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  •  “Functional mysticism” [a term coined by my mentor [the late Dr. Robert Pasotti of Adelphi University, author of “Alcoholism And The Mystery Of The Alcoholics Search For God” (Vermont, Straight Talk, 1994)] has a “higher logic” than scientific, philosophic, or common sense logic.  It proceeds via dialectics by signs, synchronicity, dreams, weather events, geopolitics, visions, revelations,  numerology, mystical experiences, and  prophets.  The Bible is filled with it.  The actions of specific people, intended or unintended, are also part of it, since the “Godhead of Life Energy” communicates through them.  Psychedelic or psychotropic substances, legally obtained, and with intake supervised by experienced religious guides and licensed medical professionals, can facilitate the reception of Divine communications. 
  • Matter and Spirit Rooted in the Archetype
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  • The author of the writings on this Blog sometimes considers himself the “Charles Bukowski” of philosophers and theologians.  Then he remembers all who have been lost.
  • There is an obvious connection of global capitalism with extreme Islamic fascism, and other forms of fascism, such as the new CIA installed regime in the Ukraine. The global capitalists are flooding Western nations with some factions of these fascists to break down national borders, cultures, and resistance to foreign exploitation. The global New World Order predatory capitalists, an interlocking powerful elite all over the world, are funding the fascists to overthrow uncooperative regimes who want to resist the control of international finance and banking.. This is now happening in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Like Hitler did with the leaders of the Brown Shirts, the capitalists will turn on these “allies” when they have served their purpose, or, as has now become the case more frequently, these “allies” will turn on them. The goal is Global State Capitalism with micro control of the masses of wage slaves. New World Oder leaders will be put into power in each former national state, though massive mind control, and manipulation of elections. If necessary, the international demonic masters will push the world into WW 3 to attain this object.
    Only those Nation States who turn back to the spiritual laws of God and nature will survive the coming atomic Holocaust of WW 3. See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967). The U.S. has a long way to go to get back to God. See “The Harbinger” by Johnathan Cahn (Fla., Charisma House Book Group, 2011). See also, “On The Path of the Immortals” by Tom Horn (MO., Defender Publishing, 2015). Above all, see in the Bible “The Book of Revelations,” and remember what happened to the Tower of Babel in “Genesis.” One could go on and on, but don’t forget the Golden Calf in “Exodus.” Humanity has advanced spiritually little since the time Moses and Yeshua (Jesus) walked the earth! Technologically yes, but spiritually no. The so-called “enlightenment” was a pact with the Devil. As Dr. Faust discovered, the Devil always will collect, in his own time, and in his own way.
    Nations who do not stop killing life in the womb, and the society at large in wars, crime, and labor energy exploitation, will not survive as living bio-social organisms. By using the automotive / gun machines of death, they will suffer the anger of the Godhead of Life Energy. Messianic Rabbi Johnathan Cahn points out in “The Harbinger” and his other work, God sends warnings. If the warnings are not heeded, he sends stronger warnings. The tragedy of 9-11 was such a warning, as was the stock market crash of 2008. Since that time, the U.S. has not gone back toward following the spiritual and natural Laws of Life, but instead has continued to go along the same path of self-destruction. Thinking that by its own positive laws of the Leviathan State, it can overrule God, it is on the brink of WW 3.
    God’s wrath is terrible to behold. Israel ignored the warnings from Him, and was destroyed by the Assyrians and the Babylonians. Spiritual and natural law never changes. It applied then, it applies now, and will apply in the future. Only God can stay the hand of the demonic. Only God can defeat the Devil and his smiling agents of death. The “enlightenment” let the Devil out of his “cage.” He is now running wild all over the globe. Only individuals who have atoned and accepted the God of Life, and the laws of life, will escape to the metaphysical planes. Dante poetically described where others will be going.
  •  Urgently recommended: “The Harbinger,” and “The Mystery of the “Shemitah,” both by Jonathan Cahn. The United States has not heeded the prior Divine warnings that our nation has turned away from the spiritual laws of God. Events domestically and internationally are becoming more and more in crisis. We are on the verge of WW 3, and a financial collapse worse than the one we experienced in 2008. The last day of the 7 year cycle known as the “Shemitah”will be on September 29, 2016. On this day, unless God intervenes, the U.S. will collapse. This day is a settling of accounts, If the nation has turned from God’s laws during the last cycle, judgment will be rendered. Our country has not only ignored the last warnings, but the spiritual transgressions against Life have gotten worse. God can stop it! But only if he sees repentance! Turn back to God. The decisions and decrees of God are ultimately an inscrutable mystery. The U.S. collapse may be stayed if, for reasons known only to Himself, he intervenes. It is highly unlikely He will do so this time without the nation’s collective turn around to Him, and the following of His laws of life, love and knowledge. 
  • The interrelationship between biophysics and metaphysics was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his “Oranur Experiment.”  The spiritual creation energy (SCE) can be briefly reconstructed and healed though therapy, but as long as it remains trapped in matter, it will revert to spiritual pathology.  Only release by “death” will let it free to rejoin the cosmic quantum ocean and return to “Eden.”  Superimposition by galaxies has no such problem (See “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich).  Yeshua(Jesus) had the pristine spiritual creation energy on earth due to his extraterrestrial Father, and spiritually unarmored earth mother.   The more of this living energy exists in its Life Energy Godhead purity, the greater the attack and rejection by the demonic deadly energies of the lower spiritual powers in other humans and the supernatural domains.  Hence, the murder of Christ and Reich (among many others).  Reich seen below in his laboratory. newreich 

    *We don’t “die.” The barrier between biophysics and metaphysics dissolves when the body drops away. Below, the resting place of the body of the “Lion,” Rabbi and Kabbalist Issac Luria. Also, below find the archetypal diagram of the living spiritual “Tree of Life” in the human body. These segments are freed as in medical orgone therapy. Luria’s spirit is in the quantum cosmic ocean, teaching as he always did, but now in the Celestial Academy. He was the first to make the connection between the “fall of humanity” to spiritual armoring in the bio-material body (which he called “shells.”). Ascending the “Tree of Life,” by removing the segments of armor dividing the spiritual energy body and preventing the free flow of cosmic spiritual energy, is equivalent to crossing the barrier from biophysics to metaphysics as Dr. Wilhelm Reich found in his Oranur Experiment. This is the return to “the Garden of Eden,” as the Messianic Jewish Yeshua (Jesus) below exemplified in his mission to earth.  





    *This theology is the product of a lifetime, and worked through in the process of writing, much as theologian and science fiction writer Philip K. Dick did in his diary entitled “Exegesis.”

    *Plato described the higher metaphysical planes as having the perfections of form and function that the reflections (or using modern terminology, holographic projections) in the earth material particulars lacked: imperfect justice, science, statecraft, religion, etc.  So, he was asked: “Why continue to live?  Why not commit suicide, and rejoin God and our departed loved ones?  Why not join the Gods (or today I would say Yeshua [Jesus])?  Why not have the opportunity to further evolve spiritually in the Celestial Academy?  The answer Plato gave has stayed with me since I head this in a lecture (by Dr. Harold Allen at Adelphi University in 1966) when I was an undergraduate philosophy student studying the ancient Greek philosophers.  I can even recall the Professor adopt a boxing stance as he taught this.   Plato said that we are each given a mission, and placed at a post, as a soldier would be on earth.  We must stay at this post, and discharge our duties, until relieved or until we die in battle.  Today, I would rephrase it to say we all have spiritual missions, no matter what our posting (as Private, Sargent, Captain, or General).  We must perform our commission until called home by Yeshua.  Until then, we must stay in contact with the Warrior Archetype.


    *With the fall of Lucifer, and the spiritual transgressions of Adam and Eve, death and entropy took hold in the form of atomic matter.  See “Fallen Angels” by CK Quarterman (SC, CKQ, 2012).  The spiritual life energy, on the other hand, is negatively entropic.  It expands and builds life and consciousness.  One is destruction.  The other is creation.  In this is the mystery of the Resurrection of Yeshua by negatively entropic energy, and the creation of the Universe by God via the creation energy (ogone energy) behind the “Big Bang.”  It is Eros vs. Thanatos.  thanatos-2

    *The future of humanity is in the hands of God.  If we are to survive, a fusion of cutting-age science, spirituality, and sexuality, need to take place.  This is the Universal Absolute postulated by Hegel as the culmination of the growth of consciousness, and a new beginning in the Godhead of the Life Energy.  From there on, we have eternal life with our loved ones, mentors, teachers, and spiritual guides / healers.  The spiral continues upwards, but now passing though the same points on a higher level, without the pain and grief of limitation and mortality. We are safe within the arms of Yeshua (Jesus).  We join in the limitless expansion, instead of as a barrier to it. But we must first repent our sins, and accept Yeshua into our hearts. Trust Him.

    *The Logos of Christ is in our Core.  To access it, get rid of the rings of spiritual armor that surround it.  The Logos of Christ is love.

    *The cosmologists and physicists still have not figured out the nature of “dark matter”  (See Billings, Lee, Scientific American, “In the Dark about Dark Matter,” pages 14-16 (October 2016)).  The occult philosophers knew this long ago.  These are the metaphysical planes wherein the spiritual energy bodies of the human soul lives between incarnations, and associated dimensions.  Dark matter and dark energy  constitute approximately 94 percent of the substance of our Universe.  The visible Universe of atomic matter and energy are only 6 percent.  We are living on the tip of the iceberg.  When the “ice” melts, we ascend back to our homes in the arms of Yeshua (Jesus), the Christ.  120px-HAtomOrbitals(1)

    *The secret of the spiritual laws of reincarnation are in quantum physics.

    *Keep seeking God diligently.  The Demonic forces will try to stop you.  Brush them aside.  When you least expect it, Yeshua (Jesus) will be standing before you, glowing with the Orgone blue and blinding white light of the Life Creation Energy.  You will feel incredible love, warmth, deep fathomless wisdom,  and eternal peace.  

