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In the final analysis, we have only ourselves go rely on. Political leaders, no matter how well intentioned, will not save us. Moment to moment existential resistance, negation of the negation in spiritual dialectical terms, is the key to defeating global corporate neo-fascism, and its war on human life. The “Great Reset” can be defeated by the “Great Refusal” to be enslaved and turned into a bio-cybernetic zombie. The “Great Refusal” is existential resistance to obeying any and all totalitarian policies, laws, and measures, dictated to people by the unelected “New World Order” in order to destroy their lives, materially and spiritually. It is rooted in the natural right to revolution recognized by the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Refuse all wars in Ukraine and Russia, death “vaccines,” lockdowns, digital currencies, carbon destruction, junk climate change science, and false flag operations. In addition, no provision in any treaty or international agreement, with the UN or an individual country, can violate any provision of the U.S. Constitution and be given effect within the U.S. This includes the so-called pandemic medical laws promulgated nationally at the direction of the Bill Gates / Red Fascist China controlled WHO. The “Great Refusal “rips the mask off the propaganda of “build back better” which is actually a cunning totalitarian power grab by technocratic fascists under the facade of a fake humanitarian ideology. Just say “NO!” DO NOT OBEY! NO!! NO!! NO!! RESIST AND LIVE!! OBEY AND DIE!!

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