. And even further we have the infinite and eternal ocean of the Godhead. Our Guides are mediators and interpret, as best they can, the teachings and existential direction coming from the Higher Spiritual Powers. The Godhead is beyond all interpretation and understanding.
  75. The Demonic Powers, Enemies of Life and Love, do not in any manner, shape or form derive from the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life. They have a completely separate evil origin in the Universe.
  76. Mystical thought and perception are not like ordinary consciousness. They follow a higher logic and a cleaner and much more acute perception. Rather than a series of fortuitous events, reality becomes a tapestry of communication and supernatural signs.
  77. I have in my long journey come to a disagreement with Dr. Reich. As important and curative as medical orgone therapy and other forms of Reich’s therapy are for individuals, including Core Energetics and Bioenergetics, no mass elimination of spiritual armor can take place. First, there are not enough healthy and well trained therapists, social workers and teachers. Secondly, and much more important, the process of spiritual armoring starts with the incarnation of the spiritual body into the organic fertilized cell at conception. The biological structure in which it is encased will always armor it, even after therapy. That is why individuals return for more therapy over a lifetime. Reich’s medical materialism and former Marxism kept alive the hope for a mass cure. Outside of extraterrestrial spiritual intervention, I do not think this is possible.
  78. Religious freedom is a well-spring of Life. It must be protected. Without this protection, the forces of global Babylon will destroy us. With it, the spiritual extraterrestrial forces, lead by our Messiah (however you conceive him), will stop and disintegrate the demonic forces of Mammon.
  79. “Do not listen to the Demon. He is the father of Lies. He will launch a powerful psychological attack on your weak points and disable you. The purpose is to make us think we are animals, not worthy of G-d’s love. The purpose is to produce despair and resignation so that we will shrink and give up.” from the movie “The Exorcist.” See also, “Alcoholism And The Mystery of the Alcoholics Search for God,” by Bob Pasotti and Larry Drown (Vermont, Straight Talk, 1994).
  80. Future life hypnotic progression reveals a civilization of “Light Energy” people. This is the dimension after the energy transformation called “death.” The fact is that on earth this energy is caught in a biological system that requires constant care to survive. This narrows our cognitive horizon. Consciousness expansion as described by Huxley in his “Doors of Perception” allowed him to see the glowing cosmic energy in ordinary objects and in nature. This Universal Mind cannot be seen by a biological organism concerned with survival without this kind of aid. That is why Huxley felt no motivation for his ordinary survival activities.
  81. The “Oranur Experiment,” in which Dr. Reich put radioactivity in an orgone accumulator broke the barrier between physics and metaphysics. The sudden freeing by decay of the orgone energy caught in atomic matter excited the mass-free orgone energy surrounding it into a wildly destructive rage. This is what caused the “fall-out” sickness. It accentuated any medical and spiritual pathology already in the human organism. A “spy” became more sneaky. An old cancer flared up. A heart condition developed into an attack. This tracks very closely the demonic psychic energies and their effects down through the ages as recorded by exorcists and occult scientists. See “The Oranur Experiment” in Dr. Reich’s “Collected Works” (NY, Noonday Press, 1961).
  82. The Higher Spiritual Powers of Life are working with those of us with sufficient consciousness to penetrate some the mysteries of the cosmos and we can give these Higher Spiritual Powers of Life the understanding of how they can extend their energy and consciousness in contention with the powers of Demonic destruction as the enemies of Life. Knowledge is flowing from the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life to us, but this is also running from us to them. In others words, from the top down and from below to above. We are particles of the ocean of this cosmic spiritual energy. As the old Occultists used to say, as above, so below and as below, so above. The union of male and female in loving orgasm opens the channels from on High to radiate us with goodness and joy. This channels back up to the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life and helps them expand out into the cosmos. This is what Dr. Reich rediscovered. This is synthesized in the Celestial Academy as the monads return from the material plane and recycle into future lives.
  83. We have truly entered the Cosmic Age. In 100 years, life on earth will be so spiritually and ecologically degraded as to be unrecognizable to a time-traveler from our era. See “The Oranur Experiment” in “Selected Works” by Wilhelm Reich (NY, Noonday, 1960). His warnings have not been heeded. John of Patmos put it in theological terms in “The Book of Revelation.”
  84. One most important factor in my becoming more religious: I now think that the theological and scientific evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a human being exists from the moment of conception when the spiritual energy body attaches itself to the just fertilized egg. This is not a lump of tissue. This is an unborn child. This child is entitled to the fullest protection of the law. No more abortion. The unborn child is closer to G-d that any person already living outside the womb on earth. She has just emerged from the ocean of spiritual-cosmic energy and carries all information from between lives and from prior lives. From a divine perspective, there are no “unwanted” children. Every human is born by the design and direction of the Spiritual Higher Powers of Life. That child, no matter what the social or economic circumstances it is born into, may prove to be the salvation of many other people. Or it may be here to provide love for one other person. It has the right to life. I am against cloning for the same reason. This is not in our hands. The human race does not have enough wisdom to provide for its own regulation. It certainly cannot substitute for the Higher Spiritual Power of Life.
  85. Each birth is a new resurrection of Christ.
  86. It is clear to me that the “New Jerusalem” predicted to manifest by John of Patmos in “Revelation” after the defeat of “Babylon” is metaphysical. It will know only primordial light, and is not material. This the original light of the G-d of Life. John is not referring to material reality, but to psychic states.
  87. When the deadly energies (called “DOR” by Dr. Reich) are defeated by the Life Energy, the door will be open to the higher dimensions of Life.
  88. Every human by the function of having his spiritual energy caught by matter is vulnerable to degeneration into deadly psychic energy (DOR as Dr. Reich put it). This was the flaw in creation and this is why I say that the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life are not omnipotent. Each of us must existentially work our way to salvation to the higher energetic domain where we do not reincarnate. There are no mass solutions. The Catholic viewpoint of original sin is essentially correct. The Devil reigns now on earth almost unchecked. We must protect ourselves as best we can.
  89. Rabbi Luria described it as the “catastrophe in creation.” The spiritual energy of life and love was caught into atomic matter that Luria called “shells.” Shells = Armor. This is the secret of the Oranur Experiment.
  90. The Life Core is symbolically represented by the Star. This is where, in each person, the cosmic energy is concentrated. It is the heart. The brain is not the center of the human spiritual body. It is a coordinating organ. Three spiritual body centers travel after death in the astral craft: brain, heart, and pelvis. This was known by the ancient Egyptians 3000 years ago.  See “The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead,” translated by Raymond O. Faulkner (N.Y., B&N, 2005).  The Egyptian Gods weighed the heart of the deceased to discern its spiritual merit and cleanliness.  The migrating soul has to past this test to enter into Eternal Life.
  91. No intellectual ideology can actually change the way people really function moment to moment from the depths of their being. This is why all freedom movements have ultimately fallen short of their initial goals. As Dr. Reich once said: “You cannot force freedom on people’s ruined bioenergetic structures.” This can be changed one individual at a time to a large extent by qualified therapists or spiritual practitioners. But no mass psychological method has yet been devised to do this in a practical way. Political revolution can only temporarily throw off some of the spiritual armor. It also releases much life-negative destructive energy (DOR) buried in the secondary layer beneath the facade of many people. This is why revolution has always been followed by counter-revolution. Ideology masks reality. This speaks to a metaphysical imprisonment and entombment in dense organic and inorganic matter. The spiritual life energy, as Rabbi Luria pointed out, was trapped in these “shells” by a flaw in the creation process. Only in the next higher and lighter dimension, the before “life”and after “death” civilization of intelligent light energy, can the human spiritual body function as it was intended to function. This is both a natural and supernatural process leading to even higher dimensions of the Powers of Life outside our space/time system. Beyond all is the infinite and eternal Godhead, amoral in terms of good and evil. It cannot be imagined, intuited, or cognitively constructed, as it might be “in-itself.” The Godhead has no purpose but eternal and unlimited universal functioning. There is no salvation on earth. We must cleanse ourselves in an existential manner, both spiritually and energetically, so that we are not drawn back to reincarnate into this “armor” as Dr. Reich called it. Instead, we are drawn upwards more and more to the God of Life, and her circle of protection / wisdom. We are part of her and take part in her expansion and self-realization in contention with the enemies of life.
  92. This theology is natural and material. Energy is a form of matter. The spiritual existence of a person (quantum of spiritual energy), before birth and after death, is a matter of energy transformation. Dr. Reich experimentally demonstrated the existence of this energy, and found ways to use it medically for healing. This energy can be confirmed through the astral travel of the spiritual energy body, as well as by communication from this higher domain to those of us incarnated here on earth. It can be confirmed by good mediums, and by reincarnation research (See the work of Dr. Ian Stevens from the University Of Virginia Medical School).
  93. The power and technique to part the Red Sea were brought out of Egypt by Moses. He was trained in the Hermetic Arts at the court of the Pharaoh while growing up. This power helped him bring extraterrestrial metaphysical craft (UFOs) to open the Red Sea for the fleeing Jewish people. This first known form of psychic warfare is described in “Exodus” of the Old Testament.  As to Moses and Egypt, see generally “Moses And Monotheism” by Sigmund Freud (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1967).220px-Rembrandt_-_Moses_with_the_Ten_Commandments_-_Google_Art_Project
  94. On the Cross, Jesus showed that every incarnation of the spiritual energy into matter is for every person a Crucifixion. With that, he opened the door to Eternal Life. “Death is not a door that closes; it is a door that opens.” This was said by Christ in the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Christ logos 95. The Tree of Life provided by the Kabbalah, as the spiritual anatomy of the human energy bodies, is in fact the Astral Craft. It enters the body at birth, can transcend space/time during life while traveling to the higher spiritual dimensions, and leaves the organic body at “death.” It is the purification of this spiritual monad that allows ultimate liberation from the “trap” of matter. SefirothicTree070707-072210
  95. The ancient Gnostics had it right. The spiritual energy is trapped in matter. If we would open the doors of perception, we would see Paradise. We would see through the screening armor into the luminous as it reflects eternity. There were two Adams: one in the Garden of Eden as described in Genesis before entrapment, and one after the prison doors of earth close around us.
  96. I had a starling insight one day immersed in the crowds of Manhattan among the striving, laughing, yelling, crying, farting, gesticulating masses. We here on earth are shadows and dancing zombies. We do not yet exist. Only among the “dead” will you find those truly liberated and alive! Otherwise, here is all illusion. All vanity. As Plato once said, philosophy has only one thing to teach: how to die to the things of this earth!
  97. What I have learned in many years of suffering, struggle, and study, is not understood. It has always been thus with philosophers. Fortunately, I am crossing the abyss to the metaphysical domain (as Crowley described). It is very liberating, if lonely. Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Reich all had to contend with this. Ultimately, the rewards outweigh the pain. This comes with the territory. After living with this growing up, I thought it would or could be different as an adult. Now, looking back after a lifetime, I see that it was an unavoidable. Those chosen by the Higher Spiritual Gods are put through every test. It was and is a very hard road. At the end, there is liberation, non-attachment, and unspeakable peace. When I leave, my writings will be left behind. They will never be understood by more than a few. This is no longer my concern. Where I am going, few will follow. Fortunately, there are a few ready to greet me and the Great Work will continue.   Galaxyandromeda
  98. My incarnation was not according to the usual, if not completely known, spiritual laws. I was sent here by Higher Powers in the Celestial Academy for a specific mission. That is why I survived and was saved by the Angel of Life in human form (Rosylin Kubran Katz). When I am completely across the Hermetic Knowledge Bridge over the Abyss, I will see the full picture and know what to do. I expect more signs, increasingly so. As above, so below. The transcendence of opposites and unification in contact with the infinite intelligence that is the Godhead outside time. Space / Time was created together in the Big Bang. The Big Bang was the orgasm of the Godhead also known as a “singularity” by the cosmologists.
  99. The Mind is eternal, even if the body decays. As Alan Watts once said: “I find it no more surprising that I can exist again after this life. After all, I once did not ‘exist.'” Is birth so different from death? I would say no. Both are transformations of psychic energy from one state to another. Psychic Energy can never be destroyed, only change in manifestation and concentration of consciousness. It recycles in and out of the higher dimensions until it becomes part of the Godhead. As Crowley once stated, above the Abyss the contradictions are unified. I would add, in Hegelian terms, that the dialectic ends and begins in Absolute Mind.

