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“The Great Refusal is the protest against unnecessary repression, the struggle for the ultimate form of freedom – to live without anxiety.” – Herbert Marcuse from “Eros and Civilization”

“More than anything else, America is best described as being aligned with the philosophy of corporatism, a term coined by Benito Mussolini. This is a government where a few extremely wealthy people rule over the rest of the population, an oligarchic elite plus corporate interests. The main difference is that in this form of government, none of the rulers were elected to do such, they simply bought their power and influence (example, Bill Gates).” – Jeff Berwick with Charlie Robinson from “Controlled Demolition of the American Empire”

Civilizations are the largest bio-social organisms on earth. Like any living organism, they are born, grow to maturity, decline, and die. See The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler (N.Y., Oxford University Press, 1991). The history of millennia show that civilizations decline and disintegrate when they lose their moral integrity, spiritual health, and will to power. The law of entropy is a basic law of physics that states that matter will decline and disintegrate over time. This natural law also governs the decline of organic matter and human civilizations. History demonstrates that great civilizations are brought down by a combination of internal corruption, and external pressure by competing civilizations or nations. This process has been going on in the United States, and Western Civilization, for at least the past 50 years. Some current symptoms of decline and degeneracy in the U.S.: declining birth rate among the Caucasian race; collapse of the southern border; almost total corruption in all branches of government; wild inflation of the currency; enormous state debt; “bread and circuses” for the masses; the replacement of healthy sexual polarity by an amorphous sexless unisex identity; mental incompetency / stupidity among the Executive of the state; anarchy; common criminality among the masses; and the almost total loss of the values that built America from its start (rugged individualism, self-reliance, pride / patriotism in the Nation by the citizenry, weakening of the Republican form of government in favor of dictatorship by multi-national oligarchy, economic independence / responsibility, thrift, recognition of a higher spiritual power, vigorous expression / debate among the citizenry, staying out of foreign entanglements, universal armed self-defense of the citizens via the Second Amendment, etc.). See the work of Friedrich Nietzsche; Oswald Spengler; Pat Buchanan; James Burnham; Helena Blavatsky; and Theodore Roosevelt (among many others).

The United States of America and, indeed, what has been known as Western Civilization, are under attack by global state monopoly capitalists, the “New World Order” of neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab and the Economic Forum, and the political leaders they control. They are using new forms of bio- technocratic / bio-psychological warfare, economic destabilization via virus shut-down, war with Russia, deficit spending / hyperinflation, depopulation by bio-weapon virus / “vaccines,” and crashing our borders by the promotion of illegal immigrant invasion.

Having been installed by a fraudulent election, Joe Biden is now the counterfeit President. Mr. Biden, directly or indirectly through his family, has been bribed with 31 million dollars from Chinese state-controlled corporations and entities under the direction of Chinese intelligence operatives at the highest levels of the Communist Chinese Party and the Chinese Government. See Red Handed – How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win by Peter Schweizer (N.Y., HarperCollins, 2022). “Red” China, like the Soviet Union before them, has evolved into a state capitalist society. See: “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a Capitalist Society” by Raya Dunayevskaya (Chicago, News & Letters, 1992) (Booklet form); The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich, pgs. 277-78 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1970).

The goal of these enemies of life is a bio-cybernetic race of elite superhuman rulers composed of people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Anthony “Angel of Death” Fauci, the CEOs of Big Pharma, etc., ruling over a global mass of beaten down slave workers who will produce and consume in the manner dictated by the technocratic genetically superior superhuman racial elite of a “New World Order.” In order to accomplish this goal, the cartels of global state monopoly capitalists and international finance capital must destroy the strong sovereign nation wherever it exists, depopulate the earth by 80 percent, destroy gender polarity toward a unisex bio-cybernetic human, and create a cheap labor / resources slave state in with masses living under generalized poverty in a static socio-economic global structure (according to Hitler’s descendent Neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum, such general poverty will be “fairer” by making all poor and trapped in their poverty by a static socio-economic global society geared towards “saving’ the earth from humans) . This is why these predatory global economic forces are using puppet President Biden’s administration and NATO, under their direction, to destroy the economy of Russia by staging the Ukraine provocation with NATO, installing a totalitarian dictatorship in Canada, and weakening the healthy American values of self-reliance, thrift, rugged individualism, and the basic Judeo-Christian values / spirituality. All of this engineered by mass media mind control via fear, genetic manipulation, educational brainwashing of children, eugenics, robotics, and the implantation of cybernetic control devices in the human organism. Human perception and cognition will be controlled remotely via electronic devices inserted into the human body. Perception and cognition control human action and socio-economic behavior. This will be combined with totally intensive 24/7 bio-psychological and economic / financial surveillance of each human organism on earth. The digital vaccine “passport” will be turned into a method of monitoring every move of every person.

