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The U.S. cannot wage a major war with Russia without reinstituting a draft. The volunteer force has been insufficient even for current military conflicts, and the ready reserve is also too small to supply the men. If the current globalists occupying and controlling 85 percent of the American state apparatuses are returned to power in 2024, either the current Biden administration or a puppet replacement, the draft will be reinstituted. You can bet on it. The brainwashed young people and their “woke” narratives will not like it when their asses are on the line in Russia and the Ukraine to support the criminals currently in power in the U.S. During the 1960s, I was of draft age and participated in the struggle to end the war in Vietnam and the draft in effect at that time. At that time, I was fortunate enough to have a college deferment. When I graduated college and was eligible, the war was winding down, and I received a high lottery number on the draft list. I can tell you that the draft was no joke. Young people eligible for the draft who refused to serve were prosecuted and sent to jail. Canada at that time was offering political asylum to those fleeing the draft. Sweden also was a refuge. All of that does not now exist. With the Trudeau regime in Canada supporting the Neo-Nazi globalist government in the Ukraine, no refuge will be offered for sure. No NATO / EU country will offer political refuge. There will be no deferments if you are white for sure, and very few for anybody else. All below the age of 36 for sure will be subject to the draft and almost certain death or disfigurement on the battlefields of Russia and the Ukraine. I think all the zombies running around waving Ukrainian flags may feel differently when they have to participate in the carnage they are supporting. Also, just like in the 60s, the sons and daughters of the wealthy weapons manufacturers and politically connected politicians / corporate people will not have to serve. A way out will be arranged for them just as Bush Jr. avoided Vietnam by getting an extremely hard to obtain position in the Texas Air National Guard. Anybody at that time in the National Guard was exempt from being sent to Vietnam. Some will get out by faking medical problems. It was on that basis that Biden got out four separate times from the 1960s draft, although he now boasts of having been a top college athlete (according to current press reports). WAKE UP PEOPLE. ONLY TRUMP OR RFK JR. WILL STOP THE COMING BACK OF THE DRAFT! If one of them is not elected in 2024, kiss your behinds goodbye! Right now, there are long odds against either becoming President in 2024.

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