Chapter II

  1. The quest for Cosmic Knowledge continues in the “between” life dimensions. The Higher Spiritual Power of Life is not omnipotent nor is it omniscient. It was created by the Godhead and so were the Demonic Lower Spiritual Powers of Life. These are distinct cosmic forces composed of energy and consciousness. One is not derived from the other. There are are unknown number, perhaps infinite, of such spiritual powers in the infinite and eternal universes. This means the Higher Spiritual Power of Life need us to expand in contention with the anti-life spiritual powers. These anti-life powers interfered with our creation by trapping our spiritual energies in organic shells. This is one of the reasons for the “Celestial Academy” described by the Ancient Cabalists and Hermetic philosophers. We are needed to help in this expansion. The Godhead itself is beyond human comprehension. The two hands of the Godhead never rest.
  2. The historical, scriptual, scientific, and theological evidence is very strong that what we have called “UFOs” are metaphysical interdimensional craft from other space/time dimensions. We have access to these other dimensions, including what humans call “after-death,” by the creation of astral thought vehicles. See the work of C.J.salem1952 Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Trevor James Constable, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, and many others. Mechanistic scientists, with their hardware “space ships” from other planets, will never understand this. Newtonian “kick the tires” technology can never pass the speed of light barrier. This takes psychic etheric energy that can penetrate the space/time inertia of our Universe.  See “Ether Ship Mystery And Its Solution” by Meade Layne (Borderland Sciences, POB Box 220, Bayside, Cal., 95524).
  3. Trevor James Constable makes a good case for the inter-dimensional and metaphysical reality of UFOs. This explains much, including the ” Mothman” sightings and the materialization / dematerialization phenomenon described in “Contact With Space” by Reich. This is not just based on speculation, but on experiment and experience. Many have rejected the “mystical” overtones. In my opinion, such connections only strengthen the case. The reality we live in is an illusion or, if you prefer, one dimension among many. In his last days, Reich was moving more and more in a religious / spiritual and occult direction. It is all there in “the Murder of Christ,” “Contact With Space,” and his final prison diaries and letters. Once again his followers thought he had gone “haywire.” This met him at every phase of his career since the late 1920s. And at every phase he proved out right eventually. Scientifically and philosophically, materialism is a trap. This is not surprising since our dimension is a prison. The ancient Gnostics knew this. Dr. Marx tried to lead humanity out of the trap, but only took it more deeply into it.  You cannot escape a stagnant swamp by adding more swamp, or cure cancer by injecting more cancer cells into it. _Wilhelm_Reich
  4. We are fighting evil / demonic forces. We are going to need help from the life-affirmative occult higher powers to defeat them.  Magus Crowley fought Hitler on the Occult plane during WW II. He was the only Magus in Europe at that time with the knowledge and life-affirmative spiritual power to defeat Hitler on this occult battlefield. After Hitler was defeated on the spiritual plane, his material power disintegrated. It is now known that Crowley was a spy for the British Intelligence Agency, known to Ian Fleming (See “Aleister Crowley – The Biography – Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master – And Spy” by Tobias Churton (London, Watkins Publishing, 2011; see also, “The Nazi Occult War – Hitler’s Compact with the Forces of Evil” by Michael FitzGerald (N.Y., Metro Books, 2013)). We are in need of others like him now to deal with the new fascists, including the Islamic terror fascists and the resurgent European Nazis in the Ukraine, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, United States and England.
  5. Schopenhauer had it right about a Universal Will that was mainly predatory in its operation for the reason of survival (real or perceived). However, it took Nietzsche to recognize that there was an active spiritual part that could be expanded as humans transformed from animals to conscious cosmic energy Monads. Schopenhauer felt that the only salvation was in life-negation and momentary transcendence via art and music. It all stems, as the ancient Gnostics knew, from the flaw in creation. The spiritual energy became trapped in shells of matter. The spark of spirit remained, but had to be expanded and freed from the prison of the earth. Nietzsche knew this and so described the creation of the “over-man” by a process of eternal becoming. Schopenhauer did not think this possible and only saw oblivion as the ultimate escape from the “trap.” It is significant that Wilhelm Reich, when asked what two books he would take to an isolated island, replied: “the Bible and ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ by Friedrich Nietzsche.'” The attainment of the great spiritual health that Nietzsche longed for was exactly the aim of Reich’s work, both for the individual and for humanity. nietzsche-munch
  6. Reincarnation is now a proven reality.  Enough cases have been verified to meet the legal standard of proof by a preponderance of the evidence, and the scientific standard of proof through research and validation via experiment.  See the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson and many others.  See also, “12 Real Life Reincarnation Stories …in the News – Global Evidence of Reincarnation & Past Lives” Edited by Richard Bullivant (Maverick Internet Solutions, 2012, available on Kindle). The implications for the theology of the Life Energy are vast and will be further explored.
  7. One immediate consequence is a total transformation and liberation of consciousness from the prison of material earth such as heretofore been only available through psychedelics.  Another thought that has been sent to me from the higher life dimensions is that a mental body remains in that domain even as the spiritual astral energy body reincarnates.  When it returns, new information is stored in quantum particles in the individual’s mental monad (accessible via the Akashic records in the Great “Library” Hall of Records).  When the quantum particles reach critical mass, reincarnation ends.  The earth no longer holds any interest.  There is an infinite and eternal cosmos to explore.  I suspect both Nietzsche and Crowley are doing that “now.”  I say “now” because in these dimensions “time” as we know linear progression no longer exists and blocks cosmic consciousness.   Henry Miller the novelist and author of “Tropic of Cancer,” stated at the end of his life: “Why be afraid of death?  It could be a great adventure.  Don’t you know?”  Miller was a student of both Emma Goldman and Madam Blavatsky.  He was right on target.Einstein-Rosen Rainbow-Bridge-Antahkarana-worm-hole
  8. The world of the spiritual is not democratic. It is an aristocracy earned by suffering and knowledge.
  9. Absolute Consciousness, the apex of Hegel’s dialectical process, is not a closed ontology.  Instead, it is a new beginning with the highest negation of life negative forces to that point.  See both Raya Dunayevskaya in her “Philosophy and Revolution,” and  Hans Kung in his “The Incarnation of God.”  Hegel thought the hand of God guided his pen (Kung).
  10. Aristotle had it right.  The body decays, but the mind is Eternal.
  11. When we leave this mortal shell of organic armor, and if we have prepared ourselves, a great adventure awaits us!
  12. Mystical insight and experience, as explained by William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience,” can come by three major paths: (1) sudden transformation; (2) gradual education; (3) any degree of the combination of both.  My development has been mainly educational because, with my background, I had to create my own philosophy and religion.  I am a Jewish Gnostic.  My theology and philosophy would be considered “heretical” by all organized religion except for some Gnostics themselves who were, and are, very libertarian and free thinking.  I refuse to cram my experience of life and truth into prefabricated boxes so that I can be controlled by the power structure.  This extends to the political.  I consider all political class-stratified States to be criminal to varying degrees.  I hope this brief description clears up any misunderstandings on who I am and what I believe.  My spiritual discoveries, which are ongoing, are unique and singular.  I build, of course, on past Cabalists, philosophers, and mystics.  I myself, however, remain responsible for the creative synthesis and origin of my thought.  This mission was first given me by my Higher Spiritual Powers when I was four years old through cosmic contact.  I have been through many personal tragedies and come from the Jewish working class.  I have let nothing stop me from fulfilling the mission entrusted to me by my teachers in the Celestial Academy in 1952.  I will keep gong until called home to sit besides Rabbi Luria; Robert Pasotti; Georg Hegel; Baruch Spinoza, Aleister Crowley; Israel Regardie; Wilhelm Reich; and many others.  This Star-Domed Enclosure, so designated “The Celestial Academy” by the Ancient Cabalists, both Hermetic and Hebrew,  is suffused by the Spiritual Life Energy that Dr. Reich called “Orgone.”.   The protection of these Higher Spiritual Powers of Life, Masters of the Cabala, has enabled me to achieve in the face of very steep odds.  Otherwise, I would not have endured.  Even now, with icy loneliness, I continue on.   Loneliness comes with the territory when you are born into the Philosopher’s vocation.   See Reich’s tape recording “Alone.”  In the1930s, Dr. Reich was asked what he was going to do since he was excluded from the International Psychoanalytic Association and the German Communist Party, “what will you do now? ”  Wilhelm Reich’s reply was very simple, yet profound: “I will continue!”  When Einstein rejected his work, he  continued, leaving Einstein to his work with anti-life atomic energy.  When Dr. Elsworth Baker expressed despair to Reich, Reich replied: “you must find your own way, even when things are collapsing all around you.”  At the end, in Lewisburg Prison, Reich observed UFOs in the sky.  He clearly stated at that time that “they are coming for me!”  Thus, giving further confirmation that he knew, based on research and observation, that such craft were metaphysical and inter-dimensional in nature.  The next day he as found “dead” in his cell. NewReich
  13. The great failure of “New Age” theology is the “all is light”  utopian messianic approach. My mentor in mysticism, Dr. Robert Pasotti, pointed this out to me very early on. The “New Age Theologians” do not recognize the demonic hold these DOR forces have on the earth. Evil is a real existing force, not just the lack of good. My G-d, read history!
  14. “Buried with that Light in a mystical death, rising again in a mystical Resurrection, cleansed and purified through Him our Master, O Brother of the Cross and the Rose. Like Him have ye suffered tribulation. Poverty, torture and death have ye passed through. They have been but the purification of the Gold. In the alembic of thine heart, through the athanor of affliction, seek thou the true Stone of the Wise.” From “The Eye In The Triangle – An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley” By Israel Regardie (Las Vegas, Nevada, Falcon Press, 1989).
  15.  The logic of Mysticism is not Aristotelian nor is it Hegelian.  It is a higher form of logic that functions by synchronicity and signs.  The Mystic’s Prayer, quoted point 66 Alan_Watts (2)supra in this writing, gives some idea of what it is like.  The Cabalists and Mystical Teachers gave hints to their small number of students.  This is where Crowley and Regardie missed the mark.  It cannot be reduced to a formula and is highly spontaneous and individual / existential.  The functional existential logic of mysticism can certainly not be held immobile in an organization with a hierarchy and institution.  See also the work of Dr. Carl Jung on “Synchronicity.”  Dr. Regardie, at the end of his life, came to see this, and refused to have a formal institution or students.  He taught informally.  He said: “We are all students.”  How right that is in the face of the immensity of the eternal and infinite. There is an article in a book, “91/2 Mystics,” that gives a clear picture.  It is an account of an old Cabalist, Mr. Seltzer, teaching a single student in the 1960s.  It was published in 1969 with a blurb from Alan Watts.
  16. Institutions ultimately kill the Truth that they were organized to preserve.
  17. To the extent that we can perceive and think mystically, we are no longer entrapped in this dimension.  The “Now” is all that exists.  My mentor in Mysticism, Dr. Robert Pasotti, called this functional mysticism.
  18. The fate of Jesus, Bruno, Reich and many others proves that humanity cannot be saved.  The Gnostic insight that the earth is a cruel prison for spiritual energy has been historically validated over and over.  Let the few who can, work for total liberation from this trap and an end to reincarnation back to this death and torture chamber called by the insane inmates “Earth.”  You have only yourself to rely.  There are no Messiahs.  As one of my mystical mentors once said: “Something terrible has happened to all of us. ”  That terrible something was birth into matter.  This is why Nietzsche went into his final collapse brought on by seeing a horse cruelly whipped.  He sat silently for the next ten years. 180px-Friedrich_Nietzsche_drawn_by_Hans_Olde
  19. “Death,” which is a transformation of spiritual energy, is not to be feared.  It is a liberation from a material prison run by sadists.  Schopenhauer knew this.HD_ArthurSchopenhauer
  20. Abraham, the founding stone for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was born in the year 48 (Jewish calendar).  I was also born in a year with the number 48.  This, perhaps, is the numerological link that moved me in the direction of philosophy.  In the Kabbalah it is called Gematria.
  21. This quote is from Gershom Scholem, late Professor of Jewish Mysticism, in his book ‘Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” page 49 (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).  It is the core of my spiritual philosophy: “Originally, we have here a Jewish variation on one of the chief preoccupations of the second and third century gnostics and hermetics: the ascent of the soul from the earth, through the spheres of the hostile planet-angels and rulers of the cosmos, and its return to its divine home in the ‘fullness’ of God’s light, a return which, to the gnostic’s mind, signified Redemption.  Some scholars consider this to be the central idea of Gnosticism.  Certainly the description of the journey, of which a particularly impressive account is found in the second part of the ‘Greater Hekhaloth,’ is in all its details of a character which must be called gnostic.” Scholem
  22. The 1950s science fiction movie “Forbidden Planet” (MGM, 1956) depicts very well what happens to the spiritual energy when it gets entrapped in organic matter.  There is an inherent destructive distortion that resembles the results of “The Oranur Experiment” conducted by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in 1952 to neutralize atomic energy.  In the movie, an advanced but eventually self-extinct civilization discovers how to harness pure cosmic energy to create matter by thought.  The energy, however, turns wildly destructive because it is mixed with “id” secondary demonic energy called by Reich DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy).
  23. Wilhelm Reich did, as thought by my mentor in mysticism and metaphysics Dr. Robert Pasotti, change his view of religion at the end of his life.  This happened mainly because of the “Oranur Experiment” conducted by Dr. Reich in the early 1950s.  It developed further until, when in prison in 1957, he attended Protestant services and frequently talked with the Pastor in the facility.  Now, with the recent publication of the Diaries from his last decade, more confirmation has appeared.  On Christmas Day, 1948 (when I myself was just a few weeks old in Brooklyn, NY), Dr. Reich wrote: “Sometime, I shall have to revise my earlier statements about religion which I had made under the influence of a misinterpreted materialism and mechanism, before I had discovered the cosmic orgone energy.  This discovery has changed so much in my life.  I began to understand why man longs so much to grow beyond his own limitations, to expand, to master the universe:  He feels imprisoned in a jail, as it were, and he strives desperately to get out of it, to merge with his origin in the cosmic orgone ocean, whether he calls it uniting with Jesus or the great father, does not matter.  What matters is his terror to ‘touch’ Jesus; to feel out problems; to try many kinds of solutions; to teach his innermost existence; to be strict with himself; to like to give and to teach.  But – keep aloof of the church business -“
  24. A communication has been received from my Magus or guide-teacher from the Celestial Academy.   Via dream imagery a few hours ago (October 7, 2014), it showed me that our entrapment on earth was engineered by Demonic Extraterrestrials.  What is new, is that they did this by imposing spiritual armoring in the human organism.
  25. I asked the God of Life for strength, and he sent me today his most profound teacher and son. He revealed to me the secrets of life, death and eternal resurrection.   This was a telepathic transmission of a “time” tunnel with images.   At the far end of this tunnel is a mystical sanctuary.  It is available to me at any time, and I can communicate with passed love ones, guides, and Angel protectors.  There will be a moment when I will not return to the earth trap.  The eternal Library of Light has been made available to me for research. I have been granted salvation.  Thank God!!
  26. The problem originated when the spiritual energy was captured in atomic matter by demonic forces.  We cannot attain salvation by “humanism” or science.  The only way out of the prison of earth requires mystical insight and existential faith.  Humans are not, as the enlightenment thought, gods.  There is a plan we cannot know for each of us.  We control nothing.
  27. The old Theologians knew this very well.  They tried to warn us to no avail.  We must trust in the God of Life.  He is our guide in the infinite Universes that were created by the Absolute Godhead.  He needs us and we need him.  These demonic forces come from universes other than our own and are enemies of life. It is not monotheism or polytheism.  It is both in an eternal dance.  There are many hands of the Godhead.  It is eternal and natural.  The God of Life, one among many higher spiritual powers, gave us his son to guide us.  He is the most spiritually highly developed Cabalist and Gnostic Philosopher.  Have faith in him and be open to him.  He gave us the keys to open the door of the trap. One caveat: the keys are private and individual.  Do not take the masses.
  28. From an interview with Theologian Hans Kung, from “Spiegel Online” (Markus Gill, December 12, 2013): Kung: “Most ways of speaking about heaven are pure images that cannot be taken literally.  We are far removed from the notions of heaven in the period before Copernicus.  In heaven, however, I hope to learn [Dr. Katz: the Cabalists called this the “Celestial Academy”) the answers to the world’s great mysteries, to questions such as: Why is something something and not nothing?  Where do the Big Bang and physical constants come from?  In other words, the question that neither astrophysics nor philosophy has the answers for.  Any any rate, I’m talking about a state of eternal peace and happiness. Spiegel:  “Today, physics can explain the dark cosmos, with its billions of stars, much better than it could in the past.  Has this shaken your faith? Kung: “When we consider how enormous and dark the universe is, it certainly doesn’t make things easier for faith. When he wrote his Ninth Symphony, Beethoven could still hope that ‘above the canopy of stars must dwell a loving father.’  Ninety-five percent of the universe is unknown to us, and we know nothing about the 27 percent of dark matter or the 68 percent of dark energy.  Physics is getting closer and closer to the origin, and yet cannot explain the origin itself.”Küng3
  29. “In 1950, Dr. Wilhelm Reich conducted an experiment with Atomic energy [‘The Oranur Experiment’] which confirmed the objective existence of Good and Evil, God and Devil, and their organic identification with all human health and sickness.” Dr. Robert Pasotti in a fragment from his unpublished manuscript [‘The Oranur Paradigm,’ 129].  The Gnostic Christ, Master Cabalist, exists and we have reached him.  He embraced us, and gave us the knowledge of our liberation from the prison of matter.  Life and love are eternal.
  30. The Gnostic Christ will greet us as we enter the Higher Spiritual Dimensions of Life.  He will telepathically transmit the spiritual knowledge and healing necessary to be rejoined with loved ones already there.  The Library of Light will be open to us.
  31.  “”The new theologian envisaged by him [Rosenzweig]Plato_Aristotle will have to be a philosopher ‘for the sake of his own honesty.'” – N. N. Glatzer in his foreword to Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig”s “The Star of Redemption” (Beacon 1971).
  32. All of this here described was present from the beginning and always accessible to the initiated.
  33. Christ, the most highly realized Jewish Gnostic / Cabalist, son of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life,  demonstrated through his Life and Death the way to liberation and Eternal Life.  “My Kingdom is not of this earth.”
  34. Dr. Pasotti was right when he viewed Dr. Reich as a Jewish Gnostic with the entrapment of the cosmic energy in the human body by armor and in the Cosmos by Deadly Orgone energy (DOR).  Even prior to the Oranur Experiment, Reich wrote, on October 20, 1947: “Atomic energy is malicious, a danger to life.  A clever psychological interpretation would yield the following analogy: The primordial orgone forms matter and then finds itself imprisoned therein.  It becomes brutal like any prisoner and when it breaks out of prison it murders.  However, when it can function freely in the atmosphere it has a healing effect.  Every psychological theory on the destructive forces in the human being has deep roots here.”  “American Odyssey, Letters and Journals, 1940-1947,” page 420, by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999).  Once this experiment took place, this was confirmed as the boundaries between Physics and Metaphysics dissolved.  See also, “The Oranur Experiment, First Report (1947-1951),” page 327, by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951).
  35. To get to the healthy natural unitary state (unarmored core contact), many mystics had to go through the “dark night of the soul.”  This involves working through of what Dr. Reich called the secondary layer of repressed and hypertensive negative emotions, and not running away from it.  See “Mysticism – The Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness,” by Evelyn Underhill, Chapter IX, page 380 (Oxford, England, Oneworld Publications, 1994).  See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Institute, 1951).
  36. There is an Anti-Christ infiltrated by the demonic powers of a parallel universe into our Universe.  It is these demonic  forces that also interfered with the creation of the vessels of Life Energy (as Rabbi Luria knew), and caused them to spiritually Nagasakibomb (1)armor.  The “Oranur Experiment,” conducted by Dr. Reich in the early 1950s, unleased some of these forces in humans and nature in an effort to neutralize atomic radiation. Dr. Einstein rejected orgone research in favor of the above.
  37. The key to spiritual existential freedom from the atomic material entrapment is to be found in the unchained spiritual dialectic. Through as many incarnations as it takes, the evil is negated by the negation until the unchained dialectic carries the individual to the higher spiritual domain of the pure Orgone or Life Energy, much as the chariot mystics ascended by the expansion of consciousness via meditation.  See “Philosophy and Revolution” by Raya Dunayevskaya.
  38. There is no “Life” or “Death.”  There is only energy transformation.  At the deepest and most profound dimension, we are particles of an infinite and eternal cosmic ocean of spiritual energy.  We are vortex energy quanta that have incarnated into matter by attachment to the organic fertilized cell.  Our mission is to liberate ourselves and become what in fact we already are.  Infinite and eternal.  We are already eternal.  There is nothing to do but dance and rejoice!  We all connected in this ocean, including our “departed” love ones.  The Unified Life Energy is here and now!!  There is no “purpose.”  We are dancing particles!!
  39. Hegel provides the core insight of the “Metaphysics of the Life Energy:” substance becomes subject.   Raya Dunayevskaya, Hegelian scholar, adds an important clarification: the Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology. It is not the end. It is the highest possible dialectical, cyclical, expansion and contraction as it negates the negation.  The Godhead of the Cosmic Life Energy pulsates as does all living energy, and is in continuous development.
  40. “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.” – Dr. Albert Einstein
  41. Read point 139 above with these facts in mind: our Universe is made up of: atoms (visible) 4.6 percent; Dark Matter (not visible) 23.3 percent; and Dark Energy (not visible) 72.1 percent.  We on living on the top of an iceberg. Most of the Universe is metaphysical in nature.  Ponder that in light of the “Metaphysics of Life Energy: The Aim of Religion and the Method of Scientific Illumination.”
  42.  After “death,” the released spiritual energy goes to the higher energetic dimension of the Life Energy.  At that point. it is met by close family who have passed on before, and most importantly by the Christ Energy in Guide / Healers to provide the necessary spiritual therapy to repair the broken vessels of Life, and to reconnect the loving friends and family. This is the start of the understanding process that leads to spiritual growth and healing.
  43. During the process of the reincarnation of the spiritual energy body, a point is reached when the person’s existential mission is complete.  They do not come back to the earth dimension.  Those whose physical body was prematurely ended before their mission is complete, will reincarnate in order to do that.  However, following an insight of Dr. Michael Newton, who wrote “Journeys of the Soul” and other books, a Core Energy remains in the higher dimension of life, with the wisdom accumulated from prior lifetimes.  This energy is stored in the Akashic Records (See “Harpers Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience”), and the core person remains to greet others who are known and enter this higher dimension after death.
  44. Orgone Energy, or Cosmic Energy, is negatively entropic in nature.  Unlike energy from atomic matter, it goes from lower to higher.  Atomic matter goes from higher to lower and dissipates.  This Cosmic Orgone Energy is the energy of creation. It is the Life Energy and is higher dimensional.  It is the energy behind the “Big Bang.”  It continues to expand.  Similarly, the quantum sub-atomic particles are early creations of the orgone and do not follow the Newtonian laws.  There is instantaneous action at a distance, faster than the speed of light.  Effects sometime happen before causes.  The speed of light is part of the limitation of this universe, but not the multiverses.  Einstein was wrong.  God does play dice with the multiverses, and with reality.  The old theologians called it “the Supernatural.”
  45. In the final analysis, we are describing spiritual cosmic energy functions.  These functions can be experienced in us (described as “mystical” by some theologians and philosophers), and measured as to heat, visually in the atmosphere and accumulators, microscopically, and by radiation detectors.  There is a common functional identity both subjectively and objectively. They are real and useable.  We must use our own senses and limited consciousness in this dimension to access it.  As it is in-itself, we cannot know until merger with the Godhead of Life. Kant was correct in this sense.
  46. The Godhead of Absolute Life Consciousness has both a subjective and objective manifestation in human reality.  It is incarnated in nature and every human being in the earth dimension.  The task of each life vessel is to reascend, both subjectively and objectively, through many incarnations until it rests in the Mind/Body of the Higher Spiritual Power of the Life Energy.  This return is depicted on the Cabala’s “Tree of Life” as going from the branches through the trunk into the roots or ground of the Godhead.  See: “The Heterodox Hegel” by Cyril O’Regan; “Boehme” by Andrew Weeks; and “Hegel’s Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit” by Hegel, translated with commentary by Yirmiyahu Yovel.  See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Rei
  47. Freud’s “Death Instinct” represents the deep-rooted drive on the part of the spiritual energy to escape the tensions of organic matter, and to abandon the earthly vehicle.  The ancient Gnostics knew this as the “trap” on earth.  The physical sack of cosmic-spiritual energy must be exhausted in order to free the metaphysical energy body. 640px-Sigmund_Freud_LIFE
  48. The Cabalist “Tree of Life” is an interrelated series of cosmic equations that delineate all the physical and metaphysical dimensions that human consciousness can currently comprehend.  The three highest energetic dimensions, Kether, Binah and Chokma, exist beyond the dialectic of space-time and represent Plato’s ideal forms.  This is the domain of Universals that we know, in a distorted form, in the earth prison as particulars.  Hegel was the only philosopher to transcend the supernals in his concept of “Absolute Mind.”  However, it is important to remember that Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology, but an Astral Craft through the Gateway to the Stars.  The secrets of eternity are therein written.  As Aleister Crowley stated: “Each man and woman is a Star.”  What this means is set out, in occult imagery and equations, in the book known as “The Gates of The Necronomicon” by an Eastern Orthodox priest known as “Simon.”  The highest magical practice is contained in it and will be interpreted by each Magus in his or her own way, including the rituals of invocation and banishing.  You must be a Magus / Priest to even approach it. tolsnakeOf all of the great psychoanalysts I have studied, two stand out: Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung. In fact, as I age, I have come to appreciate Jung more and more. Both had the cosmic-spiritual viewpoint, but Jung was not hobbled by the medical materialism of Reich. Jung knew that the subjective was also the objective. He learned his lesson from Hegel well.Freud, in his “Beyond the Pleasure Principle,” and Jung in his “Psychological Commentary to the Tibetan Book of the Dead,” were both trying to get at the same problem.  Why is there the drive on the part of the spiritual energy to escape from the prison of matter?  The question itself provides the answer.  Anti-Life Lower Energy Spiritual Powers are seeking to destroy life by trapping it in matter.
  49. According to the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” (N.Y., Oxford University Press, 1960), compiled by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, psychological commentary by Carl Jung, the first metaphysical image encountered by the dying person is the “Buddha Mind” in glowing Blue Orgone Energy.  If the dying person can merge completely with this Absolute Mind, reincarnation stops. If not, accumulated spiritual insight and feeling are imprinted in the quantum foam and the person’s astral body continues on to eventually reincarnate to finish unfinished spiritual business.  There is always the Blue Buddha Core that remains to communicate with newly dead family and friends.  This is consistent with Michael Newton’s work in the “Soul’s Journey.”  I have extrapolated to fuse these insights and evidence.
  50. The “Egyptian Book of the Dead” provides for the survival of vital life forces by reincarnation. There is a time when the Mind must be turned off.  We can’t know everything and we are not meant to know everything.  When the Mind is off, Mystical Knowledge and Energy can stream in.  It can, but does not have to.  We do not control everything and we cannot understand the inscrutable will of God and the spiritual laws that govern the Higher Spiritual Power of Life.  Even our Spiritual Guides are limited in this respect.   At the end of life, I have surrendered my will and turned over my existence to God.  I strive to live one moment at a time.  Pain and tragedy end only with death.  We will learn more and be reunited with loved ones at that time.  May God Bless you.
  51. The Cross was given us to symbolize our earthly prison.  We must accept it and surrender to the Will of the God of Life.
  52. Nothing happens without the permission of the God of Life.  We will learn more in the Celestial Academy.  For the moment, we have his signs and wonders.  Pray for salvation. All will never be revealed.  But we can be helpers of life.
  53. If this seems to contradict other statements in this tract, remember, we are in the supernal spheres of the Cabalistic Tree of Life.  Dialectics do not operate in this domain above the trap of energy bound in or after matter.  When you no longer see it as a Worm or Eagle, but with the borrowed eyes of God, it all reconciles in Absolute Mind.   The conservative Hegelian scholars were wrong and so were Marxists like Raya Dunyevskaya.  Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology ending history, nor is it almost infinite dialectic. It is “closed” only by being “open” in the infinite and eternal Mind of God. Dr. Richard Blasband, medical orgonomist and natural scientist, has provided the scientific proof for reincarnation and the afterlife in cosmic energy and primary matters.  See Dr. Blasband’s web site “The Center for Functional Research.” See also, the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, Medical Professor at the University of Virginia Medical School.
  54. Use of the Spirit Board, amplified by Cabalistic interpretation, established a link with the Celestial Academy. Dr. Einstein came through and predicted atomic war in the Middle East in 2017.  It should be remembered that even from a higher dimension like the Celestial Academy,  predictions are based on the present tendencies and future developments sensed with the higher spiritual insights.  This can change in ways that even they cannot predict.  365px-Einstein_1921_by_F_Schmutzer
  55. There remains a holographic image of us in the higher dimensional Akashic Records.  This endures through all our incarnations in the earth dimension.  It collects our experiences and incarnations.  We can communicate with it by Spirit Board, mediums, and various electronic devices.  When we are between incarnations, this is the way we can communicate with loved ones who are passed and incarnated when we arrive in the higher spiritual dimensions.
  56. Sexuality and spirituality are both expressions of the flow of cosmic energy.  In unarmored life, they are both interlaced and flow together.  The earliest religions demonstrated this in the orgiastic rites.  It is only later on in history that a contradiction developed between the two when life armored itself.
  57. The current Judeo-Christian philosophies now existing relying on the messianic deliverance of masses of people are sadly in error. Only the individual can existential liberate from the earth trap.  Masses have too many spiritual laws blocking their way.  Not only that, but the free and easy liberation from sin by verbally and cognitively accepting Christ on the part of masses makes it easy to commit mass crime under the cover of a new ideology.  The strongest suit of these Christian fundamentalist sects is their acute and clear sense of the reality of Satan and demonic energies.  This they share with Catholicism.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich scientifically proved this reality in his “Oranur Experiment.”
  58. Another point to be made: not all occult science and art is demonic or from the demonic.  The Hermetic Sciences and Philosophy (known to the moderns as “occult”), are techniques and theories for utilizing cosmic psychic energy for the benefit of the individual and humanity.   Like electricity, they can be used for light and warmth, or if misused, can cause fire and destruction.  That is why only qualified practitioners should attempt operations such as spirit board contact, healing, mediums, weather modification, astral projection, etc.  This is nothing to play around with and it is most emphatically not a “game.”  It should be approached with the same reverence that a surgeon approaches a brain operation.  See the work of Dr. Israel Regardie for a good introduction, and find a competent teacher in an order such as the Golden Dawn.
  59. Higher Order Intelligences, including the Christ Consciousness, can be accessed via astral travel inter-dimensionally.  An existential relationship is possible with Christ Energy and he can transmit healing, forgiveness, and spiritual health.  No church dogma or Pastor is necessary for this, but spiritual teachers can be of great assistance with the technology and character attitudes necessary to access this healing wisdom.  Only a few souls will liberate from the earth trap.  Be one of them.
  60. There are no Messiahs!  Stop waiting for them.  There are only, in each generation, a handful of highly spiritually and psychologically developed human individuals.  Rabbi Jesus of  the Christ Consciousness, Cabalist and Healer, was one of them. Follow their example to the best of your capacity.  “Love, Work, and Knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives” (Dr. Wilhelm Reich).  Let us function them freely.
  61. As  I near the end of my mission here on earth, one major realization stands out above all others.  Human knowledge is minuscule compared with the riches of cosmic knowledge.  We are particles in an infinite and eternal ocean of spiritual energy, and, like a drop of water in the ocean, we can know only a small part of this fathomless reality.  St. Thomas Aquinas, at the end of his life, had a mystical realization concerning all of this.  He said that in the face of this mystical vision all of his human learning seemed like nothing but “straw.”  Considering he is acknowledged as one of the greatest theologians in history, this statement bears prolonged pondering.
  62. Know one thing my brothers and sisters in God and Christ, we are on the earth for a very short time and enshrouded in illusion.   Earth is a trap for the freely flowing spiritual energies of the cosmos.  We spend our lives running after toys and trinkets, while an ocean of undiscovered truth stands before us.  Let each of us endeavor to launch our small boats on this ocean and set out for salvation.
  63.  I am an independent psychic explorer in the tradition of Dr. Carl Jung. My project, as it has been for the past 20 years, is to fuse science, philosophy, and spirituality, in a new form of noetic knowledge.  I do not support any form of organized religion, and indeed would be considered heretical by all of them.  My strong belief in the hypothesis of reincarnation is based on the work of Medical Professor Dr. Ian Stevenson, as well as Dr. Richard Blasband’s work, and some other cases that I consider proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
    I stand ultimately in the tradition of Hermetic Science and Philosophy that goes back thousands of years and was eclipsed by the mechanical materialism of the enlightenment.  Jung rediscovered this in the course of developing his own form of psychotherapy, as did Dr. Reich, and Dr. Israel Regardie.  The ancient Gnostics were very much on this track before the emotional plague, in the form of the inquisition, crushed them.  See the work of one of the greatest: Giordano Bruno.
    We have great adventures ahead of us!
  64.  Spinoza’s central insight into the infinite Mind of the Godhead had it right.  We are all particles of this mind.  However, subatomic physics, since his day, does indeed demonstrate that our personal consciousness survives in linkage with our loved ones after the dissolution of the material body.  This link is never lost but dissolves into the eternal Mind.  These subatomic particles of intelligence and energy are held in a matrix of living cosmic energy and reincarnate into new physical bodies as long as there is unfinished business.  We will return to the material trap as long as there is anything in it that pulls us in.  The body decays, but the mind is eternal.  The Eternal and Infinite Mind has no teleology, but simply functions according to supernatural laws beyond our comprehension.  The Evil, however, is in the material trap.
  65. The task of Hermetic Science and Philosophy is to ascend the Tree of Life back to the Godhead.  This is done by concentrating the psychic energy and raising it through the spheres of intelligent energy up to Kether (“The King”).  Contact with Kether puts us in touch with the Cabalist Christ.   Here, we can receive direct guidance and forgiveness.  Beyond this, there is the Godhead (“Ain”) itself, so far beyond human comprehension that there are no categories of human understanding to use to access it.
  66. “Why fear Death?  It may be a great adventure, don’t you know?” – Henry Miller800px-Resurrection-Headstone
  67. Dion Fortune, in her book “The Mystical Qabalah” (York Beach Maine, Samuel Weiser, 1997), tells the story of a teacher who gave her a definition of God: “God is pressure.”  With this, she experienced a mystical insight.  What makes this particularly interesting is that Wilhelm Reich, in his “The Oranur Experiment” (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute, 1951), observes that the Life Energy irradiated with a radioactive substance turned wild and seemed to force energy out of the core of the human spiritual system and into whatever bio-spiritual pathology existed in the person exposed.  This clearly demonstrates the attempt on the part of the spiritual energy to escape the material trap and rejoin the cosmic ocean of life, only to be stopped by the spiritual armor which is the prison.
  68. My mission has finally become clear.  I was sent here from the Celestial Academy, tested in every possibly way, educated in law, philosophy, theology, occult science and philosophy, psychoanalysis, orgonomy, science, and politics, to rescue against time a few souls from the hellish inferno that is coming.  I have done my best, but the struggle is not over.  Time is now very short.  Humanity will not survive the earth trap.  I have now received the “Seal of the Magus” in recognition of my growth and survival.  The path is open for me.
  69. “I believe so that I may know!” – William James
  70. In prison, Wilhelm Reich wrote several prayers according to his wife, Ilse Ollendorff Reich.  They were: “Resurrection=Life is Eternal, Indestructible;” “Prayer for Strength;” and “Prayer for Self-Realization.” “Wilhelm Reich,” page 156, by Ilse Ollendorff Reich (N.Y. St. Martin’s Press, 1969).  Rooted in the old nature religions as he was, Reich had taken on the archetype of the Egyptian Sun God “Ra.” This God sustained all Life on Earth and resurrected each day.
  71. “Who knows for sure if the orgone doesn’t keep an individual consciousness after death and can flow again into a new living body?  Many people in this world believe in reincarnation.”  Dr. Dorothea Fuckert, “Spirituality and Orgonomy,” Annals Of The Institute For Orgonomic Science, pages 91-92, Vol. 10, No. 1 (December 2005).
  72. Know one thing my brothers and sisters in God and Christ: we are on the earth for a very short time and enshrouded in illusion. Earth is a trap for the freely flowing spiritual energies of the cosmos. We spend our lives running after toys and trinkets, while an ocean of undiscovered truth stands before us. Let each of us endeavor to launch our small boats on this ocean and set out for salvation.
  73. The secret of Hegel is to be found in the old Jewish Cabalists as amplified by the ex-Trotskyist Raya Dunayevskaya.  She was indeed correct: the Absolute is not a closed ontology, but is the doorway to infinite movement and negation.  The Cabalists showed why this is so.  The Absolute, on the “Tree of Life,” is above and beyond all other segments of existence.  It is infinite and eternal and was called by them the “Negatives Beyond the Veils.”  The infinite must functionally and dialectically negate all finite configurations.  It is the Doorway to the Metaphysical above and beyond the Celestial Academy and all other metaphysical planes.  It is the function of the “gathering of the sparks” of divinity back into Adam Qadmon (the Primordial Man) through the dialectical process.  Only a few humans have ever tasted, for a moment, this domain: Christ; Moses; Buddha; and others.  What they brought back and radiated was so powerful that most other humans could not tolerate it and had to surround it with dogma and spiritual armor.  See,Gad, Irene, “Tarot and Individuation, Correspondences with Cabala and Alchemy” (York Beach, Maine, Nicolas-Hays, Inc., 1994).
  74. There can be no messiahs.  Christ was a highly developed Rabbi-Cabalist with extraordinary psychic powers who came from the higher metaphysical plane of the Celestial Academy.  He was seduced into mass leadership and then betrayed.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press).  When he returned to the Celestial Academy, the lesson was learned that each individual must by their own effort attain liberation from the earth trap.  There are, however, many higher guides and spiritual teachers available to help a person do this.  Christ’s experience validated the rule of the ancient Cabalists that only a small number of students were to be accepted and the knowledge imparted to them was not to be disseminated among the masses of people.  A similar catastrophe took place when Cabalist Sabbatai Sevi, centuries later, attempted to lead a mass movement to liberation.  See “Sabbatai Sevi – The Mystical Messiah” by Gershom Scholem (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1973).  This spiritual law against mass liberation has remained constant as evidenced by the work and fate of Karl Marx.
  75. That we can reincarnate is now a fact proven by the evidence.  Very little is known about the functional process by which an individual is born into a specific family.  The fact may be that some families give people a better chance to finish prematurely ended lives and missions as the old Jewish Cabalists thought.  Also, as all the sparks of life energy divinity ultimately incarnated on earth trapped by the armored shells of hostile demonic forces, these demonic forces are still in operation and may play a role in people ending up in very bad circumstances.  Again, little or nothing is known about this.
  76. The class structure of society did not  originate with Capitalism.  It is part of the spiritual armor of humanity that is structured in the earth trap.  It cannot be eliminated by politics and has existed for 4000 years at least.  Revolutions only create a new elite, masked by a different ideology, that continues to exploit the masses of workers and poor people.  It can only be fought with spiritual existential weapons.  The higher dimensions have no class structure or exploitation.  There are only varying degrees of consciousness and functional spiritual ability.
  77. Thousands of years of history have demonstrated that only laws rooted in both natural and spiritual law are legitimate.  Many legal philosophers, from at least Roman times, have recognized this.  By this index, there are  no legitimate political legal systems on the planet earth today.
  78. The Spiritual Cell of Orgone Energy (SCOR) remains on the metaphysical planes or dimensions.   Within it, remains the life energy and subatomic particles deposited by each returning incarnation from the earth plane.  This is the Core of each human individual.  This Core projects a Holographic Energy Image (HEI) into the developing fetus on earth and guides it to maturity and thereafter.  When we depart earth by the transition known as “death,” we merge into it.  We greet our departed loved ones in their Cores this way and communicate telepathically through our own Core.
  79. The Higher Dimensional Orgone-Spiritual Cell, or Psychic Energy Monad, contains the accumulated, but freely circulating energy and experience of all previous incarnations.  It projects the physical image, in holographic form, to each person in the metaphysical domain that was known by that person in the specific incarnation that both knew each other.  On the deepest level, there is Core to Core contact.  That is what is ultimately experienced by us after the psychic energy transformation known to us as “death.”
  80. The projection of the spiritual energy body from the metaphysical dimensions into organic matter on earth was suggested by a “psychic” dream of the writer.  These dreams are clearly distinguishable from the ordinary ones that Freud analyzed.  In it, the writer’s father was seen as a three dimensional figure with light streaming through him (as if a film projection) against the backdrop of the cemetery where he is buried.  This is also suggestive of the process of reincarnation.
  81. Both Kant and the Buddha agree on a central insight: the phenomenal world is an illusion.  The real world is in the metaphysical planes or parallel Universes.  As Philip K. Dick wrote in “Valis,” the entire material world is a holographic projection into which the life energy projects the redeeming gnosis that unlocks the encoded memory of the DNA and allows Plato’s remembrance to awaken.  As Plato thought, learning is remembrance and is not new.
  82. Philip K. Dick, in 1974, had a mystical experience that blew his mind open to the cosmic energies.   He wrote the great novel “Valis” to make sense of it.  The insights presented in that book basically confirm and validate what the writer has set out in this work.   I take that as proof in the subjective and objective sense.
  83. Real human change is spiritual. What the “political” people do not understand is that real change happens from the inside out, not the outside in. Otherwise, you have the same destructive functioning under a new ideological mask. The mass of the population determines leadership, not the other way around. One person can change the spiritual reality of many. The spiritual energy radiates and penetrates the existential armor. It can be seen in auras and the energy field of the human organic cell-monad. This energy is ultimately mass free and circulates via reincarnation. As Leibniz said: “the monad has no windows.” It is determined by accumulated “karma.” Only consciousness can break open and dissolve the spiritual armor. Otherwise accumulated karmic debt warps life. The psychoanalysts call this accumulated karma “transference.” Spiritual therapy and mystical transformation can free us from the armor of karma.
  84. We all have an allotted life span.  The ancient Jewish mystics called this “life portions.”  This is a range within a span of a few years.  We have psychic “magnets” that draw the forces that will remove us from this dimension.  The circumstances are both subjective and objective, and can be disease, war, accident, crime, or exhaustion of the natural energy body by age.  The span is also governed by accumulated karma from past or present incarnations. This is all governed by spiritual law that we do not and cannot completely understand while in the earth trap. Higher spiritual powers may intervene to change this, but it is very rare.  An old paradox of time travel is solved if we consider the possibility of this bioenergetics “magnet” of fate.  This is why philosophers and physicists have postulated the difficulty of changing the past to correct or change a prior tragic event.  That event may be averted by the time traveler, but another circumstance brings on the same fate in another way.  Unless the spiritual armor or magnet is dissolved and burned off, it will bring on the same fate with different circumstances near or about the same time period.  Also, changing one past event has unanticipated and unknown consequences for the time stream involved.  Stephen King, in his novel “11/22/63,” has his time traveler go back to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy.  This he does only to find out when the time traveler returns to his own time that Kennedy survived to alienate the electorate to the extent that George Wallace is elected his successor in 1968, and starts a global nuclear war that leaves the earth contaminated with radiation for decades to come.  This time traveler also saves a disabled janitor from his own time from his sick father in the past ,and thus the boy does not become disabled, only then to die in Vietnam.  One of many examples is depicted in the remake of the movie “Time Machine.”  The time traveler there creates a time machine to go back and save his bride-to-be from being killed by a robber.  He finds out, however, that when she lives he cannot go back to save her, since he only made the time machine to save her from death, and thus he cannot go back to save her without the now nonexistent machine.  Therefore she still dies!
  85. For  the first time, this writer has had a psychic dream that reveals a past life.  It seems that, with age and further existential spiritual liberation, the organic armor of matter separating me from the metaphysical spiritual memory function is dissolving.  I was a member of a medieval spiritual order amidst numinous religious art, and soared in my astral body as a spiritual warrior.  In this sense, my lifelong interest in philosophy, law and theology is understandable now.
  86. The  “missing time” of alien abductees points to the metaphysical or other dimensional nature of UFOs.  They are traveling from outside our space / time dimension and maintain this higher dimensional reality within the craft.  Time travel is also a possibility given this phenomena.  This gives Wilhelm Reich’s comment, the day before he “died,” that the UFOs he was observing from the prison yard were “coming to get me,” new meaning.
  87. Gershom Scholem, Professor of Jewish Mysticism, said that his friend the philosopher Walter Benjamin was a metaphysician who had misfired and tried to express it through Marxism.  The same can be said of Leon Trotsky.  You can see it in his last will and testament where he says that Marxism gave him more strength to face mortality than any religion.  The truth is that both materialism and metaphysics complete the picture of our reality.  Trotsky and Benjamin both got trapped in the materialism.  Dr. Scholem embraced metaphysics and survived.   Nevertheless, Trotsky was a spiritual warrior in disguise, and had tremendous courage to face the tragedies of life and death.  Trotsky stated that a great ideal gave him the sustaining power to endure.  What could be more metaphysical than that?  He went down fighting with an ax stuck in his head. He was unconquerable.
  88. The Akashic Hall of eternal life records contains the core spiritual energy of each individual. This can be accessed via the holographic spiritual energy image of the person, even as that person is in an incarnation.  Each incarnation deposits energy and information into the core until the person is liberated by a final death and can leave the material plane.  Death is not to be feared.  It is the ultimate liberation.  “Death” is a term of the blind living in Plato’s cave.  It is a transformation of spiritual energy.  That is all.  Spiritual energy cannot be created or destroyed.
  89. The spiritual energetic laws governing reincarnation are not completely understood, and can only be learned through vigorous step-by-step investigation.  It seems that the reincarnating spiritual energy body, which is the core essence of energy and information of the human monad, follows the streams of time influenced by the laws of time travel as discerned by philosophers and cutting-edge physicists.  See the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Richard Blasband, and others.  This means our attempts to intervene and change the fate of others are extremely difficult to bring to fruition.  As the German philosopher Leibnitz stated: “The monad has no windows.”  In other words, we have our own internally driven fates.  Time and history, both existential and historical, resist change either as to future fate or past alteration.  It takes many lives to achieve individual existential liberation from the trap of earth.  For the spiritually armored masses of people governed by politics it is not possible.  Science fiction writers  have provided the most insight into the paradoxes and problems of time travel.  See “The Mammoth Book of Time Travel,” edited by Mike Ashley (Running Press Book Publishers); and “11.22.63” by Stephen King (Hodder).  For a good overview of the physics involved in time travel, and thus also reincarnation, see “Time Travel” From Wikipedia on the internet.
  90. Natural scientist and medical doctor Richard Blasband has, through the work of physicist Nicholai Levashov, provided the scientific basis for spiritual energy reincarnation.  During intercourse between the partners, and depending on the deep love and energy concentrated in the genitals of the man and woman, an energy tunnel is formed that reaches far into the metaphysical spiritual energy dimensions.  The mental, astral, and etheric bodies of the reincarnating spiritual energy cell  then, within the first three weeks, passes through this tunnel and lodges near the ovum.  It guides it to term.  The astral body contains the memories, including past life information and accumulated knowledge, that governs the new person to a great extent (most people are unaware of this and it is in the unconscious).  Not all people have mental bodies, but if the merger of the two people is  by strong mutual orgasm, a higher mental body will be part of the package that moves through the tunnel because the metaphysical tunnel will reach higher dimensions.  The mental body has spiritual wisdom and insight derived from past lives.   In its higher forms, it can be seen in spiritual teachers such as Moses, Buddha, and Christ among others. Advanced scientists, spiritual teachers, and philosophers usually have these mental bodies.  If the germ of a mental body is present, it can be developed by hard work, study and spiritual experience during incarnation.
  91. We can remember that Dr. Reich, in his report on the Oranur Experiment, wrote: “….all boundaries between physics and metaphysics are dissolving.”  With the work of Levashov and Blasband, this insight and result of the experiment become amplified and much clearer.  Putting radium in an accumulator to see if it could be neutralized opened a tunnel to the metaphysical dimensions.  Unlike the birth of a baby who has brought pure Orgone Energy or life energy into incarnation,  this tunnel channeled Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) into the earth dimension where it brought out disease and Social Biopathy (emotional plague that is destructiveness in action on the social scene).   The Dark Forces were aroused in the cosmic energy gone berserk.  If this could be overcome,  vibrant health prevailed.  If not, the organism could be destroyed by cancer, heart disease and so on.  The battle between Eros and Thanatos, that Freud had postulated in his great late work, “Civilization and Its Discontents,” became concretized and made useable by natural scientific experiment.  This is not all.  It also opened new paths in cosmology, religion and metaphysics. For instance, the tunnel that near death experiencers perceive may in fact be this inter-dimensional portal through which both forces of Light and Demonic forces can pass. The spiritual beings present as the person crosses over are in a higher dimensional reality.  The Oranur Experiment, by releasing a clash between matter and anti-matter, opened this portal to the deadly metaphysical energies of other dimensions.
  92. Since “Time” is part of mass and gravitation, Orgone Energy, which is mass-free, may provide the long searched for medium for time travel.  We know it is the motive power behind the astral body.  Therefore, by projection of this spiritual body, with guided intention, such travel may be attainable.  Jenny Randles, in her book “Time Storms,”  comes to the conclusion that most of the recorded cases of time travel, which are inadvertent and not intentional, show the involvement of an energy field of unknown origin.  Only experiment can provide an answer, even if provisional.
  93. Christ consciousness, and the healing energy it radiates, is a universal property of the cosmic energy.  In the higher dimensions, Spiritual Guides with Christ Consciousness work on the returning spiritual mind-body to cleanse it of armor and the distorted perceptions it may have picked up in the last incarnation.  They are the Spiritual Core Energy Therapists (SCET) of the higher planes.  In spiral fashion, as the incarnations continue, the spiritual-body of the individual is freed at last to continue to ascend toward the Godhead of Life and to learn more in the Celestial Academy as the old cabalists called it.   There is a point when the mist of mystery takes over and from our earth bound situation we can learn no more.  This is the purpose of the Celestial Academy where learning complements the spiritual therapy. It is very important for us to realize that we have no control over our earth experiences.  These experiences are drawn to us by virtue of our spiritual evolutionary energy magnet and we can only digest them without resistance or anger.  Because of the trap on earth for our spiritual energy, the process of shedding spiritual armor has to be gradual and stretches through many incarnations as we understand the lessons of the earth plane.  We are not in control.  The higher spiritual powers channel to us from the quantum field the experiences we need to grow.  Once we understand this, we can live in an open and aware manner without being judgmental and without the regrets of trying to grab some experiences and repress others.  As spiritual teacher Ram Dass taught, it is all grist for the mill of awakening.  With this insight, we can live with peace, joy, and wonder.
  94. It is an old axiom in occult science that “as above, so below.”  This applies to the work of dissolving the spiritual armor in the human energy system.  Dr. Elsworth Baker, Reich’s chief assistant and perhaps the best orgonomist of Reich’s students, was once asked if he believed in God.   He replied: “I work for him.” Just as on earth there are spiritual energy workers trying to free armored humanity from the prison of the heavy and contracted deadly energy, above in the metaphysical dimensions there are spiritual guides and therapists also preforming this work but at a much more effective and advanced level.  The ultimate aim and effect of these treatments is to liberate the human from being drawn back down into the earth prison and helping him to be able to ascend to the higher dimensions in the direction of the Godhead of Life.  The highest spiritual teacher-therapists, such as the Cabalist Christ,  manifest on the lower metaphysical dimensions to throw a cordon of protection, love and warmth around the returning souls.  During the long roads of reincarnation, the spiritual core of the person remains as a holographic image in the Akashic Records of the Cosmic Library and can be accessed by retuning souls for communication and fellowship.  According to “Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience,” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley (N.J., Castle Books, 1991), ….”[The Akashic Records] are the master records of everything that has occurred since the beginning of the universe.  The records are said to exist as impressions in the astral plane, and provide a dossier of sorts for souls who wish to examine their spiritual progress through many lifetimes…..The term “Akaschic” comes from the Sanskrit word akasha, defined as either the fundamental etheric substance [orgone energy] in the universe or all-pervasive space.  According to Theosophy the akasha is an eternal record of the vibrations of every action, thought, emotion, light, and sound….The process is variously described as tuning into an astral television set, or tuning into a radio broadcast….According to Cayce….the Akashic Records travel on waves of light, and anyone can gain access to them with proper training and attunement. Forbidden_Planet_-_The_Great_Machine
  95. There are times when the spiritual guides from the celestial academy may not be enough to handle the onslaughts of the Dark Powers.  At such times, a Being of Light with Christ Consciousness will descend to help the struggling soul by providing core spiritual energy and strength, warmth, and deep insight to sustain the faltering soul. “Although I walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death, I shall fear no evil…..Thy rod and thy staff comfort me!”
  96. Spiritual energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Ceaseless and eternal transformation occurs.  This is the quantum physical, and cosmological, natural scientific basis for reincarnation.  Einstein and Bohr proved this.  Reich made it functional-spiritual.
  97. I made contact with the Being of Christ Light Consciousness.  He has taken me under his wing and is preparing me for the transition to the Celestial Academy and communication with significant others.  From this point on, I will probably not be able to translate my knowledge in human concepts and in human temporality.  Painting may be an alternative.  My mentor in mysticism, Dr. Robert Passoti, was fond of quoting St. Thomas Aquinas to the effect that once the mystical breakthrough exploded in his life, all he had written seemed as nothing but “straw.”  So it was.  So it is.  So it will be.
  98. It was my fate to become a philosopher.  Not the academic “walkie-talkie” types that hold tenured positions in academe, but the authentic kind that create from blood and tears.  To me, from an early age, existence was a painful riddle.  I philosophized with “a hammer” to quote Friedrich Nietzsche.  I had to break out of the spiritual armor that  I was born into in order to breathe clean air.  And like Dr. Nietzsche, despite all resistance to this fate, I learned at the end of my life to embrace it.  This is the highest life-affirmation of which we are capable.  Amor fati.  The love of fate!
  99. “I am not a man, I am dynamite!” – Nietzsche

