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An old axiom holds: “The purpose of theology is not information.  It is transformation.”

“Now, through the discovery of the orgone, a unification of natural science and religion has become possible. Natural science will have to accept the existence of emotional or biological energy, and religion will have to accept the existence of orgonity.* (*’the condition of containing orgone energy; the quantity of orgone energy contained.’). From “American Odyssey – Letters and Journals 1940-1947” by Wilhelm Reich, “19 November 1946,” page 355 (N.Y., Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1999).

“The first constant of the new theological paradigm has to be the contemporary world of experience.” – Theologian Dr. Hans Kung from his work “Theology For The Third Millennium” (N.Y., Doubleday / Anchor Books, 1988).

“The devil might be a presence from another universe. We might be fighting an implacable enemy out there and the devil might be the agent of the implacable enemy with God as the tired General fighting that war with his own agents of hope.”

–Norman Mailer
David Frost Interview
November, 1992
cited in “Mojave Incident”
by Ron Felber, page 219
(N.J., Barricade Books, 2015)

“A thing is consecrated when it is put into contact with a source of religious energy…” from Emile Durckheim, “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life,” quoted by Peter Levenda in his book “The Lovecraft Code,” page 145 (Lake Worth, FL, IBIS PRESS, 2016).

“In reality, I discovered one thing: the function of the orgasm.  This was the coastal stretch that made all the other discoveries possible.” – Natural Scientist, Philosopher, and Psychiatrist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

“I am fully aware that many people will be prejudiced against a study of the factual, natural bases and processes of the religious consciousness, feeling it a profanation or desecration of what to them is sacred or holy. But I think that such a study will enhance the value of religion, make it more accessible to a greater number of people, and help to form a new, rational basis for religious practices, that is, practices that will deepen one’s feelings of inner harmony and of contact with one’s fellow humans and with the universe.”  “Wilhelm Reich And Orgonomy” by Dr. Ola Raknes, pages 113-114 (Princeton, N.J., American College of Orgonomy, 2004).


The Godhead of the Creation Energy created a hierarchy of spiritual planes flowing down with ever-decreasing and contracting states of consciousness, sexuality, and matter to humanity. Our task is to spiritually work our way back to God by ever- increasing expansion of mind, sexuality, and refinement of matter / spiritual energy as a functional identity, until we reintegrate with God as One.  Reincarnation of the spiritual energy body is one of the methods  by which this liberation and armor removal works itself out.  Study in the Celestial Academy is another. However, if a soul accepts and maintains complete salvation from Yeshua (Jesus), that soul is freed from the spiritual armor completely, and does not have to  reincarnate, unless by their choice.  The human race started as ethereal. With the violation of spiritual law, it was thrown down into the atomic prison of earth.

The God of the Life Energy, loving and merciful, sent His son Yeshua to help liberate humanity from this trap, and reconstitute the ethereal individual so that she / he can once again ascend to dwell in the eternal spiritual  civilization on the metaphysical plane under the protection of the God of Life.  artworkkabbalist

The “Theology of the Life Energy” is not based on dogma, ritual, institutional history, or to keep the political state in control of the masses. It is part of the self-comprehension of the cosmos in eternal pulsation, and infinite development.  As first conceptualized by the philosopher Hegel, it is Absolute Mind in the spiral dance of life.

“Orgone Energy” or “Life Energy” is not the primary cosmic mass-free energy. It is secondary to the “Creation Energy” that was behind the singularity known to cosmologists and physicists as “The Big Bang.” It is not enough to free the bio-psychological body of the character armor that came with the “Fall” of humans from the metaphysical planes. The problem goes deeper, and is in the spiritual energy body that constitutes the Core Soul. In order to be finally liberated from returning to the earth, and able to ascend to the circle of God, the Core Creation Spiritual Energy Mind / Body, or soul, to use the traditional term, needs to be restored to clean integrity by the full and free function of the orgasm. This is the Creation Archetype. This universal pattern is the common functioning principle (CFR) that creates galaxies by the superimposition of two cosmic energy streams. See: “Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich, trans. by Therese Pol  (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973); “Ether, God and Devil” by Wilhelm Reich, trans. by Myron R. Sharaf [rare original edition translated by Reich’s personal assistant] (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1949 ); “The Murder Of Christ” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Noonday Press, 1971).  Yeshua had this ontological status from birth, and thus was able to be Resurrected directly back to God’s Circle Of Creation Energy. On earth. the average person can de-armor enough too ascend to the life energy metaphysical planes after death of the “shell” or physical body. Some others can restore core creation energy, and become valuable healers, scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. The only healers who understand this come out of the psychic healing or Shamanic traditions. Carl Jung knew about this. Wilhelm Reich was heading in this direction when he died. It is the neglected profound implication of the “Oranur Experiment” conducted by Dr. Reich in 1950-51. See the report of that experiment by Reich, and also his book “The Murder of Christ.” Most importantly, listen to his reflections on the audiotape “Alone.” See also, “The Psychedelic Gospels” by Jerry Brown and Julie Brown (Vermont, Park Street Press, 2016); and “The Varieties of Religious Experience” by William James (N.Y., Modern Library, 1936). Study the work of  Dr. Richard Blasband (Center for Functional Research), and Nicolai Levashov (late Russian bio-spiritual healer).   newreich   Jung (2)