    Transfigurationbloch (2)

     *The functional fusion of the transcendent and immanent spiritual energy in “Resurrection” marks the existential liberation from the material prison and the cycle of reincarnation. 

    *We don’t yet know the specific form Yeshua (Jesus) will take when he returns. We may soon find out, but certainly each spiritual energy soul will see him as he/she passes off the earth to meet Him in the quantum ocean of consciousness. The form we see him in is conditioned by the cultural categories of our previous existence. The Kantian “thing-in-itself” of the highly evolved spiritual energy / consciousness that is Jesus is beyond our direct perception with the ocular and social armoring we carry.  This has been shown in “near-death” studies by many researchers.

    *There is no end or limit to the mysteries and revelations of God. We have to be spiritually and bio-psychologically unarmored for this timeless wisdom to flow to us.  See “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn (Fla., FrontLine, 2016). 

    *Before the “Big Bang” that created our Universe, there were 5 dimensions. Due to a cosmic struggle in the 5th dimension, which is timeless and eternal, between the Life Energy Godhead and the Death Energy Godhead, the 5th dimension collapsed and consciousness fell into the 4 dimensions we now experience as height, depth, width, and time. This was an entropic Universe that bought the process of death to all that exists from humans to galaxies. From the subatomic particles, including the primal God particle, life was built up and created, but in a shattered form. The Godhead of Life sent Yeshua (Jesus), the “Prince of Life,” down into the 4 dimensional entropic dimension to overcome death, and rescue life from the grips of the death energy. Jesus restored the negatively entropic life energy to its fullness by overcoming death. All who follow him and reject their sins (spiritual armor) will know life eternal! The remnant of the 5th dimension in our Universe can be seen in quantum physics. Quantum physics can be directed by our consciousness and travels faster than the speed of light. God is Life Cosmic Consciousness freed from the prison of entropic atomic matter. See “Cosmic Jesus” by J.E. Brandenburg (Ill., Adventures Unlimited Press, 2014) (Dr. Brandenburg is a physicist and metaphysician.). See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951) (Dr. Reich: “The boundaries between physics and metaphysics, science and religion, dissolved.”). After “death,” we can ascend via our spiritual energy, and quantum particles, contained by cosmic energy powered physical / metaphysical inter-dimensional UFOs, back to the Godhead of Life and our loved ones by quantum “entanglement.”. The Jewish mystics, known as Kabbalists, had metaphysical technologies to help them make the ascent. See “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” by Gershom Scholem, Second Lecture, “Merkabah Mysticism and Jewish Gnosticism,” pages 40-79 (N.Y, Schocken Books, 1995). For the struggle between the demonic death energies in living humans, and the Christ life energies, see “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).  This fight can be clearly seen today in the struggle between Religions of Life, and Religions of Death (Islamo-fascism, and Red-fascism).

    *If you can’t see and sense a false messiah, your vessel is not yet ready for the real Messiah. The real Messiah activates your internal Messiah Archetype. It is like a highly charged car battery making contact with a “dead” battery. The spark jumps and the car comes alive. The false messiah is a dead battery trying to charge another dead battery.

    *Borderland Sciences put out a pamphlet on “Ether Physics.” That to my mind does validate the “Big Bang” hypothesis. From the most microscopic point of concentrated energy, consciousness, and density (rapid wave pulsation), emerged by explosion a universe with less and less density, consciousness, and wave length. The Kabbalists (Jewish mystics) accounted for this in their writings. Dr. Reich viewed it as consciousness expanding by higher and higher concentrations of orgone energy (reflected in the head-end and middle segment of the human organism by the brain and pelvis). In the orgasm. the brain and pelvis move toward each other. The monotheistic religions all stress this out-breath, and in-breath via ascending back to the Godhead. Dr. Reich, after attending Protestant church services in prison, wrote: “I was deeply moved; I felt a new universal faith in Life and Love, comprising all monotheistic beliefs, races, etc., is becoming a dire necessity to counter-weight and -act the ‘Enemy’ of Man.'” See “Wilhelm Reich – A Personal Biography by Ilse Ollendorff Reich,” page 155 (N.Y., St. Martin’s Press, 1969).

    *Yeshua said “I am the way, the truth, and the Light..nobody comes to the Father but through me.”  This was not to assert exclusivity, as much as spiritual fact.  If there is only one bridge across a long and wide river, and you want to get to the other side, you must cross it.  That is also why Yeshua (Jesus) said that “the way to Life is a narrow gate, and few find it.”  The way of the world is broad and wide, but it leads to an abyss engineered by the enemy of humanity, the Dark Force.  This all is consistent with Yeshua’s mission to earth. He is the son of an extraterrestrial Father, and was sent as an Emissary of a Spiritual Life Ether Civilization.  This is why He is eternally alive to us, and we can communicate with Him telepathically.  When our spiritual bodies are freed from atomic matter, we will swim the quantum ocean, and rejoin Him and our loved ones.

    *There are different levels of dimensions, with increasing quantum vibration, up to the Godhead of Life that created our Universe (Big Bang), and sustains it (Steady State). Each level or complex of levels represents a Spiritual Life Ether Civilization. Yeshua (Jesus) comes from the highest inside the Godhead itself. To one of these dimensions we go after we “die” and our spiritual quantum bodies are released from atomic matter. Quantum “entanglement” brings us to our loved ones. “Angels” come from one of the higher ether civilizations as do archangels, and other higher spiritual powers who have never incarnated in atomic organic matter. This was first conceptualized by Dionysius the Areopagite in his “Celestial Hierarchy,” pages 145-191.  See “Pseudo-Dionysius,” Trans Colm Luibheid (N.Y., Paulist Press, 1987).   dionysius-areopagita_thumb

    *Recommended highly, the science fiction novel “Valis” by Philip K. Dick. He specialized in theological science fiction. I also recommend his diary published as “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.” Over the course of a decade or more, he worked out his own original theology. Yes, theology does not have to be dogmatic and ritualized. It can be as creative as art or science. Why do you think God created our Universe? He was doing a work of art.

    *From time immemorial, philosophers and theologians have struggled with the issue of how an omnipotent God permits the existence of evil among His creations. Organized religions’ answer is in the concept of “free will.” This is only part of the answer. Without free will, humans would be robots and incapable of a relationship with their Creator. That is true. People must have the ability to choose. This, despite the fact that the general belief existed in divine intervention to override free will at God’s discretion. To this theologian, evil exists in the mix as an inherent part of the process of dialectical expansion of the Life Energy Godhead and the development of Absolute Consciousness, in the Hegelian sense, at the culmination of the energy / consciousness spiral. Then a new beginning is made, and a further spiral expansion dances on. Reincarnation plays its part as each human spiritual and individual Monad evolves. At some point the souls attains enough energy expansion and consciousness to remain in the outer circle surrounding the Life Godhead. Now they have eternal life and joy. The spiritual soul then continues to evolve into the Energy Core, and exists as part of the process of the expansion of the Life Energy outward into a domain that I will call metaphysical toward infinitude. This space / time dimension is part of a chain of eternal bubble universes, and destructive anti-life demonic forces may infiltrate into our Universe as our Godhead of Life and Energy expands.  This is a dialectical educational process by which evil strengthens and sharpens good in the struggle of good to overcome evil and death. (Dr. Wilhelm Reich found this when he used the Life Energy [orgone] to overcome the Death Energy of Nuclear Radiation by putting radium in an orgone [life energy] accumulator that contained a sample of radium . The orgone turned to deadly orgone energy [DOR], and infested the weak points of vulnerable people [demonic possession]. In those people with the inner vitality to do so, the recovery from the evil gave them new and expanded health. See “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). Each incarnation is chosen to advance this process, and once within the Circle of Life, spiritual masters and guides continue the process of guiding the spiritual individual toward the Core Godhead of Life Energy, thus giving this Core Energy more consciousness and energy to expand. The Godhead, seeing the spiritual morass that His creation had become deeply mired in on earth, shot out of its Core a glowing spiritual sperm into the womb of an unarmored earth woman. This was the promised Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Now a Light existed to germinate in humanity and liberate the dispersed sparks of divinity trapped in the hellish earth realms. As the old Jewish mystics said, the task for the more spiritually evolved was to gather the sparks and return them to the circle of the Godhead of Life. The Messiah, in his teachings, planted the seeds of the great liberation necessary to reconstitute Adam Kadmon (the macroscopic human). The culmination of His mission was to overcome death through Resurrection. Now we await his return and final victory over the demonic forces on earth. Only individuals are liberated from the shells of blockage of the cosmic energy engineered by the deadly demonic forces that hold immobile and exploit the spiritual life energies. Humanity can never be liberated en mass. As P.D. Ouspensky, the great Russian mystic, once said: “There are too many spiritual laws against it.” That is why the work of Karl Marx failed. As to the “Shells” of spiritually armored life, see “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” [SEVENTH LECTURE: ISAAC LURIA AND HIS SCHOOL, pages 244-286], by Dr. Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1995); and for the failure of the spiritually armored person to hold the high charge of Creation Energy needed to open the metaphysical portal to the Messiah without crossing over into madness, see the movie DVD “Pi” by Darren Aronofsky (ARTISAN,1998).  Ultimately, we are needed by God to assist him in his exploration of the eternal and infinite.   ahistory_of_the_universe-svg-2

    *On the earth plane, due to the biological necessities of the organic vehicle that temporarily houses our spiritual energy soul, we are goal directed and teleologic in our activities.  Once we pass over to the Kingdom of God and (Jesus) Yeshua, in paranormal terms designated the metaphysical higher dimensions, we simply function for the joy of functioning.  Survival and social validation are no longer issues.   We swim in an eternal cosmic ocean of love with God, Yeshua (Jesus), and our loved ones.   Love, work, and knowledge are functions without goals, much as breathing on earth is. Joy is not a goal, but accompanies these functions in ever expanding spirals.  There is no inner “slave-driver.”  ArchangelMetatron (2)