Chapter III

  1. Moving from the earth plane to Higher Etheric Civilizations is in every way similar to a prisoner preparing for release from a long term in a maximum security prison for the free world of metaphysical life.  This the phase I am now preparing for.  My eyes are on the sky, not in the mud.  I want no more news of the doings of the earth people.  I know them and I know enough about them.  Let them give my door a wide berth.  May my spiritual guides, mentors and significant others be prepared to greet me.  I am more than ready for the next step in this journey.  As Ram Dass said many years ago: “It is all grist for the mill.”
  2. Henry Miller, philosopher and novelist, once said: “Why be afraid of death.  I am afraid of the pain of dying.  I will admit to that.  But why be afraid of death itself? It could be part of a great adventure.  Don’t you know?”
  3. It is important to understand that this writing is not meant to be an abstract description of domains unreachable by science, theology, and philosophy. From the first point in this treatise until the last, whenever the spiritual higher powers decree that may be, the author is pointing to actually existing states of cosmic energy and etheric dimensions.
  4. The road of the authentic philosopher is hard, long, and lonely.  All of your days, you experience pain, anguish and shock.  If you are lucky, you have to leave as a legacy a few smooth gems.  See the novel “Valis” by Philip K. Dick (N.Y., Mariner Books, 2011).  But, all is not in vain.  It never is with the God of Life. “Theodicy” has been defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “vindication of the justice and goodness of God in spite of the existence of evil in the world.”  To reach the higher spiritual dimensions, and help in the expansion of the life energy, a soul must be tested in every possible way, purified by pain that removes the spiritual armor, and enabled to release the blue sparkling energy of the galaxies to radiate out in starlight.  The God of Life is the ultimate Orgonomist.  It is in this sense that an old occult philosopher used to say: “Each man and woman is a Star.”
  5. The Master Cabalist Christ was granted the power by the God of the Life Energy to save souls and to bring them into the fold of spreading the good news.  All will be reunited and work toward the expansion of Life!
  6. The enlightenment did many great services to humanity.  However, by putting rationality and the big brain in  the center of the human psyche, it obscured the fathomless depths of mystical wisdom and wonder the Universe radiates.  Jung began to recapture and integrate these two domains. Well before him, both St. Thomas Aquinas and Plato articulated it.
  7. Both Leon Trotsky and Wilhelm Reich were, in reality, gnostic spiritual warriors.  Trotsky couched it in Marxism, and Reich in energy, but both sought the liberation of humanity from the trap of the material earth and its demonic energies.  This idea occurred to me from Gershom Scholem’s description of Walter Benjamin.
  8. Williams James was right in his seminal work “The Varieties  of Religious Experience” (N.Y., Modern Library, 1936).  Psychedelic mind altering substances do have the capacity to stimulate the mystical faculties of the human, and break the shackles of the power pathological systems that keep us chained on earth. That is why all temporal powers conspire to keep such substances from us.
  9. “Theophany” has been defined as a communication from the Higher God or Gods of Life via images, ideas, and events, to humans.  It is usually spiritually transforming, and can change a life profoundly.  In the past day, I had such a communication from the Cabalist Christ.  I have been given the opportunity to reincarnate afresh while still in my present earth incarnation by dissolving transferences and communicating with significant others on the metaphysical planes while they are in their composite spiritual energy bodies with all their Akashic Spiritual DNA.  What this may mean still must be worked out functionally.  It means by the grace of God I have been given spiritual power and wisdom to use for my salvation.  We will also all work on this as a group in the “Celestial Academy.”  As cells of the archetypal Adam, how could it be otherwise?
  10. The Spiritual Life Energy develops by an infinite and eternal spiral movement.  All points continue to be traversed at higher and higher levels.  This is why I have returned to points in the 1960s and know them for the first time.  Of course, the Archons try to block this new liberating development, but I now have Christ Cabalist to guide me past the blockages.  The Eternal Door to an infinite highway has been opened to me.  And I have walked through!!  “Death” is Eternal Life.  There is no “Death.”  Only Plato’s cave dwellers believe in “death.”  The Sun outside bathes the cosmos with eternal light, warmth, wisdom, and liberation. The Archons are an illusion. There are no “accidents” in this life.  Every event is designed to teach and liberate!  The good, the bad, and the ugly, all have functions to play.  There are many hands of God.  Outside of any possible human conception of infinite space and eternal time, we will flow together in an endless spiral of spiritual cosmic energy in eternal peace and happiness.  Each of us must choose for ourselves to assume the metaphysical craft.  Tragedy teaches more, even as illusion, then any crass material happiness in this very transient reality that we are trapped in.   With these spiritual insights, a foretaste of this joyful transcendence is possible right here and now!  That is why all the material powers on earth, whatever their ideology, conspire to block this transcendence.  The Higher Spiritual God of Life reveals his true values in tragedy and love as compared to the lower deranged God of the illusory material world.  The Gnostics taught this thousands of years ago.  Christ Cabalist is the representative to humanity of the Higher Spiritual Power of the God of Life.
  11. Plato’s Archetypes exist on the metaphysical planes and dimensions of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life.  The imperfect particular reflections in our material domain of the lower spiritual powers are holographic illusions.  Our reality is one stream of illusion among an infinite range in an eternal cosmos.
  12. Hegel’s Absolute Mind is the Universe of universes. It is the Archetype of archetypes.  Absolute Mind is the Idea of all ideas.  It is not a closed ontology, but Alfred Adler’s fictional final goal.  It never completes in space-time dimensions.
  13. Premature death, by any means, except suicide, gives a person the right to reincarnate again to fulfill his or her mission, or a chance to remain in the metaphysical dimensions and proceed from there.  While “life portions” are selected by the higher spiritual powers for each soul, the Dark Powers can sometimes disrupt it.  Beyond this, there are many unknown mysteries of life and death that we just do not yet know, and perhaps will never know.
  14. The Core Spiritual Energy Body remains on the metaphysical planes or dimensions.  They are outside our space-time system.  Reincarnation involves the projection of the astral, mental and etheric bodies by holographic image into the human organic matter.  At death, the accumulated experience is absorbed by the Core Spiritual Energy Body and becomes part of its spiritual DNA.  We remain, in our Cores, in communication with the persons close to us on the metaphysical planes while during each holographic projection into a reincarnation we function in a new life energy.  So, in effect, there is never any real spiritual separation.  However, psychic or spiritual armor blocks our feelings of contact and communication with these close people (family, friends, guides, mentors).  Gifted psychics can pierce this armor to momentarily make contact with our “departed” ones.  As we de-armor ourselves, by therapy and spiritual practices, we can dispense with intermediaries and make direct contact / communication.
  15. There are metaphysical craft that can travel from the higher dimensions (higher energy vibrations and waves) to the material domains and back again.  They do this when they lower their energy pulsations and materialize or raise them and dematerialize.  We on earth have called them “UFOs.”  Dr. Wilhelm Reich demonstrated this when he interfered with this energy pulsation by use of the cloudbuster (“space gun” treated with denatured radium from the Oranur Experiment).  When pointed toward the UFOs, they “faded” out or dematerialized.  See Dr. Reich’s book, “Contact With Space” (Core Pilot Press, 1957).  For additional science and meta-science behind this, see the work of Meade Layne and Trevor James Constable: “The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution” by Meade Layne (Borderland Sciences, 1957), and “They Live In the Sky” (New Age Publishing, 1958), and “The Cosmic Pulse of Life” (Merlin Press, 1976), both by Trevor James Constable.
  16. The “Big Bang,” that according to cosmologists and physicists started our Universe, erupted from a highly dense subatomic point.  Thus, the vibrations of the Godhead must be of the highest energetic order (see point 15 supra).  Reich was indeed looking into the abyss of creation when he discovered the energy of the universe (his last lost manuscript was entitled “Creation”).   From all of this, the metaphysical domains are indeed proved out consistent with the discoveries of modern physics and cosmology (See Meade Laynes’ work on the ether ships).
  17. It is possible for those earth people consider “dead” to travel and materialize or dematerialize in this way.   Centuries of occult and paranormal literature can attest to this.  See “Life Beyond” (CB, 1994) by Dr. Hans Holzer.  The photographs in this book of departed monks in an old church, traveling in their etheric bodies on a long removed floor level, is startling. See also, the work of Colin Wilson.
  18. I have found, as some have before me, that the Gnostic Christ Cabalist is the most highly developed spiritual guide and teacher ever seen on earth or even the metaphysical dimensions.  There have been many master cabalists, but none had what Christ did because his father was an extraterrestrial Higher Spiritual Power of Life.  Since surrendering my life to Him, and putting my trust in Him, I have been relieved of the tremendous burden of believing I run, or should run, human events according to the way I was taught by the enlightenment philosophers to do.  The many mysterious events, some extremely painful, that I have witnessed in my existential life, were in the hands of Christ Cabalist and his fellow guides in the metaphysical dimensions.  Beyond that, there are Dark Spiritual Powers interfering with Christ Cabalist’s best efforts, but Christ sees that spiritual justice is done through reincarnation and many other avenues unknown to limited human consciousness.  We cannot know the entire plan, but we can accept Him and try to expand the Loving Life Energy.  Eventually, we can join His Higher Spiritual Civilization and the Celestial Academy.  For a good biography of the Gnostic Christ Cabalist, see “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1971).
  19. The functional identity between the transcendent Christ-Cabalist ,and the immanent Christ Consciousness, comes through the channeling of the spiritual cosmic energy (called by Hermetic Cabalist Wilhelm Reich orgone) into our bodies without significant blockage by the life-negative spiritual armor.  In this way we participate in the body and blood of Christ.  This energy is expressed in loving orgasm, work, and the pursuit of knowledge.  Reich created devices, like the cloudbuster and the cosmic energy accumulator, that can bring more of the spiritual healing energy to people on earth.  Demonic forces, attracted by this energy, and enraged by it, destroyed Reich by using the Stalinists and the courts to crucify him.   This energy was called by Reich Deadly Orgone Energy and it erupted out of the Oranur Experiment where Reich put radium into an orgone energy accumulator.  The energy of death (radioactivity) and life (orgone) clashed just as Freud postulated the clash of Eros and Thanatos in his late great work “Civilization and its Discontents.”
  20. The energy of life and the demonic energy of destruction are eternally in conflict through the physical and on the metaphysical planes.  The Higher Spiritual Powers of Life and the Lower Demonic Spiritual Powers of Destruction cannot co-exist.  One must prevail.  Will it be the expansion of Christ consciousness or the entropy of the Devil?
  21. Surrendering my life to my Higher Spiritual Powers and Guides, including Christ-Cabalist, means that whatever the result, ultimately it will be the best for all concerned.  We can only vaguely perceive the workings of the metaphysical planes as they bear on our own existential fates.  These higher spiritual presences see far beyond our limited horizons on earth.  What looks to us like unmitigated tragedy may in fact ultimately be in the cosmic plan for the benefit of all concerned.  However, surrender must be complete and you must stop the “enlightenment age” arrogance of thinking you can control life.  We control nothing!  If the surrender is full and with faith in the Higher God of Life and his/her guides, mediators, and Christ-Cabalist, such surrender, with humility and wonder, is sweet and bitter at the same time.  Surrender and acceptance provides great peace of mind.  As one door closes, another opens.  As one life ends, another starts.  I look forward to death and being rejoined with all those who passed before me.  Plato, the great Greek philosopher, once said that the practice of philosophy was nothing more than a preparation for death.  Asked why people stay on earth in that case, Plato replied that we are like soldiers placed at a post, and we must stay at that post until called away.
  22. Bishop James A. Pike, through a medium, asked his recently departed son about sex on the metaphysical planes.  His son Jim replied: “Sex?  Yes, there is sex. But it is not like it is there.  It is not physical, of course, but actually there is less limitation.  It is more obviously like what sex really means.  Here you actually can enter the whole person.  It is like you are in fact merging – becoming one.”  See “The Other Side,” pg. 151 by James A. Pike (N.Y., Doubleday, 1968).  This fits the criteria for spiritual health in orgasmic potency as described by Wilhelm Reich in his “Function of the Orgasm,” and “The Murder of Christ.”  Reich talked about the merger of the entire spiritual self in mutual orgasms of both unarmored partners.  It also explains why the de-armoring process of medical orgone therapy or some of the other therapies does not last on the earth plane.  The material earth trap continually destroys this capacity even where it is established.  Thus, “as above, so below.”  The higher dimension is free of the demonic entrapment, but on earth such capacity of spiritual merger is fragile.
  23. When you have finally transcended armored society, and created New Knowledge, you can no longer seek approval from academic institutions and authorities.  I have at last reached this point.  All further academic programs would be like putting chains around my mind and blinders on my eyes.  I now understand Giordano Bruno and Wilhelm Reich.  There is no one on earth now who can truly judge my discoveries, work, and thought.  This means I must continue on alone with only communication possible from the celestial academy when it deems fit.  Only a Magus can understand another Magus.  Some of this New Knowledge is silent and telepathically received.  The loud noise of earth knowledge must be cut away by the negative dialectic of this New Knowledge.  The basic attitude of the spiritual explorer is one of silent waiting with an open mind and clear perceptions. Empty talk must stop.
  24. Christ-Cabalist was a  Jewish Rabbi and Master Cabalist. His father was an extraterrestrial from a higher spiritual dimension who had mated with a earth woman.  His mission was to provide spiritual knowledge and psychotropic technique to assist humans in liberating themselves from the earth trap set by the lower demonic powers.   The Dark Powers checkmated his moves, and reabsorbed his message into armored institutions and societies.  Almost two thousand years later, another Christ-Cabalist entered the earth plane.  His name was Wilhelm Reich.  In his final message to humanity, contained in his book “Contact With Space,” pg. 1 (Maine, Core Pilot Press, 1957), Reich stated: “On March 20, 1956, 10 p.m., a thought of a very remote possibility entered my mind, which, I fear, will never leave me again: Am I a Spaceman?  Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women?  Are my children offspring of the first interplanetary race?  Has the melting-pot of interplanetary society already been created on our planet, as the melting-pot of all earth nations was established in the U.S.A. 190 years ago?  Or does this thought relate to things to come in the future?  I request my right and privilege to have such questions without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of  society.”   I am in contact with these Christ-Cabalists of the higher spiritual planes.  My final mission has been prepared.  I now understand and surrender my fate to their guidance and protection, just as they have rescued and reincarnated my brother, saving him much suffering.  The telepathic channel is wide open.
  25. The clash between the cosmic energy of life and creation, and the demonic energies of destruction, is a red thread all down the line of theological history.  Freud called it Eros vs. the Death Instinct / Aggression.  Wilhelm Reich described it as Orgone Energy vs. Deadly Orgone Energy (See “The Oranur Experiment”).   Going way back into ancient history, before the full development of Christianity and Judaism, the prophet Zarathustra preached the dualistic struggle between Ahura Mazdah (the Truth of the Good Mind) and Ahriman (the father of evil and lies). Both these spiritual functions were created under the monotheistic “Wise Lord,” or in Cabalistic terms the “Godhead.”  See “Encyclopedoa of the World Religions,” “Zoroastrianism” by R.C. Zaehner, pgs. 200-214 (N.Y., Barnes and Noble, 1997).  See also, “The Cosmic Puppets” by Philip K. Dick (N.Y., Mariner Books, 2012).
  26. To Martin Heidegger goes the credit of grounding existentialism in the spiritual depths that unite subjectivity and objectivity.   For him, negation was nothingness in the plentitude of Being. That is why for Heidegger “Death” comes as the great Liberator from the trap of armored life on earth.  In this respect, he comes to resemble the great Eastern Spiritual Philosophers.  See “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Tolstoy.  Sartre, on the other hand, stood on the superficial ground of Rene Descartes, and thus he later came to embrace Red Fascism. See “Being and Time” by Martin Heidegger (N.Y., Harper & Row, 1962). See also,  “Being Nothingness” by Jean Paul Sartre (N.Y., Washington Square Press, 1977); “Irrational “Man” by William Barrett (N.Y. Anchor 1990);  “Existentialism From Dostoevsky To Sartre”  by Walter Kaufmann (N.Y., Penguin Books, 1989).
  27. Given our enclosure in the “Iron” prison of the earth plane (to use an expression of Philip K. Dick), it is a constant struggle to stay as near to  spiritual health as possible.  We are pulled down into petty egoism and guilt from every side.  Nevertheless, there are higher spiritual powers, teachers, guides, and Christ-Cabalists, to aid us. We need to maintain the uplink of spiritual energy channels to receive this life salvation wisdom.  So mote it be!!
  28. Disincarnating while on earth, and the dissolution of all psychoanalytic  transferences based on the prior incarnation, means freedom. It is the final step of the Magus!
  29. When the Christ-Cabalist returns, as predicted in the “Book of Revelation,” the boundary between physics and metaphysics will dissolve.  This time, however, as predicted in the film “When the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version), it will be with a sword!
  30. As our spiritual bodies go through the process of reincarnation and purification, a “time” comes when we no longer are pulled back by the psychic gravity of matter to the iron prison of earth.  We can study in the celestial academy (imagine a faculty with the Masters of Cabala and Occult Science as well as theology, natural science, mysticism, and metaphysics) and continue to ascend to the Blue Glowing Godhead of Life Energy.  We at last merge into Absolute Mind / Spiritual Body and join our loved ones in eternal joy, harmony and expansion.  In the words of Hegel: “The eternal Idea, in full fruition of its essence, eternally sets itself to work, engenders and enjoys itself as absolute Mind.” See “the Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism” by Raya Dunayevskaya (Chicago, News and Letters, 1989).  We are absolutely protected by the Higher Spiritual Power of Life from all antithetic anti-life lower spiritual forces.
  31. Many of this writer’s insights have been confirmed by “Physics of the Soul” by Dr. Amit Goswami (Va., Hampton Roads Publishing, 2013).  Dr. Goswami, a physicist, validates the existence of a quantum / physical Soul Monad that intervenes in our space / time continuum in a non-local way from a higher timeless dimension.  These Soul Monads ( sometimes described as UFOs when they materialize in our sky) are the metaphysical vehicles that reincarnate in our universe and ultimately merge with the Godhead of the Life Energy.  The Monad is a matrix of mass-free cosmic energy containing the accumulated wave functions that are collapsed into particles when the reincarnation takes place (see the famous “double split experiment”).  It has all prior experiences of the antecedent wave / particle manifestations of  that Monad.  This is part of a process of spiritual purification whereby the spiritual armor inflicted on us by the demonic lower spiritual powers, originally during the aborted creation of the earth, is dissolved and we are liberated as drops of water are liberated in the ocean of cosmic energy.  The ultimate merger with the blue glowing Godhead of Life was recognized first by the Eastern religions of Buddhism,  Taoism, Hinduism, and others.  It can be found in the Western Hermetic Cabala, and in the Eastern Judaic Kabbala.  ein
  32. This writer has been deemed, by the Spiritual Higher Powers, ready for direct contact with Christ-Cabalist after many years of guidance, protection, and instruction from other spiritual teachers in the Celestial Academy.  I am now being given, incrementally, answers to the many painful and inexplicable events that I have experienced in this life.  This is a sign, I believe, that I am preparing to enter the metaphysical planes and will be accepted into the Celestial Academy.  I will see my loved ones, and finally understand many events and questions that still remain open.  akashic-records
  33. The innocent injured and suffering become Christ-Cabalist.  They then, as intimated by theologian Philip K. Dick, share in the resurrection.  I would add that they share through a new pristine life energy body (spiritual body as Paul put it) in reincarnation to better circumstances that results at the end of time in immortality.  Spiritual justice transcends the fallen state of the iron reality.
  34. Philip K. Dick’s cosmology fits well with my own.  It is both a validation and an extension.  The lower universe that we live in is an illusion and distorted projection of the higher spiritual universe manifesting ontological validity.   One example is that although we think by virtue of appearances that we have answers to the endless veil of tears on earth by new human ideologies and political leaders, the basic pathological spiritual reality underneath never changes.   All of human history is a testament to this.
  35. The Core Spiritual Energy Body (CSEB) is eternal and exists on the metaphysical planes while its holographic energy projection incarnates in the lower Universe through time until it is no longer pulled into the Iron Prison by entropic psychic energy magnets.  The Core Spiritual Energy Body accumulates the information and experiences of each lifetime  until it is ready to move into higher metaphysical planes and attend the Celestial Academy.  The Core Spiritual Energy Bodies communicate with their loved ones and share information.  Eventually, all individual quantum Monads will merge into the Blue Glowing Higher Spiritual Godhead of Life.  Against the Higher Spiritual Godhead of Life,  deadly spiritual powers (called Deadly Orgone Energy by Magus Dr. Reich)  are entropic and seek to block the expansion (with love and empathy) of the Life Energy and kill it into immobility.   The Higher Universe of the Life Energy is negentropic being constantly expansive, and the lower Universe of deadly iron prison forces are entropic and work to bring it all to back to Nothingness.  Above all of this is Absolute Mind.  Beyond these insights and speculations, grounded in history, logic, mysticism, occult science, and experience, human consciousness cannot at present pass. See “Valis” and “The Exegesis” by Philip K. Dick (sci-fi writer  and theologian).  This dialectic between Eros and Thanatos is the motive force of a much larger divine plan.  The Higher Universe of the Life Energy is expanding and pulsating with information, energy, consciousness, and love.  The Lower Universe of Entropy is contractile, destructive, and seeks to obliterate love, consciousness and information.  The Earth is one of the battlegrounds for these two opposing forces of good and evil manifesting as Being and Nothingness.  As the ancient Greek philosophy Permenides of Elea stated: “From Nothing can only come Nothing.”  The mixture of Being and Nothingness gives rise to a lesser negentropic ontology of “appearance.”  Space and time are illusions.  All is One, eternal, infinite, and indestructible.  As Philip K. Dick added, we are cells, or orgone energy sacks (as per Dr. Wilhelm Reich) of Adam Kadman.  The vast and unending inner consciousness mirrors the vast and unending outer consciousness.  We are cosmic energy transmission metaphysical points that facilitate the cosmic orgone energy as it flows eternally in the circle of creation and enriched consciousness.  ALL IS ENERGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS!  It is the Plenum of the Gnostics.  This is the “Absolute Mind” of Hegel, but not as a closed ontology, but as an open never-ending spiritual revolution that negates the negation in the spiritual warfare of Eros vs. Thanatos.  It is the highest opposition in tension with the demonic. It sends out the spiritual physicians and healers.  The snake bites its tail! 319px-Rod_of_Asclepius2_svg
  36. New theophanies continue!! Smash the anti-life class structure. Anarcho-Gnosticism: “The discovery of the ancient Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi coupled with the writings of the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, especially with regard to his concept of the Black Iron Prison, has led to the development of Anarcho-Gnosticism. Some ancient forms of Gnosticism had many things in common with modern ideas of anarchism: their members lived on communes with little to no private property and they practiced ceremonies led by people chosen each time by lots rather than hierarchical authority. Some Gnostic groups also practiced equality among the sexes and people of various sexual orientation; some were vegetarians. Central to all Gnostic philosophy was an individual attainment of spiritual understanding and experience rather than one based on dogma. This spiritual existential force becomes life-energetic dynamite to explode the repressive life killing capitalists and communist castes. Gnostics often had decentralized church structure and, given that they believed we are all divine and one within the “fullness,” they placed a strong emphasis on equality. Gnostics saw themselves in opposition to spiritual entities called “archons,” a word which means “ruler”; the word “anarchy” comes from, “anarkhos,” meaning, “without rulers,” and so in many ways the goal of Gnosticism is literally anarchy.” (quoted from from Wikipedia). This is a revolutionary spiritual approach to social change. Dr. Reich thought it would take thousands of years, and involve countless generations. Life on earth does not have the luxury of such time now with the emotional plague of Islamo-fascism loose on the world with its demonic energies. Only extraterrestrial intervention from higher civilizations or spiritual powers can salvage life on earth. See one of Dr. Reich’s favorite films, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” (1951 version). The approach of the extraterrestrials in that film would be the only way to stop the coming catastrophe on earth. Perhaps, psychotronic mass cultural devices and weather clearing could also help, but all earth weapons must be destroyed from handguns to nuclear warheads. Peace, work democracy, and classless economies are the start of truly life-affirmative societies. See also, “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957). Klatuu of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is Christ-Cabalist. As Reich said in “The Murder of Christ:” “human civilization is not yet started, but we can do it.” See the blog for my book “The Metaphysics of Life Energy.”
  37. The Life Energy is negentropic in nature.  This cosmic energy, called “orgone” by Wilhelm Reich, concentrates from weaker systems into stronger ones.  It attains deeper and more enriched energy and consciousness.  It builds, expands, explores, reaches out, and enlivens.  By contrast, the entropic energy of atomic matter wears down, and dissipates into unconsciousness and nothingness, particularly in its radioactive form where it deforms the living body, destroys generation of future forms, and brings out social pathology.  It kills, immobilizes, reduces consciousness, and contracts all mobile life functions.   Dr. Reich, for the first time in human history, demonstrated the natural scientific roots of spirituality and religion in his “Oranur Experiment.”  He showed the relationship between the Life Energy and the Death Energy.  See also, “The Cosmic Puppets” by Philip K. Dick.
  38. Arthur Schopenhauer found the central insight into the human tragedy.  We hold the keys to our own prison.  It is the ceaseless feeding of the striving of the will to life that keeps our pure spiritual energy body imprisoned in our corrupt material body.  The spirit becomes deformed as clay is by a mechanical mold.  Liberation can be attained by freeing ourselves through negation of the negation (by the Occult Arts) and ascending or making the “trip” back to the ocean of metaphysical dimensions and the celestial academy.  The evil lower spiritual power threw our loving spirit into the material prison of the organic body of the earth.  Christ-Cabalist, other lesser spiritual guides, the departed, and other higher spiritual powers of love are available to help us use our own keys to open the doors to the metaphysical planes.  Very few use it.  As Cabalist Jesus said: “narrow is the gate that leads to it.”  The novelist and philosopher Henry Miller once observed: “Why be afraid of death?  It could be the start of a great adventure.  Don’t you know?”  Good spiritual therapy and the sacraments of psychedelics can help in the process.  See “The Doors of Perception” by philosopher Aldous Huxley. See also, “The World As Will And Idea” by Arthur Schopenhauer (London,Orion Publishing Group, Everyman Philosophy Series, 1995).
  39. What is the historical role of our friend the great Nietzsche?  Doubling down on the will to life can lead to madness, or at the least decay of the spirit.  However, for a genius like Nietzsche, the flower was beautiful while it lasted.  See the book “Nietzsche In Turin” by Lesley Chamberlain (N.Y.,Picador, 1998).
  40. The Occult Arts need to be used as a surgeon uses surgery.  Only resort to them when there is no other less dangerous alternative, and be satisfied with a partial but sure result.  Overuse can be reckless and leave the practitioner open to demonic possession of themselves and the object of their spiritual therapy.  Patience is a great virtue.  No competent Magus will do otherwise.  Aleister Crowley is one example of a Magus who went too far.  Both Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Philip K. Dick are others.  Dr. Israel Regardie, author of many great occult works such as “The Golden Dawn System” and “Tree of Life,” both published by Weiser, is a great example of a competent and careful Magus. Aleister_Crowley_by_AlexaurusRexzzzRegardieNewReichCrowley is on the left facing us, and Regardie on the right, Reich below. Nagasakibomb (1) For Reich, see the “Oranur Experiment.”  As to Crowley, read the history of his Thelema compound in Italy.
  41. The “family” is the prison cell within the larger institutional prison of the earth.  Liberation involves the “alone” going to the “Alone.”   We each have our trans-temporal individual fates to work out with the guidance of the spiritual higher powers.  Although the love between linked human Monads is real, and we can lend some assistance to each other, it is very limited and cannot override the almost infinite rounds of reincarnation.  Only Christ-Cabalists can override fate.
  42. From the Glossary of “Exegesis” by Philip K. Dick (N.Y., Houghton Mifflin, 2011): “plasmate: A Dickian neologism roughly equivalent to ‘living knowledge’ and another cognate for ‘VALIS’ [a novel written by Dick and published by Mariner Books in 2011].  Dick often felt that he had bonded with the plasmate in 2-3-74 [Dr. Katz: when he had a series of mystical experiences of having pink light projected into his brain by a fish symbol worn by a person delivering medication  from the local pharmacy.],  and that, as a result, he had a second self [from the Apostolic era] within his psyche, making him a homoplasmate.  Dick often regarded the plasmate the living transmission of the Gnostic goddess Sophie.”  This is “Orgone Energy” as revealed by Dr. Reich’s “Experiment XX” and “The Oranur Experiment.”
  43. When the spiritual armor dissolves, too many times we think we are dying.  I am not dying, I am being liberated! The Christ Energy in my core is being released!  This is why Christ-Cabalist told his students to leave their families., and roam with him.  Established society maintains the armor by thinking it is life, and losing it is death.  It is not life, it is stagnated deadly  psychic energy.
  44. Our universe is not the product of a “Big Bang.”  It was never created and will never be destroyed.  The idea of “Big Bang’ creation comes as an inherent part of the phenomena of the human mind as applied to various psychic energies.  The category of causation is an internal quality of human consciousness and lead Kant via Hume to conclude that space/time was also a form of human consciousness and did not exist as a “thing-in-itself.”  There is only infinite and eternal Absolute Mind with its various levels of ontological reality.  Hegel knew this.
  45. I have, by the grace of Christ-Cabalist, visited via astral travel with my brother, Ira David Katz, and my wife, Rosylin Kubran Katz.  The metaphysical planes are multidimensional and provide globules surrounded by a glass-like substance showing a complex of galaxies.  In these private enclosures, drenched in orgone energy, communication is telepathic from Spiritual Core to Spiritual Core with all of the accumulated quantum wisdom and experience of each person.  Current incarnations of each person are by holographic projection which, with “death,” are withdrawn up-linked back into the individual Spiritual Core.  I felt a great peace, love, and serenity.  Step-by-step, we ascend to the Godhead of Life Energy, and assist in its expansion and creation throughout the Universe.  This is beyond linear time and space.  Spiritual therapists are available to souls that return damaged.  See the work of Michael Newton.
  46. Incarnation can be a choice, as well as a confinement, in order to onto-logically strengthen the Life Energy as well as liberate it from what Philip K. Dick called the “Black Iron Prison.”  This Soul Monad gets sent by non-local quantum transference to the person’s Spiritual Core.  Ultimately, all soul Monads are cleansed of karma and joined together in the Godhead of Life Energy.  Christ-Cabalists free and forgive all from their involuntary servitude, guilt and mechanical reactions.  The writer of this Tractate has channeled this energy/information from the metaphysical dimensions.
  47. “The role of Christ in this is to wake us up and hence make us aware of our condition, which is a bondage within a totally determined system.  He is not working at cross-purposes to the macro-mind, however: this does not thwart the macro-form; it is an epiphany of the macro-mind in the person: a micro-form of it, like a mirror.  It represents consciousness per se….Every person who wakes up is a Christos: a micro-form of the total mind [Dr. Katz: Hegel’s Absolute Mind].  THE MACRO-MIND IS OVERJOYED WHEN A CONSTITUENT WAKES INTO CONSCIOUSNESS: IT MEANS A GLAD RE-UNION. THIS AMOUNTS TO A REPAIR TO THE DAMAGED GODHEAD, PARTS OF WHICH HAVE SUNK INTO UNCONSCIOUSNESS.  IT SHOULD BE AWAKE THROUGHOUT BUT IT IS NOT.” [Caps added].  From “Valis” by Philip K. Dick, page 563 (N.Y., Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011).  In other words, Dick’s “plasmate” is living intelligent energy a/k/a Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone energy” or cosmic energy.
  48. The decision as to whether a person reincarnates is made in consultation with their Spiritual Guide / Therapist. The main criteria are the degrees of spiritual de-armoring and liberation that the person has gained.  Can that person’s spiritual energy body tolerate continuous and free functioning on the metaphysical planes without being drawn back down into the “shells'” (to use a description of Cabalist Issac Luria).  Can they attend the Celestial Academy and continue to evolve and reach out spiritually so that more and more they can help the Godhead of Life Energy expand in contention with other spiritual forces, including the “Dark Force?”  The Spiritual Guides, all of whom have finally liberated themselves from the earth trap, are the Spiritual Orgone Therapists of the metaphysical planes.  The old occult maxim holds: as above so below.  Medical Orgone-Core-Bioenergetic Therapists below, Spiritual Orgone-Core-Bioenergetic Therapists above.  This is not a matter of “morality.”  It is functional-spiritual and life energetic.Dark-Matter-Filaments
  49. There is a higher dimensional life after death.  See the work of Dr. Richard Blasband on his web site “The Center for Functional Research” for the natural scientific basis for this, and listen to my radio interview of him on blogtalkradio on my show “Philosopher Vortex.”  See also, in general, “Psychic Discoveries” by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (N.Y., Marlowe & Company, 1997).  This book is a 1997 update to their earlier one published in the late 1960’s under  the name “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.”
  50. We are cells or sacks of energy and information in the Absolute Mind of the Life Energetic Universe.
  51. We are indeed particles of Absolute Mind.  As St. Thomas Aquinas asserted, the universal and rational part of the soul is eternal. See “A History of Philosophy”  Vol. II, pages 388-397, by Frederick Copleston, S.J. (N.Y., Image Books, 1985).    Carlo_Crivelli_007
  52. As pointed out by my independent study thesis adviser in metaphysics, and mentor in theology and mysticism, Dr. Robert Pasotti, St. Thomas had a mystical experience just prior to his death that made all of his writings seem like “straw.” [pointed out in private conversation].   The painting below is that of St. Francis and the higher spiritual powers bringing aid and comfort.  AAAAAAssisipainting (2)