The ever-evolving cosmic equation may be provisionally depicted as: Metaphysical Creation Energy=Spiral Dimensions=Big Bang for each dimension=Life Energy=Quantum Particles [see “Tangled Up in Spacetime” by Clara Moskoitz, Scientific American, pages 32-35 (January 2017), Hypothesis=”spacetime made up of tiny building blocks of information.”]=Space / Time=Atoms=Molecules=Galaxies=Stars=Planets.

The Messiah of “Life Energy Theology” is Yeshua. He is the Son of God, Master Kabbalist, and spiritual teacher-therapist. Yeshua is the perfect holographic projection, in form and cosmic substance, of the Godhead of Life Energy. He was only on the earth a short time, However, his words and actions were so existentially potent as to spiritually transform all who accepted Him into their hearts. Yeshua is available to each spiritually unarmored individual now, and at all times through telepathic and energetic communication (prayer, astral travel to the metaphysical planes, and paranormal visualization, etc.).  As a holographic projection, the God of Life can send him existentially to all who call for him. He activates in us,his disciples, the Messianic Archetype. He will, like Klaatu in the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” be back with his warrior Archangel Metatron (Gort in the movie) to fight the demonic forces of life negation. He is the divinely appointed savoir predicted in the OT Book of Isaiah 53.

Life Energy Theology is a form of Messianic Judaism based upon the life-affirmative cores of both Judaism and Christianity. It is a religious philosophy that seeks to creatively fuse both spirituality and sexuality in creating a cosmology and theology for the Third Millennium. The basic function at the root of this life-affirmative theology is the free and unarmored function of the orgasm between male and female bio-energy.  It is a work-in-progress that is not dogmatic or institutional, but depends upon self-organizing groups of Messianic fellowship. As the late Professor of Jewish Mysticism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gershom Scholem, used to say, all authentic mystics are spiritual anarchists. Direct and living contact with the Godhead of Creation and Life, and His spiritual higher powers, by the existential human soul, cannot be put in a box and confined by rigid doctrines. Theological truth is as dynamic as any science, art or philosophy. Dynamic functional theology can create new insights, revitalize fading faiths, and dissolve ossified armored structures of security that have become prisons of the spirit. All of the metaphysical forces in operation during the days of the prophets and the Messiah remain active and can be accessed by those individual souls who are spiritually unarmored and open as a result of healthy orgasm.

Dr. Pasotti found a profound link between the mysticism of the Kabbalah, and the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Health flowed down from God’s spiritually clean and sanctified energy. Sickness infested the soul from the transgressions of spiritual law at the behest of Satan, and his demons who spread deadly psychic energy (for Dr. Reich, deadly orgone energy or “DOR”). This produced orgasmic impotence.  Sin is the main weapon of Satan, and soul death the ultimate result for the existential individual.  The male and female (Shekhinah) energies, above in God, and below in the human souls, brought health through satisfying spiritual merger and orgasm. The orgasm above, and the orgasm below, brought joy, and moved the human couple closer to God, as it integrated the Godhead itself.  See: “Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism,” pages 230-233, by the late Professor of Jewish Mysticism, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  Gershom Scholem (N.Y., Schocken Books, 1961); “Function of the Orgasm;” “Ether,God and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition;” “The Murder of Christ;” all by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Farrar, Straus and Giroux). See also, “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (N.Y., Orgone Institute Press, 1952).

The core value is the preservation and enhancement of life, both here and hereafter. Life is precious, and it cannot thrive without the freedom to develop unhampered by restrictions of movement, knowledge, sexuality, and emotion. It reunites the spirituality and sexuality that existed in the first religious instincts of humanity. All of nature and the supernatural is felt to be alive and meaningful. God is energy and consciousness in a quantum field of Absolute Knowledge, as the philosopher Hegel recognized, that is an ever-renewing fresh beginning in spiraling infinity, and not a closed ontology.