    *C.J. Jung was, in many ways, the most developed psychoanalyst and philosopher in Freud’s circle.  Instead of a backward looking reductionist method of therapy sunk in the biological swamp, Dr. Jung broke free to create a therapy that reconstructed the soul, and looked ahead to salvation. He helped the spirit to free itself from the prison of entropic matter to fly to the creative and expansive metaphysical planes of salvation.  This is the reason so many theologians, clergy, artists, and philosophers were attracted to his work.  jung-2

    *Yeshua (Jesus), like his Celestial Father,  had direct control of the weather due to the high charge of orgone / cosmic energy he radiated and directed.  His disciples and prophets were able, having shed their spiritual armor through the work of Yeshua,  to channel spiritual information and energy from clouds in the atmosphere.  Spiritual healing is done also by this method.  The healer concentrates and directs the healing orgone energy into the diseased or dysfunctional organ.  Biblical exegesis demonstrates many such cases. Examples of this, including the landing of metaphysical craft, and otherworldly visitation through cloud formations, are described in both the O.T. and the N.T.  Speaking natural scientifically, the neurons of the biological body, particularly in the brain,  receive and transport information and energy through the flow of electricity along the neurons. It is the excess and concentration of orgone energy in the brain that permit the development of consciousness and real knowledge.  The life sustaining orgone energy rides on the electricity that flow along the neuronal paths throughout the body.  The clouds are “way station” transmitters that reduce metaphysical quantum Creation Energy into the orgone energy that rides the electric currents.  These messages were transcribed into the Bible as with John of Revelation.  Yeshua’s second coming will be by a major metaphysical portal (See the work of John Horn in “The Immortals”), and through the clouds.  Spiritual armor in the body interferes with this flow and turns it into deadly and destructive orgone energy (DOR) (See the work of Wilhelm Reich).  Thus, biopathies and spiritual pathology develop.  cloudssky_7-2


    *”In those times the omnipresent, crushing power of Rome, embodied in the divine Caesar, had created a world where countless individuals, indeed whole peoples, were robbed of their cultural independence and of their spiritual autonomy. Today, individuals and cultures are faced with a similar threat, namely of being swallowed up in the mass. Hence in many places there is a wave of hope in a reappearance of Christ, and a visionary rumor has even arisen which expresses expectations of redemption. The form it has taken, however, is comparable to nothing in the past, but is a typical child of the ‘age of technology.’ This is the worldwide distribution of the UFO phenomenon (unidentified flying objects.). From “Memories, Dreams, Reflection,” page 212, by C. G. Jung (N.Y., Vintage Books, 1989). See also, “Flying Saucers – A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies” by C. J. Jung (N.J., Princeton University Press, 1978). Cf: “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957); “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich, page 328 (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951). For an explanation of physical / metaphysical UFOs, and inter-dimensional portals, see the work of Tom Horn, and / Cris Putnam, Defender Publishing. Example: “Exo-Vaticana – Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and the Vatican’s Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior” by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (Crane, MO, Defender, 2013).  Ezekiel's_vision

    Jung was always a century ahead of his time.

    *There seems to be a close functional identity between the appearance of metaphysical craft and higher spiritual powers as described by the Bible, and the appearance and effects of modern “UFOs” and their occupants on humans.  Very few humans are privileged to have these experiences and receive these communications. When we talk about Moses, Elijah, and Yeshua (Jesus), we are pointing to men whose earthly spiritual vessels were clean and open.  Most of humanity is heavily armored spiritually and thus cannot receive these experiences and communications. This leads me to believe, on the authority of the Bible and human knowledge, that we are dealing with the same phenomena.   My speculation is that 15 percent of our human population can receive these communications and see these craft. This does not mean that all UFOs are of metaphysical origin and carry higher spiritual powers such as “Angels” etc.  Certainly, all will see the return of Christ.

    *It is important to remember that Messianic time and profane time are qualitatively different. Messianic time has nothing to do with politics or the teleology driven notation of “progress.” It is the most conservative and restorative notion of ontology that can be imagined. It envisions a restoration to a state of timeless perfection in God. Space/ Time in the usual sense does not exist. See “Metaphysics of the Profane – The Political Theology of Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem” by Eric Jacobson (N.Y., Columbia University Press, 2003). (Jesus) Yeshua’s “death” on earth negated Adam’s sin that brought death and time into existence. Yeshua’s resurrection sealed this negation of the negation for all of his Disciples and Disciples to come. It means the restoration of Adam Kadman for all redeemed souls.

    *What to us may look like a tragedy can be, from God’s viewpoint, a saving blessing for an individual’s future development, peace, and joy. How will we know? Prayer and meditation can open up a channel to the Spiritual Higher Powers, and the answer comes through events, insights, synchronicity (meaningful coincidence), and telepathic communication from the Psychic Higher Energies (Angels), and Yeshua. It will come when God thinks you are ready to handle it. This could be a short time, or many years. Faith is in accepting that we can’t always know why this is so. There are many questions that we all have that will not be answered until we leave the earth for the higher spiritual dimensions. Some are too far away from our current comprehension. Be sure that God has his reasons, and his seasons. Trust and have faith.  We can be certain that from Eternity, our time frames look very different.

    *Plato’s ideal forms in the metaphysical dimensions were the first convincing proofs of God from a philosopher.  We are made in the image of God, but our particularized form is defective by way of spiritual armor, orgasm impotence, and consequent sin. This insight is the philosophical equivalent of the “Resurrection.”  In modern times, “The Oranur Experiment” conducted by Wilhelm Reich proved the existence of both God and the Devil in the forms of life-furthering and life-negating spiritual cosmic energies.  Medical Orgone Therapy is an attempt to reconstruct the inner “Adam,” free of spiritual armor, as He was prior to being pulled down to the Fall into the prison of the biological body with its cargo of pre-programmed death.  Yeshua overcame this death for Himself and all his Disciples, then and now, in the “Resurrection” (proved by quantum physicists through natural scientific testing of the image of Christ on His burial shroud.).  The fusion of theology and natural science is indeed taking place.  In 5000 years, if humanity survives, we may finally reach the “True Religion” for the Earth to share with its brothers and sisters in other Star systems.

    *The demonic forces are agents of the Devil or repressive spiritual dark forces in life and society.   They are against healthy genital functioning in the God-created man / woman couple.  In other words, they are anti-Genesis, and destructive of love and the creation.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday, 1967).  This is the “Anti-Christ.” He embodies the most concentrated evil possible.  This is the entropic force that wants to reduce Creation to nothing or nothingness.  His agents are all around us!albrecht_durer_-_adam_and_eve_prado_2-3

    *The one simple criteria for the truthfulness of any religion is whether it protects, furthers, and enhances the Cosmic Life Energy, or not.  All the many religions that have grown up on earth are, by and large, a mixture of life-furthering and life- negating (demonic or deadly) energies. Life Energy, frustrated or blocked in its joyful expansion in love, work and knowledge, turns into Death Energy, or as Dr. Reich called it, Deadly Orgone Energy   (see “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich).  The major dividing line is between those where life-affirmation predominates, and those where life-negation and destruction governs.  This is to be expected among beings that are in a “fallen” state from the spiritually pure life or orgone energy (as Wilhelm Reich called it) that flows freely in a mass-free form in the Universe. The major dividing line is between Religions of Life and the Religions of Death.  Freud characterized it as Eros vs. the Death Instinct in his late work “Civilization and Its Discontents.”  Wilhelm Reich designated it orgone vs. deadly orgone energy (DOR).  All of the surface conceptualizations and trappings are added on by the specific culture in which the religion grew. Nazism, espoused by its Messiah Hitler, was clearly of death.  The teachings of Jesus (Yeshua), the Messiah of Christianity,  were of life-affirmation and enhancement (as directly reported in the Gospel by his eyewitness disciples) .   In fact, Yeshua, in His “Resurrection,” overcame death completely and made eternal life possible for his followers and believers (proven by natural scientists and quantum physicists  by an analysis of His image left on the burial shroud, see “The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself – Evidence Proving The Authenticity of the Shroud” by Simon Brown and Casper McCloud).  Today, both kinds in their undisguised archetypes can be seen clearly in Islamo-fascism (Death), and in those religions that stay close to the teachings of Yeshua (Life).  Between these poles are degrees of mixtures between these two metaphysical and natural forces in many other religions.  Eventually, the Religion of Life may predominate in the Third Millennium as a creative fusion of life-affirmative spirituality and supernatural / natural science. Freud was very pessimistic on this possibility.  Reich was more optimistic, but thought it would take 5000 years of healthy child rearing to do it.   However, even if the death instinct prevails, the Religion of Life will eternally exist on the metaphysical planes among those who have worked their way up to it through the process of reincarnation and cosmic learning in the Celestial Academy.    Should the secondary deadly cosmic energies triumph, the earth will become a cold and inert cinder floating aimlessly in the cosmos.  The great Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria taught (see “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism” by Gershom Scholem, pages 244-286),  that the sparks of life must be freed from their trap in chronically armored bio-molecular matter (Luria called them “shells”) and reunified in the individual and the collective (also recognized by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). However, it was  thousands of years ago, in the face of unremitting human evil, that a revelation was sent communicating that only the Messiah Jesus, son of the Godhead of Life, can save the individual.  The collective is doomed.  See the book of “Revelation” in the NT.  This judgement has proven correct, since anybody with eyes and ears can perceive that the collective has not advanced spiritually since the time of Christ, except now the means of destruction through atomic bombs and bio-weapons has magnified the destructive drives exponentially.  The End-Times are clearly on our doorstep.  Kirlian_Photograph_of_a_Coleus_Leaf_1980 (2)

    *It has become clear to this writer, from the spiritual higher powers in the Celestial Academy,  that his immediate past life was as a theologian.  I was sent in this life to gather further knowledge and field experience.  What will not be revealed until I leave the earth, is if this is for work on the higher metaphysical planes, return to the earth, or some unknown mission on the edge of the circle of the God of Life as he pushes into accelerated expansion encountering other spiritual powers.  If that is the case, I may be traveling with Yeshua.  My brother has not returned to earth, but is evolving  and creating in the music and art of the celestial spheres.  We will have time to “catch-up.”  IMG_0001_NEW