  53. The Eternally Evolving Spiritual Energy Core is depicted below with quantum particles of information, derived via reincarnation and the Celestial Academy, in the blue cosmic energy sack. At some point, it moves closer to the Godhead of Life Energy and does not reincarnate. Pure love and unity of all connected souls dance, communicate,  and joyfully embrace in this pure Spiritual Cosmic Energy Cloud.  1624
  54. The Absolute Godhead of all Universes that generated the Higher Spiritual Energy of Life also generated demonic energies and other life inimical spiritual entities.  This Ultra-Spiritual Force is damaged.  It is our mission to help the expansive and loving Life Energy to overcome the demonic energies both on earth and on the metaphysical planes.
  55. R.D. Laing, the innovative British psychiatrist and philosopher, had one central insight: psychological disturbance and “mental illness” ripped the ego-armor open for a period of time allowing metaphysical insights and energies to flow in.  If not short circuited by inappropriate medical interventions, it could have a self-healing effect.  In addition, such information and energy could give people the ability to see behind the “grand facade” of society.  His self-help communes were places where people could live through their adventures in consciousness with the support of other explorers. See “R.D. Laing – The Man and His Ideas” by Richard I. Evans (includes interviews) (N.Y., E.P. Dutton, 1976).    Ronald_D._Laing (1)
  56. Power pathology and materialism are the collective chains of humanity.  This pathology is hidden by the fog of all religious and political ideology.  There is no salvation on earth.
  57. There are many Higher Spiritual Energy Cabalists with Christ Consciousness.  These are trained and undergo spiritual therapy with the original Christ-Cabalist (Omega Christ) in the Celestial Academy.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich was one of Omega Christ’s students.  See “The Murder of Christ”  (N.Y., Noonday, 1971)  and “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957), both by Reich.  This original Christ-Cabalist, which we designate Omega Christ-Cabalist, was the direct son of the extraterrestrial Godhead of Life Energy who was incarnated in a human woman.  Reich was the second such son incarnated here.  Reich: “On March 20, 1956, 10 p.m., a thought of a very remote possibility entered my mind, which, I fear, will never leave me again: Am I a Spaceman?  Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women?….I request my right and privilege to have such thoughts and to ask such questions without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of society.”  page 1, “Contact With Space.”  Elsworth Baker in his eulogy of Reich: “Only once in 2000 years does such a man come to earth.”   Dr. Baker told Dr. Robert Pasotti, my mentor in mysticism, that Reich prayed to the Cosmic Spiritual Energy in prison (Reich called it orgone energy).    Both Christ and Reich were ultimately crucified by the trapped ones on earth.  The Omega Christ from ancient times is the divine soul whose teachings form the core of the current Christian Churches and those Judaic groups and individuals who recognize his true nature as a Jewish Rabbi and Cabalist.  My Highest Spiritual Guide, known as a Maggid by the ancient Judaic Cabalists (See “Kabbalah” by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Meridian, 1978)), was one of his trainees.  Each human soul has spiritual guides and can, by study, experience, and functional mystical practice, gain access to a Christ-Cabalist.  As to Omega Christ-Cabalist, access to him is extremely rare, but may be granted to a few very highly evolved souls under circumstances not fully understood on earth.  He spends his “time” teaching candidates for Christ Consciousness in the higher dimensional Celestial Academy, and otherwise ascends periodically to sit at the right hand of the Godhead of Life Energy.  There he continually absorbs fresh spiritual life energy and wisdom that he transmits to his students who become spiritual guides and therapists.  Omega Christ will no longer return to earth to seek mass transformation.  His last mission,  where he was crucified, settled that question.   Only individuals can attain salvation and release from the earth hell and prison as the ancient Gnostic taught.  The only solution to the evil of the masses and their power pathological leaders, under the control of Satan and Deadly Cosmic Energy, can be found in placing them under the control of the Higher Dimensional Civilizations of Life Energy as depicted in the great movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version).  This was one of Dr. Reich’s favorites.  The authors of this picture were very consciousness of the connection of what was depicted in the movie to the Omega Christ crucifixion fate on earth.  All aggression and armaments on earth, and engines of death machines like private cars, etc., will be destroyed by the spiritual forces of St. Michael.  The next time Omega Christ comes to earth, as depicted in “Revelation” of the New Testament, will be in a metaphysical craft with the sword and not the olive branch.   19710_1291512004198638_5480810377727249073_n367px-Jesus_wanted_posterreichprison
  58. Take courage my brothers and sisters!  There is a Divine Plan.  We are needed by the Godhead of Life Energy to help carry it out.  It will be attained.  We can then all dwell in the eternal peace and love of God with our loved ones and all saved humanity!  Now, we can only see parts as through a glass darkly.  From where  the Godhead sits, the tapestry all fits together.  All tragedies will be healed.  Expansion will continue into all Universes.
  59. Each individual has a plasma slice of the Messianic within their soul.  Each can only save themselves.  But signs along the snow filled trackless paths can be placed.  This is Nietzsche’s joyful wisdom!
  60. Be at deep inner peace, tranquility and serenity, my brothers and sisters!  This is the joyful good news!  All has been preordained on the metaphysical levels for each one of us.  There are no accidents.  Stop tormenting yourselves over the tragedies and pain.  While we may in a limited manner change some specifics of the micro-quantum field, the core spiritual result has been written into eternity and infinity.  Yes, this is a paradox.  We have some free will and yet all is carved as if in granite.  This zen-like paradox will be solved on the higher metaphysical levels. It is not an excuse for passivity and resignation.  This is courageous acceptance.  Our striving is also a factor in the equation.  But nothing can be changed in the past, present, or future.  Everything already exists and is projected and animated in holographic form by cosmic energy running though the crystal disks of the Gods.  Think of the layers of an archaeological site of old cities, one on top of another.  All are concurrently alive when streams of cosmic energy stream through them.  As one evolves into the other, it gets more substantial in ontology.  This is the secret of time travel.  Time is an illusion.  Each layer is of the concentric plasma pointed out by the philosopher Plotinus.   It reascends to the One.    It is already a fact from all eternity.  Think on this my friends!!  Nietzsche’s eternal cycles of return are in operation.          akashicWeb3gold
  61. As Kant showed, time and space are products of human perception.  They have no objective existence.  This is why, per point 60 directly above, time is an illusion and all is preordained.  It is also why all exists in eternity together as layers in the Cosmic One.  Nothing is created, and, nothing is destroyed.  It can’t be.  As Einstein recognized, cosmic energy is eternal.  “Time” is relative to the concentric ring you happen to be floating in.  However, all rings exist in the One as One. See Plotinus.  Immanuel_Kant_(painted_portrait)365px-Einstein_1921_by_F_SchmutzerPlotinos (2)
  62. In regard to our existential predestination, my father, Irving Katz, grew up during the depression in the Jewish ghetto of Brownsville Brooklyn.  His parents were immigrants from Russia and the old Jewish Kabbalah folk wisdom was still very much alive in the Jewish community.  He would say in Yiddish: “Man plans….and God laughs!”
  63. As the readers of this “Tractatus” already know, the author is a Jewish mystic and Hermetic Cabalist.  I have two kinds of dreams: the ordinary dream from day fragments that Freud described and analyzed, and the paranormal or psychic that channels metaphysical and prophetic information.  A few days prior to this writing, the Gods favored me with the latter, as they do from time to time at very unpredictable and lengthy intervals.  In this paranormal dream, my late brother, Ira David Katz and myself were on a city street.  Suddenly planes appeared overhead and started to disintegrate as major metal parts began to rain down on the streets.  We ran and took shelter.  Just as we were closing the door to the building, an atomic blast took place and an atomic flash radiated out in a hot wind.  I managed to duck fully in, but my brother was partly caught by it.  My brother, who has the same name as my cousin who is a physician, was clearly injured by it.  Before he died, he injected me with some substance to help me survive.  This is very synchronous (See the work of Dr. Jung on “Synchronicity”) with Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s “Oranur Experiment” that was designed to help humans survive a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union during the Korean War.  The dream shows, according to my interpretation, that Ira David was sent to infuse me with the metaphysical wisdom to survive his death and the abandonment of my son and family.  Ira was given permission to temporarily visit me in the metaphysical portion of the dream state and help me as I tried to help him on earth.  As to the prophetic part,  I consulted “The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus” made available by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan (VT., Tuttle Publishing, 2012) discovered recently in the Central National Library of Rome.  After protective rituals that I (Dr. Steven Katz) performed as a Magus, a card was picked under the Sun Suits Sign that denoted the “Warrior” of functional wisdom.  The prediction, after interpretation, was that there will be a global nuclear war before the end of the 21st century growing out of the increasing antagonism of the United States to Russia.  The card picked by mystical guidance was the number 12 Sun Knight associated with the politician Cesare Borgia (I think representing Putin)  (this will be the next disaster to strike us after 9/11).  My gratitude to the Jewish Warrior, Ira David Katz, and Dr. Ira Sheldon.   Nostradamus_by_Cesarcaduceus-medical-symbol-chrome-11185448Jung (2)200px-Sigmund_Freud_LIFEHermes_mercurius_trismegistus_siena_cathedral
  64. Ninety percent of human existential functioning is biologically / socially conditioned, and theologically preordained.  The roughly (the figures are wide approximations) ten percent of freedom, called “free-will,” is the creative scope that the individual has to expand liberation from the earth trap through countless reincarnations to spiritual liberation.  Yet, despite this, all is written in stone from eternity to eternity.  THERE IS NO HUMAN FREE-WILL TO ESCAPE KARMIC SPIRITUAL LAW.  ONLY BY THE GRACE OF THE GODHEAD OF THE LIFE ENERGY CAN THE KARMIC CHAIN, THE ASTRAL DETERMINISM OF ENTROPY, BE BROKEN AND THE INDIVIDUAL SOUL LIBERATED.  THIS IS VERY RARE AND REQUIRES A PLEA DIRECTLY TO THE GODHEAD WITHOUT ANGEL OR HIGHER SPIRITUAL POWER INTERMEDIARIES.  See “Angel Intelligence” by Yehuda Berg (N.Y., Kabbalah Centre International, 2007).  See also, “Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience,” article on “Karma,” pages 312-313 (NJ, Castle Books, 1991): “Only the attainment of enlightenment eliminates new karma and the need to reincarnate.”  At best, minor details of the micro-situation may be changed on earth, but not the final spiritual result.  Have no fear sisters and brothers, we have eternity to work out our own liberation and enlightenment, as the Buddha put it.  Drop all sense of “pressure” or “rush.”  Ultimately, although this may not be apparent in the earth prison (theologian and science fiction writer Philip K. Dick called it the “Black Iron Prison” of astral determinism), we cleanse all of this in the timeless domains.  The concept of free-will on earth is a pernicious illusion placed in consciousness by the evil lower spiritual powers, called “Archons” by the Gnostic philosophers, to implant guilt.  Thus driving the poor souls ever deeper into the illusions of what the Eastern philosophers call “Maya.”  This is a dialectical process whereby even the sense of “free-will” is preordained as is the existential spiritual fate of each human individual.  The key feature of preordained destiny is entropy.  The margin of creative will is the negentropic cosmic or orgone energy providing for expansion and liberation.  The fathomless secret of spiritual liberation is contained in the dialectics of spiritual energy.  Yet, despite this, both the entropic and negentropic energies are predetermined for each individual.  WE CAN CHANGE ONLY SURFACE APPEARANCE, NOT SPIRITUAL CORE REALITY AND RESULT DURING EACH REINCARNATION.  It is like putting a paint job on an old car without changing the engine.  This all comes from “Nous,”  an expression of cosmic “pink” energy that is incomprehensibly rooted in the “One” of Plotinus.  It overflows to the cosmos and creates the Higher and Lower souls of the human psyche.  The Higher Self is expansive and negentropic.  The Lower Self, or mask and secondary layer of destructive feelings, are entropic and destroy all, turning all into nothingness.  This is the eternal battle between good and evil or, as Dr. Freud put it,  Eros vs. Thanatos.  In Dr. Reich’s concepts it is Orgone Energy (Life Energy) vs. Deadly Orgone Energy (Death Energy).  Death Energy tears down, while Life Energy builds up.  The “Answer” is in the “One.”  Philip K. Dick’s “pink spiritual light energy” and information in his novel “Valis” demonstrates how the “One” may overflow into Nous and provide mystical transformation.  It did happen.  See his nonfiction diary called “Exegesis.”   As always, see William James’s “Varieties of Religious Experience.”  Abraxas,_Nordisk_familjebok
  65. The Cosmic Energy (Orgone Energy) is Hegel’s living “Absolute Mind,” or as the mystic philosopher Plotinus put it, “The One.” As it contracts down into matter, it loses life.  That is why we live in a “mirror” holographic reality.  The living human is half dead.  After “death” the organism returns to full life.  See “Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy” by Ola Raknes, chapter on “Orgonomy and Evolution,” pages 110-119 (Baltimore, Penguin Books, 1971).   The_wheel_of_life%2C_Trongsa_dzongEndlessKnot03d (2)Symbol%20of%20Orgonomic%20FunctionalismAleister_Crowley,_Magus
  66. If read as a book of theology and philosophy, the work of jurist Daniel Paul Schreber, “Memoirs of My Nervous Illness,” contains amazing insights.  This is the approach I think R.D. Laing would take, and I also favor it.  “Mental illness,” or disturbance can rip open the spiritual ego armor and allow cosmic illumination to flow in.  These experiences must be separated out from pathological distortions   In this regard, it resembles drug induced visions and insights (See the work of Philip K. Dick).  The psychoanalysts, and other mental health practitioners, tend to reduce them to pure pathology.  They throw the baby out with the bath water.  If he was not already a well known philosopher, the writings of Nietzsche might have been put in the trash as the ravings of a madman!
  67. Every spiritual event in our lives has been predetermined by the Higher Spiritual Powers from the date of our birth to the very second of our death on the material plane.  As to the spiritual energy trapped in the human organic armoring, all we can do is effect a few details, not the final spiritual result brought about.  This is because the earth plane is a prison created by lower demonic forces. This was called by Dr. Reich “Deadly Orgone Energy.”  (See his “Oranur Experiment.”)  These lower demonic powers, called by the gnostics “Archons,” trap our spiritual energies into immobile spiritual objects.  Archons are governed by entropy and astral determinism.   At best, we can improve a margin of material circumstances.  On the higher metaphysical planes, we have free will and negentropic expansive life energy to learn from prior incarnations and examine the Akashic records of all past lives.  We can attend the Celestial Academy, and learn new occult arts and spiritual laws.  We can work toward spiritual liberation and escape from the pull of the deadly cosmic forces (DOR) down into the dense material low vibration “reality” of the earth or other planetary body.    We can explore the Cosmos in metaphysical craft (known as UFOs).  The Higher Spiritual Powers will determine our next incarnation, if necessary due to remaining spiritual armor, according to spiritual laws not completely known by us.  Sometimes. the Godhead of the Life Energy will intervene directly to alter destiny on earth without intermediaries, even of Christ Consciousness.   It is a rare and mysterious process.  This was granted to Moses, but not Christ-Cabalist.  This is a mystery.  One of my favorite folk tales concerns the “Angel of Death.”  An aged trader in a city in Persia gets word that the Death Angel is coming for him.  He flees to another city 100 miles away.  There he runs into the Death Angel.  The trader says: “I thought you were due in my city by now!”  “Yes, that is so,” the Angel of Death answers.  “But I was delayed here.  How convenient that you came to meet me!”   Below are pictures of some Adolf_Hitler_retoucheddemonic servants in human form.    Marshall_Stalin
  68. Here looking below is a picture of the anti-matter demonic penis, with shaft and head.   Nagasakibomb (1)
  69. The proof for the existence of the Godhead of Life Energy is all around us, and his son / daughter is born in every baby!
  70. As my Mentor in Mysticism, D. Robert Pasotti used to say, “God’s existence is the most obvious reality in the world!”  I would add that the Devil (Demonic or deadly psychic energy that Dr. Wilhelm Reich called Deadly Orgone Energy”) is even more obvious.  Just open any newspaper anywhere on the earth!!
  71. Prior to his death, Pope John said “My bags are packed!”
  72.  Earth is the death domain.  Life exists only completely on the metaphysical planes.
  73. My Metaphysical UFO is being loaded up with Orgone Energy – the fuel of Star travel!”    salem1952
  74. I have proven that astral travel in UFOs to the metaphysical planes and back is possible while incarnated on earth.  The use of intentional consciousness to build the space ship via quantum particles is quite possible.  “Non-locality” is an index of this inter-dimensional travel.  See, in this connection, “Ether Ships” by Meade Lane, the founder of Borderland Sciences.    This is only a reaffirmation of what many other mystics discovered, going back to the Merkabah Jewish mystics.  See also, “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scolem, Second Lecture, “Merkabah Mysticism And Jewish Gnosticism,” pages 40-79 (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995): “The idea of the seven heavens though which the soul ascends to its original home, either after death or in a state of ecstasy while the body is still alive, is certainly very old.”  cite from page 54.
  75. Christian Apologetic doctrine concerning the monotheistic “All Powerful and Omniscient Good God” and human “free-will” died in the German concentration camps.  The Gnostic philosophy and mystical complexity of our existence fits the criteria of our reality on the demonic earth.  There is the inscrutable “One” of Plotinus, and below that many life-affirmative Good, and life-negative Evil, spiritual powers in mortal and eternal combat.  Any all powerful and omniscient monotheistic God that would permit continual holocausts is a cruel God indeed!  That is all!!!
  76. Christ Cabalist Consciousness is present throughout the Cosmos, including the upper metaphysical dimensions or planes.   The original Christ Cabalist, who incarnated on earth via an extraterrestrial father and earth mother,  projects this salvation energy and information by holographic orgone (Life) radiation from his place in the Life Energy Godhead.  An up-link prayer will make contact and then the energy and guidance will flow down and bring you closer to the source of life and wisdom.  These upper planes may be visited by metaphysical astral craft where you may feel his presence and warmth.  Spiritual armor will dissolve.    Christ_Pantocrator_mosaic_from_Hagia_Sophia_2744_x_2900_pixels_3.1_MB (2)
  77. The writer of this work has had a very heavy heart about his younger bother, Ira David Katz, who was killed by an American Nazi at an early age (the age of a young soldier, which he de facto was).  I have wanted to visit the grave site for a year, but just could not get myself to go out there.  Christ Cabalist  sent me his instruction and wisdom on this.  It is the first direct spiritual communication I have channeled from him. Christ Cabalist telepathically stated to me (today is October 6, 2015): “Did I not create a Religion of Life, and not a Religion of Death?  Did I not myself, when I was incarnated on  earth, resurrect the “dead.”  Was I myself not resurrected by the Godhead of Life, my Father, and transported to the metaphysical dimensions from where I came?  Therefore, be at peace in your heart and feel a lightness and gladness!  For the past several days, you have visited Ira David, and Roz (my late wife), on the metaphysical dimension with the my arms around all of you.  You will be with us soon.  Be glad!  Cemeteries were a product of the Roman and Egyptian materialist death societies.   There is nothing but discarded organic vehicles buried in cemeteries.   I AM EVERLASTING LIFE AND SALVATION!!  You have accepted me and surrendered your soul to me.  You have been forgiven all limitations and lack of empathy while in the earth prison. Even at that, your Celestial Spiritual Teachers (whom I taught) kept your core clean on earth and directed you to the level of Magus!  You did all you were able to do.  Now go forth until I bring you home!”
  78. The very perplexing and thorny problem of predestination of the soul vs. the soul’s free will has plagued philosophers and theologians for thousands of years.  That is why I keep returning to it.  My solution is not either/or but both.  The spiritual energy of the soul is negentopic (it builds up) and expansive.  It is energy before matter.  The mass free life energy (called orgone by Dr. Reich) of the soul is freely functioning and creative.  On the other hand, spiritual energy “after matter” that is trapped in molecular and atomic structure is entopic (it runs down) and is 90 to 95 percent predetermined.  Once the soul incarnates, it has 5 to 10 percent leeway to work on its own liberation and development from this material trap.  By and large (and the numbers are just approximations), once we are drawn into incarnation, most of the events of our lives are predetermined.  The ancient Jewish mystics called this “life portions.”  The date of our birth and death are preordained to the second.  We can at best change marginal circumstances, but not the ultimate result.  This is another reason that the so-called human “enlightenment” philosophy has failed to change fundamental spiritual reality.  With development, and a new incarnation based on knowledge, experience and spiritual guidance,  this can be gradually changed.  With very highly developed spiritual humans, like Christ and Buddha, the predetermination is largely neutralized and the spirit liberated. There are no more incarnations into the earth prison.
  79. It is important to remember the observation of the philosopher Leibniz that “the Monad” has no windows.  Each energy soul is unique and bound by its own inner dynamics, for good or bad.  While Spiritual Higher Powers like Christ Cabalist may sometimes, but rarely, be able to spiritually change another soul though intervention, we humans here on earth cannot.  This is one reason that psychotherapy has limitations in many ways.  This is also why some people escape a certain fate for a time, only to meet it in another form at another time and in other circumstances.  I am reminded of an individual who escaped a mass shooting in a Mall only to be killed in another mass shooting later in a movie theater.  I like to cite that old folk tale about the “Angel of Death.”  A rug dealer heard from his spiritual adviser that the Angel of Death may be looking for him.  The dealer fled the city to another 100 miles away.  There, he ran into the Angel of Death.  The dealer said: “I thought you were coming to my city today?”  The Angel replied, “Yes, I was, but I got delayed.  How kind of you to meet me here.”    Gottfried_Wilhelm_von_Leibniz
  80. All is preordained by Divine Providence.   There is a a timeless and infinite tapestry of events.  We here trapped on the earth can only see  only a worm’s eye view of the design.  Even the attempt to change a small finite part of it is met by stiff resistance, as demonstrated by Stephen King in his novel “11-22-63.” (London, Hodder, 2012).   Incidentals may be changed, but the ultimate spiritual result of life energy imprisoned in entropic (runs down and disintegrates) matter is foreordained in the Absolute Mind (Hegel) that is eternal and not in linear time.  It is expressed on earth in set biological, psychological and social conditioning (which makes up 90-95 percent of our functioning) that we incarnate into (for the creative use of the 5 or 10 percent of ‘”free will” left to us, see the work of psychoanalyst Otto Rank: “Will Therapy” (N.Y., Norton Library, 1978 ); “Beyond Psychology” (N.Y., Dover, 1958)).  The time of birth and death are set in stone to the second.  Only details of the situation may be altered.  The past and the future are all preserved in this supra-temporal complex of energy patterns running like veins of neurological nerves.   Even where an event is changed in some way by human effort, in some detail, the “butterfly” effect will only have unintended consequences and instead of one undesired event we may have twenty of them.  If you think that this realization is a negative and depressing, the writer of this tract does not.  Looked at under the eye of eternity, it is very liberating!!  Nor does this mean we must be resigned and passive!  On the contrary, we are freed from the pernicious idea of “free will” which is used to repress and exploit by guilt.  The act of creation by the Godhead of Life, known to the physicists as the “big bang,” was aborted by demonic lower spiritual powers that trapped the mass-free expansive / negentropic cosmic energy in matter (atoms, molecules).  This demonic force within depraved humans aborts babies from the womb of God.  It is no part of the God of Life and has an independent existence.  The God of Life is not omnipotent.  It is not a cruel God.  It needs our help.  This insight goes back two thousand years to the ancient Gnostic philosophers.  The demonic spiritual powers distorted the cosmic or orgone energy bodies into entropic (it runs down and destroys life) mechanical energy that subjected creation to linear time.  Linear time is like a holographic movie that can be run backwards and ahead.  Earth matter is insubstantial and porous.   It has lower energy vibrations while the higher dimensions of cosmic energy have higher vibrations and denser matter.  That is why the entire Universe was contained in a microscopic point before creation.  The more dense, the higher the consciousness, vibration and timelessness.  See “The Ether Ships” by Meade Lane (Borderland Sciences, 1957).  As we liberate ourselves from the prison of earth, with the help of our higher life-affirmative spiritual powers,  we ascend via metaphysical craft (UFOs) into the “Ether Civilization of Life.”  We ultimately return to the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy Godhead.  This is the origin of Christ Consciousness referred to in this work as the Rabbi Christ Cabalist.  Higher Life-Affirmative powers, such as Christ and Buddha among others, teach in the Celestial Academy of the “Ether Civilization.”  See the work of Dr. Michael Newton (“Journey of the Soul” – consult this Blog’s Bibliography) for a partial description of this natural higher civilization.   The great Eastern religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, among others as ancient, recognized the transcendent and immanent Life Cosmic Energy.  (See “Orgone, Reich, Eros, – Wilhelm Reich’s Theory of Life Energy,”  Part III, by W. Edward Mann (N.Y., Simon and Schuster, 1973).  See also, “Philosophies of India” by Heinrich Zimmer (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1989); and “A Short History Of Chinese Philosophy” by Fung Yu-Lan (N.Y., Free Press, 1967)).zzzzztravel-back-in-time (2)    Buddha-painting (2)Brahma,_Vishnu_and_Shiva_seated_on_lotuses_with_their_consorts,_ca1770 (2)
  81. The writer of this work now realizes he was sent here prior to incarnation to provide consolation and help to a crucified family by the Celestial Academy.  Salvation is only within the power of Christ Consciousness.  May his mercy be on all of us here and hereafter!  “Every incarnation is a crucifixion!” – Aleister Crowley    367px-Jesus_wanted_poster
  82. It is not the Godhead of the Life Energy itself that is damaged as asserted by Philip K. Dick in his “Exegesis.”  No.  It is the Godhead’s Life Energy expansion that is being interfered with and damaged by hostile anti-life spiritual powers.  Remember the old occult postulate: “As above, so below.”  It works both ways.
  83. The returning to earth of Christ happens each time a new baby is born.  Each child is a precious incarnation of openness, love, softness, and soul.  This starts at the moment of conception when the Spiritual Life Energy Soul connects to the fertilized egg, and guides her/him to term.  Abortion is crucifixion!  See “The Murder of Christ” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1971).
  84. The writer of this work received, in writing on this Blog, the following message from Christ: “You have surrendered your soul to me.”  I did not write this, and nobody else has writing access to my works.  It was placed in such a way that I could not overlook it in the title section of a writing.  In addition, in the last few days, the following astrological reading for my sign (Sagittarius) appeared: “You did not arrive at your present position by chance: it is all part of the grand design. Once you accept that fact you won’t worry so much about what went wrong in the past or what the future might bring.  You are under divine protection.”  With mystical prayer, the Signs are now starting to come more abundantly.  Joachim of Fiore depicted below.    AJoachim-Fiore
  85. Joachim of Fiore was a great medieval theologian (born 1135).   He found major significance in the triad, as did Hegel later on.  Joachim traced the development of theological consciousness from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and a “Third Period of the Holy Spirit” that would result in each human creating their own theology without church or institutional hierarchy (“The New Jerusalem”of Revelation).  As did Professor Gershom Scholem (author of “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism”), Joachim predicted that a spiritually healthy society would be one of religious anarchy and communistic (in the Monastic sense) secular society guided by Christ consciousness.  No human should want for the basic necessities of life, those who had a surplus were expected to help those who did not have the adequate means to life.  The concept has strong similarities (common functioning principles)  to theologian-scientist Teilhard de Chardin’s “Christogenesis” (Teilhard depicted below). This is the second coming as collective Christ consciousness.  Marxist theologian Ernst Bloch (depicted below next to Teilhard), who opposed totalitarian communism as well as state capitalism, also had an analysis close to this religious Utopia.  Finally, Dr. Wilhelm Reich viewed this dialectical development resulting in the prevalence of free-flowing orgone energy both within and without the human soul in a “work democratic” society (“Holy Spirit” as orgone or cosmic energy in the medieval language.).    TeilhardP_1947 (2)Zentralbild Quasch/Krueger 8.11.1954   See: “Teilhard – The Man, The Priest, The Scientist” by Mary and Ellen Lukas (N.Y., Doubleday, 1977); “The Principle of Hope,” Vol. 3, by Ernst Bloch (Mass., MIT, 1996); “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N,Y. Noonday, 1971).  As Hegelian scholar Raya Dunayevskaya conceived it, quoting Hegel: “‘The self-judging of the Idea into its two appearances [para. 575, 576] characterizes both as its [the self-knowing reason’s] manifestations: and in it there is a unification of the two aspects: – it is the nature of the fact the notion, which causes the movement and development, yet this same movement is equally the action of cognition.  The eternal Idea, in full fruition of its essence, eternally sets itself to work, engenders and enjoys itself as absolute Mind.’: [para. 577]  We have entered the new society.” (taken from Hegel’s “Philosophy of Mind.”) .  This is an open movement, not a closed ontology.  Joachim referred to it as “The New Jerusalem” of “Revelation.”  See “The Philosophic Moment of Marxist-Humanism,” page 52, by Raya Dunayevskaya (Chicago, News and Letters, 1989).
  86. “CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION HAVE NOT BEEN YET.  THEY ARE JUST BEGINNING TO ENTER THE SOCIAL SCENE.  IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE CHRONIC MURDER OF CHRIST.” –  Dr. Wilhelm Reich from “The Murder of Christ.”  “And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.”  Revelation 1:16.
  87. Gnostic Warrior for Life (depicted below): Lev Bronstein a/k/a Commander Leon Trotsky.   t1918a
  88. The great medieval theologian Joachim of Fiore’s projected “Third Testament” he called the age of the “Holy Spirit.”  This was a mystical anarchist democracy in preparation for the final days.  The key element was compassion and what psychoanalyst Alfred Adler called “social feeling.”  There is no class structure and no churches.  Each individual creates his own theology and social praxis.
  89. “To further enlarge the ceremony he got down – a bit reluctantly – his copy of The Book: A.J. Specktowsky’s “How I Rose From the Dead in My Spare Time and So Can You,” a cheap copy with soft covers, but the only copy he had ever owned; hence he had a sentimental attitude toward it. Opening at random (a highly approved method) he read over a few familiar paragraphs of the great twenty-first century Communist theologian’s apologia pro vita sua. ‘God is not supernatural. His existence was the first and most natural mode of being to form itself.'”
    Philip K. Dick from “A Maze of Death.”    PhilipDick
  90. The natural process of spiritual orgone energy bodies into reincarnation is a complex phenomenon not fully understood by cosmic energy scientists and philosophers.  At the outset, this writer would like to make crystal clear that the use of this process of spiritual life energy progression to justify the class structure of societies, as is done in the East, is a gross and pernicious misuse of it for pathogenic purposes.  The idea that one must accept passively exploitation at the bottom of society so that they may rise to a higher class in a future life is what my mentor, Dr. Robert Pasotti, used to call pathogenic mysticism.  It is the goal of the “Godhead of the Life Energy” that all humans on earth be freed from the earth prison and be liberated to flow and express their spiritual natures in the expansion of the cosmos in a process called “Christogenesis” by philosopher and scientist Teilhard de Chardin.   After each incarnation, Higher Spiritual Energy Therapists meet with each soul and together a future incarnation is designated , if one is required and desired.  Sometimes, a person has evolved sufficiently to enter the Celestial Academy and be trained to render direct assistance to the “Godhead of Life Energy” in its struggles in the infinite and eternal ocean of cosmic energy.  The most highly spiritually evolved people, such as Moses, Christ-Cabalist, Buddha, and many other lesser but knowledgeable teachers will also be lecturing (INCLUDING THE GREAT PHILOSOPHERS, SCIENTISTS, AND THEOLOGIANS).  Each person, or spiritual Monad, if appropriate, is placed and to some extent “reprogrammed” into a specific reincarnation situation, socially and psychologically, in order to further their spiritual evolution and expansion.  There is a margin of “free-will” to handle this on the part of the returning soul. All of us who return are meant to teach each other love and spiritual expansion through action and information.  Those who were anti-life on earth in their last incarnation will be put into isolation and receive intensive spiritual therapy before being permitted to return and make amends.  They will feel within themselves all the hurts and tragedies that they caused.  Much more detail is supplied in the books of Dr. Michael Newton who hypnotically regressed thousands of patients to describe the “between lives” process.  See his book “Soul Journey.”  There are many legitimate and scientifically valid cases described by well-trained and reputable scientists and lay investigators, including Dr. Richard Blasband, and many others (there is one absolutely airtight case, beyond a reasonable doubt, concerning the recollections of a three year old child, who in a prior life was shot down as an airman in the Pacific during World War II).  See also, the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson.   Philip K. Dick’s book “Exegesis” should also be consulted as well as his novel “Valis” based on true events.  One of the great teachers in the Celestial Academy, Dr. Giordano Bruno, depicted here:    BRUNOGiordano-Brun (2)  Bruno was burned alive by the Roman Inquisition in 1600.  The same Demonic forces were behind the U.S.A. FDA prosecution and death of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.   Reich was sponsored for the faculty of the Celestial Academy by Giordano Bruno and “now” (our time conception) teaches there.  Reich depicted here:    NewReich
  91. The fusion of natural theology and science is a major development in the 21st Century.  As to political philosophy, a rational and creative fusion can be attained in forms of libertarian mystical democracy. See the work of philosophers Herbert Marcuse, Raya Dunayevskaya, Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Wilhelm Reich, Alfred Adler, Teilhard de Chardin, and many others.
    As to natural spirituality, see the work of philosophers Plato, Plotinus, Carpocrates, Joachim of Fiore, Thomas Munster, Meister Eckhart, Isaac Luria, Evelyn Underhill, Dion Fortune, Alan Watts, William James, Leonardo Boff, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, Fritjof Capra (author of “The Tao of Physics”), and many others. This is a natural spiritual process via cosmic spiritual energy body reincarnation, until ascension to the timeless higher dimensions is attained resulting in merger with the “Godhead of Life.” This is the “One” of Plotinus that was the first form in the infinite and eternal cosmic energy ocean. This is not a closed ontology, but an infinite and eternal dialectical process in the natural and higher ether civilizations. This theology merges with mystical democracy (see Joachim of Fiore) in the struggle to free the mind/body from the “Iron Prison of Earth” and the spiritual armor it imposes from birth forward (as Philip K. Dick put it).   Einstein-Rosen Rainbow-Bridge-Antahkarana-worm-hole