Faith is not “pie-in-the-sky.” It is an expression of emotion and intentional consciousness. Both, as a functional unity, effect reality. It takes force to impact reality. If quantum physics has shown us anything, it is that consciousness organizes reality. It is the lack of clean cosmic energy organization that puts a wall of armor between us and God. The power of God is behind this organized force, both subjectively and objectively. We can look in the mirror and see God looking back at us, if we intend to see Him. As William James, author of the classic “Varieties of Religious Experience” has stated: “I believe so that I may know.” On the metaphysical planes, this wall of armor does not exist. Can a drop of the ocean distinguish its substance from the awesome force that throws it temporarily into the air? Dr. Robert Pasotti called it “functional mysticism.  Symbol%20of%20Orgonomic%20Functionalism

It is important to remember that Messianic time and profane time are qualitatively different. Messianic time has nothing to do with politics or the teleology driven notion of “progress.” It is the most conservative and restorative notion of ontology that can be imagined. It envisions a restoration to a state of timeless perfection in God. Space/ Time in the usual sense does not exist. See “Metaphysics of the Profane – The Political Theology of Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem” by Eric Jacobson (N.Y., Columbia University Press, 2003). (Jesus) Yeshua’s “death” on earth negated Adam’s sin that brought death and time into existence. Yeshua’s “Resurrection,” verified by quantum physicists through analysis of His burial shroud, sealed this negation of the negation for all of his Disciples and Disciples to come. It means the restoration of Adam Kadman for all redeemed souls.

God exploded from a highly dense microscopic cosmic point (dense with knowledge and love), and reached out to the infinite and eternal ever-expanding Universe we see with our eyes, telescopes, and space ships. We can see this manifesting as Life Energy glowing blue around biological cells under the microscope, and in our blue atmosphere. We are drops in this cosmic ocean of energy and consciousness. The Theology of the Life Energy is not a variant of the “New Age” spirituality that came out of the 1960’s (and periodically before). All is not sweetness and light. The existence of Evil is part of the inherent functioning of this supernatural / natural metaphysical energy cloud that we call God. As it expands, Life Energy encounters anti-life forces, and in the overcoming of these Evil forces, strengthens and enriches itself for further expansion. [See “The Oranur Experiment” by Wilhelm Reich (Rangeley, Maine, The Wilhelm Foundation, 1951).]

There are “Dark Forces” out there. This writer never takes the thin veneer of civilization we have for granted. It is an illusion. The Life Energy is in contention with many different dangerous and deadly psychic energies. The God of Life, and His Messiah, are in an ongoing war with deadly gods from other universes. While we are safe in the metaphysical life circle, our Life Energy God is expanding and exploring the multiverse. Like an amoeba, we are the tentative life conscious probes that are sent out in the expansion, in contention with other forces also expanding. If in the course of this exploration we get trapped (as on earth), we must work our way back home through cycles of reincarnation, or salvation by Yeshua. Once back in the metaphysical circle of The God of Life, we can join to assist God by contributing our knowledge learned from our cosmic trips during karmic cycles.We are also free to play, dance, sing, and joyfully bubble up with our loved ones for eternity. Just like entangled quantum particles, we are forever linked with our loved ones.  We are particles of this cosmic ocean of spiritual energy. Various theologies have expressed this in different ways. The major line of demarcation on earth, and in the cosmos, is between Religions of Life and Religions of Death. The specific anthropomorphic depictions are culturally determined. Let us support, protect, and further all core life functions while we are here, and then hereafter contribute our hearts and minds to the Godhead of Life. . We are “Messianic Warriors for the Life Energy” modeled in the image of the Spiritual Warrior Archetype in a Jungian sense.[Ira David Katz, Jewish Panther Commander, Presente!].

The human spiritual soul, through reincarnation, and the chance to study during the afterlife in what the Jewish mystics called the “Celestial Academy,” has the opportunity to, by these processes, ascend to the circle of the Godhead to help God in His cosmic task of the expansion of love, work, and knowledge. Human limitation in consciousness and language prevent us from anywhere near full comprehension of this beautiful and tragic destiny. Periodically, spiritual teachers, and soul healers, are sent down to us to assist in our ascent while alive on earth, and super-alive in the higher dimensions (including the Celestial Academy), when our biological organisms wear out and we grow out of the mortal dead “shell.”

The Celestial Academy is a round and self-illuminating amphitheater with a clear bubble roof providing a view of the infinite galactic and cosmic order from the macro-matrix of holographic dimensions, to the micro-matrix of sub-particle God strings vibrating with orgasm energy. A “brain boost” from the cosmic energy accumulator is available at each seat to provide calibrated expansions of consciousness to expand the soul’s intelligence and perception of the Universes and worlds projected down from the Observatory Roof. It fits over the head like a bubble top. All souls have the opportunity to attend talks by Yeshua (Jesus) and other higher spiritual powers given from the center of the amphitheater. It also has the power to impart true binocular vision and “second sight.” Life reviews are also given new clarity to the soul in its upward journey to the Godhead of Life.