    *This writer was sent a metaphysical dream (as distinguished from one generated biologically from the day’s events) from the Spiritual Higher Powers. Pioneering psychoanalyst Dr. C G Jung, after his traumatic break from Freud,  received many of these numinous dreams in the course of his experimental period when he created a new therapy for soul reconstruction.  Similarly, this writer is creating a new soul therapy based on cosmic energy, quantum physics, and the Archetype of Christ the Messiah.  It combines theology, mysticism, and philosophy with paranormal science.  This was necessitated by the human secular psychological sciences inability to deal with absolute Evil and Death. The Dream: I look in a mirror and can see that my skull has been opened, exposing the organic matter of the brain.  At the same time, my computer screen displays a blue background with blue writing.  The printer does not work.  Interpretation: the brain armoring has been dissolved, leaving a large space for the transmission of higher spiritual teaching, and information, from the metaphysical dimensions.  The blue color background of the computer screen signifies the spiritual orgone / cosmic energy (which is blue). The writing is in the form of a code.  Only several letters and numbers can be seen.  This is a message that will have to be deciphered.  Time has stopped, and the eternal channel is open.   This code may indicate the vibration rate of the information to come.  The higher the rate of energy wave vibration, the higher the level that the communication is sent from, even the domain of Yeshua and God.  akashic-records

    *Whoever dies prematurely, except by suicide or in the commission of a crime or mortal sin, will no longer have to reincarnate back to the hellish prison of the economic and social class-dominated earth.  Yeshua will remove his or her spiritual armoring and economic chains, and let that soul develop freely, in accordance with their God given gifts, on the metaphysical planes (perhaps even to be with Yeshua eternally in the circle of God). Dr. Marx, the renegade student of the philosopher-theologian Hegel, attempted to establish this on the demon dominated earth, and his work was turned into a new and more powerful form of enslavement.

    *The work of philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand has, in this writer’s opinion, never been accurately interpreted. From a spiritual perspective (and I am well aware she considered herself a militant atheist), her individualistic fighters for self-identity and iconoclastic creativity symbolized the archetype of a soul’s struggle to free itself from the mire of a particular  incarnation in order to join Christ on the metaphysical planes in absolute spiritual independence and self-determination, free from the prison of social and biological mass determinism   This resurrection of the spirit allowed the person to soar with Christ  into the circle of joyful expansion with the Godhead of Life, and in clear relationship with those loved ones who were trapped with him in the cycles of incarnation. The soul bond of  loved ones is eternal, but now free of the distortion of the earth trap.  This is true even if another incarnation is chosen for some reason for a loved one by the spiritual higher powers (rare, but possible).  This realization is important  it marks the successful completion of the transcendent soul’s therapy from guilt over a fate imposed from above, and without choice by the fighter for freedom.  Within the limitations imposed, the hero “fought the good fight” to activate the spiritual resurrection of Christ consciousness. The down trodden activated its “Inner Messianic Archetype.”  The ancient Judaic-Christian Gnostic philosophy and practice worked along the same lines.    famous_fantastic_mysteries_195306-2

    *In the debate between evolutionists (Darwin) and creationist / design (the Bible), both sides may be correct.  There may be an evolutionary process in living matter that encourages the best equipped to survive and reproduce.  Those who cannot adapt to environmental conditions and biological competition tend to die out.  However, this does not preclude intervention by a much more advanced star civilization.  This writer would speculate that an advanced metaphysical civilization, centered around the Godhead of Life, sent their priests / scientists to intercede by genetically modifying the most advanced species at that time (our predecessor hominid), and causing a leap in intelligence and spiritual capacity to create humans. This could have happened about 4000 years ago in Sumeria.  That started the history recounted in the Bible (OT and NT).  However, according to Zecharia Sitchin,  humans were created to assist this advance star civilization (Sitchin thought it strictly physical, this writer thinks it was metaphysical / physical) in a task of gathering gold for use in the advanced star civilization to save its atmosphere. I think it was to expand its conscious spiritual life energy reach by creating a race with spiritual capacity as described in the biblical writings.  See “The 12th Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin ( N.Y., Harper, 2007).  Something went wrong with the genetic modification  or other unknown process producing the spiritual degeneration in evidence among humans since that time documented by subsequent history, the Bible,  and current archaeology.  Rabbi / Kabbalah Master Isaac Luria thought the high charge of the Creation Energy was too strong for the biological containers, and thus shattered them.  This  dispersed most of the life-affirmative spiritual sparks.   Human society became a warlike and class exploitative civilization with spiritual armor blocking the loving and cooperative tendencies.  Realizing this. the Godhead of Life subsequently sent its seed to earth creating a Messiah, among the Jews, known to us as Yeshua.  The Messiah offered salvation to all humans. Yeshua, Messianic Master of the Kabbalah, was tasked by the Godhead of Life with regathering the spiritual sparks and recreating the Adam Archetype in each individual coming to him if possible. This is where we find ourselves today.  My speculation is consistent with the “Theology of Life Energy” that I have described in my writings and radio broadcasts.  It is also consistent with “Ancient Astronaut” theories. After the fate of Yeshua, salvation became individual and existential to the individual human, with mass salvation only possible for the repentant at the End of Days as described on the NT book of “Revelation.”  The fate of Dr. Wilhelm Reich demonstrated that sending more messianic figures would not change the degenerated spiritual situation for the mass of the earth’s population.  See “The Murder of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday, 1967), and “Contact With Space” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Core Pilot Press, 1957).  Dr. Reich: “On March 20, 1956, 10 p.m., a thought entered my mind, which, I fear will never leave me again: Am I a Spaceman?  Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women?  Are my children offspring of the first interplanetary race? Has the melting-pot of interplanetary society already been created on our planet, as the melting-pot of all earth nations was established in the U.S.A. 190 years ago?  Or does this thought relate to things to come in the future?  I request my right and privilege to have such thoughts and to ask such questions without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of society.” (See page 1 of “Contact With Space” by Dr. Reich).   klaatu_gal-2 

    *”Life Energy Theology (LET)” is a religion of the future. It fuses Judaic-Christianity with cutting age quantum physics, orgone energy, cosmology, occult science, and natural spirituality. LET will become the fusion of physics and metaphysics described by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his statement of conclusions to “The Oranur Experiment.” (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Publications, 1951). When this fusion reaches a critical point of quantity turning into quality, the barrier between life and the afterlife will no longer exist. Travel between the two dimensions will be via metaphysical UFO craft (this is happening now to some extent, and has been well documented by reputable scientists). The Messianic Time will have arrived. It will happen suddenly, as water turns to ice at 32 F. There are infinite mysteries beyond that point (such as “time travel”). Only a few humans in history have reached this point existentially (See “The Book of Enoch” in the OT. Enoch walked with God without dying. God “took” him.).  The most central example is the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ. However, he was only half-human to start with. The “New Jerusalem” will have arrived.   AQuantum

    *“Death” is a transformation of spiritual energy from a highly atomically bound to an eventually mass-free state within the circle of the God of Life. It is like E=MC2. This cosmic spiritual energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed within the spectrum of vibratory cosmic energy waves. It is a doorway to a great adventure of expansion, self-knowledge, and spiritual growth! As novelist Henry Miller once stated: “Why be afraid of death? It could be a great adventure, don’t you know?” But we must prepare ourselves for it so that we do not unconsciously “Fall” into another reincarnation. Fo this reason, the serious study of the life-affirmative occult sciences and philosophy is recommended. Dr. Israel Regardie’s “Golden Dawn System” is a good place to start (check Samuel Weiser’s Publishing, and the Theosophical Publishing House). Focus on astral travel in the spiritual body. Many researchers have published on that. This is a quest of many life-times. When you reach a state of being (ontology) that makes it impossible to tell the difference between your “current” state of existence as a living or dead one, you have attained Messianic Consciousness. You have crossed the “bridge” to the higher dimensions with the merger of physics and metaphysics. This is why Socrates taught that philosophy is a life-time process of learning how to die.   israel-regardie You are then able to spiritually remove soul armor by fresh consciousness expanding words as the Messiah Yeshua does. 

    *When the God Energy within us becomes functionally identical with the God Energy transcendent, we will glow with Messianic Consciousness!

     *Fear not death my brothers and sisters!  We have the Eternal within us.  Once, long ago, a Master of the Kabbalah was on his death bed with a handful of his disciples around him.  There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  They moaned “Don’t leave us!”  The Master simply replied: “Don’t be silly.  Where would I go?” 

    *The old Jewish mystics, the Kabbalists, received from the God of Life the concept of the predestination of the time of death. This was called the doctrine of “life portions.” See “Sigmund Freud And The Jewish Mystical Tradition,” page 62 (N.Y., Dover Publications, 2004). It is an obscure doctrine and little discussed in the literature. Perhaps, it was one of those insights that only passed orally among the small groups of masters and disciples that typically formed to learn the secret doctrines. Some divine knowledge was considered too dangerous for popular dissemination among the masses of people. It can easily be seen that this doctrine could give rise to despair, passivity, and fatalism. However, among the more spiritually evolved, it can be interpreted as part of the idea of the time and nature of a specific incarnation. Once the individual accomplishes the spiritual mission for which he or she was sent down into the material plane, the soul is freed to return home to the circles of life around the core of the God of Life. This foreknowledge is most pronounced in Messianic figures. There are many paranormal case studies of individuals sensing approaching death, and many popular stories in the occult literature. This writer would speculate that the exact time is known only to God, but a person could have a general feeling for the approach of his or her departure from this veil of tears called earth.   artworkkabbalist

    *Generally, Jewish theology and history recognizes two archetypes of the Messiah: the existential spiritual teacher (Yeshua), and the warrior (Moses) (Trotsky). It is thought that the external liberation brought by the Warrior Messiah makes way for the internal liberation of the Spiritual Messiah. This is, of course, speculation based on biblical history. Nobody knows the mind and plans of God. See “Sigmund Freud And The Jewish Mystical Tradition,” pages 170-171 (N.Y., Dover Publications, 2004).  By an organic form of spiraling dialectical process, we now have the messianic spiritual warrior.  This warrior transcends the barrier between physics and metaphysics.  Sigmund_Freud_LIFE (2)

    Christ logos



    *”November 3, 1917″

    “The messianic kingdom is always present.”
    Philosopher Walter Benjamin

    “This perspective is very true — but only in a sphere that I believe no one has reached since the prophets.”
    Professor of Jewish Mysticism, Gershom Scholem

    From: “Metaphysics Of The Profane — The Political Theology of Walter Benjamin and Geshom Scholem” by Eric Jacobson (N.Y., Columbia University Press, 2003).  