  92. Further supporting point 91 above, it is a commonly known fact among reincarnation researchers that children between the ages of approximately 2-5 seem to access past life memories with great facility and detail.  There are many documented cases by Ian Stevenson M.D., and many other researchers and child therapists of these children. This makes great sense in that they are still relatively spiritually unarmored and bio-psychologically open at these ages in many cases.  As social conditioning takes hold, the memories fade.  See: “The Case For Reincarnation” by J. Allan Danelek (Minn., Llewellyn Publications, 2010).  See also, the work of Dr. Richard Blasband and Philip K. Dick.
  93. As St. Paul said, we see as through a glass darkly into the metaphysical domain.  God has woven an eternal and infinite tapestry of multiple dimensions and realities.  If we are graced with God’s mercy, sometimes we are allowed to see a brief portion as the veil of Maya and illusion is lifted briefly to alleviate suffering and blindness.  What here in this dim and heavy material domain looks like a tragedy, may be a blessing to a person seen from above.  By leaving this veil of suffering and tears early, a new and better incarnation may be attained and much more suffering avoided.    Bartolomeo_Montagna_-_Saint_Paul_-_Google_Art_Project
  94. Blinded by the ideology of the enlightenment, Western Civilization is defenseless against the demonic forces now invading it.    220px-The_Army_of_Super_Creatures
  95. At “times,” the Godhead of Life Energy, in conjunction with the higher spiritual therapeutic guides and the teachers in the Celestial Academy, will use us for the purposes of the salvation of others.  He/She works through us.  This may be far from apparent to us in this “Black Iron Prison” of the earth (to use a term from  Philip K. Dick).  In this regard, it takes spiritual work on ourselves, and study, to realize when that happens in a specific existential situation.  On the highest plane, it happens continuously to all of us.  As Aleister Crowley once said: “every incarnation is a Crucifixion.”  “The Murder of Christ,” by Wilhelm Reich, clearly depicts this to the extent possible.
  96. No matter how well grounded in philosophy, theology, and natural science, the theologian’s belief in afterlife higher dimensional existence will be eroded by the relentless mechanical entropic materialism of the society and people around him.  This is part of the material trap and its cognitive expression.  It will appear with a feeling of slight despair to start, and then, if not neutralized by vigorous and focused spiritual effort, it will start to take over and spread like a metastasizing cancer.  Even Philip K. Dick began to feel it at the end.  Constant vigilance and spiritual effort will overcome it.  Courage and endurance are the prime requirements.  Without these qualities, one should not delve into these matters of occult science, and mysticism.  Otherwise, as in the old horror / science fiction movies, they will say of you: “He tampered with matters best left to God.”
  97. The old mystics had a concept that they called “the dark night of the soul.”  In order to liberate ourselves from the spiritual armor, we must “go through hell to come out clean again.”
  98. That old Magus Reich knew, after the “Oranur Experiment,” that he had stepped into another dimension.  It is here that, perhaps for the first time, he understood Carl Jung.  Aleister Crowley knew, from almost the start of his spiritual experimentation, that all who tread our path become, out of necessity, Cosmonauts of inner space-time.  However,not all of us return from the higher metaphysical dimensions.  Not all of us are required to return. Cosmos
  99. What, in the final analysis, does the second coming of Christ mean?  It means that he is coming to temporarily reincarnate within himself the collective body of Christ Consciousness of those still trapped on earth, but aware of him and of his metaphysical mystical body,2010-bald-eagle-with-fish and can see his metaphysical vehicle.  The particles of rain rejoin the cosmic ocean of spiritual energy.     ein Chapter IV
  1. “Death” opens the door to a great adventure!   (see Henry Miller).
  2. I look forward with great anticipation to, after rejoining my loved ones, entering the Celestial Academy!  akashicWeb3gold
  3. At the time of this writing (November 2015), the author has noticed the increasing presence of guardian spiritual powers or “angels” in the form of pulsating energy lights in his vicinity as he works and penetrates deeper and deeper into the metaphysical mysteries.  As the insights and answers to the most perplexing human spiritual problems increasingly flow by the grace of God into my mind, it seems clear to me why I am still on the earth and why I have the equivalent of an “angelic” secret service providing divine protection to me so that I might continue to work.  When this spiritual experimentation and investigation is over, I will leave the earth dimension.
  4. Raymond Moody, the well-known “afterlife” researcher, in his memoirs, relates that there is a logic to mysticism.  Yes, indeed.  It is the higher logic of the metaphysical planes.  Using the narrow logic and common sense of this dark earth dimension, we misinterpret many actions of the higher spiritual powers.  They see a much larger tapestry of reality than we do.  They are in a position to understand God’s actions and intentions.  As the physicist in “The Mothman Prophecies” said to a journalist’s question as to why these “supernatural” creatures seem to appear before catastrophes: “They are natural parts of our earth.  You can see them in ancient cave paintings.  But from where they are sitting, they can see a little further down the road than we can.”
  5.  The writer is starting to cross the bridge to the metaphysical dimensions, and communications are increasing in both directions. The road is now clear.  The transition should be seamless.   time-travel
  6. The Higher Etheric Civilization is a natural scientifically proven domain.  This is where our etheric body goes after our physical body wears out or can no longer function. From this higher vibratory dimension, we either reincarnate back to earth in a new organic body housing our Etheric Body with its accumulated wisdom and experience, or we enter the Celestial Academy to assist the God of Life in its expansion into the Universe.  There are other functions to repair souls, create art, and further the expansion of life-affirmative consciousness beyond the academy depending on the abilities of the person.  We meet all those that we knew on earth through a loving quantum entanglement. See  the work, among others, of Trevor James Constable.
  7. Philosophers of mystical practice are people with the qualities of philosophers, but attainable by any individual who is willing to work for it as an organic intellectual, like Jacob Boehme or Philip K. Dick. This is the political philosophy of the future expressed in mystical democracy as described by Jachim of Fiore and Teilhard de Chardin fused with Ernst Bloch’s organic intellectuals. The spiritually unarmored philosopher releases the never-ending dialectic, negating the negation of the earth dimension trap, and opening the parousia of the classless society on a metaphysical basis from the higher dimensional planes to the lower vibrational earth plane. Christogenesis [Tielhard] merges then with Absolute Mind [Hegel].  “As above, so below,” goes an old occult maxim. All of my political intellectual mentors fought both totalitarian State Communism and totalitarian State Capitalism. Elites, camouflaged by idealist ideology, in reality ruthlessly exploit the masses of the people in all these centralized State systems. Be they communist caste rulers or capitalist mega-corporations, the power pathology they express is hidden behind the State as a subjugating demonic force.
  8.  This spirituality [Neo-Thelemic] is rooted in Hermetic science and philosophy going back to the religions of ancient Egypt, Greece, Gnostic Cabalism / Christ, and Rome. In those days, science, philosophy and spirituality were fused. See the work of the natural spiritual philosophers and scientists: Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune, Plotinus, Carpocrates, Joachim of Fiore, Thomas Munster, Meister Eckhart, Giordano Bruno, Isaac Luria, Evelyn Underhill, Alan Watts, William James, Ram Dass, Michael Newton (author of “Soul Journey”), and many others. This is a natural spiritual process via cosmic spiritual energy reincarnation until ascension to the timeless higher dimensions is attained resulting in merger with the “Godhead of Life.” This is the radiating “One” of philosopher Plotinus that was the first form to emerge in the infinite and eternal cosmic energy ocean. It is also Hegel’s “Absolute Mind.” This is not a closed ontology, but an infinite and eternal dialectical process in the natural and higher etheric civilizations. This natural theology merges with mysticism in the struggle to free the mind/body life-affirmative spiritual spark from the “Black Iron Prison of Earth” (As science fiction writer and theologian Philip K. Dick put it), and the spiritual armor it imposes from birth forward on the life functioning (as Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered using natural science and psychiatry). “Finally, the soul rejoined the parent body, mingled with it, touching all that had ever been human, and all that would ever be human. It wasn’t heaven. Nor was it hell. It was home.” from “The Terminal Experiment” by Robert J. Sawyer (N.Y., Ace Books, 2011).
  9. I would speculate, based on my research and mystical experience, that “Absolute Mind” (a designation for the ultimate creative function put above “Kether” by the Cabalists) which is infinite and eternal Godhead beyond all conceptions, has created an infinite number of Higher Spiritual Powers and Universes.  The Higher Spiritual Power of Life, our God, is one of these.  Life is in contention with other independent spiritual anti-life powers, as well as in co-existence with others who are not a threat.  Those of us who recognize this, need to assist on the higher metaphysical planes if we have spiritually evolved enough to do so, and also explore the many mysteries of the Universes.   I have already described in this work the functions of the Celestial Academy and the process of reincarnation in the refinement of our cosmic quantum energy body.  Christ is one of the most evolved on the faculty of the Academy.  He was, while incarnated, a Jewish Rabbi and most advanced Cabalist on earth.  Moses is another of these teachers. In the East, there is Buddha and many others.  There are many other celestial spiritual teachers and therapists to help us with this.  The ancient Cabalists knew this (See the work of Gershom Scholem).  Christ Cabalist is unique among Cabalists (both Judaic and Hermetic) in having had an extraterrestrial father, and he was born with extraordinary powers even for a mystic.  (See the 1951 version of “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”)  We can gain teachings and guidance from the Celestial Teachers while here on earth through prayer.  The Life-Angels also provide guidance and protection to us if we call on them.  Each of us has assigned Angels.  I keep in constant contact with mine.   AngelGuido_Reni_031 (3)
  10. The Supreme Godhead of All Universes creates eternally in a dialectical process of Self-Revelation.  Scientifically, the cosmologists and physicists call the “Big Bang” creation of our own Universe a “singularity.”  This means that there are no natural laws of any science that exist to account for it.  However, as to its occurrence, all natural scientific experiment and study validates it.  Thus, by logic, common sense, and scientific method, it is SUPERNATURAL IN ORIGIN.  Only metaphysics and mystical experience can even start to fathom it.  Diagram below by Joachim of Fiore detailing the dialectical development of scripture from the Old Testament, New Testament to the Existential Testament of the New Age of Mystical Democratic Theology.  Each human is her / his own philosopher and theologian.JoachimIEUE (2)
  11. Currently, Lucifer has his agents well placed in every country, level of society, political party, religion, institutions of media and learning.  Lies, propaganda, half-truths, brain-washing, psychological conditioning, and other methods of control and manipulation are more pervasive and effective than ever before.  At times, the Demonic makes a direct hit with terror groups like ISIS and others.  In other areas of life, human spiritual and life-affirmative values are whittled away.  The Devil (deadly spiritual energy that Dr. Reich called deadly orgone energy) has eternity to prevail over the God of Life Energy.   As Jacob Boehme the great mystic asserted: “Remain steadfast in supporting God’s spiritual values of life, even if you are the only one left on earth doing so.”  Let us hope it does not get to that point.  Eternal vigilance is the price of health and liberty.
  12. Scriptural support for metaphysical  UFOs can be found throughout both the Old and New Testaments.  See 1 Ezekiel 1: 1-20.  From 20: “Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.”  This was a very advanced life energy craft whereby the Angel’s spiritual energy (some Angels today are called “Aliens”) was melded right into the craft structure itself.  These craft are still used to ferry souls to and from the higher etheric dimensions.  For living sky creatures and etheric physics today,see the work of Wilhelm Reich, Meade Layne, and Trevor James Constable.  “Contact With Space” by Dr. Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957); “Skycreatures: Living UFOs” by Trevor James Constable (N.Y., Pocket Books, 1978); “They Live In The Sky” by Trevor James (Cal., New Age Publishing Company, 1958).  See also, “The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution” by Meade Layne (Cal., Borderland Sciences, 1957).  For the validation of an Orthodox Master Kabbalist, see Tzadok, Rabbi Ariel Bar, “UFO’s and Aliens, The Secret Teachings of the Rabbis and Kabbalists,” in Panu Derekh – Prepare The Way, No. 10 (Oct/Nov.-Dec. 95/Jan. 96).   Ezekiel's_vision
  13. The God of the Life Energy created the Universe of Light, and imbued his earthly son, Christ Cabalist, with the Word illuminated by this cosmic energy and information.   This is what theologian Philip K. Dick called plasmate (“living knowledge”).  When Christ ascended to the metaphysical planes, his experience on earth was communicated to the Celestial Academy.  From this experience, it was decided that the human race as a whole was too spiritually corrupt to attain salvation (viewing the earth bound spiritual reality 2000 years later, who can doubt this judgment).  Individuals could be saved from the lower spiritual powers or “Archons,” but not the masses of people (although to anyone the path was open).   Spiritual guides and higher powers from the Academy can lend assistance to the individual.  Christ consciousness itself could be contacted.  But, ultimately, there is no hope for the earth people as an entrapped civilization.  As that old Russian mystic, P.D. Ouspensky, once observed: “There are too many spiritual laws against mass salvation.” This truth is liberating, if understood in the right way.
  14. Consistent with insight 111 above, there will no Messiah in the future to save the masses.  They have murdered all those in the past who tried such a thing.  Each individual must work hard and diligently for his / her own salvation.  Only individuals can become their own “Messiah.”  At some point in the trap of the earth prison, there will be an “End Time.”  Only the liberated existential individual will escape.  Nobody else.
  15. The lowest level of the metaphysical dimensions is the Etheric.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich made a breakthrough discovery of its spiritual laws of functioning behind their distortion in biological matter in humans and the earth ‘s atmosphere.  For this discovery, he was put in jail by the entrapped ones.
  16. Reincarnation is determined by Higher Etheric Spiritual Powers in conjunction with the human spiritual body.  This is not a perfect process by any means, and mistakes can be made, but remedied during the next life cycles.  There is indeterminacy operating in the quantum realm.  Even the God of Life is not omnipotent, but is omnipresent in his Universe.
  17. I am a cosmonaut of “Inner Space.”  This is not different from being a cosmonaut of “Outer Space.”  The line between the two dimensions is an artificial product of limited human consciousness.   It dissolves, along with the barrier between physics and metaphysics, with mind expansion and quantum travel in the astral body.    zzzzztravel-back-in-time (2)
  18. There are many higher metaphysical dimensions leading to  contact with the “God of Life Energy” who created our Universe (other Universes have other higher natural spiritual powers behind them).  I have discovered, by astral inter-dimensional projection, that those of us spiritually developed can access our own Crystal Temple for existential solitude and contact with the Spiritual Father of Christ-Cabalist and Moses.    Templo_de_Afaia3 (2)
  19. There is natural spirituality and there is pathogenic mysticism. Natural spirituality is part of our reaching out into the cosmos based on the functional identity of the Orgone within and without and is life positive. Pathogenic mysticism is based on contraction and is life negative. Animism is healthy natural spirituality, but described in religious instead of scientific, philosophical, and theological. The pathogenic can see the spiritual energy, but distorts it due to eye armor.  The natural can see it more clearly, but is still limited by human consciousness and its Kantian restrictions.
  20. In the first Higher Vibrational Etheric Metaphysical Dimension, as supported by the reports of Dr. Michael Newton (see Blog Bibliography below) and his subjects, there are spiritual therapists and teachers to care for traumatically injured spiritual energy souls.  It is in the course of this therapy that a decision is made as to further reincarnation to the material earth dimension. In all cases a central Spiritual Monad remains in the metaphysical to greet newly arrived love ones (as validated by near death experiences) and to absorb new experiences from all sources.   Symbol%20of%20Orgonomic%20Functionalism
  21. Yesterday, December 6, 2015, the writer of this work encountered an Angel in the form of a panhandler standing on the street in Union Square, NY.  He was trying to get a few dollars together for some purpose I could not hear.  I was standing several feet away from him.  Suddenly, viewing a “Star of David” around my neck (handmade by a former girlfriend)  he asked: “Is that a Star of David or a  Merkabah Star?  Do you know what a Merkabah Star is?” I answered: “Yes, a metaphysical craft taking Jewish mystics to the metaphysical planes.”  I asked the difference in construction of the two and he told me.   He said the “Star of David” is made all of one piece.  The “Star of Merkabah” is constructed by putting two triangles together making a whole.  In other words, using Jungian terminology, individuation is attained on a high level by making the spiritual body complete.  Suddenly he was gone in the blink of an eye.  In modern occult terminology, the craft is the Astral Spiritual Body used to ascend and descend from the metaphysical planes for communication with the Higher Spiritual Powers.  It is the living craft depicted in the Old Testament Book of “Ezekiel.”  “…the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.” Ezekiel 1:20.   This practice had been done that day by this writer.  This is surely a “Sign” of some spiritual event and the validation of my path.
  22. Ultimately, the fully realized Magus or Shaman stands alone as a Gnostic Warrior Priest.  At the Spiritual Core, “each woman and man is a Star!” – Aleister Crowley   We are all unique and irreplaceable.  It takes work and dedication to get there.
  23. The Spiritual Energy Body ascending to the first Higher Etheric Dimension above the organic and inorganic material of earth,  there is the opportunity to gain additional cosmic knowledge and wisdom from your Guardian Angels, and Spiritual Teachers from  the Celestial Academy. Beyond that, for those who have developed the spiritual capacity and autonomy, we can cross over to a Crystal Temple where we look up into the galaxies through a roof observatory, and channel down spiritual cosmic knowledge from the next higher dimension.  Although more in the nature of a dialectical spiral movement than a linear progression, we move closer to the God of Life by taking two steps forward and one step back. [This information came to the writer by astral projection and hypnotic trance state.]
  24. It has been mentioned before in this work that Wilhelm Reich may have opened a metaphysical inter-dimensional portal as a result of his “Oranur Experiment.”   By putting radiation (death) into an orgone accumulator (life), demonic energies were released that bio-spiritually infested and injured many lab workers.  Now, this doorway to the Devil’s negative spiritual energy (called by Dr. Reich “Deadly Orgone Energy” or “DOR”) has received support from “On The Path Of The Immortals” by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam (MO, Defender Press, 2015).  More and more, this writer can see that Dr. Pasotti’s insights were correct.  The old theologians called this infestation “demonic possession.”  The Exorcists were dealing with real energies.   JesusCuresamute (1) The fact that the experiment took place near Rangeley, Maine, at Orgonon Labs, also may have contributed to the portal effect.  This point is equidistant from both the equator and the North Pole. Earth energies flow along these lines.
  25. The cosmologists and physicists are starting to come up with the scientific evidence to support the idea that our Universe is a holographic projection from a higher dimension Universe of four space dimensions.  This also is very important for our onto-theological work, including reincarnation.  It seems there are higher dimensions behind the “Big Bang” that created our Universe.  A three space dimensional Universe is projected from the higher four space Universe.  Michael Newton theorized that all prior incarnations were contained in the higher metaphysical dimension by a kind of  individual master monad.  In this way, we greet the incarnation we knew when first seeing that person in their spiritual body on the metaphysical plane (the greetings reported by those who have had a near-death experience).  I would add that consistent with the event horizon of a black hole in space, prior incarnations are kept under amnesia in consciousness if a new incarnation on earth is undertaken.  The “event horizon” of a black hole usually prevents anything that goes into it from coming out again.  A person could not function existentially in their new life with all those prior memories.  However, in some cases, for unknown reasons, the immediately prior life memories may leak out in cases of children and adults.  Once in the metaphysical afterdeath dimension, all this prior information is synthesized and placed in the Akashic records.  In reality, the energetic pattern of the soul is holographically projected into the fertilized ovum prior to birth.  See Scientific American,  “The Black Hole At the Beginning Of Time,” pages 6-11, by Afshorti, Mann, and Pourhasan (March 8, 2016).  The Master Monad has a soul depth unseen by anyone on earth in a single incarnation.  On the metaphysical plane, we see the face of the prior incarnation and we feel the depths of the entire series.
  26. What are known as “Angels” by the old theologians are in fact pure quantum energy bodies with information and consciousness that act as guardians and messengers between the God of the Life Energy and incarnated humans as well as the souls of humans on the metaphysical planes.  They are ready to help, educate, provide spiritual therapy, and intervene when necessary.  Heavily spiritually armored people cannot contact them and do not sense their existence.  But for those who can smash out of the earth body, they can expand the mind exponentially.
  27. The cosmic life energy, in its visible form and as so-called “dark energy” constitute at least 75 percent of our Universe.  Atomic matter, both visible and “dark,” make up the rest.  The cosmic energy, known as blue astral energy to the Hermetic scientists and orgone to the natural scientist Wilhelm Reich,  is the ocean out of which our visible organic and inorganic atomic matter emerges.  Our spiritual being comes out of this ocean and eventually “dies” returning to it, leaving the shell of matter and secondary energy (energy after matter,  see Reich’s”Oranur Experiment”) behind.  However, it never dies in its spiritual essence.  We return to the higher etheric dimensions of the God of Life Energy that created our Universe.   We are part of the Life God’s striving for self-knowing and expansion against demonic forces.  There is no “death.”  This is an invention of the demonic forces that seek to keep us under their control.  Truly, we live life after life either in atomic matter or in energy and subatomic quantum particles in this spiritual ocean.  We can never be destroyed.  Once the life in us feels this in connection with the life energy outside us, we will never be afraid of life again!
  28. Christ Cabalist has the power of granting salvation and spiritual health if we make contact with him on the metaphysical planes. This power he derives from his Father, the God of the Life Energy. He will not be coming back to the earth prison.  As to that, the infinite will take care of the finite.
  29. Knowledge comes from the Higher Spiritual Guides on the metaphysical planes in quantum packets.  These pulses of spiritual energy, carrying subatomic particles of information, are very potent or “high voltage” to use that metaphor.   The human mind/body translates the information into symbolic pictures as in dreams or intuitions.  Precognition, or prophecy, also functions this way.  The Guides are careful to provide only limited doses so as to not overwhelm the human psychic receivers.  An overload of this energy and information can drive a person into psychosis or another psychological disturbance of lesser nature.  This is what pushed Magus Wilhelm Reich, and also C.J. Jung, very near the breaking point.  For Jung it came after the break with Freud.  With Reich, it came on just before and during his prison period.
  30. The reality is that with the birth of every baby on earth, the seed of Christ Consciousness comes back.  Whether this seed is nurtured and takes root depends largely on the parents and society into which the baby emerges.  In the vast majority of the anti-life societies on the earth, spiritual character armored is imposed and the Christ Consciousness is slowly crucified by the forces of armored society as they impose an iron prison on the child and turn out future obedient citizens of the State.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press [FS&G), 1971).  A few individuals by chance and or divine intervention have healthy parents who protect the Christ seed, and then the child grows up into a creative innovator in the arts, sciences or business.  Thereafter, chances are great that highly destructive anti-life forces, called by Reich “The Emotional Plague (EP)”, will attack the inventor or innovator as happened to Christ and Reich (along with many others down though history such as Giordano Bruno).
  31. Christ, the Master Cabalist, had the extraterrestrial father of the God or Higher Spiritual Power of the Life Energy.  He bought with him to earth, when he incarnated in a human woman, new knowledge from the higher metaphysical planes that germinated as he grew and experienced life on earth.   His mission was to spread this message of love, work and knowledge, among those he encountered so that they could liberate themselves from the earth trap and demonic energies.  When he was killed by the masses, he ascended back to the metaphysical planes and became  the foremost teacher in the Celestial Academy. and assistant to his Father.  This Christ consciousness can be accessed by humans from earth telepathically and each person will receive back in return existential spiritual counsel and information in digestible doses.   All the teachers and spiritual therapists on the higher planes have some measure of Christ consciousness.
  32. An academic theology teacher of “humanist ” Martin Buber orientation stated that there are no “writings” mentioning Christ as a Cabalist.  This is incredible when the synoptic Gospels demonstrate without question that through his actions and teachings Christ’s spiritual philosophy is steeped in Hermetic and Judaic Kabbalah.  To this can be added functional mysticism of an order higher than ever seen before by a single individual.  He never advocated setting up institutionalized churches, but instead adhered to the long tradition of teaching a small group of disciples.  Christ knew that the masses qua masses could not be liberated. For Christ, nature and the cosmos were the forces to be interpreted and used, along with the Ten Commandments.  Aleister Crowley said that all Gods were forces of nature, and that “Magick” was the power to makes changes in nature by application of the “Will” under “Love.”  I would add that the supernatural is the natural we cannot comprehend with the narrow tools of scientific and industrial materialism.  The “Great Work” is the bringing of the microcosm of the individual human to merger with the macrocosm of the infinite by use of the occult sciences and philosophy.  Under these descriptions by Crowley, a genius of mysticism and metaphysics, Christ was, along with Moses, a Supreme Magus and Functional Mystic.  With the extraterrestrial God of Life as his father, this is not surprising.  Moses was Christ’s older half brother.
  33. My late brother, Ira David Katz, has sent me (author of this writing) a message via a psychic dream.  Ira dashed into a backstage area near a cemetery that had a new Tombstone next to a group of old ones.  I must finish my mission here on earth.  He and my wife Roz are getting prepared to greet me at the end of the metaphysical tunnel.   I must complete my mission, commissioned by the Celestial Academy of Cabalists,  to assist the Life Energy in its fight against the Demonic Energy of Islamofascism and all other life-negative energies.  Our post-modern liberal leaders with their spiritual armored brains have not a clue as to how to do this.  Western Civilization and all decent life-affirmative values are being attacked by Dark Occult forces born in the Devil-DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) infested deserts of the Middle East between 3000-4000  BC, and where our Christ was first tempted by the offer of power pathological control.  Only Light Occult forces and psychotropic life-positive energies can defeat them.
  34. Humanity ate from the Tree and Knowledge and knew good and evil.  It was prevented from eating from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and becoming immortal by the alien Archons or overlords.  The Life Energy is eternal.  With the help of the mystics and Cabalists, some individuals have attained the functional identity of the human microcosm with the cosmic macrocosm.  The Tree of Life contains the human spiritual body above the zones of material existence.  Below it is the abyss followed by the material trap.  Adam Kadmon is reconstituted in its unity as in orgone therapy. tolsnake
  35. Our consciousness changes the timeless ontological domain from which we draw our being into linear segments of time and space (Kant).  As our projected holographic form fades, we designate this “aging.”  The individual human Monad existing on the metaphysical plane absorbs this radiated energy and knowledge as quantum God particles into its depths.  We greet our loved ones and mentors after earth existence with the face of our last previous incarnation, but with an untold depth of consciousness.  P.K. Dick called this “homoplasmate” or living human knowledge.  This is the transmission of the living Gnostic Goddess “Sophia.”   The old occult philosophers called it the “akashic records.”  But this was dead, and our conception is alive.  It will be absorbed as it develops into the Absolute Mind/Body of the God of the Life Energy.
  36. The Archetypes are subatomic energy constellations that provide the Forms for the most powerful emotional experiences and identifications of the human soul.  After each lifetime incarnation, they migrate to the individual Soul Monad on the metaphysical plane and become part of the living energy matrix that collects them throughout incarnations.  This gives the individual

    Matter and Spirit Rooted in the Archetype

    spiritual mind/body depth and expansion by cosmic ascension and evolution.

