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Dr. Steven Katz, philosopher, lawyer, and theologian, announces the formation of a planetary network of individuals in anticipation of the return of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). As promised by the Jewish Rabbi and Cabalist Jesus, and reaffirmed by John of Revelation [last book of NT], a fleet of metaphysical craft, commanded by the Jewish Cabalist, is expected in the near future to land on earth.  The purpose of this visitation will be to harvest and protect the spiritual energy bodies of all on Earth who can be saved, and to destroy the deadly enemies of life.

Jesus and his spiritual forces are highly evolved natural organisms from a higher dimensional etheric civilization out among the stars. The Planetary Citizens Network is a spontaneously self-organized network of individuals working to make contact with the Christ Interplanetary Fleet, and to facilitate the return mission of Rabbi / Cabalist Jesus.  Participants must be prepared to work on the borderline between physics and metaphysics  (See “The Oranur Experiment,” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in Wilhelm Reich – Selected Writings, pages 351-431, FS&G, 1961).  The concept and function of a Planetary Citizens Network was first suggested in the 1950s by the natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  See: Contact With Space by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957; The Murder of Christ by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).   See also: The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor James Constable (San Diego, California, The Book Tree, 2008); The Day the Earth Stood Still (Motion Picture, 1951, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation); Contact (Motion Picture, 1997, Warner Bros.).

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Reports of spiritual contact will be posted to this blog site. News concerning the cosmic mission of the extraterrestrial living intelligence known as Christ, as well as natural scientific and philosophical theoretical perspective clarifying his mission, will also be posted here.

Dr. Katz wrote this initial post on July 29, 2019. 

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