    *”The Religion of the Cosmic Life Energy” is rooted in the primordial function of “Creation.” It is neg-entropic, expansive, and the motive force of love and pleasure. Imprisonment of this energy in spiritual armor produces rigidness, lack of mobility, and impotence. Death of the spirit is its ultimate product. Death is the ultimate anti-utopia. Messianic consciousness sees this, and negates this negation through “Resurrection.” The life spirit is eternal. It will rejoin the Godhead of Creation Energy after a long struggle, through many incarnations, to escape the trap.

    *”The Religion of the Cosmic Life Energy” will have to overcome the religions of death seeking to destroy it. This is the final task of the Messiah Yeshua as set out in “Revelation.” He and his spiritual warriors must continue to negate the negation in a dialectical process.  The Godhead of Life Energy is engaged in a similar struggle on a cosmic scale with anti-life universes. The hypothesis of the multiverse ( infinite universes) has gained natural scientific support from astrophysicists and cosmologists. Quantum physicists have proven that consciousness creates matter, and astrophysicists that travel through wormholes between universes may be possible. See “On The Path Of The Immortals” by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam, pages 211-231 [Chapter 8, The Science of Portals] (Crane, MO, Defender Publishing, 2015). See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951).   Dr. Reich opened a metaphysical portal on earth by this experiment. Through this portal poured demonic entities, sparking a life and death struggle between creation and destruction, health and sickness, expansion and contraction.

    *God made man and woman in His own “image.” This means not “spiritually armored.” By their deviation from spiritual law, the couple fell into sin and were expelled to the material dimension of suffering and death. But God is merciful beyond measure. After seeing the torment of humanity, He sent His seed to earth to germinate in a human woman in order to provide a Messiah. The Messiah,Yeshua (Jesus), by his spiritual healing and teaching, showed how this armor could be removed. This state of being, and the skills to remove such sin-armor from others, Yeshua gave to his Disciples. The Disciples tried their best, but the work was, by and large, beyond them. That is why the “Great Spiritual Physician” will return to complete the job. The demonic forces wee too powerful and entrenched among the masses. This time He will have His metaphysical warriors, like St. Michael, with him to defeat the deadly energies of the fallen angels. Watch the sky! If you see saucer shaped craft materialize in the atmosphere, and a holographic projection of the Image of Yeshua radiate out in all directions, you will know the Messianic Age is not far off. The New Eden will be created. Physics and metaphysics will merge. The promise of Dr. Reich’s “Oranur Experiment” will be realized. The veil will be lifted, and the barrier dissolved. See “Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, entry “Image Of God,” pages 790-791 (Nashville, Tennessee, B & H Publishing Group, 2015).  See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in “Outlook,” pages 326-334 (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, 1951); “Alone” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich [audiotape] (Rangeley, Maine, Wilhelm Reich Museum) (Dr. Reich, in his own words, describes his isolation in that none of his students understood the philosophical and theological implications of the experiment.).   In the wake of the first series of Oranur experiments, in the summer of 1951, Reich wrote “The Murder of Christ” (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1971). In the “Introduction” to that work, Dr. Reich wrote: “The Oranur Experiment, beginning 1947, has unexpectedly provided some basic solutions to emotional and social problems of man, solutions which have been entirely inaccessible heretofore. An extensive publication of the emotional implications of the Oranur Experiment is in preparation. THE MURDER OF CHRIST may well serve as an introduction of biographical background material to Oranur.” Dr. Reich, with his acute thinking and sensitive openness to the new, did not miss the philosophical and spiritual implications. To this day, outside of Dr. John Pierakos, and Dr. Richard Blasband, these most important insights are, by and large, ignored or dismissed by the medical doctors carrying on medical orgone therapy and experiment. They continue to adhere to medical materialism, and fail to see the new “Oranur Paradigm.”  The philosopher Dr. Robert Pasotti, my spiritual mentor, first started to think it through in the 1990’s.   Cf. “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” with Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Hugh Malowe (DVD, Twentieth Century Fox, 1951).

    *Philosophers are the natural aristocrats of the spirit. Philosopher-leaders must take charge if the values of Western Civilization, which go back to Yeshua (Jesus), the ancient Greek City States, and even further back to Moses, are to survive the new wave of death religions, globalist Red Fascism, State Capitalism (better known as post-modern liberalism), and Islamo-fascism. Today, our politics are toxic. The life-affirmative truth is an expression of the unblocked Religion of the Life Energy [see the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich]! So called “political correctness” can destroy healthy self-assertion and make a person passive to public and private authority. The result is slavery! With President Trump, we will hopefully remove from our society this emotional plague. It is also a violation of the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution. If not stopped, by 2050, our grandchildren will be an underclass of the exploited and enslaved by post-modern liberals and death religions.

    *”Only the Messiah himself consummates all history, in the sense that he alone redeems, completes, creates its relation to the Messianic. For this reason nothing historical can relate itself on its own account to anything Messianic. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is not the telos [goal] of the historical dynamic; it cannot be set as a goal, but the end. Therefore, the order of the profane cannot be built up on the idea of the Divine Kingdom, and therefore theocracy has no political, but only a religious meaning. To have repudiated with utmost vehemence the political significance of theocracy is the cardinal merit of Bloch’s ‘Spirit of Utopia.'”

    From “Theological-Political Fragment,” pages 312-313, in “Reflections” by Walter Benjamin (N.Y.,Schocken Books, 1986).


    *Activation of the subjective Messianic Archetype dissolves the barrier between the physical and the metaphysical as discovered in natural scientific terms by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his Oranur Experiment in 1951. At that point, there is no more distinction between life and death existentially. A door opens, and we walk through. We will be able to access all dimensions and move freely in space / time. It will be one continuous psychedelic trip. On the other hand, if spiritual law has been violated on earth, the person will be trapped in the hellish “death realms.” He will be an anti-messiah or anti-Christ.  Except for controlled and limited spiritual circumstances when used in medical studies, or as a sacrament in certain American Indian churches, armored society prohibits the use of many psychedelic substances. They want to keep the prison doors locked, and exploit cheap labor from the inmates. The ocular armor must remain in place so that the truth cannot be seen. However, an experienced guide i.e. clergy, shaman, psychotherapist, or medical researcher, is very important.  famous_fantastic_mysteries_195306-2
    *Compared with the new cosmic, mystical, spiritual, and religious knowledge that has emerged in the 20th and 21st centuries, the old disputes between the Western “critical” Marxists, and the hard core Russian communists, seem more remote than disputes in ancient Rome (and less relevant).  We are now facing the final battles between the Religion of Life and the Religions of Death.  This far transcends politics on the earth. This is what the alien emissary, Klaatu, in the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951 version), called our “petty disputes.”  In the face of cosmic events today, they seem even more petty and stupid.
    *As philosopher Walter Benjamin pointed out, each generation is born with a weak Messianic charge or impulse. That is how a real messiah can be distinguished from a false messiah. The false messiah is a weak battery tying to charge another weak battery. There is not enough energy to spark the redemption and smash the spiritual armor of the death energy.  The negation must be negated. A real Messiah, on the other hand, charges up the messianic archetype, and the receiver now becomes a giver of life. This is how Yeshua (Jesus) raised the dead.  “In other words,our image of happiness is indissolubly bound up with the image of redemption. The same applies to our view of the past, which is the concern of history. The past carries with it a temporal index by which it is it is referred to redemption. There is a secret agreement between past generations that preceded us, and the present one. Our coming was expected on earth. Like every generation that preceded us, we have been endowed with a weak Messianic power, a power to which the past has a claim. That claim cannot be settled cheaply.” – Walter Benjamin from “Illuminations,” page 254 (N.Y., Schocken Books,1968).
    *Psychic and occult mass mind control, first perfected by Adolf Hitler in his rise to power in Germany, has become the primary form of warfare both between and within states in the 21st Century.  It is being used extensively by Islamo-fascism, and global criminal capitalists, to weaken and demoralize Western Civilization prior to the final take-over by the World Islamic Caliphate and the Capitalist New World Order, in the midst of a new holocaust against Jews and Christians. Hitler learned the black occult arts as a homeless drifter in Vienna before World War I.  He studied with a master of the black arts who was an occult bookseller and member of the demonic Thule Society.  The symbolic signals that triggered death energy, such as the Swastika and the candle light mass rallies with hypnotic marches, were ignited by the mass mind projection of Hitler’s own demonic energy though his voice and bodily gestures.  British intelligence countered this by using that master of the life-affirmative occult, Aleister Cowley, to project the shielding and neutralizing life energy charges of highly illuminated telepathic thought forms and rituals. The famous “V” for victory sign, seen often being used by Winston Churchill, came from Crowley.  Dion Fortune also assisted in this process by blocking Nazi psychic control coming over the British Channel. Aleister’s “V,” representing the open legs of a receptive woman with a pulsating vagina, countered Hitler’s occult Swastika of the two inverted bodies entwined in sexual intercourse.  Both symbols elicited tremendous bio-psychological energy of sexually repressed populations and directed it to war.   churchill_v_sign_hu_55521-2
    *Every human being has their cycle and path of reincarnation.  This is set by the Celestial Academy, our spiritual therapists, and Yeshua.  It is inscrutable to us, but we can say that if we accept Jesus (Yeshua) into our core heart, however we may envision him, we will eventually come home to dwell with our loved ones and God.  Our consciousness is too limited to understand the highways and byways by which this is done.  If we have faith in the Absolute Mind of the God of Life, we can experience inner peace about it.  We have no control over it.  Nor do we have the wisdom to guide the process if we did.  This also gives us loving detachment and tranquility.  What looks to us as tragedy in our lives, and the lives of those we love, may from the perspective of God be a merciful step on the path back home (avoiding much worse suffering). 
    *Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah will reach out to us when we reach out to Him. He is always available to us. My preferred paths are mysticism, prayer, and philosophical theology (onto-theology). But it enough to cry out: Help Me!! God, who has created all of knowledge and existence, will respond and know your need. In return, he needs only a few simple acts.: repentance for violation of spiritual law (intentionally or through ignorance imposed by societal circumstances), taking Jesus into our core heart and thanking Him for accepting our transgressions by His sacrifice on the cross, and belief in His resurrection to eternal life (now proven by quantum physics and cosmic energy research on his burial shroud, also known as “The Shroud of Turin”.). Most important is our acceptance of Him as our existential Messiah! You need no special rituals or water baptisms. Our baptism is by the fire of His contact with us. You need no special rabbis, ministers, priests, or mediators of any kind (although their help, when authentic, can be accepted and validating). It is you and Him. Period. Worlds will flow out of that beyond your wildest imagination! Finally, there is Faith. The road to eternal Life is not linear and without setbacks. The Prince of Darkness still rules this earth, and will until Jesus returns to settle all accounts. If, by then, you have passed to Him by “death” of the biological shell, and release of the spiritual energy, you will already be with Him and your loved ones anyway. If not, salvation will be yours by the final battle depicted in the NT Book of Revelation. There can only be sadness for those who reject Him out of despair or arrogance! It is like a cancer patient who has a cure right in front of him, ready to be taken, and the patient refuses. Demonic forces and the Prince of Darkness are behind that, you can be sure! Stay away from all people who try, by science, fear, or logic, to keep you from the Messiah! Amen!!  512px-stjohnsashfield_stainedglass_goodshepherd_portrait

