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From his daughter, Becky Blasband: “My extraordinary Pops has passed on. Richard A. Blasband, M.D. 1931-2019. Physician, healer, writer, Knight of the Order of St. John, (Knights of Malta), father, mentor, best friend. He is everywhere in spirit, still working as a healer as this is his nature. And while we will miss him physically, we celebrate his life. No condolences necessary, no sad “I’m sorrys'” please. His life was full and incredible and he continues… as do we all. (this photo over New Years, Southern France, when he married his love, Veronica, at 87 years old) Raise a glass to him and cheer Hurrah!” 

Dr. Steven Katz: I first met Dr. Richard Blasband in 1968.  At that time, he was a young medical orgonomist with an office on the East Side of Manhattan.  He commuted to NYC from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Blasband radiated health and competency.  He was in the forefront of continuing with Wilhelm Reich’s weather work by using the cloudbuster.  After the death of Dr. Elsworth Baker (appointed by Wilhelm Reich to train the new generation of orgonomists), Dr. Blasband served as President of the American College of Orgonomy.  Later in life, he studied with Russian psychic healer Nikolai Levashov.  He then created the Center of Functional Research in California to develop research in orgonomy and psychic healing.  At the time of his passing, he was living in Southern France.  Dr. Blasband’s work in uniting physics and metaphysics is continued on this Blog.

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