  37. Wilhelm Reich, in his book “The Murder of Christ,” depicted a Cosmic Gnostic Christ.  Christ will, as promised to his students, return via a metaphysical UFO with an army of higher spiritual powers of life to stop the violence on earth, and immobilize the demonic forces.  All who can be saved will be taken up to the first higher dimensional Etheric Civilization above the earth plane, called “The New Jerusalem” in “The Book of Revelation” of the NT.   See also, Reich’s book “Contact With Space,” and the 1951 version of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Until such time, contact must be private and existential to the exploring individual.  This “New Jerusalem” can be visited at any time, by the individual, by those who have mastered astral travel in the Body of Light.  Some descriptions of this civilization of life and expanded consciousness by higher vibration energy have been described by those having near-death experiences.  See the work of Raymond Moody listed in the Bibliography to this work.  If we are sufficiently clean spiritually, we can expect to see it after our earth body burns out or is destroyed.  All spiritual armor that we bring with us may be removed by spiritual energy therapists, and guides.  If we have unfinished missions, or special circumstances, we will reincarnate.  See the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson.  See also, “Soul Survivor” by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, with Ken Gross, for a case proved beyond a reasonable doubt of this natural energy phenomena (N.Y., Grand Central Publishing, 2010).
  38. All life-affirmative higher spiritual energy powers have a degree of Christ Consciousness.   Our Spiritual Guides have it.  As we ascend the higher dimensions of the Celestial Hierarchy,   we reach a point of spiritual development where the necessity for reincarnation ends.  We will be admitted to the Celestial Academy where Christ and other Spiritual Teachers communicate the New Knowledge.  There is much to explore and many unanswered questions.  We will be reunited with our loved ones, and an initial orientation will be given.  As reported by near-death experiences,  as we exit the inter-dimensional tunnel they will be waiting for us.  Remember to keep focused on the white light at the end of the tunnel as you move through.  Do not stop, and do not be distracted by anything else.  See “Pseudo-Dionysius – The Complete Works” by Dionysius, ” “The Celestial Hierarchy,” pages 145-191 (N.Y., Paulist Press, 1987).  See also, “The Tibetan Book of the Dead,” Compiled and edited by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, with Psychological Commentary by Dr. C.G. Jung (N.Y., Oxford University Press,  1960); “The Psychedelic Experience – A Manual Based On The Tibetan Book of the Dead” by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert (now Ram Dass) (N.J., Carol Publishing Group, 1997); “Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead,” translated by Raymond O. Faulkner (N.Y., Barnes and Noble, 2005) (the heart core of the spiritual energy body is weighed for compassion and love).   Buddha-painting (2)
  39. “Soul Survivor” by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, with Ken Gross, is a case proved beyond a reasonable doubt of the natural energy process of reincarnation (N.Y., Grand Central Publishing, 2010).  From an orgonomic point of view, a very interesting fact in this case of a reincarnated WW II pilot, shot down in the Pacific, is the fact that the placenta from mother to baby was half the normal size and a premature birth had to be induced.  The normal inrush of fresh orgone / spiritual energy was thus greatly reduced.  This may have allowed past life memories to stay close to the surface rather than being submerged in the amnesia of the new incarnation under the influence of the mother’s new energy influx.  This observation was made, but the full significance was not explored in the book. It may account for  the fact that so few people of normal gestation as a fetus remember past lives without special techniques, if at all.  Medical Orgonomist Dr. Dorothea Fuckert, M.D., in her article “Spirituality and Orgonomy,” stated: “Who knows for sure if the orgone doesn’t keep an individual consciousness after death and can flow again into a new living body?  Many people in the world believe in reincarnation.”  See “Spirituality and Orgonomy,” Annals of the Institute For Orgonomic Science, pages 91-104 (December 2005. Vol. 10, No. 1).  Institute for Orgonomic Science, POB 2069, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2069.  They have a web site.  In this connection, Dr. Elsworth Baker, appointed by Dr. Reich to train new Orgonomists, stated on a audiotape in the early 1980’s,  “….I believe in the reality of ghosts, although it does not fit into my belief system.”  Placenta.svg (2)
  40. The fusion of natural spirituality, sexuality, and science, is going to be a major development in the 21st Century.  We are returning to our origins on a much higher point in a spiral development.  The equation was Genesis=Creation=Sexuality.  Religious expression and sexual expression were one and unified.  Nature was considered alive with this fundamental spiritual energy.  Now, after thousands of years of repression, and the compartmentalization of religion and sex, spiritual explorers are finding  again the wellsprings of life in cosmic energy and the function of the orgasm.
  41. The “Big Bang” of the cosmologists and physicists was the Orgasm of the Higher Spiritual Power of Life ejaculating into the womb of space / time to create our Universe.
  42. Inner peace and indomitable courage come from the realization that the Higher Spiritual Powers of Life are teaching and guiding us by sending the events that occur in our lives. To use the words of Ram Dass: “It is all grist for the mill.”  We just need the faith to give up the illusion of control that we never had to start with.  Our Spiritual Guides have the Knowledge and “Plan.” It is not perfect, but is uplifting and illuminating.  This includes choice of reincarnation, and the people we encounter.  The key this writer now realizes is faith that ultimately we are being guided up the cosmic spiral to the Godhead of Life.  As long as we choose Life, and keep our kindness and love, all will be well!  With this central spiritual insight and illumination, we can let go and function vigorously knowing that our lives are in the hands of a protective and life furthering Christ, awaiting our arrival on the metaphysical planes with our loved ones!
  43. Mystical illumination comes by spiritual discernment, not intellect.  The intellect conceptualizes it, but only the heart knows it.
  44. There are Seven Etheric Spiritual Dimensions before the ascending soul or spiritual energy body reaches the Godhead of Life.  This takes, except in very unusual cases, many incarnations.  As wisdom and insight increases though the suffering of the struggle out of the chains or armor imposed by the  Archons or Demon dominated earth realms, the soul / spirit becomes lighter and brighter with greater density and consciousness.  Finally, there is a merger with the Godhead of the Life Energy and Eternal connection with our loved soul connections.   This was known thousands of yeas ago by the ancient Jewish Chariot / Merkabah mystics as the ascent of the soul during life by travel in the astral body, or after death by free movement, moving up through the Seven Halls to the King’s Throne.  See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” by Gershom Scholem [ Second Lecture] “MERKABAH MYSTICISM AND JEWISH GNOSTICISM,” pages 40-79 (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).  Suffering, heartbreak, and study, have ever been the secret names or medals to permit passage between the lower to the higher dimensions or between the “Halls.”  This is not your “All is Light” New Age Theology.  Pain is the price of the higher knowledge, mixed with intervening periods of rapture and orgasm.  Each level has demonic energies attempting to block ascent as noted by Scholem and also referenced in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” and the “Egyptian Book of the Dead.”
  45. The mystery of this writer’s present incarnation is finally becoming clear.  I was sent not for a usual life of working off attachment to the prison of the earth, but was sent to learn more about the spiritual armor by the Celestial Academy. That is why I had no real family and had to exist in a marginal role in the one I had.  The tragedies that beset Reich had a similar origin.
  46. Time is an experience that attenuates as we ascend the etheric higher planes.  Finally, at some point, it disappears and the phenomenon of reincarnation also ends.   We are absorbed into Absolute Mind.
  47. Ether physics, as explained by Borderland Scientist Meade Layne, concerns the relationship between energy vibration, mass, and consciousness. It is one of the keys to understanding our existence in the Universe.  As always, the primary occult principle, “As Above, So Below,” must guide our investigations.  As the density of matter increases, the rate of vibration has a smaller circuit to travel within the existent or entity   to traverse and thus increases (See Meade Layne’s “Ether Ships”).  This also, by more and more concentrating the cosmic spiritual energy, increases the depth of self-comprehension of the energy.  The ultimate Absolute Mind, as contained in the subatomic and submicroscopic point behind the “Big Bang” creation of our Universe, God,  had the highest density.  In that Big Bang cosmic point there is no time and no space.  In ejaculating, it created our galaxies, space / time, and our known natural laws.  That is why the origin of our Universe is by definition “supernatural.”  It has been discovered that Black Holes also contain this intense  density and thus are timeless and without space as we know it.  There are also major Black holes at the center of our galaxies.   Here we have a still unknown supernatural and natural connection and communication, or blood veins,  between galactic clusters. We, as cosmic atomic energy in bodies of water based organic substance, are very porous.  As we ascend the dimensions after-death, and in life via astral body projection, we increase in atomic energy concentration and thus disappear from the earth reality as we travel inter-dimensional portals between levels.  This is why UFOs materialize and de-materialize in our atmosphere as they adjust the rate of vibration and density.  The deepest secrets are here buried.  As explained in Wikipedia: “Furthermore, Layne argued that Etherians and their ether ships inspired much of earth’s mythology and religion, but that they were truly mortal beings despite having a high level of technological and spiritual advancement. He claimed that their motive in coming to the terrestrial plane of existence was to reveal their accumulated wisdom to humanity. These revelations would be relayed through individuals with sufficiently developed psychic abilities, allowing them to contact the Etherians and communicate with them directly; in particular, he relied extensively on the mediumship of Mark Probert as confirmation of his theories.”   AAAAStJohnsAshfield_StainedGlass_GoodShepherd_Portrait (3)
  48. The mystery of the Crucifixion of Christ on the Cross is one that has bedeviled theologians from the time of its occurrence.   This extraterrestrial emissary was sent by the God of the Life Energy to demonstrate how liberation from the earth trap can be attained.  This is consistent with a Messiah’s mission.  The message, as far as this writer is able to understand at this time consistent with his other knowledge, is that the orgone or spiritual energy is trapped in all of us from birth.  As Aleister Crowley said: “Every incarnation is a crucifixion.”  The suffering will come to all of us as part of our organic biological nature.  This is where the Devil’s agents send their demonic cancerous energies.  It is by enduring this to the end, gaining love, compassion, insight, and knowledge along the way, that we purify our spiritual energy bodies and join Christ as he ascends to the higher metaphysical dimensions and rejoins his Father of the Life Energy.  Jesus demonstrated the paradigm of this process of liberation from matter.  Each human who surrenders to Christ’s guidance and example will ascend.  The “Second Coming” happens all the time as he gathers his people into metaphysical vehicles and returns with the souls of the “dead” each day.  This is an ongoing resurrection that happens now, and not by a future re-animating of the dead substance of the worn-out biological body.  When we experience healthy joy, we become one with the divine spiritual energy of Christ.  When we suffer, we become one with Christ in his crucifixion.   These metaphysical craft (UFOs)  return with reincarnating souls.  Christ Consciousness also is with them as they take up new missions from the Higher Spiritual Therapists and Guides (“Angels” in the old theology).  Not all return to earth.  I pray more will be revealed by the Grace of God.
  49. Further intensive theological research, prayer, meditation and astral travel into the higher dimensions has now convinced the writer of this work that, as the Son of the “God of the Life Energy,” Christ is far beyond the knowledge of any form of human mysticism, including the Kabbala and Hermetic science. He has part of the Supreme Energy and Intelligence of the “God of Life Energy” mixed in with his very human emotions and intelligence.   I would now describe him in more classical Christian terms.  My own mystical practice and prayer has  lead me to turn over my life to him in faith and existential relationship.  He has the power to grant salvation by opening the door to the metaphysical planes if we repent of our transgressions against life and decency, and accept him as our Savoir and Salvation (which I now have).  Spiritual guides, teachers, and therapists, can also help in transmitting knowledge and insight, but only Christ can, when we are ready, take us into the heart of the Godhead (both masculine and feminine in nature).  See “Proof of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Eben Alexander, M.D. (N.Y., Simon & Shuster, 2012), for a case negating the usually medical materialism explanations.  For a case proving reincarnation beyond a reasonable doubt, see “Soul Survivor – The Reincarnation Of A World War II Fighter Pilot” by Bruce and Andea Leininger with Ken Gross (N.Y., Grand Central Publishing, 2010).   This makes me a Jewish Christian, as were many of Christ’s disciples, but I would be considered as probably heretical by most institutionalized churches.  Interestingly enough, Christ was a “street preacher,” and spiritual revolutionary.  He had  no “Churches.”  That came in with Paul.  See “The Murder of  Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press).   367px-Jesus_wanted_poster
  50. The suffering and crucifixion of Christ, which we all share in by being born into biological bodies, is, along with the joy of biological existence, part of our trap on Earth.  By surrendering our lives to Christ, and opening our hearts to his guidance and instruction, we are resurrected with him to the higher metaphysical dimensions where our spiritual evolution continues until, after many reincarnations, and if we have liberated ourselves from the spiritual armor, he takes us into merger with the Godhead of Life.  At that point, there is eternal light and connection with the Supreme Life Energy Source and our loved ones.   There is joy, love play, family, friendship, and the eternal quest for New Knowledge.
  51. Most important is our existential relationship with Christ Jesus.  How can the billions on earth do this?  Christ is what theologian and science fiction writer P.K. Dick called a Vast Active Living Information System.  He is an extension of, and powered by, his Father “The God of Life Energy.”  Jesus sends to each living person on earth, who reaches out to him, a holographic image of himself with information and energy to enter into relationship with that person.  There can be a healing spiritual energy treatment and answers to problems given to the person.  We must call on him, surrender to him, and be ready to develop the spiritual discernment to understand that he may not communicate with verbal answers and dream images or visions, but instead send a “sign” in the form of events in our lives.  This is a life long process, both here and hereafter.   JesusCuresamute (1)
  52. The Bible Scripture is the primary text.  When confronting any existential or spiritual problem, we should first ask “What do the scriptures say on this problem.”  The information and energy in the Bible was sent by God, the Father of Life, and his Son, Jesus Christ.  The fundamental spiritual nature of man has not changed since Adam and Eve were kicked out of paradise.  The answer is in there, but it may take time to find it and understand how it applies to our specific situation.  Professional help in the form of Clergy counseling or psycho-therapeutic treatment can be greatly beneficial in this process.  Do not hesitate to read the theologians and philosophers.  In the final analysis, our lives are in the hands of God.  No human intelligence could possibly come close to understanding his actions and reactions.  When we reach the higher metaphysical planes, we may understand more.  The more of our spiritual armor we can dissolve, the more we will know of spiritual reality.  To know and feel it all, we would have to ascend to the Godhead.  Only Jesus has this love and knowledge as the Son of the Father.  AAAAAAssisipainting
  53. It is part of my spiritual mission to publicly declare that I am a “Disciple of the Gnostic Christ.” This new development is an evolution of consciousness expansion through the life process (joy, suffering, tragedy, etc.) to a culmination point. You can add to that decades of study in every discipline bearing on human functioning. I have been appointed by Him as one of the 144,000 mentioned in the Bible in “Revelation.” As a matter of hermeneutics, I interpret this symbolically, and it gives me no superiority over any other Christian. It is open to all, no matter your prior religious background, to become such a disciple if you think and feel you can do it. I an obliged to make this public statement by direction of Jesus. He wants courageous people who will proclaim his spiritual truth and follow him publicly. Gnosticism means that spiritual truth continues to flow through mysticism and sacred science to those whose vessels are clean. Too much secular intellectualism will cause spiritual armor and prevent the insights from flowing.
  54. The Gnostic Christ has all archetypes available to him through his father, including the warrior archetype.  The next time He appears on this lower plane called earth, it will be with a sword in his mouth and he will destroy Satan and his agents.  See “Revelation,” the last book of the NT.
  55. As St. Paul put it, here in the earth trap, “we see as through a glass darkly.”  The “Higher Spiritual God of Life Energy” governs his Universe by spiritual laws mostly incomprehensible to the prisoners of the earth dimension of matter.   He has sent us, his beloved creations, a Great Teacher and Mediator in Christ Jesus.  Once we accept him into our heats, confess our sins, and surrender our lives to him, he sends us spiritual counsel and information otherwise unobtainable.  Just as his Crucifixion was turned into a great liberation, what looks at first as unmitigated tragedy here on earth can actually be, for a particular person, a great liberation and protection from further suffering.  In addition, under Christ’s guidance, and his higher spiritual helpers (Angels under the old theological concepts), it can enable that person to live out his potential on the higher spiritual plane in joy and peace and under Christ’s protection.  Whereas, if they had remained on earth, more suffering was to be in store.  Reincarnation is an imperfect process since it is guided by the spiritual energy body of the person on the lower metaphysical planes, and his spiritual therapists. Spiritual therapists have limitations, just as those on earth do.  They are not infallible by any means, since they do not have the expanded consciousness of the Son or the Father, and God has delegated this function.   Any one incarnation may have to be ended prematurely.  This, I am told by Christ, is why my brother was taken young.  Since he was taken from us tragically, he was allowed to finish his development in the higher spiritual planes.  This information was channeled to me by Jesus once I pledged and surrendered my Life to him.  It was sent in segments  or quanta of subatomic particles.  I pray daily to be allowed to join him and my late wife as soon as possible.  But it is the will of the Father, not my will.  “If it be your will, let this cup pass from me.”  – Jesus in the “The Gospels.”   I am apparently still finishing the spiritual mission I was sent here to do.  When I have done enough, I will be called home.  I was sent a message in a dream from Jesus that it will not be long.  “Wait just a short while.” -Jesus in “Revelation.”
  56. “For Christians, Jesus is certainly a teacher, but also essentially more.  As crucified and raised to life, he is in person the living, authoritative embodiment of his cause: the cause of God and the cause of man.  This living Christ in particular does not call for ineffective adoration, still less to mystical union.  But neither does he call for mere imitation.  What he does is to call for personal discipleship, for response and correlation: he calls me to commit myself to him wholly and entirely, while going my own way – each has his own way – according to his directions.  This is a great opportunity, which was regarded from the very beginning not as what must be done but as what might be done, as an unexpected chance and true gift, a genuine grace.  A grace that presupposes nothing more than this one thing: that we seize on it with trust and grace and adapt our life to it; a new attitude to life, which consequently makes possible a new lifestyle.” From page 692, Kung, Hans, Does God Exist? – Translated by Edward Quinn (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1981)
  57. Adam and Eve (spiritual beings) transgressed the laws of Spiritual Life and fell into the lower metaphysical planes and material entrapment of the earth.  At that time, their original sin tainted all of humanity and encased them in atomic matter.  Death was born, and they were expelled from eternal life.  The God of the Life Energy, in order to negate this negation, sent his Son Jesus to absorb these sins into his innocent spiritual body and restore the possibility for eternal life to the human race.  If we confess our sins, (each human person has sinned), accept Him as our Savior and Salvation into our heart as our guide and teacher, Death will be negated and our original unarmored spiritual bodies restored and be with him and our loved ones in Eternity.  This is the CORE spiritual dialectic!
  58. Jesus was the Son of God.  I have become a Son of Jesus.  This way is open to all.  But the price is very high.  Unmentionable agony, suffering, and heartbreak will open the door to Eternal Life and Real Freedom!  This is why it is a path seldom traveled, if often claimed!
  59. What Dr. Reich discovered in organic and inorganic substances, including the atmosphere and the human body, is functionally identical to what Christian’s have known as “The Holy Spirit.”  Reich called it “Orgone Energy.”  See “The Holy Spirit – Activating God’s Power in Your Life” by Billy Graham (Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 1988).
  60. The Gnostic Christ Jesus came to liberate us from the prison of the earth.  His mission, as the Son of the God of Life, was completed when he negated the flaw in creation brought in by Adam and Eve in getting the life-affirmative spiritual energy trapped in gross atomic matter by responding to the lower demonic power of the Devil.  When Christ returns, the negation of this negation will be complete as  the decent souls are ascended back to the higher metaphysical planes in their energy bodies.  This is described as “The New Jerusalem” in “Revelation” of the NT.  Before that time, individuals can do so with the help of Jesus through existential effort.  It is extremely hard, however, to get the decrees of God changed on each individual fate.  This has something to do with time. Many explorers of space / time have remarked in novels and essays that intervention in these higher spiritual laws only can, in most cases, change means and circumstances, not the ultimate result.  God’s ways are not our ways.  We may be changing what is best for a  suffering soul in the short haul, while interfering with God’s long-range plans for that person.   While God is saving that soul from long term pain, we may be saving them from short term suffering only to deprive them of the long-term salvation.  Don’t interfere unless a clear sign is given by Christ!!  Most of the time we can only accept that we are not God, only humans with comparatively limited consciousness.  He sees the entire board,  we only see our box and maybe some contiguous boxes.  As the great psychoanalyst C.J. Jung once remarked, after a near-death experience that sent him back to earth,  “I was not happy going back to my box existence.”
  61. Reincarnation applies only in the circuit between the material earth prison and the first higher etheric metaphysical plane.  Once a person has liberated himself / herself from the earth prison, with no desire to return, the process ends and evolution to the final mystical merger with the God of Life continues in spiral spiritual development.  There is no going backward.  That is why the Celestial Academy exists to help in the person’s further upward expansion.
  62. When Gnostic Christ returns, as depicted in “Revelation” of the NT, it will be with his supernatural Warrior Archetype fully illuminated and charged by the God of Light and Life.  The “New Jerusalem” is a Higher Etheric Civilization where the remaining “sealed” souls still on earth will go.  Satan and his demonic energies will be neutralized and then destroyed along with the Devil’s agents on all levels of society.  The earth prison will be no more!  Amen!
  63. If we pray and meditate, Jesus will save those innocents already on the metaphysical planes.  Gods’ power is unlimited in this Universe.  We must contact him, and send him to those souls.
  64. The Crucifixion of Jesus was a demonstration by Him of the spiritual armor nailed into the innocents from birth on by demonic forces, and a cleansing of it to let the Holy Spirit in to resurrect Life.  This was an escape from the trap of the life negative armor and an ascension to the God of Life Energy.
  65. The theoretical and functional structure of the Religion of the Life Energy is now generally complete.  There are many particulars that remain to be discovered, and much beyond the religion remains shrouded in oceans of dark energy and dark matter.  The central discovery of an ascending metaphysical ladder, with a spiral development, including in the Celestial Academy and spiritual living structures, of ether civilizations housing our evolving human spiritual energy bodies, until merger with the Godhead of Life Energy, is clear.  The phenomenon of reincarnation as a process of dissolving the spiritual armor and freeing the life energy from the trap of atomic matter, has been established.  Christ is the foremost Spiritual Teacher and Therapist, Son of the God of Life Energy, to have assisted in the process of spiritual liberation by his incarnation in a human woman.  In our current era, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who may have had an extraterrestrial Father from a more highly evolved ether civilization, also contributed greatly to this process.  For Christ, read his words and actions as depicted in the Gospels.  For Reich, read “The Oranur Experiment,” “The Murder of Christ,” “Contact With Space,” and see the 1951 version of the science fiction film “the Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Christ, by his crucifixion, negated the negation of death and sin if we follow him existentially.  Reich confirmed the eternal nature of the Life Energy scientifically.  Future generations have the task of fusing spirituality and natural science in the Third Millennium so that the “New Jerusalem” indicated in the NT book “Revelation” can become a reality.  This is all real and not a matter of pathogenic mysticism or faith.  This is Natural Science and Functional Living Spirituality!  It exists!  Christ_Pantocrator_mosaic_from_Hagia_Sophia_2744_x_2900_pixels_3.1_MB (2)NewReich


  • Metaphysical craft carry souls between the ether civilizations.
  • Intellectuals are rarely spiritual in a deeply felt way.  Their brains are armored and cluster the spiritual energy into concepts while starving a hyper-contracted body.
  • The endless intellectual searching for spiritual truth kills the spiritual energy.  Dr. Reich called this syndrome “brain armor.”  Simple and deeply felt faith provides immediate spiritual truth and consolation.  We must pray and have faith.  Dr. Reich, during his days in prison in 1957, frequently prayed and attended Protestant services.  He recommended “The Cadet’s Prayer” to his son.  As philosopher and novelist Henry Miller once said: “You can analyse, analyse, and analyse, life.  But you never get to IT!  You never get IT!  And it was meant to be that way.  Don’t you know!!”  In this connection, Miller once related a story (I do not know its source, but Henry was always reading oriental philosophy.).  A young man was sent to a Zen Monastery by his parents for instruction and training.  The young man tried hard to attain some form of enlightenment or “satori.”  However, he never seem to make much progress.  One night, feeling discouraged, he packed his few belongings and left the religious order. He traveled far and eventually ended up in a big city (this was in Japan).  There, he innocently wandered into the “Red Light District” (a place where “call girls” congregated to pick up clients).  One of the women took a liking to him, and bought him back to her room.  He had never made love or had intercourse before, but he just surrendered to the experience naturally.  At the most intense peak of orgasm, he was transformed.  Suddenly, he knew satori.  The heart of existence, pleasure and meaning, beyond words and concepts, became clear.  What 10 years of Zen training failed to produce, appeared in an instant!  From that time forward, he was known as “The Master of Fuck.”  (not a word Reich would have used, but Henry had a vulgar side that helped him sell his writings).  So much of the core of Reich’s therapy is illustrated in this tale, and why he rejected analysis as an effective therapy.
  • The ascending Ether Spiritual Civilizations spiral up into the higher dimensions until the highest Spiritual Civilization merges with the Godhead of Life Energy.  This is the process that Teilhard de Chardin called Christogenesis.  The phenomenon of reincarnation, up and back again, continues with the spiral movement from lower to higher until the human spiritual body is pure enough for merger with the God of Life.  The structures housing the spiritual energy souls on each plane look like ice sculptures with numinous lighting.  There is no external light.  The souls and structures are self-illuminated. Souls with affinity are housed together.  akashic-records
  • For those who need scientific physical evidence to prove Jesus’ existence and supernatural nature. the various publications on his burial cloths, known as the “Shroud of Turin,” are very interesting.  There is a 3D image on the burial shroud that shows his body, blood evidence, and cut marks.   A 1988 study by carbon dating put the cloth in the middle ages, thus ruling it out as coming from Jesus’ time.  However, a few years ago, a new study was made and it was determined to come from the time of Jesus.  The 1988 analysis took a piece of repair cloth not the regular shroud itself.  One of the most advanced physicists of our day has opined that the 3D image might have been imprinted by some quantum event involving “event horizons” as appear around singularities (such as the “Big Bang” and black holes).  This indicates a supernatural event, probably connected with the resurrection, via quantum technology that does not exist even here at present.  It also points to an inter-dimensional portal for travel between earth and the metaphysical planes.  Time as we know it does not exist in quantum reality.  This evidence ties the entire phenomenon of Jesus together as depicted in scripture.  He was seen three days after his “death” by his disciples and others.  These are well attested affidavits.   See Brown, Simon, & McCloud, Casper, The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself (LAMP, 2013).Turin_shroud_positive_and_negative_displaying_original_color_information_708_x_465_pixels_94_KB
  • “Until now anti-religious mechanism and religious mysticism were in direct opposition. In the U.S.S.R. the conflict was clear and outspoken.Now, through the discovery of the orgone, a unification of natural science and religion has become possible. Natural science will have to accept the existence of emotional or biological energy, and religion will have to accept the existence of orgonity [orgonity is the condition of containing orgone energy; the quantity of orgone energy contained].””American Odyssey – Letters and Journals – 1940-1947” by Wilhelm Reich, page 355, 19 November 1946 (N.Y., FS&G, 1999).
  • The note directly above in point 6 is the bridge from mysticism to functional natural spirituality.
  • The writer is an intelligent design creationist.  However, evolutionary process is also correct, in a way.  At one point, 4000 or more years ago, the supernatural God of the Life Energy picked out the most intelligent hominid on earth and projected the spiritual energy into them by light waves / particles to expand their minds creating the human.  After this, the earliest known civilization in Sumeria developed, and world history started up.  This is where the dichotomy between body and spiritual energy soul started.  The Bible took over from Darwin. The merger and creative fusion of science and spirituality is the new religious paradigm for the third millennium.  Close_up_of_light_in_sky,_Sri_Lanka
  • Generally speaking, there are three domains of “time:” terrestrial, celestial, and cosmic absolute mind.  Absolute Universal Mind has all the events that have existed or will ever exist.  This is because it is eternal.  Therefore, all time travel, for us, is travel into the “past.”  That is why it is so difficult to change events foreordained.  Events are stuck in time as insects get stuck in glue.  It is very hard to change them, and they tend to return to actualization most of the time.  It takes divine intervention to change this.  travel-back-in-time
  • Time travel is possible using the spiritual astral bodies that are attached and sustain our biological body by projecting the spiritual bodies into the metaphysical planes.  Travel to the “after-death” metaphysical plane is also possible by this method.  However, while still incarnated on earth, our time and communication is limited in these higher dimensions.
  • The higher ether civilizations are real and can be tested by natural scientific instruments used in cosmology and quantum physics.  Jesus was sent from the highest of these (in consciousness and energy vibration) that borders the event horizon of the all encompassing Godhead of Life Energy that is wrapped around our universe. This is why his burial shroud, tested by quantum physics, left an image similar to the Big Bang creation singularity and black hole singularities. Their is no known energy that could have produced this kind of image.
  • My bother, Ira David Katz, by the stigmata left by his assassination, is a true son of Jesus Christ and will not have to return to the earth.  He is free to attain full spiritual actualization on the higher metaphysical planes. A son of Christ is part Angel and part human spiritual body.
  • Spiritual sexuality becomes more pure, the higher on the ether / metaphysical planes we advance.  Even with the help of Reich’s therapy, on earth we cannot maintain this for long because of the collective earth trap and the degenerative qualities of the biological organism.  Dr. Baker: “There are no healthy people….maybe Jesus 2000 years ago.”
  • The 2016 science fiction film “Midnight Special” depicts an ether higher dimensional civilization very well.  This writer had a paranormal dream confirming the reality of such civilizations or metaphysical constructs.  See also, the work of Trevor James Constable.  This is where our spiritual body goes “after death” or when the biological body is worn out and we dis-incarnate.  There are ascending ether planes with increasing energy vibration and consciousness until we reach the God of Life behind the Big Bang.  Jesus is our mediator with this intelligence and energy.  The higher vibration plane nearest to earth is the ether plane seen at the end of the metaphysical tunnel by those who have near death experiences, and are sent back.  This is where Christ Jesus went after His resurrection on his way to the Father of Life Energy on the highest plane.  This is where we are greeted by departed loved ones and spiritual guides.  See the work of Michael Newton, and Raymond Moody.  See also, “Midnight Special.”  (In this cryptic science fiction adventure from writer/director Jeff Nichols, Roy (Michael Shannon) rescues his son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) from a religious cult in Texas, whose members worship the boy for his supernatural powers. Along with a state trooper (Joel Edgerton), the pair go on a cross-country journey as they are hunted by federal agents, who believe Alton might be a threat to national security. Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver, and Sam Shepard co-star.  The influence of Philip K. Dick, science fiction writer and theologian, can be seen in the writing and staging of this movie.).
  • The Doorway to the Godhead of Life Energy can never be opened by cognitive theories and abstraction, although they can provide secondary support.  Only surrender to Jesus Christ and simple Faith can do that.   We must realize and be what we are: cosmic children in the nursery of our Lord.  As theologian and novelist Henry Miller once said: “You can analyze, and analyze, and analyze.  But you never get to IT.  You never get to IT.  Don’t you know? And it was meant to be that way.”
  • The writer is now, at the end of his life, sustained by these streams of spiritual energy: the Salvation and Eternal Life granted by Christ Jesus; love; simple faith; and Gnostic mysticism.
  • The path of spiritual explorers is a lonely one.  Humanity would rather remain asleep in the swamp of materialism and power politics.  This is an illusion and pernicious trap.  Every explorer and liberator who tried to bring enlightenment to the masses has been crucified.  In light of this history, it is better to work quietly with research / writing and ultimately a few students / coworkers.  This was the form taken by the groups of ancient Cabalists.  There were rarely more than a few in a group centered around the Master. Later, after the main teacher passed off the earth prison,  the word was written down and passed on orally as well.   So mote it be!  Let us live for our truth, not die for it.  Jesus Christ was a Prince of Life, not Death!
  • According to the Bible (OT and NT), the Enemy of the God of Life Energy was a rebel angel jealous that henceforth Adam and Eve would take precedence over him. Angels are a creation of God to help Him in various tasks and celebrate His existence.  Therefore, we have to assume a destructive and evil force deriving from the God of Life in order to continue to make the Creator monotheistic.  As an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent force, why did the God of Life permit this?  I read one theologian who stated we can never know the answer to this question.  On the other hand, if as the Gnostic theologians held, the enemy of life was independent from the God of Life, an evil entropic spiritual power from another Universe that infiltrated and subverted His domain,  the question is answered.  On the other hand, Dr. Reich, in his “Oranur Experiment,” thought that the orgone spiritual energy was monotheistic and was irritated into a rage when exposed to radiation in an orgone accumulator and turned into deadly orgone energy or a demonic force.   When the God of Life created the  Universe, the question is again posed as to why did he make a substance that could kill off his creation?  Why did he let humans develop spiritual armor and become the Devil’s agents so to speak?  This means that to hold the monotheistic position, one would have to accept that God is not omnipotent in the Angelic domain.  It is not clear that Angels have free will in the sense humans were given it.  Angelic will is functional and each angel in the hierarchy of angels has a function to perform ordained by God and Angels were also created to celebrate God. Again, if this evil anti-life force infiltrated from another Universe, and cosmologists and physicists now believe there may be an infinite number of Universes each linked like soap bubbles to the other, a more satisfactory explanation is provided.  The great Rabbi Luria, an ancient Cabalist (described by his students as “The Lion”) described the creation of all matter, living and inorganic, as involving a series of  metaphysical containers that could not contain the high charge of the energy of creation and shattered, thus creating spiritual armor with sparks of divinity mixed in, and anti-life substances such as radiation that were degenerated matter.  Reich never picked up on this other alternative to my knowledge.  However, what is orgone therapy but a spiritual medical method of uniting the sparks in an individual and making this person reflect the image of God in a pure way?  Christ Jesus was such a pure Archetype.  Salvation was offered by Jesus by taking in humanities’ armor and giving humans a chance to return to “Eden.”  Rabbi Luria called this the “gathering of the sparks.”  Jesus gathered the sins/armor into himself by the crucifixion, and offered all who surrendered to Him eternal life.  This gathering of the sparks is the task of the spiritual healer and disciple.  It fits the oanur findings.  In other words, with his “The Murder of Christ” and the “Oranur Experiment,” Dr. Reich had become a Gnostic theologian.  My spiritual mentor, and ogonomic philosopher, Dr. Robert Pasotti, called this entire complex of phenomena “the oranur paradigm.”
  • However you look at it, the creation of the Godhead of Life Energy of the inorganic and organic matter on the earth was interfered with by an enemy of life. It could, as the OT states, be some force from the Godhead that split off by some presently unknown cosmic process, and we still have monotheism. On the other hand, it could be an infiltration from another parallel universe created by an evil spiritual force in that domain. In this writer’s mind, the fact remains that the spiritual life energy became trapped in matter and some turned against life in all its forms. To remedy this, the God of Life sent Jesus Christ to offer salvation to those who could understand this and were not too badly damaged. Christ offers Eternal Life; the Devil offers sin and death. “Eden” is symbolic of a higher ether dimension where death did not exist. The Devil Angel broke this first creation, and it descended to the earth prison of matter. Some Gnostic theologians attributed the creation of the armored and spiritually deformed earth to the “demented God” as opposed to the Good God of Life. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to return to the Good God of Life or bring his reality down here (functionally the same). Jesus was sent from the God of Life as his representative to offer eternal life and defeat the enemies of humanity. The Devil has his own agents called “Archons” by the Gnostics. Realizing humanity could never defeat the Devil alone and unaided, Jesus promised to return as is delineated by the “Book of Revelation.” in the NT.  Until His return, God has sent the Holy Spirit of Life to guide those who have been granted salvation by Christ. Abraxas,_Nordisk_familjebok
  • We have no cognitive category that allows us to comprehend an infinite and eternal Universe that has no beginning and no end. If we postulated creation, we must accept that space-time is created at the same time as matter and energy. The creator is timeless and exists in an unimaginable dimension. The reports of near death experiences tell of a timeless domain where past, present, and future co-exist. We have that spirit reality inside us. Precognition and predetermination are based on this. I now envision a vast and living ocean of Absolute Consciousness that is eternal and beyond space-time. Before creation, there is no space-time and therefore no linear causality. So, there is no creation as we understand it. We are products of God’s thoughts. See “Real Visitors Voices From Beyond And Parallel Dimensions” by Brad and Sherry Steiger (Detroit, Visible Ink Press, 2016). Why is there something rather than nothing? The famous question philosophers have never been able to answer. The mystics had an answer: because God was lonely.
  • We have God given free will to accept liberation from Christ Jesus and His Disciples.  However, in the earth trap, our lives are otherwise completely preordained and predetermined down to the second of our death.  We are in a fully determined and entropic prison cell of organic matter.  Other than accept Christ, there is not a single thing we as humans on earth can do to change one iota of anything except the superficial masks of existence.
  • Authentic religion fuses sexuality and spirituality in a joyful celebration of life, and the God of Life Energy.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich.
  • The Gnostic Christ Jesus was sent to the earth prison by the God of Life Energy to free the prisoners from the trap of matter.  All who can be saved, will be saved.  Jesus has the assistance of the spiritual higher powers (known as Angels), and the teachers of the Celestial Academy.  We also have this assistance if we call on it in Jesus’s name and the name of the God of Life Energy.  The Academy has the ancient masters of the Cabala, the Apostles, as well as many other spiritual philosophers.
  • The winged humanoid creature chronicled by John Keel, in his book “The Mothman Prophecies,” was to my mind clearly one of the “fallen angels.” With its burning red demonic eyes, and puzzling enigmatic predictions, he is closer to that as described in the Bible than either extraterrestrial aliens or a Cryptozoic monster.  Further confirmation is given by the fact it hovers over Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) geographic areas.  DOR was the designation of demonic energy given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  AngelCaido
  • I have re-titled this writing as “New Age” rather than “Gnostic.”   This is because the incarnation of Jesus promised a spiritual New Age for those who believed in him, and accepted his teachings.  This promise is fulfilled in the Bible’s last book, “Revelation.”  Gnosticism is too bound by old cultures, and is also unknown to most people.
  • The highest metaphysical dimension, in spiritual energy vibration, is beyond space / time.  As if in frozen amber, it has all that has been, and all that will be.  This is the key to time travel, precognition, and prophecy.
  • The fate of each individual was decided prior to reincarnation by the spiritual higher powers in consultation with that person.  As the old German philosopher Liebnitz stated “The Monad has no windows.”  There is an inner dynamic to each person set by all prior incarnations, and ultimately the God of Life Energy, with the assistance of the spiritual guides.  This cannot be changed, although the particulars may be slightly altered.  An unknown mystic and occult philosopher, whose name the writer has not been able to retrace, put it this way: “As I sit here, pen in hand, attempting to ponder the Imponderable, I have come to accept with calm certainty, as only a person weary of fighting against the inevitable can, that the Skein of Destiny which weaves its way throughout our lives is as inescapable and unalterable as Life and Death itself.  Our Fate, and that of the World, was written in the Sands of Time and in the Stars of Heaven, long before we ever arrived, and there is not a single thing that any one of us can do to alter it.”
  • Jesus Christ is a Supreme Cabalist, Rabbi,  and Spiritual Teacher, as a result of having had an extraterrestrial father in the God of Life Energy.  He is on the faculty of the Celestial Academy, and is the prime mediator between God and man.  It was Paul who took his living teachings and created the foundation of an ossified church structure.  Christ himself lived existentially and anarchically (against the Archons of the lower spiritual powers).
  • We select our fate between incarnations with the help of our spiritual guides and teachers.  Even if it involves an early and tragic death, as did Christ’s death, it is designed to be a vehicle of teaching, learning, and liberation, for ourselves and those involved with us.  We will keep incarnating until we ascend up the Tree of Life and finally merge into the Godhead.  We are  drops in an eternal spiritual ocean. Life here and hereafter goes on forever in one form or another.  We remain connected to our loved ones both here and beyond.  If one can truly allow this to sink into the depths of consciousness,  there is nothing ever to fear.  All passes.  All is preserved in a spiral upward movement through the metaphysical planes.  Knowledge and experience are preserved and transcended in the dialectic of life movement from minus to plus.  Hegel’s logic traces this movement in the microcosm and the macrocosm.   As below, so above.
  • Metaphysics and spirituality is one field where we have to, of necessity, rely on “thought experiments” to forge new paths and revelations.   As advanced physicists and cosmologist have shown, real discoveries can be made despite the inability to use the verification methods of mechanistic science via controlled materialistic experiment.
  • Spiritual discernment is a gift by the grace of the God of Life.  This does not mean we can remain passive and wait for it.  In order to be open to it, we must put in years of experience and study.
  • The crucifixion of Christ is the ideal form or archetype of the liberation of the soul or spiritual energy from the prison of the body.  It is also the path each of us must follow on earth, symbolically, according to our own individual fates and spiritual mission.  Like Jesus, we had our mission when we were born.  We must keep fighting in each incarnation until we can say with Him “It is finished!”  This spiritual philosophy is a creative fusion of existentialism and core essence.  See Irrational Man by William Barrett, “Christian Sources,” pages. 92-119 (N.Y., Anchor Books, 1990).