    *The late Dr. Gershom Scholem, professor of Jewish mysticism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, lamented the fact that his friend, philosopher Walter Benjamin, was by temperament an adherent of messianic metaphysics, but expressed it in the language of dialectical materialism. He favored Marxism over Scholem’s youthful passion, Utopian Zionism tinged with anarchism. As a result, Scholem went to Israel in the 1920’s, and was saved from the Nazis. Benjamin committed suicide while on the run from the Gestapo in 1940, while in Spain. Philosophy and theology had consequences in Europe in those days. Everything was not equal, and, despite the pathological political correctness of today, everything still is not equal. Political theology is not a trade deal or a stock IPO. It can be a life or death matter. It is not Hollywood entertainment. The West is finding that out now, after much needless death.

    In the same way, it has occurred to me that Leon Trotsky tried to express his Jewish messianic drive using the ill-fitting dialectical materialism, only to be the victim of a pogrom by the demonic Stalin.

    *The Russian Communists, with their mastermind Lenin, and his successor Stalin, ultimately enslaved millions. They could have been stopped if Rasputin had lived. While not a messiah, Rasputin was an agent of the Life Energy (propaganda and bad press to the contrary). Lenin never could have defeated Rasputin. On the contrary, Rasputin would have destroyed Lenin’s ability to lead the revolution at a very crucial time period, and the revolution would have been defeated. He was a great peasant and organic spiritual force. Rasputin was a master of spiritual warfare. Trotsky stated that without Lenin, the revolution could have been defeated before it could take hold (something that even Trotsky admits he could not pull off). Rasputin radiated, particularly though his open unblocked eyes, a tremendous charge of spiritual life energy, backed by great intelligence and prophetic ability. He told the Romanovs that if he died, they would not survive. So it came to pass. See the just published “Rasputin” by Douglas Smith (N.Y., Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2016).   rasputin_piercing_eyes-2

    *Creation Energy erupts wherever there is an active Messiah. This is the energy behind the “Big Bang.” It is neg-entropic and creates life. This primal creative energy is brighter than sun light, but without the entropic glaring heat effect. It was present when Yeshua was conceived and resurrected.  

    Transfigurationbloch (2)

     *When you lose everything, you will gain Yeshua The Messiah!   1024px-apocalypse_vasnetsov

    *Our ability to actualize Messianic values depends on two factors: (1) spiritual contact; and (2) clear communication.

    We actually are living in Messianic times at all times, but the fabric of it is covered over by the linear time flow that emerged as a concomitant of the “Fall.”` After the “Fall” of our spiritual energy body into the prison of matter, we retained the ability to communicate with the Messiah but in a way that is distorted by the interference and noise of atomic matter and social conditions. This caused our spiritual core to contract down, and we cannot receive clear spiritual communications or make feeling contact with brain and heart in harmony. This gives rise to a feeling of urgency about the coming of the Messiah and messianic times. To use an analogy, the radio must be “on,” and the conditions of reception good, to receive a radio broadcast.

    As a result of all this, we are also vulnerable to demonic forces, and the breakdown of decency and spiritual values. We can see this in our own country, as the demonic globalists and secularists try to increasingly wipe out spiritual values and law. This can only happen if we let it passively happen, instead of putting on the spiritual weapons of Jesus and fighting it. While fighting the demonic energies in the environment, we can also use the various techniques of our own advanced spiritual masters, such as prayer, meditation, and bio-psychological relaxation combined with character analytic catharsis, to clean out such deadly energies from our spiritual body (called by Dr. Wilhelm Reich “Deadly Orgone Energy” or “DOR.” See the “Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1951)).

    The wisdom that God and His Messiah can send us far transcends human knowledge. The deepest wisdom is felt, and mostly can at best only be half conceptualized. But this Spiritual Core Release Therapy exists to some extent in Core Energetic Practice based on Dr. Reich’s work. ( See “Core Energetics”by John Pierrakos, M.D. (Cal.,Life Rhythms Publications).

    Currently,the Religions of Death, including Islamic-fascism, are destroying the Religions of Life. Freud, in one of his last books, “Civilization and Its Discontents,” wondered if Eros could overcome the death instinct. The answer now is in our hands. We are fighting, in the words of commentator Alex Jones, “Death Cults.”

    See also; “Is This The End?” by Dr. David Jeremiah (Tenn., Thomas Nelson, 2016). “The Murder of Christ” by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1967).   christ_with_beard-3


    *The eruption of Messianic Time means the end of death and metaphysics. Existence (particular instances), and essence (universal ideas), clearly delineated by Plato, collapse into one. The eternal “now,” governing the life energy in its free-flowing state, returns as the prison of matter is blown apart by the intervention of the Messiah’s return.  See “Heidegger On Ontotheology” by Iain Thomson (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2005).

    *The great psychoanalyst Alfred Adler once stated that he “lived against death.” This is the illusory enlightenment way of dealing with the central enigma of life. I prefer Socrates’ postulate that the practice of philosophy is about learning “how to die.” By this he meant that we free the spiritual life energy from the illusion of the earth dimension and ascended back to God’s universal archetypes. In Plato’s famous allegory of the cave, we ascend up to the life-giving Sun Star in the process of philosophizing. In other words, as Wilhelm Reich discovered in his Oranur Experiment, we pass seamlessly from the physical to the metaphysical. The armored wall between the two domains dissolves. This was best put by an old Kabbalist who, on his death bed, was surrounded by his disciples. They were greatly upset and cried out: “Don’t leave us!” He simply replied: “Don’t be silly. Where would I go?” For this old Jewish mystic, the distinction between life and death had become meaningless. The same attitude can be seen when Socrates drank the hemlock to carry out the decree of the court in Athens for leading the young people to challenge established beliefs He refused the pleas of his students to flee into exile. He knew the court in Athens would be overruled by the Celestial Academy of the Gods, once he ascended and argued his case!   Plato_Aristotle

    *As Yeshua stated: “God is within you.” This is why we can feel eternity inside us as the cosmic spiritual energy courses through our biological body along its appointed paths.

    *We are progressively unarmored as we ascend the metaphysical planes. Already, at the first level, we lose the earth imposed armor. After that, we shed the shells until we are Conscious Creation Energy, quantum entangled with Yeshua and our loved ones.  Once we are in the circle of the Godhead of Life, on the highest metaphysical plane, we are free to join God in the exploration of the multiverse.  As novelist and philosopher Henry Miller stated at the end of his life: “Why be afraid of death?  It could be the start of a great adventure.  Don’t you know?”

    *Yeshua clearly and directly told His disciples that they could not be friends of the world and at the same time follow Him.  Clearest and most extreme example: Judas as a “friend” of the world.  There are many degrees of “friendship” all up and down the range of human misery.

    *”Orgone Energy” or “Life Energy’ is not the primary cosmic mass-free energy. It is secondary to the “Creation Energy” that was behind the singularity known to cosmologists and physicists as “The Big Bang.” It is not enough to free the bio-psychological body of the character armor that came with the “Fall” of humans from the metaphysical planes. The problem goes deeper, and is in the spiritual energy body that constitutes the Core Soul. In order to be finally liberated from returning to the earth, and able to ascend to the circle of God, the Core Creation Spiritual Energy Mind / Body, or soul, to use the traditional term, needs to be restored to clean integrity. Yeshua had this ontological status from birth, and thus was able to be Resurrected directly back to God’s Circle Of Creation Energy.. On earth. the average person can de-armor enough too ascend to the life energy metaphysical planes after death of the “shell” or physical body. Some others can restore core creation energy, and become valuable healers, scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. The only healers who understand this come out of the psychic healing or Shamanic traditions. Carl Jung knew about this. Wilhelm Reich was heading in this direction when he died. It is the neglected profound implication of the “Oranur Experiment” conducted by Dr. Reich in 1950-51. See the report of that experiment by Reich, and also his book “The Murder of Christ.” Most importantly, listen to his reflections on the audiotape “Alone.” See also, “The Psychedelic Gospels” by Jerry Brown and Julie Brown (Vermont, Park Street Press, 2016); and “The Varieties of Religious Experience” by William James (N.Y., Modern Library, 1936). Study the work of  Dr. Richard Blasband (Center for Functional Research), and Nicolai Levashov (late Russian bio-spiritual healer).

