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Whistle blowers in the federal government have informed some in the alternate media that a new lock-down is planned to start late in the year based on a “COVID variant.” This will be the predicate for another stolen election in 2024. There is no authority under the U.S. Constitution for these totalitarian measures. We have the right to resist this violation of our fundamental rights by peaceful civil disobedience. If force is used against us, directly or indirectly, we have the right to use sufficient force to repel the attack. Since the shots they want to give us will be a new deadly depopulation “vaccine,” we have the right, if necessary, to use deadly force in self-defense. In the meantime, we need to alert our political representatives and the general population of these plans pushed by the WHO and the World Economic Forum. These foreign organizations have no right to enforce unconstitutional regulations on us nor can these “regulations” be enforced by the Biden administration or state governors. Alert our fellow citizens and political representatives! Plan mass resistance! Stock food and lawfully arm yourself. Form state militias. Be ready!!!

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