In infinite time and space, it is not possible to resolve the question of monotheism vs. polytheism. It may never be possible, but the answer is theoretically in the Celestial Academy, if ever our consciousness is expanded enough to comprehend it. Not even Jesus (Yeshua) probably has the answer. He was the most spiritually evolved human who ever existed on earth. No other could claim God as his/her father. Even he admitted that, on certain questions, only the eternal Father had the answer (as on the time of Yeshua’s return to earth). Intuitively, this writer, using his functional mystical faculty, thinks that there are many Gods of Spirit, some of which are hostile to life. If you look at the sky on a clear but cloudy day, you will see well formed white clouds drifting with the air currents. There are many covering the earth. I feel / think the metaphysical higher cosmic atmosphere is this way with the clouds of energy / consciousnesses we call Gods. They are subatomic webs of God-particles holding together the living drops of pulsating life in ever thinning and less dense organismic configurations and functioning in ways similar to the human anatomy as depicted by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

As far as epistemology (method of “knowing”) goes, there have been two main approaches to knowing God: (1) that of the mystics, and (2) the theologian-philosophers (including biblical interpreters).  This writer thinks the deepest comprehension comes from the existential mystical experience of direct divine contact and communication.  The philosopher- theologians operate out of the intellect, and from the field of onto-theology.  This is much more narrow a domain than the cosmic.  The mystic uses his / her complete organism, including the heart core and the genitals, to know the divine.  Such openness provides wider and more sensitive communication and intercourse.  The ancient kabbalists knew this, as did the Christian mystics (and those of many other faiths).  This is far from an “either or” situation.  We must use both, according to our capacities and inclinations.  The cosmos is vast beyond comprehension, and we are just drops in the ocean of cosmic spiritual energy.

In entering this infinitely deep cosmic ocean, our guiding star and heuristic principle must always be the ancient occult equation of “as above, so below=as below, so above.” The clues are all around us. All we need do is look with open and unblocked eyes, while abstracting and projecting up Jacob’s ontological ladder to the stars.

On the spiritual or metaphysical dimensions, force generates counter-force. This is the motor of history, as the philosopher Hegel discovered. But history plays the terrible and tragic game of the dialectic of consciousness that rules the development of all ontology. The highest degree of Unification only temporarily occurs in the Godhead. Even there, the counter-force of destruction, as against new creation, is generated in the Deadly Psychic Cosmic Energies. There is no permanent unification, only the dance of life and death. Christ calls forth the Anti-Christ, Orgone Energy becomes Deadly Orgone Energy; Eros becomes Thanatos, Good turns into its opposite, Evil. Yet, there is always the new start. As the now conveniently forgotten guru of the 60’s counterculture, Alan Watts, used to say: “These are the two hands of God.” Individuation, or real existential spiritual growth, is only possible, according to pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung, when we recognize that the shadow that stalks us is projected by us onto the “other.” The two hands of God are in our Core. But two always produces a third synthesizing triad. That is why the birth of Christ was a new Creation Event.  A new birth takes place and a fresh beginning. This is not a closed ontology. Absolute Mind shatters into sparks that reconstitute themselves into a new gestalt. As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus taught: “all is change…. we can never step into the same river a second time.” When asked what the purpose of nature is, natural scientist Wilhelm Reich stated:”There is no purpose. Nature just functions.” It is the same with the supernatural, It just functions and the paradigm is open. That is why we exist. To help God dance His Way in Eternity.

The economic class structures of human society on earth, and the social, psychological and cultural deprivation such servitude produces, are maintained by the agents of Satan. In the metaphysical  domain, absolute core spiritual equality exists.  We are all children of Yeshua. See the work of philosopher and mystic, Jacob Boehme, and the leader of the peasant uprising in Germany during medieval times, Rev. Thomas Munster(seen below).   Muntzer_Muhlhausen02

Yeshua (Jesus), our protector and salvation, will return during the end-times to gather his remaining flock for the trip home to the Godhead of Creation and Life. We will dwell with our loved ones in eternity.The writer hopes that the knowledge shared on this Blog will prove helpful in the “vision quest” of all who are drawn to it. At the end of the blog “Harbors for Life” writings, a bibliography is provided to assist in this work, if you choose to undertake it. May the God of infinite knowledge and mercy protect our souls, and cradle us in the ocean of cosmic energy.

Dr. Steven Katz
Dedicated to my Spiritual Mentor, Dr. Robert Pasotti [See you soon in the Celestial Academy]

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