The problem of corporate state capitalist mass media mind control, in that independent media can counter it with truth, is solved with the closed loop of cyber-biologic manipulation. The use of fear by the global corporate state capitalists as the main form of psychological terrorism to gain compliance will no longer be necessary. Thus, a totally compliant and submissive mass human population will be created. “The pure form of human servitude is to exist as an instrument or thing.” See: One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse (Boston, Beacon Press, 1966); Herbert Marcuse by Nick Thorkelson, pg. 61 (San Francisco, City Light Books, 2019). This is the hellish future planned by CEO Klaus Schwab, and his Neo-Nazi World Economic Forum / Bilderberg Group / Davos Group representing the top 1000 (including 100 from America) global state capitalist corporations and their Stalinist State stooges like Joe Biden with his hate America agenda, and Dr. Anthony “Angel of Death” Fauci and his binary bio-weapon of COVID virus plus deadly vaccines.

Those who have formulated this global depopulation agenda, including the targeted replacement of the Caucasian race in North American and Western Europe starting with the elimination of white men, have rigid and hyper-armored character structures that hate life in all of its manifestations. Bio-psychological energy is concentrated in the head, and the head is cut off from the body by rigid muscular contractions. The energy so concentrated festers and becomes deadly psychic energy, also called Deadly Orgone [Life] Energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The fiendish mechanistic death shot virus / vaccines these criminals are using is the product of unfeeling sadistic mechanistic junk science. See: “The Socio-Political Character Types,” pgs. 153-198, in Man in the Trap – The Causes of Blocked Sexual Energy by Dr. Elsworth Baker (Princeton, N.J., American College of Orgonomy Press, 2000); Character Analysis by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1949); The Emotional Plague by Dr. Charles Konia (Princeton, N.J., American College of Orgonomy Press, 2000); Orgonomy by Dr. Ola Raknes (N.J., American College of Orgonomy Press); Wilhelm Reich – Liberation Theologian of Cosmic Energy by Dr. Steven Katz (Magcloud, Copyright 2009, 2011).

Healthy mass populist / nationalist movements, representing and protecting the real natural interests of a nation’s people for work and knowledge, can stop and defeat these predatory neo-fascist forces if mobilized now. A healthy planetary society can eventually be attained, but only on the basis of cohesive nations with life-affirmative values. The “Great Reset” can be met by the “Great Refusal” to be enslaved and turned into a bio-cybernetic tool. “Build back better” is actually a cunning totalitarian power grab by technocratic fascists under the mask of a fake humanitarian ideology. Already, there are mass movements and trucker freedom convoys demonstrating against the mandating of the deadly vaccine shots and economic closures in Canada, the U.S., Western Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

The terrorist / tyrants responsible, and their political enablers, will eventually be brought to justice before the International Criminal Court, and other courageous courts, for violations of the Nuremberg code and crimes against humanity. Crimes against humanity, and mass depopulation / genocide, confer universal jurisdiction on all domestic and international courts. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Pierre Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, and others responsible for the development and deployment of bio-weapons, depopulation vaccines, economic sabotage, and the “Great Reset,” can be sued in all U.S. courts. As recommended by international lawyer and scholar Professor Francis Boyle, those responsible can also be indicted for homicide by local District Attorneys under the laws of the various states.