Transfigurationbloch (2)

Intellectual brain armoring blocks mystical and spiritual insight.  That is why the “Enlightenment,” with all of its advances, killed God and let the Devil escape. It created atomic bombs, and as of yet there is no cure for cancer.  The current technological society, with its human clones, human/animal hybrids,  robots and artificial intelligence computers, will lead to catastrophe.  Of the “moderns,” philosopher Martin Heidegger pointed this out clearly in his book “Being and Time.”  The split between the ontic and the ontological pointed out in that work gets into the core of the authentic spiritual and the “walkie-talkie” brain machines that now dominate the West and the globe.

  • To free ourselves from the karma crucifixion of our current incarnation in atomic matter, while remaining in the body before death, is a supreme attainment of the Spirit by the Grace of God!  The bio-psychological “transference reactions” are dissolved along with the deeper traps of spiritual pathology.  No human therapy can do this.  It takes the spiritual armor busting of the metaphysical therapists and guides from the Celestial Academy with the constant Grace of God expressed in Creation Energy.
  • The Creation Energy is more luminous than the ordinary Life Energy.  It was in the “Big Bang,” radiated from Moses as he came down from Mount Sinai, could be seen around Elijah, Moses, and Jesus when they met (see illustration above), and was present in the Resurrection of Jesus. It is consistent with the fact that more Light entered the atmosphere when Dr. Reich used the cloudbuster to clean the atmosphere of deadly orgone energy. BigBang (2)
  • Institutionalization kills truth!
  • Cosmologists and astrophysicists have discovered that the Universe is continuing to expand, and at an increasing rate.  This is consistent with the “Big Bang” origin and the expansive nature of cosmic orgone energy.  This phenomenon is also confirmation that the origin of evil is the trapping of the cosmic mass free energy in atomic structure causing contraction, inertia, entropy, and rage.  Eventually, this cosmic armor gives rise to atomic radiation and deadly orgone energy production as the imprisoned orgone ties to escape.  .  On the other hand, our fully free functioning is reflected in the creation of galaxies by the superimposition of two orgone energy streams.  See Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s book ” Cosmic Superimposition” (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973).
  • Hyper-intellectualism armors against feeling and seeing spiritual truth. We must also remember that, at core, our God is a mystery!  Trying to match our intellects with God’s Absolute Mind reminds me of the title of an old play: “Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God!”
  • Sticking close to scriptural description, a demonic force split off from the God of the Life Energy by choosing power contention over spiritual law and truth.  This caused the contraction of the receiving living vessels during the Big Bang of Creation trapping the spiritual energy sparks in atomic husks (See the work of Cabalist Issac Luria.).  The only way back to spiritual health and eternal life is via the freeing and expansion of the sparks within the vessels to rejoin each other into unified spiritual bodies. Christ was sent to teach this process. The crucifixion was liberation as demonstrated by the resurrection.  The repaired soul’s life in the metaphysical planes takes place in the 95 percent of the Universe that we cannot see or presently know from the earth prison. Approximately 5 percent is visible to our mechanistic instruments and senses.  (“Ninety-five percent of the universe is unknown to us, and we know nothing about the 27 percent of dark matter or the 68 percent of dark energy.” Theologian Hans Kung. See supra, point 28, Chapter 2  )  Our cognitive capabilities are far too limited to see beyond the outer boundary of God.  It was meant to be this way. Why?  Trust the mystery of God and have faith in the resurrection.  We will be with our loved ones in eternity to dance the cosmic circle with joy.
  • There is no “purpose” to spiritual functioning.  Life Energy simply functions. Eternal Experience is what counts.  We must work our way back to the Godhead and enrich it with our experience and insights.
  • Gershom Scholem on the Messiah: “The utopian content of the Messianic redemption as a non-restorative state of the world is continued in the Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalists and Hasidim.  It is preserved, above all, in an awareness of the strictly paradoxical nature – from our point of view – of the renewed Messianic existence, about which the mystics have written so much.  The arrival of the Messiah himself is tied to  impossible, or at any rate highly paradoxical, conditions, probably never expressed in a more melancholy and humanly contorted way than in this sharpened expression of a saying from the ‘Zohar:’ the Messiah will not come until the tears of Esau will be exhausted.[footnote omitted]  Of all conditions for redemption, truly the most surprising and at the same time the most impossible!  For the tears of Esau are those which, according to Genesis 27:38, he shed when Jacob deceived him to gain Isaac’s blessing.  There has never been a lack of this such profound dicta.  Among the most famous sayings of this kind are those of Rabbi Israel of Rizhin, that in the days of the Messiah man will no longer quarrel with his fellow but with himself, or his bold suggestion that the Messianic world will be a world without images, ‘in which the image and its object can no longer be related’ – which apparently means that a new mode of being will emerge which cannot be pictorially represented.  All these forms by which the utopian element gives evidence of its continuing power, and the writings  of the Kabbalists are full of attempts to fathom its unfathomable depths.  Scholem, Gershom, The Messianic Idea in Judaism, pages 34-35 (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).  Cf: Valis by P.K. Dick.
  • God built the Universe with numbers.  This means he transcends the infinity of the Universe.  He is outside space-time as we know it. As Darren Aronofsky depicted in his film “Pi,” the Kabbalists have a number for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The number combination that represents the true name of God will provide a key to the Messianic time dimension, and thus the return to the Garden of Eden..  It was lost when the Romans destroyed the inner sanctum of the Holy Synagogue of Jerusalem.  The main protagonist  in the movie is a mathematical genius who has the number / name imprinted into his brain by looking into the Sun too long as a child producing temporary blindness.  The problem is that he can’t directly access it.  He is driven insane by this.  Computers are no help because they burn out just after accessing the code buried in the Torah and coming to self-awareness. In history, whoever has sought this fundamental reality, in whatever form, has been destroyed.  Cf: Wilhelm Reich; Giordano Bruno; etc.  This number, that is the true name of God, is the “golden spiral.”  It is the basic spiritual-energetic building block of the Universe. Reich discovered it in the superimposition of two organisms in orgasmic embrace.  In the cosmos, he found the configuration graphed in the cosmic superimposition of two streams of orgone energy to form galaxies.  This discovery drew the demonic forces against him.  They manipulated him into doing the “Oranur Experiment” that opened the door to them.  Once operative in Reich’s organism, these demonic forces caused him to misjudge the FDA investigation of his work which brought on his death in federal prison in 1957.
  • The spiritual philosophy expressed in this work is a creative (channeled) synthesis of Gnostic Jewish and Christian Cabala, as modernized by Dr. C.J. Jung / Wilhelm Reich, and Western Hermetic Cabala as practiced by Giordano Bruno, Jacob Boehme, Dion Fortune, and Israel Regardie (among many others).
  • The central heuristic structures of this metaphysical system include: reincarnation; the Celestial Academy; and ascending metaphysical planes as consciousness expands with the rate of psychic energy vibration increase with rising density of quantum particle information.
  • The God of Life is a kind and compassionate spiritual power who has granted us unlimited reincarnations to the earth prison of matter for as long as it takes for us to free ourselves and expand our Being. We can work our way up the cosmic spiral and gain help from spiritual teachers in the Celestial Academy, including Christ, and the most advanced human consciousness available. Spiritual energy therapists are also available to repair trauma from past lives. See the work of Dr. Michael Newton.
  • At some point, we will merge into the Absolute Mind of the Life Energy, transcending space and time in a dance of joy around the wellsprings of love, work, and knowledge with loved ones and friends. Hegel traced this movement in his books. The dialectic is not a closed ontology. It never ends. See the work of Raya Dunayevskaya.
  • The most important point for many to keep in mind is that we are all governed by Karma and Fate. We cannot intervene to change this in any fundamental way for ourselves or others while on earth.  This is the  paradox of free will vs. predetermination.  They are both right, but in different domains.
  • As an unknown mystic once stated: “As I sit here, pen in hand, attempting to ponder the imponderable, I have come to accept with calm certainty, as only a person weary of fighting against the inevitable can, that The Skein of Destiny which weaves its way throughout our lives is as inescapable and unalterable as Life and Death itself. Our Fate, and that of the World, was written in The Sands of Time and in The Stars of Heaven long before we ever arrived, and there is not a single thing that any one of us can do to alter it.” It is for this reason that the Bible says: “Stop striving, and know that I am God.” This refers to the earth prison and not the metaphysical planes. On the metaphysical planes, knowledge and understanding can be gained for future incarnations or ascendance. In addition to the Higher Spiritual Powers, thousands of years of philosophy, spirituality, and science are available to us though the faculty. Each teaches and counsels their own work: Plato does Plato, Hegel does Hegel, etc. The same holds for spiritual energy therapy: Freud does Freud; Reich does Reich; etc.
  • Christ-Cabalist was not sent to earth to lead a mass liberation of the prisoners of the earth.  He was sent by the God of Life to show each individual human soul how to liberate himself / herself from the swamp of petty materialism and ego dictated by the biological body, and the values of Babylon.  His followers destroyed him by trying to turn his message into a call for mass uprising.  See Dr. Reich’s “Murder of Christ.”  Like most Cabalists, he had a small group of students around him.  They were taught healing and how to become a spiritual teacher.  He incarnated into a human mother in order to better perform this mission by being able to empathize with human functioning.  The difference between him and all other known Jewish Kabbalists is that he had an extraterrestrial Father known to us as God.  Cf: the false mystical messiah Sabbatai Zevi.  Each person has the Messianic Archetype within himself. Nobody can “save” another except to show him how to save himself. Everyone who tried to lead a mass spiritual uprising has been destroyed by the masses by being seduced into leadership and betrayed by them when He did not effortlessly free them.  See also, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in the 1951 edition for a current rendition of this reality.   Klaatu will return, as predicted by John in “Revelation,” but only to collect the self-liberated spiritual mind/body for transport in metaphysical crafts. AAAAADay_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 (1)
  • Christ-Consciousness can be developed by most people if they are sufficiently motivated, and willing to work their way up to it.  But be careful what you wish for. Christ-Consciousness can draw powerful demonic entities down on you. Dr. Reich was once told by a student that “A [famous spiritual] teacher was a Christ.”  He replied: “Why has he not been killed?”  Reich himself suffered this fate at the hands of the U.S. of the U.S. [FDA]Government.  _Wilhelm_Reich
  • Dr. Reich was, functionally and theoretically,  a Christian Gnostic and Hermetic Cabalist.  See his book “The Murder of Christ.”
  • “Absolute Mind” is the highest vibratory metaphysical civilization that the human soul can reach.  The self-illuminating metaphysical shelter for us remains, but the exchange of knowledge, love and energy is not cognizable to us now here on the earth plane except in mystical states. Teilhard de Chardin came closest to it with his Christogenesis.  I envision floating in Creation Energy (which produced the “Big Bang.”) with telepathic communication and zero gravity.  Here, we are in the Core of the Godhead of Life Energy.  Dr. Michael Newton never encountered anyone on earth who had come from this domain.  That is because reincarnation stops being an option long before the human spiritual body ascends to this level. Christ-Cabalist was the only spiritual body to incarnate from this domain.
  • The metaphysics of the life energy incorporates Nietzsche’s insights.  The old Gods who weakened us are almost dead.  What does not spiritually kill us, makes us stronger.  The Godhead of the Life Energy strengthens by the dialectic of the combination of opposites.  We are parts of it.  The parts that are trapped in armored matter by the lower spiritual powers must be liberated to allow us to ascend.  Nietzsche puts it beautifully by describing his differences with Wagner as transcended and united in one Star.  See “Nietzsche In Turin” by Lesley Chamberlain (N.Y., Picador USA, 1996).  180px-Friedrich_Nietzsche_drawn_by_Hans_Olde
  • Some UFO reverse engineers, who try to figure out how a craft is fueled and constructed, have come to the conclusion that the mind of the alien operator provides the propulsion, speed and direction.  This is consistent with Wilhelm Reich’s observation that the blue glow and silent operation of many UFOs signals that they are fueled by mass-free orgone / cosmic energy.  Orgone can run machinery silently and the orgone glows blue in a vacuum tube.  It is faster than light and constitutes what I have called Creation Energy.  Orgone is the spiritual bio-energy that flows through the body and gives life and movement to the biological organism.  When it flows without muscular repression and psychological blocks (where such blockage exists, it can be removed or lessened by medical orgone therapy), it is the basis for Christ Consciousness.  See Dr. Reioh’s books: “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, Privately Printed, 1957, obtainable from the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine), and “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Noonday Press of F,S&G, 1967).  All of this lends support to my thesis that these are metaphysical craft to other dimensions, including those we designate “after-life” planes.  As Reich predicted in the conclusion to the “Oranur Experiment” (Rangeley, Maine, Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951), there is indeed a breakdown here of the mind barrier between physics and metaphysics predicted long ago by William James in his work “Varieties of Religious Experience” (N.Y., Modern Library, 1936).  This evidence and logic gives new natural scientific support to “astral travel” to higher dimensions and spiritual medium communication / healing.
  • It is important to keep in mind that demonic spiritual entities also travel in metaphysical inter-dimensional craft (UFOs).  This will become even more important as we approach the culminating battle between the forces of Christ-Cabalist and St. Michael, representing the God of Life , with the deadly fallen angels of Lucifer in the Middle East as predicted by John in “Revelation.”  This is the spark that starts WW III.   In the meantime, demonic forces on earth are all around us.  Secular science is being used to try to convince the public that they do not exist.  The long history of this planet, currently being re-verified by paranormal, theological, and mystical investigators, attest to this reality long known by the old fashioned clergy.  220px-Buer
  • The ancient Jewish Merkabah mystics, Jewish gnostics, in the 1-10 AD period, had already constructed metaphysical craft and ascended to the seven higher divine dimensions to the throne of the God of Life.  This was done by projecting the astral body while the mystic was still alive in the physical biological body.  Various magical techniques were used, including meditation.  See Gershom Scholem’s “Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism,” pages 40-79 (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995).  Ezekiel's_vision (2)
  • The Bible is a multi-dimensional  holographic code projected from the Absolute Mind of God through human channels (which can and do produce historical and cultural distortions, as both Kant and Hegel knew).  It is a trackless map showing humanity how to liberate the spiritual energy body from the prison of earth matter.  The levels of interpretation are limitless, bound only by human cognitive capacity, not objective reality.  The Jewish mystics use “Gematria” to mathematically decode the Torah.  Each Hebrew letter is assigned a number in accordance with its position in the alphabet.  Words then yield numbers that can be matched for meaning and association.  It is one of a few books that Dr. Wilhelm Reich told his wife that he would take to an island with him.    See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” page 6 (NY., Schocken Books, 1995).  See also, “Pi” A Film By Darren Aronofsky (ARTISAN 1997).  The film deals with a math prodigy who uncovers the numerical correspondence of the true name of G-d.  The only problem, it is a metaphysical door, much like Reich’s “Oranur Experiment,” that blows the human mind into insanity and biological stroke. It would take the combined intelligence of a Reich and Einstein to begin to contain it.  In the course of their individual work, both were destroyed by it. This is what the great Jewish Cabalist, Isaac Luria (16th century), called the breaking of the “vessels” that cannot hold the power of sacred creation.Gutenberg_Bible,_Lenox_Copy,_New_York_Public_Library,_2009._Pic_01 (2)
  • Christ-Cabalist is the Supreme Spiritual Teacher.  As a direct expression of Core Cosmic Life Energy, he is part of the Godhead of Life itself, and configures his mind/body in ideal form and wisdom.  With an extraterrestrial Father, and human mother, he is unique in history and for all time on earth.   That is why He said: “The only way to the Father is through me.”  No other merely human Cabalist had such wisdom and functional spiritual ability.  Moses (who was instructed in Hermetic Cabala by Egyptian magicians)  in my opinion is the nearest to him, but still trillions of light years away.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).  See also, the work of the great Cabalist “Lion” Issac Luria.   See “The Kabbalah – A Study Of the Ten Luminous Emanations” From Rabbi Isaac Luria (The Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, Research Centre of Kabbalah, 1984).  The best study of Jewish Mysticism, to my mind, is “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995). Gershom Scholem in the first picture directly below is shown  immersed in rare manuscripts.  Second below (but not in order of importance) is depicted the afterimage of Christ on his burial shroud.  A quantum physicist (Dame Piczek, see the Brown citation below)  has determined that the imprint was produced by the radiating Creation Energy Singularity behind the “Big Bang” flowing out of Christ’s discarded biological body container.  This finding is consistent with the Biblical  description of Jesus as being the son of the Godhead of the Life Energy.  See “The Shroud Of Turin Speaks For Itself” by Simon Brown and Casper McCloud (Life Application Ministries Publishing).  See also,  “A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?” by Chuck Missler (Koinonia House Web site, accessed on 3/7/2016).Scholem Christshroud
  • As the spiritual energy body ascends the metaphysical planes, as before described in this work, there comes a time when it merges with the Godhead of Life.  This happens when the spiritual energy has become purified through many incarnations and has gained an expanded consciousness by advancing though the levels of the Celestial Academy,  It adds this energy and consciousness to the Godhead of Life to help the Life Energy continue to expand outward in a creative flow in contention with other Gods on the higher dimensions.  Presently, while on earth, we do not know what these other spiritual forces are about.  Some, no doubt, are concentrations of deadly cosmic energy or, as occult scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich put it, “deadly orgone energy (DOR)”.  This life-negative energy causes blocks and contractions.  It  produces barriers to expansion.  Contemporary cosmologists and advanced physicists think there may also be infinite other Universes.  This means that the Life Energy (Creation Energy) may also have other facilitating spiritual Godheads. Dr. Reich here depicted pondering whether to fight the deadly cosmic energy on its own ground. NewReich
  • The highest manifestation of the Celestial Academy is recognized in the Bible in Psalm 82:1, “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty: he judgeth among the gods.”  It is also described as the “divine assembly.”  See “The Unseen Realm -Recovering the supernatural worldview of the Bible,” Chapter 1, page 11, by Michael S.Heiser (WA, Lexham Press, 2015).  At this depth of the Godhead of Life, there are no humans, as far as we know, except for Jesus who had an earthly mother.   It is unknown if a fully human person could work their way up to divine status.   The logic of the supernatural suggests that it may be possible.  Metatron, who once was human, may be an example.  See also,  “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem, Second Lecture, “Merkabah Mysticism And Jewish Gnosticism,” pages 67-70 (N.Y, Schocken Books, 1995) (Dr. Scholem evaluates Metatrons spiritual nature.).  Angels, as “messengers” of the Supreme God of Life, are not part of this assembly, but reside on the next highest level right below it.  In this assembly,  the God of Life instructs the other Gods, and divine entities, in cosmic love, work, and wisdom.   The monotheistic God of Life, as assisted by an assembly of lessor Gods,  as far as our own Universe is concerned, if indeed there are infinite other Universes, is also recognized by Hinduism.  See:  Encyclopedia of the World’s Religions, edited by R.C. Zaehner, “Hinduism” by A.L. Basham, pages 217-254 (N.Y., Barnes and Noble, 1997).  Hinduism also recognizes infinite cycles of creation of our Universe through pulsation.  This is consistent with Wilhelm Reich’s concept of a “common functioning principle” (CFP) throughout all existence: expansion and contraction.(JPEG Image, 640 × 426 pixels)ArchangelMetatron (2)Shiva_Bangalore
  • The Bible chronicles humanities’ struggle to undo the Fall into the earth dimension trap.  Later on, the philosopher Hegel restated this as the struggle for human freedom objectively, and subjectively the ascent to Absolute Mind.  This is not static.  The Absolute Mind is not a closed ontology, but a new beginning in the New Jerusalem as stated in “Revelation” of the NT.  White_Rider_from_Tolkovy_Apocalyps_17th_century (2)
  • If humanity survives long enough, the time is coming when physics will be replaced by metaphysics. Dr. Reich, in his “Oranur Experiment,” kicked open the door between the two domains. As he started to step through, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) brought him down.  See: “Wilhelm Reich vs. The U.S.A”. by Jerome Greenfield (N.Y., Norton, 1974).
  • The science fiction movie “Pi,” by Darren Aronofsky, presents an intriguing key to the mysticism of the Cabala.  A math genius, using a computer, decides to help some local Brooklyn Cabalists find the true name of God in the Torah using the ancient system of numbering the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  When the computer program finally finds this name, containing over 200 letters, it burns out.   However, it crashes after evidencing a form of self-consciousness.  Thus demonstrating that the Logos of God brings consciousness to the spiritual energy.  This links well with the idea of the philosopher Hegel that God is, in effect, Absolute Consciousness.
  • Biblical prophecy has long guided the world views of the spiritual and religious alike. Daniel’s prophetic interpretation of a dream of the King of Babylon secured his life and the continuity of the Jewish religion in ancient times. The ability to render prophecies, a gift from God, did not end with the time periods covered by the Bible. Of the post-biblical prophets, Nostradamus is widely recognized as the greatest.
    During the decade of the 1990’s, an incomplete manuscript written by Nostradamus, and illustrated by his son, rendered the great prophets vision of the Tarot deck of cards. The manuscipt, originally in the Vatican’s library, was discovered in the public library collection of the city of Rome. Nostradamus scholars and illustrators finished it, and produced the deck and an explanatory book for the general public. I have it.
    This being a year of the U.S. presidential elections, with many dangerous events taking place around the world, the writer of this spiritual tract decided to use the Nostradamus Tarot to predict the general election, and also the major problem that will face the new President.
    Having researched the prophet’s methods of working, and using the guide book drawn up by the Nostradamus scholars, I came up with the following throw and reading of the cards and archetypal images thereon.
    The winner of the general election appears to be Donald Trump. His card was the IV of Suns. It predicts success and the unification of domestic society, Further indicated, Dr. Nostradamus stated: “Those of the soil will be sustained by it. The spade gives hope to many more.” This seems very significant since Trump is a man of the land via his real estate business. Also indicated by the cards, this is a new beginning that is part of the destiny of world history.
    As to the major problem he will face in the next four years, the cards show a crisis [the card is from the Major Arcana]. It is the Wheel of Fortune bringing on World War III. Looking at his two cards together, his presidential win and the future crisis, the cards indicate that currently our military is being used in the wrong way, and we are letting our real enemies inflict destruction without effective response. Our real enemy is not Russia, It is Islamo-fascism. See: Matthews, John, and Kinghan, Wil, The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, [Tarot pictures restored by artist Wil Kinghan] [Nostramus translated by Caitlin Matthews] (VT., Tuttle Publishing, 2012); and Wilson, Damon, The Mammoth Book of Nostradamus And Other Prophets (N.Y., Carroll & Graf, 1999).  Nostradamus_by_Cesar (2)
  • The logic of God is far beyond the common logic of life.  Indeed, it is far higher than either Aristotle’s linear logic or Hegelian dialectical logic.  It can be spiritually discerned through direct communication from the Godhead (including Jesus), or the spiritual discernment of the hidden meaning of events.  Jesus, while on earth, demonstrated and explained it within the scope of his mission.  It is open to us existentially and can provide the answers to  questions that no human could ever reach.  The more we are spiritually open and unarmored, the more frequent and clear these celestial communications from the higher, and highest, spiritual powers of Life will become.  God has not abandoned us.  But we must make the effort to reach out with mind and heart to Him/Her.  There is a spiritual reason for everything that happens. There are no accidents or coincidences in life. It only looks that way from our limited consciousness. The events in the Bible are not ossified history. All of the books contain the living Logos of God NOW in our lives. The Book of Revelation describes a process that is existentially happening now to us individually.
  • Biblical Hermeneutics has been defined as the science of interpreting scripture.  It is also the art of discerning the living word of the Godhead of Life through the distortions of its human channels and historical accretions.  At its most profound, hermeneutics allows the reader to interact with spiritual cosmic energies broadcast by the Logos that will transform his/her character structure and provide mystical transformation.  The Jewish Christian mystics knew this, particularly the Cabalists.
  • What we can know of the Godhead of Life, and the cosmos, will always be limited in some way as long as we dwell on the earth plane in biological bodies.  When our star energies are liberated from the materially armored body by the spiritual transformation known to the .imprisoned humans as “death,” more will be knowable in the Celestial Academy with the greatest minds humanity has produced in scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers, including the Supreme Teacher, Christ.  .However, while on earth, God has given us consciousness and we can speculate through theology, natural science, and art.  The writer of this Tract now envisions a living infinite and eternal Universe projecting infinite dimensions and Godheads.  The all encompassing Universe that this incomprehensible reality projects are various Godheads.  These Godheads are at the center of the trillions of galaxies.  The Godhead of Life, the creator of our Milky Way Galaxy, is one among countless.  There are others that are the enemies of life, some are indifferent, and some friendly.   Natural scientists have observed “black holes” at the center of each observable galaxy.  It is from these wombs that the galaxies are created.  As to the many dimensions, there are permeable boundaries  that produce a clash of Gods.  Monotheism is correct in that the Omni-Universe is one.  Polytheism is accurate in that there are many, many Gods within the Omniverse.  There are lower and higher spiritual powers.  In our own reality, lower spiritual powers interfered with the God of Life and bought evil to its creation of humanity and the earth.  To remedy this tragedy, the God of Life sent his son, Jesus, to earth to liberate the entrapped ones who have not lost their souls to the demonic forces. All of this is speculation, but it most satisfyingly explains history and our lives and deaths.  As we ascend into the metaphysical planes of life, we can help God expand against contending cosmic forces, as well as eventually merge with the Godhead through the spiral movement that the philosopher Hegel called the dialectical process.  Hegel’s “Absolute Mind” is functionally identical with the Omniuniverse. All is in constant movement and change.  There is no end.  This is not a closed ontology.  It is endless new beginnings.  Alan Watts, the great 1960’s spiritual philosopher, and Godfather of the New Age theologies and psychedelic practices, once said: “I find it  no more surprising that the Universe birthed me once, than that I will be reincarnated over and over again (paraphrase).”  The dance of life is eternal and exists for no other purpose than joy!  GalaxyandromedaGalaxy
  • There is a good reason for the elaborate safeguards placed institutionally by the great religions, such as Roman Catholicism, and many of the other organized religions, that still preserve / protect a core of life spiritual / holy feeling. The spiritual degeneration of humanity is so great, and increasing daily, that an unprotected influx of freedom would unloose demonic forces. This is why external rules and ritual came to replace internal self-regulation. A recent example of these deadly spiritual forces can be seen in what happened to David Koresh and his sect of Branch Davidians (Waco compound and Koresh depicted below). Dr. Wilhelm Reich called this the “secondary layer” of destructive force held in check by the spiritual armor (guilt, etc.), and muscular hypertension. It is produced by orgasmic impotence which builds up the spiritual / sexual energy behind the armor, turning it pathogenic, and into destruction rather than expressed in unarmored loving spiritual sexual embrace. Fundamentally, this is the same energy that produces galaxies. See: “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday, 1967); “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, And Giroux, 1973).Mountcarmelfire04-19-93-n (2)David_Koresh  . .
  • A scholar who read the Bible in the original Hebrew of the day, affirms in his Biblical hermeneutics applied to “Genesis,” that the God of Life, Yahweh, presided over the Elohim or lesser Gods in a Divine Council.  This was the ultimate spiritual energy concentration above the plane of Angels.  In this writer’s opinion, it is one or more of these lower spiritual powers that interfered with his creation of earth, making possible the spiritual degeneration of humanity.  Further verification is provided by the ancient Gnostics who called these lower spiritual powers Archons.  They may have used the more able angels to assist in this task, but as servants or messengers. See: “The Unseen Realm” by Michael S. Heiser (Wa, Lexham Press, 2013); and “The Gnostic Religion “by Hans Jonas (Boston, Beacon Press, 1958).
  • Nietzsche was wrong.  God is not dead!  However, he was made more difficult to contact by the “enlightenment.”  Humans killed the spiritual feelings in themselves, and “armored” themselves against His intervention and Christ’s guidance.  By use of the dialectic, it is our task, and that of our descendants, to creatively fuse science and spirituality by taking the rational and life-positive core of the enlightenment, and opening portals so that the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) can once again intervene for our salvation, as He did during the Biblical times.  It was not the brothels that killed Nietzsche.  He was driven insane by his failure to heal this split. 180px-Friedrich_Nietzsche_drawn_by_Hans_Olde  In one of his last writings, Nietzsche called himself “the Crucified One.”  There is some doubt as to the authenticity of this utterance, but whoever ascribed it to Nietzsche, knew his inner essence.800px-Resurrection-Headstone
