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There is no clause in the U.S. Constitution for the temporary suspension of any provision on the basis of a “medical emergency.” Those who wrote the document were well aware of disease pandemics, and national outbreaks. They knew that such a provision would make the Constitution not worth the paper it was written on. The Founders were well aware of history, and the tendency for governments to hold such powers indefinitely. In addition, no provisions of the U.S. Constitution can be nullified by anything in a treaty or international agreement if applied within the U.S. THIS INCLUDES THE SO-CALLED UN / WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM MEDICAL POWER GRAB LATER THIS MONTH (May 2022) TO ENFORCE MEDICAL TYRANNY ON SOVEREIGN NATIONS. THIS CANNOT BE DONE TO THE USA DUE TO OUR CONSTITUTION. NEO-NAZI KLAUS SCWAB AND HIS RED FASCIST “RESET” / NEW WORLD ORDER CANNOT OPERATE IN AMERICA!! ANYTHING PASSED BY THESE ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS IS VOID AB INITIO. NO US CITIZEN SHOULD OBEY OR RECOGNIZE IT AS LEGITIMATE IN ANY MANNER, SHAPE, OR FORM!!


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