To understand what the future will look like if we do not stop these agents of Cyber-Satan, watch the great classic silent film “Metropolis” directed by German film maker Fritz Lang. Combined with reading George Orwell’s “1984,” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” you will see the hell that is planned for us and our children / grandchildren. This is a spiritual struggle for the soul of the human race!! Resistance to global corporate state capitalist monopolies and their political, socio-economic tyranny means freedom and health. Submission to the vaccines, shut-downs, censorship, etc. is enslavement and ultimately mass sickness and death!! See The Emotional Plague by Charles Konia (Princeton, N.J., ACO Press).

The “New World Order” of global state monopoly capitalism has as its ultimate goal the creation of the mass “one-dimensional” bio-cybernetic worker. This submissive and obedient human cipher will smoothly and seamlessly grease the wheels of the trans-human technocratic state. See the regimented lock-step mass worker scene in Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis.” The basic technology is being put into humans with the injection of nano-mechanisms in the COVID “vaccines.” This will soon be extended to the alleged treatment of cancer by genetic modification. See “Can the Technology Behind COVID Vaccines Cure Other Diseases?” by Jared S. Hopkins and Felicia Schwartz, The Wall Street Journal, pgs. C1 – C2 (Saturday / Sunday, February 5 – 6, 2022). The implantation of other electronic devices will produce total bio-psychological, technocratic and social control of workers! The COVID shots also contain depopulation / sterilization chemicals to control the population of excess workers, committing genocide on the human race. Some “vaccine” shots will produce outright death by cancer, heart attack, stroke, and other pathologies. With the increasing technological advance, and robot mechanisms, many in the mass population of the globe have been deemed “nonessential.” A high number of miscarriages have already been noted among women who have taken the “vaccines.” Death from these injections in mass vaccinated nations has, since the introduction of the death shot, risen 40 % in the prime working age group of 18 to 64 as reported by major life insurers in the U.S. and Europe.

Philosopher and social theorist Herbert Marcuse predicted this corporate mass mind-control fascism in the 1960s with his book One Dimensional Man (Boston, Beacon Press, 1966). Dr. Marcuse also described ways to stop this ultimate ontological totalitarianism by the “Great Refusal” to cooperate in any way with the medical, social, economic, political, and psychological tyranny. This requires the mobilization of the life instinct to fight the death instinct (Eros vs. Thanatos) in a dialectic of spiritual liberation and freedom. The “Great Refusal” negates the negation of the “Great Reset.” Just refuse to comply with the violation of fundamental rights no matter what the excuse. The American Resistance is doing this now, and such existential resistance is spreading among nations. The mobilization of truckers in Canada is one example of this. Mass resistance in Europe to the medical tyranny is another. See Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization (Boston, Beacon Press, 1992). See also: Civilization and its Discontents by Sigmund Freud (N.Y., W.W. Norton, 1961); The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1970). For the plans of the technocratic global corporate fascists, see Neo-Nazi leader Klaus Schwab’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Penguin, 2017), and his COVID-19: The Great Reset (Geneva, World Economic Forum, 2020). See also, A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali (N.Y., Arcade Publishing, 2011).

Klaus Schwab is the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Bilderberg Group, and Davos Group. This organization of Fortune 1000 Global Companies, and their genocidal medical / technocratic researchers / billionaire funders like Bill Gates and George Soros, cooked up the extinction of the surplus / unnecessary members of the human race, and their replacement where necessary by robots, as a project to cement their power and “save the earth.” The COVID 19 binary “virus” bio-weapon was released to provide the pretext for the implementation of this “Fourth Reich.” Big pharma already had the patent on the extinction / depopulation “vaccine” prior to release of the virus. It has been confirmed that the “virus” is totally artificial and created in the lab. Just to complete this picture, it is to be noted that Schwab’s family were major arms producers for Hitler and the Nazis during WW II. See: COVID – 19 And The Global Predators: We Are The Prey by Peter R Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin, with Introductions by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH, Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD and Elizabeth Lee Vilet MD (Lake Edge Press, 2021); The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (N.Y., Children’s Health Defense and Skyhorse Publishing, 2021); Mengele – Unmasking the “Angel of Death” by David G. Marwell (N.Y., WW Norton, 2020); Terminated – The End of Man Is Here by Stephen Quayle (Bozeman, MT, End Time Thunder Publishers, 2018).