  • The theology expressed in this work, although independently derived from the writer’s experiences and studies, was in essence set out long ago (5th or 6th Century A.D.) by Dionysius the Areopagite.  See “Pseudo-Dionysius – The Complete Works” (N.Y., Paulist Press, 1987).
  • Freud thought he could reach the spiritual pathology with word techniques, and dream analysis.  Wilhelm Reich went deep into the musculature and character armor, but still could not root it all out.  It was only at the end of his life, when he started dealing with pure spiritual energy functions, did Dr. Reich reach it.  The deformation was in the spiritual bodies themselves on a subatomic quantum level, and imprinted in the protoplasm with deeply repressed primal memories.  This stagnant spiritual energy, and traumatic memories, held the barriers to the full flow and feeling of the Cosmic God Energy.  This contained the “blocks.”  This domain was opened by the “Oranur Experiment.”  Thereafter, Reich created the cloudbuster and the medical DOR-buster. Here Reich reached the real clean substance of the Godhead of Life.  Demonic forces destroyed him for this achievement.  See the movie “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky.  Also, see the work of Rabbi / Cabalist  Issac Luria on the “breaking of the vessels” that could not hold the creation energy. To have seen the Face of God is to risk madness by boundless ego inflation and isolation (Cf: Nietzsche).  To unleash the deadly stagnant demonic energy is to risk infestation.  Sigmund_Freud_LIFE (2)reichprisonFriedrich
  • Each lifetime on earth presents an opportunity for existential spiritual liberation.  C.J. Jung, the great Swiss psychoanalyst, called this process “individuation.”  The first half of life is usually spent driven by the imperatives for survival and reproduction of the biological vehicle of the Life Energy.  This is the perpetuation of the biological prison of the armor.   The second half of life is bent towards the expansion of consciousness and understanding.  It can be, but not often is, a preparation for the metaphysical planes on the higher dimensions that the “death” transition brings.  Our existential spiritual liberation from the trap of atomic matter is, over the long run, prepared in this way though many incarnations, much as a prisoner patiently tunnels his/her way out of prison. In fact, near death experiences almost all provide a tunnel to the metaphysical planes. At the end of the tunnel, loved ones and spiritual guides await the returning soul. Often, the pure archetype of the Christ, glowing with Creation Energy, is there in the center of the group to embrace the spiritual traveler.   Eventually, only the spiritual body remains on the metaphysical planes and does not return to earth after it has cleansed itself of the spiritual armor (sin).  Each spiritual Monad, as the philosopher Leibniz called the soul, has its own inner fate, dynamism, and direction.  This can be reached and altered only by the Godhead of the Life Energy, angels, higher spiritual powers, and not other humans.  This is the reason that Dr. Leibniz made his famous statement: “The Monad has no windows.”  The Monad, through many incarnations, strives to merge with the Absolute Mind of God.  The Mandala symbol (modern version depicted below) represents this Absolute Consciousness in its wholeness.  This is not a closed ontology, but the basis for ever ascending spirals out into the Universes as the Godhead is enriched by the many merging Monads.  There are infinite “new beginnings.”  In this sense, Socrates taught that the practice of philosophy was learning how to “die” to the things of this earth and ascend to the Ideal forms. See: “The Way of Individuation” by Jolande Jacobi (N.Y, Harcourt, 1967); “Psychological Reflections” by C.J. Jung (Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1967); and “Leibniz Selections” by Gottfried Leibniz (N.Y., Charles Scribner’s Sons). See also, “Plato” in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Paul Edwards (N.Y., Macmillan, 1967).  The work of Hegelian scholar, Raya Dunayevskaya, is very useful in understanding the dialectical logic involved in Absolute Consciousness.   The Birth of the son of God
  • Many religions and spiritual philosophies assert the belief in the reincarnation of the human spiritual energy body or soul.  Some are very ancient and derive from Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  In the West, the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, have writings recognizing some form of soul reincarnation.  Modern theosophists and New Age theologies recognize it, and a significant number of cases, particularly among children, have been verified, beyond a reasonable doubt, by occult and paranormal science.  See the work of Ian Stevenson cited in the Blog bibliography.  Those who have had “near death experiences,” almost all remember being subjected to a kind of judgment of the life just lived prior to a decision by the authorities of the metaphysical planes as to the next best step in the returning soul’s karmic cycle (this was already described by the ancient Egyptian religion where the deceased person’s heart is weighed and analyzed).  In some cases, the spiritual energy soul has evolved enough to continue on in the metaphysical afterlife planes without having to reincarnate back to earth to work off more karmic armor or for other reasons not fully understood, but standing under a more perfect form of justice than is possible on earth.  The returning soul is usually taken before a Council of Higher Spiritual Justices.  Everybody has the assistance of their spiritual guide and counselor (a kind of combination lawyer-psychotherapist).  The soul actively participates in working out their next karmic sub-cycle.  See the work of Dr. Michael Newton cited in the Blog bibliography.  The values we strive to realize on earth are but pale reflections of the ideal forms on the metaphysical planes (as Plato taught).  As is usual when it comes to the most profound spiritual issues, there is much we still do not know, and may never know, with our limited consciousness.  Some organized religions in the West have declared the belief in reincarnation “heretical.”  These edicts were passed by organized religions so that they could maintain a monopoly of power over the masses on spiritual issues, just as secular ruling classes did over economic and political matters.  It is for this reason that the ancient Gnostics were persecuted by church inquisitions, and the Gnostic forms of organization were usually anarchic in character (against the repressive Archons of the metaphysical planes and planets).   A Buddhist reincarnation Wheel of Life is depicted below.  Buddhist_Wheel_of_Life (2)
  • The “resurrection body” referenced in the Bible is the spiritual energy body discovered by Wilhelm Reich and Nikolai Levashov, among others.  It can be seen in Kirlian photographs as a luminous glow around the organic body.  It is a “double” of this body made out of formative singularity energy.   This is Creation Energy or what Reich called cosmic mass-free energy.  It is the primary matter of Levashov. The spiritual energy body ascends to the metaphysical planes after the organic body wears out, or is injured beyond repair.  In some cases, it reincarnates into the fertilized ovum and guides the fetus to term.  It retains the memories of all past lives.  This is why spiritual life exists from the moment of conception.   It can be seen around the leaf below.  It was the glow seen around Jesus Christ.  It is healing formative cosmic creation energy.   Christ healing below in a picture by Gustav Dore.  Notice the energy around his head.Kirlian_Photograph_of_a_Coleus_Leaf_1980 (2)  JesusCuresamute
  • As prosaic as it may sound when dealing with the most profound issues of life, death, and fate, the bedrock of all spiritual and religious belief remains FAITH!! Fortunately, with Jesus Christ as our leader and teacher, it does not have to be blind faith.  His life and death to resurrection, His washing of our sins, is our mighty fortress against the wiles of the Devil’s doubt.
  • Liberation from the prison of armored matter, and the necessity or choice to return to the earth through reincarnation, means the defeat of death and disease.  However, more refinement and enrichment of the spiritual energy body (energy plus consciousness and subatomic quantum information) is still necessary to ascend the seven metaphysical planes to the Godhead of Life (Absolute Mind).  Whatever gifts a person has, can now be exercised without the drag of the entropic matter, and can expand in the negatively entropic Creation Energy.  The soul still needs the help of the Celestial Academy and spiritual guides / energy therapists  to grow and ascend.  Loved ones will always be available for joyful contact.  The Celestial Hierarchy, and its spiritual laws, are described excellently by Pseudo-Dionysius, translated by Colim Luibheid (N.Y., Paulist Press, 1987).  See him depicted below:  dionysius-areopagita_thumb
  • A major instrument of interpretation and understanding of spiritual reality is the occult common functioning principle (OCFP) of “As Above, So Below.”  We are made in the image of the God of Life, and our conceptions track His, “although through a glass darkly [St. Paul].”  By penetrating into the most profound domains of our own functioning,  we can extrapolate to the general Forms of the metaphysical planes surrounding the glowing and pulsating Mandela of the God of Life. The God of Life is our Spiritual Cosmic Energy Creator (SCEC) in this Universe.  How many other spiritual forces are out there in the infinite and eternal Universe remains unknown.  We do know with certainty that there are anti-life forces that want to kill life.  They interfered with God’s creation of earth and life and are responsible for our fallen spiritually armored condition.  Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was sent to liberate us.  This he has done.  We need only surrender to Him and believe in him. His blood washes our evil armor away once we have believed with our heart and mind.. Eternal Life on the metaphysical planes are ours.  As we ascend the metaphysical planes, the in-gathering of divinezzzzztravel-back-in-time (2) sparks join the Godhead of Energy.  As Rabbi Luria said: “God’s Face beholds His Face.” Absolute Mind is ready for a new beginning.  The cosmic dance proceeds. All pulsates…all penetrates…all receives…all is reborn.    Kali_from_1885-95
  • The expansion of the Godhead of Life Energy, through its sparks of living intelligence and feeling, is equivalent to the extension of a cosmic energy amoeba in the infinite and eternal multi-dimensional ocean of the metaphysical wheel.  The mystical number “Pi,” representing  the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is commonly designated as 3.14159.  The decimals go to infinity.  The Circle is the infinite and eternal Universe.  The Godhead of Life is the diameter.  The ratio of the two is infinite and thereby eternal by space-time vectors.  Each human Monad embodies a spark of the Life God.  This is the reason that Kabbalist / Rabbi Isaac Luria speculated or channeled the information that, withdrawn into a shell by life negative spiritual forces of an independent character, the human soul could not contain the life creation energy during formation of human life on earth, and shattered the mind/body into  armored rings around a micro-core 0f divine energy. This was the Fall into evil contraction and resistance to spiritual law.  God then eventually sent Moses to fix what had been distorted.  When this failed, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Godhead of Life, had to be sent to regather the sparks back into the Circle of Life.  Each soul that could be salvaged by Jesus will go back to the Godhead to enrich it for further expansion. Hegel expressed this as a spiral dialectical movement by particles of limited consciousness up and into “Absolute Mind.”  A new expansion is the new metaphysical beginning on a higher macro-plane.  This is not a closed ontology, but a limitless and incomprehensible vista.    The relationship between mathematics and mysticism has been known since the time of Pythagoras.  The task is perilous when assisted by humans.  Any attempt to open the metaphysical channel to the full force of Creation Energy into the human soul risks madness.  Hence, the fate of many spiritual teachers and philosophers: Sabbatai Sevi; Nietzsche; Victor Tausk; and others.  See the film “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky where a mathematical genius, Max, is shown going mad tying to find a hidden configuration, based on “Pi,” under the chaos of life.  His genius came when as a child he looked steadily into the Sun and temporarily went blind.  When he recovered his sight, he had also developed extraordinary mathematical ability.  Local kabbalists attempted also to recruit him to find the 200 + letter=number equivalent of the true name of God in the Torah.  Whoever intoned this would bring us closer to the Messianic Age (new beginning).  A stock firm tried to tap Max’s ability into a formula  to predict stock fluctuations.  The math prodigy is warned off this investigation by a former mentor who had suffered a cerebral stroke chasing the same solution using “Pi.”  At the end, on the verge of insanity, Max gives himself a lobotomy.  Max, ignoring his mentor, thought this investigation would open a door to the infinite.  It did, but no human could hold it in their mind.    YL10M5sph
  • The spiritual force that interfered with the Life Godhead’s creation of humanity was originally a member of  the Celestial Council within God’s own circle of lessor advising Gods.  This lower God contracted the created souls and caused them to shatter into armored evil.  He was not an Angel, but a lessor God and advisor of the Supreme God of Life.  For this act of hubris, he was ejected from the Circle of Light.  Henceforth, he prowled the earth and other planets seeking the destruction of living souls and enslaving them.  Jesus Christ, Seed and Son of God, and Messiah of the Jewish People, was sent to destroy him and recover Eden for all mankind.  “The Unseen Realm – Recovering the supernatural worldview of the Bible” by Michael Heiser (WA, Lexham Press, 2015).  See also, the NT “Book of Revelation.”ein
  • The writer (Dr. Katz) of this work thinks that Biblical hermeneutics best interprets scripture when it operates in a multidimensional manner. The God given communication (Logos) channeled by the human writers of the OT and NT canon were not merely recorded as stenographers record court testimony. There was too much involved, including visions and emotions. How much of the divine word got through cannot be completely determined, but we can be sure that the spiritual structures of the recorders distorted it in many ways. A compare and contrast of historical accounts, as in Exodus and the Gospels, can help counteract this. Mystical transmissions may be interpreted symbolically as well as historically, much as psychoanalysts interpret dreams of their patients. Read the prophetic dream interpretations of the Babylonian King by Daniel of the O.T.  Ultimately, the entire corpus of the Bible is transmitted by the “Absolute Mind” (Cf. Hegel) of the God of Life in a holographic and existential manner. For each individual, all archetypal Biblical events transpire in some unique form in the course of a single life, and multiple lives with reincarnation, as well as prophetically. It all transpires in our existential lives: the birth of life in Eden, the deadly reptile, the Exodus, the spiritual teachings of the Old / New Testament, crucifixion and resurrection of the Archetypal Savior of Salvation, and finally the Revelation of the End-Times. Time is existential to the person, as well as eternal to God. The course of time is not just linear. It is also circular, and does travel collectively in spirals until merger with Absolute Creation Energy / Mind. Then the pulsation moves out again in a new “Big Bang.”  Salvation is real and Jesus will save all who can be saved.  The spiritual-functional attitude to take, as suggested by Dr.Einstein, is that of children in the kindergarten of the spirit, no matter how intelligent and developed we may have appeared on earth, as we walk hand-in hand with our loved ones in the afterlife on internally illuminated streets and houses of the souls.
  • The only way to salvation and liberation from the earth prison is through the tribulation and suffering of the soul.  There is no easy way.  The ancient mystics called it: “the dark night of the soul.”  Christ told this to his disciples.  No person wanted to believe it.  They wanted glory from heaven, and an easy ride.   We must laboriously hike the steep mountain trails to reach the luminous summit, no matter how many lifetimes it may take.  “Every incarnation is a crucifixion.”  – AC
  • Why are our leaders silent about the increasing prosecution of Christians and Jews around the world? Have they learned nothing from history? Why, for lust of power and money, do they always sell their souls to the Devil? This includes leaders in business and all walks of life. Pray for the End-Times of Revelation. We must pass through this Tribulation to reach the Messianic Times. The Devil’s Kingdom is indeed on earth, and can never be changed by humanity. Only Divine Intervention can change it! There is no salvation in politics, demonic monster science, technology, or any other toy fashioned by the Devil to destroy our souls. When is humanity going to learn that God is God? Soon, God is going to bring the day of reckoning as outlined in the Book of Revelation. Life is sacred, and God is in charge of it, not the Devil and his human agents on earth!
  • The expulsion of humanity from the “Garden of Eden” amounted to being thrown from the metaphysical planes into the prison of earth.  The Bible is a record of the long history of the attempt to reverse this tragedy brought on by lower spiritual powers and their interference with the creation energy of the God of Life. The restoration, as written in the “Book of Revelation,” will come when the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), finally destroys the lower spiritual powers of the Devil, and merges physics and metaphysics as demonstrated natural scientifically by Wilhelm Reich in “The Oranur Experiment.”  The faithful remnant will be taken off the disintegrated prison of earth by UFO metaphysical craft (as has happened throughout history for each generation, but this will be the last from the end-time).  This is a “cosmic-geographic” reunification (to use a term apparently coined by Dr. Michael S. Heiser in his book “The Unseen Realm).  Utopia will be opened to us on the metaphysical planes.
  • The celestial woman (Mary) who appeared to the simple children at Fatima in 1917 was glowing with creation energy as was Jesus, Elijah, and Moses.  This energy is the primary substance of the God of Life behind the “Big Bang,” and is brighter than the star energy which derives from it.   James_Jacques_Joseph_Tissot_-_Adam_and_Eve_Driven_From_Paradise_-_Google_Art_Project (2)
  • The author of this work, like Dr. Wilhelm Reich, has become a Messianic Jew.  See “The Murder of Christ+ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday, 1967).  See also, “Isaiah 53 Explained (N.Y., Chosen People Productions, 2010).
  • There are many references in the Bible (OT and NT) on God and Angels communicating from clouds in the atmosphere.  Since cosmic energy is filled with information, it is reasonable to conclude that communications are coming from higher spiritual powers by both visual gestalt and direct telepathic communication if the recipient is spiritually unarmored enough to receive the communication.   I received such validation when I completed my acceptance of Yeshua (Jesus) as a Messianic Jew by the sign of a white cross in a hovering cloud.   The entire Universe is alive if we are open to it and can read the signs.
  • The block to receiving spiritual insight and communications from higher spiritual powers, including the highest in God and Yeshua (Jesus), is an armored mind/body, particularly the brain.  Most bio-spiritual energy is drawn up and concentrated in the brain as a way to control and defend against a life-hostile environment in childhood and beyond.  Hyper-intellectualism forms a barrier against the cosmic spiritual energy and makes sending or receiving feelings and thoughts to the metaphysical dimensions difficult or impossible.  Truly, as Plato indicated in his famous allegory of the cave, the person in this general condition lives in darkness, illuminated only by the weak candle of the contracted brain.  This is why you find atheists and leftist anti-religious people trying to debunk spirituality by mechanistic thought.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich called them the “walkie-talkie” machines.  With the dominance of computers today, it is worse then ever. Reich below in his laboratory in Rangeley, Maine.NewReich
  • Brain armoring can be dissolved by eye exercises and palpation of the base of the brain.   Psychotropic and psychedelic medications can also help.  Otherwise, we must rely on the grace of God for a spiritual conversation experience as did Paul on the  road to Damascus (See “Varieties of Religious Experience” by William James).  The spiritual therapy requires energy work with a knowledgeable psychic healer, or a Jungian / Reich trained depth body / mind psychoanalyst.
  • When we take Yeshua into our hearts we participate in his spiritual Creation Energy.  We participate in the overcoming of death as He did.  Adam and Eve bought death to us by transgressing spiritual law, and being expelled from the metaphysical planes.  Jeshua brought eternal Life by dialectical negation of this transgression through sacrificial death and resurrection.
  • This has been predicted by occult scientists for years.  Article by Mr. James Tracey  (Web  Source: June 17, 2014).:

    “What we consider the here and now, this world, it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger. Which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already… ‘The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal,’ says Dürr.

    “Dr. Christian Hellwig of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, found evidence that information in our central nervous system is phase encoded, a type of coding that allows multiple pieces of data to occupy the same time. He said, ‘Our thoughts, our will, our consciousness and our feelings show properties that could be referred to as spiritual properties…No direct interaction with the known fundamental forces of natural science, such as gravitation, electromagnetic forces, etc. can be detected in the spiritual. On the other hand, however, these spiritual properties correspond exactly to the characteristics that distinguish the extremely puzzling and wondrous phenomena in the quantum world’.

    “Physicist Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University concluded that if consciousness can exchange information in both directions with the physical environment, then it can be attributed with the same ‘molecular binding potential’ as physical objects, meaning that it must also follow the tenets of quantum mechanics. Quantum physicist David Bohm, a student and friend of Albert Einstein, was of a similar opinion. He stated, ‘The results of modern natural sciences only make sense if we assume an inner, uniform, transcendent reality that is based on all external data and facts. The very depth of human consciousness is one of them.’

    “Although there is no definitive concrete evidence for this theory, one could arguably afford some weight to these claims if some of the most brilliant minds in quantum mechanics believe that it is consistent with the general patterns and trends of modern science. If proven, this theory could have monumental implications; if humans do ‘download’ their consciousness into a thus far unobservable field, then a person’s consciousness could, in Dürr’s words, truly be immortal.” [Dr. Katz: this fits well with reincarnation and the Resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus).  Quantum physicist Dame Piczek has, by analyzing the “Shroud of Turin,” already found the Resurrection to be a quantum related event.  See “The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself” by Simon Brown and Casper McCloud (Life Application Ministries Publishing).]   120px-HAtomOrbitals(1)

    *This writer has observed an unknown spiritual law in operation that he has found mentioned only once in any religious, spiritual, historical, or occult literature.  There seem to be mathematically fixed energy nodes in the space / time continuum that govern when we go through the metaphysical portal (experienced in “near-death” experiences as a tunnel) to the physical (“birth” or “reincarnation.”).and from the physical to the metaphysical (“death”).  In my family the birth month is December, and the death month is February (generally).  I fully expect to “die,” or in truth leave the earth, in late January or February.  The only reference in any kind of literature that I found of this unexplained phenomenon was in a journalist’s marginal comment about the Kennedy assassination.pointing out November as a death month for the Kennedy family or one of the ancestral roots of the family.    This may imply that the President’s soul derived from that root line.  This is one of the many particles of the Universal or Absolute Knowledge that I hope to learn in the Celestial Academy after death.  It is, to us here in the earth prison, of an unknown cosmic origin.John_F_Kennedy_Official_Portrait (2)

    *Possibly the greatest physicist, Isaac Newton, spent the finally years of his life exploring the metaphysical in the Bible.  In more recent times, another great natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich, also delved more and more into the relationship between metaphysics and physics.  This is not a coincidence.  The deeper philosophers, spiritual teachers,  and scientists go into “reality,” all resolves into cosmic functions that we know very little about. In the past, and also still at times currently, such explorers are usually killed by armored society and its emotional plague representatives.  The list of victims is long, and includes Socrates,  Jesus, Giordano Bruno, and Wilhelm Reich.  Truth can be very frightening to those who live with blinders in caves (see Plato’s allegory of the caves).

    * The meaning of Yeshua’s life and death is in the overcoming of Death.  When consciousness was pulled out of the metaphysical cosmic energy plane (“Garden of Eden”), or quantum soup, down to the material earth, it became subject to Death.  With the singularity of the Resurrection powered by Creation Energy, Death was defeated. Freedom from the fear of Death is the great liberation from the wheel of reincarnation, and it releases all spiritual armor.   Apocalypse_vasnetsov (2)

    *As predicted in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation,” Yeshua (Jesus) will return in a metaphysical UFO, powered by Creation Energy ,with an army of Angels lead by General Michael, the Archangel.  The Devil and his demonic foces and human agents will be defeated.  The physical will merge with the metaphysical.  Adam will be restored as symbolic of the Human Race.  See: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (DVD, film released 1951), and “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (FS & G, “Introduction to Reich’s Writings,” also 1951, and The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, now the Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine).  See also, by Dr. Reich, “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y.,Noonday Press, 1967) and “Contact With Space” (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  Yeshua defeated DEATH with his Resurrection!!  The spiritually unarmored will ascend back up in this craft with Yeshua to the New Jerusalem!  Cleanse yourselves and Love!!  TIME IS SHORT.  MUCH SHORTER THAN YOU MAY REALIZE.  THE HUMAN ACE IS LIVING INSIDE A DEMONIC BUBBLE!  THIS IS AN ILLUSION.

    * The metaphysical / natural physics composition of this Messianic inter-dimensional craft is portrayed in the Bible picture of the Prophet Ezekiel standing before the arriving space craft. “Wheresoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go, and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.” The Book of The Prophet Ezekiel, 1:20. See also, “The Oranur Experiment,” by Wilhelm Reich in the “Conclusion”: “The boundary between physics and metaphysics had dissolved.”   Here it is clearly shown that “Creation Energy,” which Wilhelm Reich designated Orgone Energy or Life Energy, silently powered both the human organism and the space craft. The Godhead of this living intelligent energy can be seen in the upper background of the picture inside the Archetypal Mandela.Ezekiel's_vision (2)

    *It is important we project ourselves via visualization into the quantum ocean of living energy.  This must be done by conscious intention!  This is where we go after what the blind humans call “death.”  Drop the blinders from your eyes!  If you don’t have a conception and melting feeling of this, you will not get there with Yeshua.  You will be a lost soul as is sometimes seen prowling the earth plane.




    Transfigurationbloch (2)

    *From time immemorial, philosophers and theologians have struggled with the issue of how an omnipotent God permits the existence of evil among His creations. Organized religions’ answer is in the concept of “free will.” This is only part of the answer. Without free will, humans would be robots and incapable of a relationship with their Creator. That is true. People must have the ability to choose. This, despite the fact that the general belief existed in divine intervention to override free will at God’s discretion. To this theologian, evil exists in the mix as an inherent part of the process of dialectical expansion of the Life Energy Godhead and the development of Absolute Consciousness, in the Hegelian sense, at the culmination of the energy / consciousness spiral. Then a new beginning is made, and a further spiral expansion dances on. Reincarnation plays its part as each human spiritual and individual Monad evolves. At some point it attains enough energy expansion and consciousness to remain in the outer circle surrounding the Life Godhead. Now it has eternal life and joy. It then continues to evolve into the Energy Core and exists as part of the process of the expansion of the Life Energy outward into a domain that I will call metaphysical vacuum spiral 2, 3, 4, toward infinitude. This is a dialectical educational process by which evil strengthens and sharpens good in the struggle of good to overcome evil and death. (Dr. Wilhelm Reich found this when he used the Life Energy [orgone] to overcome the Death Energy of Nuclear Radiation by putting radium in an orgone [life energy] accumulator that contained a sample of radium . The orgone turned to deadly orgone energy [DOR], and infested the weak points of vulnerable people. In those people with the inner vitality to do so, the recovery from the evil gave them new and expanded health. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). Each incarnation is chosen to advance this process, and once within the Circle of Life, spiritual masters and guides continue the process of guiding the spiritual individual toward the Core Godhead of Life Energy, thus giving this Core Energy more impetus to expand. The Godhead, seeing the spiritual morass that His creation had become deeply mired in, shot out of its Core a glowing spiritual sperm into the womb of an unarmored earth woman. This was the promised Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Now a Light existed to germinate in humanity and liberate the dispersed sparks of divinity trapped in the hellish earth realms. As the old Jewish mystics said, the task for the more spiritually evolved was to gather the sparks and return them to the circle of the Godhead of Life. The Messiah, in his teachings, planted the seeds of the great liberation necessary to reconstitute Adam Kadmon (the macroscopic human). The culmination of His mission was to overcome death through Resurrection. Now we await his return and final victory over the demonic forces on earth. Only individuals are liberated from the shells of blockage of the cosmic energy engineered by the deadly demonic forces that hold immobile and exploit the spiritual life energies. Humanity can never be liberated en mass. As P.D. Ouspensky, the great Russian mystic, once said: “There are too many spiritual laws against it.” That is why the work of Karl Marx failed. As to the “Shells” of spiritually armored life, see “”Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” [SEVENTH LECTURE: ISAAC LURIA AND HIS SCHOOL, pages 244-286] by Dr. Geshom Scholem  (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995); and for the failure of the spiritually armored person to hold the high charge of Creation Energy needed to open the metaphysical portal to the Messiah without crossing over into madness, see the movie DVD “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky (ARTISAN,1998).

    The Core Canon of Life Energy Theology:

    1. The Day the Earth Stood Still [Motion Picture / DVD] (1951, 20th Century Fox).
    2. The Murder of Christ by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).
    3. Contact With Space by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (Haverhill, MA, Haverhill House Publishing, 2018).
    4. Ancient Aliens in the Bible by Xaviant Haze (N.J., New Page Books, 2018).
    5. The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac (MA, Red Wheel / Weiser, 2021).


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