    *There are many experiences reported of life on the metaphysical planes by those who have died and been resuscitated, including those that prove reincarnation beyond a reasonable doubt. Metaphysics is different in that the experiences cannot be exactly replicated as in mechanical human science. We do not control them. They are sent by the Grace of God to give us a look behind the veil, and to overcome the doubts that our fallen existence constantly presents us with. Yeshua’s Resurrection, now proven for modern times by a natural quantum physical analysis of his burial shroud, showing His Resurrection beyond known laws of physics, a “singularity,” should still all doubts. The same power behind the “Big Bang” was behind his ascension from “death.” But we have the demonic powers to deal with. They have been causing us to doubt God’s word since the Garden of Eden.

    *When Moses was commissioned by God to lead his people out of slavery to the Egyptian Pharaoh, he felt overwhelmed. He was told by God to speak with the Egyptian leader, and convince him to peacefully let them go. “But what shall I say?” “What words shall I use?” The God of Life simply replied: “Moses, do not worry! I will give you the words.” So it was. He was given the words, then the required actions to back up the words, and finally direct divine intervention to open the Red Sea. Pharaoh’s forces were then finally destroyed.

    When we are tasked with missions that seem beyond our capacities, have faith in God. We will be provided with all that we need, at the time we need it. God does not respect human odds, no matter how long against us.   250px-syriacbibleparisfolio8rrmosesbeforepharaoh

    *P.K. Dick started out writing for the “pulp” science fiction magazines. For those of younger generations, pulp was a very cheap type of paper. It allowed the short stories published therein to be sold in drug stores and newsstands at a low price. Very few of these magazines currently still exist. Science fiction was in those days not considered a legitimate literary form by publishers of serious fiction. By the time of his death, Dick was considered a brilliant futurist and theologian. It was gradually realized that he was using science fiction to create theology. Many books have now been written about this.

    In the same vein, H.P. Lovecraft, in the 1920-1930’s, can be considered a theologian who used the medium of science fiction and horror to express philosophical and theological insights. However, Lovecraft was a very rare bird in that he was a theologian of the “Dark Side.” Theology and religious practice is used now to give hope to the human race, not despair! Yet, how many will deny the horrifying tragedies and injustice plaguing human existence? Lovecraft focused on the demonic lurking everywhere in our lives. With the coming of the “enlightenment,” this sense of being surrounded by anti-life demonic energies, called by Wilhelm Reich deadly cosmic energy, has been covered over by intellectual arrogance and egoism. The old medieval theologians had this acute sense of the pervasive rule of the Devil over all the kingdoms of the earth. Lovecraft had this sensitivity as well. We shall see how his stories can contribute to bringing this out within the parameters of the “Theology of the Life Energy.”   PhilipDick



    *No matter how you conceive of God. or if you conceive of her / him at all, wherever we look, from the DNA information in biological cells to galactic clusters, there is clear evidence of lawful and intelligent design. Species have specific modes of production and reproduction. Human society has an innate sense of natural morality. Even evolutionary process in the natural world shows meaningful teleology and the expansion of embodied consciousness and energy. Add to this the discoveries of the cosmologists and quantum physicists, such as the force of creation in the “Big Bang,” and subatomic particles directed by human consciousness, and you have a universe that is anything but meaningless and randomly generated. You have in Aristotle’s concept a “prime mover,” and in Plato’s ontology an ” intelligent designer.”

    These theological and philosophical axioms I consider elementary to the “Big Question” of the nature and purpose of this prime mover and preserver of our lives, and all that exists. Only a handful of kabbalists, mystics, political leaders, and scientists, down through all recorded history, have received glimpses of the answer to this fundamental question which in some cases got them killed by their fellow humans.To most, these Masters of the Spiritual Life Energy were not understood, and their very existence frightened most others. The frightened ones ran away both emotionally and intellectually, Observe the fate of Moses, Yeshua (Jesus), Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Wilhelm Reich, and many others.

    The Theology of the Life Energy has found definite answers to many questions. We know that God is functionally identical to the “Primary Creation Energy,” and its medium, “Orgone or Life Energy.” We know that the fundamental common functioning principle, in the cosmos and humanity, is the spiritually unarmored orgasmic energy convulsion that creates both galaxies and babies. An ocean of undiscovered truth still stands before us. Let us continue and pass this knowledge down to our students.

    In entering this infinitely deep cosmic ocean, our guiding star and heuristic principle must always be the ancient occult equation of “as above, so below=as below, so above.”  The clues are all around us. All we need do is look with open and unblocked eyes while abstracting and projecting up Jacob’s ontological ladder to the stars.   

    *The existence of Evil in our Universe has from the start been considered problematic by many people. With an All-loving, omniscient , omnipresent, and omnipotent God, why is there such injustice, cruelty and pain in the world? Why does He allow it? The origin and continuing generation of Evil comes from the transgression of spiritual law. This is clearly set forth in the Bible and the Ten Commandments, If the Ten Commandments were followed by every human on earth, we would be living in a Utopia. However, as the great kabbalist Issac Luria said, there was a flaw in creation when the spiritual creation energy was too strong for the biological containers that received it. The containers shattered and the sparks of Divine Light dispersed among the shells of the disintegrated world. It is our task to unify the sparks within ourselves,and the world. This dispersal of the sparks made humanity vulnerable to demonic forces infiltrating our universe from one of the other universes in order to entice humanity to choose to violate spiritual law by preferring Evil over Good.  These universes exist in the multiverse of the infinite and eternal cosmos. This totality of universes is incomprehensible. It is a totality that never completes vitalization. There are an infinite number of Creation Gods, many of which are hostile to the life energy of our God. They all have independence and varying degrees of power. That is why our God of Life created the process of reincarnation as an educational “Ladder of Jacob,” so to speak, giving us the opportunity to reascend the spiritual / metaphysical planes and become one with the loving God of Life. Here is eternal joy, infinite knowledge, and deep peace with our worthy loved ones. No hostile demonic power or enemy of humanity can now penetrate the metaphysical planes, and the ultimate Circle of Life, by virtue of a universal protective cosmic force field, erected by the God of Life. To help us, the God of Life and Love sent us the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, to assist us in claiming our salvation and entering the metaphysical planes. Yeshua is the Universal Messianic spiritual force now known as Jesus.

    *The great psychoanalyst, C.J. Jung, coined the term “synchronicity” to describe the situation where two meaningful events occur close in time and space without any apparent causal connection. As an example, he related a therapy session with a woman whose strong intellect (what Wilhelm Reich would describe as brain armoring) prevented any of Dr. Jung’s verbal interpretations of her dreams and symptoms from eliciting an emotional reaction. She started to describe a dream where a very rare and seldom seen butterfly played a part. Suddenly, they both heard something hitting a window in Dr. Jung’s study. Jung got up and opened the window. In flew the very butterfly that they had just been discussing. Jung said to his patient: “there is your butterfly.” This non-rational happening shook up the lady emotionally, and thereafter she lowered her intellectual defenses. Therapy was then able to get unstuck and move along normally.

    This example, to my mind, shows the higher logic of the metaphysical as compared to the mechanistic causal logic of the Newtonian physical world of everyday life. You will also find this non-causal connecting principle in quantum physics where the consciousness of the experimenter effects the operation of an experiment without any material mediating factor.

    This gives us a strong clue to life on the metaphysical planes where the soul functions by directed consciousness and spiritual quantum energy, with its past / future life information and archetypes.   c-g-jung

    *As Josh Peck explains in his book “Quantum Creation,” when we confess our transgressions to Yeshua, cleanse our souls, and accept Him into our spiritual core as our Messiah, we immediately dwell with Him on the metaphysical planes in the circle of the God of Life.  How can this be while we are still in the biological body?  How can we be in two places at once?  Peck points out that God himself is triune, and his spirit exits in several places at once,  In addition, quantum physics has shown both experimentally and mathematically, that a subatomic particle can exist in two places at once.  I would add that our spiritual energy bodies are quantum in nature, alive in the quantum field.  We exist, after we are saved by Yeshua, with Him and God, while a holographic image of our souls are projected into our living biological bodies on the atomic plane.  When we drop the body, these two souls merge in the archetypal pattern of Yeshua with the accumulating spiritual wisdom available in our Akashic records. Meditating on this, a tremendously calm joy settled over me.  Dr. Michael Newton, in his books such as “Destiny of Souls,” came to the same insight when his deeply hypnotically regressed clients explained how a core soul remained on the metaphysical plane while the holographically projected part of the core soul was sent into a new cycle of reincarnations.  That is why a returned soul can see a passed loved one on the metaphysical plane, even when that soul is still reincarnated on earth.   800px-Resurrection-Headstone

    *There are no social and economic class structures on the metaphysical planes as there are on the spiritually degenerated earth. There are functional differences based on the degree of a person’s spiritual growth, and nearness to the God of Life, based on the expansion of consciousness.This goes beyond “equality” to oneness and incredible empathy. Equality on earth is ultimately monetary no matter how masked by ideology.

