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This emergency citizen’s alert will run until the 2022 mid-term elections are held, and thereafter as needed. It will be updated on a continuous basis. The original COVID Corona virus bio-weapon, and all publized “variants,” such as the “Omicron” COVID virus, are part of an ongoing bio-psychological warfare operation by the global corporate state capitalists, their stooges in the UN, and Red China (now a globalist capitalist state despite Marxist ideological mystification). This new “variant” of the COVID-19 virus bio-weapon is now being used to justify forced injections of a highly dangerous experimental genetic modification “vaccine” on the citizens of the major Western nations in violation of the Nuremberg Code (promulgated for the trial of Nazi doctors) under International Law. This has already started in Australia and will soon commence in Germany. From Germany, it will spread to the rest of the EU, and ultimately to the United States (where it also constitutes a violation of the U.S. Constitution, and the federal Bio-weapons statute). Indirect pressure, such as denial of public and private work opportunities, shopping, and travel, for not taking the death shot, , are also a violation of the Nuremburg Code as well as the U.S. Constitution. These are fundamental human rights recognized by all civilized nations. The ultimate aim is destruction of the nation state and the values of Western Civilization, depopulation (including the genocide of the Caucasian working class) , a new life form of genetically modified human-cybernetic hybrids, and global domination by a few corporate world state cartels. Control by these elites will be total over the remaining population of the earth. All of this has been planned for years and war gamed out. It is to be completed by 2030. For the theoretical basis of these epochal world changes, see the work of Klaus Schwab [Chairman of the World Economic Forum] in his books: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and “COVID- 19: THE GREAT RESET.” See also, “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For the transformation of communist states into a form of state capitalism, see the work of Raya Dunayevskaya. Raya’s work is available on the Marxist Internet Archive. Many print editions have been published by “News and Letters Committees,” and commercial publishers. The core of her theory of state capitalism is presented in “The Marxist-Humanist Theory of State-Capitalism,” published by News and Letters, Chicago, 1992.

All of us in the resistance movement, at some point, may need to go “off the grid.” Keep your car, camper, or SUV well stocked with non-perishable food and bottled water. Pack only basic and easily hand-washed clothing. Have small tents and sleeping bags. Leave all cell phones behind. Turn off gps and leave all traceable electronics behind, including cell phones. Do not take or use credit cards, bank cards, or membership cards of any type. Take hard currency including as many coins as possible. Take tools of self defense, including pepper spay guns and stun guns. Take a firearm if you are properly licensed to have one. A good large strong utility Bowie knife is important, and can be used for self-defense if needed. I purchased one mail order from Texas. Use small temporary cell “burner” phones for absolutely necessary communication. Discard them right after use, and do not take them in the car. Make sure your vehicle is kept in good running condition, and can safely travel up to 3000 miles without major brake-down. For more equipment and suggestions, see the infowars online store, and Mike Adam’s online store. We will all hang together, or we will hang separately. God bless the American Constitutional Republic and all of the patriotic resistance!

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