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Life-affirmative Ether Civilizations are self-regulating anarchist communes. There are no economic classes, and institutions. Such phenomena are sure signs of exploitation and demonic rule.  Capitalism is a very pathogenic, predatory and demonic social system now on the verge of collapse. It needs to be exorcised from the earth as the current Babylon.  The death drive did not originate with capitalism, but it is an age-old spiritual disease that has plagued humanity from the start of recorded history.  Satan rules all power pathological secular Kingdoms,  The tumor is now expressed as “globalism!”  It will be defeated by the indomitable forces of Eros.  Watch the sky!


Theology is a science. There are no dogmas or priestly hierarchies. There is only continuous construct revision as new truth reveals itself. The way to mystical truth can be long and hard, or sudden. It can come to anyone, anywhere, and in its own time. Truth dies when it is institutionalized and “leaders” emerge.

What humanity has known as “God” is functionally equivalent to living intelligent cosmic life energy. All else, in various forms and derivations, stems from this.  This is absolute ontology and epistemology.  The function of Creation is a secondary development.

We will know the metaphysical truths, when we surrender to the spiritual higher powers. and let go of the hubris that we can know without them. We will, if we prepare ourselves spiritually,be told what we need to know when we meet our loved ones and spiritual guides after death, as we emerge from the cosmic tunnel into the preternatural light. Too much intellectualism kills contact with truth.

Aldous Huxley, in his books “The Doors of Perception,” and “Heaven and Hell” (N.Y., Harper, 2009), talks of psychedelically or physically induced self-transcendence, This can be described In the lexicon of orgonomy, and other Reich inspired bio-energetic therapies, as a  temporary dissolution of spiritual and bio-psychological armor resulting in sharpened perceptions and cosmic contact. Huxley mentions various physical ways of altering the blood chemistry to bring on expansion. I would add that it can give a glimpse of life on the metaphysical ether planes. Although Huxley was well aware of the phenomenon of the “bad trip,” he fails to provide important safeguards. The substance must be legally obtained and of good quality, and a licensed spiritually or therapeutically trained / experienced guide should be present.

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