    *It is important to realize that Dr. Wilhelm Reich had no real interest in quantum physics. In this he was like his nemesis Albert Einstein (who called quantum action at a distance “spooky.”). It was not accessible to his instruments or unaided senses (which was also the basis on which Dr, Einstein rejected orgone energy action in an orgone accumulator). See “The Einstein Affair” (Rangeley, Maine, Orgone Institute Press, 1942) (This was a reproduction of a series of letters, put out as a pamphlet, between the two scientists). Thus, he never integrated it into his theory of matter creation from mass-free sparks of orgone energy (seen with binoculars, or the naked eye, in a clear blue and dry sky as dancing white sparks), although he was aware of the gap between atomic matter and mass-free orgone. He knew the energy built up or “carried” the constituents of the atomic structure. But he never realized that the missing term of his life creation equation was found in the quantum field action. Reich viewed this as the superimposition of the orgone particles “in situ,” and in the creation of galaxies in the superimposition of two streams of orgone energy coming from opposite directions in cosmic space. Dr. Pasotti and I never replicated the oranur experiment. We thought it would be too dangerous, and the report Reich left, along with the observations of participants reported from different sources, was incredibly rich. It gave us all we needed to build on. We had no questions on Reich’s veracity. As his caretaker, Tom Ross, said to me on my trip to Orgonon in the late 1970’s, “He was an honest man.”   reichprison


    *What was called “the soul” by traditional theology and philosophy has now been put on the solid foundations of life energy, metaphysics,and quantum physics. The spiritual energy body is the active and intelligent subatomic quantum cloud that joins the fertilized egg at birth and guides it to term. This “cloud” can be seen as waves or particles depending on the circumstances. It retains past-life memories, in the depths,and keeps the living tissues of the biological vehicle vitalized. When the biological body wears out, or suffers irreparable injury, the spiritual energy body separates and rejoins loved ones by the process of “quantum entanglement” on the higher metaphysical planes. The biological body itself is lifeless and called “dead” on earth. There is now a vast literature on near-death experience and reincarnation to support these assertions. Theologians, philosophers, and cutting edge scientists continue to research this cosmic process. It helps to realize that the same energy that powers the galaxies is in us as the vital principle of intelligence and animation temporarily housed in the biological body.   


    *Reincarnation has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but the process by which the quantum psychic energy circulates into a new biological vehicle is still only incompletely known. However, I have learned a few things about it. The central fact that I have learned is that it is not a perfect. It sometimes misfires and puts the spiritual quantum energy body and transporting orgone vehicle into an inappropriate embryo at the time of fertilization (yes, the human exists from the time of conception). There is compensation for that soul after death if they have suffered unjustly according to God’s spiritual law. For one thing, the soul can choose to be free of the necessity of further reincarnations.

    *On the spiritual or metaphysical dimensions, force generates counter-force. This is the motor of history, as the philosopher Hegel discovered. But history plays the terrible and tragic game of the dialectic of consciousness that rules the development of all ontology. The highest degree of Unification only temporarily occurs in the Godhead. Even there, the counter-force of destruction, as against new creation, is generated in the Deadly Psychic Cosmic Energies. There is no permanent unification, only the dance of life and death. Christ calls forth the Anti-Christ, Orgone Energy becomes Deadly Orgone Energy; Eros becomes Thanatos, Good turns into its opposite, Evil. Yet, there is always the new start. As the now conveniently forgotten guru of the 60’s counterculture, Alan Watts, used to say: “The two hands of God.” Individuation, or real existential spiritual growth, is only possible, according to pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung, when we recognize that the shadow that stalks us is projected by us onto the “other.” The two hands of God are in our Spiritual Core.  

       *Linear progress in technology and power has been equated in the popular consciousness with spiritual progress. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spiritual health, which comes by the grace of God, never changes. The spiritually degenerated state of the individual has not changed since the days of Christ. The difference is that now the means of salvation exist in the Messiah for the individual soul. The Prince of Darkness still rules the power pathological States of the Earth, and he will do so until his final reckoning with Yeshua, which is rapidly approaching. Advances in technology have only increased the destructiveness and arrogance of the human race, and thus increased the power of the demonic forces. We now live in a rapidly spreading civilization of death by machines and weapons. Satan has deceived us into constructing our own Hell.

    *Spiritual law, which comes from God, is the most perfect and powerful form of justice that there is, or ever will be. It is the ideal form of justice, as Plato indicated in his ontological theory of perfect forms. On earth, we only have the imperfect and weak reflection of it. What on earth looks unfair, under spiritual justice may result in a perfect outcome. For example, God may decide to let an individual die to save that person from further and worse suffering on earth, allowing that person to reincarnate in better circumstances, or be permitted to remain on the metaphysical planes beyond good and evil. From the limited human consciousness, particularly if the wrong doer escapes human justice, it is a basis for denying God’s existence altogether. But God’s justice is true “like ice or fire” (to quote Bob Dylan). The scales will be balanced here or hereafter. To put this in an equation,left to right, from perfect to more and more imperfect justice: SPIRITUAL LAW=NATURAL LAW=COMMON LAW=POSITIVE LAW OF THE STATE (made by the human elites).).


    *The resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus) was accomplished by waves of Cosmic Creation Energy that left an imprint on his burial shroud similar to a photographic negative (known as the “Shroud of Turin”). This was the energy behind of the “Big Bang”. It has been called by quantum scientists a “singularity event.” This energy brings the subatomic information particles of Yeshua’s spiritual body back to life and reanimates his biological container. After meeting his followers, and eating with them,Yeshua ascended back to the highest metaphysical circles around the God of Life. No known natural laws can explain it. or replicate the image making event with any currently known technology. Wilhelm Reich rediscovered this fusion of physics and metaphysics in his “Oranur Experiment.”  

    *At the present time, the consensus among contemporary cosmologists, based on empirical evidence, math, and speculation, tell us that the Universe is 68.3% Dark Energy, 26.8% Dark Matter, and 4.9% Ordinary Matter. Our visible world is thus less than 5% of reality. The metaphysical reality, outside the direct perception of our natural senses, and our most powerful telescopes, particle accelerators, radio receivers, and microscopes, constitute 95.1% of reality. In other words, we are living on the tip of a vast iceberg, This 95.1%, in my opinion and that of other religious philosophers such as the heretical Catholic theologian Hans Kung, constitute spiritual super-sensible and supernatural reality, Using extra-sensory natural perception, and paranormal technology, it is possible to penetrate this metaphysical domain. This ever expanding invisible domain is the home of the Gods, including the God of the Life Energy.

    *Yeshua’s (Jesus) mission on earth, and on the metaphysical planes, is to restore us to the sparkling and vibrant person we would have become if the demonic anti-life forces had not damaged and distorted us. This prevents us from completely carrying out our spiritual vocation on earth and in the Ether planes in assistance to The Godhead of Life. While on earth, in a biological body, Yeshua accomplished this by the laying on of hands, and through therapeutic talks and actions to his disciples and the masses. Once He left this first incarnation., He accomplished this through distance healing in conjunction with an earthly disciple working on the possessed soul.

    The restoration of Adam and Eve as the fully realized internalized Archetypes of each precious individual soul, must sometimes be completed by a series of reincarnations, and further soul therapy on the metaphysical planes.. Restoration of the full, satisfying, spiritual function of the orgasm is vital to prevent the infestation of demonic energies. Why souls have varying life spans on earth, or assigned “life portions” as the ancient Jewish mystics described it, is governed by incompletely understood spiritual laws. But our God is a loving and compassionate God.  Some complete their repair on the metaphysical planes to dance in joy with Yeshua and their loved ones.  All who can be salvaged will be salvaged. Some will need to be sent back to earth to better incarnations for a while. We must spread these consolations to our suffering comrades. Most will live in joy with their loved ones and Yeshua in the Ether / Spiritual Civilization of Life. The teachings of Yeshua require this, once we embrace Him as our Messiah and become in truth His children. LOVE binds us forever. We all eventually return to the ocean of living cosmic energy, as a raindrop returns to the cresting sea.

    *The profound result of accepting Yeshua into your spiritual core as the Messiah is that Adam’s transgression is negated by Him and you will return to the metaphysical plane to your mission for God as it was meant to be. You emerge from the cosmic spiritual ocean clean and unarmored, ready to fulfill your undisturbed potential in messianic fellowship with Yeshua and the other disciples. This salvation can happen before, or even after “death” with the prayers of loved ones.

    *The enlightenment driven Faustian quest must finally end when the inherent spiritual degeneration of humanity places definite limitations on all secular science and philosophy, culminating in the its demonic dialectical reversal into atomic weapons and cancer. Then, the Great Physician extends His hand and gathers the remaining sparks of conscious Life Energy for the trip home to the Father. For those left behind on earth, it is time to acknowledge that the Dark Prince will be exercising his contractual right to collect their souls. The Dark One walks away with the benefit of the “deal.” He always does! As those old black and white 1950’s science fiction films used to intone in the final scene: “Dr X tampered with matters best left with God!” In the meantime, the fly with the tiny human head, perched on the edge of the garbage can, cries out: “help me!….help me!…. ” as the spider prepares to devour its head.



    *”One of the original branches of theology, angelology is achieved in the person of the angelologist, whose expertise includes both the theoretical study of angelic systems and their prophetic execution through human history.” from “Angelopolis,” a novel by Danielle Trussoni (N.Y., Penguin Books, 2013).

    *A relatively short life span for a soul on earth for a particular mission can be an indication of a highly developed soul sent on an important assignment by the higher spiritual powers.  These people are then transformed toward angelic consciousness.

    *The enlightenment dogma that history is, in general, on a linear march of progress since the advent of capitalism and “democracy” is mechanistic and wrong. Spiritually, there has been no real human transformation since the days of Christ. Only now, amplified by modern technology, human destructiveness is far greater than it was even one hundred years ago. Deadly psychic energy(Satan) rules politics and the state. There is another philosophy of history that is rooted in natural law, and views each civilization as cyclic. Each civilization is individualized, born out of what came before, grows through childhood, matures, and dies.  There were past civilizations and societies more spiritually advanced. The “fall” of humanity from the original life-affirmative metaphysical civilization into the lower material domain is the archetypal example.  This is an organic process. See the work of Nietzsche and Oswald Spengler, among others.


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