The metaphysical and spiritual roots of this titanic battle for the human soul between good and evil has existed from the dawn of human consciousness. An evil off-world metaphysical power wants to kill life in all its forms and replace humans with mechanistic cyber-biological entities. Humans, made in the image of God, are to be replaced by ugly putrid monsters in the image of the likes of Neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the evil doctor gnome “Angel of Death” Fauci. See: The Good News Bible, New Testament, The Revelation to John, pg. 1492 (Philadelphia, PA, American Bible Society, 1992); Confessions of an Illuminati, Vol. 666, The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by Leo Lyon Zagami (Cursum Perficio Publishing, 2019); Confessions of an illuminati – From the Occult Roots of the Great Reset to the Populist Roots of the Great Reject by Leo Lyon Zagami (Cursum Perficio Publishing, 2022).

The promotion of the “Great Reset” and the new global governance of the 4th Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab is full of generalized grandiose and fatuous pseudo humanitarian / democratic language that intentionally ignores the central fact of thousands of years of human history. The more concentrated and remote from the objects of governance the centers of power are, and the global centers are remote indeed, the more tyrannical and authoritarian the rule. The solutions to human problems of such concentrated power are also, as a result of the abstract and remote nature of the decision-making, badly off the mark. Democracy requires that those effected are subjects and not objects of their destinies!! They must exercise direct control over the decision-making that impacts their lives. That means participation and primarily local control over all spheres: medical, economic, political, social, legal, cultural, and spiritual. However, genetic modification and mind control of the mass of humans to create obedient slaves, as well as the development of robotics, will temporarily solve this problem for neo-fascist Klaus Schwab and his global capitalist state monopoly interests. ONLY THE “GREAT REFUSAL” OF THE “GREAT RESET” WILL SAVE THE HUMAN RACE!!! – DO NOT SUBMIT!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!LOVE, WORK, AND KNOWLEDGE, ARE THE WELL SPRINGS OF OUR LIVES, THEY SHOULD ALSO GOVERN IT!” – WILHELM REICH.

UPDATES: February 26, 2022; March 20, 2022. THE WHITE TIGER REPORT:

Russia and the United States of America are natural allies as Christian Nations. We were both allied during WW II, lead by FDR and Stalin, and beat the Axis powers, including the supposedly invincible Nazis. President Trump, if the last election had not be stolen from him by the Red Fascist democrat party, would have moved in that direction again. Both Trump and Putin are strong spiritually healthy nationalists, and opposed to the neo-fascist New World Order of global state capitalism. President Trump would have addressed Russia’s legitimate security concerns about military encirclement by NATO, and there would not now be the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine.

Russia, under the leadership of President Putin, has struck a blow against the neo-fascist global corporate state and their pawns like the current U.S. administration / EU / NATO / U.N. President Putin, in the face of the recent arms build-up in the Ukraine by NATO, is a genuine leader who wants to protect his nation, people, and Christian values. The transhumanist global corporate state cartels, via their Red Fascist stooges like counterfeit President Joe Biden and his handlers, want to weaken all sovereign nations that oppose their predatory plans to bring in a totalitarian global corporate state. Russia poses a major threat to these plans as a strong Christian Nation.

This struggle against Judeo-Christian values, and sovereign nations, will in all likelihood last well into the end of the 21st century, provided that the human race is not obliterated by WW IV before then (counting the cold war as WW III). The invasion by illegal immigrants via our own southern border is another front of this war by the criminal global corporatists. Suddenly, the neo-fascists in control of the American government are concerned about sovereign borders, but in this case of the Ukraine where it can be a pretext for war against Russia. The full picture of the threat to global human civilization, purchased at the price of blood and treasure down through the centuries, is coming into crystal clear focus!! Know the enemies of life and fight them with any and all means available, including in defense against the domestic attack of the death shots by Big Pharma on U.S. citizens.

The threat to world peace comes from the American global state capitalists, U.S. military weapons manufacturers, and their corrupt stooges in Washington, D.C. If the human race suffers genocide from WW III, blood will be on their hands. Billions for weapons for Ukraine will end up in the hands of the weapons manufacturers (including bio-weapons), Neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum tools of the Great Reset, the election coffers of Senator Lindsay Graham, and the Biden crime family.

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