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[1] The closer a civilization is to the Event Horizon of the Source of the Life (Orgone) Energy, the “Great Spirit,” the more time slows down until in the Absolute Mind it is functionally identical to what we call eternity or timelessness. In the civilization and dimension from which Christ’s father traveled, thousands of our years may have been equivalent to years of their time. After Jesus Christ was resurrected by quantum energy, he was returned to his father’s highly spiritually developed orgone civilization. Upon his return here to gather the faithful, he will appear only a few years older than when he left.

[2] In order to ascend to the higher metaphysical dimensions and civilizations, the soul must be free of heavy spiritual armoring and scar tissue. This is a self-regulating process. Between incarnations, a soul will only be able to ascend as far as he can tolerate. If he or she is too spiritually armored, they will not be able to tolerate being on the higher planes. They will contract against it and drop down to a more comfortable level. If you want to be with Christ, you must be able to live as he did. Otherwise, you will continue to reincarnate on the lower levels as you make you way upward, step-by-step, shedding spiritual armor as you go.

[3] If you want to receive communications from the higher metaphysical dimensions, you must be open to the possibility. People who are intellectually armored against the possibility, will never receive them.

[4] There is a dialectical relationship between the life instincts and the death instincts, Eros and Thanatos, entropy and negative entropy, orgone energy and deadly orgone energy, and mind / body expansion and contraction. Each individual spiritual being or soul is a probe from the Godhead of Life Energy. As the Godhead seeks to expand, the “probes” or monads are the Godhead’s spiritual explorers seeking to expand experience and knowledge as it reaches out to the limitless cosmos. When obstacles or resistances are encountered, the ensuing struggle to overcome the negative block results in the generation of higher consciousness as the negation of the negation. The metaphysical block, when overcome, preserves its ontological essence while neutralizing the entropic effect, sublating it into higher knowledge. Mind / body consciousness goes beyond good and evil. Creation and destruction are the two hands of God.

[5] The soul, cleansed of spiritual armor through many incarnations, ascends to the Stars!! The metaphysical movement is generally upward in a spiral, passing through the same nodes at higher and deeper degrees of consciousness. Within this spiral ascension, the soul floats metaphysically two steps forward and one step back. The negation of the negation leads to the Absolute Mind. The Absolute Mind will provide a new beginning for the spiritual traveler. The Archetypal example of this is found in the resurrection of Christ. This is the greatest negation of negation ever recorded on earth.

[6] The great German philosopher Kant (1724-1804) revolutionized metaphysics. His core insight separated the phenomenology of spiritual perception and understanding from reality in-itself as noumena (nous). Our cultural and historical conditioning shapes natural religious perception and cognition. Thus, the understanding of God may differ from culture to culture, but the reality of God is beyond all these different interpretations. This is the mystery of “The Great Spirit” referenced by extraterrestrial visitor Klatuu in the iconic movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).” After Klatuu was resurrected by concentrated life (orgone) energy, he was asked how long he would remain alive. He replied: “I do not know. Only ‘The Great Spirit’ knows that.”

[7] All states are, to a greater or lesser extent, criminal. Societies can be completely life-affirmative, as far as biological embodiment permits.

[8] I am a disciple of the Aryan Christ. The Aryan Christ is the Nietzschean Christ. This is the Messiah of health, vitality, and the cosmic life energy. He is not a Messiah of death, victimization, and suffering! He incarnated here on earth in a human woman. The Nietzschean Christ came from the most spiritually developed advanced civilization in our Universe bordering on the Event Horizon of the Source of the Cosmic Life Energy. Only the individual can by striving in many lifetimes reach the Aryan Christ and the Cosmic Orgone / Life Energy Civilization. Masses cannot be saved. This spiritual law can only by changed by God in the End Times. The Death Energy fights relentlessly against the message of Christ promoting life, love, and the God Energy. See the New Testament. See also: the work of Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra); Carl Jung (The Aryan Christ – The Secret Life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll); Helena Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine); and Wilhelm Reich (The Murder of Christ).

[9] There is a cosmic clash between the Godhead of Life Energy and the Demonic Source of Anti-Life / Entropic Death Energy. The Death Energy (called Deadly Orgone Energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich) represses the life-affirmative orgone energy in all its expressions: sexuality, work, and the quest for knowledge. It is promoted by ruling classes everywhere who want to create and control masses of slaves to produce value for them while staying silent and obedient. Its latest incarnation is in the international class of corporate / global state capitalism. For examples: Klaus Schwab, Dr. Anthony “Angel of Death” Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, etc.

[10] The revolutionary spiritual dialectic passes upwards, metaphysically speaking, in a spiral path. The revolutionary upsurge passes each point at a higher level of development. It can also devolve if caught in an arrested dialectic. The arrested dialectic is a temporary state of being producing stasis in every domain of human existence. For example, in politics it means a totalitarian state apparatus. This why Thomas Jefferson stated that a new revolution is necessary in every generation. The dialectic is fundamentally so mobile that Hegel scholar Raya Dunayevskaya described Absolute Negativity as “New Beginning.” See Philosophy and Revolution by Raya Dunayevskaya (Delhi, India, AAKAR, 2018).

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